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Sex and the City Author: Smiljana Gavrančić I Published: December 31, 2016

Sex and the City
Author: Smiljana Gavrančić I Published: December 31, 2016

I wrote this article on May 07th, 2012, in Serbian

Pilot episode is the testing episode, the premiere of TV series, and the horoscope of that moment presents the birth of the show itself, and carries within the important message of the Universe. Main characters, their lives and events in the whole show can be followed through the horoscope of the pilot episode, since that chart is the “seed” of the whole show…

June 6, 1998

When creators of the show “Sex and the City“ chose June 6, 1998 for the premiere, i.e. to air the pilot episode, did they know that the Skies actually “chose” that moment? Even more interesting detail related to the selection of the date for airing the message of this show to the Universe, besides the fact that this date contains two sixes, and we know the number six to be in the Venus (love) symbolism, is that in this 2012 year the show celebrates its 14th birthday, on the very date when there is the holiday in the Skies, the meeting of two lovers – conjunction of retrograde Venus and Sun, on June 6, 2012! Since this conjunction at 15º Gemini is being met with the North Venus Node at 16º Gemini, (the point taken by the Sun (love) in 7 (relationships) in the chart of the pilot episode of “Sex and the City” show), which is the rare opportunity to see the Venus crossing the Sun’s disc, it is to be expected that creators of this cult show prepare some novelties in the time to come…

At the beginning of this year it was officially confirmed that the show “Sex and the City” will continue, so we are to expect some new love stories from the characters in this popular soap. The show was finished in February 2004, and two movies were made in the meantime: “Sex and the City 1“ (2008) and “Sex and the City 2“ (2010). Since the Sun is the natural representative of the series 5 (love) and it is in 7 (relations, partnerships) in the chart of the pilot episode, it will be “touched” again on June 6, 2012…

Four Women

The storyline is placed in New York, and main characters are four women: Carrie, Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte. The show deals with open discussions on sex and love affairs, especially from the point of view of unmarried women without stable relationship, and it “moved” borders at the end of ‘90s of the previous century. During the whole show (1998 – 2004) these four women advocate free love affairs and financial independence, but actually every one of them only wants – love! In the end, each ended up in the arms of her “Mr. Right”!

Venus, being the essential signifier of love, is placed in the most beautiful spot in the chart of the pilot episode — in the 5th house (love) and in the sign of its seat, Taurus, where all its characteristics come to life — sensuality, passion, hedonism… Taurus is the sign of Moon’s exaltation, so all these girls (Venuses) certainly want closeness and family, but they also enjoy parties, restaurants, cocktails… Venus is at 9º Taurus, which is the degree associated with affairs and overdoing, because it is Sagittarius degree — so all these girls overindulge in pleasures.

Carrie cannot stop smoking, sometimes enjoys marihuana, shops excessively, all in the Venus symbolism, which brings her to bankruptcy in one moment (Venus square Uranus in 2nd house), while she is having a nice and safe relationship with Aidan, furniture designer, a young man who wants her faithfulness and loves her very much, while she cheats on him with Mr. Big, her great love from the past, whom she still loves, but who is also married now… Other female principle — the Moon is in 11th house, at 9º Scorpio, and at 11º Scorpio there is exalted Uranus (freedom), so the main characters are in a kind of internal “conflict”. “Free women” within (Moon in 11 in Scorpio, the sign of Venus’ exile) somehow “pulls downwards” all things representing the Venus in Taurus. If we also add that Uranus (independence) from 2nd house (finances) in Aquarius squares the opposition of Moon and Venus, then we see that the “main” issue here is their strong need to be financially independent. Uranus is the central spot of the fixed T-square and he carries the solution here. Additionally, the very Moon from 11, close to Uranus’ exaltation degree (free woman, independent woman) exalts Uranus in 2 in Aquarius, so this is depiction of a strong unconscious need (square) to realize that independence. On the other hand, Venus in Taurus, the sign where the Moon (closeness, family) is exalted – “does not like” Uranus, for Uranus in Taurus is in fall, so getting into stable (Taurus) love relationship would mean the fall of their freedom. But, since Venus in 5 (love) in Taurus still exalts Moon in 11 in Scorpio (free independent woman), the need for love, closeness, safety and family wins in the end, and it will even be awaken in the “most free” of all of them — Samantha!

Carrie is Jupiter in Pisces

Carrie is the main character of the show, she writes the weekly column “Sex and the City” for “New York Star” newspaper. Ascendant of the pilot episode is in Sagittarius (adventures, affairs), and Jupiter in 3 (writing) at 25º Pisces, close to Venus’ (love) exaltation degree (27º) – is depiction of Carrie who is in her columns in search of a ideal love, “Mr. Right”! Jupiter also carries Pluto from Sagittarius, the natural representative of the series 8 (sex), and the first applicative aspect of Jupiter is trine with Moon in Scorpio (sex), who is ruling 8th house (sex) which begin in Cancer, so Carrie writes about sex in her columns. She is regularly touring clubs, restaurants, enjoys cigarettes, sometimes even marihuana, cocktails — Pisces, Neptune, and the degree of Jupiter – Carrie, since it is close to the degree of Venus’ exaltation (pleasures), all that implies enjoying everything mentioned, and intercepted Jupiter (Carrie) still accentuates the series 12 – and the Ascendant itself at 12º Sagittarius. She has huge collection of shoes (Jupiter in Pisces and close to Venus’ exaltation degree – the most beautiful shoes), they are her fetish, especially Manolo Blahnik, and she spends a lot of money on them, for they cost as much as her monthly rent — she often finds herself in the situation that she cannot pay the rent for she had spent money on shoes. It is Neptune, the dispositor of Jupiter (Carrie), in 2nd house (money), retrograde (problem) and in square with Venus (shoes). She “lives for the fashion” regularly visits Fashion Week – Jupiter (Carrie) close to Venus’ exaltation degree. During the show she had several relationships, but her greatest love is Mr. Big. They tried relationship several times, but when Carrie gets involved with Russian artist Aleksandr Petrovsky and leaves for Paris, Mr. Big gets there and brings her back to New York. All this is depiction of intercepted Jupiter (Carrie) close to the Venus’ exaltation degree (artist), in Pisces (Pisces are related to Russia, for besides Aquarius, Russia also has a lot from Pisces, Neptune), squaring the Sun (Paris) in 7 (relations) at the star Rigel (16º Gemini), which implies that her relationship with charming, handsome and married Mr. Big is not yet finished (square). Square between intercepted (secret) Jupiter (Carrie) in Pisces (hotels) and Sun at Rigel (Mr. Big) is depiction of Carrie’s secret meetings with Mr. Big at hotels, while he was still married to Natasha, and she was involved with Aidan.

