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Scorpio as a Re-Start Published: June 30th, 2016 I Author: Smiljana Gavrančić

Scorpio as a Re-Start
Published: June 30th, 2016 I Author: Smiljana Gavrančić

Although Zodiac starts with the sign of Aries, the greatest potential is found within the eighth sign, the sign of Scorpio, where death happens, which eventually is not the end, for the conception also happens in this sign, and it brings the new life, and this is that circle, that sideways eight, infinity... Within Scorpio there is the possibility of transformation, the possibility to "bury" old patterns we inherited in the river called genetics, and to then have Re-Start or Re-Birth, which is the subject of this issue of   Refresh Your Life e-Magazine (famous Serbian on-line magazine where this article is going to be publish in July 2016).
Fear – absence of Love within

The modern ruler of Aquarius, Uranus, is exalted in this sign, at 11º Scorpio, which is depiction of freedom, originality, high speed, every excellent astrologer, and the very God of Heavens. Uranus represents the present moment, and to live "here and now" is the greatest task of every person. Uranus lets go, neither thinking what will happen tomorrow (future) nor what happened yesterday (past). Uranus is "man awaken"! Napoleon is said to have been the author of the famous sentence: "Do not wake up China, for when she wakes she will move the world“, and I would add – China is long awaken, and it "vibrates" at 11º Scorpio. This country develops at enormous speed, and our refusal to see the Truth is due to fear, for the sign of Scorpio carries within our fears, and fears are the absence of Love within. Love is by no means the easy thing, it is the skill that requires lifelong mastering, and people enter relationships because of fear, and that is the way wrong choices are being made. We attract what we present in the moment, neither better nor worse than what is our reflection.

The secret of the underworld

We can start with a new life only if we are cleansed. I love to say – „bury your old self“, in order to be borne as a new self... It means to be emotionally light, for in the sign of Scorpio the Moon and the Venus (subconscious planets, which represent the emotional part of ourselves) are debilitated. The Moon (life) is in fall at 3º Scorpio, while the Venus (love, relationships) is in exile. When I say emotionally light, I mean to clean the Heart of all emotions. Emotions (Moon) are only memories, and memories are not ours to hold, these are our ancestors who "vibrate" within and who may experience the change, liberation through us. The Moon (Soul) contains all women in our genetics and there are many things there, the pain, wounds, and there things need to be "cleansed". Every time we "grow" here and now, all our grandmothers, grand-grandmothers "grow" as well, and finally our mother grows too, for Moon is primarily mother. The death is definitely not the end, for they continue to live through us, and we are the only ones who can bring them a change, because we bring ourselves a change. At the same spot where the life is the weakest, at 3º Scorpio – Pluto (death, but also regeneration)  is the strongest! It is ok to wonder how is that at the same spot in Zodiac, at 3º Scorpio, life and death touch? The answer is simple, life and death are – the same, they "vibrate" at the same spot, and when we accept that, all our fears related to death vanish. For an average person, death is the eternal darkness, not known path, and finally – the fear... St. Petka lives at this spot, that wonder woman... At 3º Scorpio there is a powerful spot, here lives the god of the underworld, Hades, here is also the myth of Persephone, here lives the secret of the underworld, and the underworld is the world of inner energy potential. To "descend" into the underworld, means to "dive" deep into oneself and to start transformation. Here the girl became woman, through the mentioned myth of Persephone. Many techniques may be of help here – astrology, homeopathy, kundalini yoga, etc. Midpoint between the Pluto's (Death god) exaltation and Uranus' (Heavens god) exaltation is at 7º Scorpio, and that place is called "the battlefield" in astrology. Here the Mind (heavens, consciousness) and the Body (Earth's core, the unconscious) merge in one point and conciliate all opposites. Body and Mind need to be in balance, and that is our challenge… And between the Body (lower chakras – Mars, Venus and Sun) and the Mind (upper chakras – Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn) in the centre, there is the Heart (Anahata) and we always need to start from the Heart, from our Soul. Things must be brought to order here first. There is no Soul that does not carry pain, for we are mostly made of water, and water is our Moon, so firstly we need to learn to trust and to open to confidence, intimacy. The Heart may be cleansed through homeopathy, which "lives" at 21º Scorpio, at the same spot as the fixed star Unukalhai from the constellation of Serpens, and it tells that each one of us has a snake within, but it is important to master that snake within, or it would master us. "Like cures like" is the main principle of homeopathy, and it is all-telling. Every person carries healing ability, we are all magicians, wizards. Energy worker should never use his abilities for either good or bad, he just needs to circle the energy, and that is enough… The Universe is there to guide us, and it is up to us to learn to accept that all that is happening is for our benefit. And finally, the sign of Scorpio also contains so-called "Avatar degree", that is at 15º Scorpio. More precisely, each 15º of any fixed sign (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius) is so-called "Avatar degree" and it represents the "buffer zone" between the East and the West, from the point of view of mundane astrology, and from the personal point of  view it is the place where seemingly incompatible things – connect! Here, the life is not easy, here is our challenge, here might hurt, there is death and loss here, but here things "break", and only the "braking" brings the change. Every "Avatar degree" is in semi-square (aspect of 45º) with 0º of every cardinal sign (Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn) which symbolize the start of seasons and four directions (Aries - spring and East, Cancer - summer and North, Libra - autumn and West, Capricorn - winter and South) and that is why these spots in Zodiac are very important.

