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Axion Estin – It Is Truly Meet Holy Mountain (Mount Athos) - Monastic Republic and "Avatar Degree" Published: 26th February, 2018 I Author: Smiljana Gavrančić

Axion Estin – It Is Truly Meet 
Holy Mountain (Mount Athos) - Monastic Republic and "Avatar Degree"
Published: 26th February, 2018 I Author: Smiljana Gavrančić 

Every morning in the port of Ouranoupolis, the little town on the “finger” of Chalcidice, Athos (Greece), there are two queues forming: male queue waiting for the ferry that transports monks and pilgrims to the Holy Mountain, and female queue waiting for the boat that sails around Athos, giving ladies the opportunity to see from afar the monk republic they are banned from. That is in accordance with Avaton, the old law that is believed to have been written according to instructions of the Mother of God, to whom the Holly Mountain is dedicated. 

In pre-Christian times, Athos was famous for its temple of Zeus the Thunderer, shrines of Apollo, Artemis and other Olympian gods, but since then its appearance has mysteriously changed. From Greek Macedonia, the first area of Europe where the church was established by Paul the Apostle, Christ’s fate expanded like fire over the whole Chalcidice and scientists say there had been a mysterious scattering of people from the Athos peninsula. Christian tradition explained the disappearance of cities by the will of god, in order for the Holy Mountain to become the “Virgin Mary’s garden”, meant for monks who shall celebrate her. 

It happened after the resurrection of Christ, when Virgin Mary sailed for Cyprus with St. John to visit resurrected Lazarus from Vitania, who was the episcope there. The ship was blown off to the eastern shore of Athos, to the present day port of the monastery Iviron. On that mild elevation above the sea, the natural amphitheater between the hills over which the clear fresh streams fall, there was a town of Kleonai with the famous Apollo’s shrine. As soon as Virgin Mary stepped ashore, pagan shrines and statues shook and crumbled, including the temple of the Zeus on the top of Athos. 

 The Holy Mountain is the mountain and peninsula in Greece, in the province of Macedonia. On that small stretch of land, the “third finger” of Chalcidice that juts into the sea some 60 km and is 7-12 km wide, there are 20 orthodox monasteries, 12 sketes and numerous mountain caves, constituting the autonomous state under the Greek sovereignty.

The monastic community was formally established in 963 AD, when the monk Athanasios the Athonite established the monastery the Great Lavra, still the largest and the most prominent of the monasteries existing today on Athos, after centuries of being under the rule of Byzantine, Serbs and Turks. It ended up under the modern Greek sovereignty after World War I and the brief diplomatic conflict between Greece and Russia over sovereignty. Monk Athanasios is known for introducing communal monasticism (the so-called coenobitic system) with monks living in communities instead of solitude

Long fasts, vigils and kneeling brought monk Athanasios such monastic perfection that prior blessed him by allowing him to continue with asceticism in silence in a quiet place close to the monastery. Later, he lived in many desolate and lonely places, finally reaching a place called Melana, at the southern-eastern border of Mount Athos. He settled there far away from all other monk settlements on Athos, made himself a cottage and led life of asceticism, progressing to higher monastic achievements. Saint Athanasios the Athonite is considered to be one of the main representatives of isichastic tradition on the Holy Mount.  

Hesychasm (Greek: ησυχια hesihia - stillness, rest, quiet, silence) is the praying tradition in Eastern Orthodox Church, practiced by monks hesychasts (Greek: Ἡσυχαστής hesihastes). This type of spiritual life is mainly present on the Holy Mount. Isichastic practice starts with atonement and accomplishments for purifying the body and the soul from passion. It is continued through permanent inner prayer of the heart, resulting in seeing of divine light, like apostles saw on Mount Tabor during Jesus’ transfiguration. Hesychasm is not only the act of accomplishment, but the complete turn to one’s inner self unified with fullness of church life and necessity of taking of sacraments.  

According to Saint Athanasios’ hagiography, the Devil constantly tried to provoke the hatred in him towards the place of his settlement. The ascetic was determined to remain there for one year and then move to wherever the God directs him. On the last day of that year, while he prepared for the prayer, the heavenly light shone on him and filled him with indescribable joy, while he shed tears of bliss. Saint Athanasios got the gift of tenderness then, loving the place of his solitude as much as he used to loath it.  

Secondary progressed Sun of the Byzantine was at 15° Leo 09’ in 963 AD, just like the Solar Arc MC (15º Leo 06’), while secondary progressed Sun of Istanbul (capital of Byzantine) was at 14º Aquarius 57’ (almost 15º Aquarius)! It is known that every 15º of each fixed sign is “Avatar degree” because it forms an angle of 45º (semi-square) with 0º of each cardinal sign, indicating the start of seasons (0º Aries – spring, 0º Cancer – summer, 0º Libra – fall and 0º Capricorn – winter). More precisely, the Great Cardinal Cross across 0º is activated, and it moves two very important countries like Israel (0º Capricorn) and Turkey (0º Libra). Istanbul itself (Tsargrad, Constantinople), the capital of Roman Empire, Byzantine Empire and finally Ottoman Empire “lives” at the transition from 29º Capricorn to 0º Aquarius, there is connection of old, tradition and new, modern. It will be interesting to see what happens in time to come when Jupiter and Saturn go into the Grand Conjunction at 0º Aquarius (December 2020). Great instability “lives” across those very instable points within Zodiac (0º Aries/0º Cancer/0º Libra/0º Capricorn) and that is why those countries are known as eternal “buffer zones”, a kind of gap between the East and the West. I also mapped my country, Serbia, exactly at 15º Leo. It had been under Ottoman rule for more than 500 years (from 15º Leo there is 45º to 0º Libra – Turkey), and it seems that the best form of governance for Serbia would be parliamentary monarchy, for it is the story of the central degree of the royal sign of Leo... But, just close to 15º Leo, the Berlin Serbia has its South Node, so it abandoned monarchy as the form of governance... , and that is our basic “lesson”, to transform that issue of monarchy...  There is unbreakable bond between Poles and Jews. If I tell you that I mapped Poland to 15º Aquarius, while Israel is mapped to 0º Capricorn (forming 45º with 15º Aquarius). There shall be a problem there eternally, for those countries awaken the energy of the Grand Cardinal Cross where things happen very fast, recklessly, hastily.... We who live here in Balkans say that it is a “powder keg”... Finally, the background of every war is the Cross, faith, religion – it was, it is and it will be, for Jerusalem “vibrates” at 0º Capricorn and initiates the Grand Cardinal Cross through 0º! 


