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Persian Empire and Transition 29º Libra/0º Scorpio; Does Uranus' entering of Taurus repeat the history of Persia? Published: 29 April, 2018 I Author: Smiljana Gavrančić


Persian Empire and Transition 29º Libra/0º Scorpio – The Oil Empire 

Does Uranus’ entering of Taurus repeat the history of Persia? 

By Smiljana Gavrančić

     Uranus has almost touched 0º Taurus and activated the Sun and MC at 0º Scorpio from the horoscope of Persia, i.e. today’s Iran. But, there is also Uranus in the chart of Persia at 3º Scorpio. All that immediately inspired me to go on and dig even deeper. 
On March 21, 1935 when international community decided to start using the name Iran for Persia, Uranus was at 29º Aries 39’ (just as it is now while I write this text), in its own “shadow”, ready to touch again 0º Taurus. I said again for this was the third transit of Uranus across 0º Taurus, since it first passed 0º Taurus in June 1934, then again in retrograde motion (during September and October 1934) and for the last time on March 28, 1935, only 7 days after the said decision of the international community.   

Interestingly, during that March 1935 Jupiter was at 22º Scorpio and in retrograde motion (just like now while I write this text – April 2018). Mars was at 21º Libra (and today, on April 26, 2018 Mars and Pluto have met at 21º Capricorn), while the Pluto was at 23º Cancer (today it is across the Zodiac, in Capricorn).  

When I progressed the horoscope of the Persian Empire for March 21, 1935, the secondary Venus (the ruler of IC – Iran’s territory) came to 29º Cancer 27’, secondary Asc (general atmosphere in Iran) at 29º Libra 38’, while the tertiary Sun (the ruler, country’s reputation) was at 29º Aries 40’. As it may be seen, the Grand Cardinal Cross was active across 29º, and the Grand Fixed Cross across 0º as well. Now, we must wonder what Uranus’ entering of Taurus may bring to modern Iran, to its government, president, since both the Sun and MC are at 0º Scorpio and Uranus is at 3º Scorpio – certainly bringing some changes, authority change, revolution? Are turbulent times, times of changes coming?  

 I believe that the Iran itself (i.e. the Persian Empire) “vibrates” from that transition from 29º Libra to 0º Scorpio, for it is the part of “Via Combusta”, very sensitive terrain, especially at 29º Libra since it is so-called anaretic degree within the Combust Way. There the “death” happens (29º Libra), in order to have the new “birth” (0º Scorpio). Stepping into the terrain of 0º Scorpio we enter the kingdom of the god Hades, where enormous riches exist, and it is a known fact that Iran is rich in oil and energy and it has been the point of interest of great powers during its history. All Persian campaigns had one goal – oil! Across from 0º Scorpio there is 0º Taurus, and Taurus materializes.   
Progressed chart of Iran of April 1, 1979 (Iran-Islamic Republic chart) for the moment of Uranus entering Taurus (May 15, 2018) shows the secondary Moon exactly at 0º Scorpio, at the Sun and MC of the Persian Empire. At the same time, progressed Sun and progressed MC of Persia are at 29º Libra, getting ready to touch 0º Scorpio - the natal position in the chart of Persia! Only four days later, on May 19, 2018, transit Uranus shall make its first opposition to the Sun of Persia! Also, I have to add that progressed Mercury of Iran-Islamic Republic (the ruler of Gemini Moon – people in Iran) is at 29º Aries 23’, „moving“ the Grand Cardinal Cross over 29 º, but at the same time the Grand Fixed Cross over 0º!

Lunar nodes axis is also noticeable in the chart of Persia, since it goes across 26º Scorpio (North Node) / 26º Taurus (South Node) – which is the present position of a malefic star Algol (from the Perseus constellation). Algol shall be activated on the day of Uranus entering of Taurus, on May 15, 2018 (see my article on that from two years ago – “Uranus in Taurus 2018 – Where Is This World Going?”). Whenever Algol is involved, in whichever way, there are conflicts, disputes, murders are inevitable, for all parties are being led by their own justice that is not perceived as justice by the opposing party… and that never ends. Algol is of Saturn/Pluto nature, and those two planets will meet in January 2020 at 22º Capricorn.

 United States of America severed its diplomatic relations with Iran on April 7, 1980 during the presidency of Jimmy Carter because of the occupation of USA Embassy in Teheran and holding the staff hostages from November 4, 1979 to January 20, 1981 (Iranian hostage crisis). USA also imposed sanctions on Iran. Tertiary Moon of USA was then at 29º Libra 47’, transiting to 0º Scorpio. It is interesting to note that Carter has Chiron in Aries, USA too, and this is the time of Chiron in Aries again (2018-2027). At the same time, Carter has draconic Mercury (decision) at 29º Aries, calling out Persia through the mentioned Grand Cross. 