In traditional astrology, the first house (the birth) is ruled by Saturn, but it also rules the eighth house, the house of death. On the other hand, in modern astrology, the first house is ruled by Mars, and Mars also rules the eighth house. Mars is our first energy centre, the first chakra, and together with seventh energy centre (Saturn chakra) it creates the ring around the central, Moon chakra (Anahate). Saturn (consequence) in present incarnation is former Mars (action). The main task of Mars-chakra is - the fear, while the main task of Saturn-chakra is – get rest! At the same time, present Mars is future Saturn. Every action here and now is already the future life, and already we may change things, here and now we change the past, but also create the future at the same time. So, does the death really exist? Is death the end? No, certainly not, for at 29º Scorpio, at the very end of this sign, there is the end of the end, the end of darkness, and there comes 0º Sagittarius, which is the beginning of our Future Self, our Future life. From the sign of Sagittarius, more correctly from the 9th house of horoscope, the so-called Heavenly houses start, and here we can see what emotions coloured our mother in the moment she found out she had been pregnant with us. Only the absence of the mother's fear, worry (Saturn)might bring the peaceful and happy Us!

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Ada Bojana – Lepota Poroka Autor: Profesionalni Astrolog Smiljana Gavrančić (ISAR C.A.P.) I Objavljeno: 25.Jun, 2016

Ada Bojana – Lepota Poroka
Autor: Profesionalni Astrolog Smiljana Gavrančić (ISAR C.A.P.) I Objavljeno: 25.Jun, 2016

Da li ste se ikada zapitali ko smo Mi da sudimo šta je u redu, a šta nije u redu? Astrologija mi je pomogla da promenim uverenja,da se oslobodim predrasuda, da prihvatim da sve što postoji - postoji sa Smislom i Svrhom... Nismo Mi ti koji treba da sudimo... Mi smo ovde i sada (na planeti Zemlji – koja je u simbolici Venere – Ljubav, Uživanje) da promenimo svoja uverenja, kako bi se nakon toga i okolnosti oko nas promenile, i kako bismo konačni počeli da živimo svoje iskonsko Ja... A naše pravo Ja  se zapravo zove – Ljubav... Ljubav egzaltira u znaku Riba, a Ribe traže veliku Tišinu, ovde nema reči, ovde smo maksimalno tihi, ovde samo propuštamo kroz fiziologiju osećaje, ovde se samo osmehujemo tom nekom koga volimo, ali i ne izgovaramo – Volim Te, jer, čim smo na glas rekli nekom da ga volimo, to nije Istina, jer Istina traži Tajnu, traži Tišinu, traži Čaroliju... Ljubav je i naš najveći zadatak tokom svake inkarnacije, jer, ovladati veštinom koja Ljubav se zove, je zapravo pravo umeće. Ljudi su izgubljeni i „obeleženi“ kako koritom reke koja se zove genetika, tako i društvenim, socijalnim faktorima. Prosečan čovek umre a da nije zapravo živeo svoje pravo Ja, jer nije promenio potku u sebi, jer mu je neki predak ostavio jako uverenje da je biti svoj – sramota. Živeti Raj na Zemlji traži da nam druga čakra (Venera) i šesta čakra (Jupiter) prave prsten (krug) oko Srčane, centralne, čakre (Mesec-Anahata). Otvoriti Srčani centar, prepustiti se i imati poverenje... Za Raj na Zemlji Mi moramo da imamo veliko Srce, a Veliko Srce podrazumeva da nemamo strahove, jer, Ljubav nije Strah... Konačno, u tradicionalnoj astrologiji Saturn (strah, sumnja, sramota)  se raduje u 12. kući, što odgovara znaku Riba, gde se u modernoj astrologiji raduje Venera, pa Vam potavljam pitanje – Da li ima mesta strahu tamo gde Ljubav živi?

