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Barbra Streisand - Love Is the Answer Originally Published: February 23, 2014 I Author: Smiljana Gavrančić

Barbra Streisand - Love Is the Answer
Originally Published: February 23, 2014 I Author: Smiljana Gavrančić

The planet in conjunction with South Lunar Node describes experiences person had in second life before this one, i.e. the life before the last. South Node is often considered as the spot of loss, although it is the normal flow of things, the liberation, since the symbolism of the South Node corresponds to the symbolism of 11th house, describing the liberation, but also the life before the last one. In order to receive new experiences, the liberation is necessary to occur before it, so every planet on the South Node is the planet one needs to get liberated from. If the planet has good aspects, the separation will be easier, and the person will be more ready to voluntarily reject it. Bad aspects imply loss and pain.

Venus on the South Node

When the Venus is in conjunction with the South Node, then it is about the very distant love story the person is very attached to. Only enough uranized Venus, i.e. the love that is not obligated and has no fear can succeed here. We knoe that the Venus is made of Uranus and Neptune, they are her parents, so it inclines towards freedom and sincerity (characteristics of Uranus), but also towards magic, silence and unconditional fate (characteristics of Neptune). It is the only way to overcome Saturn (fear, suspicion)… But, if it wasn't for Saturn, there would be no Venus (in mythology, Saturn castrated Uranus, and from the blood flowing from Uranus' genitals the Venus was born and ended up in the sea foam, in 12th sign, sign of Pisces, where is the place of her exaltation)… Often persons with Venus on the South Node find partner only to lose him, to go through the experience of separation and liberation. The more exact the conjunction - the stronger the feeling of loss and pain. Good aspect of Venus and Uranus significantly improves the situation, because it is necessary for Venus to liberated and clean.

Barbra Streisand

Famous American actress and singer, Barbra Streisand, the woman singing "Woman In Love", is Aries ascendant, while the ruler of the 7th house (relations) is Venus (essential signifier for relations), positioned in 12th house (last life), intercepted (problem, here it takes time to overcome the problem, the status of "being stuck"…) close to the very spiritual star Archernar from the constellation of Eridanus (speaking of a long travel through the underground river, a kind of "purgatory" one must pass before experiencing the light at the end of the tunnel), but which is also in conjunction with 5° (love) orb with South Node (loss, but also liberation). So, we might conclude that Barbra is even in this life (Venus as the ruler of 7th - relations) very much attached to some love story that has its roots not only in the previous life (intercepted Venus in 12 - last life), but in the one before that (Venus at the South Node). Here, it takes a lot of internal work, work on oneself, for the person to liberate himself from suspicions, fears, and to transform the fear into love and finally see the light, for the light enters the human being only if the door of love are opened

In this woman's chart, Venus is in applicative square with Jupiter, its dispositor (and the star Archernar is of Jupiter nature), and in a wide applicative opposition with the other dispositor, Neptune, so it is more than certain that in the field of relations, she would have gone through disappointments, separations from partners that eventually led her to liberation and to her present husband, the actor James Brolin (to whom she is the third wife, in accordance with the symbolism of 11th house - third marriage, but also the house of liberation), and to her true nature…

Elliott Gould

The first marriage happened in 1963, when she was 21 years old, at the very end of her Venus period (from 14-22 years). Her husband was the actor Elliott Gould, and they have a son Jason Gould. The marriage was finished after 8 years, in 1971. It is obvious that there had to be separation, and liberation as well, if we take into account her Venus, the ruler of 7th (the first marriage). "I was young, full of fears, suspicions, and I did not know how to deal with situation. Divorce and separation was the best solution, for both of us…"

James Brolin

There came many relations with famous and less famous men, but the only one who succeeded to fill her heart with peace, faith, to drive away all suspicions and fears is her present husband, the actor James Brolin, whom she met through a friend (symbolism of 11th house -- friends, life before last, liberation) in 1996, and married on July 1, 1998, when she was 56 years old. "It was the first time I felt no fear in love. It is simple, I am calm and quiet, and most importantly, I believe in love… Oh, this has been a long journey, I get married the second time at age 56, but I am not afraid, I know this is it… I am healed and ready for love, somehow cleansed…" -- said Barbra Streisand.

James Brolin had two marriages and three children (two from the first, and one from the second marriage). If we take a look at the Venus of Barbra Streisand, we see it carries the Sun (man) from 3° Taurus (the degree of Moon's exaltation) which is in separating conjunction with Mercury (children) at 8° Taurus, so this is depiction of the man in her chart that has behind him (separation aspect - the past) a wife/wives and children, big family… As all that is in the sign of Leo lives inside this Sun (man), then we see it carries the Moon (emotions, but here also the ruler of her 4th - closeness and 5th - love) that went over Pluto (deep transformation), and over Chiron (healing), so it is no wonder that Barbra stated she was transformed, healed and ready for love with James Brolin. This is also the picture of a man in her chart that can heal all her love wounds from the past…

Also, her Venus carries the strong conjunction of Saturn and Uranus at 28° Taurus, and both Saturn and Uranus are rulers of her 11th house, house of the life before the last, of liberation, but also of the third marriage (for she is Brolin's third wife, although he is her second husband, so her 11th house should be analyzed). Her Venus also has a wide applicative trine with Uranus and Saturn, so this might ease the circumstances in time and through time she may really experience love in the real sense.

In 1998, more precisely on July 1, the wedding day, directive Venus (moving 1° for one year) was at 11° Taurus 39' in trine-sextile with the natal node axis that goes across 12° Virgo 01' (North Node)/12° Pisces 01' (South Node), which is also the picture of partnership activation (with ease) described by the node axis…

First Chiron's return -- 1991

Well, as asteroid Chiron is between Saturn (old) and Uranus (new), and represents a bridge of a kind, it is interesting to take a look at Barbra Streisand's chart of the first Chiron's return that happened in 1991, five years before James Brolin had entered her life in 1996. The first Chiron's return happens around the age of 50, and that chart may often carry important message for every one of us.