For start, I shall say only this – my draconic Moon is at 16º Aquarius, just next to 15º Aquarius... Draconic horoscope is actually the lunar horoscope of every one of us and it contains soul’s memories of the previous incarnation. It is very important to recognize 2-3 conjunctions of the natal chart of one person and the draconic chart of another person (or state). Those conjunctions are the message from the past… By knowing the nature of the degree of conjunction, we can better understand what needs to be worked on in this life in order to mend the past, and by that the future as well, for there is no present. We have incarnated to live the past again, but also, as conscious beings, to change our future here and now (although here and now are terms that may be discussed).

When the monk Athanasios founded the monastery Great Lavra, apart from active Avatar degrees I also noticed the following: Solar Arc Saturn (ruler of Byzantine MC) was at 29º Taurus, on the Moon of Byzantine. This is not favorable spot within Zodiac, for it is known as star cluster Pleiades, just next to malefic star Algol (from Perseus constellation) and it relates to “weeping sisters”. The fate here is certainly not an easy one. It is known that many monasteries on Holy Mountain were often victims of fire… One of the better known monasteries after the Great Lavra, the Serbian Hilandar, was on fire on the night of March 3, 2004. Secondary progressed Sun of Democratic Greece 1974 was at 29º Leo (on my North Node) squaring 29º Taurus - Pleiades (Byzantine Moon). Tears just had to be shed... Being one of monasteries on Athos, Hilandar has a great fortune in icons, documents... Secondary Asc of Democratic Greece 1974 was at 7º Leo 04, opposing the Mercury (books, documents, frescos...) of Byzantine in 10th house (things the Byzantine Empire is known for), at 6º Aquarius 49’.  

Interestingly, I recently had an “almost fire” at home. I managed to put it out somehow, I do not know exactly how, by the naked right hand (Mars is the right side, action, while Saturn is the left side, the consequence) with no wound left on my palm. It was a real, possible fire. When I made a chart for that moment (January 18, 2018, 00:44:18, Kikinda, Serbia), I saw IC at 7º Aquarius, MC at 7º Leo!
 My nodal axis lies across 29º Leo /29º Aquarius and forms the square with 29º Taurus, so it is clear that there is a strong memory of my soul related to the Holy Mountain and the monastery the Great Lavra and that memory is not an easy one… In karmic astrology, 8th house from 5th house is the house of one’s end, one’s death in previous life, since the present 5th house is one’s beginning (Ascendant) in the previous life. The eighth house from the fifth is actually 12th house of the present natal chart, and when there is Saturn transiting that house, the person usually faces his or her deepest fears that live in the memory of the soul and present the moment when the life was ended. It is interesting that when my mother died, in 2013, transit Saturn was in my 12th house, in Scorpio, squaring my intercepted natal Mercury at 15º Aquarius (“Avatar degree”), while transit Jupiter (travel) was in my 8th house (which is 4th house in my previous life, as 4th house from the 5th one), on my natal Moon at 15º Cancer (exaltation of Jupiter – Jupiter is actually the God, the Creator). In other words, my natal Yod was activated (the nature of every Yod is actually Chironwound, hurt, but also the opportunity for healing). It is interesting that water houses were active, ones that tell the most related to karmic astrology. In my chart they are also in water signs, where memories live. So, in both the previous and present life, my 4th, 8th and 12th houses are in water signs – my memories are deep.  

  The cusp of my 12th house (death in the previous life) is at 2º Scorpio, where draconic Moon of the Byzantine is. That same Moon in natal chart of the Byzantine is positioned at 29º Taurus, where Solar Arc Saturn of the Byzantine was at the moment when the monk Athanasios founded the monastery the Great Lavra. It is the same Moon (women) that carries within the wound, pain, tears (Pleiades). But, at 2º Scorpio there was also the Solar Arc Moon of the Democratic Greece 1974 at the moment when the fire consumed the Serbian monastery Hilandar in Athos (March 2004). 

 Now, again about my event of January 18, 2018 – Ascendant was at 2º Scorpio 55’! By the way, Serbian Orthodox Church celebrates the Holly Cross Day on January 18, the day before the Epiphany (January 19) and St. John’s Day (January 20), the day St. John baptized the Christ in the river Jordan. And again there is the Cross, already mentioned from the point of view of astrology…  Interestingly, the fire broke while I was trying to lite the incense and the match simply flew from my hand and landed on the table… But it seems I am on good terms with the Fire, and we balanced each other through the touch… I felt that maybe I “cleaned” some fire (problem) from before… and that the Light is coming

 If you ask me what my greatest fears are in relation to the memory of the end of my previous life, what ”lives” in my present 12th house (previous 8th house – the death), I have to say three things: fire, deep water and finally – the cat.  

I have to add that at 3º Scorpio there is the degree of the Moon’s fall, but also of Pluto’s exaltation – here the life is on its “weakest” and the death is the “strongest”. When the Sun reaches 3º Scorpio, the Serbian Orthodox Church celebrates St. Petka (Saint Paraskeva), that powerful woman, famous for her asceticism. I mention her often, anybody reading my articles knows that, but she is the subject that comes to me, for she lives deeply subconsciously in me, wherever I go she is somehow in front of me, whether through dreams (12th house) or through my travels and visits to all those places, she is simply always behind me (12th house) in this life, my strong support, and to have support from 12th is very important… She strengthened my inner faith … If you ask me what my religion is to me, I would answer that it is one and only one, St. Petka herself. So finally, I think I am not religious in a classical sense of the word, I am only deeply connected with the spirit of this saint woman whose strength I feel in my spirit… Well, it all started with Jupiter touching my Moon at 15° Cancer in 8th house in 2013, when my mother suddenly died. After that I opened myself for the contact with her, or more precisely, I had to wait six Pluto’s oppositions in transit with 15º Capricorn to my natal Moon (and in-between several “hits” by Uranus from 15º Aries) for 15º Cancer to give it to me – and it gave much, my Soul (Moon) simply opened for the contact with the God. All tears of all women in me were shed through me, for the Moon has all memories of the Soul of all women in our genetics.   