Samantha is the Moon in Scorpio

Samantha is sexually the most liberated character in the show. She tried almost everything. She is independent business woman, has her own PR agency, and sifts through men with ease. She is often in conflict with Charlotte (Venus in Taurus), who is personification of love in this show. At one moment Samantha finds out she has cancer, and she very bravely faces the disease… Moon in 11th in Scorpio, close to Uranus’ exaltation degree, in conjunction with Chiron (wound, pain) – depiction of Samantha Jones who faced the disease, but who is also crazy brave and free! Samantha loves to be financially independent – Moon at the degree of Uranus’ exaltation squares Uranus (independence) in 2 (finances), and she is often in conflict with Charlotte (Moon in Scorpio, where the Venus is in exile, is in opposition with Venus in Taurus).

But, since the disposition of the Moon (Samantha) – Mars at 9º Gemini, in semi-sextile with Venus (Charlotte) in Taurus, these two friends always reconcile in the end and Charlotte loves Samantha very much (Venus in Taurus exalts the Moon), although she does not understand her sexual freedom (Uranus is in fall in Taurus). Moon (Samantha) in 11, in Scorpio, opposing Venus in 5 and squaring Uranus is also depiction of Samantha involved with the painter Maria. The whole show “Sex and the City” gives a lot of time to gay population, which is confirmed in the very chart of the pilot episode through the typical aspect, i.e. code for homosexuality – Venus / Uranus square!

Still, in the end even Samantha, the greatest advocate of sexual freedom and independent life finds her “Mr. Right”. In the end of the show, we find Samantha in a committed relationship for the first time in her life, with a young model and actor. Dispositor of the Moon in 11 (Samantha) is Mars at 9º Gemini, in conjunction with Mercury (young man) in Gemini (youth), so she finds her place with a man much younger than her. Since Venus in Taurus, the sign of Moon’s (Samantha) exaltation, in 5th (love) creates semi-sextile with Mars (Samantha), then Samantha really finds love in the end, i.e. love (Venus) exalts and finds her…

Charlotte is Venus

Charlotte comes from a wealthy family (Venus in Taurus), works as an art dealer (Venus) in a gallery (Venus). As I have mentioned already, Charlotte is the very personification of love in the show “Sex and the City”! She strongly wished love, marriage, child (Venus in Taurus, where the Moon is exalted in 5 — love, children). She is the most conservative and the most traditional character in the show, and she even leaves the job in the gallery in order to devote herself to the family. Although she adores the family, even she married twice in the show (Venus square Uranus is depiction of divorce), and divorce is something she has hard time accepting (Venus is in Taurus where Uranus is in fall). Her second husband is the lawyer who represented her during the divorce, and she turned to Judaism because of him (Venus is in Taurus where the Moon — Jews is exalted). At the end of the show, two of them adopted small Chinese girl – Venus (Charlotte, the girl) in 5 (child) is in conjunction with Fortune, which is often depiction of accepting someone else’s child, i.e. adopting the child.

Miranda is Mercury

Miranda is pretty “cold”, dedicated to work, career, and she is successful lawyer. She is also very “mental”, a real depiction of Mercury in Gemini from the chart of the pilot episode of “Sex and the City” show. She was the first among her friends to buy an apartment and to become independent — Mercury in Gemini in trine with Uranus in 2 in Aquarius. She later marries her on-again, off-again boyfriend Steve, barmen, and gets his child — Mercury (Miranda) in conjunction with Mars (boyfriend) in which “lives” Saturn at 29º Aries – Steve is of the lower social status than Miranda, and the very 29º is depiction of Steve waiting for Miranda to accept him. She is also, as she often emphasized it in the show, Carrie’s voice of reason — Mercury in Gemini, since Carrie is represented by the intercepted Jupiter in Pisces, where Mercury is in fall, so Carrie’s reason is sometimes “slowed”!

Show’s main message

The horoscope of the pilot episode is in sign of the fixed T-square. Uranus in 2 in Aquarius, being the central planet here, squares the opposition of Venus and Moon through the axis 5/11. Wish for financial independence will at one moment exalt all those women (Moon close to the Uranus’ exaltation degree) and strongly attract them, so they have to go through that all in order to realize that the true love is something they need the most. Venus (love) is the strongest in this configuration, it is in its domicile (Taurus) and in 5th house (love), so it lasts with all its characteristics and aids the “free woman” (Moon in 11) in living her dream (exalts it), but still has a problem to accept all that is unconventional and free (Uranus is in fall in Taurus). Uranus (independence) is in the sign of its domicile (in Aquarius), but it is in 2nd house, the house of its fall (Uranus naturally “falls” in the second sign, the sign of Taurus), so, love conquers here!  

