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The New Moon at 27º Virgo & Athens Published: 13 September, 2017 I Author: Smiljana Gavrančić

The New Moon at 27º Virgo over Athens
Published: 13 September, 2017 I Author: Smiljana Gavrančić

The upcoming New Moon at 27º Virgo (20th Sept, 2017) I link with Athens, the capital of Greece! Why? It's well known that in my mundane work ("mapping Zodiac by degrees") I found out that Greece is "senstive" at 27º Virgo - Venus' fall degree, which is fitting so much if we take the fact how Greece is dealing with problems in economy (debts). Venus presents money too, so at 27º Virgo within the Zodiac we have problem with money. Ofcourse, the main meaning of 27º Virgo is an image of the girl who is alone (goddess Athens rejected her sexuality, she was so mental...). If we want to take something good from 27º Virgo, I would suggest you this  - let's learn to serve love, than all become easier. Also, we must keep our personal faith (Neptune and Jupiter  (rulers of Pisces - personal faith) are weak in Virgo, too).

So, I made a chart for Athens this time. I use in my work two charts of Greece: Greece Democracy 1974 and Greece 25th March, 1821. Both work very well for me!

I've notice that both Greece have Cancer as Asc. In the chart for the upcoming Full Moon at 27º Virgo we can see MC at 14º Cancer (Asc of Greece Democracy is 13 Cancer, Asc of Greece 1821 is 19 Cancer). New Moon will have 12º Libra as rising, and the New Moon will be in 12th house (secret enemies, secrets generally...). This is not so welcome house for New Moon (new, fresh, start), but, let's see more...

This is the good: this lunation leaves behind square with Saturn, so maybe some debts will be past, I say debts, because I've already said that having lunation on Venus' fall degree (27º Virgo) is an image of financial debts (if we are speaking about Greece). Also, there is an opposition with retrograde Chiron at 26º Pisces-some pain is also behind Greece (regarding money issues). 

The ruler of this lunation is Mercury at 12º Virgo 34' - Mercury finally left its shadow, so now there is an opportunity for people in Greece to find some truth (very close is 13º Virgo - Mercury's exaltation degree - I love to say for this place within the Zodiac - here is the end of silence, here we speak, here we think, here we make decisions). It is intereting that Greece 1821 chart has axis of lunar nodes over 13º Virgo/13º Pisces (South/NOrth Node)- and that was the place of the last Full Moon (6th Sept, 2017). Also, right now, progressed Sun of Greece Democracy 1974 is at 12º Virgo 17'-in conjunction with transit Mercury (ruler of New Moon 27º Virgo), and all in conjunction with South Node of Greece 1821! So, next year, when Uranus enteres Taurus (May 2018), progressed Sun of Greece 1974 will be exactly at South Node of Greece 1821! This must be so challenge time for Alexis Tsipras.?! Just to mention that he took office when his progressed Sun was crossing over South Node of Greece 1821! So, I would say that even there will be election in 2019, spring/summer 2018 is already a big challenge for Tsipras' chair!

Solar Arc Venus (money) and Mars of Greece 1821 are rigth now at 29º Virgo and 28º Virgo-so soon, there will be some change, regarding money issues, and regarding goverment and opposition in country (Venus rules 4th house of Greece 1821 - oppositon, Mars rules 10th - goverment). Tsipras' secondary progressed Mars is at 27º Virgo (Full Moon degree), and Mars rules his Moon 26º Scorpio (people in Greece). When Uranus enters Taurus (May 2018) the Moon will be at 26ºTaurus, "calling out" Algol and it will put Greece and many other countires all over the world in fixed Grand Cross over 26º. It will be a big challenge, to free some blocked energy (money is energy too).

I always say how Tsipras is so important leader for Greece because he was born on 28th July 1974 and Greece Democracy chart was born on 24th July 1974. So, there is Sun/Neptune trine in both charts. Dispositor of Full Moon 27º Virgo is Mercury 12º Virgo 34' -the end of shadow, the end of silence, and Mercury makes opposition with retrograde Neptune at 12º Pisces 27' (separation oppositon). So, as from 12th house (secrets) the New Moon (by dispositor) goes in 11th  (Aquarius house) we should be ready to find out some secret, some change may happen there...Maybe people in Greece won't love that secret, but as Neptune is in Pisces ("at home"), let's hope it is not something so bad...

Greece Democracy 1974 has the Sun (prime minister) in 2nd house (financial system of country), at 0º Leo, in applying wide sextile with Uranus in Libra. When transit Uranus enters Taurus (May 2018) and "hits" Sun from the chart of Greece 1974 - I would say some big change regarding financial system will come. It may be some kind of "freedom" for Greek's people, too, some financial revoulution. 

On 19th January 2018 , Saturn from Capricorn will make oppositon with Venus (money) in 12th in Greece Democracy 1974 chart. As Venus and Saturn are in conjunction in this chart, we may expect that transit will bring hard moments for Greek's economy, more pressures. Venus carries within herself Moon/Pluto conjunction from Libra in 4th and Uranus from Libra too-this all may be an image of Greek's who will want radical change in their lives. Also, opposition in country (4th house) may be the one who will somehow "make" people in Greece to start "revolution", some radical change... 

Last time Saturn made oppositon with Venus from Greece Democracy 1974 chart on 14th December 1988. Venus (money) was than at 25 Scorpio 24' (very close with Tsipras natal Moon 26 Scorpio). Greece became EU member in 1981, so after 7 years (Saturn period) there was the first opposition  of  transit Saturn to natal Venus of Greece 1974!