When the monk Athanasios died, in 1004, secondary progressed Asc/Desc axis of Byzantine Empire was across 15º Capricorn/15º Cancer. I shall say again that my mother died with transit Jupiter at 15º Cancer, while transit Jupiter was at 15° Capricorn when my father died (April 6, 1996), which is really incredible, but clearly depicts the importance of this axis in my spiritual life…, and also my connection with the Holy Mountain, which, being the woman, I cannot visit in this life 

My Moon at 15º Cancer has a challenging square, applying one, with Pluto (the ruler of my Asc, but also the ruler of my 12th house – death in the previous life) at 21º Libra! Exactly at 21º Libra there is the draconic Asc of the Byzantine! Here, yet another sign! Also, at 21º Libra “lives” the star Spica (constellation of Virgo) that indicates gifts from the heaven, and being the only star of the Mars/Venus nature, it also indicates to take a look at Mars and Venus in my chart. These natural representatives of relations are in opposition in my chart (Mars is retrograde at 14º Virgo, while the Venus is exalted at 16º Pisces), and that opposition is in angular houses (10/4). But, the Moon at 15º Cancer reconciles that opposition with trine/sextile. So, if I want those gifts from heaven, my Heart should be in the right place, in the center, at 15º Cancer, so I can act from there… Anyway, 15º Cancer is the place of heart chakra (Anahata). When the heart is wounded, the unrest lives there (Saturn is in exile in Cancer).  

Draconic Mars of the Byzantine is at 9º Taurus, right at my natal Chiron, also indicating some wound that came to me from those areas, but at the same time any wound opens the door to healing. Without a wound – there is no opportunity to heal. In the chart of the Byzantine, Mars is at 6º Sagittarius 50’ very close to one of the four royal stars, Antares, (now at 9º Sagittarius, for the stars move 1º in 72 years), known also as the “Keeper of the West”, so this might be a depiction of the wound that came from representatives of “Keeper of the West” at that time (Mars is in 7th house in the chart of the Byzantine – relations with others). Maybe they defended what is theirs, wanted to keep some western value, and I ended up wounded… (keep in mind that the Byzantine was actually the new, Eastern Roman Empire after the fall of the West Roman Empire). Byzantine’s Mars “carries” all that lives in Scorpio and Aries as signs of Mars’ domicile, so it “carries” Saturn at 13º Scorpio (the ruler of Byzantine’s Sun and MC – government of Byzantine) and Neptune at 13º Aries in 12th house (monasteries in the Byzantine). At the same time, Saturn and Neptune form the aspect of 150º, quincunx, the part of every Yod, and Yod is Chiron (wound, but also the healing), and the combination of Saturn and Neptune clearly indicates Orthodoxy as the part of Christianity (for the Catholicism would be represented by Jupiter/Neptune combination), because for Orthodoxy the characteristic trait is – “suffering is the road to salvation”. In other words, the Orthodoxy as the part of Christianity should have gone through what quincunx aspect represents (internal adjustments to circumstances), and to become somehow incorporated in all things represented by Mars at Antares (“The Keeper of the West”) in the chart of the Byzantine. In all that, draconic Mars of the Byzantine and my natal Chiron meet at 9º Taurus, so there is really the memory of being wounded, as I have already emphasized…

Draconic Neptune (monasteries, monk) of the Byzantine is at 16º Virgo, in conjunction with my retrograde Mars at 14º Virgo. Mars rules my 5th house (Asc in the previous life), my 8th from the 5th (death in the previous life) and my Asc in this life. In the Byzantine’s chart, Neptune is in 12th house, which is the house of isolated places, monasteries… with Virgo being the sign of serving…

On the other hand, if we compare my draconic horoscope with the horoscope of Byzantine, there is clear conjunction of my draconic Pluto at 22º Taurus with the Byzantine’s Ascendant! Pluto is the ruler of my natal Asc, clearly indicating my connection with the center of the Byzantine, Istanbul (Tsargrad, i.e. Constantinople). Then, there is conjunction of my draconic Saturn and South Node of the Byzantine, indicating the strong karmic connection and the story not very easy, since it is at 27º-28º Aries, with the star cluster Vertex that indicates the “hard destiny”, for this is the story of the “chained princess”, of the “chained Artemis”… of the women with problems and circumstances threatening to “swallow” her… Finally, there is my draconic Mars (the ruler of my natal Asc and my 12th house – death in the previous life) at 14º Aries, in conjunction with the Neptune at 13º Aries in 12th house of the Byzantine (monasteries), so here is another strong connection between me and the Holy Mountain.  

According to the Constitution of Greece, Athos (the official name of the government of the Holy Mountain) is ruled by the Holy Community consisted of representatives of all 20 monasteries, and there is also the executive committee, the board of four members with the Protos being its head (through history many were Serbs, especially in XV and XVI centuries when the Serbs made the majority of monks in the Holy Mountain). So, Athos has political self-management. 

The capital is Karyes, which is also the seat of the governor as the representative of the Greece government. In clerical terms, it is under the jurisdiction of Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople.
In order to visit the Holy Mountain, one must have the permit of Greece government, but all monks get the Greek citizenship automatically. In other words, only monks are permitted to reside in that territory; presently, there are around 1.400 of them. 

Women are banned from entering Athos; preservation of this tradition was the part of the agreement between the Greece and the European Union during accession. It is said that even female animals are banned, except for cats that catch mice and hens that lay eggs whose yolk is used for production of pigments for iconography. Small inconsistency... 

I have to repeat this - in this life I feel fear and a kind of animosity towards cats. I try to comprehend why… But, the answer might be just there… But I also know that I am indescribably drawn by the strength of the silence provided by the prayer, for if the Soul is fed with things it favors the most it shall overcome all circumstances and reach the personal peace, hard to obtain, but not impossible… I feel admiration towards true ascetics, the monks who have chosen that road as their own… They give me, the mere mortal, and the strength to find my own road, my inner faith and, as I grow older and hopefully wiser, to better deal with all challenges life puts before me every day. Lessons are always there for us to improve and correct the past… 

 Seventeen monasteries are Greek; out of the remaining three, one is Serbian (Hilandar), one Bulgarian (Zograf) and one Russian (Panteleimon). Although there is the sign of pride in it (which is the mortal sin in Christianity), there is the clear hierarchy among monasteries, i.e. ranking by honor and importance. Out of all non-Greek monasteries, the “best ranked” is the Serbian one, Hilandar.
It Is Truly Meet (Greek: Άξιον εστίν, old-Slavic: Достóйно éсть, English Axion Estin) is liturgical chanting in Orthodox Christianity. 

