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The Kennedy family and 18º Cancer Originally published: 21 October 2013 | Author: Smiljana Gavrančić

The Kennedy family and 18º Cancer
 Originally published: 21 October 2013 | Author: Smiljana Gavrančić 

Inside the sign of Cancer, which is primarily related to genetics, there is a special place (18° Cancer), which tells about somebody from our genetics, who had made a huge change and put together 1 and 8. One describes the very personality, whereas 8 is related to dangers, as it is related to the eight house. At some point, somebody has managed to change something or, if the change was not possible (which will be shown by the dispositor planet) – this somebody had made something very negative, as they have put 1 and 8 together, which might be a very dangerous sign… This is why, it is very desirable that our Waters (emotions) are as “pure” as they can be… as this is who we can change our DNA code (18° is analogues to the sign of Virgo, whereas Mercury as the ruler of Virgo, is the essential signifier for genes…).

Also, 18° of any sign is known as the degree of fatefully emphasized dangers, it is a degree related to “hard destiny”, it is a kind of destiny not to be changed easily…

18º Cancer in the chart of the United States

This degree is emphasized in natal charts of the representative of the most famous political dynasty, the Kennedy family, and, ultimately, in the very chart of the United States, through the midpoint of the Sun (the ruler of 10 – representative, main figure in the country) and retrograde Mercury (the ruler of 8 – dangers) at 18° 44’!

On the very date of the assassination in Dallas (on 22 November 1963), when the youngest American President in the history, John F. Kennedy (“Jack”) was murdered, the Sun in the progressions (President) of the United States was at 18° Capricorn and the opposition (the nature of which is Uranus – something sudden, shocking) activated 18° Cancer… Many years later, more precisely on 16 July 1999, on the date when his only sun, John F. Kennedy Junior, lost his life (together with his wife Carolyn Bessette and her sister), piloting his private plane, which landed in the waters of the ocean (Neptune) – Mars in the directions of the United States was also at 18°, but this time of Libra, making an exact square to 18° Cancer.

John F Kennedy and Jacqueline Kennedy

The Kennedy couple had felt, on their own skin, the influence of 18° Cancer at the very beginning of their marriage. They got married on 12 September 1953 and in 1955 Jacqueline had the first miscarriage… Her Ascendant is in Scorpio, which might give a tendency towards miscarriages…However, her Ascendant is almost at 18°, whereas Pluto (the ruler of Ascendant) is located, where else, but on 18° Cancer and in her 8th house (dangers, pregnancies…). The Moon is the dispostior and we can see that it is going towards making a square with Pluto, so it may be concluded that here we might easily have a picture of a murder… This aspect, for sure, brings fears throughout her life, premonitions about bad things happening… After her miscarriage in 1955, she soon got pregnant again and on 23 August 1956, Jacqueline gave birth to a daughter, Arabella Kennedy. Unfortunately, this was a stillborn baby. Directive Venus (daughter) Jacqueline was going precisely during 1956 over 18° Cancer, over her natal Pluto! A new pregnancy brought to life, on 27 November 1957, Caroline Bouvier Kennedy (still alive today), the first daughter of John and Jacqueline. Then, on 25 November 1960, the first and the only son of these two was born. However, John F. Kennedy Junior died, but in a plane crash in 1999, as already mentioned in the text above. Jacqueline and John had another son (Patrick Bouvier Kennedy), which was born on 7 August 1963, but he died on 9 August of the same year. That very same year in November, the aforementioned assassination is to take place in Dallas…

However, the following needs to be explained here. The very John F. Kennedy (“Jack”) has an active 18° Cancer in his chart and through the midpoint between the Moon (an essential signifier for the family, in his case the ruler of 10, as 4 of 7 – the family, which we create with our partners) and Mercury (an essential signifier for children). Namely, it is not difficult to conclude now that the contact between Pluto of his wife and this midpoint of the mentioned planets in his chart, plus, all of this being at this very fateful 18° Cancer, had brought to them these difficult and painful moments in the area of children… Also, if we look at what is the dispositor of 18° Cancer doing in John’s chart, we can see that the Moon is in Virgo (which carries along Saturn and Pluto from Cancer) and that this Moon is making a square with his Venus, making it not difficult to conclude that in John’s genetics, there were some ancestors who, in the area of relations (Venus on the Rigel star of the constellation of Orion) had left some issues behind…

John F Kennedy Junior

He had it all – the charms, the money, the fame of an untouchable “America’s Price”, but he, too, had borne in his blood the “malicious gene” of the Kennedy’s, whose most striking character feature was to be all too daring before the challenges of life, looking straight into the eyes of fate… John F. Kennedy Junior, who was nicknamed John-John, had no luck neither to live long into his old age nor continue the famous blood line.