June 6, 2012 and continuation of the show “Sex and the City”

As I mentioned before, at the beginning of this year there was announcement of continuation of this cult show, and 14th birthday of the pilot episode certainly “awakens” something new, since the Sun (love) at 16º Gemini in 7th house from the pilot episode chart will be “touched”. As was announced, new show would be aimed at younger audience (Gemini) and with deal with the story of how it all started, i.e. it will describe the teenage years of Carrie Bradshaw and her friends. But, since the Sun in the chart of the pilot episode also represents Mr. Big, is the Universe announcing some new love activities between him and Carrie? Maybe the third part of the movie “Sex and the City”? Since the Sun (Mr. Big) is at Rigel, and in square with Jupiter (Carrie), this love story is somewhat unfinished, so the continuation is possible…

It seems that the decision on the “Sex and the City” show continuation was brought a lot before we officially found out about it. Heaven decided on that June 6, 1998… 

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Uranus in Taurus 2018 – Where is this world going? Author: Smiljana Gavrančić I Published: December 13, 2016

Uranus in Taurus 2018 – Where is this world going?

Author: Smiljana Gavrančić I Published: December 13, 2016 
It was first published in Serbian: August 01st, 2016

This article was my topic at the 48th AA GB conference (September 11th,  2016) and in The Astrological Lodge of London (September 19th, 2016). The Astrological Journal UK will publish  an extract of  this article during 2018

On May 7, 2016 it was exactly 16 years since Vladimir Putin became the head of the world's largest state. That period coincides with the renewed rise of Russia, its influence in the world and its reputation that was not very good following the dissolution of USSR and the time of Yeltsin rule.

Few days before his official election as President on May 7, 2000, Vladimir Putin gave interview for BBC and appeared as a man who would, at least, be the partner of the West, open for any cooperation. He then stated that "Russia is part of the European culture", and even did not exclude the possibility of Russia entering NATO, which seems to be pure science fiction today.

"I cannot imagine my own country in isolation from Europe and what we often call the civilized world" - said the then new President.

The Western press liked this fairly unknown official at first. They described him as a man who combined the liberal orientation with the hardness that "Russian people seem to like".

After Yeltsin's Russia, that was ruled by crime and lawlessness and whose reputation was at its lowest, Putin managed to completely overturn the situation. You may love him or not, but the fact is that he is one of the most influential politicians of XXI century, and a very important figure on the chessboard of the world's political scene.

From year to year of his rule, Vladimir Putin kept increasing his power. It started in 2004, after he signed the law that enables the President to appoint regional governors. A kind of "political partnership" that he has with Dmitry Medvedev enabled him to get the Presidency in 2012 after spending four years as the Prime minister. In the meantime, Russian Duma adopted the amendment to the law that extends the term from 4 to 6 years. If he decides to run again in 2018, and he wins that election, Vladimir Putin will become the man who had been the head of Russia for the longest time. He will defeat Leonid Brezhnev who spent 18 years in that position, and even Joseph Stalin.

Fixed star Algol & 19º Libra (the fall of the Sun)

From the point of view of Bolshevik Russia (which still vibrates in the consciousness of Russian people) for May 2018 (when the new/old President starts his new mandate of 6 years, until 2024), there is the Sun (President, ruler) in secondary progressions at 26º Aquarius, while Saturn in Solar Arc directions is at the very Ascendant of Bolshevik Russia, at 26º Scorpio! Saturn is always about assuming huge responsibility, and the position at the Ascendant of Bolshevik Russia is depiction of assuming responsibility by the official Moscow as the capital of Russia. All this will activate 26º Taurus, i.e. fixed star Algol, which is related to the Moscow itself! More specifically, 26º of fixed signs are related to Russia (take a look at my article "Russia and 26 º of fixed signs – Presidential elections 2012", which I wrote in 2011) and they have been always active through the history when it is about the most important events for this country, because they activate the malefic star Algol. When talking about Algol, there is always some "head falling", as well as with 19º Libra (degree of Sun's fall) there is the "fall", i.e. "losing of head" literally of some important figure, some important ruler. This is also the degree that Russia as the country is "sensitive to" (take a look at my article "Russiaand 19º Libra“ written in October 2014). From the point of view of fixed stars, the Russian capital -- Moscow has the story of Algol accented, since the first Russian imperator, Ivan the Terrible, installed the guillotine in front of Kremlin, which corresponds also to the degree of Sun's fall, 19º Libra! Stalin's postwar "purges" are also in accordance with this degree. In this country, human heads (the Sun) were often "falling“, as was the case with the last royal family -- the Romanovs, so it is not coincidental to relate this degree of 19º Libra (Sun's fall) to this country…

The chart of USSR is also interesting. The Moon is almost at Algol, while Saturn (the ruler of 10 – country's reputation, Soviet leaders) occupies the degree of Sun's fall – 19º Libra! Although Saturn is in exaltation in Libra, it is still the degree of the Sun's fall!

When Vladimir Putin first came into power on May 7, 2000, the Moon (people, electorate) of Bolshevik Russia in secondary progressions was at 26º Leo. The ruler of the 10th house of Bolshevik Russia (country's reputation, President), the Venus, was retrograde in secondary progressions and at 27º Aquarius 01’, i.e. going towards 26º Aquarius. Retrograde Venus in secondary progressions was a sign that the same man might come to power several times, and that it might be the man with the Sun in Venus' sign, the Libra, which is the case with Vladimir Putin, who has the Sun at 13º Libra! I wish to add that tertiary progressions of Bolshevik Russia for May 2000 "called upon" fixed star Algol, since Mercury was at 26º Scorpio and it was retrograde, and it carries Jupiter at 9º Gemini (one of 4 royal stars in the skies -- Aldebaran, "The Keeper of the East“) and Mars (disputes, wars) in Virgo in 9th house (abroad). Russia as a country has the strong, deeply unconscious (the nature of the square) need to go to actions (square has the nature of Mars – action) led by its own justice (nature of the star Algol). Being retrograde here implies this is about negotiations that will unfold in two rounds at least, that negotiations related to the world's conflicts will not succeed in the first try.