The New Moon (20th Sept, 2017) will have strong applying inconjunction with retrograde Uranus (risk) at 27º Aries, and tranist Jupiter will make very soon opposition with Uranus too-one more sign that for the Greek's economy there will be some challenge period which the Full Moon at 27º Virgo "opens".

We know that the influence of one lunation is till the next one of the same type, so around 27/28 days. It will be interesting to follow what happens in Athens (capital of Greece).


Take a look on my article about Athens and 27º Virgo and Uranus In Taurus 2018
All charts were taken from The Book of World HOroscopes by Nicholas Campion
Greece 1821-25th March, 1821 (12pm), Athens-Asc 19 Cancer
Greece Democracy 1974 - 24th July, 1974, 4pm, Athens- Asc 13 Cancer 
Alexis Tsipras-www.astro.com 
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“Jelena , the Woman Who Is Not...” Published: 11th September, 2017 I Author: Smiljana Gavrančić

 “Jelena , the Woman Who Is Not...”
Published: 11th September, 2017 I Author: Smiljana Gavrančić

It is well-known that Ascendant-Descendent axis (or 1-7 axis) represent the axis of partnership in one’s horoscope. But, there is another, maybe even more important axis through which relationships may be analyzed. It is the axis of lunar nodes, in which the real partnership lives. Unlike Ascendant and Descendant that describe the relationship that will develop, carry on and end in one life, lunar nodes axis depicts relationship with the partner at the level of three incarnations, so it is very important if some planet is in good aspect (trine, sextile) with this axis, because it describes the partner in the symbolism of the house and the sign of that planet in the natal chart.

Namely, there are three categories of aspects with lunar nodes axis: favorable (trine/sextile), unfavorable (square) and conjunctions with the North or South Node. Here we shall examine only the favorable aspect (trine/sextile) with the lunar nodes axis of the planet of love – Venus...

Happy love story…

When Venus is in good aspect with lunar nodes axis, it is probably about a happy love story from the previous life that must appear in this life in some moment as well. This is depiction of meeting the person we had always loved and with whom we share much more than physical attraction… Here two people feel they naturally belong to each other, everything goes their way and all is supportive when they are together…

Ivo Andrić i Milica Babić Ivanović

The first, and for now the only Nobel Prize laureate from former Yugoslavia – the writer Ivo Andric, has in his natal chart Venus (love) at 2º Virgo (the sign of Venus’ fall, often indicating solitude), but in a good aspect (trine/sextile) with lunar nodes axis (8º Taurus - 8º Scorpio). The Venus is in the 1st house (him), and it carries the exalted Saturn from Libra (the ruler of 7), which emphasizes the importance of relationship for him. Also, Venus rules 3rd house (writing), so in his literature we meet a series of female characters, village girls and city girls, ladies and countesses, but only one among them is “Jelena, the woman who is not”... – the story without a plot, a first-person narrative, in which Andric expressed feelings no one even guessed existed deep within him (Venus square Pluto).

Everybody thought that Jelena was only imaginary character, not knowing about the flood of feelings of the man who truly loved one woman for a long time, a woman that could not be his – so the woman who is not. Andric, known for his introvertness, kept his secret for years. Some thought he was a loner, not knowing he was in love with Milica Babic Jovanovic, a costume designer (Venus in Virgo), the wife of his friend Nenad Jovanovic, journalist and translator (Venus square Moon might be depiction of falling in love with somebody who already got family), the woman he did not expected, the woman he does not have, but who, in his imagination, often comes to him to different places, in different situations, who is distant, wonderful, unapproachable (Venus square Neptune)...

Only love that is pure and true, unconditional – is the real one, for the love is made of Uranus and Neptune. In his chart, Andric has a good relation of Venus (essential signifier of love, and Milica herself in this case) and Uranus (ruler of his 7 – relationships), which certainly gives him lightness, even in strange (Uranus) situations – when loving somebody else’s woman. Through disposition his Venus goes to trine with Mars at 15º Aquarius, and Mars carries exalted Uranus from Scorpio, so this man knows how to love, and not to limit the loved one. Also, Aquarius at Descendant gives him unusual situations in the area of relationships… He never tried to make a scandal, jeopardize her marriage and claim her love. He decided to love her quietly from afar – in trine with Neptune, Pluto and Moon, which solved original squares. Dispositor of his Venus in Virgo is Mercury in Libra in 3 (writing) – which brings Venus from fall to domicile, into the sign of Saturn’s exaltation, so he is able to wait for a long time… He wrote her letters and contacted her from all of his travels. Until the death of Nenad Jovanovic, he would start his letters with “Dear friends”, and sign them with the nickname Milica gave him before his travel to China once with the delegation of writers – Mandarin. She recognized his hidden intentions and accepted this way of “lovers play”, through letters… Not hoping for anything, Andric patiently waited…

Arrival to Berlin...

But, this story has its introduction, as any other… Namely, Andric has built his very successful career in diplomacy during his life – from Vatican, through Bucharest, Trieste, Graz, Marseilles, Paris, Madrid, Geneva to Berlin, where he fell in love with Milica Babic Jovanovic.