“We dared to think, in that other Irish phrase, that this John Kennedy would live to comb gray hair, with his beloved Carolyn by his side. But like his father, he had every gift but length of years…” These words were uttered as a part of the last speech by his uncle, the last patriarch of the Kennedy clan, Edward Kennedy. This was one of the saddest funerals… John F. Kennedy Junior was only 38 at the time when he lost his life… The whole United States was in a shock…

Retrograde Mars at 18º Cancer

John Junior is of a Virgo Ascendant, while the ruler (Mercury) is in the sign leading to dangers, precisely the 8th sign in the Zodiac, the Scorpio. Mercury is at 13° Scorpio, which is a close conjunction with the very degree of the exaltation of Uranus – John used to love planes ever since he was a little child… When John said to his mother on one occasion that he was about to take piloting lessons, she cut the story short, saying: “I beg of you not to do this. And I ask of you to promise not to take those lessons and not to pilot…” John promised, but he secretly continued to take piloting lessons and, after her death, he bought a small private plane. Dispositor of his Ascendant, Mercury in Scorpio, is precisely the retrograde (secret) Mars at 18° Cancer, which has also described his final destiny! Retrograde Mars from 18° Cancer is also the ruler of 8 (dangers) as well as 3 (traffic) and it is in 11 (planes, risks) and it is going into the opposition with Saturn, implying that we can conclude that it is precisely him who cannot fully do the pilot’s job, as this retrograde Mars is in its fall, “dragging him down”, which finally happened on 16 July 1999.

And the mother, the mother had a bad feeling… Remember her Pluto (the ruler of Ascendant – herself) at 18° Cancer, on retrograde Mars of her son… Both Mars and Pluto are unconscious planets, and the very position of 18° Cancer can be very dangerous, which proved to be the case, and it is not exclusive that the son’s potential death was known to her through her memory (Cancer) of an ancestor within her, while retrograde Mars in the chart of John Junior caused him to have a strong unconscious need to risk and “fall’ as primarily – Mars in Cancer is always the picture of a “fallen solder”… Dispositor at 18° Cancer is his Moon in Aquarius (planes) in conjunction with Chiron (getting/being wounded) and in opposition with Uranus (plane) in Leo (the exile for Uranus) in 12 (ocean) and Pluto (death). Also, there is a square with the Sun (life), which, amongst other things is also at the center of a T-square, is also one of the most significant planets. The Sun describes the period between 22 to 41 years of age and it is precisely at this period that John F. Kennedy Junior’s life ended…

If Saturn (consequence) in the natal chart is the former Mars (action), then it is precisely in Saturn, at 15° Capricorn, at the degree of Jupiter’s fall (ethics, law) where we can suspect of some illegal, immoral actions from our past lives, maybe precisely in a war (… opposition with a retrograde Mars at 18° Cancer)… Saturn is the last conjunction of the Moon (memories that the soul has brought from the past life), so it is rather important in this story, whereas the retrograde Mars at 18° Cancer – the first Moon’s conjunction (what it is going towards in this life…). In line with this, I cannot be without mentioning the fact that John F. Kennedy Junior finished Law School only to make his mother happy, as she wanted her son to be a lawyer. He disliked legal sciences and prior to studying law, he studied history, and he passed his bar exam only at his third attempt. He practiced law as his profession for a very short period of time, although he did not lose a single case during that time, however, after his mother’s death, he got into publishing business and founded his own magazine under the name “George” (Gemini at MC), inspired by the First US President George Washington. He is the first from the famous Kennedy family who did not study at Harvard, thereby interrupting the family tradition. He was neither to interested in politics, though many did see a leader in him… Even, in one of the publications of “George” he criticized his relatives, actually, the children of his uncle Robert Kennedy (also assassinated), because of the consumption of narcotics and a very “careless” lifestyle, characteristic of this political dynasty. Those who knew him stated that, taking into account the atmosphere in which he grew up, that was actually an exceptional, and above all, a good man. In addition to his clear charisma, the lifestyle in a high class society, he was an unpretentious, kind, cheerful person, loyal to his childhood friends… However, he also liked danger, he liked flying…