On that May 7, 2000 secondary Venus from the chart of New Russia was at 26º Taurus, exactly at the fixed star Algol, which announced the man coming to power would be mythological Perseus and will administer the justice in his country but also abroad, since the Venus in the chart of the New Russia rules 9th house (laws, abroad). I want to add that the secondary cusp of the 9th house was also at 26º Taurus, which additionally colors the picture! Vladimir Putin strives to "keep the Russian culture, moral and traditional values", and in accordance with that he changed some laws. Gay parades are forbidden in the next 100 years, and homosexuality is perceived as a disorder. Traditional heterosexual family is being respected, as well as the values of the Russian Orthodox Church. The law forbidding homosexuality for the next 100 years corresponds good with the fixed star Algol, telling the story of Gorgon Medusa and the "blocked sexual energy".

But, we must not forget Boris Yeltsin, the first President of Russian Federation (New Russia). On the day he took the office (July 10, 1991) his tertiary Moon (moves the fastest and "lowers" events to the level of 2 days) was at 24º Aquarius 16’, getting ready to cross over 26º Aquarius and activate Algol!
When he won the second mandate on Presidential elections in May 2004, Putin had in his secondary progressions the Moon (people, electorate) at 19º Aries (the degree of Sun's exaltation), which automatically activated 19º Libra (the degree of Sun's fall) that is related to Russia! During that same year Putin signed the law enabling the President to appoint regional governors. By this act Russia went back towards centralized power, which was strongly criticized by democratically oriented line.
Putin ruled during two mandates, until 2008, when he was succeeded by Dmitri Medvedev, and Putin went for Prime Minister position. In the meantime, the Constitution was changed so one may announce his candidacy multiple times. In 2012 Presidential elections Putin appeared as presidential candidate and became the President again. The elections were held on March 4, 2012.  Solar Arc Mars (conflicts, wars) was at 26º Aquarius, which automatically activated the fixed star Algol (26º Taurus). The position of Solar Arc Moon (electorate, people) in the chart of Bolshevik Russia for 2012 is also interesting -- it is at 26º Scorpio, which is also the Ascendant of Bolshevik Russia, and that also activates 26º Taurus (Algol). Finally, is we take a look at Solar Arc Moon (electorate, people) in the chart of New Russia, we find it at 26º of a fixed sign, Aquarius this time, at the same spot as Solar Arc Mars of Putin in that moment. All that strongly activates Algol (26º Taurus)!

Since every ruler is the long arm of the nation, even when he no longer lives, we can follow events in a country through predictive techniques of his horoscope, even after his death. So, let us take a look at horoscopes of some of the most important leaders of Russia:

Vladimir Ilyich Lenin has 26º Taurus, i.e. the fixed star Algol accented in his horoscope -- his Jupiter is there. Jupiter carries over the Venus from 16º Pisces, the ruler of 7th house (relations with other countries, everybody that stands across from Moscow). In 2012, when Putin became the President again, that Venus (diplomatic relations) in secondary progressions of Lenin was at 26º Leo and activated Algol (26º Taurus)! On the other hand, when Bolshevik Russia was created (and its horoscope still works fine, for the consciousness of Russian people still remained at the same level) -- in October Revolution on November 7, 1917, Lenin had the Moon (Russian people) in secondary progressions at 19º Libra, the degree of Sun's fall...  All this was a clear picture of Russian people, whose faith was not at all easy in USSR. Secondary Moon of Lenin was moving across Saturn at the degree of Sun's fall (fall of life) in USSR horoscope..., so, as is well known, Bolshevik Russia was created by the royal family paying for it with their lives…

Joseph Stalin also had 26º of fixed signs in his horoscope accented. It was his Mars (conflicts, wars) at 25º Scorpio 51’, very close to 26º Scorpio! When Putin became President for a second time (March 2012), Stalin's Solar Arc directions provided the sign along the road. Solar Arc Moon (electorate, people) was at 26º Aquarius, which was activated in Putin's chart through Solar Arc Mars, and in Solar Arc directions of New Russia's horoscope through the Moon. I must also add that when Stalin became the Prime Minister of USSR (May 6, 1941), his Solar Arc Asc was at the fixed star Alogl, i.e. at 26º Taurus!!! He remained at this position until his death on March 5, 1953.

After Stalin's death, Nikita Khrushchev became the leader of USSR. He took the office on September 14, 1953, when his progressive Sun was at 25º Taurus 00’, so during the following year it came closer to the important 26º Taurus (Algol)!

Leonid Brezhnev became the General Secretary of Communist Party Central Committee on October 16, 1964. His Solar Arc directions clearly "call out" Algol, for his IC/MC axis goes across 26º Leo/26º Aquarius, and the progressive Sun is at 25ºAquarius 24’, nearing 26º Aquarius!

The last USSR President

It all started with Vladimir Lenin, and ended with Mikhail Gorbachev. The last President of USSR was Mikhail Gorbachev, a man due credit for the end of cold war. When he became the USSR President, on March 15, 1990, his secondary Moon (Russian people) was exactly at 19º Libra! Secondary Moon moves 1º for 1 month.