According to tradition, it originated in the time of patriarch Nikola Hrisoverg (983-996). One night a monk was reading the canon to the Mother of God and chanting Čestnjejšuju in the kelija of the monastery Pantokrator, now known as "Axion Estin". His prior went to Karyes. Suddenly, a man appeared in the church and started to chant It Is Truly Meet. That chant was unknown to the church. The monk heard the chant and was excited both over its contents and the beautiful chanting. “They chant like this where I come from”, said the stranger to the monk. The monk wanted to have the chant in writing and he brought the plate to the stranger, who wrote the chant by his finger as he was writing in wax. Then, he suddenly disappeared. Christians believe that the stranger was Archangel Gabriel. The plate was taken to Istanbul. The chant It Is Truly Meet is still used during the church service

Solar Arc MC of Istanbul (Tsargrad) at the beginning of its reign (983/984) was moving across 8º -9º Taurus, the place of my natal Chiron and draconic Mars of the Byzantine. The chant It Is Truly Meet is a kind of healing for me, and now I know why… At the same time Solar Arc Mars of Istanbul was at 0º Aries, which automatically opened the Grand Cardinal Cross I have already mentioned… 

Karyes Church of Protaton (Dormition of the Virgin Mary) is the oldest in Athos and according to the tradition it was founded in 335 AD by emperor Constantin the Great. It was ruined in fire and rebuilt in X century during the reign of the emperor Nikephoros Phokas. In XII century the church was destroyed by Catholics and it was rebuilt again by Bulgarian emperors. Frescos from XIV century are preserved here, and in the upper part of the altar there is a holy object of Karyes, the miraculous icon of the Mother of God It Is Truly Meet, and also the miraculous icon of Christ the Savior is kept here. Around 100 monks live in Karyes...  

In 335 AD, the secondary Ascendant of Istanbul (Tsargrad) was at 21º Libra (on my natal Pluto, the ruler of my Asc and my 12th house – death in the previous life, and draconic Asc of Byzantine). Secondary MC of Istanbul was in 335 AD at 24º Cancer, where Solar Arc cusp of 9th house (religion) of the Byzantine was in 963 AD, when monk Athanasios founded the monastery the Great Lavra. I work on a research for this text in January 2018, only after Uranus started its direct motion from 24º Aries, squaring 24º Cancer. Also, my Solar Arc Fortuna is already in the allowed orb with 24º Cancer, or more precisely it is at 23º Cancer 32’, and Fortuna is very personal point, maybe the most personal one for it contains Asc, Moon and Sun and represents trinity, Asc is our Body, Saturn, and in traditional astrology Saturn is at home in 1st house of horoscope. Moon is the Soul, while the Sun is the Spirit. So, in Fortuna there is trinity – Spirit, Soul and Body! Finally, the symbol of Fortuna is Cross in a circle…   

All those messages came to me between two eclipses (31 Jan, 2018 – 15 Feb, 2018), which is very powerful time, the time of deep cognition. Finally, my Astro Center IAM INΦINITY- Αθήνα Center, has its Asc/Desc axis across 29º Leo/29º Aquarius, in square with the Moon of the Byzantine at 29º Taurus, while the Venus (the ruler of MC) of the Astro Center IAM INΦINITY- Αθήνα Center occupies the spot at 28° Capricorn, where the Sun and MC of the Byzantine are...

 „Axion Estin“ (It Is Truly Meet)...
With Love & Blessings,


My article about Istanbul you can read here: Istanbul

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Axion Estin - Dostojno Jest Sveta Gora - Monaška Republika I "Avatar Stepen" Objavljeno: 24. Februar, 2018 I Autor: Smiljana Gavrančić

Axion Estin - Dostojno Jest
Sveta Gora - Monaška Republika I "Avatar Stepen"
Objavljeno: 24. Februar, 2018 I Autor: Smiljana Gavrančić

 SVAKOGA jutra u pristaništu Uranopolisa, varošice na "prstu" Halkidikija, Atosu (Grčka), formiraju se dva reda: muški čeka trajekt za prevoz hodočasnika i monaha na Svetu Goru, a ženski brod koji krstari oko Atosa, pa i dame mogu da posmatraju iz daleka monašku republiku u kojoj im je zabranjen pristup. Tako nalaže Avaton, drevni zakon, za koji predanje veli da je pisan po uputstvima Majke Božje, kojoj je Sveta Gora posvećena.

Atos je u prethrišćansko vreme bio čuven po hramu Zevsa Munjobije, svetilištima Apolona, Artemide i drugih olimpijskih božanstava, ali od tada misteriozno menja svoj lik. Iz grčke Makedonije, prve oblasti u Evropi gde je crkvu ustanovio apostol Pavle, kao „požar“ se širi Hristova vera na čitav Halkidiki, a naučnici kažu da je u prvim vekovima došlo do tajanstvenog raseljavanja stanovništva s poluostrva Atos. Hrišćansko predanje je nestanak gradova objasnilo Božjom voljom da Sveta gora postane "Bogorodičina gradina" namenjena monasima koji će je slaviti. 

To se desilo kad je Bogorodica, nakon Hristovog vaskrsenja, u pratnji Svetog Jovana krenula na Kipar, u posetu vaskrslome Lazaru iz Vitanije, koji je tamo bio episkop. Velika bura je odvukla brod na istočnu obalu Atosa, na mesto današnje luke manastira Iviron. Tada se na ovom blagom uzvišenju iznad morske obale, prirodnom amfiteatru između planina s kojih se slivaju bistri sveži potoci, nalazio gradić Kleonai s čuvenim Apolonovim svetilištem. Čim je Bogorodica stupila na tlo paganski kipovi i hramovi su se zaljuljali i srušili, uključujući i Zevsov hram na vrhu Atosa.

Sveta gora je planina i poluostrvo u grčkoj provinciji Makedoniji. Na tom malenom pojasu tla koji se zabada u Egejsko more dubini od 60 kilometara, na tom trećem prstu Halkidikija "debelom" između 7 i 12 kilometara, nalazi se 20 pravoslavnih manastira, 12 skitova i brojne kelije, koji zajedno čime autonomnu državu pod grčkim suverenitetom. 

 Formalno utemeljena 963. godine, kada je monah Atanasije osnovao manastir Veliku Lavru, koji je i danas najveća i najznačnija svetinja na Svetoj gori, nakon vekova pod vizantijskom, srpskom pa turskom vlašću, pod modernu grčku upravu došla je tokom Prvog svetskog rata i kratkotrajnog sukoba Grčke sa Rusijom oko toga ko zapravo ima pravo na parče grčkog tla. Monah Atanasije je poznat po tome što je uveo tzv. kinovijski sistem na Svetu Goru, po kojem monasi upražnjavaju poslušanje i život u zajednici, umesto do tada  preovladajućeg pustinjaštva.

Dugim postovima, bdenjima i klečanjem monah Atanasije je ubrzo dostigao takvo monaško savršenstvo da ga je iguman blagoslovio dopuštenjem da nastavi sa podvizavanjem u tišini na jednom usamljenom mjestu blizu manastira. Kasnije je boravio na mnogim pustim i usamljenim mestima, konačno došavši do lokaliteta zvanog Melana, na jugoistočnom rubu planine Atos. Tu se smestio daleko od svih drugih monaških nastambi na Atosu. Napravio je sebi monašku ćeliju i vodio asketski život, napredujući iz podviga u podvig prema sve višim monaškim postignućima. Sveti Atanasije Atonski se smatra jednim od glavnih predstavnika isihastičke tradicije na Svetoj gori. 