As we can see, ascendant is in Taurus, while its ruler, the Venus, is in the 5th house (love) and in a strong conjunction with Jupiter (happiness). This conjunction has a nice trine with the ascendant, but it is also the part of the trine with Moon, Uranus and Neptune in Capricorn, all emphasizing the possibility that this woman might come to realization in the field of love, and realize her dreams… to materialize the story (the accented earth element in the chart). Of course, the extremely important is the fact that Venus is in harmonious aspects with node axis this time, as is the position of the Moon (ruler of her natal 4th - closeness, and 5th - love) at 12° Capricorn in exact trine-sextile with her natal node axis that goes across 12° Virgo/12° Pisces.

In the end, let us take a look at diurnal (daily horoscope) of Barbra Streisand for her wedding day - July 1, 1998.

Right here we see the position of transit Chiron (healing) at 12° Scorpio, also supporting her natal node axis (by which the primary partnership in her, represented by the node axis, and more important than the one represented by ascendant-descendant axis, got its opportunity to heal), but the Moon as well (emotions) from the chart of Chiron's first return (sextile) at 12° Capricorn.

"Love Is the Answer"

On September 29, 2009 the album titled "Love Is the Answer" was released, by which Barbra Streisand sent a strong message to the Universe… By this album Barbra and James celebrated 11 (symbolism of the South Node, liberation, series 11) years of marriage.

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Demi Moore and “shadow” Publish: November 16th, 2015 I Author: Smiljana Gavrančić

Demi Moore and “shadow”
Publish: November 16th, 2015 I Author: Smiljana Gavrančić

Trinity of Love: Eros, Philos and Agape

Ancient Greeks spoke about three separate aspects of love: Eros, Philos and Agape. Eros is sexual, romantic and erotic love. It includes physical attraction, desire and bonding, and sometimes also possession and possessiveness. This type of love exists to ensure the continuity of the species.

Philos corresponds to brotherly love. It is the affection towards friends that usually lasts long. Eros is the burning love of sexual passion. Philos contains a little from Eros, but Philos is the feeling that you desire the best for the other soul.

The third aspect of love is Agape – spiritual love of God and his heavenly kingdom. It is the purest of all loves and is devoid of ego. Submission, sacrifice and loyalty are recognition signs of Agape. One of the greatest ironies of life is that the realization of Agape is preceded by loss, sorrow, physical pain or the death. In esoteric tradition this type of love is described as “washed in the blood from the heart”. 

Contemplating this Holy Trinity we must think of the possibility of the fourth condition, necessary for those three loves. It is human body, known as the Temple of Living God in esotery, described as the rare gift by spiritual teachers in all religions. It is given to the soul only after death in the lower levels of creation. Creator made it alive by connecting it with the God by the silver cord that cannot be broken.

Godly astrological science also explains the threefold manifestation. There are cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn) and angular houses of physical action (1, 4, 7 and 10), fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius) and succedent houses of feelings (2, 5, 8 and 11), and mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces) and cadent houses of mental spheres (3, 6, 9 and 12). Which of the three astrological crosses illustrates the trinity of love of Eros, Philos and Agape? Trinity of love may be found in the fixed cross!

Fixed cross and succedent houses

Where may be love found in the horoscope? A lot is written about the 7th house – the house of marriage and its connection to the sign of Libra – the sign of the marriage and Descendant. This is still only the outer frame of relations, because Saturn, which is exalted in Libra and in the 7th house, rules the form and structure.

If the love is hidden in horoscope, where it might be found?

Our physical body – the Temple of Living God – is at the bases of the cross that contains three forms of love, and is symbolized by the Taurus and the second house. Eros – the sexual love – is in the fifth house, the house of the sexual intercourse, that is connected to Leo, the sign of love and children. The love that is not sexual – Philos – is located opposite of Eros, in the eleventh house of friendship, and is connected to the Aquarius, the sign of brotherly love. And in the end, opposite of the body temple is Agape, spiritual temple in the eighth house of losses, which is analogue to Scorpio. Eighth house is often described as the house of death of ego, dark side of the soul and mystical experiences. From this diagram that connects the fixed cross situated in succedent houses, it is clear that human consciousness experienced love in its all three forms.

In order to understand how the client experiences love, take a look at the signs at the cusps of succedent houses. Cardinal signs often describe an active life in relationship, where the soul constantly initiates the connection with others. Even after painful heartbreaks and losses, these souls will always make new relationships in their lives. Fixed signs at cusps of 2nd, 5th, 8th and 11th house usually describe happy souls that steadily stay married for more than 30 years to the same person. With fixed signs at this place, the opposite is possible sometimes – people staying in celibacy for years, choosing not to be in sexual relationship. Mutable signs at cusps of succedent houses often describe people who are mentally preoccupied with the concept of partnership, but are not always ready to enter the dedicated sexual relationship as marriage. It is even very often the case that they have more than one lover simultaneously, which really takes the trick of one’s mind if planning to keep each of those relationships. For example, the ruler of the 5th house of Eros in trine with the ruler of the 11th house of Philos implies that former lovers remained friends. Square, opposition (as well as “difficult” conjunction of two malefic) of these two rulers indicates unpleasant ending of the love relationship. Of course, it is always good to take a look at disposition, as the final state of the things.

