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Marine Le Pen and 21° Aquarius by Smiljana Gavrančić in The Astrological Journal AA GB & ASTRODIENST

Marine Le Pen and 21° Aquarius by Smiljana Gavrančić in The Astrological Journal AA GB & ASTRODIENST

The Astrological Journal AA GB (March/April issue 2017) is publishing Smiljana’s article about presidential election in France 2017 – How far “right” will France go?

ASTRODIENST (www.astro.com) is republishing the same article on its site (March, 2017)

Marine Le Pen and 21° Aquarius by Smiljana Gavrančić in The Astrological Journal AA GB & ASTRODIENST

Marine Le Pen and 21° Aquarius by Smiljana Gavrančić in The Astrological Journal AA GB & ASTRODIENST

The Astrological Journal UK (March/April issue 2017) is publishing Smiljana’s article about presidential election in France 2017 – How far “right” will France go?

ASTRODIENST (www.astro.com) is republishing the same article on its site (March, 2017)

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“Roman Holiday“, Retrograde Venus in Aries & Me... Published: February 25th, 2017 Author: Smiljana Gavrančić

“Roman Holiday“, Retrograde Venus in Aries & Me...
Published: February 25th, 2017 I Author: Smiljana Gavrančić

 If you decided to spend the time of retrograde Venus in Aries in 2017 in Rome (Italy) or to enjoy one of the prettiest realizations of worlds’ cinematography — “Roman Holiday” — do it by all means. In this movie one of the most loved and most charismatic actresses in the world – Audrey Hepburn appeared in a movie for the first time. Her partner was the great Gregory Peck. The whole movie was filmed at authentic locations in Rome, and it brought an immense popularity to both actor and the Rome. If you are one of those who love this movie, do a reminiscence of all the beautiful places of this story. Audrey won the Academy Award – Oscar for the best actress.

Audrey Hepburn has in her chart retrograde Venus in Aries, at 22° Aries 47’, in close conjunction with fixed star Baten Kaitos (constellation Cetus), so in this movie she is the “chained princess”, just like the myth says. She feels “bad” in the role of the princess of some undetermined country and wished to leave that role. This star represents the intestines of the sea monster, the whale, and here we have the story of Andromeda, who is saved by Perseus from the role of the princess. In her adventures through the eternal Rome, Audrey suddenly meets Gregory Peck, who plays an American journalist who falls in love with her.  The movie was realized on August 27, 1953, and secondary Ascendant of Audrey was at 22° Aries 14’ in conjunction with her natal retrograde Venus.

“I feel You“

In order to be complete, for our soul to feel whole, we all unconsciously search that other half that is the opposite of us, but still so needed for us to be in harmony with ourselves. So I give priority here to oppositions, for they confirm what I have just said. This text speaks of importance of the axis 15° Cancer/15° Capricorn, the axis related to Jupiter’s exaltation and fall within Zodiac!

Draconic horoscope always speaks of the memory our soul carries from the previous incarnation, and it is a lunar horoscope. In Draconic horoscope Audrey has Moon at 15° Capricorn, while the draconic Moon of Gregory Peck is across the way, at 15° Cancer. This is exactly IC/MC axis in their Composite Chart – 15° Cancer/15° Capricorn, but also in their Davison horoscope.

On the other hand, in Dwadasamsa chart (which also speaks of the previous life), Audrey has the axis of lunar nodes across 15° Capricorn (the North Node)/15° Cancer (the South Node), while Gregory has in Dwadasamsa chart the Pluto at 15° Cancer! These are very strong signs that these two people need each other, and exactly in the eternal Rome, to fill their souls with memories of the previous incarnation and to achieve internal completeness. The axis 15° Cancer/15° Capricorn is powerful, and I relate it to the 4th energy center, to Anahata, to our Heart, to the place we learn to be close with ourselves, to the place we touch the love within, to the place we connect all our opposites. But, I find 15° Cancer at yet another spot. It is the Venus’ return of Gregory Peck for 1953. In that chart there is conjunction of Sun and Mars exactly at 15° Cancer. Even the secondary axis of lunar nodes of the Old Rome was at 15° Capricorn (the North Node)/15° Cancer (the South Node) in that 1953. For that same year, in the horoscope of the Venus’ return of the Old Rome, the Uranus was at 15° Cancer … , while in the chart of Old Rome the Venus is at 29° Pisces, and it is retrograde, and it symbolizes the “lost princess” in Rome played by Audrey Hepburn in “Roman Holiday“... In her Draconic chart, at 29° Pisces there is – Jupiter, the ruler of her Moon at 6° Pisces 27’, and natal Moon carries all memories of the soul… 

“I see You”

