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Serbia and 15° Leo Originally Published: January 8th, 2015 I Author: Smiljana Gavrančić

Serbia and 15° Leo
Originally Published: January 8th, 2015 I Author: Smiljana Gavrančić

Central (15°) degrees of the fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius) are known as so-called "Avatar degrees" because they form 45° (semi-square) with 0° of cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn). These are very intriguing spots within Zodiac, in the sense that countries that "vibrate" at 15° of fixed signs surely have the tougher road.

Five hundred years under the Turks

Since I live in Serbia, the country that is said to be the "Balkan powder keg", it was extremely important for me, as mundane astrologist, to map my country within the Zodiac. The research I performed brought me to the very 15° Leo, the "Avatar degree", the central, "royal", degree of the royal sign of Leo! Since my country has been under the Turk government for 5 hundred years, and since I have recently mapped Turkey to 0° Libra (more about this you may read in my article Turkey and 0° Libra), I decided that it very much makes sense to place Serbia at 15° Leo, because it is 45° (semi-square) from 0° Libra (Turkey)! Also, in its history Serbia has been a Kingdom of Serbia, which correlates to 15° ("royal", central degree) of the royal sign of Leo.


But, let us start from the beginning. Serbia got its independence at Berlin Congress (July 13, 1878) and horoscope for that moment is one important point in time that should be used when talking about Serbia. Since the South Node (losses) in this horoscope is at 14° Leo, which is very close to 15° Leo,  then it becomes clear why Serbia got the tougher road… But, talking about the South Node, it always means there is the chance for change, because the symbolism of the South Node is analogous to the series 11 which "offers" the change, after which the liberation comes… But the very ruler of the 11th sign -- Aquarius, the Uranus is in Leo in exile, so the changes for the Serbs also represent the kind of problem…

Sun in Leo (consciousness of Myself, King) is strong, but here the Uranus (planes, bombs) is in exile, so the capital of Serbia, Belgrade, was bombed five times in its history. Neptune (faith) is also in fall in Leo, so Serbia also had the part of the history when it denied religion (time of communism, Josip Broz Tito), but it could not go on forever, since Uranus (communism) in Leo is in exile, as I already mentioned. Today the Church is very present again and there are many so-called "new believers" who actually do not know what they believe in because they do not see the reality. Serbia obviously has a problem with responsibility, accepting the truth and the need to continue living in the past (Saturn is in exile in Leo).

So, the Sun (the king, rulers) is the strongest in Leo, but since the South Node (losses) in the chart of Berlin Serbia is close to 15° Leo (Serbia), then it is clear why Serbia kept losing its kings and rulers (the murder of Karadjordje in early history, then the May overturn in 1903 when king Aleksandar Obrenovic and his wife Draga Masin were murdered, the murder of the Serbian king Aleksandar Karadjordjevic in Marseilles in 1934, and in recent history the murder of the first Serbian democratic prime minister Zoran Djindjic in 2003).

Taking all into account, Serbia should be working on accepting the truth and taking the responsibility, and not on defying the change; on the faith, but the inner, personal one that has nothing to do with religion imposed by the institution of the Church. Serbia should see the Beauty in every Truth, and should not create scenarios by self-projecting (Neptune in fall) and should not make bad judgments. Saturn in Leo is weakened, so we as a nation should stop judging everybody else around us, and focus truly only on ourselves and our interests (Sun in Leo)! Otherwise, we miss opportunities, lose time, live in the "dark" for we choose so…

The Sun is strong here, but there must be no ego in the negative sense, we need to become aware of who and what we are as nation, and we need to use the conjunction with the South Node (the past) as a positive thing, by returning to our roots… To put it simply, we should learn to love ourselves, to dive deep in ourselves and "release" the self-assurance from the South Node (the past). Self-assurance implies the existence of love, most importantly for ourselves

Is the return of monarchy Serbian salvation? Possibly… It does not have to be the absolute monarchy, but surely the very institution of the King would improve the reputation of Serbia in the world… (in the chart of Berlin Serbia, the Venus -- diplomacy is at 15° Gemini, in the 7th house -- foreign relations, and in sextile with 15° Leo).

