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Venus in Sagittarius - December 30, 2015 Published: December 31, 2015 I Author: Smiljana Gavrančić

Venus in Sagittarius - December 30, 2015
Published: December 31, 2015 I Author: Smiljana Gavrančić

Two days before the end of 2015, the planet of love - Venus, will enter the sign of Sagittarius. Ascendant will be at 25° Sagittarius (made for GMT - the picture for the whole world), so very close to the Galactic center, which on the mundane level announces some important events in the field of diplomatic relations. Sabian symbol for this degree is: "Soldier with the flag" (M.E. Jones~1). Sabian symbol for the degree across is: "A gardener trimming large palm trees" (M.E. Jones~1). All this may be the scene in which somebody at the global level (Galactic center) surrenders and tries to make things better, more beautiful ("trimming palm trees").

But, antiscion of this Ascendant is 4° Capricorn, and Sabian symbol for this degree is as follows: "Several Indians rowing a canoe, while others are dancing a war dance" (M.E. Jones~1) - mobilization, agitation, aggressiveness. Sabian symbol for the g=degree across is: "The car is destroyed in the collision with the train" (M.E. Jones~1).

Seems that the initial attempt to bring things into harmony gets completely different ending through antiscion (the mirror, the shadow). So, the escalation of conflicts is possible, as well as the release of the energy that cannot be contained (the car is destroyed in the collision with the train").

On the personal level, these may be indications of strong energy release, the scenes with very agitated partners (dancing the war dance) and nobody will be able to control himself easily, so the energy must be released.
But, let us take a look at the Venus, it is at 0° Sagittarius, but in antiscion in is 0° Aquarius. Sabian symbol is: "Old missionary building is made of bricks" (M.E. Jones~1). "Old missionary building in California" (D. Rudhyar~2) - durability, long-lasting tradition…
But, the resukt is in the degree across, at 0° Leo. Sabian symbol for this degree is as follows: "A fat and normally good-natured little man of affairs is red to bursting with determination to have his own way" (M.E.Jones~2). "Blood rushes to a man's head as his vital energies are mobilized under the spur of ambition" (D. Rudhyar~1) - rising of Kundalini energy, great fire…

Since the Venus is essential signifier for nature, this might be the depiction of natural disasters, more concretely the great fire somewhere in California. But, on the personal level, there is again the release of enormous energy, something that has been buried for a long time will "explode" now. Somebody respected something for a long time, and now is the time to take his own way and liberate himself from customs, traditions, everything that limits.

During its time in Sagittarius, Venus will first square Neptune in Pisces, where the Venus is exalted. Many will feel as being on the "seventh heaven". So, there will be falling in love, where you will have to be very well grounded in order to avoid disappointment. Here it is good for Neptune to be in the sign where the Venus feels great, in Pisces, so if you fall in love in the coming period, do not tell that to anybody. Keep your love story as a big secret! The silence will only strengthen your personal faith, which is the only thing needed for your love story to succeed. The square will happen across 7° Sagittarius/7° Pisces. Sabian symbols for these positions are the following: "Rocks and other things that are created there" (M.E. Jones~1) - connecting… "In cauldron of universe rocks and other parts of the world are formed. Metals shining inside can be seen." (M.E. Jones~2) - connecting. "A girl triumphantly blowing a bugle in the scout camp" (D. Rudhyar~1) - a call…

After that, there is the conjunction of Venus and Saturn, so this might imply that somebody from before will be back into your life, so things can be finalized. For those who have relationship, those relationships might go through some sort of testing, checking, because Saturn always "cleans", "hones" to fit measurements, much better than Jupiter, because we expect much from Jupiter, and it always creates affair, problem, while Saturn simply makes things more concrete, clear, "sweeps" anything not needed for us in our Universe or leave the person that is good for us close. Meeting of Venus and Saturn might mean the relationship becomes official, for Saturn is always the form, and all happens in Jupiter's (law) sign. The conjunction will happen at 12° Sagittarius. Sabian symbol for this degree is: "Young widow is surprised by the new love" (D. Rudhyar~1) - separation from the past, transformation. The result is in the degree across: "The great musician sits at his piano" (M.E. Jones~1).

I would say things will get clearer by the meeting of Venus and Saturn, or somebody from your past will pleasantly surprise you with the declaration of love, or somebody new will gift you with love, anyway - positive stuff is in the air.
After this there will be the trine of Venus and Uranus, which is depiction of free love stories and the need to remain unattached, to fall for the moment, here and now, without planning… The trine will happen across 16° Sagittarius/16° Aries. This aspect is good for sudden trip abroad with your loved one, and by plane. What do Sabian symbols say for 16° Sagittarius? "An Easter sunrise service" (M.E. Jones~1) - renaissance. The result is in the symbol across: "The head of the young man transforms into the head of mature thinker" (D. Rudhyar~1) - mental metamorphosis.

It seems there is the new beginning, and your partner who used to behave immaturely, as a boy - will show some maturity. Remember, you are required not to plan and to let yourself to the moment, here and now, not building scenarios in your head, and you will be surprised how the things change.

And in the end, Venus will square Jupiter, its dispositor, in Virgo, where the Venus is in fall (bad dignity). This might be unfulfilled expectations related to the money from abroad (Sagittarius). Also, this is depiction of extremely big and unrealistic expectations, this might be the breach of law, but also the disappointment in your partner if you had some expectations from him, especially the business ones (Virgo).

