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Paris and 21° Aquarius Originally Published: December 12th, 2015 I Author: Smiljana Gavrančić

Paris and 21° Aquarius
Originally Published: December 12th, 2015 I Author: Smiljana Gavrančić

Although traditionally related to the sign of Leo, from the point of view of horoscope mapping France (and its capital Paris, as well) is also „sensitive“ at 21° Aquarius, the degree of Neptune’s exaltation. The city known by the famous Coco Chanel, perfumes, high fashion – shortly, the city of love! All that agrees with the Neptune symbolism (magic), because the Venus (perfume, fashion, love) is exalted in Neptune’s sign, the sign of Pisces. The second colonial force (Neptune as the symbol of the faraway lands) in the world, right after the Great Britain, is situated right across 21° Leo (the degree I related to the United Kingdom – see my article Great Britain and 21° Leo ). If we take a look at these two countries on the axis 21° Leo/21° Aquarius, then the whole story about the Hundred Years’ War becomes much more understandable.

It is interesting that the first President of the French Fifth Republic Charles De Gaulle vetoed United Kingdom’s membership in EEC in 1963, on the first of the two occasions. This happened right after the Lunar eclipse on August 15, 1962 at 22° Aquarius 30’, so the eclipse activated the axis 21° Leo (UK) / 21° Aquarius (France). After this eclipse, in 1965, France launches its first satellite (Neptune) into orbit, becoming the third country that did that, after USSR and USA.

Symbol of Paris

Today, the first thing we think of when we think of Paris is Eiffel Tower, named after its creator - Gustave Eiffel (December 15, 1832, 08:00a.m., Dijon, France, Asc at 11º Leo). When we progress his chart for the moment when Eiffel Tower was officially presented to the world (March 31, 1889), we can see that his progressive Sun (the ruler of his Asc) was at 21º Aquarius! In the horoscope of the First French Republic the ruler of the Ascendant - Pluto (the capital) is at 21º Aquarius! Ascendant in mundane astrology always represents the capital and general situation in the nation.

Summer Olympic Games in Paris – 1900 and 1924

Paris hosted Summer Olympic Games two times in its history. Second Summer Olympic Games were held in Paris. The manifestation started on May 14, 1900. Tertiary Moon (zooms in at the level of two days, because it moves about 1° for 2 days) of Paris was at 21° Leo, and it activated 21° Aquarius. Second time Paris hosted the Games in 1924. The Eight Summer Olympic Games started on May 4, 1924. Secondary Moon of the Paris was exactly at 21° Aquarius!

Operation “Neptune” in the Second World War

During WWII the operation started on June 6, 1944 by landing on the beaches (Neptune) of Normandy (operation “Neptune” or better known as D Day). Solar Arc Mercury of French First Republic was at 21º Aquarius – degree of Neptune’s exaltation! Mercury rules the 8th house in the horoscope of the French First Republic and it symbolises disputes and wars. Everything happened after the Lunar eclipse on May 14, 1938 at 22º  Scorpio 54', which squares 21º Aquarius, the degree I relate to France.

Presidents of the Fifth French Republic

That was followed by two eclipses, and the French Fifth Republic was formed on October 5, 1958,  led by Charles De Gaulle. One of those eclipses was Lunar at 21º Leo 14' – on February 11, 1952. The other was Solar at 22º Scorpio 52' – on May 13, 1957. As early as in 1960 France gets its nuclear arsenal and tests its first nuclear bomb in Algerian desert, but there was also the attack on the Strasbourg-Paris train on June 18, 1961 when 28 people died.

According to the Constitution, Alain Poher was in charge of state affairs in the absence of the President. He was acting President twice - once after De Gaulle’s resignation in 1969, and the second time on April 28, 1974, after the sudden death of  Georges Pompidou. It is interesting that he has MC at 22° Aquarius 37', close to 21° Aquarius!

The most famous close associate of De Gaulle, Georges Pompidou, became the President of Fifth French Republic on June 20, 1969. In his horoscope, he has the Asc/Desc axis across 20º  Leo 25'/20º Aquarius 25'. During his mandate he stood for Euro-integrations. Unfortunately, the death prevented him from serving the whole mandate. All those events followed two eclipses: on August 15, 1962 (Lunar at 22º Aquarius 30') and on February 10, 1971 (Lunar at 20º Leo 55').