Marriage with Carolyn Bessette

The only thing that Jacqueline managed to do during her life was to prevent John to marry an actress Hannah Daryl, whom he dated for a long time. She was also against other women, whom John had relationships with… He married beautiful Carolyn on 21 September 1996, as he, as he stated himself, “was charmed by her ethereal beauty…” and many believe that this was, in a way, paying post-mortem respects to his mother… And everything else related to this love was ethereal, i.e. in the symbolism of Cancer… Intimacy, candles, pearl-colored dress…

Namely, unlike John, Carolyn was not used to being disturbed by the press, she loved privacy and peaceful life. Even John asked the press, on several occasions, to let her be, as it disturbed her. The wedding was an intimate one, it could not have been a more romantic one. A Baptist church, without electrical energy supply, was lit with candles and lamps, while the floor was decorated with flowers. The wedding was so intimate, that, actually, some members of the Kennedy family were not invited at all… Carolyn had a simple pearl-colored silk crepe gown … Her hair was pulled back away from her face and styled as a bun, at the nape of her neck, pinned with a clip belonging to her late mother-in-law Jackie Kennedy.

Carolyn Bessette in her chart has the Moon at 21° Cancer (close to 18° Cancer), which describes her as a person who loves privacy, peace, as this contributes a lot to her health, affects her physiology (the Moon in 6)… Carolyn and John used to spend work days in New York, whereas for the weekend they would go to their private property, to a small island, which John inherited from his parents, as they wanted to be far away from the public. They used to use John’s private plane to get to that island, which John piloted…

The very 18° Cancer is active in their Davison chart (their joint horoscope). Namely, the midpoint between Mercury (the ruler of 8 – dangers) and Uranus (plane) is at 17° Cancer 34’ (which is within the permitted orb of +/- 30’, namely, almost at 18° Cancer), while the midpoint of Venus (an essential signifier for relations, here is the ruler of 7 – what the relationship develops into with time) and Uranus (plane) is at 19° Cancer 00’ (pretty close to the fateful 18° Cancer)!!! Finally, the very Ascendant is at a Scorpio degree (20°) of Scorpio, which relates this relationship to the series 8 (dangers)…

„Only my Carolyn is not afraid to fly with me… “

... stated John F. Kennedy Junior… Let us look at the end John’s Mars’ return where it is clearly seen to which extent he got into a deadly jeopardy, together with his wife. Namely, precisely as there are Saturn’s, Jupiter’s, Solar, Lunar returns, etc. we can also do a return for any planet to their natal position. Mars transits the Zodiac in about 2 years and more-or-less, we experience a Mars return every 2 years. The return happened on 2nd August 1998 and it lasted until 14th July 2000. It is precisely during this interval that the fatal flight took place (16 July 1999)…

Ascendant (John F. Kennedy Junior) is at 26° Aries 58’ (at Vertex, the star nebula of the Andromeda constellation, which can point towards a violent death), whereas Mars (the ruler of Ascendant) is at 18° Cancer (where it should be as this is coming of Mars to its natal position). I will add that Mars here is the ruler of 8 (dangers), precisely as it is in his natal chart. However, Venus (the ruler of 7 – the wife, Carolyn) is at 17° Cancer 32’. The position in 3 speaks about their jeopardy (18° Cancer) in traffic, which quite certainly takes them, through the dispositor (the Moon) in 8 in conjunction with Pluto, into death…

On that 16 July 1999, transit Sun (life) was at 24° (Neptunian degree) of Cancer, at the very retrograde Mercury (the ruler of 8) of the United States and it, thus, ‘summoned’ 18° Cancer, having in mind that 18° Cancer is the midpoint between the Sun (life) and retrograde Mercury (danger) in the chart of this country… The very retrograde movement was shown in the need for taking several days to find the bodies of the deceased in the Atlantic Ocean waters…