Uranus in Taurus – then and now (1934 and 2018)

On May 15, 2018 Uranus will enter the sign of Taurus. If we do calculations for Greenwich time, which is the picture for the whole world, the Moon will be at 26º Taurus, in close conjunction with the fixed star Algol (from the constellation of Perseus), which always implies a kind of struggle, where the person in question is guided by his own, self-proclaimed sense of  justice. Asc will be at 8º Libra, Saturn at 8º Capricorn! Eighth degrees have Scorpio nature (wars, transformation). Mars from the horoscope of New Russia at 8º Aries, in 7th house (relationships with others), ruling 8th house (conflicts) will be activated. Also, Uranus at 8º Capricorn in 4th house (territory) in the horoscope of New Russia will be activated as well. Now I must go back to when the series of Uranus/Pluto squares started. The first square happened in June 2012, immediately after Putin took the Presidency again (May 2012), and it happened across 8º Aries/8º Capricorn. At that moment, Moon was at 27º Leo, and it activated 26º of the fixed signs! Then followed the Uranus/Pluto square across 13º, the so-called Grand Easter Cardinal Cross from April 2014, and in March 2014 Russia annexed Crimea. It seems that the Uranus entering Taurus will somehow seal the deal, finally defining (Saturn) issues related to the territory (Uranus in 4 - territory) with countries with which Russia is in a kind of diplomatic dispute (Mars from Russia's horoscope at 8º Aries in 7 – diplomatic relations, ruler of 8 – conflict) will be activated.

It is well known that Uranus spends about 7 years in each sign, and that its cycle lasts for 84 years  (7 x 12 ) – or more correctly, it takes 84 years for Uranus to circle the Zodiac. Last time Uranus was in Taurus, there was WW II (June 6, 1934). The man who started this war, Adolf Hitler, had Sun at 0° Taurus in his horoscope. It is interesting that in March 2018, when Russia will be having Presidential elections, immediately before Uranus entering Taurus (May 2018 – when new/old President officially takes the office) – secondary Asc of Hitler will be at 26º Aquarius, which will activate Algol (26º Taurus), the star related to Moscow. I have to add, when Hitler started WW II, his solar Arc Moon/Jupiter conjunciton was at 25/26 Aquarius – square with Algol! In his natal chart, he has Moon/Jupiter close to the nebula Facies (sickness,deaths), which is the picture of people who will die (both planets, the Moon and Jupiter –are weak in Capricorn).

When the Third Reich was founded (January 30, 1933), the Ascendant was exactly at Algol - 26º Taurus! Solar Arc IC/MC axis of the Third Reich for the moment of Uranus entering Taurus (May 2018) will be at 19º Libra/19º Aries! As I have already said, this axis is very important for Russia, for it is the axis of Sun's (head) fall and exaltation. But, more important here is the position of Venus (as the ruler of Asc of the Third Reich). The Venus will be at 26º Aquarius and will activate Algol (26º Taurus)! This is also the place where in antiscia (the mirror) Putin has his Asc (this will be discussed further in the text). Uranus was at 19º Aries, which activates 19º Libra (the degree related to Russia)!

WW II started on September 1, 1939 by the attack on Poland. In Poland's horoscope from 966 there is the Sun at 0º Taurus! In that moment Solar Arc directions positioned Chiron (the wound) at 25º Taurus 46’ (which is very close conjunction with Algol – 26º Taurus). But, the interesting thing is the following – when Uranus will be entering Taurus in May 2018, solar Arc Mars (conflicts) from the Poland's horoscope 966 will be exactly at Alogl (26º Taurus). I want to ask if the Uranus entering Taurus in 2018 means there will be a memory of WW II?

Finally, the horoscope antiscia of Vladimir Putin is also interesting, for all the cusps of houses are at 26º, and angular houses start at 26º of fixed signs (Asc 26º Aquarius, Desc 26º Leo, IC 26º Taurus, MC 26º Scorpio), to which the Russia is "sensitive“.

Prenatal eclipse is always a kind of unknown for us, because it happened immediately before one's birth and there is a sort of dark there, but also there is a strong memory as well. Putin's prenatal eclipse was a solar one, on August 20, 1952 at 27º Leo, which strongly activates 26º of fixed signs and clearly implies the very important role of this man for Russia and the world in the time to come, when Uranus (the change) will enter Taurus, with the Moon at 26º Taurus (Algol)!

Eclipses during Uranus stay in Taurus that will activate Algol!

During the pre-election year in Russia, on August 21, 2017 there will be a solar eclipse at 28º Leo 53’, activating 26º of fixed signs. Another solar eclipse will follow less than a month before elections (February 15, 2018 -- elections are usually held in March). This eclipse will be at 27º Aquarius 08’, activating the Grand Fixed Cross at 26º!

On November 19, 2021 there will be lunar eclipse close to Algol, at 27º Taurus 14’, which might be of crucial importance for Russia. Finally, on May 16, 2022 there will be lunar eclipse at 25º Scorpio 18’.

European Union

All this implies some pretty challenging time for Russia, but the world as well, since the Moon in the chart of EU is at 24º Taurus 20’, very close to Algol, and on the day of Uranus entering Taurus (May 15, 2018) the transit Sun will be exactly at 24º Taurus 44’. The Moon in EU chart is the part of the fixed T-square with Mars/Pluto in Scorpio and retrograde Mercury at 19º Scorpio (which carries over Chiron – the wound, injury), while Saturn at 23º Aquarius in 7th house (diplomatic relations) represents the focal planet of the T-square and the Russia itself (country traditionally related to the sign of Aquarius, where the Sun is in detriment). Saturn has a strong applicative trine with Venus at 19º Libra from the 3rd house (neighbors), so this is depiction of Russia in EU chart. The degree of Sun's fall where the Venus is situated is depiction of Vladimir Putin himself, who is Libra and who is also former (Sun's fall – ex) KGB officer.