 Iraq attacked Iran on September 22, 1980. Progressed IC/MC axis of Iraq was across 29º Libra 48’/29º Aries 48’! Tertiary Moon of Iraq was at 3º Taurus, which means that several days before the attack it crossed 0º Taurus (tertiary Moon crosses 1º in about 2 days and it is important trigger for daily events). But, 3º Taurus is the place of draconic Moon (people) of Persian Empire, so this makes perfect sense. USA and allies helped Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein in weapons and technology when he wanted to conquer oil fields in Khuzestan. Tertiary Asc/Desc axis of Sadam Hussein was across 0° Scorpio/0° Taurus on September 22, 1980! 

Pahlavi Dynasty ruled Iran from 1921 to 1979, when modern Islamic Republic of Iran was founded. If we progress the horoscope of this dynasty for April 4, 1979the moment modern Iran was created, we see the Sun at 29º Aries 30’, which activates the Grand Cross across 29º of cardinal signs and also the Grand Cross across 0º of fixed signs! Also, there is retrograde secondary progressed Venus (ruler of IC, e.i. angular house – theritory) of Iran – Pahlavi Dynasty, exactly at 3º Taurus, where we can see the draconic Moon of Persian Empire, too!

Mohammad Mosaddegh, Iran’s Prime Minister from 1951 to 1953, together with the Government introduced a series of progressive social and political changes. Still, the most famous policy of his government was the nacionalization of Iranian oil industry which was under British control since 1913 through Anglo-Persian oil company (today British Petroleum). However, Mosaddegh was overthrown in a coup d'état on August 19, 1953 that was organized and performed by American CIA upon request from the British MI6. The coup d'état is often called operation Ajax, after the CIA’s operation, while in Iran it is called the coup of 28th Mordad 1332, after the date of Iranian calendar. Mosaddegh spent three years in prison and after that he was kept under house arrest until his death. On August 19, 1953, the secondary Asc/Desc axis (situation in the country/all those across from Iran, i.e. diplomatic relations) was at 14° Scorpio/14° Taurus, which is, believe it or not, the position of Asc/Desc axis in draconic horoscope of Persia, but also the position of Moon/Uranus axis of the French President Emmanuel Macron, who paid his first visit to the White House those days. 

 The goal of Macron’s visit is to persuade Trump not to pull out from the Iran nuclear deal that was signed by seven countries (Russia, USA, China, France, UK, Germany, Iran) in July 2015. Donald Trump declared that USA will pull out from the deal on May 12, 2018, only two days before the Uranus touches 0º Taurus, if the deal is not revised, since he finds the deal (signed by the former president Obama) to be the worst thing that could have happened. Just to remind you, that deal is about reducing the scope of sanctions against Iran, and Iran is to reduce its nuclear weapons. Of course, the other side, Iran, is also threatening. Iranian President Hasan Rohani stated that USA’s pulling out of the deal will have dangerous consequences for the whole world. Isn’t this the sign that the western alliance has the same goal again – the oil? I shall also add this – on August 19, 1953, when Mosaddegh was overthrown in operation Ajax, secondary Asc of the United Kingdom was at 17º Aquarius, the position of Chiron in 8th house  (disputes, conflicts, wars) in the horoscope of the present Fifth French Republic, but also the position of draconic Mercury of Persia (ruler of 6th house in the horoscope of Persia – the army), and the draconic Chiron (wound) of the Russian President Putin. I think that the eclipse of August 11, 2018 might be very important, since it shall happen across the Zodiac, at 18º Leo, at the cusp of 8th house (disputes, but also underground resources, energy, oil) of the Persian Empire. This means that the cusp of 2nd house (country’s financial system) of the Persian Empire is at 18º Aquarius, which is another confirmation that the mentioned countries keep “wounding” the economy of Iran through history, with the tendency of history repeating itself in the time to come… Two years after the operation Ajax, in 1955, Iran signed the Baghdad pact, choosing the American side in the cold war. 

On August 3, 2013, when the present Iranian President Hasan Rohani started his first term in the Office, secondary Moon of the Persian Empire was at 0º Taurus 03’, “calling out” 0º Scorpio!   

For a little while I must turn back to the horoscope of Emmanuel Macron, since his natal opposition of the Moon and the Uranus across 14º Taurus/14º Scorpio is very important. Namely, in draconic chart this axis lies across 2º Scorpio 19’/2º Taurus 40’’, which means that soon he will face activation of draconic Moon through the transit Uranus. It will happen on July 14, 2018, then again on September 1, 2018 (in retrograde motion) and again, for the last time, on April 19/20, 2019. Uranus will start its retrograde motion on August 8 this year, only 3 days before the already mentioned solar eclipse at 18º Leo, one which is calling out many things, as I have already mentioned in the text. 