But, when we talk about Jupiter, there is another important spot in Zodiac — the axis 29° Cancer/29° Capricorn. Why? At 29° Cancer we have the shift from dark to light, two eyes are being connected there (Moon and Sun are related to our eyes), between eyebrows, so we call this place our Third Eye or 6th energy center (chakra). From this place the Zodiac sends the message “I See You”. This is extremely strong axis, here we change our beliefs and then the circumstances also change. At the time of realization of the movie “Roman Holiday”, in August 1953, secondary Moon of Audrey Hepburn was at 29° Capricorn, while across from it, at 29° Cancer, was the secondary Venus of Italy. Also, at 29° Cancer, Audrey has in Antiscia chart (the mirror) the Mercury, the ruler of her intercepted Virgo in 7th house (relations), while at the same degree, 29° Cancer, there is the Venus of Gregory Peck in Antiscia chart, but also his natal Neptune – all this is depiction of the “lost princess”, and the very shift from 29° Cancer to 0° Leo is depiction of her great change, for she changes her beliefs (gives up the role of the princess), in order to change the circumstances… Secondary Moon of Italy was at 0° Aquarius (just finished crossing 29° Capricorn), while the secondary Mercury of Italy was at 14° Cancer 45’- in allowed orb of ±30’ with 15° Cancer! Mercury is in the chart of Italy the ruler of 10th house and speaks of the country’s reputation, while Venus rules 7th house (diplomatic relations), but it is also essential signifier for a girl, so in this case it clearly represents Audrey as the “lost princess” in Rome in 1953.

If we take a look at Venus’ return of Audrey Hepburn for 1953, we find the Venus high, in 10th house, which is certainly promising and brings her success, while the Moon in that chart is at 7° Virgo. The interesting thing here is the following: Audrey has in her natal chart the Moon at 6° Pisces 27’, while in her Antiscia chart retrograde Venus is at 7° Virgo. And so, we came to another axis, axis 7° Virgo/7° Pisces, yet another opposition… I must add that at 6° Virgo 59’ there is Antiscia Sun of the Old Rome (natal Sun is at 23° Aries 01’, very close to retrograde Venus of Audrey at 22° Aries 47’).


Interesting... I have the Moon at 15° Cancer... Further on, my natal axis IC/MC is across 7° Pisces/7° Virgo, while my natal axis 3/9 goes across 29° Capricorn/29° Cancer... In Antisica chart my Fortuna is at 15° Cancer, while in Draconic chart it is across the road, at 15° Capricorn, at the same spot as the midpoint of my Sun and Neptune (which might be depiction of some actor from the past). I also must add that at 7° Virgo there is the midpoint of my Mars and the North Node (future). Mars rules my Ascendant, my 5th, but also my 12th house. Both 5th and 12th houses are related to the previous life, while the present 12th house is actually our death, our end in the past life (as 8th house - death, from 5th house), so from 7° Virgo I create in this life the future, but also from that spot the “past speaks”…

Finally, in my Dwadasamsa chart (the horoscope of the past life), the Sunis at 21° Taurus (where my natal Descendant is). At the same spot, at 21° Taurus, Gregory Peck has natal Moon (soul), but also the progressive Sun on that August 1953, when the movie “Roman Holiday” saw the light of the day. This 21° Taurus protects us all, for it is the place of the North Node (future) of Audrey Hepburn... Of course, now it is not difficult to conclude that the South Node of Audrey is at 21° Scorpio, the spot of my Ascendant, so this actress is simply “eating” me… it is very deep karmic relation between the two of us, that changes me a lot, for the South Node “swallows” like the hook…, and I have the strong need to be “swallowed” because I feel it brings me the change… But, on the other hand, my South Node is at her Ascendant, only confirming how much connected we are…

Retrograde Venus on March 4, 2017

Venus starts its retrograde motion on March 4, 2017 (09.09 am GMT), and in that moment Uranus will be at 22° Aries, in conjunction with retrograde Venus of Audrey Hepburn. If we take a look at Antiscia chart for that moment, we see the Moon at 0° Leo, just have crossed 29° Cancer, and Uranus at 7° Virgo. But, in Dwadasmsa chart for that moment we see the Venus at 7° Virgo as well. Isn’t this more than beautiful?! So many analogies… and February eclipses at 22° Leo and 8° Pisces are just initiators…

Audrey, Gregory, Rome and me…

The Book of World Horsocopes; Nicholas Campion

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„Roman Holiday“, Retrogranda Venera u Ovnu 2017 & Ja... Objavljeno: 23 Februar, 2017. I Autor: Smiljana Gavrančić

„Roman Holiday“, Retrogranda Venera u Ovnu 2017 & Ja...
Objavljeno: 23 Februar, 2017. I Autor: Smiljana Gavrančić