Isihazam (gr: ησυχια hesihia - mirovanje, tihovanje, ćutanje) je molitvena tradicija u pravoslavlju, koju upražnjavaju monasi isihasti (gr: Ἡσυχαστής hesihastes). Ovaj način duhovnog života je pretežno zastupljen na Svetoj gori. Isihastička praksa započinje pokajanjem i podvizima za očišćenje duše i tela od strasti, a nastavlja se neprestanim upražnjavanjem unutrašnje molitve srca. Plod takvog podviga je viđenje božanske svetlosti, poput apostolskog na gori Tavor prilikom Isusovog preobraženja. Isihazam nije samo delo podviga, već je i potpuno okretanje čovekovoj unutrašnjosti sjedinjeno sa punoćom crkvenog života i neophodnošću uzimanja Svetih Tajni

Prema žitiju Svetog Atanasija, Đavo je neprestano nastojao da izazove mržnju u njemu prema mestu gde se nastanio. Asketa je odlučio da izdrži jednu godinu, a da onda krene odatle u pravcu kuda ga Gospod usmeri. Zadnjeg dana na isteku tog roka, dok se pripremao za molitvu, obasjala ga je nebeska svetlost ispunjavajući ga neopisivom radošću, a iz njegovih očiju su lile suze blaženstva. Sveti Atanasije je tada zadobio dar nežnosti, zavolevši mesto svog usamljeništva onoliko koliko ga se prije gnušao.  

Sekundarno progresivno Sunce Vizantije se 963. god. našlo na 15º  Lava 09’, a i sam Solar Arc MC (15º  Lava 06’), dok se  sekundarno progresivno Sunce Istanbula (prestonice Vizantije) našlo na 14º  Vodolije 57’ (što je gotovo 15º  Vodolije)! Poznato je da je svaki 15º  svakog fiksnog znaka tzv. „Avatar stepen“ jer  formira 45º  (polukvadrat) sa 0º  svakog kardinalnog znaka, koji ukazuju na početak godišnjeg doba (0º  Ovna – proleće, 0º  Raka – leto, 0º  Vage – jesen i 0º  Jarca – zima). Tačnije, aktivira se Veliki Kardinalni Krst preko 0º, koji upravo pokreće dve veoma bitne zemlje kao što su Izrael (0º  Jarca) i Turska (0º  Vage). Sam Istanbul (Carigrad, Konstantinopolj), prestonica Rimskog Carstva, potom Vizantije, i konačno Otomanskog Carstva „živi“ na prelazu sa 29º  Jarca ka 0º  Vodolije, tu je dodir starog, tradicije i novog, modernog. Biće zanimljivo pratiti vreme ispred nas kada Jupiter i Saturn  naprave tzv. Veliku Konjunciju na 0º  Vodolije (decembra, 2020).  Velika  nestabilnost „živi“ upravo preko ovih vrlo nestabilnih tačaka unutar Zodijaka (0º  Ovna/0º  Raka/0º   Vage/0º  Jarca), i zato ove države i nazivamo večnim „tampon zonama“, one su neka vrsta procepa između Zapada i Istoka. Baš upravo na 15º  Lava, ja sam u svom mundanom radu mapirala i svoju zemlju, Srbiju koja je bila više od 500 godina pod vlašću Osmanlija (sa 15º  Lava mi imao 45º  do 0º  Vage – Turska), i za koju bi po svemu sudeći najboli oblik uređenja bila parlamentarna monarhija, jer to je priča centralnog stepena kraljevskog znaka Lava... No, baš oko 15º  Lava Berlinska Srbija ima Južni Čvor, pa se Srbija i odrekla kraljevine kao oblika uređenja... , a tu nam je baš osnovna „lekcija“, da tu priču oko kraljevine transformišemo...  Neraskidiva je veza npr. između Poljaka i Jevreja. Ako Vam sada kaže da sam upravo Poljsku mapirala na 15º  Vodolije, dok je kao što sam već pomenula malo pre, Izrael – 0º  Jarca (što forimira 45º  sa 15º  Vodolije). Tu će večno postajati problem, jer  ove zemlje bude energiju Kardinalnog Velikog Krsta gde se stvari dešavaju dosta brzo, veoma nepromišljeno, ishitreno.... Za Balkan, mi ovde, na Balkanu, kažemo da je – „bure baruta“... Konačno, pozadina svakog rata je Krst, vera, religija – bila, jeste, i biće, jer, kao što vidite, Jerusalim „vibrira“ upravo sa 0º  Jarca, i pokreće Kardinalni Veliki Krst preko 0º!   

Za početak, reći ću samo ovo – moj draknoski Mesec se nalazi na 16º  Vodolije, dakle, tik uz 15º  Vodolije... Drakonski horosop je u biti lunarni horoskop svakog od nas, u njemu su zapisana sećanja duše na prethodnu inkarnaciju, i vrlo je bitno uvideti 2 do 3 konjunkcije natalnog horoskopa jedne osobe i drakonsog osoba druge osobe (ili države). Upravo u tim konjuncijama je zapisana poruka prošlosti... Poznavanjem prirode stepena na kojem se nalazi ta konjunkcija – razumećemo bolje šta je to na čemu treba u ovom životu da radimo, da bismo popravili prošlost a samim tim i budućnost, jer, sadašnjost ne postoji. Mi smo se i inkarnirali  da bismo prošlost opet živeli ali i da bismo kao svesna bića, sada i ovde (iako sada i ovde je vrlo diskutabilna kategorija) – promenili našu budućnost.

Kada je monah Atanasije osnovao manastir Veliku Lavru, pored toga što su bili aktivni tzv. „Avatar stepenovi“, zapazila sam i sledeće: Solar Arc Saturn (vladar MC Vizantije) našao se na 29º  Bika, na Mesecu Vizantije. Ovo baš nije povoljno mesto unutar Zodijake, jer je poznatije kao zvezdana maglina Plejade, nalazi se neposredno nakon malefične zvezde Algol (iz konstelacije Persej) i vezuje se za  uplakane sestre“. Svakako da sudbina ovde nije laka. Poznato je da su mnogi manastiri na Svetoj Gori često bili na udaru požara... Jedan od najpoznatijih manastira nakon Velike Lavre, je uprvo srpski Hilandar, koji je prošao kroz veliki požar u noći između 3. i 4. Marta, 2004. god. Sekundrano progresivno Sunce Demokratske Grčke 1974 se našlo na 29º  Lava  (na mom Severnom Čvoru), i kvadriralo je 29º  Bika - Plejade (Mesec Vizantije). Naravno da su suze morale poteći... Hilandar kao jedan od svetogorskih manastira sobom nosi veliko bogatstvo u ikonama, spisima... Sekundarni Asc Demokratske Grčke 1974 se našao na 7º  Lava 04, praveći opoziciju sa Merkurom (knjige, spisi, freske...) Vizantije u 10. polju (ono po čemu je Vizantijsko Carstvo poznato), na 6º  Vodolije 49’.   

