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Spring 2022 and where this world is going? The memory of Trojan War Originally Published: 13 March, 2022 I Author: Smiljana Gavrančić

Spring 2022 and where this world is going?

The Memory of Trojan War

The Full Moon at 27º 40’ Virgo on 18th March 2022

Ingress chart for 0º Aries (20th March 2022)

Originally Published: 13 March, 2022 I Author: Smiljana Gavrančić


 The upcoming Full Moon on 18th March 2022 at 27º 40’ Virgo is happening at Venus’ fall degree. Here we have an image of Greek goddess Athena, who was asexul, but wise, and who is well-known as someone who is choosing peace, instead of war. She was born from Zeus’ head, and she was one of his favorite daughter. Her brother, Mars (Aries), is well-known as god of war. Also, I linked 27º Virgo literally with Greece too. Here we easy may have problems with economy, as well as with food. However, every time when we have the Full Moon, as lunation, we are reaching some kind of culmination and some energy must be expressed. What this world may show with the upcoming Full Moon? Well, mostly, as Virgo is well-know that it has worries, we may expect there is going to be worrying for food and for money.

Interesting or not, but right now, at 27º-28º, we can find the placement of  asteroid Aphrodite 1388. Aphrodite, as well-known as Venus, was born from Uranus’ blood, after Saturn (Chronos) killed Uranus. From Uranus’ blood Venus was born as foam, and that foam we can link with Cyprus. The New Russia has its axis Asc/Desc (Moscow/Public Enemies of Russia, Diplomacy) over 26 º Virgo /26 º Pisces. In my astrological, mundane, researching work, I’ve mapped Troy at 27 º Pisces, where Venus exalts, and here we literally have an image of the most beutiful woman, Helen of Troy, the cause of Trojan War. Interesting, when asteroid Helen was discovered, it has its placement exactly at 27 º Pisces and it was in conjunction with Chiron (wounds) at 28 º Pisces. When Jupiter and Neptune made the great conjunction in December 2020, the Moon’s placement was at 27 º Pisces! When the US Civil War was started Asc/Desc axis was over 27 ºPisces/27 ºVirgo. The upcoming US election 2024 will have progressed Moon (people, voters) of the US at 27 ºPisces. At 27º Pisces Joe Biden has his draconic Chiron (wound), Donald Trump has his draconic Uranus (Revolution). At 27º Pisces, Joe Biden is having from mid March 2022 until Mid April 2022 his secondary progressed Moon (the People of the US), and this could be a spot, this could be a sign that the US Nation is going to start to protest, food and economy may be a cause of this ’civil war’.  If Trump runs 2024, he has his chance to take office again, for his progressed Moon is going to be in November 2024 exactly at 8 º Scorpio, where the US has its Asc (I use always Asc 8 º Scorpio for the US, source is Mark Penfield book of Horoscopes of Canada and America, for the US was made after war (Scorpio) for independency (Uranus exalts at 11 º Scorpio).

If we check now secondary progressions of the Civil War US from 12th April 1861, you won’t believe it, but we find the progressed Sun (President) at 27º Virgo, at Venus’ fall degree, and at the same place where the Full Moon is happening on 18th March 2022. Of course, this ’war’ with Russia, over Ukraine’s back, is going to hit Americans and their daily lives, through economy. I would really watch over food, as Virgo where Venus falls, speaks about seeds we plant, i.e.food we get. In Taurus, we eat that food, in Virgo-we plant in order to eat, in Scorpio-we get rid of  food through toilet, at the same time we get rid of toxins. Let’s just compare this about food with money. In Virgo we work, in order to get money. Over axis Taurus/Scorpio we have giving and receiving of money. The South Node is in Scorpio, and it will cope over the Underworld in order to bring into the surface all what is dirty, all secrets will go out, secrets about banks, Hollywod, biolabs, viruses, prostitution, pedophilia, secret tunnels, body traffic, etc. The North Node in Taurus asks from us – make your food storage, for you are going to need food in your basement. Virgo’s Full Moon says – the spring is coming, plant your seeds, plant your own food!

Also, I must remind you that this is the one of Moon’s phase which has been started on 20th September 2021 (with early election in Canada) when we had the Full Moon at 27º Pisces. The 2nd phase was around 18th December 2021 when we had the Full Moon at 27º Gemini, and now, in mid March, we are closing this Moon’s cycle with the Full Moon at 27º Virgo. I am now adding that Vladimir Putin’s Mars out-of-bounds (OOB) is at 27º Sagittarus, at Galactic Center (Milky Way), and here we go, we got the Grand Mutable Cross over 27º, and we have at the same time, Love and Hate, Revolution, Fighting for Freedom. I would just add that Germany, has its Moon (nation, people) at 27º Pisces, where we can find the Queen Elizabeth’s II natal Uranus (ruler of her intercepted Aquarius in 1st, so it speaks on her directly). This spring, we are going to live very intense time, as we are finishing April 2022 with activation of 27º Pisces even twice, once on 27th April (with Venus/Neptune conjunction) and once on 30th April (with Venus/Jupiter conjunction). On 30thApril we have the first eclipse this year, solar one, on 10º Taurus, over Desc/Asc of the US, which activates Washington D.C as capital and all public enemies of the US, so there may be a lot.