The deepest dimension of love is Agape, and it cannot be erased even by death. When the love for a human being remains in the heart after that person is separated from you and went to God, take a look at the ruler of the 8th house. The ruler of the 8th house (we will use Mars as the ruler of Scorpio, Jupiter as the ruler of Pisces and Saturn as the ruler of Aquarius) holds the key of the most hidden love of the soul – Agape. It basically symbolizes the light at the end of the tunnel of loss or death.

Demi Moore and Bruce Willis

Let us look now at the horoscope of the famous American actress Demi Moore, since it is excellent for this topic. The first thing we see is fixed T-square across succedent houses. The Moon (essential signifier of emotions) is in Taurus (as the ruler of 5 – Eros) in the 2nd house (physical body). Mars, essential signifier of passion (the ruler of 8 – Agape) is in Leo in the 5th house (house of Eros). And there is stellium in Scorpio (8th sign) in the 8th house (Agape) – Mercury, Neptune, Sun and retrograde Venus. Here, the conjunction of the Sun and retrograde Venus is especially interesting – it is so-called the “lower conjunction”, which certainly brings this woman strong karmic relationships that deeply change her. When your birth happened in the time of retrograde Venus, who almost touched the Sun (in Demi Moore’s case), it is more than certain that you will have very important love stories in your life. Her second husband, the famous actor Bruce Willis, “puts” Saturn at her retrograde Venus and Sun, which tells that their story is very karmic and that the person owning Venus (Demi) has some karmic debt towards the person owning Saturn (Bruce), and it also tells that this relationship is limited in time. Also interesting is the following – Bruce has his Venus at 17° Aquarius, exactly across her Mars (as the tip of her T-square) and practically he “puts” Demi into fixed grand cross! We can now say that this is the “shadow” – Bruce here activates her shadow and there are two questions here: to stay in such a relationship and take all the good of higher consciousness, or to leave it, for it continuously activates the shadow. Bruce Willis is actually helping Demi Moore to reach her hidden depths that were unknown to her before, but also to revive Philos (friend love). The same happens when the partner put us into T-square or Yod through synastry, so the shadow is not only activated by the grand cross. When those three configurations (T-square, Yod, Grand Cross) are seen in synastry or composite horoscope, and if they contain lights (Sun, Moon), Venus or Mars – the partner activates the shadow. This makes the relationships unstable, but at the same time these very relationships open the door to consciousness.

Of course, if we analyze the relationship of these two people further, the conjunction of his Moon in Aquarius with her South Node and Saturn is striking, speaking of strong karmic relationship. Also in synastry, these two people have conjunction of her Moon in Taurus and his Mars, so the strong passions at the beginning might have turned into conflicts and arguing. It is very possible that her heart (Moon) was too sensitive to some of his actions (Mars in Taurus, in exile). His Venus is opposing her Mars – an aspect of strong physical attraction. I must emphasize that we usually get into relationships with people with whom we have strong conjunctions and oppositions. Squares, trines and sextiles are not of much importance. Bruce Willis has fixed grand cross in his horoscope, and Demi only additionally activates it. Venus from Aquarius is in his 5th house (house of Eros), Saturn in 2nd house (house of physical body), Mars in Taurus in 8th house (house of Agape), while his Pluto is in 11th house (house of Philos, brotherly love). Demi Moore needs Willis’ Aquarius, i.e. his Venus, because with his Venus she is given the opportunity to dive deep into her hidden parts and to reach consciousness, although this relationship is never easy. There are many losses here, on both sides, but those two people remain in good, friendly relation after all.

If we finally take a look at Antiscia chart of Demi Moore (more famous as the shadow horoscope), we see stellium in Aquarius, which only confirms how much she needs of this sign to be complete and live as a conscious being. In Davison Relationship Chart these two people also have fixed grand cross, and I want to emphasize Chiron (healing) at 20° Aquarius, very close to the Venus of Bruce Willis which activates “the shadow” of Demi Moore. From the point of view of karmic astrology, very interesting is also the Venus at 9° Aquarius, the same spot where retrograde Venus in her Antiscia is. There is no doubt that this relationship is very important to her, and she has some past-life memory regarding it. Also, in Antiscia Bruce has Saturn (natal ruler of 5 – love, Eros) also at 9° Aquarius!

Marriage to Ashton Kutcher

After divorcing Bruce Willis, the next husband of Demi Moore was Ashton Kutcher, the famous American actor. It is interesting that he also helped her to reach into hidden parts of herself and to activate the shadow. He has stellium in Aquarius, 4 personal planets – Sun, Moon, Venus, Mercury. Mercury rules his ascendant in Gemini, and is touched by her South Node, which indicates the strong karmic background of this relationship, where she “swallows” him somehow, or mildly speaking, she “painfully transforms” him. But, his Sun, Moon and Venus activate her fixed T-square and help her significantly on her way to gaining the higher consciousness, just like Bruce Willis helped her. It is probably clear now why Bruce Willis is in friendly relation with Ashton Kutcher – Bruce’s Venus is in conjunction with Ashton’s stellium in Aquarius, and his Moon is exactly on Ashton’s Mercury. As Demi “painfully transforms” Ashton’s Mind (Mercury) with her South Node, she did the same to Willis’ heart (Willis’ Moon in conjunction with her South Node). Ashton himself has fixed T-square, with Uranus at the top, and with the help of Demi’s Moon from Taurus and also Bruce’s Mars from Taurus he is given the opportunity to reach into hidden parts of himself and reveal his shadow with the help of those two people. His shadow certainly lives across his Uranus at 16° Scorpio – in Taurus, where the conjunction of Demi’s Moon and Bruce’s Mars is.

When Ashton Kutcher entered her life, Demi Moore started practicing kundalini yoga, that powerfully affects transformation of mind and helps to reach deep into our hidden parts, to become conscious being. Interestingly, since I found the degree for Kundalini Yoga (15°  Aquarius) -  right across her Mars as the top of her fixed T-square. More precisely, kundalini yoga is her SHADOW, and with her love relationships she managed to reach this discipline – both Bruce and Ashton were kind of bridge to kundalini yoga.