  Let us not forget that the Asc/Desc axis of European Union lies across 18º Leo/18º Aquarius. At 17º Leo 38’ there is the Pluto in the horoscope of China, and it is in 8th house, the house of disputes, but also interesting is draconic Venus (the ruler of MC in the horoscope of China – the ruler) at 2º Scorpio, at the draconic Moon of Emmanuel Macron. Also, there is Vladimir Putin as I have already said, and his Asc/Desc axis is across 3º Scorpio/3º Taurus, and it shall be called out during next year, as well as draconic Moon of Persia at 3º Taurus. It will happen on May 4, 2019, and at that moment transit Moon at 2º Taurus 19’ will be in exact opposition (both degree and arc minute) with draconic Moon of Emmanuel Macron at 2º Scorpio 19’. This is a very strong indicator indeed! 

 Finally, Asc/Desc axis of the chart of Islamic Republic of Iran for April 4, 1979 lies across 17º Leo/17º Aquarius, which is another confirmation of the significance of eclipse on August 11, 2018!
Uranus will start direct movement on January 7, 2019, at 28º Aries 36’, and on April 25, 2019 transit Uranus will move across draconic Uranus of Macron (2º Taurus 40’). The Fifth French Republic has its MC at 0º Aries and Chiron is there as well… On the other hand, draconic Moon of Donald Trump is at 0º Libra, also called out by Chiron. On June 8, 2018, transit Chiron will cross Trump draconic Sun – may both of them be “wounded” as they “wound” others, i.e. will people of both France and USA experience challenging times due to politics of their presidents?  

The horoscope of Israel is interesting as well, especially from the point of view of Iran, since in Iran’s chart there is the Moon at 0º Capricorn, and I associate this degree with Israel, while 0º Libra is the degree of Turkey. Israel has Asc at 29º Libra, MC at 2º Leo, which means that every time Uranus calls out the draconic Moon/Uranus axis of Macron at 2° Scorpio/2° Taurus – Israel is called out as well! I have already listed the dates in the previous text; I shall not repeat them… The Moon of Israel is at 4º Leo, and on July 27, 2018 there will be eclipse at 4º Aquarius. It remains to be said that draconic Sun of Turkish President Erdogan is at 14º Taurus, at the position of Macron’s natal Moon and Persian draconic Asc, which “called out” the secondary Asc/Desc axis (14º Scorpio/14º Taurus) of Persia during operation Ajax on August 19, 1953. We can’t ignore Erdogan’s draconic Pluto at 0 º Scoprio and Solar Arc Mercury/Saturn conjunction of Turkey at 0 º Aquarius in the moment when Uranus enters Taurus on May 15, 2018! Mercury „carries“ the Moon (people) at 29º  Gemini in the horoscope of Turkey, and Saturn is ruler of its 7th (diplomacy), 8th  (conflicts), and 9th house (abroad).

Let us be reminded of the famous Tehran Conference and the meeting of the three: Winston Churchill, Joseph Stalin and Frank Roosevelt. The Conference started on November 28, 1943. Secondary Venus of USA (the ruler of USA’s Desc – diplomatic relations) was at 0º Aquarius and it called out 0º Scorpio through the square! Solar Arc IC/MC axis of USA was across 0º Leo/0º Aquarius. It is interesting that Trump’s secondary MC/IC axis presently lies across 0º Leo/0º Aquarius! Secondary Asc of Bolshevik Russia was at 29º Libra (28º Libra 37’ which is allowed orb of ±30’). Finally, in the chart of the present British Queen Elisabeth II, there is the Sun (father, King George VI) at 0º Taurus (since he was the monarch in 1943), which also clearly implies the great focus of the United Kingdom on the territory of Iran. It will really be interesting to watch Uranus in the following period making opposition with Persian Sun and MC three times – May 2018, October 2018 and finally March 2019. Also, the opposition of transit Uranus and Uranus of Persia on May 18, 2019 is a great turning point for this country! Change of government and revolutions are possible, but Uranus in Scorpio is also depiction of the great nuclear potential that lives deep below Iranian soil.  

 Last time when Uranus was in opposition with Persian Uranus was on June 8, 1935. If you remember the beginning of this text, in that same year the international community stopped using the name Persia and started using the name Iran. During that same year, 1935, the ban on veils was introduced, as well as the ban on many types of traditional male clothing.  