On January 24 Venus will enter the sign of Capricorn, which will announce a new time, and until then, the primary messages for duration of Venus in Sagittarius are:

Love & Light,


Secret of New Year's Gifting Published: December 31, 2015 I Author: Smiljana Gavrančić

Secret of New Year's Gifting
Published: December 31, 2015 I Author: Smiljana Gavrančić

(This article I wrote in Serbian, 3 years ago, for my blog)

There is holiday atmosphere all around, New year's trees are being decorated, presents are being bought, and children are the most joyful because the Santa Claus is going to visit them and leave the presents under the tree. However, the magic of New Year's gifting is appealing to the adults as well. The very act of gifting is full of beauty, love and something special, for how would one learn to accept without giving? The fact is that giving brings much more happiness than accepting, for we cannot accept things from anybody… The same goes for love, we cannot accept anybody's love, can we? But to give love (which is the kind of gift, giving) - that is the art indeed, the skill…

When I was a kid I believed that Angels were involved in the whole story of New Year, Santa Clause and New Year's gifts. I do not know how or why, but I simply believed… Today I know that the faith is the key, and what I also learnt (as astrologist) about faith is that the faith has to be "colored" by the silence. Yes, Angels really have the "secret" role in New Year's gifting, and I shall tell you about it a bit later… First, we shall deal with the very phenomenon of Santa Claus…

Santa Claus

Santa Claus (or Father Christmas) is invented person who brings gifts to children on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day or St. Nicholas Day (in western culture) or on New Year's Day (in Eastern European countries). Versions and the name of this mysterious person varies between different cultures, religions and nations… The usual depiction of Santa Claus in the West is the old bearded man dressed in the red coat, flying on the sleigh pulled by reindeers, with the bag full of gifts for good children. His home is at the North Pole or in Lapland…

In astrology, Santa Claus is related to the planet of Saturn, sign of Capricorn, 10th house, since the Christmas and New Year come while the Sun crosses the sign of Capricorn, and Saturn is, among other things, the main signifier for grandfather, and also frost, cold, winter…

Saturn in Roman mythology

The whole story of Santa Claus has its roots in mythology, and Roman one this time. Roman mythology is related to the basis of the Western culture, to the conscious level inside each one of us (opposed to the Greek model that is subconscious, and Babylonian that is unconscious). The idea of Cronus (Greece) and Saturn (Rome) is very different, for Saturn has unusually positive connotation in Rome -- he is the God of agriculture, he gives the structure, the Saturnalia is celebrated, he gives the fin al justice and finally, he creates the whole Western civilization. In Greece, Saturn has more difficult connotation - he is the primary sign of the family karma that is passed from father to son, most often the sign of the tragedy, problem, debt…

Saturn in Rome is quite a different story than in Greece. Here he is respected, represents the order, system, civilization -- the best of its nature. So, archetypical astrological symbolism of Saturn myth is the position of Saturn in the sign of its exaltation, in Libra (justice). But, Roman Saturn may also be related to Sagittarius (position, disposition, aspect with the planet in Sagittarius), which is also the sign of the law and justice.


As I have already mentioned, today's modern Santa Claus has his deepest roots in the time of the ancient Rome, in the celebration known as Saturnalia. Saturnalia was the ancient Roman festival in the name of the God Saturn, and at first they were celebrated on December 17, and later the celebration was expanded with festivities through to December 23. The festivities included bringing of sacrifices in the Temple of Saturn, in Roman Forum and public banquet, followed by gift-giving, continual partying, carnival atmosphere that overturned Roman social norms. During those days gambling was permitted, and masters served their slaves. Saturnalias are also famous for its orgies, and are often called "the best of days". Saturnalias are also festivals of light, including the winter solstice (the shortest day on December 21). The re-emerging of light, i.e. the longer daytime and coming of New Year were celebrated later in the Roman Empire on December 25 (modern Christmas) as the "birthday of invincible Sun"! Saturnalia popularity continued in III and IV century, at the time when Roman Empire was under Christian domination, and it is believed that some of its traditions influenced Christmas and New Year celebrations.

Finally, if we take a look at the chart of the Ancient Rome, that was established on April 21, 753 BCE ("The Book of World Horoscopes", Nicholas Campion), we find Saturn at the cusp of 5th house (celebration), at the very important degree. It is 15° Scorpio, and 15° of every sign is the royal degree (being the center of each sign), and it gives some special story, so this is really the depiction of celebration that is somehow "royal". It is very interesting that we are now in the time of Saturn in Scorpio (from October 2012 until September 2015), and in the chart of the Ancient Rome Saturn is also in Scorpio, all this implying the importance of the phenomenon of Santa Claus, Christmas and New Year - in this very moment!

Saturn at the cusp of 5th, at 15° Scorpio in the chart of the Ancient Rome is depiction of Saturnalia, that were important since Saturn is the central planet of the fixed T-square in this chart. The sign of Scorpio is depiction of the mentioned orgies (Pluto, the ruler of Scorpio) that characterized Saturnalias, but also of gambling, since Uranus (risk, gambling, casino) is exalted in Scorpio. When we take a look at the disposition of this Saturn -- Mars at 20° Pisces, we see it goes to the 9th house, the house of the law, justice, the house related to the sign of Sagittarius. So, this Saturn fulfills everything asked from it, in terms of Roman mythology… Certainly, this is the Roman model of Saturn! Also, in favor of "invincible Sun", the fact is that in the chart of the Ancient Rome, the Sun is positioned in the 10th house, in the sign of its exaltation‼!

29° Pisces - 36th decan, 72nd pentad and the story of Angels

The important thing here is that Saturn, through its disposition, comes at the very beginning of the last, 36th decan (from 20° to 30° Pisces inside Zodiac of 360°), where we realize the first contact with our etheric world when we dive into ourselves. This decan represents the first thing we touch when we close our eyes and it goes to applicative conjunction with retrograde ("secret") Venus (gift, present, love…) which is at the very special degree, at 29° ("secret") Pisces ("secret"), so all this might be depiction of Santa Claus bringing gifts to children, to us all, in a very secretive and special way… Without doubt, retrograde Venus at 29° Pisces is the one "coloring" the whole story, and since Venus is in the last, 72nd pentad, ruled by the Sun (light), in the center of which, at 27° Pisces, Venus naturally exalts and which is related to the story of Angels (number 72 is the number of Angels), then without doubt, as I already said, the New Year's gifting "secretly" involves Angels, those lovely creatures…
This last, 72nd pentad represents the part of the Earth's etheric world in which we are almost waking up (because soon we shall reach 0° Aries, the beginning of the new cycle and new life). In this part it is very cozy and comfortable, because there is the degree of Venus' exaltation (love, beauty, "secret"…), and we feel beauty, imagination, but we also realize the vision, since there is the light in this pentad, for the Sun is the ruler of this pentad. The very combination of the Sun and Venus means love, as we know… and since it is the last 5° of Zodiac and the last, 72nd pentad, here we have the sum of everything, i.e. the fact that only love remains in the end, and that love is pure and divine…