On April 12, 1939, couple of months before the World War II started, Andric presented his credentials on behalf of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia to Adolf Hitler and became officially the ambassador in Nazi Germany. Love happened to him in special, war circumstances, which is not strange for him since he has in his chart the square of Venus (Milica, love) and Pluto (war, danger). He met Jovanovic couple in Berlin, and that meeting changed and marked him for the rest of his life. He was 47 when he fell in love with Milica. She was the only woman he ever let in to his loner’s world. She was 17 years his junior, married to another man, but at the same time him great and life-long inspiration…

Venus at 13º Pisces – Love in Silence

It is interesting to take a look at Andric’s daily (diurnal) horoscope for Berlin on the day he arrived in this city, the city in which he would fall in love, for that chart certainly represents a shift in this man’s life.

The first I recognized as important is the position of Venus (love) at 13º Pisces, the degree of Mercury’s fall (words, letter...), all indicating some secret love, love that would not be discussed… Also, this was depiction of secret letters through which Andric courted Milica, but in which he was also incomplete, mysterious… Love is the most beautiful when it is only a presentiment, not spoken out loud, but in codes… I would say that Andric had correctly sensed the needs of Venus at 13º Pisces, for through the silence (Pisces) leads the road to love… Also interesting is the conjunction of Sun and Saturn at 21º Aries, the ruler of Andric’s natal axis 1 (him) - 7 (partner), which is also in conjunction with natal Jupiter (ruler of 5 – love) in 9 (affairs, but also the second marriage, which is important for Andric since Milica was already married). Was all this an indication that Berlin opens possibility for him to reach marriage through patience, waiting, silence? I would say so…

Wedding in 1958

Nenad Jovanovic died in 1957 and then started the period when Andric cannot and does not want to live any longer without his Milica. In the spring of 1958 he writes her a letter from one of his travels, starting it for the first time with “Dear Milica”, and admitting he was lonely… To his declaration of love Milica responded with – love...

On September 7, 1958 they got married. Andric was 66 then. He had waited for his love story with Milica for almost two decades! Only then he admitted that while writing the story “Jelena, the woman who is not” he thought of his wife. Confirming that his love for Milica was the real one, true and strong, the love that grows from morning to night, that is more today than it was yesterday, but much less than it would be tomorrow is the fact that while now married and in his seventies, Andric continued to write love letters in which, like a naughty boy, he still courted his wife. Until the end he wrote her letters starting them with “Dear Beautiful”, and signing them with “Gentle hugs from your Ivo Mandarin”.

Venus and lunar nodes axis

As an astrologist, I have to tell you something that will confirm all I said previously at the beginning of this story, and it refers to the significance of lunar nodes axis for a relationship. I believe you remember the story started with the fact that Andric’s Venus (love) is in good aspect with nodal axis. In the year of his marriage, his Venus in directions (moves 1º for 1 year) came at 8º Scorpio, i.e. at the South Node, and in opposition with the North Node, which automatically activated nodal axis and served as the sign of this story’s realization… It took all of 66 years (6 is the number we relate to Venus)...

Finally, Milica also had in her chart (DOB: September 2, 1909, Bosanski Samac, time of birth unknown) the Venus (love) at 12º Libra, depiction of secret love with a diplomat, i.e. Andric. It is interesting that her Venus, as well as Andric’s, was in a good aspect (trine/sextile) with nodal axis (12º Gemini - 12º Sagittarius), and an exact one!

Sun at 13º Virgo – The End of Silence

Andric’s diurnal (daily horoscope) for the wedding day show some interesting features. The Sun (ruler of his Ascendant in the natal chart, but also the natural representative of the series 5 - love) was at 13º Virgo, the degree of Mercury’s exaltation, right across 13º Pisces, where the Venus was on the day Andric became ambassador in Berlin in 1939, which announced some secret love story. This axis 13º Pisces (silence)/13º Virgo (talking) is something very special appearing in this love story, for Andric kept silent until he married Milica, and only then he revealed the truth about the story “Jelena, the woman who is not”… Also, there is conjunction of Mercury with Venus at 26º Leo (depiction of marital signature), touching Andric’s Ascendant at the same degree.

Nobel Prize

The news that the novel “The Bridge on the Drina” was proclaimed the masterpiece of Yugoslav literature and that his author was awarded a Nobel Prize, came soon after the wedding, in 1961. In that moment his loved one was beside him to share a toast. She is beside him, in lavish evening blue gown and with a huge black bow in her silver hair, entering the hall where Andric was presented with the reward.

After their mutual triumph started the long battle with Milica’s illness, a severe form of arthritis that will eventually kill her – the therapy weakened her heart which betrayed her – Andric’s Venus (Milica) is in conjunction with Chiron (wound) in Leo (heart), so this is depiction of the sick Milica…
The woman who was the greatest anchor, inspirational force and starry skies of Ivo Andric, Milica Babic Andric, died in 1968. They spent only 10 years together, while 20 were spent in silent waiting. Andric loved her even after her death… He died after 7 years, in 1975.

“Nothing happens before it should be happening”

If the love is real and true, then time is of no importance (Saturn)... Everything happens at just the right time for us… Love should be unconditional, silent, and even waiting should be enjoyed and given sense… If the waiting is a burden (Saturn), than it is not the real think… To have the easiest conditions possible, it is necessary to fill the inner universe with endless silence and faith…

“I see Jelena in my travels, I only meet her in these circumstances…, so that is one of reasons I like travelling…
I do not surrender, I expect her letter. She tells me something joyful in every letter. She suggests we meet somewhere or invites me to come for a day or two to the seaside where she spends her summer…
One spring day Jelena was standing behind me and she put a hand on my shoulder!
It is spring again. I am rich, calm and I can wait… I know that everywhere and anywhere Jelena, a woman who is not may appear… I just must not stop expecting her!”