On June 8, 2018, Chiron will have an exact conjunction with Trump’s draconic Sun (him as a ruler). It may be read in the media that behind the recent attack on Syria there is Trump’s wish to attack Iran soon… 

The last time Uranus was in opposition with Persian Sun and MC was on June 11, 1934, 84 years ago. This time that opposition is going to happen on May 19, 2018, only 4 days after Uranus enters Taurus. We may expect the change ion oil price in the world’s market since Uranus at 0º Taurus will activate the Grand Fixed Cross. Also, I believe that Iranian people will discover new oil deposits during Uranus transit of the sign of Taurus.

 Eclipses significant for Iran:
-          October 24, 1995, solar eclipse at 0º Scorpio
-          January 21, 2000, lunar eclipse at 0º Leo
-          October 23, 2014, solar eclipse at 0º Scorpio

Between two eclipses 1995-2000, in July 1999 there were mass protests on the streets of Tehran against the reforms of the President Mohammad Khatami. Khatami visited Italy in 1999, which was the first visit of Iranian President to a western country since Islamic revolution in 1979 and founding of the modern Iran. Khatami then visited the Head of the Roman Catholic Church, John Paul II, i.e. the Vatican, as the highest Iranian leader ever visiting Vatican. In June 2005 conservative Mahmoud Ahmadinejad came to power and his rule was marked by the conservative nuclear program and hard foreign politics. Finally, in August 2013 the present president Hasan Rohani won the elections. He was the leader of former nuclear negotiation group of Iran, negotiating with three countries of the European Union - Germany, France and now the former EU member – the United Kingdom.

Chart sources:
„The Book of World Horoscopes“ ; Nicholas Campion
„Horoscopes of Asia, Australia and the Pacif“; Marc Penfiled
„Horoscopes of Europe“; Marc Penfield
„Horoscopes of the USA and CANADA“; Marc Penfiled


Smiljana Gavrančić  studied astrology at the Institute for Astrological Research and Education in Belgrade (Serbia), graduating in October 2010, after studying International Law at Belgrade University. In March 2011 she became ISAR CAP. Her speciality is mundane astrology, and she is practices karmic/hermetic astrology, astrology of degrees/archetypes (mythology, fixed stars) and synastry.  Her writings have appeared in  The Astrological Journal, and on The Mountain Astrologer blog, ISAR’s International Astrologer, Geocosmic Journal by NCGR. Astrodienst (astro.com)  republished her work, too. Smiljana is the editor, founder and owner of IAM –  Infinity Astrological Magazine which is the part of Alexandria iBase Project and Astrodienst. She was a speaker at conferences and workshops in Serbia, Brazil, United Kingdom ( 48th AA Conference Cambridge 2016 and The Astrological Lodge of London), Greece. In January 2018 she founded her Astro Center  IAM INΦINITY - Αθήνα Center.  Smiljana blogs in Serbian and English at: www.astrologsmiljanagavrancic.blogspot.com..You can find out more about IAM at www.infinityastrologicalmagazine.com

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Persijsko Carstvo i prelaz sa 29º Vage ka 0º Škorpiona - Carstvo Nafte Da li ulazak Urana u znak Bika ponavlja istoriju Persije? Objavljeno: 27. April, 2018. I Autor: Smiljana Gavrančić

Persijsko Carstvo i prelaz sa 29º Vage ka 0º  Škorpiona - Carstvo Nafte

Da li ulazak Urana u znak Bika ponavlja istoriju Persije?

Objavljeno: 27. April, 2018. I Autor: Smiljana Gavrančić

 Uran sam što nije dotako 0º Bika,  i aktivirao Sunce i MC sa 0º  Škorpiona iz horoskopa Persije, tj. današnjeg Irana. No, tu je i Uran u horoskopu Persije sa 3º  Škorpiona. Sve ovo me je već u startu veoma inspirisalo da krenem da istražujem dublje. 

Kada je 21. Mara, 1935 god. međunarodna zajednica  službeno odlučila da prestane koristiti naziv Persija i počne koristiti naziv Iran – Uran je bio, verovali ili ne baš na 29º  Ovna 39’ (baš kao i sada, dok pišem ovaj tekst), u svojoj „senci“, prpremajući se da dotakne opet 0º Bika. Kažem opet, jer je ovo bio treći prelaz Urana preko 0º  Bika, budući da je Uran prvi put dotakao 0º  Bika 6. Juna, 1934, potom  još jednom u retrogradnom hodu (tokom Septembra i Oktobra 1934.) i poslednji put 28. Marta, 1935, samo 7 dana nakon ove odluke od strane međunarodne zajednice.  

Zanimljivo, Jupiter je i tog Marta 1935 takođe bio na 22º  Škorpiona, i takođe retrogradan (baš kao i sada  dok pišem ovaj tekst – April 2018). Mars je bio na 21º  Vage (a baš danas, 26. Aprila, 2018,   Mars i Pluton su imali sustret na 21º  Jarca), dok je Pluton bio na 23 º  Raka (danas je preko puta, u Jarcu). 