„... Tamo Je Raj....“

Kada sam Sinišu pitala „Siniša, zašto si odbarao baš Adu Bojanu za yoga retreate?“, rekao mi je: „Ne znam, tamo je Raj...“... Ova kratka rečinica mi je bila sasvim dovoljna, jer, reči su suvišne za Raj..., nema tu šta puno da se priča, kroz samo jednu reč – Raj – dobila sam milion odgovora i počela sam da pišem ovaj tekst...

Ada Bojana je rečno ostrvo u obliku trougla (pogledati tekst Reka Snova i povezanost „Aktivnog Odmora“ sa sazvežđem Južni Trougao)  na ušću reke Bojane u Jadransko more, na krajnjem jugoistoku Crne Gore, uz državnu granicu sa Albanijom. Nastalo je veštačkim putem. Za vreme Hladnog rata Ada je bila vojna zona sa strogo čuvanom granicom. To je uslovilo da su njeni pojedini delovi ostali potpuno netaknuti. Iz ugla astrologije sve što se nalazi na kraju, ima simboliku 29 º. Pri tom, svaki 29 º je vrlo egzotičan, jer ima u sebi spiritualan potencijal, a posebno 29º  Raka, o kojem će u ovom tekstu biti reči.

Siniša Račić (tvorac projekta Aktivni Odmor) prvi put dolazi u dodir sa Adom Bojanom 11.avgusta,2012. Njegov progresivni Mesec (Duša) našao se tada na vrlo posebnom 29º  Raka. Na istom mestu „Aktivni Odmor“ u horoskopu osnivanja ima vrh 8. polja (transformacija), te kroz svoju kreaciju Siniša postaje kanal...  Ovo je mesto prelaza iz tame ka svetlu, ovo je tačka prelaza između znaka Raka u znak Lava, ovo je mesto u Zodijaku poznatije kao Treće Oko, naš 6. energetski centar (Jupiter čakra). Ovaj centar predstavlja mesto otkrivanja smisla, znanja o svemu, kao i mesto jasnog sagledavanja budućnosti kroz snažan kanal inuticije i duhovnosti koji je ovde otvoren. On je snažan predstavnik Neba čiji je cilj da se ostvari na Zemlji preko Venerinog energetskog centra. Konačno, 2. čakra (Venera) i 6. čakra (Jupiter) prave drugi prsten oko centralne, Mesečeve čakre (Anahata).  Na sanskritu se ova čakra zove Ađna (Ajna), što ima dva značenja: „prepoznati“ (vatra preoznavanja) i „kontrolisati“. Zove se još i oko mudorsti – koje ukazuje na znanje bez saznanja o tome kako znamo. Ovim unutrašnjim vidom vidimo ono što ne vidimo spoljnim okom, kojim vidimo samo spoljne, pojavne forme stvari ili, kako navode mnoge drevne tradicije – ono što mislimo da je stvarno nije prava priroda ili stvarnost sveta. Tibetanci su ovo opisali rečima – sve je obrnuto od onoga što mislimo, jer ono što mislimo da je stvarno – jeste iluzija.

„Vidim Te“...

Osnovna potreba 6. čakre je – potreba da se vidi, dok osnovni problem 6. čakre su – iluzije (svi oblici bega od stvarnosti) razdvajanje. Setimo se na trenutak kultnog jugoslovenskog filma „Lepota Poroka“ (koji je snimljen na Adi Bojani) gde se Mira Furlan susreće sa oslobađanjem svoje seksualnosti i senzualnosti koja je bila sputana tradicijom i običajima. Kao spremačica u nudističkom kampu Mira Furlan se prvo užasava sa prizorom na koji nailazi, da bi postepeno, promenila način na koji stvari vidi...  Zapitajmo se sada koliko mi zapravo u realnom životu „bežimo“ od stvarnosti kroz negiranje svoje lične seksulanosti, senzulanosti, oslikane kroz golo ljudsko telo. Većina populacije na planeti Zemlji (Venera-Ljubav, Uživanje, Raj) u golom ljudskom telu vidi sramotu. Ali, ono što vidimo očima nije zapravo Istina. Istina živi na 29º  Raka, na mestu u Zodijaku sa kojeg „vibrira“ i Ada Bojana. Na ovom mestu mi razvijamo svoje unutrašnje oko, i tako menjamo uverenja, oslobađamo se predrasuda, i počinjemo da živimo svoje pravo Ja! Ovaj naš novi pogled na svet je sličan kao u filmu „Avatar“, gde se prepoznaje unutrašnja priroda druge osobe kroz pozdrav „I see you“ („Vidim Te“).  Boja 6. čakre je indigoplava. Menjanje stvari izmenom svojih uverenja je sposobnost Trećeg Oka, koje nastaje promenom načina na koji se vide stvari, u kojoj sama svest posmatrača menja i spoljašnji ishod događaja. Najbitnija osobina vizionara sadržana je u prirodi ove čakre – sposobnost da se stvari vide na novi način!