What I want to tell you, my dear readers, is that the war, revolution, as well as freedom- always starts with Venus, Aphrodite, Innana, Ishtar, call it whatever you want, but it is SHE and she is at the same time, Love, Sex, War, Political Power, Diplomacy, Peace

So, we can see that at the same time we have the Full Moon at Venus’ fall degree, with current placement of Aphrodite’s asteroid at Venus’ fall degree. This all makes the upcoming Full Moon even much more linked with Venus’ story.

But, there is a wrong observation of Venus. People would always first take Venus as Love. But, that is wrong, and  if you only go deeply into myth, and if you take the fact that she was  born after Chronos killed Uranus (Freedom, Revolution) you have to conclude that Venus is much more then Love, she is Libertation, she is Revolution, she is War, she is Freedom. If you take from her Freedom – she will go into war, she will protest.

Venus has her roots  is Inanna (or Ishtar), an ancient Mesopotamian goddess associated with love, beauty, sex, war, justice and political power. Mesopatmia covers today Iraq, Syria, the Persian Gulf, mountain Zagros (Iran, Iraq, Turkey), mountain Caucasus (a region between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea, mainly occupied by ex USSR Republics Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, and parts of Southern Russia).

Asteroid Aphrodite was discovered on 24th September 1935, Uccle, Belgium, with its placement at 29 º 09’  Aries. First what came up on my mind is that I’ve mapped Egypt as Egypt at 29º Aries several years ago. Egypt was always very important spot in history of wars, conflicts. That we should pay attention on 29º Aries says Ingress chart for 0º Aries, which is happening on 20th March 2022 GMT 15:33:12. In that chart, we can see the Moon’s placement at 29º Libra-just across 29º Aries. At 29º Libra, I ’ve mapped Persian Empire, that very imortant spot between two worlds. Why I say two worlds? Because, every 29º is some kind of transition between two different worlds, and the most important countries, like Egypth here, and today’s Iran (Persian Empire), are getting within Zodiac usually 29º. Iran as Iran, is reaching 0º Scorpio and this country is very linked with all what we can find within the Underworld-oil, gas, minerals, gems. Egypt, across, at 0ºTaurus (which comes after 29º Aries) well-known as the ’Gate of East’.

So, the upcoming Full Moon together with the beginning of spring (Ingress chart for 0º Aries) are bringing in the air axis 29ºAries/29º Libra too. This means that this world is in some kind of transition, we are living the end of old world and the new world order is on its way. All is going to be about food, mother Earth Planet, money (Taurus) and  wars,energy, resources which we can find under the Earth (Scorpio). I mentioned Cyprus arleady, and I must tell you that its progressed axis IC/MC is going over 0º Scorpio/0º Taurus, which could be a sign that something is going to change this year in that country, which is very important for Greece, as well as for Turkey too. By the way, 11th (Parliament) house of Cyprus is at 27º Pisces, and this year there were already elections but it is going to be interesting to follow what is going to happen in a time ahead, as there may be some change.

The dispositor of the upcoming Full Moon at 27º Virgo on 18th March 2022, is Mercury at 13º Pisces, which brings this lunation exactly at the Mercury’s fall degree, which literally means – LIES, PROPAGANDA VIA MEDIAS, FAKE NEWS. As Mercury applies into exact conjunction with Jupiter, there is going to be spreading of lies via medias. Here, the best solution would be to calm your minds, to stop talk, to stop exchange informations with your friends, to just sit down, connect within your own intuition and to realize what is wrong what is true. Remember, at 13º Pisces everything we say loud-is immidiately lie! In my mundane work, I mapped the US as well as Australia over 13º of mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces).

In the moment of the Full Moon, we are having Venus and Mars, both, applying into square with Uranus, so I don’t see that diplomacy is going to work well, as every side would want to do it on its own way. All is starting with the vibe of goddess Athena, who wants diplomacy , peace, but all what is going to be part of some Peace agreement, is going to fall on paper (the Full Moon’s dispositor is at Mercury’s fall degree). At 13º Virgo, we don’t speak, we don’t talk, we don’t put any words on paper, we don’t sign any document, we should just take a distance, like Hermit in Tarot, go into silence and try to find the real Truth within  our silence, because, the Truth doesn’t live on Tv, in news papers, in social medias, the Truth lives within the Silence, far away from any media’s ’mess’.

Canada, as very important country too, and I must mention it has its Moon (nation) at 28º Gemini, and right now its progressed Venus (ruler of Canada Desc in Libra-diplomacy, public enemies) is at 27º Sagittarius, conjunct Putin’s natal Mars OOB, which literally speaks on Love/Hate vibe between two countries. Canada as Canada may deal with its own problems regarding very strict rules for coronavirus vaccination agenda. Tamara Lich, organizer of ’Convoy of Freedom’, as mythological Helen, could be that very important woman who can be cause of modern ’Trojan War’ in Canada.