Interesantno, nedavno, u svojoj kući sam imala jedan događaj koji sam nazvala „zamalo požar“, koji sam uspešno, ni sama ne znam kako, ugasila, golom rukom a da povreda, rana, nije ostala na dlanu desne  (Mars je desno, akcija, dok je Saturn levo, posledica) ruke kojom sam požar zaustavila. Naime, zaista se radilo o pravom, mogućem požaru. Kada sam uradila chart za taj momenat (18. Januar, 2018, 00:44:18, Kikinda, Srbija), IC je bio na 7º  Vodolije, MC na 7º  Lava!  

Moja osa Mesečevih čvorova ide preko 29º  Lava /29º  Vodolije, što kao što se da videti, formira kvadrat sa 29º  Bika, te je svakako više nego jasno da postoji jako sećanje moje duše vezano za Svetu Goru, i manastir Velika Lavra, koje nije ni malo „lagano“...  U karmičkoj astrologiji, 8. polje od 5. polja je polje našeg kraja, naše smrti u prethodnom životu, budući da sadašnje 5. polje uzimamo kao naš počeak (Ascedent) u prošlom životu.  Osmo polje od petog polje  je zapravo 12. polje sadašnjeg natalnog horoskopa, i stoga, kada imate Saturna u tranzitu kroz  12. polje, vi se obično suočavate sa duboko potisnutim strahovima koja žive u sećanju vaše duše a nisu ništa drugo nego onaj sam trenutak u prošlom životu kada ste završili svoje ovozemaljsko putovanje, tj. kada ste dokali smrt. Zanimljivo je da baš kada mi je majka umrla, 2013.god. – tranzitni Saturn je bio u mom 12. polju, koje je uz to još i u Škorpinu, kvadriralo moj natalni uklješteni Merkur na 15º  Vodolije („Avatar stepen“),  dok je tranzitni Jupiter (putovanje) bio u mom 8. polju (što je 4. polje u mom prošlom životu, kao 4. od 5. kuće), na mom natalnom Mesecu na 15º  Raka (egzaltacija Jupitera – Jupiter je zapravo Bog, Tvorac). Drugim rečima, bio je aktiviran moj natalni Yod (priroda svakog Yoda je zapravo Hiron – rana, povreda, ali i prilika za iscelenje). Zanimljivo, aktivne su bile kao što vidite upravo vodene kuće, koje najviše pričaju kada je reč o karmičkoj astrologiji. Pri tom, kod mene su one i u vodenim znacima, gde sećanja i žive. Dakle  i  prošlom i ovom životu meni su 4. , 8. i 12. kuća -  u vodenim znacma. Drugim rečima, moja sećanja su vrlo duboka.    

Vrh mog 12. polja (smrt u prošlom životu) počinje na 2º  Škorpiona, gde se nalazi ni manje ni više drakonski Mesec Vizantije.To je isti onaj Mesec koji je u natalnoj karti Vizantije pozicioniran na 29º  Bika, gde se našao Solar Arc Saturn Vizantije u momentu kada je monah Atansije osnovao manastir Velika Lavra. To je isti onaj Mesec (žene) koji u sebi nosi ranu, bol, suze (Plejade). No, na 2º  Škorpiona se našao i Solar Arc Mesec Demokratske Grčke iz 1974 u trenutku kada je požar zahvatio sprki manastir Hilandar na Svetoj Gori (marta 2004.god.). 

 Sada opet ponavljam svoj događaj od 18. Januara, 2018 – Ascendent se našao na 2º  Škorpiona 55’! Inače, srpska pravoslvna crkva 18. Januara obeležava Krstovdan, dan koji prethodi Bogojavljenju (19. Januar) i Svetom Jovanu (20. Januar), dan kada je na reci Jordan Sveti Jovan krstio Isusa. I opet, dođosmo do Krsta, koji pominjem i iz ugla astrologije gore u tekstu...  Zanimljivo, požar je nastao jer sam pokušavala da zapalim tamjan, i šibica je prosto poletela iz mojih ruku i pala na sto... Ali, izgleda da sam u dobrom odnosu sa Vatrom, pa smo se Vatra i ja preko dodira zapravo i dovele u balans... Osetila sam da sam možda "očistila" neku vatru (problem) od pre...,  i da Svetlo dolazi...

Ako me pitate šta su moji najveći strahovi vezano za sećanje na kraj u mom prošlom životu? Šta je to što „živi“ u mojoj sadašnjoj 12. kući (nekadašnjoj 8. Kući -smrt)? To su tri stvari: vatra (tj. požar),  ali i duboka voda,  i konačno -  mačka

Moram da dodam da je baš na 3º  Škorpiona, i stepen pada Meseca, ali i stepen egzaltacije Plutona – ovde je život „najslabiji“, a smrt „najjača“. Kada Sunce dođe na 3º  Škorpiona, srpska pravoslavna crkva obeležava Svetu Petku, tu moćnu ženu poznatu po svom dubokom asketizmu. Pominjem je često, ako čitate moje tekstove, to možete sad već primetiti, prosto, sama mi se nameće kao tema, jer ona živi duboko podsvesno u meni, gde god krenem ona se nekako postavlja ispred mene, da li kroz snove (12. kuća) ili kroz moja putovanja i posete svetim mestima na tim putovanjima, jednostavno, ona mi stoji iza leđa (12. kuća)  u ovom životu, ona je moja jaka podrška iz 12, a imati podršku iz 12 je jako bitno..., ona je ojačala moju unutrašnju veru... Ako me pitate šta je Smiljana za tebe tvoja religija, ja bih odgovorila, samo jedna i jedina, upravo ona, Sveta Petka. Tako da konačno, ja mislim da ja nisam religiozna u pravom smislu reči, ja sam samo duboko vezana za duh ove svete žene čiju snagu osetim čak i u svom duhu... No, sve je upravo počelo kada je Jupiter dotakao 2013 moj Mesec na 15º  Raka u 8 polju, kada je moja majka iznenada preminula. Nakon toga sam se otvorila za kontakt sa njom, tačnije rečeno, morala sam da sačekam šest Plutonovih opozicija u tranzitu sa 15º  Jarca na moj natalni Mesec (i izemđu toga par „udara“ Urana sa 15º  Ovna) da bi mi  15º  Raka – dao, a dao mi je puno, prosto, moja Duša (Mesec) se otvorila za kontatk za Bogom. Sve suze svih žena u meni su se izlile kroz mene, jer u Mesecu su zapisana sva sećanaj Duše, svih žena u našoj genetici.   