Memories to Josepha („Joe“) Patrick Kennedy Junior

The oldest son (of the total of 9 children), Joseph Patrick Kennedy Sr. and Rose F. Kennedy, who was prepared by the ambitious father for the White House, ever since he was a small child, had a Libra Ascendant (25 July 1915, 09:40, Hull, Massachusetts), while his Venus (the ruler of his Ascendant) was at the fateful 18°Cancer! During World War II (1944) he got killed as a military pilot. After this tragedy, Joseph Patrick Kennedy Sr. (as a former USA Ambassador in the Great Britain) expected from his younger son, John F. Kennedy (“Jack”) to become everything that “Joe” could not – President of the USA! However, “Jack” did become the first US President who was a Catholic, plus being the youngest, however, we know how his life was ended… His younger brother, Senator Robert Kennedy (“Bobby”), was also assassinated couple of years later… There were some other tragic cases in this family…

Finally, Joseph Sr. and Rose in their Davison chart (joint horoscope) have their Chiron (wound, pain) at 18° Cancer, where the midpoint of Mercury (children, but also the ruler of 9 – grandchildren) and Pluto (death) is. Dispositor of 18° Cancer is the Moon in Aries, which is in applying opposition with Uranus (the ruler of 5 – children), which is almost at the degree of the Sun’s fall, at 19° Libra (18° Libra 56’), which is all a picture of sudden losses in the area of children…

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Poland and 15º Aquarius Originally published: September 23rd, 2014. | Author: Smiljana Gavrančić

Poland and 15º Aquarius
Originally published: September 23rd, 2014. | Author: Smiljana Gavrančić 

When Hitler invaded Poland on September 1st, 1939., which is the official start of World War 2, the cusp of his directive 3rd house (representing series 6- army from series 10- him as a ruling figure) was on 15º Aquarius! This could be an image of German army in Poland, due to the fact that my research led me to the conclusion that 15º Aquarius is a place inside the Zodiac which we can link to Poland, a country with such a tragic and exciting history, a country torn apart by Hitler and Stalin on the beggining of WW2, but judging on the 15th, royal degree of humane and visionary Aquarius, a country with a central place and an easy cooperation with Brussels as the head quarters of both European Union and NATO (sextile with 15º Aries – you can read more about it in my article Belgium and 15º Aries). A country open for everything new and confusing to others at the time. Since the Moon (people) of present German chancellor Angela Merkel is on 15º Aquarius, this could be the image of a strong connection between German and Polish people. Enemies in the past, friends in the present, and important partners inside the NATO, EU...

The Warsaw pact, 1955.


The moment when the Warsaw pact was signed on May 14th, 1955. also speaks about the importance of  15º Aquarius, a pact signed as a reaction to forming of NATO. On that day, exactly at noon, Moon was on  15º Aquarius! Also, in the chart of Nikita Hruschov, the man who made this contract, and who was the Soviet leader at the time – the cusp of 8th house (wars, confrontations, weaponry) was also on 15º Aquarius!

The Solidarity sindicate

15º Aquarius could also represent Lech Wałęsa who won the prestigious Nobel prize for peace in 1983. - 15º as a central, royal degree of humane Aquarius (it’s also known that the Nobel prize was established in Sweden, a country with Aquarian symbolism, which is also a monarchy, evoking the royal degree).  Lech Wałęsa was the first democratic president of Poland, a mean leading the well known Solidarity syndicate (again, symbolising the sign of Aquarius – syndicates, organizations) which was founded on August 31st, 1980. in Poland, which fought for democratic changes and the end of communism in this country.

The three charts of Poland

The year of establishment of Poland is considered to be 966. when count Mieszko accepted Christianity (the First Poland’s chart). Poland lost its independence during the end of 18th century, to regain it after World War 1, on November 11th, 1918. (The Second Poland’s chart). Then came World War 2, and Poland suffered many losses. After war, Poland was a part of the Eastern Bloc, greatly influenced by the Soviets (The beforementioned pact of Warsaw). During the revolution in 1989. came an end to the communist regime. According to Nicholas Champion (“The Book of World Horoscopes”) the modern, democratic Poland was established on August 24th, 1989., 1:05PM, in Warsaw, Poland – the moment when Tadeusz Mazowicki was elected as the first noncommunist prime minister in Central and Eastern Europe since 1946. Ascendant was on 18º Scorpio, while the Moon (people) was positioned on 10º Gemini. However, many Polish astrologers mention as an important date for the chart of Third Poland December 31st, 1989., 00:00AM, in Warsaw, Poland, when significant changes of Constitution happened, as the highest act of every country.

I used all three charts in this research, using the moment on December 31st as a base for the chart of modern Poland, because it features Moon in Aquarius, like the other two horoscopes, which I found very significant.