Kada sam progresirala horoskop Persijskog Carstva za 21. Mart, 1935 sekundarna Venera (vladar IC – teritorija Irana) se našla na 29 º  Raka 27’, sekundarni Asc (opšta atmosfera u Iranu) na 29º Vage 38’, dok je tercijarno Sunce (vladar, reputacija zemlje) bilo na 29 º  Ovna 40’. Kao što se da videti, bio je aktivan Kardinalni Veliki Krst preko 29 º, a samim tim i Fiksni Veliki Krst preko 0 º. I naravno da sada sasvim sigurno možemo da se zapitamo šta ulazak Urana u znak Bika može da donese današnjem Iranu, pre svega vlastima, predsedniku, budući da se Sunce i MC Irana nalaze na 0 º  Škropiona, a tu je i Uran sa 3º  Škorpiona, pa su izvense promene, smene vlasti, revolucije? Da li je ispred nas turbulentno vreme, vreme promena?  

Ja cenim da sam Iran (tj. Persijsko Carstvo) „vibrira“ sa tog prelaza od 29 º  Vage ka 0 º  Škorpiona, jer je to sve deo „Spaljenog Puta“, gde je veoma „senzitivan“ teren, a posebno 29 º  Vage, kao tzv. „anaretic“ stepen unutar „Spaljenog Puta“. Tu se sasvim sigurno dešava „smrt“ (29 º  Vage) a sve da bi se potom desilo „novo rođenje“ (0 º  Škorpiona). Kada zakoračimo na teren 0 º  Škorpiona mi se nalazimo u carstvu boga Hada, gde žive ogromna bogatstva a Iran je, svima je poznato, bogat naftom, energijom, i otuda i predmet interesovanja velikih sila, tokom istorije. Svi pohodi na Persiju imali su za cilj jedno te isto – nafta! Nasuprot 0 º  Škorpiona je 0 º  Bika, a Bik materijalizuje.    

Ako progresiramo horoskop Irana od 1. Aprila 1979 (Iran-Islamic Republic chart) za momenat kada Uran uđe u Bika (15. Maj, 2018) – nalazimo sekundarni Mesec ni manje ni više nego baš na 0 º  Škoriona, na Suncu i MC-u Persijskog Carstva. U isto vreme progresivno Sunce i progresivni MC Persije će se naći na 29 º  Vage, spremajući se da uskoro dotaknu 0 º  Škorpiona, tj. samu natalnu poziciju u horoskopu Persije! A, samo četiri dana nakon ulaska Urana u znak Bika, tj. 19. Maja, 2018, tranzitni Uran će napraviti i prvu opoziciju na Sunce Persije!  

Primetna je i osa Mesečevih čvorova u horoskopu Persije, budući da ide preko 26 º  Škorpiona (Severn Čvor) / 26 º  Bika (Južni Čvor) – što je danas pozicija malefične fiksne zvezde Algol (iz konstelacije Persej) koja će biti aktivirana na sam dan ulaska Urana u znak Bika, 15. Maja, 2018 (pogledati moj tekst o tome od pre dve godine „Uran u Biku 2018 – Kuda Ide Ovaj Svet"). Kad god vidimo Algol, na bilo koji način, možemo  posumnjati na sukobe, konflikte, gde su i ubistva neminovnost, jer sve strane će biti vođene nekom svojom pravdom, koja nikako neće biti pravda za suprotnu stranu... I tako, u krug... Algol je prirode Saturn/Pluton, a ove dve planete će napraviti svoj susret Januara 2020, i to sa 22 º  Jarca. 

Sjedinjene Američke Države su prekinule diplomatske odnose sa Iranom 7. Aprila, 1980 za vreme mandata predsednika Jimmy Cartera zbog okupacije ambasade SAD u Teheranu između 4. Novembra 1979 i 20. Januara 1981 i uzimanje osoblja za taoce (iranska talačka kriza). Tada su Iranu i uvedene sankcije od strane SAD-a. Tercijarni Mesec SAD-a se tada naša na 29 º  Vage47’, na prelazu ka 0 º  Škorpiona. Zanimljivo je i to da baš Carter ima Hirona u Ovnu, a ovo je i vreme Hirona u Ovnu. Pri tom, Carter ima drakonski Merkur (odluka) na 29 º  Ovna, što opet „proziva“ Persiju preko gore pomenutog Velikog Krsta. 