Još jedna specifičnost Ade Bojane su krave koje se slobodno šetaju okolo...

Od otvorenosti 6. čakre (Treće Oko) i povezanosti sa drugom čakrom (Venerom) zavisi i sposobnost ostvarivanja zamisli. Kada životna filozofija nije zasnovana na ujedinjenosti Venere i Jupitera, tada čovek vidi suprotnosti, a njegova života filozofija ga odvaja od lepote, zadovoljstva i materijalizacije. Kada čovek negira Veneru, umesto da je koristi za spajane, Venera počinje da živi odvojeno od Jupitera – pa je sve samo u Umu, Ljubav nije stvarna, a želje su samo maštarije i fantazije. I konačno – osobu jako vuče ono što odbacuje..., i tada se lako odlazi u poroke... Ova čakra se razvija i balansira meditacijom (predaja vođstva bez namere nametanja omogućava ovom delu da se uključi).

Lilit – prva Adamova žena koja je proterana iz Raja

I na kraju, ako bacimo oko i na horoskop Crne Gore, mi nalazimo na 29 º Raka asteroid Juno, što je zapravo grčka boginja Hera, žena vrhovnog boga Zevsa! Poznato je koliko je ona tradicionalna i koliko je njoj ustanova braka bitna, no, ono sa čim se ona morala nositi su silna Zevsova neverstva. Stoga je potrebno da se i sama Hera konačno budi i skida sa sebe okove koji su je nagnali na trpljenje večnog neverstva svog ljubljenog muža Zevsa. U oslobađanju moderne Here, veliku i značajnu ulogu igra arhetip Lilit, koji se takođe sve snažnije ispoljava u ličnostima žena, koje preuzimaju vlasništvo nad svojom seksualnošću i svojim ličnim potrebama. Poznato je da je Lilit bila prva Adamova žena i da je iz Raja bila proterana jer je bila „slobodna“, jer je odbila da tokom seksualnog čina bude samo u tzv. misionarskoj pozi, tj. odbila je da generalno bude potčinjena! Svako od nas u sebi ima i Lilit i Mesec (Eva), potrebno je ove dve stvari držati u balansu, a prvi korak ka tome je u promeni uverenja i oslobađanju sebe. Balansirati u sebi i Evu i Lilit znači biti i žena majka i žena ljubavnica u isto vreme, oslobođena svih predrasuda koje nam nameće kolektivno nesvesno. Ovo je i Smisao i Svrha i same Crne Gore kao zemlje sa jakom tradicijom i običajima.

Smiljana Gavrančić je diplomirani astrolog istražviač i konsultant. Astrološko znanje je sticala na Institutu za Astrološka Istraživanja i Edukaciju „Johannes Kepler“, Beograd (Srbija) gde je i diplomirala  oktobra 2010 godine sa tezom iz Mundane Astrologije – „Evropska Unija – In varietate concordia" (ujedinjeni u različitosti). Marta 2011 je postala ISAR CAP – međunarodni profesionalni certifkovani astrolog. Tokom školske 2010/11. u okviru postdiplomskog nivoa izučavala je Hermetičnu Astrologiju.  Pre astroogije, Smiljana je studirala međunarodne odnose na pravnom fakultetu Univerziteta u Beogradu. Studije prekida kao apslovent (2006.god.) i svoj život posvećuje samo i isključivo izučavanju astrologije. Smijana je član ISAR-a (International Society for Astrological Research) i  Astrološke Asocijacije Velike Britanije - AAGB (Astrological Association of Great Britain).
Smiljana je urednik on-line magazina INFINITY Astrological magazine, gde zajedno sa kolegama, astrolozima, iz inostranstva, piše astrološke tekstove.
Njeni tekstovi su objavljeni u svetskim astrološkim časopisima – ISAR Jourunal (USA), The Astrological Journal  (UK), The Mountain Astrologer blog (USA). Smiljana je predavač na astrološkim konferencijama u zemlji i svetu.