At the crossing between worlds

It is very important here that 29° Pisces closes the full circle of 36 decans of Zodiac, which goes its way of cause and consequence, describing the strong energy fields, but the very crossing from the last into the first decan of Zodiac is of key importance. It is the crossing from the sleep into alertness, from one life into another… So, in order to become a good conductor for Angels, one's energy in the last, 36th decan (which is ruled by Mars) must be very pure, not conducting dissatisfaction, the feeling of injustice, struggle, unfulfilled aspiration… In other words, in this part of Zodiac we are required to let the Light (the Sun) shine through us…

Isn't all this telling that New Year's gifts come in a special (29°) way?! Without any doubt, all that is necessary is to close one's eyes, make good pictures, imagine, be very quiet (29°), forget how world is full of injustice, not get the life as the continuous struggle, but the beauty of creation, and when the time comes to wake up, to open one's eyes -- the wish will be granted… In this way the Light is awaken, Angels in us as well, and "Santa Claus" will somehow "secretly" deliver the New Year's gift that shall be special (29°) and magic (Pisces)…

New Age and Santa Claus

The fact that New Age, also called the age of love, harmonization and compatibility with the planet by Maya people, which I wrote about recently in my article     "Mayas,21st December and 29° Scorpio" - comes from 29° Scorpio, which is now the trine to 29° Pisces, implies that the ritual of New Year's gifting and celebration of "invincible Sun" will have importance as well. If you remember, I wrote that 29° Scorpio require that we be "emotionally light", because the decision on what we shall get through our partner depends on it, for 29° Scorpio belongs to Venus decan, and Saturn's pentad. In this story of gifting, we have Saturn that through disposition goes to conjunction with the retrograde Venus in 72nd pentad, the pentad of Angels, the Sun pentad that requires us to cleanse our hearts from dissatisfaction and fill them with light in order to wake up the angel within… Only that way Santa Claus, Father Christmas, Saint Nicholas (whatever the name of that mysterious person) will bring everything we wish for…

Also, when Saturn recently entered Scorpio, Mars was at 29° Scorpio and carried Mercury/Saturn conjunction at 0° Scorpio, so it is easy to conclude that the time of Saturn in Scorpio (from October 2012 to September 2015) is very important for Santa Claus story, for deciphering the chart of the Ancient Rome now (since in that chart Saturn is in Scorpio), because this is indication of revealing the story (Mercury) about an old man (Saturn), which contains the "secret" (29°)…

Finally, if we take a look at the chart for the Regulus' entering the sign of Virgo, which cannot be avoided if we talk about New Age, and when we look at the nature of the Ascendant degree (1° Gemini) from the perspective of Sabian symbols, we have the following message: "Saint Nicolas secretly stuffs Christmas socks". Since the chart for Regulus entering Virgo was made for Greenwich time, than it is collective, wider picture of time to come, and having in mind Sabian symbols, one collective, universal Santa Claus will secretly make this planet happy…

It seems that Santa Claus shall keep coming in New Age as well, and the chances are good that he will become even more important than before, since the gates to granted wishes are opening easily… Of course, do not forget to be quiet and to have faith… and since words - I believe - are not spoken aloud (Mercury - word, is in fall and exile in Pisces - silence), restrain from vocalizing your faith in Santa Claus, Father Christmas, Saint Nicholas, Angels… Keep it a "secret" …

Happy New Year! I wish you a lot of Light!

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Venera u Strelcu – 30. Decembar, 2015 Objavljeno: 30. Decembar, 2015 I Autor: Smiljana Gavrančić

Venera u Strelcu – 30. Decembar, 2015
Objavljeno: 30. Decembar, 2015 I Autor: Smiljana Gavrančić

Pretposlednjeg dana 2015, planeta ljubavi, Venera, uploviće u znak Strelca. Ascendent će tada biti na 25°  Strelca (posmatrano za GMT – slika za ceo svet), dakle, vrlo blizu Centra Galaksije, što svakako na nekom mundanom nivou najavljuje bitna dešavanja na polju diplomatskih odnosa. Sabijski simbol za ovaj stepen je: „Vojnik sa zastavom“ (M.E.Jones~1). Sabijski simbol za stepen naspram glasi: „ Čovjek doteruje palme“ (M.E.Jones~1). Sve ovo može biti scena u kome se neko, na globalnom nivou (Centar Galaksije) predaje i pokušava da stvari učini lepšim, boljim („doteruje palme“).

No, Antiscija ovog Ascendenta je na 4°  Jarca, a Sabijski simbol za ovaj stepen kaže: „Nekolicina Indijanaca vesla u kanuu dok ostali plešu ratnički ples“ (M.E.Jones~1) – mobilizacija, uzbuđenost, agresivnost. Sabijski simbol za stepen naspram glasi: „Automobil je uništen u sudaru sa vlakom“ (M.E.Jones~1).

Izgleda da početni pokušaj da se stvari dovedu u neki sklad ipak kroz Antisciju (ogledalo, „senka“) dobijaju totalno drugu sliku. Dakle, moguće su eskalacije sukoba, oslobađanje energije koja se, kao što vidimo, ne može obuzdati („automobil je uništen u sudaru sa vlakom“). 

Na ličnom nivou, ovo mogu biti nagoveštaji oslobađanja jakih energija, ovde imamo scene gde su partneri vrlo uzbuđeni (pleše se ratnički ples) i da se niko neće moći tako lako obuzdati, energija se mora osloboditi.

No, pogledajmo i samu Veneru, ona je na 0 Strelca, ali je u Antisciji zapravo na 0°  Vodolije. Sabijski simbol glasi: „Stara misionarska zgrada je napravljena od cigle“ (M.E.Jones~1) . „Stara misionarska zgrada u Kaliforniji“ (D.Rudhyar~2)– trajnost, dugotrajna tradicija... Međutim, ishod je u stepenu naspram, na 0 Lava. Sabijski simbol za ovaj stepen glasi: „Debeljuškasti i dobro odgojeni mali čovjek kipti od želje da krene svojim vlastitim putem“(M.E.Jones~2), „Kao posledica stresa krv je pojurila u glavu čovjeka“ (D.Rudhyar~1) –dizanje kundalini energije, veliki požar....