Asteroid Irma and Florida-Grand Mutable Cross over 21º Published: 11th September, 2017 I Author: Smiljana Gavrančić

Asteroid Irma and Florida-Grand Mutable Cross over 21º
Published: 11th September, 2017 I Author: Smiljana Gavrančić

I've just found out there is an asteroid Irma, right now it is at 21º Virgo, in square with  transit Saturn 21º  Sagittarius. USA has in its chart Mars 21º  Gemini. So, this is mutable T-square.

177 Irma Discovered 1877-Nov-05 by Henry and Paul at Paris-Saturn was at 13º  Pisces 43' and it was retrograde! The last Full Moon was at 13 Pisces (6th Sept, 2017)!

Donald Trump has over 21º  Sagittarius/22º  Gemini his natal Moon (USA people) and natal Sun in 10th (he as president). His solarArc Ceres (goddess of nature) is at 21º  Aries this year, which makes trine with his natal Moon and sextile with his natal Sun, but also inconjunciton (problem) with transit asteroid Irma (21º  Virgo). His secondary progressed Uranus (it moves very slowly, but in this case we have to mention)-is already at 21º  Gemini!

In natal chart of Florida (Marc Penfield's book is source) axis 5th /11h goes over 21º  Virgo/21º  Pisces (so this may be younger population of Florida, as well as schools too, places for joy and pleasure). I have to add that Florida has Sun at 13º  Pisces-and where was the last Full Moon? At 13º  Pisces-so now we may understand this all better(  USA is generaly senstive over 13º  Pisces/13º  Virgo axis).Solar Arc Uranus of Florida is right now at 21º  Virgo (where asteroid Irma is right now too). In chart of Florida asteroid Irma we can see at 18º  Pisces, very close to 13º  Pisces and 21º  Pisces-around 17º -18º  Pisces is midpoint between 13º  Pisces and 21º  Pisces.

Transit Moon comes at 21º  Gemini and makes Grand Mutable Cross over 21º  of Virgo/21º  Sagittarius /21º  Pisces /21º  Gemini- on 13 Sept, 2017,03:29:24 am (Philadelphia , PA, time)...

Even Draconic chart of Florida sends a sign-draco axis IC/MC goes over 21º  Sagittarius/21º  Gemini!

Irma was discovered at 11º  Taurus!!! I link axis 11º  Taurus/11º  Scorpio as Uranus axis of fall and exaltation. I would say that God of Heaven (Uranus) as solar Arc Uranus in Trump's char at 21º  Gemini and as solar Arc Uranus in Florida's chart at 21º  Virgo - we should take as something so important!

Marc Penfield book "Horoscope of USA and Canada" (chart of USA and Florida)
My article USA and axis 13º Virgo/13º Pisces
www.astro.com (Donald Trump's chart)

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Sean Penn – "My Mystic River" Published: 3rd September, 2017 I Author: Smiljana Gavrančić

Sean Penn – "My Mystic River"
Published: 3rd September, 2017 I Author: Smiljana Gavrančić

It is well known that secondary Moon, tertiary Sun and transit Saturn share the same cycle of 28 years. In other words, secondary Moon,  tertiary Sun and transit Saturn spend around 2.5 years in each sign.

This trinity from three different prognostic systems acts from three levels: sprit, soul and bodySun, Moon and Saturn.

According to rules of traditional astrology, the first house is ruled by Saturn, the second by Jupiter, the third – Mars, the fourth – Sun, the fifth – Venus, the sixth – Mercury, the seventh – Moon. This is so-called Chaldean system and the planets are distributed from the slowest (Saturn) to the fastest (Moon). From the eighth house it starts again with Saturn, the ninth is ruled by Jupiter, tenth by Mars, eleventh by Sun and twelfth by Venus. As in modern astrology, there is the notion of exaltation in traditional one – here we say the planet is “joyful” to be in certain house. The first house is the “house of joy” for Mercury, the Moon is joyful in the third house, the Venus in the fifth (which is its domicile at the same time), Mars is joyful in the sixth, the Sun in ninth, Jupiter in eleventh, while the Saturn is joyful in the twelfth house (which is, from the point of view of modern astrology, the house of Venus’ exaltation, so we may conclude that where there is love, there is no place for fear).

The horoscope of Sean Penn caught my eye because it is very significant from the point of view of traditional astrology. But, I love to combine traditional and modern astrology for I believe they “work” just fine together.

 Sean is Leo with Ascendant in Sagittarius. In his first house there is Jupiter – the ruler of his Ascendant, but also the Saturn, so we may say that Saturn here is at home, in his surroundings. Saturn is additionally strengthened by being in the sign of its domicile, the Capricorn, but it is also retrograde, which is “normal” from the point of view of modern astrology, since mythological Chronos is half goat-half fish, which is that retrograde part in him that modern astrologers attribute to Neptune, the modern ruler of Pisces. So, when there is retrograde Saturn – it should not be taken as handicap, for it is about mythological Chronos. On the other hand, two most important chronocrators are Jupiter (ruler of space) and Saturn (ruler of time), and in Sean Penn’s chart they are in the first, angular house, which puts additional emphasis to them. When I am about to give prognosis, I always first look at those two chronocrators, for the usual man, the man of the average consciousness cannot always “live” transits of modern planets -- Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, for those planets require higher consciousness..