Ako ste odlučili da vreme retrogradne Venere u Ovnu 2017  provedete u Rimu (Italija) ili uživate u jednom od najlepših ostvarenja svetske kinematografije – Praznik u Rimu („Roman Holiday“) – učinite to obavezno. U ovom filmu se prvi put pojavila jedna od najvoljenijih i najharizmatičnijih glumica na svetu – Audrey Hepburn. Partner joj je bio veliki Gregory Peck. Ceo film je sniman na autentičnim lokacijama u Rimu, i osim popularnosti glumcima, doneo je još veću posećenost gradu. Ako ste jedan od zaljubljenika u ovaj film, podsetite se na sva ona lepa mesta na kojima se odvija radnja ove priče. Audrey je za glavnu ulogu u ovom filmu nagrađena nagradom Američke Filmske Akademije – Oskar!

Audrey Hepburn u svom horoskopu ima retrogradnu Veneru u Ovnu, i to na 22°  Ovna 47’ u veoma bliskoj konjunkciji sa fiksnom zvezdom Baten Kaitos (Cetus konstelacija), pa je ona baš u ovom filmu „okovana princeza“, baš kao što i mit kaže. Ona se oseća „loše“ u ulozi princeze neke neodređene zemlje i želi da napusti tu ulogu. Ova zvezda predstavlja utrobu morskog čudovišta, kita, i  ovde imamo zapravo priču o Andromedi koju spašava Persej od uloge princeze.  U svojoj avanturi kroz večni Rim,Audrey slučajno naleti na Gregory Pecka, koji tumači američkog novinara koji se zaljubljuje u nju. Film je realizovan 27.avgusta, 1953.god. i baš tada se sekundarni Ascendent Audrey našao na 22°  Ovna 14’ u konjunciji sa njenom natalnom retrogradnom Venerom.

„Osećam Te“

Da bismo bili potpuni, da bi naša duša se osećala celovitom, mi težimo nesvesno ka toj našoj drugoj polovini, koja je suprotna od nas, a  zapravo toliko nam potrebna da bismo bili u harmoniji sa sobom. Stoga, prednost dajem opozicijama u ovom tekstu, jer, upravo one ovde potvrđuju što sam malo pre rekla. Ovaj tekst govori o značaju ose 15°  Raka/15°  Jarca, ili ti o značaju ose koja se vezuje za mesto egzaltacije i pada Jupitera unutar Zodijaka!

Drakonski horoskop uvek govori o sećanju koji nosi naša duša iz prethodne inkarnacije i on je u biti lunaran. U drakonskom horoskopu Audrey ima Mesec na 15°  Jarca, dok je drakonski Mesec Gregory Pecka preko puta, na 15°  Raka. Ovo je upravo i osa IC/MC u njihovom Composite Chartu  – 15°  Raka/15°  Jarca, ali i u njihovom Davison horoskopu.

S’druge strane, u Dwadasamsa chartu (koji isto govori o prošlom životu) Audrey ima osu mesečevih čvorova preko 15°  Jarca (severni čvor) / 15°  Raka (južni čvor) dok Gregory ima u Dwadasamsa chartu Pluton na 15 Raka! Ovo su sve veoma jaki znaci kako su ovo dvoje ljudi jedno drugom potrebni i to baš u večnom Rimu kako bi  ispunili  svoje duše sećanjima iz prethodne inkarnacije i postigli unutar sebe celovitost. Osa 15°  Raka/15°  Jarca je moćna, i ja je lično vezujem za 4. energetski centar, za Anahatu, za naše Srce, za mesto gde učimo da budemo bliski sa samim sobom, na mesto gde dodirujemo ljubav u nama, na mesto gde spajamo sve naše suprotonsti. No, još na jednom mestu nalazim 15°  Raka. Reč je o Venerionom povratku Gregory Pecka za 1953 god. U tom chartu nalazim konjunkciju Sunca i Marsa upravo na 15°  Raka. Čak se i sekundarna osa mesečevih čvorova Starog Rima te 1953 našla preko 15°  Jarca (severni čvor)/15°  Raka (južni čvor). Te, 1953,  horoskopu Venerinog povratka Starog Rima, Uran je bio na 15°  Raka... , dok se u samom horoskopu Starog Rima Venera nalazi na 29°  Riba, i retrogradna je, i ovo predstavlja „izgubljenu princezu“ noć, u Rimu koju tumači Audrey Hepbern u „Roman Holiday“... Na 29°  Riba se nalazi u njenom Draconic horoskopu – Jupiter, vladar njenog Meseca sa 6°  Riba 27’, a u natalnom Mesecu su zapisana sva sećanja jedne duše...  

