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Barbra Streisand - Love Is the Answer Originally Published: February 23, 2014 I Author: Smiljana Gavrančić

Barbra Streisand - Love Is the Answer
Originally Published: February 23, 2014 I Author: Smiljana Gavrančić

The planet in conjunction with South Lunar Node describes experiences person had in second life before this one, i.e. the life before the last. South Node is often considered as the spot of loss, although it is the normal flow of things, the liberation, since the symbolism of the South Node corresponds to the symbolism of 11th house, describing the liberation, but also the life before the last one. In order to receive new experiences, the liberation is necessary to occur before it, so every planet on the South Node is the planet one needs to get liberated from. If the planet has good aspects, the separation will be easier, and the person will be more ready to voluntarily reject it. Bad aspects imply loss and pain.

Venus on the South Node

When the Venus is in conjunction with the South Node, then it is about the very distant love story the person is very attached to. Only enough uranized Venus, i.e. the love that is not obligated and has no fear can succeed here. We knoe that the Venus is made of Uranus and Neptune, they are her parents, so it inclines towards freedom and sincerity (characteristics of Uranus), but also towards magic, silence and unconditional fate (characteristics of Neptune). It is the only way to overcome Saturn (fear, suspicion)… But, if it wasn't for Saturn, there would be no Venus (in mythology, Saturn castrated Uranus, and from the blood flowing from Uranus' genitals the Venus was born and ended up in the sea foam, in 12th sign, sign of Pisces, where is the place of her exaltation)… Often persons with Venus on the South Node find partner only to lose him, to go through the experience of separation and liberation. The more exact the conjunction - the stronger the feeling of loss and pain. Good aspect of Venus and Uranus significantly improves the situation, because it is necessary for Venus to liberated and clean.

Barbra Streisand

Famous American actress and singer, Barbra Streisand, the woman singing "Woman In Love", is Aries ascendant, while the ruler of the 7th house (relations) is Venus (essential signifier for relations), positioned in 12th house (last life), intercepted (problem, here it takes time to overcome the problem, the status of "being stuck"…) close to the very spiritual star Archernar from the constellation of Eridanus (speaking of a long travel through the underground river, a kind of "purgatory" one must pass before experiencing the light at the end of the tunnel), but which is also in conjunction with 5° (love) orb with South Node (loss, but also liberation). So, we might conclude that Barbra is even in this life (Venus as the ruler of 7th - relations) very much attached to some love story that has its roots not only in the previous life (intercepted Venus in 12 - last life), but in the one before that (Venus at the South Node). Here, it takes a lot of internal work, work on oneself, for the person to liberate himself from suspicions, fears, and to transform the fear into love and finally see the light, for the light enters the human being only if the door of love are opened

In this woman's chart, Venus is in applicative square with Jupiter, its dispositor (and the star Archernar is of Jupiter nature), and in a wide applicative opposition with the other dispositor, Neptune, so it is more than certain that in the field of relations, she would have gone through disappointments, separations from partners that eventually led her to liberation and to her present husband, the actor James Brolin (to whom she is the third wife, in accordance with the symbolism of 11th house - third marriage, but also the house of liberation), and to her true nature…

Elliott Gould

The first marriage happened in 1963, when she was 21 years old, at the very end of her Venus period (from 14-22 years). Her husband was the actor Elliott Gould, and they have a son Jason Gould. The marriage was finished after 8 years, in 1971. It is obvious that there had to be separation, and liberation as well, if we take into account her Venus, the ruler of 7th (the first marriage). "I was young, full of fears, suspicions, and I did not know how to deal with situation. Divorce and separation was the best solution, for both of us…"

James Brolin

There came many relations with famous and less famous men, but the only one who succeeded to fill her heart with peace, faith, to drive away all suspicions and fears is her present husband, the actor James Brolin, whom she met through a friend (symbolism of 11th house -- friends, life before last, liberation) in 1996, and married on July 1, 1998, when she was 56 years old. "It was the first time I felt no fear in love. It is simple, I am calm and quiet, and most importantly, I believe in love… Oh, this has been a long journey, I get married the second time at age 56, but I am not afraid, I know this is it… I am healed and ready for love, somehow cleansed…" -- said Barbra Streisand.

James Brolin had two marriages and three children (two from the first, and one from the second marriage). If we take a look at the Venus of Barbra Streisand, we see it carries the Sun (man) from 3° Taurus (the degree of Moon's exaltation) which is in separating conjunction with Mercury (children) at 8° Taurus, so this is depiction of the man in her chart that has behind him (separation aspect - the past) a wife/wives and children, big family… As all that is in the sign of Leo lives inside this Sun (man), then we see it carries the Moon (emotions, but here also the ruler of her 4th - closeness and 5th - love) that went over Pluto (deep transformation), and over Chiron (healing), so it is no wonder that Barbra stated she was transformed, healed and ready for love with James Brolin. This is also the picture of a man in her chart that can heal all her love wounds from the past…

Also, her Venus carries the strong conjunction of Saturn and Uranus at 28° Taurus, and both Saturn and Uranus are rulers of her 11th house, house of the life before the last, of liberation, but also of the third marriage (for she is Brolin's third wife, although he is her second husband, so her 11th house should be analyzed). Her Venus also has a wide applicative trine with Uranus and Saturn, so this might ease the circumstances in time and through time she may really experience love in the real sense.

In 1998, more precisely on July 1, the wedding day, directive Venus (moving 1° for one year) was at 11° Taurus 39' in trine-sextile with the natal node axis that goes across 12° Virgo 01' (North Node)/12° Pisces 01' (South Node), which is also the picture of partnership activation (with ease) described by the node axis…

First Chiron's return -- 1991

Well, as asteroid Chiron is between Saturn (old) and Uranus (new), and represents a bridge of a kind, it is interesting to take a look at Barbra Streisand's chart of the first Chiron's return that happened in 1991, five years before James Brolin had entered her life in 1996. The first Chiron's return happens around the age of 50, and that chart may often carry important message for every one of us.

As we can see, ascendant is in Taurus, while its ruler, the Venus, is in the 5th house (love) and in a strong conjunction with Jupiter (happiness). This conjunction has a nice trine with the ascendant, but it is also the part of the trine with Moon, Uranus and Neptune in Capricorn, all emphasizing the possibility that this woman might come to realization in the field of love, and realize her dreams… to materialize the story (the accented earth element in the chart). Of course, the extremely important is the fact that Venus is in harmonious aspects with node axis this time, as is the position of the Moon (ruler of her natal 4th - closeness, and 5th - love) at 12° Capricorn in exact trine-sextile with her natal node axis that goes across 12° Virgo/12° Pisces.

In the end, let us take a look at diurnal (daily horoscope) of Barbra Streisand for her wedding day - July 1, 1998.

Right here we see the position of transit Chiron (healing) at 12° Scorpio, also supporting her natal node axis (by which the primary partnership in her, represented by the node axis, and more important than the one represented by ascendant-descendant axis, got its opportunity to heal), but the Moon as well (emotions) from the chart of Chiron's first return (sextile) at 12° Capricorn.

"Love Is the Answer"

On September 29, 2009 the album titled "Love Is the Answer" was released, by which Barbra Streisand sent a strong message to the Universe… By this album Barbra and James celebrated 11 (symbolism of the South Node, liberation, series 11) years of marriage.

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