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The New Moon at 27º Virgo & Athens Published: 13 September, 2017 I Author: Smiljana Gavrančić

The New Moon at 27º Virgo over Athens
Published: 13 September, 2017 I Author: Smiljana Gavrančić

The upcoming New Moon at 27º Virgo (20th Sept, 2017) I link with Athens, the capital of Greece! Why? It's well known that in my mundane work ("mapping Zodiac by degrees") I found out that Greece is "senstive" at 27º Virgo - Venus' fall degree, which is fitting so much if we take the fact how Greece is dealing with problems in economy (debts). Venus presents money too, so at 27º Virgo within the Zodiac we have problem with money. Ofcourse, the main meaning of 27º Virgo is an image of the girl who is alone (goddess Athens rejected her sexuality, she was so mental...). If we want to take something good from 27º Virgo, I would suggest you this  - let's learn to serve love, than all become easier. Also, we must keep our personal faith (Neptune and Jupiter  (rulers of Pisces - personal faith) are weak in Virgo, too).

So, I made a chart for Athens this time. I use in my work two charts of Greece: Greece Democracy 1974 and Greece 25th March, 1821. Both work very well for me!

I've notice that both Greece have Cancer as Asc. In the chart for the upcoming Full Moon at 27º Virgo we can see MC at 14º Cancer (Asc of Greece Democracy is 13 Cancer, Asc of Greece 1821 is 19 Cancer). New Moon will have 12º Libra as rising, and the New Moon will be in 12th house (secret enemies, secrets generally...). This is not so welcome house for New Moon (new, fresh, start), but, let's see more...

This is the good: this lunation leaves behind square with Saturn, so maybe some debts will be past, I say debts, because I've already said that having lunation on Venus' fall degree (27º Virgo) is an image of financial debts (if we are speaking about Greece). Also, there is an opposition with retrograde Chiron at 26º Pisces-some pain is also behind Greece (regarding money issues). 

The ruler of this lunation is Mercury at 12º Virgo 34' - Mercury finally left its shadow, so now there is an opportunity for people in Greece to find some truth (very close is 13º Virgo - Mercury's exaltation degree - I love to say for this place within the Zodiac - here is the end of silence, here we speak, here we think, here we make decisions). It is intereting that Greece 1821 chart has axis of lunar nodes over 13º Virgo/13º Pisces (South/NOrth Node)- and that was the place of the last Full Moon (6th Sept, 2017). Also, right now, progressed Sun of Greece Democracy 1974 is at 12º Virgo 17'-in conjunction with transit Mercury (ruler of New Moon 27º Virgo), and all in conjunction with South Node of Greece 1821! So, next year, when Uranus enteres Taurus (May 2018), progressed Sun of Greece 1974 will be exactly at South Node of Greece 1821! This must be so challenge time for Alexis Tsipras.?! Just to mention that he took office when his progressed Sun was crossing over South Node of Greece 1821! So, I would say that even there will be election in 2019, spring/summer 2018 is already a big challenge for Tsipras' chair!

Solar Arc Venus (money) and Mars of Greece 1821 are rigth now at 29º Virgo and 28º Virgo-so soon, there will be some change, regarding money issues, and regarding goverment and opposition in country (Venus rules 4th house of Greece 1821 - oppositon, Mars rules 10th - goverment). Tsipras' secondary progressed Mars is at 27º Virgo (Full Moon degree), and Mars rules his Moon 26º Scorpio (people in Greece). When Uranus enters Taurus (May 2018) the Moon will be at 26ºTaurus, "calling out" Algol and it will put Greece and many other countires all over the world in fixed Grand Cross over 26º. It will be a big challenge, to free some blocked energy (money is energy too).

I always say how Tsipras is so important leader for Greece because he was born on 28th July 1974 and Greece Democracy chart was born on 24th July 1974. So, there is Sun/Neptune trine in both charts. Dispositor of Full Moon 27º Virgo is Mercury 12º Virgo 34' -the end of shadow, the end of silence, and Mercury makes opposition with retrograde Neptune at 12º Pisces 27' (separation oppositon). So, as from 12th house (secrets) the New Moon (by dispositor) goes in 11th  (Aquarius house) we should be ready to find out some secret, some change may happen there...Maybe people in Greece won't love that secret, but as Neptune is in Pisces ("at home"), let's hope it is not something so bad...

Greece Democracy 1974 has the Sun (prime minister) in 2nd house (financial system of country), at 0º Leo, in applying wide sextile with Uranus in Libra. When transit Uranus enters Taurus (May 2018) and "hits" Sun from the chart of Greece 1974 - I would say some big change regarding financial system will come. It may be some kind of "freedom" for Greek's people, too, some financial revoulution. 

On 19th January 2018 , Saturn from Capricorn will make oppositon with Venus (money) in 12th in Greece Democracy 1974 chart. As Venus and Saturn are in conjunction in this chart, we may expect that transit will bring hard moments for Greek's economy, more pressures. Venus carries within herself Moon/Pluto conjunction from Libra in 4th and Uranus from Libra too-this all may be an image of Greek's who will want radical change in their lives. Also, opposition in country (4th house) may be the one who will somehow "make" people in Greece to start "revolution", some radical change... 

Last time Saturn made oppositon with Venus from Greece Democracy 1974 chart on 14th December 1988. Venus (money) was than at 25 Scorpio 24' (very close with Tsipras natal Moon 26 Scorpio). Greece became EU member in 1981, so after 7 years (Saturn period) there was the first opposition  of  transit Saturn to natal Venus of Greece 1974!

The New Moon (20th Sept, 2017) will have strong applying inconjunction with retrograde Uranus (risk) at 27º Aries, and tranist Jupiter will make very soon opposition with Uranus too-one more sign that for the Greek's economy there will be some challenge period which the Full Moon at 27º Virgo "opens".

We know that the influence of one lunation is till the next one of the same type, so around 27/28 days. It will be interesting to follow what happens in Athens (capital of Greece).


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All charts were taken from The Book of World HOroscopes by Nicholas Campion
Greece 1821-25th March, 1821 (12pm), Athens-Asc 19 Cancer
Greece Democracy 1974 - 24th July, 1974, 4pm, Athens- Asc 13 Cancer 
Alexis Tsipras-www.astro.com 
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