In any case, 15° Leo only confirms that Serbia always needed, needs and will need the strong leader, strong male figure that would lead the country, but who would use the symbolism of the South Node (the past) in the positive sense and make the turn.

May overturn 1903

In the spring of 1903, more precisely on May 29, 1903, the king Aleksandar Obrenovic and his wife, the queen Draga Masin were killed. In that moment progressive Sun (king) of the Berlin Serbia was ay 14° Leo 44' (close conjunction with 15° Leo, "avatar degree"), while progressive MC was at 0° Libra, which is mutually the semi-square aspect (45°), and what surely emphasizes the possibility of some tension within the country. This act resulted in the return of the Karadjordjevic family to the throne of Serbian monarchy.

In Solar Arc directions of the Horoscope of the Kingdom of Serbia, the cusp of the 8th house (death) is at that time at 14° Aquarius 48' (very close to 15° Aquarius), which also moved 15° Leo (Serbia) by opposition!

World War I

It is well known that the trigger of the World War I was Sarajevo assassination on June 28, 1914, when the member of "Mlada Bosna" organization Gavrilo Princip, the Serb, assassinated Austrian-Hungary Archduke and his wife. After that, Belgrade was bombed on July 15, 1914. Solar Arc Moon (the people) of the Berlin Serbia horoscope was at that moment at 14° Aquarius 47' (planes), very close to 15° Aquarius (also "Avatar degree") in opposition with 15° Leo (Serbia). The following year, October 6, 1915, Belgrade was bombed again in World War I. Then, Solar Arc Moon (people) was at 15° Aquarius 58' in opposition with 15° Leo!

But, this was not the first bombing of Belgrade. Before that, on June 5, 1862 the Turks also "spilled the fire" on Belgrade.

King assassination in Marseilles in 1934

In October 1934 the King Aleksandar Karadjordjevic was assassinated in Marseilles. Secondary ascendant (situation in the country) of the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenians (KSCS) was exactly at 15° Leo!

World War II

The World War II followed and Hitler bombed Belgrade on April 6, 1941. Solar Arc Venus of the Berlin Serbia horoscope was at 15° Leo! Venus in the horoscope of Berlin Serbia is the ruler of the 7th house (everybody standing across Serbia, foreign relations), but also carries the Pluto from Taurus (ruler of the ascendant -- Belgrade, the capital), as well as Chiron (the wound) from Taurus.

During World War II Belgrade was also bombed by allies on April 16, 1944.

The last bombing of Belgrade happened in recent history, on March 24, 1999 by NATO. Progressive Sun of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia was between 14° and 15° Taurus during the NATO strikes, which is also the "Avatar degree", one in square with 15° Leo (Serbia)!

Democratic changes in Serbia

In January 2001, after the October 5th Revolution in 2000, Serbia got the first democratic Prime Minister. Zoran Djindjic came to lead Serbia. But, secondary Venus of the Berlin Serbia was at the same position as natal Mars of Zoran Djindjic, at 15° Scorpio (also "Avatar degree"), square to 15° Leo (Serbia), so this was the sign that the road to change will not be easy and that some things here may be interrupted in the middle, because the Venus from the Berlin Serbia chart carries also Pluto (death, danger), as well as Chiron (wound). Only two years later Zoran Djindjic was assassinated in front of the Republic of Serbia Government building -- tertiary Sun (the Prime Minister) of Berlin Serbia was at 15° Aquarius! In his natal chart Zoran Djindjic has the cusp of the 8th house (death, danger) at 15° Taurus ("Avatar degree"). As we can see, the Grand Fixed Cross was activated through 15°, which is very daring and very painful…

Horoscope of the present Serbia

In the horoscope of the present Serbia (which is the moment the Constitution was brought in 2006 -- November 8, ASC 3° Aquarius) the Sun (the ruler) is positioned at 15° Scorpio ("Avatar degree") and makes the square with 15° Leo (Serbia), which only emphasizes again the significance of these degrees for Serbia.