Let us now go back to the horoscope of Sean Penn. The ruler of his 7th house is the Moon, in 7th, where it should be according to rules of traditional astrology. Like Saturn, his Moon is in domicile, in Cancer. So, there are two strong indicators of traditional astrology: Saturn in 1st house (as the ruler of 1), the Moon (as the ruler of 7) in 7th house. Of course, it must be noticed that the Moon and the Saturn are in a strong, applicative opposition, which is not an easy aspect, but since both planets are in domicile and in their houses (according to traditional astrology), I would say that Saturn transits in relation to the Moon are very important for Penn, and those are conjunction, square and opposition.

Furthermore, the Saturn is the tip of the Yod with Mars in Gemini in 6 (which is the house of joy for Mars according to traditional astrology) and Mercury in 8. Mercury in 8 has no dignity, 8th house is not any planet’s house of joy, and the 8th house is ruled by Saturn, and here we can see Mercury “carrying” within the Mars from Gemini and the Venus from Virgo. Mars and Venus are natural signifiers of love relationship. The Venus is subconscious planet, and Mars is unconscious one. So, Penn has Yod, and every Yod has the nature of Chiron, and there is a wound, something to be healed, and I would say it is in the area of relationships. But, his solution is the planet directly across the Saturn, and it is the Moon at 5º Cancer, and that place is in astrology called “Boomerang“! So, Penn’s Moon in 7, as the ruler of 7 – is the solution! I would say that Penn has to have wife, marriage, family. He is deeply emotional man, full of empathy, intuitive. All work in this life should be directed to emotional side of personality. But, the Moon also represents the mother, so the position of the Moon in 7 is certainly depiction of a mother who is in public - Eileen Ryan Sean Penn’s mother, American actress who appeared in numerous movies and TV series.

I wish to add that Penn has very strong Sun (father) in Leo, in its domicile, and almost at the cusp of 9th house (which is the house of Sun’s joy in traditional astrology). Sean Penn’s father was the famous Leo Penn – American actor and TV director. Even father's name is fitting with his Sun in Leo!

In February 1985, Penn met Madonna at the filming of her spot “Material Girl” (which is in accordance with his Venus in Virgo conjunct Pluto). On August 16, 1985 they got married. The divorce followed in 1989 when the transit Saturn had the first opposition with Penn’s natal Moon in 7 (marriage, wife), i.e. when it came to 5º Capricorn! It happened immediately before his first Saturn return. But, then he also met his second wife, actress Robin Wright, with whom he got two children, the family.

The marriage with Robin happened in 1995/96, seven years later (7 is the number we relate to Saturn), when transit Saturn from Aries squared natal Moon in 7. His first Oscar nomination was in 1995 for the movie “Dead Man Walking”. He did not get Oscar, but the same movie won best actor prize at Berlin Film Festival. Before that, in 1993, Penn lost his house (Moon in Cancer, as Boomerang in the mentioned Yod configuration) in fire.  Mars (fire) falls in Cancer!

When transit Saturn came to natal Moon – the movie “Mystic River” was realized, Penn having the lead role, on October 15, 2003. In February 2004, while Saturn was still on his natal Moon, Penn won his first Oscar for the mentioned movie “Mystic River”! During the interval between the first conjunction of transit Saturn with natal Moon and the second square of transit Saturn from Libra with natal Moon (2003-2010), Penn  won another Oscar 2008/09, for the best performance by an actor in a leading role in the movie “Milk”, the story of gay marriages.

Let us now go back to 1974, when transit Saturn came for the first time to Penn’s natal Moon in 7. It happened on June 9, 1974. At the end of that year, or more precisely on December 4, 1974 Penn appeared in 112th episode of the famous series “Little House on the Prairie”, directed by his father, Leo Penn.

The first square of transit Saturn with natal Moon happened at the beginning of November 1980. During the interval between the first square and the first opposition with the natal Moon (1989), Penn was engaged with Elizabeth McGovern whom he met at the filming of the movie Racing with the Moon in 1984. Then he met Madonna in 1985, and married her in that same 1985, divorced her in 1989, and met his second wife. When Saturn came to 0º Libra for the second time during his life, on July 22, 2010 (the first time it happened in November 1980 - 30 years ago), and was about to square natal Moon at 5º Cancer in  7 – Penn divorced his second wife Robin Wright.

The next interesting moment will be the following: On February 9, 2018 transit Saturn will oppose Penn’s natal Moon for the second time in his life. In 1989, 29 years ago, Penn divorced Madonna. This is often depiction of someone from the past returning into one’s life, and maybe even Madonna herself, since these two were seen in public together… But, the Moon is also the mother, and Penn’s mother is still alive, so this might be challenging moment for her, since she is 88. Penn’s father died on September 5, 1998, after solar eclipse at 28º Leo that happened in August of the same year, so it was 19 years ago. Penn’s Sun (father) is almost at 25º Leo, and I take the orb of ±3º for eclipses (sometimes even 5º for Sun and Moon). As eclipse on Penn’s Sun happened again in August 2017, this might be important sign for him in the following period, but also for his family, family he came from, his “mystic river” called genetics, his mother who is still alive, for in traditional astrology the Sun is ruler of 4 (family).