One is sure, the whole world is waking up, the whole world is longing for Freedom, the whole wolrd is going to protest. I am very impressed with the vibe of Innana (Ishtar) into all this, regarding which part of the world she covers, pay attention: Georgia (ex USSSR repbulic), Armenia, Azerbaijan, parts of Southern Russia, Persian Gulf, Iraq, Syria, Turkey. There are rumors that Putin won’t stop only on Ukraine, that soon he may go for Georgia, Moldavia, etc. Moreover, the real reason why he may be interested to go for more is because Russia has some proofs there were biolabas for making biological weapon (provided by the US Pentagon) inUkraine, on the border with China, in Georgia, etc. As South Node is in Scorpio-this is more then possible. This year, on 22 June 2022, transit South Node will cross over Biden’s natal Mercury (ruler of his MC-he as President) at 21 º Scorpio, in his 12th. Having Mercury in 12th is very bad placement, as it is like Mercury is in Pisces, and in Pisces, as I told you, Mercury (information) falls. So, there is very big chance, we find out the truth about how Biden’s adminitration may be involved into all this. Biden has full 12th house, the same as Putin, but with big difference, Biden’s is in Scorpio, which literally connects him with very dangerous undreground which biolabs can be, specially if we take the fact that Mercury is DNA by istself. I must now say that on 26th June 2022 we will have Jupiter’s return chart of the chart of 2WW, where Jupiter was at 7 º Aries, in 8th house, house of war, together with the Moon (People) at 2 º Aries. This is very important to say, as at the same time we have the New Moon at 7 º Cancer on 28th June 2022, squaring (calling out) 7 º Aries. At 8 º Aries Russia has its Mars (war) in domicile (strong Mars) in 7th (public enemies) and it is ruler of its 8th (conflicts). I must mention that at 7 º Cancer there is Asc of Turkey, and Istanbu as capital of Byzantine Empire I mapped at 29 ºCapricorn, which squares axis I’ve mentioned at the beginning, axis of Egypt and Iran (29 º Aries/29 º Libra). Just pay attention when 2WW started, axis of nodes was over 0 º Taurus (South Node)/0 º Scorpio (North Node). I would take a period around end of June 2022 as something when we can see this world is running into getting much more weapon , it is going to be some weapon spreading, with Jupiter (spreading) in Aries (war).

Also, I must say that Mercury’s fall degree, as planet dispositor of this lunation, could speak that system of information is going to fall apart, so maybe we should watch over our computers, internet, wi-fi, phones, maybe all is going to fall, because there are lies provided by medias.

Few words on Ukraine-Russia

I found as interesting that the ex Yugoslavia has its Sun (identity) at 7 º Sagittarius. At the same spot, there  was transit Moon in the moment when Putin did his invasion on Ukraine recently. Secondary progressed Sun of the EU is at 7 º Sagittarius too! At 7 º Sagittarius there is the 2nd house (financial system) of the US (if we use chart with Asc 8 º Scorpio, which I always use in my mundane work). Can you imagine how all is linked? In the moment when ex Yugoslavia was falling apart, the financial system of the US was somehow invovled, ofcourse, there are rumors that in every war one side earns money, and that is the US, because this country sells weapons. What I am seeing now, between lines, is that the US is the one who is bringing falling apart of the EU, through this issue with Ukraine. If we are observing euro as currency of the EU, we see Mercury as ruler of 2nd, is retrograde, at 19 º Scorpio, and that on 15th November 1993 it turned direct. EU was founded on 1st November 1993 and in that moment Mercury was retro. It seams that exactly just before Mercury turns direct in secondary progressions, in 2007/2008 the EU welcomes Bulgaria and Romania, with secondary progressed Moon of the EU exactly over Mars/Pluto conjunction at 24 º Scorpio, which is literally speaks on oil, gas, minerals, energy of EU. It is well-known that both countries were not totally ready to become part of the EU, and that it was made more because of geopolitical reasons. Romania is one of the biggest NATO base. In that moment, solar Arc Moon (People) of the EU was at 7 º Gemini, and solar Arc Mars/Pluto were at 7 º Sagittairus. Do you understand what I am telling you about? Russia attacked Ukraine with transit Moon at 7 º Sagittarius, where the EU has its Sun in progressions, and with the secondary progressed Moon of the EU at 7 º  Gemini, where was Solar Arc Moon of the EU when Romania and Bulgaria became members. I would not be surprised if the EU welcomes Ukrain even Ukraine does not deserve it yet, because, there is some procedure for becoming the full member of the EU. As you can see, axis 7 ºGemini/7 º Sagittairus is activated, and this is at the same time axis 2/8 of the US, and if you are astrologer you can easy conclude this is all about that the US has to take some part within this war, but only via money. Saturn just did first square over RxMercury of the EU, and right now this is the first test for euro as currency, as Saturn in the chart of the EU is in Aqarius, in 7th (Russia as public enemy). This is going to be repeated, one more time end of August, the beginning of September 2022, and one more time end of November/beginning of December 2022. Euro as currency is going to get some wounds and these wounds would be provided by sanctions for Russia. So, all who is going to lose here, is EU, that’s why it is very important for the EU to wake up its ’Dragon Ladon’ (article on this topic I would add after this column) and not to break its relationship with Russia regarding energy.