Former Serbian President, Boris Tadic, has in his natal chart the ruler of the 10th house (him as the President) at 15° Aquarius, which activates 15° Leo (Serbia) again.

When Serbia got the status of the EU Candidate State on March 1, 2012, 9th house (abroad) of the late Prime Minister Zoran Djindjic was at 15° Leo in Solar Arc Directions, emphasizing the credit of this very man for candidacy status of Serbia.


It is interesting that this year Serbia has a secondary 1/7 axis across 15° Aquarius - 15° Leo, which might indicate very important year. Since the election year is 2016, this might mean elections could be held even in 2015, i.e. is it possible to have early elections in Serbia? It remains to be seen…

On the other hand, in Solar Arc directions of European Union, this year the Moon (some woman from EU government - because in the EU horoscope the Moon - woman is placed in the 10th house - government) is at 15° Gemini, which supports 15° Leo (Serbia), so this is the good opportunity for Serbia to easily (sextile) be in harmony with European Union. This is also the year when Serbia took the presidency of OSCE, which is also a big step forward for our country.

If we take a look at the horoscope of Kosovo, then for this year in Solar Arc directions there is Mercury (negotiations) at 15° Aquarius, which also activates 15° Leo (Serbia), so this is also the sign that things will not be easy here as well… But, since the last, seventh square of Uranus-Pluto at 15° Aries - 15° Capricorn is still before us, Serbia should see this as the chance and use 2015 for changes (sextile with Uranus at 15° Aries) that may follow only if we transform from within and let go of history and past (quincunx with Pluto at 15° Capricorn), for Pluto is the spot where everything disappears, but also the spot where everything becomes after everything has disappeared… 


"Knjiga Srpskih Horoskopa", Branka Stamenković
 "The Book of World Horoscopes", Nicholas Champion

Alain Delon and Romy Schneider Originally Published: May 13, 2013 I Author: Smiljana Gavrančić

Alain Delon and Romy Schneider
Originally Published: May 13, 2013 I Author: Smiljana Gavrančić 

So here we are in May again, the month when, every year, the Cannes becomes the center of the world, when the film is concerned. While the last year's festival was all about Merilyn Monroe (you can read more about it in my article Marilyn Monroe, Cannes and retrograde Venus), Cannes 2013 will be all about the most famous French actor -- Alain Delon, who will be receiving the award for the whole life's work on the day before the last of the festival. One of the most desirable actors, known for his "stormy" love affair with Romy Schneider, says today that he is lonely (ruler of the ascendant in Libra is Venus in 12 -- loneliness, almost on the degree of its fall, 28° Virgo), but he still believes (12 -- personal faith) that he would find intelligent woman (Virgo) who will understand him and make him happy. He will be 78 in November this year.

Cannes 2013

However, this article is not about the festival itself, i.e. the films competing for the Golden Palm. The chart for the beginning of this year's festival took my attention because I recognized the contact point of Alain Delon's Sun and Romy Schneider's Venus in the very ascendant at 16° Scorpio… Since the North Node (the future) is also at the ascendant, I would say that this could easily be the picture of this love in future…

Still, what is interesting here is the position of the Moon (memory) in 9 (future life) at 27° Cancer, because at that very spot is the Pluto in the natal chart of Alain Delon, the ruler of 2 house (the future life). The Pluto is also the second Moon's conjunction, and the second conjunction (from the point of view of karmic astrology) describes precisely the future life… So, all these are "road signs" that Cannes 2013 withholds the hidden message of the great love of Alain Delon and Romy Schneider, that has its continuing, apparently, somewhere in the future… Apart from all mentioned, Pluto is also the apex of the T-square in the French actor's chart, so it is certainly something that he works hard on in this life…

Movie "Christine" 1958

Alain Delon met Romy Schneider at the filming of the movie "Christine" in 1958, and the love was immediately born. It was the fatal encounter. Partners in the movie soon became partners in life. This is witnessed by the strong conjunction of Alain's Sun (representative of series 5 -- love) at 14° Scorpio 48' and Romy's Venus (series 7, essential significator for love) at 15° Scorpio 41', which is at the same time the very tight conjunction with ascendant and north node (16° Scorpio) of the beginning of this year's Cannes festival!