Since Agape is the deepest love, and since it is reflected in the strong conjunction of Bruce’s retrograde Saturn with Demi’s “lower conjunction” of Sun and retrograde Venus in Scorpio, it is a question whether those two people would ever terminate their story. In fact, it is terminated by divorce, but Saturn has a habit of returning to the old ways. Since they are friendly to each other, it is always possible to easily “glide” into relationship… It remains to be seen, especially when the recent new Moon at 19° Scorpio (November 11, 2015), whose Antiscia (the shadow, mirror) is at 10° Aquarius 59’ (very close to mentioned 9° Aquarius) certainly opened some possibilities. Here even the death (Scorpio) cannot change anything, for death is the new beginning… 

Astrology A Language of Life, Volume IV - Relationship Analysis, Robert P Baschke

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Demi Moore i "senka" Objavljen: 16. Novembar, 2015 I Autor: Smiljana Gavrančić

Demi Moore i "senka"
Objavljen: 16. Novembar, 2015 I Autor: Smiljana Gavrančić 

Trojstvo ljubavi: Eros, Filos i Agape

Stari Grci su govorili o tri odvojena aspekta ljubavi: Eros, Filos i AgapeEros je seksualna, romantična i erotska ljubav. Ona uključuje fizičku privlačnost, želju i vezivanje, a ponekad i posedovanje i posesivnost. Ovaj tip ljubavi postoji zbog produženja vrste.

Filos odgovara bratskoj ljubavi. To je privrženost prjateljima koja najčešće dugo traje. Eros je goruća ljubav seksualne strasi. U Filosu postoji malo onoga iz Erosa, ali Filos je osećaj da želite najbolje drugoj duši. 

Treći aspekt ljubavi je Agape - spiritualna ljubav za Boga i za njegovo nebesko carstvo. To je najčistija od svih ljubavi i lišena je ega. Pokoravanje, žrtva i odanost su za Agapini znaci raspoznavanja. Jedna od najvećih ironija u životu jeste da konačnom postignuću Agape prethodi gubitak, tuga, fizička bol ili smrt. U ezoterijskoj tradiciji ova ljubav je opisana izrazom "opran krvlju iz srca". 

Razmišljanjem o ovom Svetom Trojstvu razmatramo mogućnost četvrtog uslova, koji je neophodan za ove tri manifestacije ljubavi. To je ljudsko telo, u ezoteriji poznato kao hram Živog Boga, koje  spiritualni učitelj u svim religijama opisuje kao redak dar. Ono se daruje duši samo posle smrti na nižim nivoima kreacije. Stvoritelj ga je oživeo povezavši ga sa Bogom srebrnom vrpcom koja se ne može pokidati. 

Božanska astrološka nauka takođe objašnjava trostruku manifestaciju. Postoje kardinalni znaci (Ovan, Rak, Vaga i Jarac) i ugaone kuće fizičke akcije (1, 4, 7 i 10), fiksni znaci (Bik, Lav, Škorpion i Vodolija) i sledujuće kuće osećanja (2, 5, 8 i 11), i promenljivi znaci (Blizanci, Devica, Strelac i Ribe) i padajuće kuće mentalnih sfera (3, 6, 9 i 12). Koji od tri astrološka krsta ilustruju trojstvo ljubavi Erosa, Filosa i Agape? Trojstvo ljubavi se može naći u fiksnom krstu!

Fiksni krst i sledujuće kuće

Gde može da se nađe ljubav u horoskopu? Mnogo je napisano o sedmoj kući - kući braka, i njenoj povezanosti sa znakom Vage - znakom braka, i Descendentom. Ovo je jos uvek samo spoljašnji okvir odnosa, jer Saturn, koji je egzaltiran u Vagi i u sedmoj kući, vlada formom i strukturom.

Ako je ljubav u horoskopu sakrivena, gde bi se mogla pronaći?

Naše fizičko telo - hram živog Boga - nalazi se u osnovi krsta koji sadrži tri oblika ljubavi, a simbolizuje ga Bik i druga kućaEros - seksualna ljubav - nalazi se u petoj kući, kući fizičkog vođenja ljubavi, a povezana je sa Lavom, znakom ljubavi i dece. Ljubav koja nije seksualna - Filos - nalazi se suprotno od Erosa: u jedanaestoj kući prijateljstva, a povezana je sa Vodolijom, znakom bratske ljubavi. I, na kraju, suprotno od telesnog hrama je Agap - spiritualni hram, nalazi se u osmoj kući gubitaka, koja je analogna Škorpionu. Osma kuća se često uzima kao kuća smrti ega, tamne strane duše i mističnih iskustava. Iz ovog dijagrama koji povezuje fiksni krst položen u sledujućim kućama, jasno se vidi kako je ljudska svest iskusila ljubav u svakom od njena tri izraza. 

