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Istanbul and transition from 29º Capricorn to 0º Aquarius Published: 23 December, 2017 I Author: Smiljana Gavrančić

Istanbul and transition from 29º Capricorn to 0º Aquarius
Published: 23 December, 2017 I Author: Smiljana Gavrančić

The largest city in Turkey and the only city spanning on two continents, Europe and Asia, Istanbul used to be the capital of three empires: Roman (330-395), Byzantine, i.e. Eastern Roman Empire (395-1453) and Ottoman (1452-1923). Istanbul was founded on May 11, 330. It used to be called Constantinople (New Rome or the Second Rome, after the emperor Constantine the Great) and Carigrad (Tsargrad, “the city of the emperor”). The city has important strategic position for the development of trade and culture. After the fall of Western Roman Empire, Istanbul became what is now referred to as Byzantine. Being the largest city in Europe, Carigrad was center of Hellenic world, so the Greeks called it simply Polis (“city”). Byzantine Empire had Greek culture, so it became the center of Orthodox Christianity after the split from the Roman Church. There were many churches in this empire, including the largest world’s cathedral Hagia Sophia. Istanbul is still the seat of the Carigrad patriarch, the spiritual leader of the Orthodox Church. While Catholic Christianity is related to Jupiter, the Orthodox Christianity is ruled by Saturn, i.e. the sign of Capricorn. 


Since my research work in the area of mundane astrology includes mapping of Zodiac and assigning certain degrees within the circle of 360 degrees to certain countries or cities – the transition from 29º to 0º was immediately indicative, since the city has its European part and its Asian part and in a way it represents some type of border between the East and the West. 

I mapped the Turkey at 29º Virgo/0º Libra, which is pretty unstable spot inside the Zodiac, for it is part of the Grand Cardinal Cross, i.e. degrees we associate with start of seasons and they are in semi-square (45º) with central degrees of fixed signs, so-called Avatar degrees (15º Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius) – 0º Aries (spring), 0º Cancer (summer), 0º Libra (autumn), 0º Capricorn (winter). My text “Turkey and 0º Libra” may be found here: Turkey and 0º Libra

2020 and Grand Conjunction at 0º Aquarius

 I have mapped Istanbul itself at 29º Capricorn/0º Aquarius. This spot within Zodiac is very powerful one, for soon, on December 21, 2020 there will be a Grand Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn at 0º Aquarius, announcing the arrival of some new age. Jupiter/Saturn conjunction happens every 20 years and stays in the same element for 200 years. The change of element, which will happen on December 21, 2020, is called the Grand Mutation. This will definitely be the end of the rule of the matter, since the previous Grand Mutation happened in the earth element on January 26, 1842. Jupiter and Saturn conjunction then happened in the sign of Capricorn, at 8º, and it was the beginning of the modern materialism. It is interesting that the axis of the Turkish Republic 1923 falls on 7º Cancer 47’/7º Capricorn 47’, i.e. very close to 8º Cancer/8º Capricorn. At the same time, In December 2020, secondary Moon of Turkey will be at 29º Capricorn, getting ready to touch 0º Aquarius! Since Ascendant of Turkey is in the sign of Cancer, the Moon (as the ruler of Cancer) represents the capital of the country, but it also tells the story of the general situation in the country. Turkey’s Moon is also at 29º, but of the sign Gemini. There is an aspect of quincunx between 29º Gemini and 29º Capricorn, requiring internal adjustment to the new situation, which may open for Turkey in the moment of the Grand Conjunction at 0º Aquarius in December 2020. Why? Because after 29º Gemini (Ankara, as the capital) there is 0º Cancer, much more conservative and traditional sign than 0° Aquarius that comes after 29° Capricorn and that represents Istanbul – will the largest city in Turkey and the very important spot on the world map maybe want some other future in the symbolism of 0° Aquarius (freedom, respect of human rights, etc.)? Istanbul is known for protests, and through the history the 0º Leo/0º Aquarius axis appeared in moments of civil revolutions, riots, wars. For example, the First World War started in the symbolism of 0º Aquarius – when the Serb from Bosnia, Gavrilo Princip, on June 28, 1914 in Sarajevo carried out the famous “Sarajevo assassination” (which was the cause of the World War I) – his progressive Moon was exactly at 0º Aquarius, while his progressive Ascendant was at 8º Capricorn (the spot of the last Grand Mutation in the earth element in 1842 and Desc of the Republic of Turkey 1923). Sarajevo itself, the capital of the former Yugoslav republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina – was mapped at 0º Aquarius. Three nations live in the city: Bosniaks, Serbs and Croats. Sarajevo is often called the “powder keg”, for the WWI started in this city. Later, during the civil war in the 90s, we witnessed Sarajevo being the very vulnerable spot in the Balkans… See my article Sarajevo and 0º Aquarius 