Kako je Venera i esencijalni signifikator za prirodu, ovde možemo imati sliku i prirodnih nepogoda, konkretno, sliku požara baš negde u Kaliforniji. No, na ličnom nivou imamo opet sliku oslobađanja ogromene energije, nešto štoje dugo bilo potisnuto, sada će „eksplodirati“. Neko je nešto poštovao predugo, ali sad je vreme da se krene vlastitim putem i oslobodi se od običaja, tradcije, svega što nas sputava.

Venera će tokom svog boravka u Strelcu napraviti prvo kvadrat sa Neptunom iz Riba, gde je Venera egzaltirana. Mnogi će se osećati kao da su na „sedmom nebu“. Dakle, slede zaljubljivanja gde će biti potrebno da ste dobo uzemljeni kako se ne biste razočarali. Ovde je dobro što je ipak ovaj Neptun u znaku gde Venera se oseća sjajno, u Ribama, pa ukoliko se zaljubite u predstojećem periodu, nemojte to nikom reći. Čuvajte Vašu ljubavnu priču kao veliku tajnu! Pri tom, tišina će Vam samo ojačati ličnu veru, koja je samo i jedino  potrebna da bi Vaša ljubavna priča uspela. Kvadrat će se dešavati preko 7°  Strelca / 7°  Riba. Sabijski simboli za ove pozicije glase: „Stijene i ostale stvari koje tamo nastaju“ (M.E.Jones~1) – spajanje... „U kotlu svemira formiraju se stijene i ostali dijelovi svijeta. Vide se kako unutra svjetlucaju metali“ (M.E.Jones~2) – spajanje.  U izviđačkom logoru djevojka trijumfalno puše u trubu“ (D.Rudhyar~1) – poziv...

Nakon toga, Veneru čeka konjunkcija sa Saturnom, pa ovo može najaviti da će Vam se u život vratiti neko od pre, da bi se stvari iskristalisale. Za one koji su već u vezama, veze Vam takođe mogu prolaziti kroz neki vid testa, provere, jer Saturn uvek „čisti“, „brusi“, po meni, mnogo je bolji od Jupitera, jer od Jupitera očekujemo mnogo, a on uvek napravi aferu, problem, dok Saturn jednostavno stvari učini konkretnim,jasnim, „počisti“ od nas ono što nam ne treba u našem Univerzumu, ili ostavi pored nas onu osobu koja je dobra po nas. Susret Venere i Saturna može biti i ozvaničenje veze, jer Saturn je uvek forma, a sve se dešava u Jupiterovom (zakon) znaku. Sam stepen na kojem će se odigrati konjunkcija biće 12°  Strelca. Sabijski simbol za ovaj stepen glasi: „Mlada udovica je iznenađenja rađanjem nove ljubavi“ (D.Rudhyar~1) –odvajanje od prošlosti, transformacija. Ishod je u stepenu naspram, i glasi: „Veliki glazbenik sjedi za svojim klavirom“ (M.E.Jones~1).  

Rekla bih da će se ipak stvari pročistiti prilikom susreta Venere i Saturna, ili će Vas neko od pre opet prijatno iznenaditi izjavaom ljubavi, ili će Vas neko novi obasuti ljubavlju, sve u svemu, pozitivne stvari su u vazduhu.

Nakon ovog će uslediti trigon Venere i Urana, što je slika slobodnih ljubavnih priča i potrebe da se ne vežemo,da se prepustimo trenutku, ovde i sada, bez planiranja.. Trigon će ići preko 16°  Strelca/16°  Ovna. Ovaj aspekt je dobar da iznenada otpujete u inostranstvo sa voljenim bićem, i to avionom. Šta nam poručuju Sabijski simboli za 16°  Strelca? „Uskršnja jutarnja misa“  (M.E.Jones~1) –preporađanje. Ishod je u stepenu naspram: „Glava mladića se menja u glavu zrelog mislioca“ (D.Rudhyar~1) – mentalna metarmofoza.

Izgleda da će uslediti novi početak, gde će i Vaš partner koji se do sada ponašao nezrelo, kao dečak - pokazati sada dozu zrelosti. Upamtite, potrebno je samo da ne planirate i prepustite se trenutku, ovde i sada, ne pravite sceanirija u glavi, i bićete iznenađeni koliko su se stvari promenile.

I na kraju, Venera će napraviti kavdrat sa Jupiterom, svojim dispozitorom, u Devici, gde je inače Venera u padu (loše dostojanstvo). Ovo mogu biti neispunjena očekivanja, vezano za novac koji Vam dolazi iz inostranstva (Strelac). Takođe, ovde imamo sliku jako velikih i neralnih očekivanja, ovo može biti i sukob sa zakonom, ali Vas i partner nekako može razočarati ako ste od njega imali očekivanja a pri tom još i poslovnu kombinaciju (Devica).

Već 24. Januara, Venera će uploviti  u znak Jarca, što će najaviti neko novo vreme, a do tada, ono što su primarne poruke za vreme boravka Venere u znaku Strelca su:


Love & Light,


уторак, 22. децембар 2015.

Christmas Full Moon – I believe in Miracles Published: December 22, 2015 I Author: Smiljana Gavrančić

     Christmas Full Moon – I believe in Miracles
         Published: December 22, 2015 I Author: Smiljana Gavrančić

Every year, when Sun comes to 0°  Capricorn, it's the beggining of the New year. It will happen next time on December 22nd, at 4:47:53 GMT. Therefore, that moment represents the first step into 2016 (the winter solstice).

The first lunation in the year ahead of  us will be a Full Moon on 3°  Cancer, on Christmas day, December 25th, 2015. The Moon rules Cancer, and it makes us focus on our familiy, home, memories. It's located in the 4th house, where it feels great, since according to modern astrology, the 4th house is analogue to the 4th sign – Cancer, making the 4th house – the house of the Moon.