Da biste razumeli kako klijent uopšte doživljava ljubav, pogledajte znake koji se nalaze na vrhovima sledujućih kuća. Kardinalni znaci često označavaju aktivan život u vezi, gde duša konstantno inicira vezu sa drugima. Čak i posle bolnih slamanja srca i gubitaka, ove duše će uvek iznova stvarati nove veze u svojim životima. Fiksni znaci na vrhovima druge, pete, osme i jedanaeste kuće obično stvaraju srećne duše koje nepokolebljivo ostaju u braku i više od trideset godina sa istim supružnikom. Sa fiksnim znacima na ovom mestu, ponekad je moguća i obrnuta situacija - da ljudi ostaju u celibatu godinama, odabirajući da ne budu u seksualnoj vezi. Promenljivi znaci u sledujućim kućama često označavaju duše koje su mentano preokupirane konceptom partnerstva, ali nisu uvek spremne da uđu u posvećenu seksualnu vezu kao što je brak. Čak je vrlo čest slučaj da imaju više ljubavnika istovremeno, za šta je stvarno potrebna prevara sopstvenog uma ako nameravaju da zadrže svaku od tih veza. Na primer, vladar pete kuće Erosa u trigonu sa vladarem jedanaeste kuće Filosa nagoveštava da su bivši ljubavnici ostali prijatelji. Kvadrat, opozicija (kao i "teška" konjunkcija dva malefika)  između ova dva vladara nagoveštava da se ljubavna veza neprijatno završila. Naravno, uvek treba pogledati i dispoziciju, kao konačno stanje stvari. 

Najdublja dimenzija ljubavi je Agape, koja se ne može izbrisati čak ni smrću. Kada  ljubav za ljudsko biće od koga ste sada rastavljeni, a koje je otišlo Bogu, još uvek ostane u srcu, pogledajte vladara osme kuće. Vladar osme kuće (koristićemo Marsa kao vladara Škorpiona, Jupitera kao vladara Riba i Saturna kao vladara Vodolije) drži ključ za najskrivenu ljubav duše - Agape. To bukvalno simbolizuje Svetlo na kraju tunela gubitka ili smrti. 

Demi Moore i Bruce Willis

Pogledajmo sad horoskop poznate američke glumice Demi Moore, budući da je sjajan za primer za ovu temu.  Prvo što uočavamo je fiksni T-kvadrat i to baš preko sledujućih kuća.  Mesec (esencijalni signifikator za emocije) je u Biku (kao vladar 5 - Eros), i nalazi se u 2. kući (fizičko telo). U Lavu i 5. kući (kući Erosa) nalazi se Mars, esencijalni signifikator za strasti (vladar 8 - Agape). I, u Škorpionu (osmom znaku) i u 8. kući (Agape) nalazi se stelijum - Merkur, Neptun, Sunce i retrogradna Venera). Ovde je posebno intersanta ova  konjunkcija Sunca i retrogradne Venere, tj. tzv "donja konjunkcija" što svakako ovoj ženi donosi jake karmičke veze koje je duboko menjaju. Kada ste rođeni u vreme retrogradne Venere, koja samo što nije napravila (u slučaju Demi Moore) dodir sa Suncem, više je nego sigurno da ćete tokom života imati vrlo bitne ljubavne priče. No,upravo njen drugi suprug, poznati glumac Bruce Willis "stavlja" Saturna na njenu retrogradnu Veneru i Sunce, što govori o tome da je njihova priča vrlo karmička i da osoba vlasnik Venere (Demi) ima neki karmički dug prema osobi vlasniku Saturna (Bruce), kao i da je ovaj odnos u vremenu ograničen.  No, ono što je zanimljivo još je sledeće - Bruce ima Veneru na 17º Vodolije, tačno preko puta njenog Marsa (kao vrha fiksnog T-kvadrata) i praktično Demi "stavlja" u Velki Fiksni Krst! Sada već možemo reći da je reč o tzv. "senci". Naime, Bruce ovde aktivira njenu senku i ovde se postavljaju dva pitanja: Da li ostati u ovakvoj vezi i požnjeti sva dobra više svesti, ili izaći iz nje, jer ona neprestano aktivira senku. Upravo Bruce Willis pomaže Demi Moore da pronikne u sopstvene skrivene dubine, koje su joj do tada bile nepoznate, ali i da oživi Filosa (prijateljsku ljubav) Isto se dešava i kada nas partner preko sinastrije stavi u T-kvadrat ili Yod, dakle, ne radi se o tome da se senka aktivira samo ako nas partner stavi u Veliki krst. Dakle, kada se ove tri konfiguracije (T-kvadrat, Yod, Veliki krst) nađu u sinastriji ili kompozitnom horoskopu, i ako sadrže svetla (Sunce, Mesec), Veneru ili Mars - partner nam aktivira senku. Ovo čini veze nestabilnim ali u isto vreme nam baš ove veze otvaraju vrata ka svesti. 

Naravno, ako bismo daje analizirali vezu ovo dvoje ljude, upečatljiva je konjunkcija njegovog Meseca iz Vodolije i njenog Južnog čvorai Saturna, što isto ide u prilog jakoj karmičkoj vezi. Takođe, ovo dvoje ljudi u sinastriji imaju konjunkciju njenog Meseca u Biku i njegovog Marsa,pa su se ovde početne jake strasti kasnije mogle pretvoriti u sukobe i svađe. Vrlo je moguće da njeno srce (Mesec) je bilo preosetljivo na neke njegove akcije (Mars u Biku je i izgonu). Njegova Venera je u opoziciji sa njenim Marsom, što je aspekt jake fizičke privlačnosti. Moram da naglasim, da obično ulazimo u veze sa ljudima sa kojima imamo jake konjunkcije i opozicije. Kvadrati, trigoni, sekstili-nisu od uticaja. Bruce Willis u svom horoskopu već ima Veliki Fiskni Krst, pa ga Demi samo dodatno aktivira. Venera iz Vodolije mu je u 5. kući (kući Erosa), Saturn mu je u 2. kući (u kući fizičkog tela), Mars mu je u Biku, u 8. kući ( kući Agape), dok mu je Pluton u 11. kući (kući Filosa, bratske ljubavi).Demi Moore treba Willisova Vodolija, tj. njegova Venera, jer upravo uz pomoć njegove Venere ona dobija mogućnost da pronikne duboko u svoje skrivene delove,da stvari osvesti, iako ovaj odnos nije ni malo lak. Ovde ima puno gubitaka, sa obe strane, ali ovo dvoje ljudi nakon svega, ostaju u lepim, prijateljskim odnosima. 