Astrology is simple, and the more simple approach we take in interpreting charts, the sooner we reach beauty and simplicity in predictions. There are cycles, there is the time (Saturn), and Saturn will always give us if we were the Truth previously. It is obvious that the main task for Penn is work on relationships, he enters relationships to end them, because it is the call of the past (Saturn), and he has some “cleaning” to do there. This will be the second Saturn return for him, and now things are different than in 1989 when he had his first divorce, if he learnt something during that time – future relationships may last longer this time, and some might survive through time. It is also obvious that so far he lived his Truth through his professional life more than through the personal one, but during 2018 he will have the chance to show himself what he learnt in the meantime. With the good Saturn in 1 and the Moon in 7, he certainly has the potential to make the relationship permanent in time. Finally, from the point of view of modern astrology the Saturn is exalted in the seventh sign, the sign of Libra, which corresponds to the 7th house in every chart (marriage, relationships). What is it we should strive toward through relationship? Lasting in time, and it shall last only if we were the Truth to ourselves from the beginning, because the partner is only our mirror, he/she – does not exist!

Since the Moon is the Boomerang, the strongest transit for Penn is its conjunction with Saturn – which brought him the first Oscar for the movie “Mystic River”. The whole cycle from the first conjunction of transit Saturn with natal Moon until the second return of transit Saturn at 5º Libra (square to natal Moon at 5º Cancer) has been the most successful one for Penn, for it brought the second Oscar for the best leading role in the movie “Milk”.

During that period (2003-2010), Penn got engaged in intensive humanitarian work and politics. Moon in Cancer should always be opened, without fear, full of optimism, and then relationship will come as the consequence of all that. When I say relationship, I refer to relationship that will last in time (Saturn, Capricorn is across from Cancer)...

To advise the Moon in Cancer to close its heart and not empathize with suffering of others is to like to tell the river not to flow anymore… Naturally, it is required to use that sensitivity and empathy as – intuition. The Moon in Cancer is depiction of genetics, and genetics is our river, and there are things in there, memories live there, and those memories color our emotions, and emotions are not ours, but only the memory… And when we become fully aware of that, we become “emotionally light” and every relationship gets that lightness as well...


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Sean Penn - "Moja Mistična Reka" Objavljeno: 2. Septembar, 2017 I Autor: Smiljana Gavrančić

Sean Penn - "Moja Mistična Reka"
Objavljeno: 2. Septembar, 2017 I Autor: Smiljana Gavrančić

Opšte je poznato da isti ciklus dele sekundarni Mesec, tercijarno Sunce i tranzitni Saturn, a to je ciklus od oko 28 godina. Drugim rečima, sekundarni Mesec, tericijarno Sunce i tranzitni Saturn borave u jednom znako oko 2,5 godine.

Ovo trojstvo iz tri različita prognostička sistema deluje sa tri nivoa: duh, duša, teloSunce, Mesec, Saturn.

Po pravilima tradicionalne astrologije prvom kućom vlada Saturn, drugom  - Jupiter, trećom – Mars, četvrtom – Sunce, petom – Venera, šestom – Merkur, sedmom – Mesec. Ovo je takozvani Haldejski sistem i planete su raspoređene od najsporije (Saturn) ka najbržoj (Mesec). Potom, od osme kuće ponovo kreće vladavina Saturna, devetom vlada Jupiter, desetom Mars, jedanaestom Sunce i dvanaestom Venera. Kao i u modernoj astrologiji, i u tradicionalnoj astrologiji postoji pojam egzaltacije, tj. ovde to kažemo da se planeta „raduje“ u određenoj kući. Prva kuća je kuća radovanja („house of joy“) za Merkura. Mesec se raduje u trećoj kući, Venera se raduje u petoj kući (gde je ujedno i u sedištu), Mars se raduje u šestoj kući, Sunce se raduje u devetoj kući, Jupiter u jedanaestoj, dok se Saturn raduje u dvananestoj kući (što je iz ugla moderne astrologije kuća egzaltacije Venere, pa možemo da zaključimo kako tamo gde ima ljubavi, straha mestu – nema).

Horoskop Sean Penna mi je privukao pažnju jer je iz ugla tradicionalne astrologije vrlo signifikatan.No, ja volim da kombinujem tradicionalnu sa modernom astrologijom jer mislim da zajedno jako lepo „rade“.

 Sean je Lav  u horoskopu, sa Ascendetom u Strelcu. U prvom polju mu se nalazi Jupiter, vladar Asc, ali i sam Saturn, pa možemo reći da je Saturn ovde svoj na svome, u svojoj kući. Saturn je dodatno osnažen jer je i znaku svog sedišta, u Jarcu, ali i retrogradan, što je iz ugla ,sada već, moderne astrologije – „normalno“, budući da je mitološki Hronos pola jarac/pola riba, što je taj retrogradni deo u njemu, koji moderni astrolozi pripisuju Neptunu, modernom vladaru Riba. Dakle, kada vidimo retrogradnog Saturna – to ne treba uzeti kao hendikep, jer je ipak reč o mitološkom Hronosu. S’ druge strane, dva najvažnija hronokrotora su upravo Jupiter (vladar prostora) i Saturn (vladar vremana), i kod Sean Penna su u prvoj, ugaonoj, kući, što ih dodatno naglašava. Kada krećem sa davanjem prognoza ja uvek krećem od ova dva hronokratora, jer običan čovek, čovek prosečnog stanja svesti ne uspeva uvek da „živi“ tranzite, modernih, planeta – Urana, Neptuna, i Plutona, jer za ove planete je potrebno više stanje svesti.