Sun and Venus conjunction in Scorpio is surely the picture of the strong physical attraction and love, and since all that happens in the 5th house (love) of Romy Schneider -- we can see how important this love was for the German actress…

Also, the following speaks in favor of falling in love: both the Sun (series 5, love) and the Moon (series 4, emotions) of Romy Schneider at 0° Libra are in conjunction with Alain's Venus (series 7) at 28° Virgo, which is also the ruler of his ascendant and describes himself, but at the same time the dispositor of his Uranus (his first Moon conjunction -- what he strives to in this life), as well as in the chart of Romy Schneider the Moon is the ruler of her ascendant (herself). Having her Sun (0° Libra) almost at his ascendant (7° Libra) certainly contributed to the feeling of Alain's waking-up in her presence, as well as the conjunction of her Moon with his ascendant brought the feeling of closeness to Alain Delon in Romy. So, all this was quite sufficient for love to happen. The couple soon (March 20, 1959) made their love official by engagement.

However, the relationship with Delon ended ingloriously. The beautiful German tolerated Alain's "escapades" during the five years of their relationship, and he returned the favor by ending their engagement in 1963. He left the short message for her on the mirror: "Gone to Mexico with Nathalie. Not coming back." Romy cut her veins. Luckily, she was saved in time. After the breakup she suffered in public, did not hide how difficult it was for her… But, in spite of all, they remained close friends until the end of her life

27° Aries

If we take a look now at Davison Relationship Chart (common horoscope) of these two, we find the ascendant at 21° Leo, which is the very degree of Neptune fall, so this relationship required a lot of faith and a lot of silence from the very start, with the realistic possibility of infidelity… The Sun, the ruler of ascendant (older one in the relationship, Delon) is at 26° Aries, in applying conjunction with retrograde Venus at 28° Aries in 9 (affairs, but also the house important from the point of view of future life). Since the Venus is dispositor of Uranus in Taurus (the ruler of 7 -- the younger one in the relationship, being Romy), we have here the encounter of these two people at 27° Aries, being the midpoint of these two planets. As can be seen, their relation is really special, because in Davison they have conjunction of Sun and retrograde Venus, so-called the lower Venus conjunction. This conjunction is being accented by its being the apex of cardinal T-square with Jupiter in Capricorn (affairs) and Pluto in Cancer (emotions colored by passion), so the main accent is exactly at 27° Aries! Surely, it was not easy for them, and since Vertex (star nebula) from the constellation of Andromeda (chained lady) is situated at 27° Aries, and it may indicate the violent death, then it is completely clear why Romy attempted suicide after the breakup with Delon. Finally, her life ended later rather tragically, when she was found dead at the age of 43. It is believed that she committed suicide by taking the deadly cocktail of alcohol and sleeping pills. One thing she could not cope with was the early death of her son David, after which she found solace in alcohol… On the day of her death (May 29, 1982), the Venus (love) was transiting 27° Aries…

The horoscope of the previous life of Alain Delon also shows the high importance of 27° Aries. The Sun (series 5 -- love) in this chart is situated at the cusp of 5th house (love) at 27° Aries, so the love with Romy Schneider is something close and known to Delon from the previous life.

Movie "The Swimming Pool" 1969

Delon's marriage to Nathalie ended in the same year when the movie connected him to Romy Schneider again, six years after the breakup. He suggested to her to be his partner in the famous movie "La Piscine" ("The Swimming Pool"). Romy accepted, and the audience could see that the chemistry between the two still exists…

In the same month in which this film that connected them again (but only on the big screen) had its premiere (January 31, 1969), secondary Moon (emotions) of Alain Delon transited 3° Cancer (which is the very ascendant of Romy Schneider), and made exact trine with his secondary Venus (love) at 3° Scorpio 06' (which in turn was in a conjunction with the cusp of Delon's 2nd (future life) at 2° Scorpio 29'), so all of this was already an indication that his love with Romy is something that awaits him in the future life. Also, 3° Scorpio (Pluto exaltation) affirms that their love lives after the death…