Valéry Giscard d'Estaing became the President of the French Fifth Republic on May 25, 1974. He has the ruler of the Ascendant, retrograde Venus, at 20º Aquarius 59', almost at 21° Aquarius! He served the full mandate, 7 years, and was succeeded by the famous socialist François Mitterrand, the man who was the longest-serving President – 14 years, two full mandates.

When Mitterrand became President, on May 21, 1981 his secondary Ascendant was at 20º Scorpio 44' and in square with 21º Aquarius, which might imply that the country will have problems (square) with this man. At the same time, Solar Arc Moon of the French First Republic was at 20º Leo 57', also activating 21º Aquarius. Mitterrand will be remembered for government cohabitation with Jacques Chirac, and for rising inflation. During his rule there were three eclipses that affected France. The first was on November 12, 1985, Solar, at 20º Scorpio 09', almost at the degree of his secondary Asc at the time he became President. On February 9, 1990 followed the Lunar eclipse at 20º Leo 47'. And lastly, on November 13, 1993, Solar eclipse at 21º Scorpio. After this last eclipse the rule of this man was ended – on May 17, 1995 France got the new President - Jacques Chirac. During Mitterrand’s rule and after the mentioned eclipse on November 12, 1985 -  in September 1986, there was the bombing of the "Tati" store in Paris. Seven people were killed and 55 injured. Four years earlier, in an anti-Semite attack in front of the restaurant Goldenberg six people were killed and 22 wounded.

Jacques Chirac has Asc at 20º Aquarius 46', bringing him in a strong relation with France, since I mapped it at 21° Aquarius. He ruled from 1995 to 2007. During his mandate, there were attacks on trains: in 1995 at Saint Michel station, when eight people were killed and 117 injured, and in 1996 at Port Royal station when eight were killed and 91 wounded. When Chirac became President secondary axis Asc/Desc of the French Fifth Republic was across 21º Leo/21º Aquarius! His rule was preceded by the mentioned Solar eclipse at 21º Scorpio, on November 13, 1993, making the square (the problem) with 21º Aquarius (Paris, France).

Chirac was succeeded by Nicolas Sarkozy. Sarkozy has Saturn at 20º Scorpio 20', in square with 21º Aquarius, so French fate was not an easy one with him as well. When he entered upon office, on May 16, 2007, the tertiary Moon of the French First Republic (zooms in at the events of two days, for it moves about 1º in 2 days) was at 22º Aquarius 01', just finished crossing 21º Aquarius. During his rule, on February 9, 2009 there was Lunar eclipse at 21º Leo 00', which again “called out” France. In March 2012, terrorist Mohamed Merah organized attacks in Toulouse and Montauban, when seven people were killed, including three children.  

After this eclipse, France got its present President François Hollande. He assumed the presidency on May 15, 2012.

I will never forget the Solar eclipse on December  13, 2012 at 21º Scorpio 56'! Probably because it happened right at my Ascendant. But, since I am mundane astrologist and pay attention to everyday news, the first news I caught after the eclipse was – Doctors’ strike in Paris!  This eclipse was in proximity of the fixed star Unukalhai (in Serpens constellation) that is related to doctors. It was total eclipse of the Sun that lasted 4 minutes and 2 seconds, meaning that the influence of this star would be lasting for more than 4 years, at least until the end of 2016. (On the personal level, eclipses have effects until the next eclipse of the same type, on the mundane level, the effects last much longer, even years. Since Ptolemy time there is the rule that the effect of the eclipse on the state would last as many years as the number of minutes or hours the eclipse lasted. The longest-lasting Solar eclipse was 8 minutes, and Lunar 2 hours, but the phenomenon of approach and separation in the Lunar eclipse may last for 4-5 hours, even more.)

After the strike, on January 11, 2013, the French President sent troops to Mali, the former French colony, and France became involved in the war. The position of Solar Arc Moon of the French Fifth Republic in the moment when the war begun in Mali – February 16, 2012 – is very interesting. It was 21º Leo 48'!

Terrorist attack on “Charlie Hebdo” offices in January 2015 took 17 lives. Secondary Moon of French Fifth Republic was at 21º Cancer, in quincunx (the aspect of death, danger) with 21º Aquarius, so this is depiction of the danger for French people (Moon).

