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River of Dreams… Author: Professional Astrologer Smiljana Gavrančić (ISAR C.A.P.) Published: May 24th, 2016

River of Dreams…
Author: Professional Astrologer Smiljana Gavrančić (ISAR C.A.P.)
Published: May 24th, 2016 

Everybody carries inside not only the story of his own life, but also of many other lives that are unconsciously interlaced. Draconic horoscope is the type of horoscope that gives the secret picture of the Soul, describing the connections with people (and regions) we know from previous lives, and implying that our feelings are not absolutely ours… In other words, it speaks of our Soul's memories.

We all have somebody (or something) that we love, with whom we are "connected", who we feel and in whom we recognize something ours…


When on October 16, 2013, Siniša Račić started his project "Active Holiday“ – he was only inadvertently following his dreams. In his chart, Siniša has very prominent Uranus (being original, brave; freedom) at the Ascendant as the ruler of his 5th house (creation). People with Uranus at Ascendant are usually pioneers in their profession, they are twenty steps in front of their time, they are "crazy", brave, very fast, open to everything that is new, different. On the other side, this is not the easy way, but all that is more challenging in life brings greater happiness later. The very position of angular houses (Asc, Desc, IC, MC) across 0º of cardinal signs speaks of the fact that Siniša revives so-called "Avatar degrees" (15° of fixed signs) through his horoscope, so his purpose is to start something during his life that will have effect on masses. Avatar degrees in astrology indicate that the fate of these people is not an easy one, and that Siniša is a kind of agent in connecting  – only seemingly disparate opposites. It takes "crazy bravery" for Avatar degrees because they speak of a strong, unconscious need for transformation, for "breaking" the old forms we inherited in the river bed called  – genetics. From the point of view of my years-long research, these degrees also relate to  practicing Kundalni Yoga, which is also the part of his life, a part he is in love with. „Avatar degrees“ are in semi-square (aspect of 45º) with 0º of every cardinal sign (Aries. Cancer, Libra, Capricorn), that tell of the beginning of the four seasons. When the Sun comes to 0º Aries – the spring begins, when it reaches 0º Cancer – the summer begins, at 0º Libra – the autumn begins, and when the Sun reaches 0º Capricorn – the winter begins.

Ceres – the goddess of Nature

Venus (essential signifier of nature, but also the ruler of Siniša's South Node – the life before the last) is in the 3rd house (our words, all we say, write, our Mind), in Sagittarius (expansion, broadening of knowledge), and in conjunction with asteroid Ceres. Ceres is Goddess, Mother of the nature, patron of grains and grain fields, and that archetype is what Siniša carries in his Soul as a memory that he inadvertently follows during this incarnation. All those who ever have had a chance to see what Siniša does could immediately see his endless love of nature and his promoting it through activities within the project „Active Holiday“.

The point where everything ceases and everything begins!

Siniša's horoscope carries great spiritual potential – Sun (daily light, knowledge of Self) is at 2º Scorpio, close to the Pluto's exaltation degree (transformation), but also close to the degree of Moon's fall (emotions), so one of his tasks is to make himself "emotionally lighter" during this life, clear of "bad" emotions. Emotions are just memories, and memories are not ours, those are our ancestors within us, and it is a river with many things within, and there things should be "cleaned"… The position of progressive Ascendant (it moves 1º during 1 year)in the moment when project "Active Holiday" was initiated is interesting – it is the mentioned 2º Scorpio! This was the clear sign of the Universe! This is the spot in the Zodiac where everything old – ceases! His natal Sun (Light) is revived, and the creation was born in 2013!

Mercury (Mind) is at the beginning of the Burning Way (Via Combusta), that covers the space between 15º Libra and 15º Scorpio. Here, it is the story of the magic powers of Egyptian goddess Isis, who knew the secrets of the underworld and revived the dead (remember the myth of reviving her dead husband). In real life, this might mean the great need for mastering spiritual techniques in order to heal oneself first, and then everybody around. Mercury has a challenging aspect with Saturn at the star from the constellation of Cetus (Whale – the monster), that also carries spiritual potential.

Here there is the change after the long time spent in the "cellar of one own's internal universe". While being in the "belly of the whale", one has a chance to realize his mistakes and after that comprehension of deeply unconscious contents one can honestly ask the Creator within (the personal God) to open the door, and point to the Light. After that, it is up to everybody to go to the world and share the knowledge… Siniša is doing just this, through events and people he work with at "Active Holiday“.

I must add that the Sun (the knowledge of Self) is also on the Burning Way, so it is obvious that Plutonic part of Zodiac is accented here. It takes courage to go to the underworld, because only a few managed to return from there. It takes wisdom to go "down" there, to master the powerful knowledge and to return "up" here, to the Earth, to share that knowledge… This is always the double-edged sword, because the world of energies carries the trap within.