If we take a look at directions of the chart of First Poland in 996. in the moment when it regained its independence on November 11th, 1918. (which is also the date of establishment of Second Poland), we’ll find Mars on 15º Aquarius, which is the ruler of 10th house (reputation of the country, ruling figures) with a cusp on 29º Aries, but also the ruler of intercepted sign of Scorpio in 4th house (territory) in this chart...

Now, let’s focus on directions of Second Poland’s chart in the moment when Tadeusz Mazowiecky was elected for the first noncommunist prime minister in Central and Eastern Europe since 1946. It happened on August 24th, 1989. Directive Mercury of Second Poland was exactly on 15º Aquarius! Mercury rules the 9th house in the chart of Second Poland, which represents privilleged society members, such as ministers and prime ministers...

Poland became a member of NATO on March 12th, 1999. If we take a look at secondary progressions of First Poland’s chart on that date, we see secondary Venus (ruler of Sun on 0º Taurus on MC) on 15º Aquarius!

However, if we take a look at directions of the chart of modern Poland in the moment of joining the NATO pact, 10 years after the fall of communism, we’ll find directive Venus (ruler of natal Ascendant on  10º Libra) also on  15º Aquarius!

The next important step was gaining full membership in the European Union. Poland became a member on May 1st 2014. It remains to this day the only member of EU which managed to avoid recession. Isn’t this symbolism of  15º Aquarius?!A contry which is making speeding progress, using funds offered by EU even above set limits, completely avoiding recession, becoming an exporter of food, building more than 10.000 kilometers of roads, airports, cultural and science centers, museums, stadiums... 

In the end, let’s take a glance at the position of progressed Sun (reputation) in the chart of Second Poland in the moment when Poland became a member of the European Union. It’s, of course, 15º Aquarius.

Looking back at more events and people important for Poland, we need to mention the famous astronomer Nicolaus Copernicus which could fit into the symbolism of royal (15º) place in Aquarius (astronomy)... Also, Poland is famous for Pope John Paul II, who was the first Pope to step foot inside a mosque and a sinagogue... All of this is symbolism of humane and open-minded Aquarius, which understands the right to be different...

Poland is traditionally connected to two signs, Taurus, but also Aquarius, while the isolated degree to which this contry is particularily sensitive could definitely be in the sign of Aquarius, and it’s the central, most important degree - 15º.

"Avatar degree"

At the end, we should add that each 15º of any fixed sign (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius) is known in astrology as the so-called "Avatar degree", as it forms 45º (semi-square) with 0º of each cardinal sign (0º Aries, 0º Cancer, 0º Libra, 0º Capricorn). These are very challenging and "sensitive" degrees in the Zodiac (15º of fixed signs), which is why it is no wonder that Poland is precisely located at 15º Aquarius, having in mind that it has always been some sort of a “buffer zone” between Russia and the West...     

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Papal resignation and star Formalhaut Originally published on March 4th, 2013. Author: Smiljana Gavrančić

Papal resignation and star Formalhaut

Originally published on March 4th, 2013.
Author: Smiljana Gavrančić

Recently, on February 11th, 2013., the entire world was surprised by the decision of Pope Benedict XVI to resign from his position. Vatican insiders called this a precedent, due to the fact that nothing similar has happened in the last 600 years. On the other hand, Vatican was shaken up by numerous affairs lately – child abuse and pedophilia, leaking of secret documents, corruption... And some consider that one of the reason of papal resignation, even though Benedict XVI claims his advancing age and inability to fulfill his role as Pope are the reasons...

Venus in Pisces 2013.

Pope Benedict XVI oficcially abdicated on February 28th, 2013., at 8pm, in a retrograde Mercury period, in ultimate silence. It’s quite interesting that this world changing event happened only two days after Venus entered Pisces, a zodiac sign we connect to Christianity. Seen from the angle of mundane astrology, the most important thing about the moment when Venus entered the sign of Pisces (in Greenwich Mean Time because it’s important for the whole world) is the Ascendant (general circumstances) on 8º Saggitarius!

It’s hard not to remember December 21st, 2012. the day of the winter solstice and the beginning of 2013. (Sun on 0º Capricorn). Exactly that moment had a Boomerang configuration which offered a solution for the Yod configuration.