The Sabian symbol for 7 º Sagittarius (read the meaning for 8 º) is: ROCKS AND THINGS FORMING THERE IN

-         Diamonds

-         Oil

-         Minerals

-         Gems

-         All what is formed by massive preassure deep within the earth

-         Deep within the depths of the earth, new elements are being formed



On 13 December 2007 the EU signed the Lisabon Treaty, and next year, in September 2008 we got the global economy crisis (in March 2008 Mercury (euro) of the EU in progressions turned direct). WE can easy now conclude that the new economy crisis is on its way


Here you can read my Fb column on Gazprom



Gazprom and Dragon 🐉 Ladon
Asteroid Moscow and 8°♏
Asteroid Moсква 787 was discovered on 20th April 1914, and it was placed at 8°56' Scorpio ♏. Can Europe and the US move on without Russia? I would say No.... Why?
Well at the same place,at 8°♏, we find the Sun (ruler of Asc) of EU, as well as Asc of the US (I am always using Asc 8°♏ for the US for that country was made just after the war (Scorpio)for independency (Uranus exalts in Scorpio), the source is Mark Penfield's book 'Horoscope of Canada and US'). We can say that Moscow literally 'sits' over their heads, they are very linked.
Very soon, on 12th March 2022, transit South Node (loss, karmic lessons) will cross over 24°46'♏, i.e.over Pluto in the EU's chart. Soon after, on 17th March 2022, it will cross over EU's ♂️ 24°06'♏ too. Both, ♂️ and Pluto are by default symbols of the deepest energy which are located deep within the Underworld. Specially here, as they are placed in Scorpio ♏, we can definitely speak on energy like gas, oil, coal, steel etc. With transit South Node over ♂️/Pluto conjunction in the chart of the EU definitely the EU may be faced with big lessons of loss. If they decide to give up on Russian gas, the whole Europe is going to fall apart which would be very ironic if we take the fact that the main aim of the EU (at the beginning)was to put energy under the same control in order there won't be any war in the future . Ofcourse, as we have now here both planets in domicile, in Scorpio, definitely we may suspect on atomic energy, as well as on nuclear power plants. Around 24°♏ we can find the fixed star from Draco constellation, the only one who hasn't the beginning and the end within the Zodiac which makes it the most important constellation for it speaks about two different parts within everyone of us which we must somehow bring into balance. The mythological part of Draco constellation mentions the tree of golden apples which the main goddess Hera got as gift for her wedding with Zeus. Later one of golden apple was cause of disasters and caused of Trojan War. Dragon Ladon was the one who was always awake, never sleeps, and who watched over Hera's golden apples. If he would fall asleep, some disaster would happen. Regarding the EU we can now say that the EU has to watch carefully over its energy (specially over atomic energy, nuclear power plants) for only one mistake (the luck of awareness, the luck of consciousness) may cause some disaster. The fixed star around ♂️ Pluto from the chart of EU speaks on the tongue of Dragon Ladon who will provide easy some fire 🔥, literally explosion 💥. When ♂️ and Pluto are in connection with stars from Draco, we may face with some nuclear catastrophe for here the energy is very powerful and we must use Head and our consciousness. Here we have every dangerous, as well as forbidden knowledges, secret tunnels, secret labs, secret experiments. Here we may have some viruses linked with intestinal inflammation causes with some parasites. However, as Saturn in domicile at 23°39' Aquarius ♒ in the chart of EU in 7th (Saturn exalts in 7th sign within Zodiac,so having Saturn in 7th is very well) represents very powerful possitioned RUssia( as the open enemy No1 for the EU), we will soon be able to see how Russia is the one who is going to stop the EU on the half away regarding energy. It is going to be around mid May 2022, around the lunar eclipse at 25°18'♏ when Saturn will making exact square to ♂️/Pluto from the chart of the EU. ♂️/Pluto even they are in domicile too, they are in 4th house, and ♂️ falls within 4th sign of Zodiac (Cancer) which means literally energetic war may pull the EU down!
I would expect that now, just before the Full Moon at 27° Virgo ♍ on 18th March 2022, when South Node is going to give to the EU first lessons regarding energy, around 12th and 17th March- the EU may deal with some kind of dangerous regarding some fire, explosion etc, because it is not enough awake! Being awaken means being careful, keeping open eyes, not playing with dangerous energies, dangerous forbidden knowledges . Also, literally I expect we may found out what is hidden in EUrope, are there some biolabs which made dangerous experiments for humanity. That is all very possible specially because Russia has proofs that Ukraine developed with the help of the US secret biolabs. All are on the theritory of Ukraine, all were somehow hidden which is fitting with the symbol of Scorpio and star from constellation Draco 🐲🐉. The South Node always brings painful lessons which we are not able to "digest" easy. The truth now is going into the surface, all will be discovered. The culmination is going to be as much as we are closer to the Full Moon which is happening on ♀️ falls degree, 27°♍ Virgo, which is for me literally the goddess Athena, asexual one, smart wise woman who is choosing diplomacy instead of war. We will see what kind of role Greece as country may have too. But, keep on mind 27° Pisces ♓ (♀️ exaltation degree) is across, and there is the degree of Troy, Trojan war, the most beautiful woman Helen which was the cause of war together with the golden apple. Venus is Uranus' daughter so she fights for Freedom , she is by itself Revolution. At the same degree, 27°♓, Germany has its Moon (people) so I may suspect that Germany may take other course regarding Russian gas, as they always had special link with Moscow regarding energy. Putin's powerful ♂️ Out of Bounds (OOB) at Galactic Center, at 27° Sagittarius ♐, is getting involved into all this, and let's see what outcome may be. One is sure,the only who loses here would be the European Union. The first lesson for the EU is coming in next days, it will culminate just around the Full Moon on 18th March 2022. The first serious ban provided by Russia for the EU is coming in mid May with eclipse day. We are going to see very intense time when words will be like a fire and explosion, when only one small mistske may cause to the whole Europe a lot. Being awaken means be Present, well grounded, keeping your energy potential under control.