„Vidim Te“

No, kada je reč o Jupiteru, još jedno mesto unutar zodijaka je značajno onda. Reč je o osi 29°  Raka/29°  Jarca. Zašto? Sa 29°  Raka imamo prelaz iz mraka ka svetlu, tu se spajaju dva oka (Mesec i Sunce vezujemo za naše oči), između obrva, te ovo mesto nazivamo i našim Trećim Okom ili ti 6.energetskim centrom (čakrom). Sa ovog mesta Zodijak nam poručuje „Vidim Te“. Ovo je izuzetno jaka osa, ovde menjamo uverenja i nakon toga se i okolnosti oko nas menjaju. Upravo se u vreme realizacije filma „Roman Holiday“ avgusta 1953 na 29°  Jarca našao sekundarni Mesec Audrey Hepburn, dok je na 29°  Raka, dakle preko puta, bila sekundarna Venere Italije. Takođe, na 29°   Raka Audrey ima u Antiscia chartu (ogledalo) Merkura, vladara njene uklještene Device u 7 (odnosi), dok se na istom stepenu, 29°  Raka, nalazi Venera Gregory Pecka u Antiscia chartu, ali i njegov natalni Neptun – sve je ovo slika „izgubljene princeze“, a sam prelaz sa 29°  Raka na 0°  Lava je slika njene velike promene, ona menja uverenja (odriče se uloge princeze), kako bi i okolnosti oko sebe promenila... Sekundarni Mesec Italije se našao na 0°  Vodolije (tek što je završio prelaz preko 29°  Jarca), dok se sekundarni Merkur Italijen našao na 14°  Raka 45’- u dozvoljenom orbis od + - 30’ sa 15°  Raka! Merkur je u horskopu Italije vladar 10.kuće i govori o reputaciji zemlje, dok je Venera vladar 7 (diplomatski odnosi) ali i esencijalni signifikator za devojku pa u ovom slučaju jasno da predstavlja i samu Audrey kao „izgbljenu princezu“ u Rimu te, 1953.god.

Ako pogledamo i Venerin povratak Audrey Hepburn za 1953.god., nalazimo Veneru visoko, u 10.polju, što obećava i što joj sasvim sigurno donosi uspeh dok se Mesec u tom horoskopu našao na 7 Device. Ono što je ovde zanimljivo je sledeće: Audrey imau svom natalnom horoskopu Mesec na 6°  Riba 27’, dok je u Antiscia chartu njena retrogradna Venera upravo postavljena na 7°  Device. I tako, došli so do još jedne ose, ose 7°  Devica/7°  Riba, došli smo do još jedne opozicije... Moram da dodam da na 6°  Device 59’ se nalazi Antiscia Sunca Starog Rima (natalno Sunce je na 23°  Ovna 01’, veoma blizu retrogradne Venere Audrey na 22°  Ovna 47’).


Zanimljivo... Ja imam Mesec na 15°  Raka... Dalje, moja natalna osa IC/MC ide preko 7°  Riba/7°  Device, dok moja natalna osa 3/9ide preko 29°  Jarca/29°  Raka... U Antisica chartu moja Fortuna je na 15° Raka, dok se ona nalazi u Draconcic chartu preko puta, na 15° Jarca, gde je i midpoint mog Sunca i Neptuna (što može da bude slika nekog glumca iz prošlosti). Moram da dodam da na 7° Device se nalazi i midpoint mog Marsa i severnog čvora (budućost). Mars je vladar mog Ascendenta, moje 5. ali i 12. kuče. I 5. i 12. kuća se vezuju za prošli život, 5. je naš početak u prošlom životu, dok je danšanja 12.kuća zapravo naša smrt, naš kraj u prošlom  životu (kao 8.kuća - smrt, od 5. kuće), te sa 7° Device ja stavaram  u ovom životu budućnost, ali iz mene ujedno "priča prošlost"...

Konačno, u mom Dwadasamsa chartu (horoskop prošlog života), Sunce je postavljeno na 21°  Bika (gde je moj natalni Descendent). Na istom mestu, na 21°  Bika, Gregory Peck ima natalni Mesec (duša), ali i progresivno Sunce tog avgusta 1953.god., kada je film „Roman Holiday“ ugledao svetlost dana. Ovaj, 21°  Bika nas sve protežira, jer je to mesto severnog čvora (budućnost) Audrey Hepburn... Naravno, sada već nije teško zaključiti da je južni čvor Audrey na 21° Škorpiona, što je i mesto mog Ascendenta, pa me ova glumica prosto „jede“..., reč je vrlo dubokom karmičkom odnosu između nas dve, koji lično mene mnogo menja, jer južni čvor poput udice „guta“..., a ja imam jaku potrebu da budem „progutana“ jer osećam da mi to donosi promenu... No, s'druger strane, i moj južni čvor je na njenom Ascendentu pa ovo samo dodatno potvrđuje koliko smo jedna za drugu "vezane"...