Let us look now through prognostic techniques how Putin's rise to power was reflected through EU chart.

On May 7, 2000 when Putin became the President of New Russia for the first time, Solar Arc Mercury of EU was at 26º Scorpio 22’, which activated fixed star Algol, while the tertiary axis Asc/Desc (moves about 1º for 1 month) was at 19º Libra/19º Aries! This is the axis of Sun's fall and exaltation, and it is very important for Russia! Also, in the chart of EU there is the Venus in 3rd house (EU neighbors) at 19º Libra (the degree of Sun's fall). Venus carries the Moon on Algol, so this is the clear depiction of Moscow in EU chart! 

Moving along, when Putin was elected President for the second time on March 4, 2012 Solar Arc Sun of EU was at 26º Scorpio 58’, clearly calling out Algol! Sun in EU's chart is the ruler of Asc at 18º Leo, and it represents the official Brussels. Activation of Algol through that opposition tells that Brussels and Moscow will have disputes during Putin's present mandate.

When Putin annexed Crimea on March 16, 2014, his secondary Moon (people) was at 25º Leo 34’ (very close to 26º Leo), which was enough to activate 26º of fixed signs and Algol as well, and Algol fights for its own justice. Here we have deeply unconscious contents that are present both within the mind and actions of the leading EU woman, Angela Merkel, represented by the Moon in 10th house in EU chart, and in the official Moscow, given by the symbolism of Algol. Grand Fixed Cross forming across 26º tells that they confront each other on the matter of personal view of justice! Finally, in the chart of Ukraine, Mercury (as the ruler of Mars from Virgo – conflicts) is at 26º Leo and it is retrograde, clearly showing that Uranus entering Taurus might continue the conflict, because the Moon at 26º Taurus from the chart of Uranus entering Taurus will call out Ukraine as well! 

In March 2018, when Russia will be having elections, secondary MC of EU will be at the beginning of 27º Taurus, just having crossed 26º Taurus (Algol), while secondary Moon will be at 19º Aries, again activating 19º Libra (Russia)! 

Angela Merkel in 2017

One year before Uranus enter Taurus, Germany will be having federal elections, and Angela Merkel will likely announce her candidature again. But, if we take a look back to the moment when Putin was first elected President of Russia, we can see that Merkel's Solar Arc Jupiter (natal ruler of Asc – herself) was at 26° Leo 11’, which automatically "turned on" Grand Fixed Cross and Algol (Moscow)!. In 2018 when Russia will be having elections and Uranus will be entering Taurus (on May 15), her tertiary Mercury (the ruler of natal 7th -- anybody across from her) will be at 26° Scorpio, and her tertiary Venus at 19° Libra (degree where Russia also vibrates)! It is very probable for this woman to still be in power then and to be involved in important events for the world, together with Russia.

Jupiter/Saturn Grand Conjunction - December 21, 2020

During Uranus' time in Taurus (from May 15, 2018 until July 7, 2025), year 2020 is very important for there will be grand conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn at 0º Aquarius! Secondary Moon of Gavrilo Princip was at this same spot when he assassinated Archduke Ferdinand of Austria on June 28, 1914, which was the start of the WW I. It is interesting that Gavrilo also had his Saturn at 19º Libra (Sun's fall, degree at which Moscow vibrates), at the same place as Saturn in the horoscope of USSR. His secondary Ascendant for that moment was at 8º Capricorn, the spot that will be occupied by Saturn when Uranus will be entering Taurus in May 2018. All this activates Mars at 8º Capricorn in the horoscope of New Russia. During cycles of Uranus/Pluto squares -- from June 2012 until March 2015, there was the 100th anniversary of WW I (on June 28, 2014).

In 2020, Angela Merkel will have Solar Arc Moon at 19º Aries, activating 19 º Libra (Venus from the chart of EU – Russia), degree important for Russia, while Solar Arc MC of EU will be at 0º Gemini, supported by Jupiter/Saturn conjunction at 0º Aquarius. This might present the opportunity for EU to easily relate to some new laws and values. This is the big change for EU! Russia has its Ascendant (Moscow) ruler and ruler of 10th house (President) at 0º Gemini, so Russia and EU Government are connected at the same spot, and it is supported by the trine with Jupiter/Saturn conjunction!  Asteroid Hermes was at 0° Gemini when discovered, so this clearly implies the change of rhetoric that will follow Jupiter/Saturn conjunction, since it is leaving Pleiades, so-called Seven Sisters (29º Taurus).
This conjunction cycle is one of the most important in mundane astrology, and it deserves our attention. It is very important for determining the phase human kind is in, and it clearly demonstrates social structures, conditions and changes in it.

This cycle repeats every 20 years, being in each element about 240 years. If the conjunction was in Taurus for example, it takes 240 years to move to Gemini. During those 240 years there is 12 conjunctions in earth element, 4 in each earth sign.

Jupiter/Saturn 20-year cycle - Minima or Specialis - cycle with period between two consequent conjunctions.

240-year cycle in the same element - Media or Trigonalis – from the first conjunction in one element until the first conjunction in the next element.

Complete 960-year cycle - Maxima or Climacteria - going through all elements of Zodiac.  

The moment of Jupiter/Saturn conjunction going from one element to another is considered to be very important period, when the focus of the human kind is being changed. This change is called "Grand Mutation".

The last "Grand Mutation" was on January 26, 1842, when Jupiter/Saturn conjunction entered earth sign (this is regarded as the beginning of materialism).

The change to air element will happen on December 21, 2020, when Grand Mutation will happen at 0° Aquarius, which tells a lot about the coming change.

This cycle mostly affects events in Europe, but it is very much related to deaths of American presidents. 