Vratimo se sada na horoskop Penna. Zapažamo dalje da mu je vladar 7. kuće, Mesec, u 7. kući, gde i treba da bude po pravilima tradicionalne astrologije.. Pri tom, i Mesec, baš kao i Saturn, mu je u sedištu, u znaku Raka.Dakle, imamo sada već dva jaka pokazatelja iz ugla tradicionalne astrologije: Saturn u 1. kući (kao vladar 1), Mesec (kao vladar 7) u 7. kući. Naravno, ne možemo a da ne zapazimo da su Mesec i Saturn u jakoj, aplikacionoj opoziciji, što nije lak aspekt, ali, kako su obe planete u sedištu, i u svojim kućama (iz ugla tradicionalne astrologije), ja bih rekla da su za Penna jako bitni tranziti Saturna u odnosu na Mesec, i to: konjunkcija, kvadrat, opozicija.

Nadalje, Saturn je vrh Yoda sa Marsom u Blizancima, u 6.kući (što je kuća radovanja Marsa po pravilima tradicionalne astrologije) i Merkurom u 8. kući. Merkur u 8. kući nema nikakvo dostojansvo, 8. kuća nije kuća radovnja ni jedne planete, pri tom, vladar 8. kuće je Saturn, a ovde možemo zapazaiti da Merkur u sebi „nosi“ Marsa iz Blizanaca i Veneru iz Device. Mars i Venera su prirodni signifikatori za svaki ljubavni odnos, Venera je podsvensa planea, a Mars nesvesna. Dakle, Penn ima Yod, a svaki Yod ima prirodu Hirona, i tu postoji neka njegova rana, nešto što on mora da isceli, i ja bih rekla pre svega na polju odnosa. No, planeta koja stoji naspram Saturna, ona je za njega rešenje, a to je upravo njegov Mesec na 5º Raka, i to mesto u astrologiji zovemo „Bumerang“! Dakle, definitivno, u Pennovom Mesecu u 7, kao vladaru 7. kuće – je rešenje! Rekla bih da Penn mora da ima ženu, brak, porodicu. On je duboko emotivan čovek, empata,  intuitivan. Sav rad u ovom životu bi trebao da bude usmeren na emotivnu stranu ličnosti. No, Mesec predstavlja i majku, pa pozicija Meseca u 7.kući je sigurno slika majke koja je u javnosti - Eileen Ryan je majka Sean Penna, američka glumica koja se pojavila u mnogim filmovima i tv serijama.

Dodajem da Penn ima izuzetno jako Sunce (otac) u Lavu, u sedištu, i gotovo na vrhu 9. kuće (što je kuća radovanja Sunca u tradicionalnoj astrologiji). Poznato je da je otac Sean Penna čuveni Leo  Penn – američki glumac i televizijski reditelj.

U februaru 1985. god. Penn je sreo Madonnu na snimanju njenog spota „Material Girl“ (što se uklapa u sliku njegove Venere u Devici u konjunkciji sa Plutonom). Već 16. Avgusta, 1985 su se i venčali. Razvod je usledio 1989. god. kada je tranzitni Saturn napravio prvu opoziciju na Pennov natalni Mesec u 7 (brak, žena), tj. kada je došao na 5º Jarca! To se desilo neposredno pre njegovog prvog Saturnovog povratka. Ali, tada je sreo i svoju drugu suprugu, takođe glumicu, Robin Wright, sa kojom je dobio dvoje dece i napravio porodicu.

Brak sa Robin je usledio 1995/96, sedam godina kasnije (7 i jeste broj koji vezujemo za Saturna), kada je tranzitni Saturn iz Ovna  pravio kvadrat na natalni Mesec u 7. kući. Svoju prvu nominaciju za Oskara ostvario je 1995 preko filma „Mrtav Čovek Hoda“ („Death Man Walking“). No, Oskara nije dobio, ali je isti film odneo nagradu za najboljeg glumca na Berlinskom Filmskom Festivalu.  Pre toga, 1993.god., Penn je izgubio svoju kuću (Mesec u Raku, kao Bumerang u pomenutoj Yod konfiguraciji) u požaru. 

Kada je tranzitni Saturn došao na natalni Mesec – realizovan je film „Mystic River“ gde je Penn imao glavnu ulogu – 15. Oktobra, 2003. U februaru 2004, kada je Saturn i dalje bio njegovom natalnom Mesecu – Penn je dobio svog prvog Oskara i to za pomenuti film „Mystic River“! U intervalu od prve konjuncije tranzitnog Saturna na natalni Mesec i drugog kvadrata tranzitnog Saturna iz Vage ka natalnom Mesecu (2003-2010) – Penn je dobio još jednog Oskara, drugi put za najbolju mušku ulogu, ovaj put za film „Milk“ 2008/09 koji priča o gej brakovima.

Vratimo se sada na 1974 god., kada je tranzitni Saturn prvi put došao na Pennov natalni Mesec u 7. kući. To se dogodilo 9. Juna, 1974. Krajem te god, tačnije 4. Decembra 1974 – Penn se pojavljuje u 112. epizodi čuvene serije „Mala Kuća u Preriji“ („Little House on the Prairie“) koju je režirao njegov otac, Leo Penn. 