Of course, I will also mention traditional astrology, in which the Sun is the natural ruler of the 4th house. In any case, the focus point of this lunation (Full Moon – Sun/Moon opposition) are the Sun and the Moon. The first aspect the Moon will make is a trine with Neptune (personal faith, silence, prayer, secret, magic) empowered by being in the sign it rules, Pisces. Therefore, this Christmas Full Moon carries a message: Search for your personal faith inside your heart, say a prayer in your mind, communicate with angels, believe in miracles and miracles will happen.

The lunation will happen in Venus decan (from 0°  – 10°  Cancer) and the Moon pentade (from 0° – 5°  Cancer), so this is also related to the emotional aspects of life, considering the fact that the Moon is applying towards the asteroid Juno, which is associated with relationships, marriages, relationships. Venus will be in Scorpio (the 8th sign of the Zodiac) in the moment of the lunation, and in the 8th house (transformation, and the house of Saturn according to traditional astrology).

The Moon and Venus are in a wider applying aspect, so this Full Moon will also bring emotional fulfillment, after relationships go through a deep transformation, after we „buried“ something (the 8th house is the house of Saturn). Saturn is in Saggitarius in the 9th house, the house of religion and the Moon will be making an inconjuction (inner adjustment) with Saturn – we need to let go of some kind of collective belief inside our hearts, it will be painful and hard, but it is the only way to be completely transformed and ready for emotional fulfillment (trine with Venus in Scorpio).

Many will refuse to let go of their memory and continue to live in the past because of their fear, because the sign of Cancer – remembers... It's interesting that Saturn is the ruler of the second pentade (from 5°  – 10°  Cancer) inside this Venus decan (from 0°  – 10°  Cancer).

The Sabian symbol for this lunation (3° Cancer) is: A CAT ARGUING WITH A MOUSE. ... – dialogue, removing the unnecessary. The degree across the Zodiac speaks about the final state of things. It is 3° Capricorn, and the symbol is: A group of merry-makers are embarking in a large canoe on the magic little lantern-lit lake at the resort. ... – unity.

Therefore, Sabian symbols also asks us to see the opportunity for emotional transformation during this lunation – talk to your partner, say everything you have to say to each other, transform your relationship, let go of the old beliefs that were forced on you by the collective, and it's the only way you can continue your journey together, vibrating on the new grounds – completely in harmony.

This Full Moon will affect: Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn, Aquarius, Saggitariusif you have any placements around the 3rd degree of mentioned signs, with an allowed orb of 3° degrees. If we take a look at the Antiscia (shadow, mirror) of this Full Moon, we will find the Ascendant on 19° Libra – the degree of the Sun's fall, so this lunation is also a call to never forget who and what you are, don't lose your auntheticity in order to balance a relationship and achieve „peace in your home“. You are a being of creativity, and the meaning of everything is to create, so our third energetic center (the Solar Plexus, 3rd chakra) can be balanced. By the way, the mirror of this lunation is on 26° Gemini, so we can also expect „hidden“ influences on: Gemini, Virgo, Saggitarius, Pisces, Scorpio and Capricorn, with an allowed orb of 3° degrees. The Moon is void of course in the Antscia chart, which calls us to a state of tranquility. In any case, the void course of Moon is good for prayer.  

The Sabian symbol for 26° Gemini -A YOUNG GYPSY, EMERGING FROM THE WOODS, GAZES AT FAR CITIES ... – individuality, independence, liberation from limits. The Sabian symbol for 26° Saggitarius –The sculptor's vision is taking form.  - a vision coming to life.

It's clear that this is the right time to step out of ourselves, because it will bring us materialization and form.

Remember, prayer is the key, so have strong inner beliefs, and miracles will happen this Christmas, the symbol of a New beginning.

With Love,

петак, 18. децембар 2015.

Božićni Pun Mesec - Ja Verujem u Čuda Objavljeno: 18. decembar, 2015 I Autor: Smiljana Gavrančić

Božićni Pun Mesec - Ja Verujem u Čuda
Objavljeno: 18. decembar, 2015 I Autor: Smiljana Gavrančić 

Svake godine, kada Sunce dođe na 0°Jarca, mi zapravo imamo početak naredne godine. Tako će biti i 22. decembra u  4:47:53 GMT (Grinič vreme-slika za ceo svet). Dakle, već od tada mi smo zapravo zakoračili u 2016 (zimski solsticij).

Prva lunacija koja se dešava u Novoj Godini biće Pun Mesec, i to na 3° Raka, na sam Božić, 25. decembra 2015. Mesec je u Raku u sedištu, i ovde nas okreće ka porodici, domu, sećanjima. Nalazi se u 4. polju, gde se lepo oseća, jer, analogno 4. znaku u Zodijaku, po modernoj astrologiji, 4. polje je zapravo polje Meseca. Naravno, pomenuću i tradicionalnu astrologiju, po kojoj je Sunce prirodni vladar 4. polja. U svakom slučaju,predmet lunacije (kako Mladog Meseca-Sunce/Mesec konjuncija, tako i Punog Meseca-Sunce/Mesec opozija) su baš Mesec i Sunce. Prvi aspekt koji će Mesec napraviti biće trigon sa Neptunom (lična vera, tišina, molitva, tajna, čarolija) koji je osnažen time što je u znaku svog sedišta, u Ribama. Stoga, ovaj Pun Mesec na Božić u sebi nosi poruku- potražite u svom srcu ličnu veru, pomolite se u sebi, komunicirajte sa anđelima, verujte u čuda i čuda se mogu dogoditi. Lunacija se dešava u Venerinom dekanatu (od 0° - 10°Raka), i Mesec pentadi (od 0° - 5° Raka), pa se ovo može odnositi i na emotivan deo života, pogotovo što Mesec aplicira ka asteroidu Juno, koji je zadužen za odnose, brakove, veze. Veneru u trenutku lunacije nalazimo u Škorpionu (osmom znaku Zodijaka) i u 8. polju (transformacija, a po tradicionalnoj astrologiji, ovo je polje Saturna). Mesec i Venera idu u širi aplikacioni aspekt, te Pun Mesec donosi i emotivna ispunjenja, nakon što su veze prošle kroz duboku transformaciju, nakon što smo "sahranili" nešto (8.polje-polje Saturna). Saturn je inače u Strelcu i u 9.polju, polju religije (kolektivne) i Mesec će praviti i aspekt inkonjunkcije (unutrašnje prilagođavanje) sa tim istim Saturnom-potrebno je iz Srca otpustiti neko kolektivno uverenje, ići će to teže ovde, ali samo tako ćemo biti potpuno transformisani i spremni za emotivno ispunjenje (trigon sa Venerom u Škorpionu).Mnogi će usled straha odbijati da se oslobode nekog sećanja i nastaviti da žive u prošlosti,jer znak Raka-pamti...Zanimljivo da je Saturn vladar i druge pentade (od 5° - 10° Raka) u okviru ovog Venerinog dekanata (od 0°- 10° Raka).