Ako konačno, pogledamo i Antiscia chart Demi Moore (poznatiji kao senka horoskop) mi upravo nalazimo stelijum u Vodoliji, što je samo potvrda koliko joj je potrebno od ovog znaka da bi bila celovita i da bi živela kao svesno biće. U Davison Relationship chartu, ovo dvoje ljudi imaju takođe Veliki Fiksni Krst, gde ja posebno bacam akcenat na Hirona (iscelenje) na 20º Vodolije, veoma blizu Venere Bruca Willisa, koja aktivira "senku" Demi Moore. Takođe, zanimljiva, iz ugla karmičke astrologije je i ova Venera na 9º Vodolije, gde se nalazi i i retrogradna Venera u njenoj Antisciji. Bez sumnje, ona je jako vezana za ovaj odnos, i u vezi njega ima neko prošloživotno sećanje. Takođe, dodajem, da Bruce u Antisciji ima Saturna (natalnog vladara 5-ljubav, Eros) takođe na 9º Vodolije!

Brak sa Ashton Kutcherom

Nakon razvoda sa Bruce Willisom, njen sledeći suprug bio je Ashton Kutcher, poznati američki glumac. Zanimljivo je da joj je i on pomogao da pronike u svoje skrivne delove i aktivira senku. Naime, on ima stelijum u Vodoliji, čak 4 lične planete, Sunce, Mesec, Venera, Merkur. Merkur mu je vladar Asc u Blizancima, i dodirnut je od njenog Južnog čvora, što isto govori o jakoj karmičkoj pozadini odnosa, gde ona njega nekako "guta", ili blaže rečano "bolno transformiše". No, njegovo Sunce, Mesec i Venera aktiviraju njen fiksni T-kvadrat, i pomažu joj puno na putu osvešćivanja, baš kao što joj je pomogao i Bruce Willis. Sada Vam je sigurno jasno zašto je Bruce Willis u prijateljskim odnosima sa Kutcherom-Brucova Venera je u konjunkciji sa njegovim stelijumom u Vodoliji, a Mesec je tačno na Ashtonovom Merkuru. Baš kao što Demi "bolno transformiše" Ashtonov Um (Merkur) uz pomoć svog Južnog čvora, to isto je uradila i sa Willisovim srcem (Willisov Mesec konjunkcija njen Južni čvor). No, i sam Ashton ima fiksni T-kvadrat, gde mu je Uran vrh T- kvadrata, i on sad ovde uz pomoć njenog Meseca iz Bika ali i Brucovog Marsa iz Bika dobija priliku da pronikne u svoje skrivene delove i uz pomoć ovo dvoje ljudi otkrije svoju senku, koja svakako živi preko puta njegovog Urana sa 16º Škorpiona-u Biku, baš tamo gde se nalazi konjunkcija Meseca Demi Moore i Marsa Bruce Willisa. 

Kada je u njen život ušao Ashton Kutcher, Demi Moore je započela praktikovanje kundaline yoge, koja veoma moćno utiče na transformaciju uma i pomaže da proniknemo duboko u svoje skrivene delove, da postanemo svesno biće. Zanimljivo, budući da sam pisala tekst o kundalini yogi, sad sve dobija smisao, u okviru Zodijaka ovu veštinu sam "mapirala" upravo na 15º Vodolije  tačno preko puta njenog Marsa, kao vrha T-fiksnog kvadrata. Tačnije rečeno, kundalini yoga je njena SENKA, i ona je uz pomoć svojih ljubavnih veza i došla do ove discipline, bolje rečeno, i Bruce i Ashton su joj bili neki vid mosta do kundalini yoge. 

Kako je najdublja ljubav Agape,i kako se upravo kod Bruce i Demi ona ogleda u jakoj konjunkciji njegovog retrogradnog Saturna i njene tzv. "donje konjunkcije" Sunca i retrogradne Venere u Škorpionu, pitanje je da li će ovo dvoje ljudi uopšte ikada prekinuti njihovu priču. Ustvari, ona jeste prekinuta, razvodom, ali Saturn ume i  da vraća,na staro. Budući da su u prijateljskim odnosima, ovde je uvek moguće da se lako "sklizne" u vezu... Ostaje da vidimo, nedavni Mlad Mesec na 19º Škorpiona (11. novembra, 2015), čija je Antisija (senka, ogledalo) bila na 10 Vodolije 59' (veoma blizu, pomenutih 9º Vodolije) - je svakako otvorio neke mogućnosti. Ovde ni smrt (Škorpion) ne može ništa, jer smrt je i novi početak... 

Literatura: Astrologija odnosa-jezik života-sinastrija, Robert P Blaschke

субота, 14. новембар 2015.

Athens and 27° Virgo Originally Published: November 26, 2012 Author: Smiljana Gavrančić

Athens and 27° Virgo
Originally Published: November 26, 2012
Author: Smiljana Gavrančić 

The same way Rome is connected to 3° Taurus (I wrote about that recently in the article Eternal City of Rome and 3° Taurus) , Athens must also have its place in Zodiac, and it must be some important degree, since the significance of Athens and its contribution to the civilization is as great as Rome's… 

As we all know, the Greece itself is primarily connected to the sign of Capricorn, for it has Mount Olympus (mountain -- Capricorn), the site of the first Olympic Games (Mars -- sport, exalted in Capricorn), after which this country is famous. Also, Greece is known to be the country where tradition is important, where there are many monuments of culture and ruins of ancient cities, all connected to the sign of Capricorn. Besides, the saying "indebted like Greece" is certainly connected to the Capricorn -- the sign of "debts". However, the research I performed has shown that the capital Athens is situated in the smart sign of Virgo, at the degree recognizable to us astrologers as somewhat important, rather this time it is not the degree of the planet's exaltation (as was the case of Rome), but the degree of the fall of Venus -- 27° Virgo!