Now, the interesting part is the following: I also mapped Spain at 29º Capricorn/0º Aquarius, which makes sense for one part of Spain, Catalonia, wants the change, independence, freedom (0º Aquarius).  See my article Spain 29º Capricorn

How have I noticed the significance of 29º Capricorn/0º Aquarius for Istanbul? 

Firstly, I did progression of the chart of Roman Empire for May 12, 330, since Istanbul was the capital of that empire. Roman Empire has its Ascendant in Taurus, and in the moment of Istanbul founding, the secondary progressive Venus (the ruler of the Roman Empire’s Ascendant) was at 29º Capricorn! That same Venus, the ruler of Ascendant of the Roman Empire (capital of that empire) was at 0° Aquarius in Solar Arc directions for May 11, 330! 

Then, I found Taurus Ascendant in the chart of Byzantine Empire, which means that Venus here too descries the capital of the empire as in the previous case. Here, 29° Capricorn is emphasized through the position of the Sun and MC -- 28 º Capricorn 19’. Even the Moon (people) is represented by 29º, but of Taurus, the spot occupied by Pleiades (known also as “weeping sisters”), cluster of stars indicating difficult fate in the chart of the person or state. 

Battle of Manzikert (often referred to as the Manzikert Catastrophe) from August 26, 1071 is considered to have been the decisive event that directly caused the later fall of the Byzantine Empire. Both progressive and Solar Arc axes IC/MC of Istanbul were across 0º Aquarius/0º Leo! Tertiary Sun of Byzantine (the ruler of Byzantine Empire) was at 0º Scorpio, in square with the transition from 29º Capricorn to 0º Aquarius! Solar Arc Jupiter of the Byzantine was at 29º Libra, also in square with 29º Capricorn! In the chart of Byzantine, Jupiter is in 8th house (disputes, wars).

 In the chart of Istanbul, the Jupiter (essential signifier of religion) is in 9th house (house of religion), in conjunction with the Venus and in the sign of Jupiter’s exaltation, in Cancer, where Jupiter feels great. This is certainly depiction of significant, large, religious object in Istanbul, the church of Hagia Sophia. When the construction (ordered by the Emperor Justinian I) of this structure was finished in 537, Solar Arc Jupiter of Istanbul was at 29º Capricorn! The last degree of the sign of Capricorn was certainly an indication of the later change that will come in time, for after 29º Capricorn there is 0º Aquarius – the father of the Turkish Republic, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, later made the museum out of Hagia Sophia. Hagia Sophia was firstly the orthodox church (only between 1204 – 1261 it was under the rule of Roman Catholic Church), until the fall of Istanbul under the rule of Ottoman Empire, when it became imperial mosque – on May 29, 1453 until 1931. It was secularized and opened as a museum on February 1, 1935 – secondary cusp of the 12th house in the chart of Istanbul was at 29º Capricorn, and the 12th house in mundane astrology represents institutions of closed nature, like museums, but also the places of silence, places of praying… this is the field of spirituality.