And in the end, the French "Le Monde" published that terrorist attack on Paris on November 13, 2015 was the most deadly event on French soil since the end of WWII. Interestingly, everything happened when the transit Sun (life) was at 21º  Scorpio, in square with 21º Aquarius (Paris). It is very obvious that France is still under the influence of the Solar eclipse that happened on November 13, 2012 at 21° Scorpio, and that the influence would last at least until the end of 2016. If I also add that on September 13, 2015 there was the Solar eclipse at 20° Virgo 10', then it may be said that this eclipse, forming the quincunx (the aspect of death, danger) affected 21° Aquarius (Paris).

On February 11, 2017 there will be Lunar eclipse at 22º  Leo 28', so France might end up involved in some events again. French Presidential elections will be held that same year, because the presidential mandate lasts for 5 years, and Holland rules since 2012.

Since Neptune is the higher octave of the Venus, the solution here is in the prayer filled with love…

France is also famous for its Civil Code from 1804, created by Napoleon. This code guaranties the basic rights and freedoms of the citizens, very well fitting into depiction of exalted Neptune (ideal), and this code had become the part of the civil law in many European countries that exercise the continental law. It is interesting that the Solar Arc Moon of the French First Republic was at 22° Aquarius on the day Civil Code entered into force (March 21, 1804), meaning it was crossing 21° Aquarius while the code was being created…

Finally, 21° Aquarius may also depict the tiny island in South Atlantic (Neptune), Saint Helena, where Napoleon Bonaparte spent his last days.

The Book of World Horoscopes, Nicholas Campion, pages: 121 and 126 (Horoscopes of 1st and 5th French Republic)

Marck Penfield, Horoscopes of Europe (An Astrological Study of Its Cities and Countries – page: 49 (Horoscope of Paris – April 27th,1263, 11:56a.m. LMT, Source: Bibliotheque Nationale, Asc 24 º  Leo 39’, Moon 11 Sagittarius 34’, Sun 13 º  Taurus 38’)

All charts are: Rodden Rating AA

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The Netherlands and 29º Cancer Originally Published: July 22, 2013 I Author: Smiljana Gavrančić

The Netherlands and 29º Cancer
Originally Published: July 22, 2013 I Author: Smiljana Gavrančić 

Every country can be related to a certain astrological sign, but there are also specific degrees inside the Zodiac that each country is "sensitive" to. The land of windmills, tulips and wooden shoes, but also the land of the most liberal laws in the world -- the Netherlands, is primarily related to the sign of Cancer (among other things because this is the sign of Jupiter exaltation, and International Court of Justice is in Netherlands), and the degree for this country is – 29º Cancer! This is the very special place in Zodiac since this is the place were two lights meet -- the Moon and the Sun, the place associated with the sixth chakra (Jupiter), better known as the "third eye“, which can "see further". Netherlands is exactly like that, it "sees further"… Since the South Node (the past, ancestors…) is located close to 29º Cancer in the chart of this country, I would say that the ability to see further is inherited from ancestors…

Sun-Neptune at 29º Cancer

If we start with the natal chart of Netherlands, we see the Sun/Neptune midpoint at 29º Cancer.

The Sun tells of the nation's reputation, and here it is the ruler of 10 (reputation of the country, rulers…), while Neptune tells of state's image, and Netherlands is famous for taking its territory (Cancer) from the ocean (Neptune), so it is no wonder that the last degree of Cancer hosts the Sun/Neptune midpoint. Last degree of every sign is always Neptunian one, accenting the fact that that the territory (Cancer) was claimed from the ocean (29º). Finally, since this degree is the place where lights meet and it describes the sixth chakra (Jupiter), this is also the state that "went further" in many things… Changes are made through the sixth chakra by changing the personal opinions and beliefs… So, Netherlands is the country of legalized prostitution, soft drugs (hash, marihuana and psilocybin, better known as the "magic mushroom"), euthanasia, same-sex marriages… Netherlands was one of the first countries that gave women a right to vote, which certainly confirms its astral connection to the sign of Cancer.

On the other hand, Netherlands is still monarchy, where the institution of the Queen Mother (and recently of the King as well) is still important, since she names the mandatary for government formation after elections and in that way has the indirect influence on the executive government of the country.