Irak napada Iran 22. Septembra 1980. god. Progresivna osa IC/MC Iraka je išla preko 29º  Vage 48’/29 º  Ovna 48’! Tercijarni Mesec Iraka se našao na 3º  Bika, što znači da je nekoliko dana pre napada, prelazio i 0º  Bika (tercijarni Mesec prelazi 1º za oko 2 dana i važan je „okidač“ za dnevne događaje). No, 3 º  Bika je i mesto drakonskog Meseca (narod) Irana, pa sve ovo ima više nego smisla. SAD i saveznici su pružali pomoć u oružju i tehnologiji iračkom vođi Sadamu Huseinu koji je hteo da osvoji naftna polja u Huzestanu. Tercijarna osa Asc/Desc Sadama Huseina se 22. Septembra 1980 našla preko 0 º  Škorpiona/0 º  Bika!  

Dinastija Pahlavi je vladala Iranom od 1921. do 1979. , do stvaranja današnje islamske republike Iran. .Ako progresiramo horoskop ove dinastije za 4. April, 1979 –momenat nastanka današnjeg  Irana, mi nalazimo upravo progresivno Sunce na 29º  Ovna 30’, što pokreće Veliki Krst preko 29º  kardinalinih znakova, ali ujedno i Veliki Krst preko 0 º  fiksnih znakova! Međutim, i progresivna Venera (vladar IC-a - teritorija Irana za vreme dinastije Pahlavi) se  našla na 3º Bika, uz to je bila još i retrogradna. Na 3º Bika se nalazi drakonski Mesec (naro) Persijskog Carstva!

Mohamed Mosadik, premijer Irana od 1951. do 1953. god. je zajedno sa svojom vladom uveo niz naprednih društvenih i političkih reformi. Ipak, najpoznatija politika njegove vlade bila je nacionalizacija iranske naftne industrije koja je bila pod britanskom kontrolom od 1913. god. preko Anglo-persijske naftne kompanije (danas Britiš Petroleum). Međutdim, Mosadik je uklonjen u državnom udaru 19. Avgusta 1953.god, koji je organizovala i izvela američka CIA na zahtev britanske MI6. Državni udar se često naziva operacija Ajaks, po nazivu operacije CIA, dok se u Iranu naziva udar od 28. mordada 1332, po datumu iz iranskog kalendara. Mosadik je bio u zatvoru tri godine, a potom je držan u kućnom pritvoru do svoje smrti. Sekundarna osa Asc/Desc (prilike u zemlji/svi oni koji stoje preko puta Irana,tj. diplomatski odnosi) išla je tog 19. Avgusta 1953 preko 14º  Škorpiona/14 º  Bika, verovali ili ne, preko ose Asc/Descdrakonskom horoskopu Persije, ali i preko  ose Mesec/Urana francuskog predsednika Emmanueal Macrona koji baš ovih dana se nalazi u prvoj zvaničnoj poseti Beloj Kući, tj. kod američkog predsnika. 

Cilj posete Macrona je da ubedi Donalda Trumpa da se ne povlači iz iranskog nuklearnog sporazuma (the Iran nuclear deal) koji je potpisan između  sedam zemalja (Rusija,SAD, Kina, Francuska, UK, Nemačka, Iran) Jula 2015. Naime, Donald Trump je rekao da će SAD istupiti iz  sporazuma 12. Maja, 2018, samo dva dana pre nego što Uran dotakne 0 º  Bika, ukoliko se ne napravi revizija sporazma,  budući da on ceni da je taj sporazum (koji je potpisan od bivšeg predsdnika Obame) nešto najgore što se ikad moglo desiti. Da podsetim, taj sporazum podrazumeva smanjenje obruča sankcija oko Irana u zamenu da Iran smanjuje svoje nuklerano naoružanje. Naravno, i druga strana, Iran, preti. Iranski predsednik Hasan Rohani je izjavo da ako SAD istupe iz sporazuma, to će imati opasne posledice po ceo svet. Nije li sve ovo znak da zapadne alijanse opet imaju isti cilj – nafta? Dodaću i ovo – tog 19. Avgusta 1953, kada je Mosadik zbačen u državnom udaru u operaciji Ajaks, sekundarni Asc Ujedinjenog Kraljevsta se nalazio na 17º  Vodolije, što je i mesto Hirona u 8. polju ( sukobi, konflikti, ratovi) horoskopa trenutne Pete Francuske Republike, ali i mesto drakonskog Merkura Persije (vladar 6. kuće u horoskopu Persije- vojska), kao i drakonsokg Hirona (povreda) ruskog predsedika Putina. Cenim da bi eklipsa od 11. Avgusta ove 2018.god. mogla biti vrlo važna, budući da se dešava preko puta, na 18 º  Lava, što je i vrh 8. polja (sukobi, ali i resursi ispod zemlje, energija, nafta) Persijskog Carstva. Ovo samim tim znači da je vrh 2. polja (finansijski sistem zemlje) Persijskog Carstva na 18 º  Vodolije, pa još jedna potvrda da pomenute zemlje „ranjavaju“ ekonomiju Irana kroz istoriju, sa tendencijom da se istorija ponovi i u vremenu ispred...  Dve godine nakon operacije Ajaks,  1955. god., Iran pristupa Bagdadskom paktu i time prelazi na američku stranu u Hladnom ratu.  