The capital of Greece was named after its guardian, the goddess of wisdom -- Athena. In the mythology we can find that this goddess renounced sexuality and (like Artemis, the goddess of hunt) decided never to marry, not even the deity, and to remain the virgin forever. We also know that she was a wise goddess of warfare (unlike her brother Ares), very clever and Zeus' favorite. All this implies that the Athena archetype in astrological sense is represented through the position of Venus in Sagittarius (Jupiter is in its seat here, and we cannot talk about inclination towards affairs, but instead about morality and love for her father -- Zeus), which goes to Virgo through disposition, the sign of its fall -- she renounced love, marriage, sexuality, this is the depiction of the "girl who is alone", but she is very clever, wise (Mercury in Virgo is in seat and exaltation)! Of course, the bad aspect with Mars is needed (her brother Ares, the god of war), since she often confronted him.

It is interesting that in its chart Greece has the ruler of ascendant (the capital) -- the Moon, in Sagittarius, the sign where Jupiter (Zeus, but morality as well) is in seat, and in the 6th house (the house connected to the sign of Virgo), and in square (confrontation) with Mars (Ares), so this could be the depiction of goddess Athens in the chart of Greece…

First modern Olympic Games

That 27° Virgo is the degree that can be assigned to Athens is confirmed by the secondary Moon of Greece (people, but also the capital since the ascendant of Greece is in the sign of Cancer, so the Moon here represents the capital - Athens besides its essential symbolism of people) being at 26° Virgo 28' (almost at 27° Virgo) during the period the Athens hosted the first modern Olympic Games (April 1986). It is the degree of the Venus' fall, and it could be the depiction of the Athena herself, the "girl who is alone", after whom the Athens was named!

Reconstruction of Acropolis in 1975

One of the Greece's symbols is definitely Acropolis, the rocky hill, ancient shrine dedicated to Athena herself, the guardian of Athens. What is interesting for us is the fact that in the year the works on Acropolis reconstruction had begun, directive Mars (the works) in Athens' chart was exactly at 27° Virgo, which is another confirmation that this degree is important for this story. Since in directions everything moves about 1° in one year, I made directions for the day of solar return, and since Mars is in 8 (transformation, change) in Athens' chart, this is the picture of the works (Mars) related to Athens (27° Virgo)!

European Union and Greece in 2012

The events unfolding today also confirm that 27° Virgo is important degree when mapping Athens in Zodiac. It is common knowledge that Greece, as the member state of EU, is in a very serious debt crisis, that Athens is witnessing numerous massive strikes, protests against additional reform measures that are belt-tightening and aim to reduce public costs.

These days in Brussels at the Summit of EU leaders (November 22-23), at the time of retrograde Mercury (decision), the decision is being made also about Greece (apart from adopting the European budget for 2013 and long-term European budgets for 2014-2020), about approving another loan in order to prevent the bankruptcy of Greece.  That Athens is really connected to 27° Virgo -- the degree of Venus' fall (Venus is also signifier of money, finances and banking system of the country), and that this is depiction of Athens as the capital of Greece in some sort of "financial fall", that this is the picture of Greek banks in fall ("at the bottom"), but that they still have the support of European Union this year -- all this is confirmed by the position of secondary Sun from EU chart at 27° Scorpio, in exact sextile with 27° Virgo, the degree we connected to Athens! This would be depiction of aid, the agreement made "with ease" (sextile) between Brussels (the Sun rules ascendant in EU chart and it represents the Brussels) and Athens, wouldn't it?

In the moment of writing this article, everything is still uncertain. The Summit is finished, i.e. interrupted, and the decision about Greece is delayed for Monday, November 26, and it is still uncertain if the deciding will take place on Monday. Interestingly, on Monday the Mercury (decision) starts its direct moving in the evening, doesn't it? Also, neither the decision on European budget for 2013, not the one for the 7-year budget (2014-2020) were brought, because of the opposite views of member states. Even the beginning of the next 2013 is being mentioned as the date for the next meeting of EU heads of states, meaning that EU will enter 2013 without the budget! Countries like Great Britain, Sweden, Netherlands and Germany are for the more saving budget. The "loudest opponent" is the British Prime Minister David Cameron, who "strongly rejects" the change of his views… On the other side are countries opposing saving measures, among which is Greece, with serious financial problems. However, bringing of any decision in the time of retrograde Mercury is somehow more difficult, so we astrologers should not be surprised that no agreement was reached at this Summit, and that deciding is delayed… When Mercury turns direct, it would be easier to reach an agreement, and maybe the views of some heads of member states will change…

The position of secondary Mercury (the ruler of 2nd - currency, in EU chart, but also the ruler of 11th - budget) confirms that in Brussels it is being decided about Euro and European budget -- it is at 8° Scorpio, in exact conjunction with the Sun in EU chart -- Brussels! Since the accent is on the series 8, this is depiction of financially colored atmosphere in Brussels, everything about adopting the budget for 2013 and the 7-year budget that many member states' destiny will depend upon. It is interesting that USA has its ascendant on this very degree -- the general atmosphere in Washington, so the European debt crisis is certainly closely related to the world's  economic crisis that originated in America. I shall add here that in the chart for Saturn's (debts) entering of Scorpio (October 5, 2012, 21h34'07" Greenwich, England) the cusp of 6th house (working class, lower class) is at 8° Scorpio, so it all implies that all decisions about the 2013 EU budget, long-term EU 7-year budget and granting Greece the new loan to avoid its collapse -- will have important effect on the position of the working class during Saturn's stay in Scorpio…