Retrogradna Venera 4. marta, 2017

Venera započinje svoj retrogradni hod 4. marta, 2017 (09:09am GMT), i  tom trenutku Uran će biti na 22°  Ovna, u konjnkciji sa retrogradnom Venerom Audrey Hepburn.Ako pogledamo Antiscia chart za taj momenat, nalazimo Mesec na 0°  Lava, dakle samo što je prešao preko 29°  Raka,  a  Uran na 7°  Device. No, u Dwadasmsa chartu za ovaj trenutak nalazimo Veneru isto na 7°  Device. Nije li ovo više nego prelepo?! Toliko podudarnosti... , a februarske eklipse sa 22°  Lava i 8°  Riba su pokretači...

Audrey, Gregory, Rim i ja...

The Book of World Horoscopes; Nicholas Campion

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The Twilight Published: February 15th, 2017 I Author: Smiljana Gavrančić

The Twilight
Published: February 15th, 2017 I Author: Smiljana Gavrančić

Heavens always take care of everything, including things we will write, read, dream about… So one should never worry, and only leave everything to unfold according to the laws of the Universe… Everything that we produce is somewhere, at some level — our own story, our internal need, and everything “lives” in our horoscope, the circle that is highly intelligent, full of astrological symbols the knowledge of which makes it possible to create pictures…

Everything started on June 2, 2003… Young writer Stephenie Meyer (who was born during the Solar eclipse — Sun/Moon conjunction, i.e. new moon close to North Lunar Node at 28º Sagittarius, very close to the Center of the Galaxy — the degree that brings her popularity in the world, which will reflect in titles of her books, as you would soon see…) started to write “Twilight” on that day, the novel with three subsequent ones, many awards and unbelievable number of young fans.

First, in 2005, “Twilight” appeared, then in 2006 came “New Moon”, 2007 was in the sign of “Eclipse”, and 2008 brought “Breaking Dawn”. The inspiration came to her in a dream — she dreamt about the unusual love between vampire Edward and mortal human Bella. It is interesting that only few days before she started the novel (i.e. before she had the dream), on May 31, 2003, there was Solar eclipse exactly at 9º Gemini (in her 12th house – dreams), which “woke up” her natal Venus (love) through the trine, and Venus rules her 12th house (dream) from 9º Aquarius, and at the same time it is positioned at the beginning of the constellation Delphinus (romantic love story), so this must have been the crucial moment for her. Since the dispositor of her eclipse is her Mercury at 23º Sagittarius, conjunct with North Node and in sextile with Uranus (suddenly, changes),it was certain that her life was about to suddenly change from the moment she started the novel, and that it would bring success in the whole world (North Node close to Galactic Center). It was how it really happened… By the way, she dreamt the scene happening in the meadow – cusp of 12th house (dream) in Taurus (meadow).

Since the hour of Stephenie Meyer’s birth hour is unknown, I put her Ascendant at 29º Gemini, for she writes a story (Gemini) she dreamt about (29º – degree associated with the sign of Pisces, Neptune – dream). Further on, Stephenie cannot write (Gemini) without music (Neptune), and her greatest inspiration is the group “Muse“ – which is again in symbolism of series 12, Neptune and 29º! She writes (Gemini) about secret (29º) that is being kept by Edward’s vampire family for a long time (29º)... Since she has not written anything before those 4 books that made her famous, then Ascendant at 29º (waiting) Gemini (books, writing) makes sense. Another important fact that speaks for Ascendant at 29º Gemini is that at 28º Gemini 55’ there is the star Betelgeuse which directly describes New York, and the novel “Twilight” was on the New York Times’ bestseller list for 130 weeks!

Since the books belong to Twilight Saga, it is then quite symbolic to have Sun in that exact phase, and since the Sun has to be in 7th house, close to Descendant for that to be true, I believe that this fact completes the symbolism in which the Sun is in twilight in eclipse at the cusp of 7th house (partners), so it all results in the strong inspiration for a very unusual love story… The Sun is also the ruler of 3rd house (what we write), and in conjunction with the Moon — the title of the second novel is therefore “New Moon”, and conjunction of this New Moon from her chart with North Lunar Node is depiction of the third novel “Eclipse”. By disposition, the Sun (the ruler of 3rd — what we write) comes to the Ascendant (dawn, the break of a new day) , so the fourth novel is titled “Breaking Dawn”. The very square of ruler of 3rd house (Sun) with Pluto (vampires) at the cusp of 5th house (love) that “carries” the trine with Venus (ruler of 12th — dream) and sextile with Neptune (dream, magic) is depiction of the deep and magic love with a vampire that Stephenie wrote about and dreamt about…

Mystic Venus

Since the dream was the inspiration, then the Venus (love) as the ruler of 12th house (dream) at 9º Aquarius, at the beginning of constellation Delphinus (romantic love story) at the cusp of 9th house (publication) is depiction of that dream in her horoscope, containing unusual (Venus) romantic story that will be published. What is interesting here is that the Venus is colored by series 12 from many angles! First, it is the ruler of 12th house, it is in the sign of Aquarius, the sign of Neptune’s exaltation, it has sextile with Neptune and only several days after her birth  (December 24, 1973), on January 4, 1974 Venus became retrograde at 11º of the 11th sign, implying some sudden changes! Venus is the universal signifier of a young woman, and it surely represents Bella, the main heroine of the Twilight Saga, who is being torn between two types of love at the beginning of the story.