 Kada je sadašnji predsednik Irana, Hasan Rohani, započeo svoj prvi mandat – 3. Avgusta 2013, sekunarni Mesec Persijskog Carstva se našao na 0 º  Bika 03’, što „proziva“ 0 º  Škorpiona! 

Vratiću se na momenat na horoskop Emmanuel Macrona, pošto je njegova natalna opozicija Meseca i Urana preko 14 º  Bika/14 º  Škorpiona vlro bitna. Name, u drakonskom horoskopu njemu ova osa ide preko 2 º  Škorpiona 19’/2 º  Bika 40’’, što znači da će on uskoro imati aktiviranje drakonskog Meseca preko tranzitnog Urana. To će se dogoditi 14. Jula, 2018, potom 1. Septembra, 2018 (u retro hodu) i još jednom, poslednji put 19/20 Aprila, iduće, 2019.god. Uran će krenuti retrogradno ove godine 8. Avgusta 2018, samo 3 dana  pre, malo pre pomenute, solarne eklipse sa 18 º  Lava koja proziva puno toga (kako sam već navela gore u tekstu). 

 No,ne zaboravimo i da se osa Asc/Desc Evropske Unije nalazi preko 18 º  Lava/18 º  Vodolije. Na 17 º  Lava 38’ se nalazi i Pluton u horoskopu Kine i to još u 8. polju, polju sukoba, no, zanimljiva je i drakonska Venera (vladar MC u horoskopu Kine-vladar) na 2 º  Škorpiona, na drakonskom Mesecu Emmanuel Macrona. Naravno, tu je i Vladimir Putin kojeg sam već pominjala, i njegova osa Asc/Desc preko 3 º  Škorpiona/3 º  Bika, koja će biti prozvana iduće, 2019. god., kao i drakonski Mesec Persije sa 3 º  Bika. To će se dogoditi 4. Maja, 2019, i u tom momentu tranztini Mesec sa 2 º  Bika 19’ će biti  u egzatknoj opoziciji (u stepen i lučni minut) sa drakonskim Mesecom Emmanuel Macrona na 2 º  Škorpiona 19’. Ovo je i više nego jak pokazatelj!    
Konačno, osa Asc /Desc Iran-Islamic republic chart od 4. Aprila 1979 ide preko 17 º  Lava/17 º  Vodolije što je samo još jedna potvrda značaja eklipse od 11. Avgusta 2018!

Uran će krenuti direktno 7. Januara, 2019, i to sa 28 º  Ovna 36’, da bi se 25. Aprila, 2019 dogodio prelaz tranzitnog Urana preko drakonskog Urana Macrona (2 º  Bika 40’). Francuska Peta Republika ima MC na 0 º  Ovna, i Hiron je tu... S’ druge strane, drakonski Mesec Donalda Trumpa je na 0 º  Vage, i isto je prozvan preko Hirona. Pri tom, 8. Juna, 2018, tranzitni Hiron će preći i preko Trumpovog drakonskog Sunca –da li obojica mogu biti „ranjeni“ baš kao što i oni sami „ranjavaju“ druge, tj. da li će narod obe zemlje, i Frankcuske i SAD-a, zbog politike svojih predsednika biti u izazovnom periodu?  