Promotion of the healthy life is evident from Siniša's stellium (three planets) in Virgo (Mars, Pluto and Jupiter). This stellium in Virgo in 12th house (silence) is supported by Neptune (spirituality) in good aspect, so accenting meditation and all other techniques that contain it – is definitely something that strongly marks the project "Active Holiday“.

The Moon (night light, subconscious) is at 0º Capricorn, very challenging spot in Zodiac, because it is automatically included into "Avatar degrees“. The Moon describes all people we meet in life, and these are the people Siniša comes in contact with through his projects.

The Southern Triangle

Let me now go back to the notion of draconic horoscope that I have mentioned before. We are being born and come to the planet Earth just to revive the memories of our souls and to finish the unfinished business from previous incarnations. When "Active Holiday" was founded, Ascendant - the body of this project - was at the very mystical fixed star ATRIA (21º Sagittarius), from the constellation of Triangulum Australis (the Southern Triangle).

Specificity of this star is that it represents a kind of secret, invisible connecting and associating, mainly on positive basis. It has being related to architecture and masons. It implies secret societies, coded messages, illuminations, Holy Grail. In Draconic horoscope, there is Siniša's  Moon at 21º Sagittarius, clearly indicating that "Active Holiday“ is something he carries as a memory of his Soul from the previous life, and in this incarnation he just inadvertently followed his memories, his river (genetics)… The following year will be an interesting period, when Siniša's progressive Sun and progressive Ceres (nature) come at 21º Sagittarius and when the whole story of the Southern Triangle come to life. Possible are projects involving visits to places that contain secrets, coded messages, great knowledge…, for in the end "Active Holiday" was founded because of the Southern Triangle and now is the time for the story to start!


The next interesting thing is the position of the draconic Sun. It is at 23º Libra! On the day Siniša started with "Active Holiday", the transit Sun was at 23º Libra! Isn't this more than clear message that the Universe always takes care of everything?! Siniša did not consult the astrologer then, he just followed his heart… There is a very generous fixed star SPICA from the constellation of Virgo at this spot, and its nature is Mars and Venus. This star speaks of the gifts that fall from the Skies, if Mars and Venus are in harmony. In the chart of "Active Holiday", rulers of Mars and Venus, Mercury from Scorpio and Jupiter from Cancer create the Grand Water Trine with the Moon in Pisces, so it is certain that the Universe has prepared the award. Every grand trine is a potential talent. I also wish to add that this star was assigned its Mars-Venus nature by Ptolemy, which speaks volumes, since this is the natural axis of Zodiac (Aries-Libra).

The Earth looks for the Moon, the Moon looks for the Earth…

Draconic horoscope is one very intimate horoscope of every one of us. It is essentially the lunar horoscope, the horoscope of our etheric being… A person carries within the picture of memories of all earthly events, so the primary representation is a geocentric natal chart. Still, he has an aura around him. As the Moon revolves around the Earth, the man has an etheric body enveloping him, so every one of us has a horoscope of that etheric body, and it is draconic horoscope. Draconic Zodiac represents our memory of everything from before this life… the Moon is the field of death, the end of life and all souls are there, for all souls go and reside in etheric space. And if we talk about a relationship, one should consider that he is one being, while the Earth is one and the Moon is the other – we are physical-etheric beings. That is exactly the secret of life – the Earth looks for the Moon, and the Moon looks for the Earth in order to revive their unity!

Whenever there is the combination of natal (Earth) and Draconic (Moon) hiriscopes of two persons, two bodies, two entities – they certainly know each other from previous lives… It is possible that the energy is not dense enough for materialization, but the recognition is there – either negative or positive… Every harmonic aspect between draconic and geocentric (natal) horoscope presents the channel from which the person easily receives messages… Especially important are conjunctions of natal planet of one person with draconic planet of another person, for it is depiction of direct merging of two parts of Existence!

It is important to assess in each relationship what is the main thread (main aspect), i.e. the main channel through which the relationship is manifested, and that is usually represented by 1-2 aspects, which give or take away the energy in the relationship.


Smiljana Gavrančić obtained her astrological education at the Institute for Astrological Research and Education "Johannes Kepler" in Belgrade, where she graduated in October 2010, defending her thesis in Mundane Astrology “European Union – In Varietate Concordia” (united in diversity) and obtained the status of a graduated Astrologer Researcher. In February 2011, she met requirements to work as an Astrologer Consultant and in March of the same year, she became an International Certified Professional Astrologer (ISAR C.A.P.).
Smiljana is a member of ISAR (International Society for Astrological Research) and  of the  Astrological Association of Great Britain.