Retrograde Mercury conjunct Ascendant

Considered to be a brilliant theologian, Pope Benedict XVI managed the powerful Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, a conservative institution previously known as the middle age Holy inquisition, infamous by herecy trials and burning at the stake. Free minded Catholics criticised him, pointing that since he had started managing the Congregation, there was no end to his bans... He was opposed to women having the right to become priests, preached about celibacy, condemned homosexuality, and communism. His right oriented views often created political crises...  He even stood against Turkey joining the Europian Union in 2004., calling it a gigantic mistake and a decision against history. He was also a strong supporter of the most radical Catholic organisations and movements.

According to everything, this period of Venus in Pisces 2013. could be important from the angle of mundane astrology, because exactly in this time (from February 26th to March 22nd) Pope Benedict XVI abdicated, signifying a new age for the Roman Catholic church.
The new Pope has to be elected before Easter (March 31st) according to Vatican rules, and March 19th is mentioned as a possibility. At that time, Mercury (decision) will be direct (ending the retrograde period on March 17th), but still in shadow... 

Ascendant of Benedict XVI (April 16th, 1927., 4:15am, Marktl, Germany) is very interesting. It’s on 19º Pisces, exacly the degree Mercury was on when it started its retrograde period on February 23rd...

South America

Speculation about who is going to be elected as the new Pope started right way, many names are mentioned, and many claim that it’s time for the Roman Catholic church to elect its first non-European leader, originating from the biggest religious region – South America. This continent is the home of 42% of total 1,2 billion Catholics in the world, more than any other, including Europe with 25%.

If we take a look at the chart for the moment Venus (love) in Pisces (Christianity), we can see that the first aspect of Venus in Pisces is conjuction to Neptune, exactly on February 28th, the day when Pope officially resignated. This Venus – Neptune conjuction, in the sign of Pisces, where Venus (love) is exalted, happy, and Neptune (faith) is the ruler of Pisces – is a sign of great, unconditional love, even fascination by faith... The moment couldn’t be better, because this is a perfect representation of true, silent, divine, unconditional love... In the chart of papal abdication, Venus is the ruler of Ascendant in Libra, its last aspect being a conjuction with Neptune which happened earlier that day.

“Watcher of the South”

Anyway, what’s interesting about this conjuction is its close proximity to one of the great four royal stars. This time it’s star Formalhaut from constellation Piscis Australis, also known as “Watcher” or “Guardian of the South”. The star’s position is currently on 4º Pisces, and the before mentioned Venus – Neptune conjuction will be on 3º Pisces, very close to the star, and also to the Ascendant of the moment when Sun entered Capricorn on December 21st, 2012. So, even the beginning of New year was a hint of the importance of axis Aldebaran – Antares (Watcher of the East – Watcher of the West) and also the star we call “Watcher of the South”!

As this star has the nature of Venus – Mercury – Neptune, we can be sure it’s important to this story, because it’s about faith and religion. This place in the Zodiac is very good for spiritual growth, mediums, forming a great channel between the Sky (Mind) and Earth (Body). This is also the place of salvation and protection... Kind and light words are to be expected here, because it’s a star inside the mouth (speech, words) of South Pisces constellation. As this star is known as Watcher of the South, this could be a hint that the new Pope could really be coming from the south, which helped me during this research by narrowing the list of possible candidates originating from all over the world – Europe, United States, Canada...

The chart of papal resignation is definitely a significant moment in time, and because it represents a precedent, it holds significance for a longer period of time ahead of us when it comes to Roman Catholic church.

Will the new Pope be black?

So, I’ve focused on the candidates coming from the south. One of them is a cardilan from Ghana, Peter Turskon, also a president of
Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace. Although, many complain about his attack on the believers of Islam in a public speech, which is not what faith, Church, should be.

The second Uranus – Pluto square and South America

Since we’re living in the period of 7 historic Uranus – Pluto squares (from 2012. to 2015.) and still under the influence of the 2nd square that happened on September 19th, 2012., which awoke the second, Venus chakra which, on the level of the planet, is located in the area of South America – I came to the conclusion that this part of the world could be very important until May 21st, 2013., when the third Uranus – Pluto square will happen, awakening the third chakra we link to Sun (light). If Africa is linked to the Mars chakra which was activated with the 1st Uranus – Pluto square in 2012., I’ve concluded that in this crucial time of deciding who should be the next Pope, South America will have a better candidate in this time of the 2nd Uranus – Pluto square.