Lotus configuration

The Venus is, in Alain Delon's chart situated in 12 (the swimming pool, film), it is dispositor of the Uranus in Taurus (the first Moon's conjunction -- to what he moves to in this life) and it represents the apex of lotus configuration, i.e. by sextile it connects the trine of Pluto at 27° Cancer (second Moon's conjunction -- future life) and Jupiter at 29° Scorpio as the dispositor of Saturn in Pisces as his last Moon's conjunction (memory from the last life), so the movie "The Swimming Pool" enabled Delon to connect three lives in one, which is the task of us all. Finally, Venus at 28° Virgo solves the T-square of Delon, by having the sextile with Pluto at 27° Cancer (the apex of the T-square!).

"My first love"

In lieu of publishing of the book "They loved each other so much" about the love of Alain Delon and Romy Schneider (for which Delon himself wrote the foreword) -- the French actor opened his heart in 2009 and admitted that she was his first love. "Until now I had no wish to speak about the topic that is still painful and very personal. But this time I find the idea is good and it is realized in a good way", said Delon. He described Romy as temperament, strong personality, passionate and sensitive. "She was violent sometimes, but it is because she was a complete personality", said Delon. He added he could not have imagined her old, nor would have he liked to see her at age 70. "I prefer that she left like that, it is better that way. She left us while she was in full beauty. She is a myth, legend, and she will remain that", the actor emphasized. Delon admitted he had regretted not marrying her, and revealed that they had wonderful old-fashioned engagement. He also admitted that Romy Schneider is always with him… "I took three photographs with Polaroid on the day of her funeral and I keep these in my wallet, close to the heart. Nobody ever saw those photographs", the actor admitted. Venus (photography) is in 12 (secret, hiding, invisibility) in Alain Delon's chart, it is the apex of lotus configuration, and it helps him to connect the past and the future in silence (12)…

In the horoscope of the future life (which is the horoscope of the twelfth harmonic), Alain Delon will have the Sun (love) exactly on his natal Venus (Romy Schneider), which is one more confirmation of the significance of lotus configuration in the chart of the French actor!

Delon's letter

Since Saturn does not act right at the beginning of the relationship but it takes time, the conjunction of Delon's Moon at 10° Aries with Romy Schneider's Saturn at 15° Aries (5° orb -- love) became significant later. Here, the person whose Saturn is in question (here it is Romy) always leaves the emptiness in the soul of the person whose Moon is in question (here it is Delon). Although she was not the one to break the relationship with him, i.e. to leave him, it seems that her final leaving, her death, left the stone (Saturn) on this man's Soul…

On the day of funeral, Alain wrote a letter and Romy Schneider was buried with the letter from her greatest love. "You were never more beautiful. You see, I have learnt a few German words for you… I love you, my love...“. At his initiative, several years later, the body of her son David was put into the grave of Romy Schneider.

June 6, 2012

Chiron (wound, pain) in Delon's chart is in Gemini (the letter) in 9th house (the future life) at 15° Gemini, where his tertiary Venus (love) was at the day of Romy Schneider's death. On June 6, 2012, at that very same spot, there was the unique transit of Venus over the Sun (the meeting of lovers). Did not this event open the doors for the repeated meeting somewhere in the future? I would say the answer is -- yes… for on the day of their engagement (March 20, 1959) secondary Moon (emotions) of Delon at 14° Aquarius 57' made a trine at 15° Gemini, so we can conclude that the door for the repeated meeting somewhere in the future, starting from the June 6, 2012 are -- opened… And finally, there is the secondary Moon (the ruler of the ascendant) of Romy Schneider, that on the day of Cannes Festival opening this year (May 15, 2013, which was the day of the beginning of retrograde Venus in 2012) will reach 16° Gemini, meaning it just had finished transiting 15° Gemini…  

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CINASTRO 2015, September,Brazil

CINASTRO 2015, 12-20 September,Brazil

I will be a speaker on CINASTRO 2015 (Brazil), September 2015. CINASTRO is online astrology conference. My lecture is "Russia and 19 Libra".

For more information visit CINASTRO 2015

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