United States – Secondary Moon at 0º Aquarius on December 21, 2020 and some new woman!

We must address the country with Sirius symbolism, and Sirius being the brightest star in the skies is also known as the Guardian of Europe. It is well known that this great world's power has the Moon at 25º Aquarius 28’(close to 26º), which nicely fits in the Grand Fixed Cross, that relates it, whether it likes it or not, with Russia and EU. The moment of Jupiter/Saturn conjunction at 0° Aquarius on December 21, 2020 is especially important -- secondary Moon in USA chart will be also at 0º Aquarius. I see it as an appearance of a very important woman that will bring big changes to USA and the whole world. In that same year in November there will be elections in USA, and this will be very important! The first woman that comes to my mind is the wife of the President Obama, who will be leaving White House soon after 8 years. In his chart, Obama has Jupiter at 0º Aquarius, while on December 21, 2020 his Solar Arc Moon (woman) will be at 0º Leo, activating 0º Aquarius! Is this maybe a sign that USA will have a female president in 2020, and a female with the colored skin, who will show USA and the world some new values and a new road… Remains to be seen... Obama has Moon trine Jupiter in his chart, so Solar Arc Moon opposing his natal Jupiter would here mean action with positive outcome.

At the end, I must add this – 26º Sagittarius (Galactic Center) is  something what i found in the charts of leaders who ruled so long  - Stalin and Brezhnev had Sun at 26º Sagittarius and MC, Vladimir Putin and Angela Merkel have there Mars. Galactic Center makes inconjunction with 26 º Taurus (Algol), as well as Hitler’s Asc from 26º Libra. 

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Lauren Bacall and Humphrey Bogart Published: December 12, 2016 I Author: Smiljana Gavrančić

Lauren Bacall and Humphrey Bogart
Published: December 12, 2016 I Author: Smiljana Gavrančić

Lauren Bacall, an actress with a mysterious look who got a chance to act in “film noir” because of her natural elegance and raspy voice (described by many as the most seductive voice in the history of movies), has in her natal chart the Venus in Leo in square with the Saturn from Scorpio. She met Humphrey Bogart – her great love – in 1944 while filming the movie “To Have and Have Not“! I would say that the movie title somehow implied the final result of their relationship…

Venus square Saturn

As we know, Venus in a non-harmonious aspect with Saturn is depiction of a considerably older partner (which was the case here, Humphrey being 25 years older than Lauren), but also the relationship that is limited in time… Venus at 7º Leo 14’ is very important in the chart of Lauren Bacall, because it represents the tip of a T-square with Saturn at 0º Scorpio 14’ and Moon at 28º Aries 37’. Through its dispositor (Sun) it goes to Virgo (the sign of Venus fall, the sign of solitude…), and Bogart left Lauren on January 14, 1957, when he died after the long and hard battle with illness (he died of throat cancer).

“I am really happy to have been married to Boggy and to have had such a fantastic relationship with him, although it was short (13 years)... I was stubborn, and he was patient, dear and funny, resourceful… man of honor and integrity, man who lived the life according to the Ten Commandments. Most of the time I felt awed by him…”

In 1944 Lauren was only 20 (Venus period) and had successful modeling career, while Humphrey was 45, had two failed marriages and was in the third that was not a lot better than the previous two. Humphrey Bogart grew up in a family where the kiss was unusual and rare display of affection (Venus - kiss, in Capricorn – rigidity, cold relations...), which later reflected in his emotional life. He was not known for his affairs, and he had a great capacity for tolerance (ruler of Ascendant in Taurus is the Venus at 28º Capricorn), but then she happened – Lauren Bacall! Her cat eyes and seductive glance won the famous Bogart. He was enchanted by her looks, beauty, openness and directness, and he could talk for hours about loving her. She was fascinated by his experience. He named her “Baby“, and called her that even when talking to other people, until the end of his life... Lauren Bacall was his first infidelity, his first and only affair with the leading female role.

The Venus (girl) in Bogart’s chart goes through its dispositor (Saturn) to the sign prone to affairs – Sagittarius, and to opposition with Neptune from Gemini! Also, there is applicative sextile of Saturn (Venus’ dispositor) with Moon (family) in Libra, in 6 (job), so with this young actress Bogart later had a family (they have two children, a son and a daughter), and he was also her partner in movies “The Big Sleep“, “Dark Passage“ and “The Key Largo“...

The first meeting...

She was very nervous while filming their first movie “To Have and Have Not“. In order to cover shivering she lowered her chin and looked at up the camera. That pose became famous as “The Look“, her trademark. All that enchanted Bogart, but little afraid of the huge age difference and possibility that she might leave him after couple of years for someone younger, he told her – “I was born again when you kissed me, I died when you left me. I lived for couple of weeks while you loved me.“ Young Lauren replied: “It does not matter how long it will last, better three years than none, but while it lasts – let it be beautiful...

So it was, and lasted longer than three years, beautiful all the time… This legendary couple of the “silver Hollywood“ was remembered by their movies and the everlasting romance of which Lauren still speaks today with the awe and great love for Bogart…

Bogart has Ascendant in Taurus, the sigh that loves family life, and the Venus (the ruler of Taurus) in Capricorn that loves tradition, family life, safety… On the other hand, Lauren has Ascendant in Cancer, and the cusp of 7 (marriage, partner) in Capricorn (in conjunction with Bogart’s Venus). As we can see, the ruler of Bogart’s Ascendant is in the sign of Capricorn, which is the sign of domicile for the ruler of 7 (Saturn) Lauren Bacall. All these are signs that Bogart might be a good partner for Bacall, as she is good partner for him. Her Ascendant is in Cancer, and the ruler – Moon, in Aries – the sign of domicile for the ruler of 7 (Mars) of Bogart.