Sabijski simbol za ovu lunaciju (3° Raka) glasi: "Mačka se raspravja sa mišem." - dijalog, uklanjanje nepotrebnog. Stepen naspram,govori o konačnom stanju.Radi se o 3° Jarca, a simbol glasi: "Društvo ulazi u veliki kanu".-usalgašenst, zajedništvo. 

Dakle, i Sabijski simboli nas pozivaju da u ovoj lunaciji spoznnamo priliku za emotivnom transformacijom, porazgovarajte sa partnerom, recite šta imate da kažete jedno drugom, transformišite Vaš odnos, pustite od sebe stara uverenja koja su nametnuta od kolektiva, i samo tako možete nastaviti dalje zajedno, vibrirajući totalno na novim osnovama-potpuno usaglašeni.

Ovaj Pun Mesec uticaće na: Ovnove, Rakove, Vage, Jarčeve, Vodolije i Strelčeve-i to ako imate nešto oko 3° pomenutih stepenova, sa dozovoljenim orbisom + - 3° . Ako pogledamo Antisciju ("senku", ogledalo) ovog Punog Meseca, onda nalazimo Asc na 19° Vage-stepen pada Sunca, pa je ova lunacija i poziv da ne zaboravite na to ko ste, šta ste, da ne izgubite svoju autentičnost zbog balansiranja u odnosima, zarad tzv. "mira u kući".Vi ste kreativno biće, i sva suština je u tome, da kreiramo, tako će i naš treći energetski centar (solarni pleksus, 3. čakra) biti u balansu.  Inače, "ogledalo" lunacije je zapravo na 26° Blizanaca, pa će ova Lunacija imati "skriveni"uticaj i na pripadnike sledećih znakova: Blizanci, Device, Strelčevi, Ribe,Jarčeve i Škorpione, i to ukoliko imate nešto u svom horoskopu na 26°pomenutih stepenova, sa dozvoljenim orbisom + - 3° .  Mesec je u Antisciji u praznom hodu, što poziva i na stanje mirovanja. U svakom slučaju, prazan hod Meseca pogoduje baš molitvi. 

Sabijski simbol za 26° Blizanaca - "Ciganka izlazi iz šume" - samostalnost, individualnost, oslobađanje od ogranićenja. SAbijski simoboz za 26° Strelca - "Kipar radi u svom ateljeu". Pod njegovim vještim rukama polako ali sigurno se pojavljuje lijepi oblik." - konkretizacija vizije.

Kao što vidimo, vreme je zaista da izađemo iz samih sebe, jer će nam to doneti materijalizaciju, formu.

Zapamitite, molitva je ovde ključna, jaka lična vera, i dogodiće se čarolija, i to upravo na Božić, koji i jeste simbol Novog početka.

S' Ljubavlju,

субота, 12. децембар 2015.

Pariz i 21º Vodolije Objavljen: 12. decembar, 2015. | Autor: Smiljana Gavrančić

Pariz i 21º Vodolije

Objavljen: 12. decembar, 2015. | Autor: Smiljana Gavrančić 

Iako se tradicionalno Francuska (pa samim tim i glavni grad, Pariz) vezuje za znak Lava, iz ugla "mapiranja" Zodijaka ova zemlja je "osetljiva" na 21º Vodolije, na stepen egzaltacije Neptuna. Grad poznat po čuvenoj Coco Shanel, parfemima, vrhunskoj modi,jednom rečju, grad ljubavi! Sve ovo se uklapa u simboliku egzaltacije Neptuna (čarolija), jer upravo Venera (parfem, moda, ljubav...) egzaltira u Neputnovom znaku, znaku Riba. Druga kolonijalna sila (Neptun simbol daljina) na svetu, odmah posle Velike Britanije, nalazi se upravo, unutar Zodijaka, preko puta 21º Lava (stepen koji sam dovela u vezu sa Ujedinjenim Kraljevstvom - pogledati moj članak "Velika Britanija i 21º Lava"). Ako posmatramo ove dve zemlje preko ose 21º Lava/21º Vodolije , onda vidimo i smisao čuvenog Stogodišnjeg rata u kojima su pomenute zemlje bile akteri.

Zanimljivo je da je i prvi predsednik Francuske Pete Republike, čuveni Charles De Gaulle, 1963. godine stavlja veto na ulazak Ujedinjenog Kraljevstva u EEZ, i to prvi od dva puta. Ovo se dogodilo upravo nakon Lunarne eklipse (Pomračenje Meseca) od 15. avgusta, 1962. godine. sa 22º Vodolije 30', dakle, koja je praktično pokrenula osu 21º Lava (UK) / 21º Vodolije (Francuska). Nakon ove eklipse, 1965. godine, Francuska lansira i prvi satelit (Neptun) u orbitu, postavši tako treća zemlja koja je to učinila, nakon SSSR-a i SAD-a. 

Simbol Pariza

Danas, prva asocijacija za Pariz, pa samim tim i Francusku, mi je Ajfelova kula koja je ime i dobila po svom tvorcu - Gustave Eiffel (15.12.1832, 20:00, Dijon, France, Asc na 11º Lava). Kada progresiramo kartu ovog čoveka za trenutak kada je Ajfelova kula zvanično predstavljena čitavom svetu (31. mart, 1889.), onda nalazimo njegovo progresivno Sunce (vladara njegovog podznaka) upravo na 21º Vodolije! U horoskopu Prve Francuske Republike mi upravo nalazimo vladara Asc na 21º Vodolije! Reč je o Plutonu, kao što vidite. Asc u mundanoj astrologiji uvek opisuje glavni grad i opšte stanje u naciji. 