The first Byzantine Emperor, Justinian I (orthodox theologian), the greatest codifier of the Roman law, came to power on August 1, 527. At that moment Solar Arc Fortuna of the Byzantine Empire was at 29º Capricorn! As we know, Fortuna is very important and very personal point within person’s horoscope, composed of three parts and always representing the relationship of Sun, Moon and Ascendant. For that reason, the movement of Fortuna in progressions and Solar Arc directions indicates very important moments in person’s life (if discussing personal chart) or at the level of state (in mundane astrology). Fortuna moves fast, even faster than the Moon, and that is why it is so important! 

Antique underground water tank between Hippodrome and Hagia Sophia in Istanbul – Basilica Cistern, which supplied water to the center of the Byzantine Carigrad, was constructed during the reign of Justinian I and had been used for a long time. It is known for its marble supporting columns. Basilica Cistern was officially reopened for public on September 9, 1987, after reconstruction works. Secondary Mercury (the ruler of the Moon – people, from 29º Gemini) of Turkey was at 28º Capricorn 24’, in conjunction with the Sun of Byzantine at 29º Capricorn! Secondary Venus of the Byzantine (the ruler of Asc in Taurus in the chart of Byzantine) was at 29º Aries, calling out 29º Capricorn (through the square). Solar Arc Jupiter of Turkey (the ruler of MC in the chart of Turkey – reputation of the country, its rulers) was at 29º Capricorn! Solar Arc Fortuna of the Byzantine was at the same spot as it was when Justinian I came to power on August 1, 527 – at 29º Capricorn! Solar Arc Ascendant of Istanbul was at 29º Aries, calling out 29º Capricorn (through the square)!  

At the time of the Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn at 0° Aquarius on December 21, 2020, Solar Arc Mercury of Istanbul will be at 29º Capricorn! At the same time, tertiary Sun of Byzantine will be at 29º Cancer and will be calling out 29º Capricorn, as the degree across from itself, while Solar Arc Asc/Desc axis of Byzantine will be across 29º Libra/29º Aries. All that shall activate the Grand Cardinal Cross across 29º, having the tendency to transform into Grand Fixed Cross across 0º! This is the sign of the great “opening” in which the Turkey shall be included. The Grand Cross indicates the release of energy – it is inevitable…

Before this conjunction at 0º Aquarius, there will be introductory event -- solar eclipse at 0° Leo on January 21, 2019, that will call out 29º Capricorn/0º Aquarius.  

Woman at 2019 elections?

 The year 2018 will be interesting for Istanbul, for on January 31, 2018 at 11° Leo there will be lunar eclipse, and Istanbul has Moon (people of Istanbul) at 11° Leo in its chart! Since the Moon in the chart of Istanbul is in the 10th house (city government) and since it represents a woman, this may be related to some important female figure from the city government. Another eclipse during 2018 will affect city government, for it will happen exactly at the position of Istanbul’s MC at 20º Cancer – this time it is solar eclipse at 20º Cancer on July 13, 2018! On January 10, 2020 (in the year of the Grand Mutation) there will be eclipse at 20º Cancer (MC of Istanbul), but this one will be lunar eclipse.  

But, since Istanbul does not depict only that city because it is the largest city in the state, we may reasonably expect to see a woman as a candidate in 2019 elections. For now, there is one woman and her name is Meral Akşener. She is a great opponent of Recep Tayyip Erdogan and she founded her own party on October 25, 2017. On one of those days tertiary Moon (woman) crossed the Ascendant of the Republic of Turkey 1923. I want to emphasize this – on December 21, 2020 progressive Moon (woman) of Turkey will be at 29º Capricorn, ready to touch 0º Aquarius! 