However, South America is offering two possible candidates. One comes from Brazil, and the other from Argentina, the southernmost country in the world.

Odilo Pedro Scherer comes from Brazil, and is the strongest candidate of Latin America, according to many.

Still, let’s go back to the chart of papal resignation and see what’s happening to the dispositor of the Venus – Neptune conjuction on star Formalhaut. We see that it ends up on another one of 4 royal stars, Aldebaran, Watcher of the East, and the first applying aspect will be an opposition to the Moon on
8º Saggitarius, where on December 21st, 2012. we had a Boomerang configuration which announced a possibility of resolving all tense situations, but also in a very close conjuction with another royal star, Antares (Watcher of the West) on 9º Saggitarius!

Leonardo Sandri

The candidate coming from Argentina is Leonardo Sandri. Born in Buenos Aires, with Italian roots (which could calm down Europeans, especially Rome which thinks the archbishop of Milan, Angelo Scola, should be the next Pope). Sandri’s rank in Vatican is 3rd, as chief of staff of the Secretariat of State. He’s a good diplomat, a good theological knowledge, and is politically modest, a man of principal compromise in good relations to Washington, and currently head of Congregation for the Oriental Churches, being the man in Pope’s ‘shadow’. This could lead to a conclusion that the new Pope is  coming from this country, the southernmost country in the world.

Now, let’s remember the moment when the 2nd Uranus – Pluto square happened. The square was on
6º Aries – Capricorn, and Chiron on 6º Pisces offered healing of this hard aspect with a sextile/semisextile. The 6º is analogue to the sign of  Virgo which we link to serving, so the square in mention could be a hint of events related to “serving God” in the period of the 2nd Uranus – Pluto square, somewhere in South America (Venus chakra). Argentina is a country with symbolism of Capricorn, but we know that Capricorn is – half goat, half fish, and that lower part (related to south, and spirituality) is the Pisces energy...

The southernmost country in the world

Further, if we take the look at the chart of Argentina, which can we call Watcher of the South, we find Moon on 4º Pisces, exactly on the star Formalhaut, Watcher of the South, it’s the ruler of 12th house (faith), and the axis Aldebaran – Antares is also active.

Mars, which carries within itself Uranus on the degree of exaltation (11º Scorpio) which is the representation of great liberation, true freedom – on Aldebaran in 10th house – reputation of the country, and Neptune (faith) on the Boomerang point (8º Saggitarius) which offers a way out of tense situations. According to everything, Argentina was called out on December 21st, 2012. and could really have a key role in the future of Roman Catholic church and resolve tense situations Vatican is dealing with. We can’t help but notice that Moon is on Watcher of the South – the central planet of a T-square, and therefore the most important in the chart of Argentina. As this is a spiritual star, we see that it’s disposited by Jupiter in the 9th house (religion) in the sign of its exaltation (Taurus), in an applying aspect with Pluto (deep transformation) on Achernar, also a star with a rather spiritual nature, which carries within itself exalted Uranus in Scorpio (liberation, freedom, change). Argentina could really be the most important country for the future of the Holy See, and an initiator of newer, and better events. There is definitely an opportunity for deep change.

First things first, the policy of Vatican itself could be much nicer, filled with more acceptance and love (Venus – Neptune conjuction in Pisces), exactly as words coming from such a holy place should be... Venus is exalted in Pisces, where Jupiter and Neptune rule, and this could be an announcement of the next great period when it comes to faith... 

The star Formalhaut is in the Saturn decadent, but Mercury pentade (from 0º to 5º Pisces), the last pentade before the beginning of the Age of Aquarius (2378.) which dawn we are already feeling... This pentade is ruled by Mercury, which is benefitial to spirituality, religion, because true faith requires unconditional love before anything, but also a much needed silence, which Mercury in Pisces represents... This is an opportunity to pray and believe in silence, and miraculous things will come our way...

Note: This article was originally published on March 4th, 2013. before the election of the new Pope. The only known candidate from Argentina at the time was Leonardo Sandri, which I believed will become the next Pope, but didn’t. It  turned out, however, that the new elected Pope Francis (born Jorge Mario Bergoglio) also comes from Argentina, which confirmed the conclusions in this article about Argentina having a crucial role in the future of Roman Catholic church and the Holy See.

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