Pariz je u istoriji bio dva puta domaćin letnjih olimpijskih igara. Druge Letnje Olimpijske Igre održane su u Parizu. Manifestacija je počela 14.maja, 1900.godine. Tercijarni Mesec (spušta događaj na nivo od dva dana, budući da prelazi oko 1º za 2 dana) Pariza našao se na 21º Lava, i samim tim aktivirao 21º Vodolije. Drugi put Pariz je bio domaćin 1924. godine. Osme Letnje Olimpijske Igre počele su u Parizu 04.maja, 1924. Sekundarni Mesec Pariza našao se baš na 21º Vodolije!

"Operacija Neptun" u II Svetskom ratu

Tokom Drugog Svetskog rata operacija je otpočela 6. juna 1944. iskrcavanjima na plažama (Neptun-plaža)u Normandiji (operacija Neptun ili poznatija kao Dan D). Solar Arc Merkur Francuske Prve Republike našao se  na 21º Vodolije - stepen egzaltacije Neptuna! Merkur je inače vladar 8. polja u horoskopu Francuske Prve Republike i  govori o sukobima, ratovima.Svemu dodajem da se ovo desilo nakon Lunarne eklipse (Pomračenje Meseca) od 14. maja, 1938. sa 22º  Škorpiona 54', što kvadrira 21º  Vodolije, stepen koji vezujem za Francusku.

Predsednici Pete Francuske Republike

Potom su usledile dve eklipse, nakon koje je formirana Francuska Peta Republika (5. oktobra, 1958.) na čelu sa Charles De Gaulle-om. Jedna je bila Lunarna (Pomračenje Meseca) sa 21º Lava 14' - 11. februara, 1952. Druga je bila Solarna (Pomračenje Sunca) sa 22º Škorpiona 52' - 13. maja, 1957.Već 1960. godine, Francuska dobija nuklearni arsenal i testira prvu atomsku bombu u alžirskoj pustinji, ali se dogodio i  napad na voz na liniji Pariz-Strazbur, koji je raznet 18. juna 1961. godine i tada je stradalo 28 ljudi.

Alain Poher, čovek koji je po Ustavu bio zadužen za vođene države u odstustvu predsednika republike, u dva navrata se našao na funkciji vršioca dužnnosti predsednika republike.  Prvi put, 1969. godine, kada je Charles De Gaulle podneo ostavku. Drugi put, 28. aprila, 1974. nakon iznenadne smrti, pre isteka mandata, Georges Pompidou-a, čoveka koji je nasledio De Gaulle-a.  .Zanimljivo da on ima MC na 22º Vodolije37', dakle, vrlo blizu 21º Vodolije!

Najpoznatiji bliski saradnik Charles De Gaulle-a, Georges Pompidou, 20. juna, 1969. postaje predsednik Francuske Pete Republike. On sam u svom horoskopu ima osu Asc/Desc preko 20º  Lava 25' / 20º  Vodolije 25'. Zalagao se za evrointegracije. Nažalost, smrt mu ne dozvoljava da ostane na funkciji ceo mandat, kao što sam već malo pre rekla. Svi ovi događaji su usledili nakon dve eklipse: od 15.8.1962. (lunarna na 22º Vodolije 30') i od 10.02.1971. (takođe Lunarna na 20º  Lava 55').

Valéry Giscard d'Estaing postaje predsednik Francuske Pete Republike 25.maja,1974. Zanimljivo je da on ima vladara Asc, retrogradnu Veneru koja je pozicionirana upravo na 20º Vodolije 59', takoreći, skoro na 21º Vodolije! Vladao je pun mandat, 7 godina, a nasledio ga je čuveni socijalista François Mitterrand, čovek koji se najduže zadržao na mestu predsednika, vladao je čak 14 godina, tj. puna dva mandata. 

Kada je Mitterrand stupio na dužnost predsednika, 21. maja, 1981. njegov sekundarni Asc se našao na 20º Škorpiona 44' i kvadrirao je 21º Vodolije (stepen koji vezujem za Francusku),što je moglo da nagovesti i da će zemlja sa ovim čovekom imati probleme (kvadart). U isto vreme, Solar Arc Mesec Francuske Prve Republike se našao na 20º Lava 57' (tj.gotovo na 21º Lava) i takođe aktivirao pomenuti 21º Vodolije. Ostaće upamćen po kohabitaciji vlasti sa Jacques Chiracom, kao i po rastu inflacije. Za vreme njegove vladavine, dogodile su se čak tri eklipse koje su imale uticaja po Francusku. Prva je bila 12.11.1985., Solarna (Pomračenje Sunca), na 20º Škorpiona 09', gotovo sa stepena njegovog sekundarnog Asc u trenutku kad je postao predsednik. Zatim je usledila eklipsa od 09.02.1990., Lunarna (Pomračenje Meseca), sa 20º Lava 47'. I na kraju,13.11.1993., Solarna (Pomračenje Sunca) sa 21º Škorpiona. Nakon ove eklipse, okončala se i vladvina ovog čoveka, jer 17. maja, 1995. Francuska dobija novog predsednika - Jacques Chirac-a. Inače, za vreme vladavina Mitteranda, nakon pomenute eklipse od 12.11.1985., u septembru 1986, aktivirana je eksplozivna naprava ispred radnje "Tati" u šestom arondismanu Pariza. Ubijeno je sedmoro, a ranjeno 55 ljudi. Četiri godine ranije, u antisemitskom napadu ispred restorana Goldenberg stradalo je šestoro ljudi, dok je 22 ranjeno.

Jacques Chirac ima Asc na 20º Vodolije 46', što ga dovodi u jaku vezu sa Francuskom, budući da sam ovu zemlju mapirala na 21º Vodolije! Vladao je od 1995 do 2007. U vreme njegovog mandata dogodili su se napadi na vozove na stanici Sen Mišel 1995, u kom je stradalo osmoro ljudi a ranjeno 117, i godinu dana kasnije na stanici Port rojal, kada je život izgubilo takođe osmoro a ranjena je 91 osoba.  Inače, kada je Chirac stupio na dužnost predsednika, sekundarna osa Asc/Desc Francuske Pete Republike išla je preko 21º Lava/21º Vodolije! Njegovom dolasku na vlast prethodila je već pomenuta Solarna eklipsa (pomračenje Sunca) sa 21º Škorpiona,od 13.11.1993.što je kvadriralo (problem) 21º Vodolije (Pariz, Francuska).