The storyline from the author’s chart

One love is for her friend, werewolf Jacob, who loves her very much (Mars – wolf, in 11, in Taurus, In the sign of Venus’ domicile). In its retrograde motion, the Venus (Bella) will first square Mars in 11th house in Taurus (the werewolf friend) across 8º (the degree of transformation) Aquarius / Taurus, so Bella will first have to solve this relationship that is a kind of a problem (square)… When she does that, her true love awaits, the vampire Edward, who also loves her. Retrograde Venus (Bella) will make a trine (lightness of connecting) with Pluto (vampire) at the cusp of 5th house (love) in Libra (the sign of Venus’ domicile), so this is depiction of a truly deep love, love in a danger, but here the danger (Pluto) aids to this love (Pluto is in Libra, the Venus’ domicile). If you have read novels of watched movies, you have witnessed that in dangerous situations Edward and Bella connect even more, and their love gets stronger…

One thing is certain — both Jacob (Mars in Taurus loves Venus) and Edward (Pluto in Libra loves Venus) love Bella, but since the Venus (Bella) is in the sign of Saturn’s domicile (Aquarius), and Pluto (Edward) in the sign of Saturn’s exaltation (Libra), it is more certain that Bella loves Edward, and she moves towards him… Since Venus is at the cusp of 9th house (abroad), this is also depiction of Bella who goes to Italy for love, to prevent Edward from committing suicide, and they connect again abroad (Venus is at first in separation trine with Pluto, which depicts their separation, but as Venus starts its retrograde motion, things change and they are together again…). Vampires shine during the day, and when they expose themselves to sun they risk being uncovered, bringing into question the survival of the whole vampire community that may punish them for that by taking away their powers and making them mortal again. That was Edward’s plan — to come to the sun light at noon (Pluto in Libra in square with the Sun) and end himself in that way, because he thought Bella was dead.

Vampire and werewolf

And what about the relationship of werewolf Jacob and vampire Edward? Since they both love the same girl there should be indicators of some kind of mutual animosity. Edward is represented by Pluto in Libra, where Mars (wolf) is in exile, and Jacob is represented by Mars in Taurus, where Pluto (vampire) is in fall! It is very possible that the author herself was somehow “between” two men in her life, one that was her friend, and the other that she loved. Saturn at her Ascendant (herself) is in sextile with Mars in 11th house (friend) that is in fall in Cancer, and in square with Pluto at the cusp of 5th house (love, high school), but since Pluto is at the cusp of 5th house (love), it is clear that Plutonian connection is stronger… Beside, dispositor of her Ascendant’s ruler (Jupiter) is in trine with Pluto in 5th house…

In the beginning, Bella is shy, scared, she loves her solitude — everything corresponding to the Venus at the beginning of Delphinus constellation (remember Amphitrite who was shy and hid away…).

But, since Venus comes through disposition to the sign of Libra, the sign of her domicile, to 5th house (love, high school), and in the part of the horoscope we call via combusta (the burning way — from 15º Libra to 15º Scorpio), that is related to Egypt and magic powers of the goddess Isis, who was sorceress — then this is depiction of Bella who, in time and beside Edward, becomes a vampire and a sorceress — gets magic powers, can help herself and others. Bella fitted very good in this new vampire world, she enjoyed her body and her capabilities…

Personal myth awaken in a dream

Since the 12th house describes dreams, but the personal myth and the inner need as well,  it may be concluded that the dream of Bella and Edward, the dream of eternal love, is the strong inner need of the author, her personal myth, her story that becomes “alive” in the moment it was written… No doubt that all of us read and write stories that are, above all and only — ours.