Period since the World War II until today

What captured my attention during this research is the fact that, if we look backwards in time (since the end of WW II until today), in all three cases of new monarch coming to power – 29º Cancer was activated! So, it is the period of recent history, when Netherlands followed the road to liberal and special, different country…

Let us start with the Queen Juliana, who was born on April 30 1909 (the day celebrated in Netherlands as national holiday known as “Queen Mother birthday”). Juliana ascended the throne on September 4, 1948, after her mother's abdication. If we do secondary progressions for that day, we find her secondary Ascendant (moves about 1º for 1 year) exactly at 29º Cancer!

Queen Juliana abdicated on her birthday (April 30) 1980, and since then Netherlands is suled by her daughter, Queen Beatrix. During that year, directive Moon (people, but also the Mother Queen) of Netherlands crosses over 29º Cancer! Both Juliana and Beatrix married Germans, which caused deep divisions in country, public disapproval, street protests, for the memories of WW II were still fresh. But, if we relate Netherlands to 29º Cancer, which leaves behind 28º Cancer (the degree of Mars' fall – war), than it was to be expected that Netherlands would leave behind the memory (Cancer) of war (...Mars in fall), which turned out to be true in real life, for the Netherlands people loved King Claus (Queen Beatrix's husband) and his death deeply afflicted the nation…

And finally, the one thing Netherlands was famous for in this 2013, is the very beginning of the year (January 28) when Queen Beatrix announced her abdication in favor of her son, prince Willem Alexander. After more than 120 years Netherlands finally got the King. During the first half of 2013 (when he became the king - more precisely, on April 30, 2013), the new King has directive Venus (which carries the Sun from Taurus as the ruler of 10 – him as the king) exactly at 29º Cancer, which was more than enough for me to suspect the importance of 29º Cancer for this country, since it automatically "called for" Sun/Neptune midpoint, which I mentioned at the beginning of this article.
I would say that in time to come, with the new monarch, I see Netherlands as the country that continues to "see further"…

Maastricht Treaty

Being one of the countries signing the Treaty of Rome in 1957 (precursor of today European Union), this country played an important role in further building of EU. Namely, since the famous Maastricht Treaty was signed on its territory, it is interesting to take a look at secondary progressions of Netherlands for November 1, 1993, the date when Treaty went into force, because we will find the secondary Moon (people) exactly at 29º Cancer!

Also, I must mention the chart for the moment the Treaty of Rome went into force (January 1, 1958), because the Ascendant is at the very specific degree (29º), but in Virgo, which is in exact sextile with 29º Cancer, so all this tells of Netherlands' importance in this event… Twenty-ninth degree for the Ascendant certainly suggests that things will change in time, because 29º points to some end, and later it became obvious through adoption of Maastricht Treaty, which replaced the old Treaty of Rome...

Jupiter in Cancer in the chart of the new King

Since the new King has Jupiter (sixth chakra, the "Third Eye“) in Cancer, in 9th house (the natural house for Jupiter) and very close to 29º Cancer, we can see the future fate of the Netherlands from the point of view of 29° Cancer through the chart of this man!

Namely, Jupiter is at the top of the cardinal T-square with retrograde Mars in exile, but on the degree of Saturn's exaltation (20º Libra), and carries along Neptune (channels...) from Scorpio, and Mercury at 21º Aries, at the star BATEN KAITOS (the Belly of the Whale), of Saturnian nature, from the constellation of Cetus (Whale), which is related to sinking, floods (with which Jupiter also has the mentioned cardinal T- square).

Here, there is the possibility to become "swallowed" by the water… Ant that is maybe the most important problem Netherlands is facing - the floods… Netherlands is known as being the lowlands and threatened by flooding…

If we look at the dispositor of the Jupiter in Cancer (final circumstances), we see it is the Moon at 21º Sagittarius, bringing Jupiter into his seat, at the Sagittarius degree and in the 2nd house (Venus' house), which is altogether promising. Especially important is the fact that here the initial T-square is being resolved, so we may conclude that the new monarch, the first king after more than 120 years, opens the door for Netherlands to solve the problems of flooding in the future. More precisely, here is the possibility that the second chakra (Venus) and the sixth chakra (Jupiter) make the ring around the central chakra (Moon), thus reaching the Neptune (the field of collective emotional relations). Of course, it will take time (Saturn), as well as the patience (Saturn), and behind it, always and only, the faith (Neptune)...

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