Chiraca je nasledio Nicolas Sarkozy. Ovaj čovek ima Saturna na 20º Škorpiona 20', što kvadrira 21º Vodolije, pa ni sa njim  sudbina Francuske nije tako laka. Kada je stupio na dužnost, 16.maja, 2007.tercijarni Mesec Francuske Prve Republike (spušta događaje na nivo od 2 dana, jer se kreće oko 1º za 2 dana) našao se na 22º Vodolije 01', tek što je završio prelaz preko bitnog, za Francusku, 21º Vodollije. Za vreme njegove vladavine, 09.02.2009. dogodila se Lunarna eklipsa, sa 21º Lava 00', što je opet "prozvalo" Francusku. Marta 2012, terorista Moamed Mera je.organizovao napade u Tuluzu i Montubanu, kada je ubijeno sedmoro ljudi, od čega troje dece.

Nakon ove eklipse, Francuska je dobila sadašnjeg predsednika, François Hollande-a. Stupio je na dužnost 15. maja, 2012.

Nikada neću zaboraviti Solarnu eklipsu od 13.decembra,2012. godine sa 21ºŠkorpiona 56'!Verovatno zato što se dešavala na mom Ascendentu. No, budući da sam mundani astrolog i da veliku pažnju poklanjam dnevnim vestima, prva vest koja mi je  "zapala" za oko nakon ove eklipse bila je sledeća - Štrajk lekara u Parizu! Opšte je poznato da se ova eklipsa dešavala u blizini fiksne zvezde Unukalhai (iz konstelacije Serpens) koja se između ostalog vezuje upravo za lekare. Ovo je bilo totalno pomračenje Sunca i trajalo je 4 minuta i 2 sekunde, što bi značilo da će uticaj ove eklipse potrajati preko 4 godine, tj. bar do kraja 2016. godine. (Dok na ličnom nivou eklipse imaju dejstvo do naredne eklipse istog tipa, na munadnom je uticaj mnogo duži, čak i po nekoliko godina. Još od Ptolomejevog doba važi pravilo da će efekat eklipse na državu trajati onoliko godina koliko sati ili minuta ona bude trajala.Najduže trajanje Solarne eklipse je 8 minuta, a Lunarne 2 sata, ali fenomen približavanja i odvajanja kod Lunarne eklipse može da potraje 4 do 5, pa i više sati).

Nakon ovog štrajka, već 11. januarua 2013, francuski predsednik  François Hollande šalje trupe u Mali, bivšu francusku koloniju i samim tim se Francuska uključuje u rat. Inače, intersantna je pozicija Solar Arc Meseca Francuske Pete Republike u trenutku kad je počeo rat u Maliju - 16.februara, 2012. Radi se upravo o 21º Lava 48'!

Napad terorista na redakciju lista "Šarli ebdo" u januaru ove, 2015., godine, odneo je 17 života.  Sekundarni Mesec Francuske Pete Republike se našao na 21º Raka, što pravi kvinkunks (aspekt opasnosti,smrti) sa 21º Vodolije, pa je ovo slika opasnosti po francuski narod (Mesec). 

I na kraju,za nedavni teroristički napad na Pariz, od 13. novembra, 2015.Francuski list "Le monde" objavio je da je novembarski teroristički udar na Pariz nešto najsmrtonosnije što se na teritoriji te zemlje dogodilo još od Drugog svetskog rata. Zanimljivo, sve se dešava u trenutku kada je tranzitno Sunce (život) na nebu upravo na 21º  Škorpiona, što kvadrira 21º  Vodolije (Pariz).Sasvim je očigledno da je Francuska i dalje pod uticajem Solarne eklipse od 13.11.2012. sa 21º  Škorpiona, i da će uticaj, kao što sam već rekla, potrajati bar do kraja 2016. godine. Ako svemu dodam da smo 13. septembra 2015 imali Solarnu eklipsu na 20º Device 10', onda možemo reći da je ova eklipsa, formirajući kvinkunks (aspekt smrti i opasnosti) i te kako delovala na 21º Vodolije (Pariz).

Već 11. februara, 2017. imamo novo Pomračenje Meseca (Lunarnu eklipsu) sa 22º  Lava 28', te Francuska opet nekako može biti "ubačena" u neke događaje. Te iste godine u Francuskoj će se dešavati predsednički izbori, budući da mandat predsednika traje 5 godina i da je Hollande na vlasti od maja 2012.

Kako je Neptun viša oktava Venere, onda je ovde rešenje u molitvi ispunjenoj ljubavlju...

Francuska je poznata i po prvom građanskom zakoniku, Code Civil iz 1804, čiji je tvorac bio Napoleon I.  Ovim zakonikom su garantovana osnovna prava i slobode građana, što se sve uklapa u sliku stepena egzaltacije Neptuna (ideal) i ovaj akt je postao sastavni deo građanskog prava u mnogim zemljama Evrope gde se primenjuje kontinentalno pravo. Zanimljivo da je Solar Arc Mesec Prve Francuske Republike 21. marta, 1804., kada je Code civil stupio na snagu, već bio na 22º Vodolije, dakle, u trenutku stvaranja je prelazio preko 21º Vodolije...

 Konačno, na 21º Vodolije možemo imati i sliku malenog ostrvo u Južnom Atlantskom okeanu (Neptun),Svete Jelene, na kojem je poslednje dane života proveo Napoleon Bonaparta 

The Book of World Horoscopes, Nicholas Campion
Marck Penfield, Horoscopes of Europe

Mitologija Sunca Aaron Spelling - početak 'reke', u krivni 'reke', i konačno, kraj 'reke'... Objavljeno: 23. Jun, 2019 I Autor: Smiljana Gavrančić

Mitologija Sunca Aaron Spelling - početak 'reke', u krivni 'reke', i konačno, kraj 'reke'.. . Objavljeno: 2...