Horoscope of Stephenie Meyer is in the sign of the cardinal T-square. Saturn at the Ascendant that “contains” Venus (love) from the beginning of Delphinus constellation (romantic story) is in opposition with Sun/Moon conjunction at Descendant (twilight), and Pluto at the cusp of 5th house (love with the vampire in high school) is the central planet of T-square, the one squaring the opposition. Since the main accent is always on the central planet of T-square, then the solution here is in Pluto’s dispositor, i.e. the Venus at the beginning of Delphinus constellation, at the cusp of 9th house, so publishing of this unusual romantic story with the vampire is the right channel for Stephenie to make her dream come to life… 

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Marilyn Monroe, Cannes and retrograde Venus Published: January 15th, 2017 I Author: Smiljana Gavrančić

 Marilyn Monroe, Cannes and retrograde Venus
Published: January 15th, 2017 I Author: Smiljana Gavrančić

I wrote this article on May 20th, 2012, in Serbian, for my blog. It was translated in English on Janaury 15th, 2017

When we think about the film, we think first of the sign of Pisces, Neptune, series 12. But, let’s not forget that the Venus (planet of love, glamour, beauty and attraction) is exalted in Pisces, and that this special time of its retrograde motion brings back memories of someone from the world of film… On the other hand, the whole atmosphere in the time of Venus’ retrograde motion may be in the sign of movies that tell story of love which contains “secret” an hiding… Also, the very 29º may be important in this case..

Each year in May, Cannes is the center of the world regarding film industry. In this 2012, the gates of the Cannes Film Festival were opened on May 16 at 8 p.m., only a day after Venus started its retrograde motion (May 15), which certainly makes this year’s festival special…

Everything is in the sign of the famous beauty that passed 50 years ago — Marilyn Monroe. The hostess of the Festival is the lead of the movie “The Artist“ Bérénice Bejo, the star of the silent film that won several Oscars this year, for the best movie among others. So, another girl from before (retrograde Venus)!

Now, if we take a look at the horoscope of the moment of Oscar ceremony opening, we see Ascendant at 29º (the degree we call the “silent” degree) Leo (France) (see my article “The Magic of Oscars at 29º“), then we should not be surprised to find MC (festival’s reputation) in the chart of 65th Cannes Festival exactly at 29º Leo and to have the French actress whose film won Oscar as the hostess! In the very 29º Leo we have depiction of Los Angeles (the city of Neptune and glamour), so in 29º (someone from before, Neptune — angels) we see somebody from before coming from “the city of angels”, and Marilyn Monroe was born in Los Angeles!

Further on, the gala premiere of bitter-sweet comedy “Moonrise Kingdom“ by American director Wes Anderson opened the Festival. It is romantic drama of two twelve-year-olds (12 – number associated with retrograde motion) who make a secret deal and flee from home into the desert to enjoy their freedom and love. That is depiction of retrograde (secret, fleeing away) Venus (love) in Gemini (kids) in 8th house (danger), at 23º (freedom) of the Festival’s chart! The sheriff starts after them, and he is involved with the girl’s mother (within retrograde Venus there is the Sun/Jupiter (sheriff) in Taurus (the sign of Moon’s exaltation, Moon — mother)), played by the famous Bruce Willis. Since the applicative trine with the Moon (popularity) in the 5th house (awards) is the first aspect of retrograde Venus in Gemini, this movie is expected to be popular, and maybe it will win some award at this year’s Festival…

Nonetheless, the main star of the Festival is still one and only, unique – Marilyn Monroe!

Eternal kiss (Venus) of Marilyn Monroe

Festival’s organizers decided on February 28 to pay respects to Marilyn Monroe this year by selecting her photograph for the main Festival poster. Photograph is black and white (retrograde motion — something old, retro) and in it the actress in the movie “Some Like It Hot“ seductively blows the candle on birthday cake (Ascendant in the chart of Festival’s opening is at 17º - love, celebration, Scorpio –“...Hot“). Also, the position of retrograde (secret, unclear) Venus (girl) in 8th house (death) is depiction of Marilyn Monroe, whose death is still mysterious today…

It is interesting that on the day of that decision, February 28, the Venus (girl) was at 22º - 23º Aries, in a strong conjunction with the star BATEN KAITOS (The Whale’s Belly), which is presently at 22º Aries 07’, from the constellation of Cetus, that tells of danger, of possibility to be “swallowed” – either by some mystery (whale is the creature in the symbolism of Neptune), or due to the overdose of swollen barbiturates.