Smiljana is a founder and owner of Infinity Astrological Magazine
During the academic 2010/11 within the post-graduate level, she studied Hermetic Astrology.

Smiljana finds great inspiration in research work, which she presents in her astrological texts. A special emphasis isput on finding significant degrees in the Zodiac for a specific country in the area of Mundane Astrology or a significant degree for relations between two persons in the Astrology of Relations. In her search for responses to the question as to why something (or someone) is happening to us, Smiljana also practices Karmic Astrology, as well as the Astrology of Archetype (fixed stars, mythology).

Smiljana studied International law and Law of International Organizations at the Faculty of Law of the University of Belgrade. She interrupted her studies at the last year (in 2006) and since then, she exclusively dedicated her life to self-study of astrology.

Smiljana’s articles were published in the famous astrological journals: ISAR Journal (USA), The Astrological Journal (UK), The Mountain Astrologer blog (USA). She is a speaker at the astrological conferences in Serbia and abroad.

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Spain and 29º Capricorn Originally Published: June 28th, 2014 I Author: Smiljana Gavrančić

Spain and 29º Capricorn
Originally Published: June 28th, 2014 I Author: Smiljana Gavrančić

A capital of corrida and flamenco, the country of a special rhythm, charm and temperament, the country in which fascism lasted the longest after WW II (until 1975) – Spain is traditionally related to the sign of Scorpio, where Mars, Pluton and Uranus are in strong dignity (seat and exaltation).

However, if we need to map Spain inside the Zodiac, we would do it at 29º Capricorn. Just before this degree is the degree of the Mars’ exaltation (28º Capricorn), so this is depiction of Franco’s military dictatorship that this country left behind...), while 0º Aquarius follows, announcing changes after a long (29º) time (Saturn)... Since the axis 29º Capricorn/0º Aquarius represents the axis of transition from old to new, and because the axis 29º Cancer/0º Leo is right across from it, and the later one is famous as the meeting spot of two lights (Moon and Sun), then it is the task of Spain to change its beliefs (across from 29º Capricorn is 29º Cancer, related to the “ third eye”, Jupiter, sixth chakra) in order to have circumstances changed...

Should the change of the highest law stipulations (Jupiter – Constitution)be something Spain might go towards in the future, since the autonomous province of Catalonia often express its need for independence lately?! Constitutional change (Jupiter) may extend (Jupiter) the rights of Catalonia as the separate federal unit and make a big difference (0º Aquarius), and the state would remain intact, within its existing, old borders (29º Capricorn). Existing Constitution of Spain contains the provision banning federal unit to organize referendum on independence, which is in contrast to the need of majority of Catalans, who planned the referendum for November 9, 2014 regardless of the decision of Spanish Constitutional Court.

On January 1, 2012 Catalonia banned bullfighting, the national cultural happening, because animal rights activists became more visible. Some believe that this trend will be adopted in other parts of Spain as well. So, the symbolism of 29° Capricorn is there – fight, blood (Mars)  is left behind (behind is 28º Capricorn – exaltation of Mars). There is an interesting anecdote here – when Spain was in the process of accessing European Union, the King Juan Carlos I was asked by other European royal houses to end the tradition of bullfighting for it was regarded as cruel and bloody business. He answered them proudly: “Spain will rather leave European Union than bullfighting!” Usually, the very things we negate and reject we come to accept later in life…, for as we said aloud that we do not want something, we actually want it… To remind you again, across from 29º Capricorn is 29º Cancer, the spot calling to us to change beliefs…

Let us look at the important events for Spain, for we shall see the repetition of 29º Capricorn...

The horoscope of the First Spain

The horoscope of the First Spain is the moment of death of Juan II of Aragon, who was the king of Aragon, Majorca, Valencia, Sardinia, Sicily and Duke of Catalonia. In this chart the Sun (the ruler) is at 29º Capricorn and many astrologers claim that this chart works better than the horoscope of the modern Spain, so we shall consult it in some cases…

Both Juan Carlos I, the former Spanish king and his son, the present Spanish King Felipe have MC at 29º Capricorn, which certainly implies the importance of this degree.

Franco’s Spain (1939-1975)

As I already mentioned, Spain is the only European country where fascism prevailed after WW II up to 1975. Franco’s Spain was created after the end of Spanish Civil War on April 1, 1939, and lasted until November 20, 1975 (day of Franco’s death). During Franco’s dictatorship many people opposing his rule simply “vanished into thin air”, which agrees with the symbolism of 29º (disappearance, dark…) Capricorn (Moon – people, is in exile here). For 36 years this dictator (who was professional soldier – symbolism of 28º Capricorn – Mars’ exaltation, preceding 29º Capricorn) ruled Spain, which also agrees with the symbolism of 29º Capricorn. From 29º Capricorn to some change (0º Aquarius) is a long wait (29º), it takes time, years (Saturn)... Let us take a look at the position of Franco’s progressive Sun for the moment he came into power… it is exactly at 29º Capricorn!