One more think was very important for me, when Gazprom was founded, on 8th August 1989 in USSR, progressed Sun (reputation) of USSR was believer or not at 15°♓. At the same degree in 2014 in my mundane work I've mapped Ukraine. Today, transit Jupiter just crossing over 15°♓ which again confirms the importance of 15°♓ for Ukraine.As you know, Ukraine is the country of transition of gas which goes from Russia to Europe , the main important spot between Russia and the EU. On 8th August 1989 when Gazprom was founded Putin's progressed Moon (as well as his Solar Arc MC) was at 27°-28° Virgo ♍, where the Full Moon is going to be on 18th March 2022! His progressed Asc was at 25° Scorpio ♏ conjunct the EU's ♂️/Pluto. My conclusion now would be definitely that very soon we are going to be faced with some kind of energetic 'war' between Russia and the EU-( MID MARCH 2022 - MID MAY 2022 the main events will occur).
Few words regarding refugees which are entering the EU from Ukraine. In mundae astrology we would find refugees in 12th house. The EU has 12th house in Cancer ♋, and the ruler Moon is at 24°20' of Taurus ♉, very close with Algol (the neck of Gorgon Medusa)at 26°-27°♉. Around 16th March 2022 transit North Node is crossing over the Moon (refugees) of the EU and it brings very big numbers of people who are going to enter to the EU. But, what I've learned regarding North Node is that is always some kind of hidden enemy, like some kind of 'snake' and it brings that the one who eats from your plate, later may eat you like a snake. Specially here when Algol is involved I must repeat what I was repeating in past days - the neck of the EU will be broken on refugees! This is definitely the end of this Union, energetic crises, the possibility of some nuclear catastrophe, refugees, cutting off Russia, that's all lead the Union into falling apart.
The secondary progressed Sun of the EU is this year at 7° Sagittarius ♐, where was transit Moon when Putin started his invasion on Ukraine. Interesting, the ex Republic of Yugoslavia has at 7°♐ its Sun, no wonder why we have the same scenario, west just came to put some 🔥 between brothers and sisters, the same was in my Yugoslavia in early 1990. Why I know it is provided by the West? Because around 9°♐ we have the royal Antares star the Watcher Of West.The same Moon at 7°♐ when Putin started his operation in UKRAINE represent Ukraine as ruler of 7th. Putin is in that chart Saturn in domicile strong, in Aquarius ♒, which is also clear sign who is a winner in time He is the one. There is a applying sextile between Moon and Saturn, they will at the end make some peace, but before that the Moon (Ukraine) will try a lot (squre with Jupter Pisces), expecting a lot, but its dreams won't come true, at the end this Saturn waits the Moon and they will accept their offer. The Moon is making sextile soon after the start of invasion, with Mercury at 10°♒, and three days after war starts they met first time to talk on some possible peace solutions. I would say that after 11 days of war ,which is now, something big may start to happen,as orb between the Moon(Ukraine) 7°♐ and Saturn (Russia)18°♒ is 11°.
The US will decide in next days will it stop to import Russian gas, and I found as interesting that asteroid Moscow in the chart of The US is atb26° Virgo ♍- the Full Moon is going to be at 27°♍ on 18th March 2022. We will see is the goddess Athena will be in the air and will maybe America is going to choose diplomacy after all regarding energy.I would not be surprised, here the EU is the one who is losing if it cuts its link with Russia regarding energy. The same spot is Asc of today's Russia.
Biden has from mid March 2022 until mid April 2022 progressed Moon at 27° Pisces ♓, at the same degree the Civil War had been started, we started new Jupiter/Saturn cycle in December 2020 with the Moon's placement at 27°♓. I really think the US will face soon with her own problems ,on her own theritory, people may show big social revolt which may lead into some kind of 'civil war'. The same spot is very sensitive for Biden as there is his draconic Chiron (wound). However, we are going to live Trojan war soon, still having more options what the Trojan horse may be today?
✓ c_o_v_i_d
✓ refugees
✓ sending iregular military infrastructure in Ukraine to fight against Russia, sending weapon to Ukraine (this is for me very very dangerous as it may provide totally chaos)
✓ the secret US biolabs in Ukraine
✓ energetic crises
✓ or?
And, in the mean time, what happened with 😷?
Find within you your own Dragon Ladon, specially if you have something around 25° ♏
Stay Aware!
Here you can read my Fb column on Vladimir the Great, the King of Kievan Rus'
The Grand Prince of Kievan Rus', Vladimir the Great
The history of Russia begins with the history of the East Slavs. The traditional start-date of specifically Russian history is the establishment of the Rus' state in the north in 862, ruled by Varangians. Staraya Ladoga and Novgorod became the first major cities of the new union of immigrants from Scandinavia with the Slavs and Finns.Chart I show you is from 'Book of Horoscopes' by Nick Champion (20th Sept 862, 12pm, Novgorod, software changed old calendar into new by default, so it is 24th September 862). In 882 Prince Oleg of Novgorod seized Kiev (today's capital of Ukraine).The state adopted Christianity from Byzantine Empire in 988. Kievan Rus' ultimately disintegrated as a state due to the Mongol invasion in 1237-1240 along with the resulting deaths of significant numbers of the population. After 13th century,Moscow became a political and cultural center
✓ Prince Oleg of Novgorod launched an attack on Constantinople (today's Istanbul),capital of Byzantine Empire. He was the grand Prince of Kiev,that was the title of the ruler of Kiev and the ruler of Kievan Rus' from 10th-13th century
✓In the 13th century, Kiev became an appange principality first of the grand Prince of Vladimir and the Mongol Golden Horde governors, and taken later over by the Grand Duchy of Lithuania.
✓ In the chart of Russia Unification 862 we just see the South Node (past).at 12°15' ♓,and today we have the New Moon at the same degree. This is definitely a memory on Kievan Rus', Prince Oleg, but moreover, the grand Prince of Vladimir