 Zanimljiv je i horoskop Izreala, iz ugla Irana, jer se u chartu Irana Mesec nalazi na 0 º  Jarca, a ja ovaj stepen pripisujem upravo Izrealu, dok 0º Vage – Turskoj. Sam Izarel ima Asc na 29 º  Vage, i MC na 2 º  Lava, što znači da svaki put kada Uran prozove drakonsku osu Mesec/Uran Macrona sa 2º  Škorpiona /2 º  Bika – biće prozvan i sam Izrael! Gore sam navela datume, da ne ponavljam... I sam Mesec Izraela se nalazi na 4 º  Lava, a 27. Jula 2018 imamo eklipsu na 4 º  Vodolije. Ostaje nam da pomenemo i drakonsko Sunce turskog predsednika Erdogana sa 14 º  Bika, što je mesto natalnog Meseca Macrona, ali idrakonski Asc Persije, i što „proziva“ sekundranu osu Asc/Desc (14 º  Škor piona/14 º  Bika) same Persije tokom , gore pomenute, operacije Ajaks od 19. Avgusta 1953. god. Takođe, ne smemo zanemariti Erdoganov drakonski Pluton na 0º Škorpiona, kao ni Solar Arc Merkur/Saturn konjunkciju na 0º Vodolije u horoskopu Turkse! Merkur je vladar Meseca sa 29º Blizanaca, i predstavlja turksi narod, ali i samu prestonicu, prilike u zemlji, budući da je Turska Rak na Asc.S' druge strane Saturn je vladar 7 (diplomatija, odnosi), 8 (sukobi) i 9 (inostranstvo) u horoskopu Turske.
 Podsetimo se na kraju i čuvene Teheranske konferencije i susret trojice: Vinstona Čerčila, Josifa Staljina i Frenklina Ruzvelta. Konferencija je počela 28. Novebra 1943.god. Sekundarna Venera SAD (vladar Desc USA – diplomatski odnosi) našla se na 0 º  Vodolije i prozivala je 0 º  Škorpiona preko kvadrata! Solar Arc osa IC/MC SAD-a je išla preko 0 º  Lava/0 º Vodolije. Zanmiljvo je da Trumpova sekundarna osa MC/IC trenutno ide preko 0 º  Lava/0 º  Vodolije! Sekundarni Asc Boljševičke Rusije je bio  na 29 º  Vage (28 º  Vage 37’ što je dozvoljeni orbis + - 30’). Konačno, i u samom chartu trenutnke britanske kraljice, Elizabete II, mi nalazimo Sunce (otac, kralj Džorž VI) na 0º  Bika (budući da je on 1943.bio na čelu krune), što isto jasno ukazuje na veliku usmerenost Ujedinjenog Kraljevstva na teritoriju Irana. Biće zaista zanimljiv momenat kada Uran u narednom periodu tri puta napravi opoziciju na Sunce i MC Persije – Maj 2018, Oktobar 2018 i konačno, Marta 2019. Takođe i sama opozicija Urana na Uran Persije 18. Maja, 2019 je velika prekretnica za ovu zemlju! Moguće su promene vlasti, revoulucije, ali i sam Uran u Škorpinu je slika velikog nukleranog potencijala koji živi duboko ispod iranskog tla. 

Zadnji put je Uran pravio opoziciju na Uran iz horoskopa Persije 8. Juna 1935. Ako se sećate početka teksta, te iste godine međunarodna zajednica je prestala koristiti naziv Persija i počela je sa korišnjenjem imena Iran. Zabrana nošenja vela za žene, kao i obaveza oblačenja na „zapadnjački“ način za muškarce, uvedena je iste, 1935., god.  

 Ove godine, 8. Juna, Hiron će napraviti egzaktnu konjunkciju na Trumpovo drakonsko Sunce (on kao vladar). U medijima možete pročitati kako je zapravo iza nedavnog napada na Siriju samo Trumpova želja da uskoro napadne Iran...

Uran je napravio opoziciju na Sunce Persije i na MC Persije zadnji put 11. Juna 1934, pre tačno 84. god. Ovaj put se ta opozicija dešava prvi put 19. Maja, samo 4 dana nakon što Uran i zaplovi u znak Bika. Možemo očekivati i promenu cene nafte na svetskom tržištu budući da će Uran sa 0º Bika da pokrene Veliki fiksni krst. Isto tako verujem da će narod Irana tokom tranzita Urana kroz znak Bika otkriti i nova nalazišta nafte.

Eklipse bitne za Iran:

-          - 24 . Oktobra 1995 solarna eklipsa na 0 º  Škorpiona
-          - 21. Januara 2000 lunarna eklipsa na 0 º  Lava
-          - 23. Oktobra 2014  solarna eklipsa na 0 º  Škorpiona

Između ove dve eklipse 1995-2000 u Julu, 1999. god. na ulicama Teherana se dešavaju masovne demonstracije, protesti proti reformi predsednika Mohammad Khatami.Khatami je 1999 posetio Italiju, što je bila prva poseta šefa Irana jednoj zapdnoj zemlji od islamske revolucije 1979. god. i stvaranje današnjeg, modernog Irana. On je tada poetio i poglavara Rimokatoličke crkve, Jovana Pavla II, tj. Vatikan, kao najviši iransi lider koji je ikad posetio Vatikan. Juna 2005 na vlast dolazi konzervativni Mahmud Ahmadinežad čiji mandat je obeležio konzevativni nuklearni program i tvrda spoljna politika. Konačno, avgusta 2013 pobedu na izborima uzima sadašnji predsednik Hasan Rohani koji je bio na čelu nekadašnje nuklearne pregovaračke grupe Irana sa tri zemlje Evropske Unije- Nemačkom, Francuskom i  sada već bivšom članicom EU – Ujedinjenim Kraljevstvom.

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