During WW II, Franco kept neutrality, although he helped Third Reich and Fascist Italy against USSR on the eastern front. After WW II, Franco turns to USA and realizes military and economic cooperation with it. This contributed to the famous “Spanish miracle”, which converted poor and conservative Spain into new country. All this corresponds to the symbolism of crossing from 29º Capricorn (the old) to 0º Aquarius (the new).

 Modern Spain

Horoscope of the modern Spain is for the date of inauguration of Juan Carlos I, now the former King of Spain, who led this country towards democracy. In this chart, the Sun (ruler) is in 10th (reputation of the country) and also at 29º, but the sign of Scorpio, which creates the sextile with 29º Capricorn (degree important for Spain). Obviously, Spanish rulers (Sun) remain in power for a long time (29 º)...

Let us take a look at the cardinal T-square which is very specific for this country, and since this is the period of historical Uranus-Pluto squares (from 2012 to 2015), it should be noted that this T-square has already been activated…  

The third Uranus-Pluto square (May 21, 2013) was across 11º Aries -11º Capricorn and it activated the Moon (the people) at 11º Cancer. This square activated the third energy center related to the third chakra, Sun (rulers).

Furthermore, the fifth Uranus - Pluto square happened within the grand Easter cardinal cross (April 21, 2014.) across 13º of cardinal signs, which activated Venus, the ruler of 4th (territory) and the ruler of Taurus in 3rd  (autonomous province) at 13º Libra, which is in the 8th in conjunction with Pluto, which is depiction of possible change. The fifth square activated the fifth energy center related to the throat chakra, i.e. Mercury (voices). All this corresponds to the possible referendum in Catalonia and voting of Catalan people.

Finally, next year (2015) in March there will be the last, seventh Uranus-Pluto square, across 15º Aries-15º Capricorn, which will activate Jupiter (Constitution) in the chart of Spain. Since this square activates seventh energy center, related to Saturn chakra, this will bring some changes of system, state (Saturn) related to the highest legal act (Jupiter).

But, we shall talk about this a bit later, at the end of this article…

Referendum in Catalonia in 2006

After Catalonia got back its autonomy by constitutional changes in 1978 (adopted after Juan Carlos I got into power), the next big step was referendum in the summer of 2006, when 74% of Catalan people voted for the new Statute of Autonomy within Spain. According to the new statute, Catalonia was given the further expanded autonomy and complete self-government within Spain, so it actually got the status of a federal unit. The New Statute came into force on August 9, 2006. If we take a look at the directive Asc-Desc axis of Juan Carlos I, we can see that it is across 29º Cancer-29º Capricorn, “touching” his 4th and 10th house!

Prince Felipe VI de Bourbon

And finally, since recently (June 19, 2014), the new King of Spain is Felipe VI, the son of Juan Carlos I. Juan Carlos I abdicated after almost four decades in power and left the throne to his son, who is faced with difficult tasks. The first thing expected from him is to keep the Spain intact – to keep Catalonia within Spain. Felipe also has very prominent 29º Capricorn, through his MC (him as the king), while his Sun and Moon, the symbols of the ruler and people, are in Aquarius, the symbol of freedom, autonomy and independence. Let us take a look at the secondary Moon – people (moves 1° for 1 month) on November 9, 2014, the date of the planned Catalan referendum. We find the secondary Moon at 0º (the beginning) Scorpio (deep changes),but it also squares 0º Aquarius (the degree right after 29º Capricorn), so it seems that the things shall remain half done (square), somehow interrupted (square) and that independence for the part of the Spain’s territory is still difficult. On the other hand, the position of the secondary Venus (the ruler of 4th - territory) in Modern Spain’s chart confirms that. Secondary Venus will be in conjunction with the Sun (ruler) at 29º Scorpio, so this is depiction of a silent (29º) symbiosis...

Since the accent is always on the planet that is the tip of T-square, in the chart of Modern Spain all burden is on the Moon in Cancer which carries Mars (fight) at 0º Cancer, which is not a good position for Mars (fall) and which is in quincunx (the aspect of internal adjustment) with the Sun (ruler, king) at 29º Scorpio, but also in quincunx with 29º Capricorn (degree Spain is “sensitive” to). Here, Mars is the apex of Yod, and it is also retrograde, so here it is the best to call off any actions related to borders (Saturn – borders is in exile in Cancer)...

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