I will add that Venus in Bogart’s chart is the planet describing his fourth marriage, so it is important for this analysis. Also, Bogart’s Moon (emotions, closeness) touched the cusp of Lauren’s 4 (closeness), while her Venus (series 7) is in his 4th house (closeness), Sun (natural representative of the series 5) in 5th house (love), and Moon activated the intercepted sign of Aries in his 12th house, so she was somebody who could feel his hidden (interception) inner world very well… All that was more than enough for love to emerge, apart from the fact that in the chart of Lauren Bacall there are indications of an older partner...

Although it is good to primarily focus to 7th house in marriage analysis, we must take into account that Lauren Bacall was Bogart’s fourth wife, so here her 1st house should be also analyzed for that house describes the fourth marriage (first marriage is 7, second marriage is 3rd house from 7 – which is 9, third marriage is the third house from 9 – which is 11, and fourth marriage is the third house from 11 – which is 1st house). In both cases (when looking at both her 7th house – house primarily describing the marriage, and her 1st house – fourth marriage) – Venus in Leo is the planet which is the tip of the T-square!

It is interesting that the first house (fourth marriage) start at 27º Cancer 43’, almost at the degree of Mars’ fall, so this describes Bogart, who participated in WWI and was wounded. He volunteered for WWII, but was refused because of his age. The first house is also occupied by Venus (essential signifier of relations, representative of series 7) which is the tip of a T-square with Moon at 28º Aries 37’ and Saturn at 0º Scorpio 14’. All that is depiction of a marriage that is limited in time, a family life that will become filled with sorrow, illness and finally death… (all that Saturn in Scorpio is). As I have already mentioned – dispositor of Venus in Leo is Sun in Virgo, which finally describes the result of this relationship – loneliness...

The wedding – May 1945

Bogart divorced his third wife in February 1945, and on May 21 the same year he married Lauren Bacall. All three former wives of Bogart were actresses, as was his last, the fourth one – Lauren Bacall. On the wedding day (May 21, 1945) transit Venus was at 21º Aries 02’ (direct, but still in the shadow), and in a wide separation square with Saturn at 8º Cancer 40’, so it is not strange that that date was selected for the wedding, for the square between Venus and Saturn is something that lasts in the chart of Lauren Bacall. Even if they had selected some later day, when Venus changed the sign, entered Taurus, left the shadow and made sextile with Saturn from Cancer – that would have not changed the destiny of this relationship, for the natal chart is always the basis for a life story…

If we take a look at secondary progressions of Lauren for the wedding day, we see secondary Moon (emotions, closeness, natural representative of series 4, here the ruler of her Asc, but also of the house describing the fourth marriage) at 0º Aquarius, in exact square with her natal Saturn at 0º Scorpio (ruler of her 7 – marriage), and in square with Venus from Davison relationship chart (joint horoscope) at 29º Aries 55’ (almost at 0º Taurus).

Even if planets from progression had harmonious aspects with natal and Davison planets, the final result would still have remained the same, for Lauren has in her natal chart relationship that is limited in time. I wish to add that the position of Venus in Davison at 29º (as the ruler of 7 – what relationship turns out to be in time, but also the younger person in the relationship —Lauren) one of signs that this relationship cannot last in time, although it is special (29º)... Here we may guess that it is about some karmic relationship between those two people, where one of them somehow leaves and leaves behind the emptiness in the life of the other…

The first Saturn return of Lauren Bacall

At the end, let us look at the first Saturn return of Lauren Bacall.

It happened in her 29th year, and since in this chart every house describes the period of about 2.5 years, it is interesting to look at the 2nd house, for this house describes the period her husband died (January 14, 1957). Chiron (wound, pain) is at the cusp of this house, and Saturn is the ruler of the 2nd house, just have been crossed over by the Sun (husband) – dispositor of her natal Venus at 7º Leo 14’, which is at the tip of T-square in her chart. All this is depiction of a possible loss (Saturn) of a husband (Sun) due to death (Scorpion) which certainly brings her the pain (Chiron)... This exact conjunction of the Sun and Saturn at 0º Scorpio also made opposition with Venus from Davison at 29º Aries 55’ (almost at 0º Taurus)...

Death horoscope

The very moment of Bogart’s death speaks of how much his relation with Lauren meant to him. Bogart died on January 14, 1957 at 02:25 (Los Angeles, California). Ascendant in that moment was at 21º Scorpio 18’, almost at the Ascendant in Davison (20º Scorpio 32’), and the ruler Mars was at 21º Aries (where transit Venus was at the day of their wedding), where Davison Mercury was, as well as the tip of T-square with the Moon in Capricorn and Mars-Neptune conjunction in Cancer.

Mercury rules 8 (the death of the older in the relationship, meaning Bogart) in Davison and at about 21 º Aries there was then a star from the constellation of Cetus (Baten Kaitos – Belly of the Whale), of Saturn nature, which often implies someone’s health is in jeopardy, and also implies the use of alcohol (which was true for Bogart)...

Life after Bogart’s death...

Although she had a short relationship with famous Frank Sinatra and was married to the actor Jason Robards (1961–1969) after Bogart’s death, in her biographies “Lauren Bacall By Myself“ (1978) and “Now“ (1994) Lauren Bacall wrote – “It is good to know, to be able to live alone… It is only necessary to accept…”, which fits in the disposition of her Venus in Leo (as the tip of T-square) – Sun at 23º Virgo..., and in the aspect – Venus/Saturn square...

Mitologija Sunca Aaron Spelling - početak 'reke', u krivni 'reke', i konačno, kraj 'reke'... Objavljeno: 23. Jun, 2019 I Autor: Smiljana Gavrančić

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