If we include the Sabian symbols in all this, and they might shed some more light on the situation with the fate of Eurozone, then in the book of Igor Ognjenovic " Pandora's Boxes" we find the symbol for 8° Scorpio (look it up in the book under the 9° Scorpio) - Dentist while working hard. He would put porcelain instead of the ruined tooth crown. The dentist mends the tooth that decayed due to excessive consummation of sweets. Isn't all this association to the some way of healing, helping, mending? But, if it would end up that way we shall find out if we take a look at the degree across of the 8° Scorpio, because it is the rule with Sabian symbols - the degree across tells of the final outcome. So, we take a look at the symbol for 8° Taurus, for it is across the 8° Scorpio (look it up in the book under the 9° Taurus). Description is as follows: At the end of the darkened room there is illuminated Christmas tree with its branches swaying downwards under the weight of the gifts. The Christmas tree is decorated with the gifts and light candles. This could be the picture of some celebration, some light at the end of the tunnel, and soon, because the Christmas is coming soon, isn't it? But what is important here is that Greece, the country the fate of Eurozone depends on, might be celebrating here, because it has the cusp of the 11th house - the budget, right at the 8° Taurus‼! Isn't this the confirmation that Greece will receive the help, and be saved from bankruptcy, at least for now?

 Since directive Venus (finances) of the EU, that contains the Moon from Taurus at Algol in 10 - Angela Merkel, is exactly at 9° Scorpio 00', and still in conjunction with the Sun of EU (Brussels), but also with secondary Mercury (euro, EU budget) of EU, and since it moves 1° for one year, than this would be depiction of Angela Merkel herself, who is in "tight" connection with this problem. Sabian symbols still confirm that she might be avle to somehow help Greece. This time let us take the look at the symbol for 9° Scorpio (in Igor's book "360 Pandora's Boxes" take a look at 10° Scorpio). The picture this symbol brings is the following: The dinner of the people who gathered to relive the forgotten moments. All this could mean another gathering of the heads of states members of the EU at some coming summit, soon, as planned, where the important role would be of the German Chancellor Angela Merkel. But, the outcome is revealed through the degree across 9° Scorpio -- 9° Taurus (which is still in conjunction with the cusp of the 11th - budget, in the chart of Greece). Of course, you should look up 10° Taurus in the book - handsome nurse of the Red Cross hurries to help others. And now we can certainly conclude that Greece has the chance to obtain the new loan tranche from EU, and "help" its budget with it. Although Angela Merkel declared there would be no "cutting" of the Greece debt, it seems that she will somehow help this country… As one of the options there is the talk about prolonging the repayment period for 2 years, which would also be of "help"…

Will David Cameron change his mind?

As I have already mentioned, British Prime Minister David Cameron is the "loudest" in proclaiming the policy of saving, and he strongly opposes the increase of the European budget, because as he says it is absurd to "fasten the belt at home" in Britain by cutting down the public spending, and vote for the exact opposite in Brussels. The fact that this man is really the big "opponent" of the European budget for 2013, and the long-term EU budget 2014-2020 is depicted in the position of the secondary Sun of United Kingdom (the Prime Minister) at 8° Leo, in exact square ( problem, dispute) with 8° Scorpio (euro, EU budget). The square means that there was no agreement at the summit, that things were left half-way through, that the summit was postponed regarding this question, and the position of the Sun (the prime minister) at 8° Leo is the depiction of the stubborn and unrelenting (fixed sign, fixed degree) British Prime Minister who will be led exclusively by financial interests of his country (Sun in Leo has extraordinary sense of itself).

But, shall things change here at last? Shall British Prime Minister "loosen up" a bit in time? Let us look at the pictures brought by Sabian symbols for 8° Leo (look at the 9° Leo in the book) -- Glass blowers create wondrous shapes of beautiful colors. By controlling their breathing glass blowers give shape to beautiful vases. All this speaks of the extreme skill of controlling the situation by the British Prime Minister… The outcome is given by the degree across 8° Leo, and it is 8° Aquarius (look at 9° Aquarius in the book) -- The flag turned into the eagle. The symbolism of the eagle contain the Scorpio elements of detaching from the physical level of existence and rising to the highest heaven heights. All this implies the thorough transformation, some sudden turn, rapid action… The problem will exist, because there is the square, but Sabian symbols imply that the British Prime Minister might make a turn in the future… As these are fixed sighs, and fixed degrees (8° - Scorpio degree), things will change slowly, for sure… On the other hand, having the outcome in the sign of Aquarius, where the Sun is in exile, may imply that the British Prime Minister might "leave out" his ego a bit and "take a look at" all those standing across of him, and Great Britain…

Anyhow, while you will be reading this, Mercury (decision, positions) will be in direct movement, so some change is to be expected… We can only wait and see how the British Prime Minister will "rule", if his thorough transformation shall be positive or negative for other EU member states… One thing is certain - the presence of the square (problem) indicates there will remain two sides in this question, one proclaiming the policy of saving and turned to its own interests (Sun at 8° Leo -- the British Prime Minister), and the other ready to "unfasten" the belt and somehow help the other member states (8° Scorpio -- degree associated with loans, financial aid), Greece before all… But Sabian symbols lead us to believe that Britain may become different and come out with some other views…

At the end, since I wrote the article The Salvation of the Eurozone a year ago, this article might be a kind of continuation of the Eurozone fate story…

Mitologija Sunca Aaron Spelling - početak 'reke', u krivni 'reke', i konačno, kraj 'reke'... Objavljeno: 23. Jun, 2019 I Autor: Smiljana Gavrančić

Mitologija Sunca Aaron Spelling - početak 'reke', u krivni 'reke', i konačno, kraj 'reke'.. . Objavljeno: 2...