But, more importantly, Marilyn herself had Fortune at 21º Aries 44’, in conjunction with Venus in her 9th house (abroad, purpose, future incarnation). Fortune is the personal point of the Moon and it describes the most intimate state of the soul. The Sun (conscious part), the Moon (field of our feelings) and the Earth (body, our unconscious) — together create the point of Fortune, and that very Fortune was “touched” by this act… The Fortune point is the road to the field of easiness, an alley to the field of happiness and the place where the soul is light. It is a very personal point, moving the fastest in the horoscope, representing the personal and intimate characteristics of the person. As I have already mentioned, in the chart of Marilyn Monroe it is in her 9th house (the whole world), in sextile with the Moon (popularity) in 7th house (public), so her road is marked with getting popular in the whole world. The Moon “contains” the North Node (future) close to the degree of Jupiter’s exaltation (16º Cancer), as well as the Pluto (fatality) in Cancer, so her enormous popularity and magnetic attractiveness remained to live in the future, after her death… The ruler of her Fortune is Mars in Pisces (sign of Venus’ exaltation) in 8th house (death, sex), and since there is applicative trine with Saturn in Scorpio in 4th house (things we are remembered by at the end of life) – characteristics of seductress and sex symbol are what Marilyn Monroe is remembered long after her death. She will, certainly, easy and for a long time (Saturn) live and seduce even after death, and since Saturn contains Moon/Jupiter conjunction in Aquarius (suddenly) in 7th house (public), this is depiction of great popularity of this sex symbol of the previous century.

If we take a look at directions (since everything there moves 1º per year) of Marilyn Monroe, the first thing that catches the eye is the position of directive Fortune at 13º Cancer in exact semi-sextile with her Ascendant at 13º Leo, exactly on her Pluto (fatality, sexuality) and this 2012 is somehow important for her, because we again remember her as the most fatal and most sex-appealing blond of the previous century. Also, her directive Fortune has sextile with Mercury at 13º Taurus from the chart of the Festival, and since Mercury contains retrograde Venus in 8th house, this is indication of her presence at this year’s festival, of her beauty and her lips (Venus) that, from the festival poster (Gemini), send us the kiss (Venus in Gemini) from the past (retrograde)…

Further on, her directive Mercury came to 29º Leo this year, at the very MC of the chart of the Cannes Festival, and since her natal Mercury contains the Sun (reputation) in Gemini ruling her Ascendant (herself), this is another indication of the connection of Marilyn Monroe and 65th  Cannes Festival. The whole Cannes is covered with her photos, wherever one turns — there is this attractive blond on posters. We must note that her natal Venus (attractiveness, beauty), the ruler of her 10th house (status, reputation) is at 28º Aries 45’, in almost exact trine with MC from the chart of Festival at 29º Leo, as well as with her directive Mercury at 29º Leo that contains her Sun (herself), so this year brings her reputation back again, and in France (Leo), and her contributes to the reputation of the 65th Cannes Film Festival.

In the end, if we take a look at secondary progressions of Marilyn Monroe for the day of Festival opening, we can see that her secondary axis 1/7 (herself/audience) at 23º Libra/Aries, in exact trine with retrograde Venus at 23º Gemini from the Festival’s chart, which strongly implies her powerful connection with this year’s festival in Cannes! Further on, the cusp of the secondary 9th house (the world) is in her chart at 23º Gemini, in conjunction with retrograde Venus from the festival’s chart, so she is revived in this very year through the world’s manifestation, and in the time of retrograde Venus, of course.
The need of the soul is to always have the feeling of easiness. The point of Fortune is the spot of our karmic award that, by its position in the sign, house, its aspect and situation with its ruler speaks most directly about the state of this internal easiness we possess, which is out ticket for different states of consciousness, and for different levels of the fate as well. Cannes Festival is the place of glamour, and Marilyn is its perfect incarnation…

“This is intimate moment where myth meets reality a moving tribute to the anniversary of her passing, which coincides with the Festival anniversary. She enchants us with this promising gesture: a seductively blown kiss.”, was stated by Festival organizers. Even 50 years after her mysterious death, Marilyn Monroe remains the one of the main figures in the world of film, she still has secretive attraction, fatality, sex-appeal… She easily shone again in the whole world… In the time of retrograde Venus, she reminded us all of her lips (Venus) and sent us a kiss (Venus)…

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My Article about Presidental Election in France in the Astrological Journal AA GB March 2017


For the spring issue of “The Astrological Journal“ 2016 I wrote the text about France (and Paris as its capital) “being sensitive” to 21º Aquarius and I ended that text with the remark that on February 11, 2017 there will be a lunar eclipse at 22º Leo and France will be “called out”, in the year of presidential elections. The first round of presidential elections will be held on April 23, and the second on May 7.

The year 2016 will be remembered by Donald Trump “unexpectedly” winning presidential elections in the United States, which turned out to be a tailwind for French National Front – ultra right, nationalist political party led by Marine Le Pen.

Marine Le Pen and Manuel Valls move the axis 0º Libra/0º Aries — axis 4/10 from the chart of the Fifth French Republic! Who will win? What about François Fillon? My full article You will be able to read in spring issue March/April 2017 of The Astrological Jouranl AA GB

Marine Le Pen and 21° Aquarius by Smiljana Gavrančić in The Astrological Journal AA GB & ASTRODIENST

Marine Le Pen and 21° Aquarius by Smiljana Gavrančić in The Astrological Journal AA GB & ASTRODIENST The Astrologica...