Prvi kvadrat tranzitnog Saturna na natalni Mesec Penn je imao početkom Novembra 1980. U intervalu od prvog kvadrata do prve opozicije na natalni Mesec (1989), Penn je bio u veren sa Elizabeth McGovern koju je sreo na snimanju filma „Racing with the Moon“1984. Potom  je sreo Madonnu 1985, i sklopio prvi brak, iste 1985,, razveo se 1989, i upoznao svoju drugu suprugu. Kada je Saturn došao na 0º  Vage drugi put tokom njegovog života, 22.Jula, 2010 (prvi put je bilo novembra 1980-pre dakle 30 god.), i spremao se da napravi kvadrat  sa natalnim Mesecom na 5º Raka u  7. kući – Penn se razvodi i od svoje druge supruge, Robin Wright.

Ono što će naredno biti zanimljivo je sledeće – 9. Februara, 2018 tranzitni Saturn će napraviti drugi put u Pennovom životu opoziciju na njegov natalni Mesec. Te, 1989.god., pre tačno 29 god., Penn se razveo od Madonne. Ovo često može da bude i slika da se neko iz prošlosti može ponovo vratiti u njegov život, pa možda baš i sama Madonna, budući da se u medijima pojavila vest kako je ovo dvoje ljudi ponovo viđeno zajedno u javnosti... No, Mesec je i majka, a Pennova majka je još živa, pa ovo može biti izazovan momenat i za nju, budući da ima 88 god.trenutno. Pennov otac, Leo, preminuo je 5. septembra, 1998. nakon solarne eklipse na 28º  Lava Avgusta iste godine.Dakle, pre 19 godina. Pennovo Sunce (otac) je gotovo na 25º  Lava, i ja kao dozvoljeni orbis za eklipse uzimam + - 3º  (nekad i 5º  kada su u pitanju svetla, Sunce i Mesec). Kako smo Avgusta, ove, 2017-imali ponovo eklipsu na Seanovom Suncu, ovo može sada biti bitan znak za njega u periodu ispred, ali i za porodicu generalno, porodicu iz koje je potekao, za njegovu "mističnu reku" koja se zove genetika, majku koja je još živa, jer, u tradicionalnoj astrologiji Sunce je vladar 4. kuće (porodica).

Astrologija je jednostavna i što zauzmemo jednostavniji pristup prilikom tumačenja,  pre ćemo dostići lepotu i jednostavnost u predikcijama. Postoje ciklusi, postoji vreme (Saturn), i Saturn će nam uvek dati, ako smo pre toga bili Istina. Očigledno je da je glavni zadatak za Penna upravo rad na odnosima, on u odnose ulazi, da bi ih okončao, jer radi se o zovu prošlosti (Saturn), i tu on mora da“čisti“. Ovo će biti drugi Saturnov povratak za njega, i sada je i on drugačiji nego te 1989. god., kada se prvi put razveo, ako je naučio nešto za ovo vreme – odnosi ispred mogu ovaj put potrajati duže, a neki može opstati kroz vreme. Očigledno je da je na profesionalnom planu do sada, više živeo svoju Istnu nego na privatnom, no, ponavljam, već tokom 2018 će imati priliku da samom sebi pokaže šta je naučio kroz proteklo vreme. Sa dobrim Saturnom u 1 i Mesecom u 7, svakako da ima potencijal da od odnosa kroz vreme napravi trajnost. Konačno, iz ugla moderne astrologije, Saturn je egzaltiran u sedmom znaku, znaku Vage, što odgovara 7. kući u svačijem horoskopu (brak, odnosi). Šta je to čemu treba da težimo kroz odnos? Upravo da potraje kroz vreme, a potrajaće samo ako smo od samog početka bili Istina, i to prema sebi, jer partner je samo naše ogledalo, on/ona - ne postoji!

Kako je Mesec i „Bumerang“, upravo je najjači tranzit za njega konjunkcija Saturna preko Meseca – što mu je i donelo prvog Oskara za film „Mystic River“. I čitav taj ciklus od prve konjunkcije tranzitnog Saturna na natalni Mesec do drugog dolaska tranzitnog Saturna na 5º Vage (u kvadrat na natalni Mesec 5º Raka) mu je bio najuspešniji jer je tada usledio i drugi Oskar za najbolju mušku ulogu u filmu „Milk“. 

U tom intervalu (2003-2010) počinje intezivno da se bavi i humanitarnim radom i da se politički angažuje u javnosti. Mesec u Raku treba da bude uvek otvoren, bez straha, pun optimizma, i onda će po prirodi stvari doći odnos kao posledica svega toga. Kada kažem odnos, onda podrazumevam odnos koji će da traje u vremenu (Saturn, Jarac je preko puta Raka)...

Savetovati Mesecu u Raku da zatvori svoje srce i da se ne saoseća sa tuđom patnjom je kao kada biste rekli reci da više ne teče. Naravno, što više je potrebno tu senzitivnost i empatiju koristiti kao – intuitivnost. Mesec u Raku jeste slika genetike,a genetika je naša reka, i u tu ima svega, tu žive sećanja, ta sećanja boje naše emocije, a emocije nisu naše, one su to sećanje... I kada to osvestimo, mi postajemo "emotivno laki" i svaki odnos za nas dobija samim tim lakoću...


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