Kada je monah Atanasije preminuo, 1004. god., sekundarno progresivna osa Asc/Desc je išla preko 15º  Jarca/15º  Raka. Ponoviću opet, da je moja majka preminula sa tranzitnim Jupiterom na 15º  Raka, dok je tranzitni Jupiter u trenutku smrti moga oca (6. Aprila, 1996.god.) bio na 15º  Jarca, što je zaista neverovatno, ali vrlo jasno daje sliku važnosti ove ose u mom duhovnom životu..., ali i moje povezanosti sa Svetom Gorom, na koju, kao žena,  u ovom životu ne mogu da kročim...

Moj Mesec sa 15º  Raka ima i izazovan kvadrat, aplikacioni, sa Plutonom (vladarem mog Asc, ali i vladarem mog 12.polja –smrt u prošlom životu) na 21º  Vage! Na 21º  Vage se nalazi drakonski Asc Vizantije! Eto, još jedan jak znak! Na 21º  Vage „živi“ zvezda Spika (konstelacija Virgo) koja ukazuje na darove sa neba, i jedina zvezda čija je priroda Mars/Venera, i zato treba pogledati šta rade Mars i Venera u mom horoskopu. Ovi prirodni predstavnici odnosa, prave aspekt opozicije (Mars je retrogradan i nalazi se na 14º  Device, dok mi je Venera egzaltirana, na 16º  Riba), i ta opozicija ide preko ugaonih kuća (10/4). No,upravo Mesec sa 15º  Raka miri tu opoziciju trigon/sekstilom. Dakle, ako želim da dobijem darove sa neba, moje Srce treba da bude na mestu, u centru, na 15º  Raka, da odatle delujem.... Inače, 15º  Raka i jeste mesto srčane čakre (Anahate). Kada je srce ranjeno, onda tu živi nemir (Saturn je i izgonu u Raku).  

Drakonski Mars Vizantije se nalazi na 9º  Bika, na mom natalnom Hironu, što isto jasno upućuje na neku ranu koja je došla za mene sa tih prostora, ali ujedno svaka rana otvara i vrata ka iscelenju. Da nije bilo povrede – ne bi bilo ni prilike za iscelenjem. Mars se u horoskopu Vizantije inače nalazi na 6º  Strecla 50’ što je veoma blizu  jedne od četiri kraljevske zvezde, Antares, (sada pozicionirane na 9º  Strelca, jer se zvezde pomeraju 1 º  za 72 god.) poznatije kao „Čuvar Zapada“, pa bih rekla da je možda ovo i slika povrede koja je došla od strane predstavnika „Čuvara Zapada“ u ono vreme (Mars je u 7. polju Vizantije- odnosi sa drugima). Možda su oni branili svoje, želeli da očuvaju neku zapadnu vrednost, a ja sam zadobila ranu... (nemojte zaboraviti da je Vizantija bila zapravo Novo,istočno, Rimsko Carstvo, nakon pada Zapadnog Rimskog Carstva). Mars iz horoskopa Vizantije „nosi“ sobom sve što živi u Škorpionu i Ovnu kao znacima sedišta Marsa, dakle, „nosi“ sobom Saturna sa 13º  Škorpiona (vladara Sunca Vizantije i MC-a – vlast Vizantije) i Neptuna sa 13º  Ovna iz 12. polja    (manastiri u Vizantiji). Ujedno, Saturn i Neptun formiraju aspekt od 150º  što je aspekt inkonjunkcije, koji je sam po sebi deo svakog Yoda, a Yod  je Hiron (rana, povreda, ali i iscelenje), a sama kombinacija Saturna i Neptuna jasno upućuje na pravoslavlje kao deo hrišćanstva (jer bi katoličanstvo bilo predstavljeno Jupiter/Neptun kombinacijom), jer je za pravoslavlje karakteristična crta – „trpljenje je put do spasa“. Drugim rečima, pravoslavlje kao deo hrišćanstva je trebalo da prođe kroz ono što predstavlja aspekt inkonjunkcije (unutrašnje prilagođavanje na okolnosti), i da bude nekako inkorporirano u sve ono što predstavlja Mars na Antaresu („Čuvar Zapada“) u horoskopu Vizantije. U svemu tome, drakonski Mars Vizantije i moj natalni Hiron se sreću na 9º  Bika, pa zaista sećanje postoji na ranjavanje, kao što sam već naglasila... 

Drakonski Neptun (manastiri, monah) Vizantije se nalazi na 16º  Device, u konjunciji sa mojim retrogrdnim Marsom na 14º  Device. Mars je vladar moje 5 (Asc u prošlom životu), moje 8 od 5 (smrt u prošlom životu) i mog Asc u ovom životu. Neptun se u horoskopu Vizantije i nalazi baš u 12. polju, što jeste polje izolovanih mesta, manastira.... Devica je znak služenja...

S' druge strane, ako poredimo moj drakonski horoskop sa natalnim horoskopom Vizantije, možemo videti jasnu konjunkciju mog drakonskog Plutona sa 22º Bika i Asc Vizantije! Pluton je vladar mog natalnog Asc što jasno upućuje na moju vezu sa saim centrom Vizantije, Istanbulom (Carigradom, tj. Konstantinopoljem). Zatim, tu je i konjunkcija mog drakonskog Saturna i Južnog Čvora Vizantije što ukazuje na jaku karmičku povezanost i ne tako laganu priču, budući da se radi o 27º-28º Ovna, gde se nalazi zvezdana maglina Vertex koja nosi "težu sudbinu", jer je ovo priča o "okovanoj princezi", o "okovanoj Artemidi"..., o tome da ovde imamo  ženu koja je u problemu i kojoj preti opasnost da bude "progutana" od okolnosti...  Konačno, tu je i moj drakonski Mars (vladar mog natalnog Asc i moje 12 - smrt u prošlom životu) na 14º Ovna, u konjunciji sa Neptunom na 13º Ovna u 12. polju Vizantije (manastiri), pa eto još jednom moje jake veze sa Svetom Gorom.

Atosom (koji se zvanično zove Vlast Svete gore) po ustavu Grčke vlada Sveta zajednica u kojoj sede predstavnici svih 20 manastira, a postoji i izvršni odbor koji ima četiri člana na čelu sa protosom  (mnogi su kroz istoriju bili Srbi; posebno u 15. i 16. veku kada su Srbi činili većinu monaštva na Svetoj gori). Atos, dakle, ima političku samoupravu.