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Sometimes a beautiful flower grows in the dark… (The First Belgrade Yoga Festival) Author: Professional Astrologer Smiljana Gavrančić (ISAR C.A.P.) Published: June 20th, 2016

Sometimes a beautiful flower grows in the dark…
(The First Belgrade Yoga Festival)
Author: Professional Astrologer Smiljana Gavrančić (ISAR C.A.P.)
Published: June 20th, 2016

 The Moon (Soul) carries all our memories, and Venus (Love, creation) was the last planet the Moon had crossed just before Siniša was born, so his Venus carries all the memories of his Soul… His Soul carries memories of Beauty, of Secret…

On November 28, 2015 the Sun was crossing Siniša's Venus at 5º Sagittarius, and that same spot was also occupied with progressive Sun in the chart of Serbia (that tells of the country's reputation). Belgrade was hosting the First Belgrade Yoga Festival organized by "Active Holiday“, created by Siniša Račić. The touch of Sun and Venus is always a kind of "casting" some light on Love, Secret!

Two spots of a Soul

Inside each of us there are two important spots through which we accept the Light and messages, information… One of them is prenatal eclipse, and the other is postnatal eclipse. Eclipses are the way from one world into another, and it is very important to have a strong favorable link (favorable aspect) between those two eclipses, i.e. planets ruling those eclipses, because then a person becomes a very good channel between the Heavens (postnatal eclipse) and Earth's Core (prenatal eclipse).

Siniša's prenatal eclipse was a lunar one (Full Moon close to lunar nodes) and is at 13º Aries, while postnatal one was solar (New Moon close to lunar nodes) and is at 27º Pisces, the degree where Venus feels the best, exalted! Planets ruling both eclipses are in the 12th house (past life) and are touching each other. We astrologers call this conjunction and we say that this person was given the gift of living the Heaven on Earth! Yes, Siniša has the potential within to "bring down“ Heavens to Earth, to live the last emotion that filled his soul in the moment of death in the past life – here and now! But, every emotion is usually colored with pain, and here the healing is needed, in order to "grow" through this incarnation…. There certainly was a very dramatic emotion at 13º Aries, since it is the sign of Aries and the degree of Aries, so, Siniša's death in the past life was very sudden, fast, and the emotion coloring it – somehow "sharp"…

Prenatal eclipse is a kind of secret in itself, because it is something that happened before the birth, so we find the darkness and unknown there, but the memory (Moon) always exists… So, sometimes a beautiful flower grows in the dark…, and that beautiful flower in this incarnation is the First Belgrade Yoga Festival, through which Siniša heals himself. As Siniša's prenatal eclipse was across the axis 13º Aries/13º Libra, I find that on the said November 28, 2015 exactly at 13º Libra there was a "mirror" of Chiron. Chiron is an asteroid between Saturn and Uranus, and it represents a kind of crossing, a bridge between the old and the new, for Saturn id the last planet visible to the naked eye. By this Festival, it looks like Siniša unconsciously followed the impulse of his Heart and his Soul and healed emotions that had filled him in the moment of death in the previous incarnation. Chiron was the first astrologist and healer, and here there is a story of the wound, of hurting by one's own poison, after which there is the chance to heal and become immortal! Our every creation is the road to immortality, because after us, that something we crated remains alive, so we do as well…

On the other hand, South Node (the past) was exactly at 27º Pisces on November 28, 2015, at the spot of his postnatal eclipse (purpose, mission). South Node opens us up for major changes, cleansing. South Node "drives", "swallows", and one must take it on, as Siniša felt the strong need to initiate a project this big.

27º Pisces – the Light, Love & Angels

One of the most beautiful degrees in Zodiac is the degree of Venus' (Love) exaltation. It is 27º Pisces! There everything is excellent, beautiful, there is a lot of Light, there are also Angels, for this is the last, 72nd pentad in Zodiac, the pentad of Angels, ruled by the Sun (Light). So, in the last five degrees of Zodiac (25º – 30º Pisces) there is a combination of Venus and Sun, meaning – Love… When we take a look at Siniša's horoscope, we see Vertex at this spot – the point of wishes coming true, and that is also the spot of his postnatal eclipse (the purpose, the mission in this life). Since the postnatal eclipse represents the channel for the more subtle level of being that diffuses through us, i.e. for the light level of existence (Angels), we may conclude that 27º Pisces is the best possible spot since there is a lot of Light and Love The Secret lives there…

When I talk about Love I mean the Love as a Secret. I am not sure I am explaining myself correctly, but Love is the Secret and everybody has to find it for himself. There are many nice words used to describe it, but these are just people talking, and love should be lived. Love is not to be spoken, it is felt and that feeling is only put through physiology.

The Second Belgrade Yoga Festival will be held on the last weekend of November 2016. The Moon will be at the beginning of Scorpio, at the powerful 0º Scorpio, which is the descent below the Horizon. But, more about that in some other text soon…

With love,

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