✓ The ruler of that South Node is Neptune at 21° ♒, exaltation of Neptune degree, which clearly shows us there was a dream. Today, at 21°♒ we can see Putin's IC (homeland, theritory), as well as Asc of Ukraine. At 21° ♒ we can find now Solar Arc Mc of Vladimir Lenin, and his chart still speaks about the destiny of Russian people.Very close is Putin's North Node, at 20°♒, and we can conclude why he wants to get Kiev. There is a memory in Soul.
✓In draconic chart of Russia 862, there is Chiron (wound) at 12°♓,where today we have the New Moon, as well as we have the South Node (karma of loss) in the chart of Russia 862
✓Putin's draco MC is exactly making conjunction with Russia's 862 Sun and exalted Saturn at 1° ♎ showing us his deep conection with the Grand Prince of Kiev, Vladimir. There is also Putin's draco Pluto (ruler of his natal Asc) at 2°♎ and now we can understand why he is so involved with the history of Kievan Rus'. His draco Saturn (ruler of his Ic- homeland,as well as ruler of his North Node-future he makes) is exactly at Asc of Russia 862,at 27°-28° Scorpio ♏. Interesting, Vlad imir Lenin has Asc at 28° Scorpio ♏. Well, no wonder why name Vladimir is important here.And, finally, Putin's draco Moon (homeland, people of Russia) is at 12°55' Cancer ♋, at the brightest star Sirius, conjunct Rusia 862 Uranus at 14°♋ (Uranus carries within itself all what we find in Aquarius ,and we find Neptune at 21°♒ which I've mentioned,and at 21° we can see Asc of Ukraine and Asc speaks always on capital,in this case Kiev).But, at 21° ♒ Volodomyr Zeleneskey has his draco Saturn (ruler of his Mc- his presidency).Transit Saturn will soon approach to that degree, during this spring, аnd it will cross over it in late March 2022, late August 2022 as Rx,and late December 2022. They all must take care that at 21°♒ Neptune exalts and there we have the picture of Church, Cross, People who Believe.
✓ Volodomyr Zeleneskey has his natal Moon 17° ♌ conjunct ♂️ 16°♌ of Russia 862, and now we can understand why this man is getting hurted in sitautions like war is. His Asc 21° Gemini ♊, sitting at Jupiter's of Russia 862, and Jupiter is the dispositor of South Node 12° ♓ where today we have New Moon. Here we have his contact with karma of loss, getting lessons and digested them. His natal Uranus conjunct ♀️ from Russia 862, and ♀️ is ruler of MC, so definitely his spirit connect the spirit of Russia 862 with Stress, Bombs, etc, unfortunately. ♀️ is ruler of Yod in.this chart, with Pluto at 18° Aries ♈, and Jupiter in exile at 20° Gemini ♊. As I said few days in my articles, there are definitely hard moments for Zeleneskey, comparing his karma with Putin's and their connection with Kiev, I must say again, Putin has advantage here.
✓ Secondary progressed Moon of Russia 862 just came at 12°00'♓ squaring axis of nodes over 12°♓/12° ♍ which is very powerful moment for the People of Kiev as in that chart the Moon in Cancer makes positive aspects with lunar nodes axis, so this square helps now that People of Kiev brings past and future into one spot. The same Moon is ruler of 8th in Russia 862 chart, so it speaks on war too.
✓ Remember the Sabian symbol for today's New Moon I posted yesterday on my Fb? It is 'A Sword In A Museum'. It brings big possibility the Peace is coming, but also with big possibility Putin gets Kiev. This is all about karma and past life connection through the spirit of late the Grand Prince of Kiev, Vladimir
✓ He was a ruler from 11th Jun 980, when both, Sun as Saturn, in Solar Arc directions came at 0° Aquarius ♒,where in December 2020 we had the great Jupiter/Saturn conjunction. Just across, at 0° Leo ♌, Zeleneskey has his natal ♂️ which is also OOB, as well as Putin's, but Zeleneskey's ♂️ is retrograde which gives him obstacles, although this is brave ♂️ for it is at 0° Leo ♌. Also, Putin's ♂️ at Galactic Center, the most powerful place in Zodiac, OOB, direct, says he is the ruler of Space, Milky Way, probably through Russian army and weapons. Word Sputnik goes very well with the nature of Milky Way. All Russian,USSR leaders, had something over Galactic Center and through my work I noticed how that degree is very linked with Russia. In about 2,5 years, Putin will have his progressed Sun (ruler of his MC) at his natal ♂️, at Galactic Center, and this will be very powerful time for him when he will probably reach something big through his rulership which will have global aspect too. I must emphasize as his natal Sun has trine with his natal ♂️, getting progressed Sun at his natal ♂️ will bring him very big satisfaction, as all ex USSR leaders have something over 26°-27° Sagittarius ♐, i.e.Galactic Center. Interesting that degree I link with Western Christinany, Pope, Vatikan. We will see what he is going to do in that field, but something regarding religion may be also very important topic. Natally, his ♂️ is in trine with Neptune, which means that transit Neptune, also in 2,5 years ahead, in square with his natal ♂️, is working for him great, pushing him to manifest his dreams regarding Space, Religion, and regarding all his actions.Transit Saturn in Pisces in a time ahead, squaring his natal ♂️ will also be very supportive, as natally he has ♂️ trine Saturn.
The most important think is that you first observe natal base, and if some person has in natal chart good aspects between aspects when in transits they make conjunction, square, or opposition- something good is happening, not bad. Astrologer must recognize that, although, he/she gives wrong predictions.
The upcoming eclipse on 30th April 2022 at 10° Taurus ♉, opposite his natal ♀️11° ♏, will make he acts fast as at 11°♏ Uranus exalts, as well as I linked at 11°♏ Beijing, so it may have something with his connection with China.
Late October 2022 brings the solar eclipse over his Asc, which is Asc of NATO too, and it may be important time for both sides. That eclipse brings at the same time Rebirth as well as 'Death' as it is going to be at Moon's fall degree. In November 2022 eclipse over his Jupiter in 7th, (diplomacy) in square with his nodes and Pluto, may put him into some challenging time with the rest of the world too, some relationships will be cut off again. I would also emphasize that soon when transit Saturn makes opposition with his natal Pluto at 22° Leo ♌, at Mc, he is going to be much more stronger regarding his rulership, as natally, I repeat now again, natally he has good aspect between Pluto 22° Leo ♌ and exalted Saturn at 17° Libra ♎. Plus, having Saturn in 12th, house of joy in traditional astrology, brings him power and that he has strong support behind his back.
Here you can read my work on Russia/Ukraine which I wrote in 2019 when I predicted Zeleneskey wins election, and the same article I updated this January and February 2022