 Constitution change on 2017 referendum

 At the last referendum in Turkey on April 16, 2017, Solar Arc Mercury and Saturn of Turkey were exactly at 29º Capricorn! Constitution changes that were won by this referendum gave great powers to the Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan. The reform stipulated holding of presidential and representatives elections at the same time, every five years, so next elections would be held in November 2019. As I have already mentioned, on January 21, 2019 there will be an eclipse at 0º Leo that will introduce the Grand Mutation on December 21, 2020 at 0º Aquarius. If Erdogan wins, he is expected to rule maybe until 2029. But, it remains to be seen if the symbolism of 0º Leo/0º Aquarius axis shall bring some type of rebellion, revolution in Turkey, or more precisely in Istanbul, the place of crossing between the East and the West, the place of connection between the conservative (29º Capricorn) and modern (0º Aquarius).   

Let us take a look at the horoscope of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, for the spirit of this man still strongly lives in the collective unconscious. I would say that it shall remain there forever, since he was the founder of the modern Turkey. If we do progression of his chart for October 3, 2005 when Turkey officially started negotiations with European Union, there is his tertiary Moon (describing events at the level of 2 days) exactly at 0º Leo, activating 0º Aquarius/0º Leo axis, clearly showing how much freedom spirit and the need to progress into the future (0º Aquarius) were characteristics of this man. Then, in progressions for May 28, 2013 (when protests started in the famous Istanbul Taksim square) there is progressive Sun of Mustafa at 0º Leo, again clearly indicating the presence of revolutionary spirit at the Istanbul square. The year 2020 will be interesting, for Mustafa’s progressive MC will come to 7º Capricorn 42', and his progressive IC at 7º Cancer 42' – this activates natal Asc/Desc axis of the Republic of Turkey 1923 at 7º Cancer 47' / 7º Capricorn 47', as well as natal Mars (fight) of Turkey at 7º Libra 24' in 4th house of Turkey’s horoscope (territory, opposition in the country). To be more precise, there will be a cardinal T-square with Mars at 7º Libra being the planet in the center of events. Does Mars in Libra in 4th house have enough strength for change? Mars in Libra is in exile, and in 4th house Mars is not strong (according to the rules of modern astrology, this house belongs to the sign of Cancer, and Mars is in fall in Cancer). I have to say that I used the book of Marc Penfield, American astrologer as a source for Mustafa’s horoscope, ant the author stated that the date and time of Mustafa’s birth were unreliable, but since this horoscope got before me, i.e. the Universe has put it in my way, I take it as something important that “speaks” to me and give me conclusions, because for some reason I am supposed to see this version of Mustafa’s horoscope. On the other hand, www.astro.com offers rectified horoscope of Mustafa, created by my respectable colleague and famous Turkish and world astrologer R. Hakan Kırkoğlu, who used 29º Leo as an Ascendant in this chart, but also the completely different date of birth (January 4, 1881, 20:29, Salonika, Greece). I wish to remind you that any horoscope “works” for any astrologer, for we astrologers are only “channels” to share the information…

On the day of Constitution change referendum in Turkey (April 16, 2017), progressive Moon of Mustafa was at 28º Sagittarius 36' (very close to 29º Sagittarius), the same spot as progressive MC of this man, which is a clear sign that Turkey is sensitive to the Grand Mutable Cross across 29º Gemini/Virgo/Sagittarius/Pisces.

To change beliefs – in order to have circumstances changed...

In the end, I have to repeat why the 29º Cancer/29º Capricorn axis is significant. It is the axis that represents our Third Eye or more correctly, the transition from 29º Cancer to 0º Leo is the spot between two lights, the Moon (as the ruler of Cancer) and the Sun (the ruler of Leo). The Moon and the Sun are our eyes, and the spot between them, at 29º Cancer is the place of Jupiter chakra, our 6th energy center, our Third Eye. Here, the intuition is our most powerful weapon. Here, beliefs are changed in order to have circumstances change. As an example of the state that “vibrates” at 29° Cancer – I list the Netherlands, the country that went so “far” and is so advanced… See my article The Netherlands i 29º Cancer

It seems that Istanbul and Turkey will face a great turning point in 2020, and we will wait and see...

Chart sources:
All charts are taken from  "Horoscopes of Europe";  Marc Penfield

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