Glavni grad je Kareja, koja je i sedište guvernera kao predstavnika grčke vlasti. Crkveno gledano, nalazi se po jurisdikcijom Vaseljenskog patrijarha iz Carigrada

Da biste posetili Svetu goru morate imati dozvolu grčkih vlasti, ali ako postanete monah automatski dobijate grčko državljanstvo. Drugim rečima, samo je monasimo dozvoljeno da na toj teritoriji trajno borave; trenutno ih ima oko 1.400.

Ženama je ulazak zabranjen; opstanak ove tradicije je bio u sklopu ugovora Grčke sa Evropskom unijom pri njihovom pristupanju. Kažu da su čak i ženke životinja zabranjene, izuzev mačaka koje love miševe i kokošaka koje legu jaja od čijih se žumanaca prave boje koje se koriste u ikonopisanju. Mala nedoslednost. 

Moram da ponovim, da u ovom životu imam strah i neku vrstu animoziteta prema mačkama, i pokušavam da spoznam zašto...  No, odgovor je možda baš tu... Ali, isto tako znam da me neopisivo privlači snaga tišine koju vam omogućava molitva, jer , Duša ako se hrani upravo hranom koja joj najviše prija, a to je taj lični mir do kojeg je jako teško doći, ali je moguće doći – će prevazići sve okolnosti... Osećam divljenje prema istinskim asketama, prema monasima koji su odabrali taj put kao svoj put... Oni mi daju snagu da i ja, kao običan smrtnik, pronađem svoju snagu, svoju unutrašnju veru i da se, kako sam starija i nadam se – mudrija, bolje nosim sa svim iskušenjima koja ispred nas život stavlja svakog dana. No, lekcije su uvek tu baš da bismo popravili sebe i ispravili prošlost...

Sedamnaest manastira su grčki; od preostala tri, jedan je srpski (Hilandar), jedan bugarski (Zograf) i jedan ruski (Pantelejmon). Premda postoji naznaka gordosti u tome (što je, kao što znate, smrtni greh u hrišćanstvu), među manastirima postoji jasna hijerhija, odnosno prvenstvo po časti i važnosti. Od svih ne-grčkih manastira, najbolje "kotirani"  srpski,  Hilandar.

 Dostojno jest (gr. Άξιον εστίν, stsl. Достóйно éсть,engl. Axion Estin) je liturgijsko pojanje u pravoslavnom hrišćanstvu.

Prema predanju, nastala je za vreme patrijarha Nikole Hrisoverga (983-996). Jedne noći monah je čitao kanon Bogorodici i pevao, Čestnjejšuju u ćelijii manastira Pantokratora zvanoj sada "Dostojno jest". Starac njegov je otišao na Kareju. Najedanput se javio u crkvi čovek i počeo pevati: Dostojno jest. Ta pesma bila je dotle nepoznata u crkvi. Monah čuvši tu pesmu, bio je sav uzbuđen, kako zbog sadržaja, tako i zbog divnog pojanja. "Kod nas ovako pevaju," rekao je stranac monahu. Monah je hteo da ima tu pesmu napisanu i doneo je jednu ploču, na kojoj je stranac prstom ispisao pesmu kao po vosku. I najednom je nestao. Hrišćani veruju da je taj stranac bio arhangel Gavrilo. Ona ploča je preneta u Carigrad. Pesma dostojno jest se i dalje koristi u crkvi u toku službe.

Solar Arc MC Istanbula (Carigrada) je na početku njegove vladavine (983/984)  prelazio preko 8º -9º Bika, što je mesto mog natalnog Hirona, ali i drakonskog Marsa Vizantije. Pesma Dostojno jest je za mene zaista neka vrsta iscelenja, a sada i znam zašto... U isto vreme Solar Arc Mars Istanbula se našao na 0º  Ovna, što je automatski otvorilo Veliki Kardinalni Krst o kojem sam gore u tekstu pričala...

Karejska Saborna Crkva Uspenja Presvete Bogorodice je najstarija na Svetoj Gori i prema predanju osnovao ju je 335.god. car Konstantin Veliki. Hram je stradao od požara  a obnovljen je u 10.veku za vreme vladavine cara Nićifora Foke . U 12. veku hram su uništili katolici, a ponovo su ga obnovili bugarski carevi. Ovde su sačuvane freske iz 14. veka, a na gornjem delu oltara nalazi se svetinja Kareje, čudotvorna ikona Majke Božije Dostojno Jest,  a čuva se takođe i čudotvorna ikona Hrista Spasitelja.U Kareji, živi oko 100 monaha...  

Sekundarni Ascendent Istanbula (Carigrada) se 335.god.našao na 21º  Vage (na mom natalnom Plutonu, vladaru mog Asc ali i moje 12-smrt u prošlom životu, i na drakonskom Asc Vizantije). Sekundrani MC Istanbula se 335. našao na 24º  Raka gde je bio Solar Arc vrh 9. polja (religija) Vizantije 963.god. kada je monah Atanasije osnovao manastir Veliku Lavru. Ja radim istraživanje vezano za  ovaj tekst Januara 2018, tek nakon što je Uran krenuo direktno i to baš sa 24º  Ovna, kvadrirajući 24º  Raka. Pri tom, moja Solar Arc Fortuna je već  u dozvoljenom orbisu sa 24º  Raka, tačnije nalazi se na 23º  Raka 32’, a Fortuna je vrlo lična tačka, ako ne i najličnija jer se sastoji od Asc, Meseca i Sunca i predstavlja trojstvo, Asc je naše telo, Saturn, a Saturn je u tradicionalnoj astrologiji upravo kod kuće u 1. polju horoskopa. Mesec je Duša, dok je Sunce Duh. Dakle, u Fortuni imamo to trojstvo- Duh, Duša, Telo!Konačno, ako pogledamo i simbol Fortune, to je upravo Krst u krugu...    

Sve ove poruke su mi došle između dve eklipse, što je vrlo moćno vreme, vreme dubokih spoznaja. Konačno i moj Astro Centar IAM INΦINITY- Αθήνα Center, ima osu Asc/Desc preko 29 º Lava/29 º Vodolije, u kvadratu sa Mesecom Vizantije sa 29 º Bika, dok je Venera (vladar MC) od Astro Centra IAM INΦINITY- Αθήνα Center, pozicionirana na 28 º Jarca, gde se nalazi MC i  Sunce u horoskopu Vizantije...

Dostojno jest!
S’ Ljubavlju,

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