My Fb column from 3 March 2022

In my recent posts, in past days, I was showing you the importance 15° of Pisces ♓ for Ukraine and Kiev. I also said between 5th-10th March 2022 when transit Jupiter (spreading) is crossing over 15°♓, that may be the turning point. Why?
✓ Because Ukraine was always sensitive through history over 15° ♓, even the nuclear explosion in Chernobyl in 1986 happened with transit Jupiter at 15°♓.
✓ Well, this time, on 6th March 2022, Sunday, at 15°♓ we will have both, the Sun and Jupiter at 15°♓, which could be some image of some important male figure who is going to get some importance in Kiev, Ukraine. 15° of each sign means that person is somehow the Center, "The King" figure
✓ On same day, transit ♀️ and ♂️ are entering 0° Aquarius ♒, where Jupiter/Saturn made the great conjunction in December 2020, and where was Solar Arc Sun and Saturn on 11th June 980 when the Great Prince Vladimir became the ruler of Kievan Rus'. On this, I wrote yesterday in my Fb column.
✓ Well, transit Sun(Prince, King)/Jupiter (Great) at 15°♓ could be the image of Vladimir the Great.Who will be today the Great Vladimir of Kiev? Just to remind you, Kiev, the capital of Ukraine, has its Moon (people) at 15°♓ in 8th (war, dangerous situations)
As you can see on photo I include in this post, from 8° ♑ -15° ♒ we have the constellation which is speaking on Eagle, the national symbol of the US, Russia, but Hitler's 3rd Raich, and within it, at 1° ♒ we have the star Altair (The Neck of the eagle) which is ♂️/Jupiter nature. ♂️/Jupiter is always some picture of war general. The Neck is a symbol of transition between Heart and Mind. It represents Words.
What I want to say is this:
✓ since war started in Ukraine, we have army on earth, as ♂️ is exalted in Capricorn ♑, earthy sign, and after all even ♂️ is close with Pluto (war) that ♂️ is exalted and he knows max to hold back. I was even speaking how ♂️ exalted won't easy go in war
✓ but, as soon as ♂️ enters Aquarius ♒,on 6th March, and in next two days crosses over star Altair, I would expect war from air, via war planes, 🚀
✓ Also, as the great Vladimir of Kiev is involved with 0° ♒, it is very possible around 6-7-8 March Putin gets Kiev, and wakes up the spirit of Vladimir the Great.
My articles on Ukraine and 15°♓ and how I predicted in 2019 that Zeleneskey will win election but also I was saying even then his karma with Putin is karma of loss, you can read visiting my blog
Here you can read my article on Putin/Zeleneskey synastry which I wrote in 2019and which was updated in January 2022. Clik here 
My article why 15 Pisces is imortant for Kiev and Ukraine you can read if you click here 
My article Istanbul and 29 Capricorn you can read here 
My article Persian Empire and 29 Libra you can read here 
My article on Egypt and 29 Aries you can read here 
My article on Troy and 27 Pisces you can read here 
My article on Greece and 27 Virgo you can read here 
My article on the US and 13 Virgo-Pisces you can read here 
My article on Australia and 13 Pisces you can read here  
My article on Georgia and 15 Cancer you can read here  
My Fb column on Taiwan which I've posted on Fb on 14th March 2022, you can read in the upcoming lines

Taiwan may be interesting this spring.The source of this chart is The Book of World Horoscopes by Nicholas Champion.The same chart you may find in Mark Penfield's book Horoscopes of Asia, Australia and the Pacific
✓ We must notice two Yods (Finger of God) which literally means there is some Chiron (wounds) energy
✓ Both Yods will be activated this spring 2022
✓ Also, I've noticed secondary progressed Sun (ruler of country) as well as secondary progressed MC, both are coming this April/May at the very beginning of new sign, at 0°Taurus ♉, which also may emphasize there is going to be some new change regarding reputation, status of Taiwan.
✓The Full Moon on 18March squares RxPluto (ruler of 8- conflicts, in 3 - neighbors) at 27° ♊.Pluto is at the same time the focal planet of Yod with Uranus 28° ♑ in 10th (government) and it is the ruler of 11th (Parliament) & ♀️ 25° ♏ in 8th (conflict) as ruler of 7th (open enemy, diplomacy), as well as the spot which we call the Bumerang (exit) from other Yod where Mercury is the focal planet of Yod making inconjunctions with Moon(people)/ ♂️ ruler of Asc - Taipei and ruler of 8-conflicts)around Algol in 2nd (financial system)& Neptune (sea) in 4th (theritory).RxPluto around the star Betelgeuse (Orion constellation) definitely we link with the US.RxPluto will be activated in late April too, when ♀️/Neptune/Jupiter make their meeting at 27° ♓,where ♀️ exalts and where we always have some revolution, Trojan War, Trojan Horse. I wrote on this topic a lot in past weeks,so I won't explain you again why 27°♓ is connected with Civil Wars mostly.
✓Already the Full Moon on 18th April at 26°-27° ♎ will sit at Taiwan's South Node (lessons) in 7th (public enemy, Communist China probably),and that all will activate Uranus 28°♑ which indeed may open some very stressful time.On 30 April Pluto will turn retro exactly hitting the same Uranus which definitely opens some unexpected events.At the same time, solar eclipse at 10° ♉ is happening, and in draco chart (the memory of Soul)the Communist China has its axis Ic/Mc just over 10°♉/10°♏. Draco Mercury/Neptune of China is at 26°-27° ♍,which will be activate too once in mid March with the Full Moon 27°♍, and one more time between 27-30 April when ♀️/Neptune/Jupiter will meet at 27° ♓ calling out the memory of mythological ♀️ and how she was made. I remind you, ♀️ was made from Uranus' (Revolution) blood and as Foam (Neptune) she finds her joy, the spot of exaltation within the sign of Pisces, at 27°♓ where she always showes (through history of events) social revolutions, civil wars, and finally as this is the degree of the most beautiful woman, Helen of Troy, here she represents the memory of Trojan War, Trojan Horse. Interesting, the same asteroid Helen was founded at 27°♓ together with Chiron (pain, wounds) next to it, at 28°♓. Xi-Jinping, President of Communist China, has his Solar Arc Saturn/Neptune at 26°-27° Sagittarius ♐, which makes he is very involved into this too.
✓ And then the most important moment comes with the lunar eclipse at 25°♏ in conjunction with the fixed stars from Draco 🐲 constellation, which is sitting at MC of Communist China, as well as at Taiwan's ♀️ (ruler of 7- open enemy, Communist China, in 8 - conflicts). The same ♀️, as I've said , is the part of Yod (nature of Chiron) with RxPluto and Uranus.Here we have also as Bumerang (exit from this situation) Rx Mercury in its exile (negotiations which would have to be repeated several times as Mercury is Rx) in 9th (with someone from abroad) at Galactic Center.
✓ That eclipse which brings the energy of Draco, 🐉🐲 may be very important as China as China has within itself the importance of 🐉🐲 dragons, if we speak on its cultural identity. Draco asks from us to bring two totally opposite sides into one spot , it speaks about the need that Dragon Ladon is always awake in everyone of us, watching over Hera's golden apples. If even one golden apple is missing, there is going to be some war! Just recall the golden apple in Troy and how it was the cause of Trojan War.
✓ The New Moon on 28th June is very important as it is at 7° ♋ and it happens just two days after there is going to be Jupiter's Return in the chart of 2WW. Jupiter was then at 7° ♈, conjunct with the Moon 2°♈. Taiwan's axis Ic/Mc (theritory/government) is over 8°♋/8° ♑, and it's Sun (the head in the country) is at 9°♑. Have on mind I told you secondary progressed Sun and Mc of Taiwan this spring April/May 2022, is changing sign, leaving 29°♈ and stepping into the land of 0° ♉, after 30 years spending time within the sign of ♈. This is going definitely to be a huge sign that some big change is coming. Just to remind you, in my article which I've posted yesterday on my blog (The Spring 2022 and where this world is going?) I've mentioned the importance of transition axis points from 29° Aries ♈/29° ♎ to 0° Taurus ♉/0° Scorpio ♏. The upcoming Ingress for 0°♈ will have the Moon at 29° ♎, and axis of lunar nodes when 2WW has been started was over 0°♉(South Node)/0°♏ (North Node). As we can see, the energy of conflicts is repeating, unfortunately. I must add Queen Elizabeth II has at 0°♉ her natal Sun, as well as A-dol-f Hit-ler did.Joe Biden's natal Moon at 0°♉ too. This is very interesting sign for thinking 🤔....
✓ The current President of Taiwan is a woman, Tsai Ing-wen, and it seams there is going to be some transition regarding rulership, status, reputation of Taiwan.
✓ After Russian invasion in Ukraine, there are some thoughts that China may there to do the same regarding Taiwan
Soon, we will see, but definitely this spring won't be easy for Taiwan too

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