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God Is Love & Love Is All Around Us Published: 23 September, 2016 I Author: Smiljana Gavrančić

God Is Love & Love Is All Around Us
Published: 23 September, 2016 I Author: Smiljana Gavrančić

Jupiter, the planet representing the Creator (God) in astrology, is exalted (thrilled, happy) at 15º Cancer, in the very Center of the Soul! At this spot there is Anahata, i.e. Heart chakra, and here we learn how to love ourselves and be close to ourselves. Here, in astrologic sense we connect all our extremes, we connect mother and father within, i.e. we accept ourselves, which is the ultimate task of each one of us. Only through acceptance of our parents, who are always our Sun and Moon, we accept ourselves and make contact with the Creator (God) within. It is the right and only way to God, through loving one's self.

There are 7 alchemy steps towards transformation, and the main is the one related to alchemy illumination which speaks of the 4th step, of Conjunction, of the holy marriage of male and female aspects within, of conjunction of Sun (gold) and Moon (silver), of royal wedding. This step is also related to the most important, fourth, lunar chakra in the heart region, that connects the lower energy level (body, unconscious) with the upper one (mind, conscious). The act of inner love development is what matters here, the acceptance of one's self, of parents - father (Sun) and mother (Moon), and the aim is to reconcile consciousness (Sun) with feelings (Moon) at 15º Cancer and reach the great knowledge (Jupiter)… In secret alchemy experiments the salt symbolizes unification, so cleansing of body with sea salt is very beneficial, for it "cleans" from painful emotions and negative energy at the deepest level…

It takes a lot of courage and passion to find the way to Self and God. We have the experience of uniting when we love somebody, but also when we fill the unity with nature and space… Before Uniting takes place in our lives, one may be lost and prone to wandering around, seeking for a partner at all costs, and becoming jealous and possessive when the ideal other half is found… On the other hand, the sign that one is going through uniting is the balance, increased trust and inner peace in one's life…

So, in a big picture, the most important, heart, lunar, fourth chakra vibrates from the Soul Center, at 15º Cancer (Jupiter exaltation), at the spot where Zeus (Jupiter) will love only Hera and be faithful to her, unless she fills her Heart with suspicions, fears (Saturn – fear, suspicion, in Cancer and in exile), and unless she is angry (Cancer is the sign of Mars' fall). It is necessary for her to be joyful (Jupiter). So, is it possible to conclude that the "secret of the stone of wisdom" lives in the Soul Center, at 15º Cancer, at the degree where the opposites are being united within, where we primarily reconcile our parents, our Sun and Moon? I would say that the answer is -- yes…
If we now take a look at 29º Cancer, the spot in Zodiac where the Third Eye vibrates, i.e. the sixth energy center, the sixth chakra, then I must tell you as an astrologist that this is very specific place within 360 degrees, for this is the crossing from dark to light, here two eyes (Moon and Sun are lights, our eyes, beside being our parents) touch, and that is the spot between the eyebrows where we can change beliefs in order for circumstances to change… This act of changing beliefs is what brings us closer to Creator, God (Jupiter). Ask yourself, is everything the way you believe it is? Our inner sight, our Third Eye (sixth chakra, Jupiter chakra) says it is not at all the way we think it is. Here, we develop our intuition.

The sixth chakra creates the ring with the second one (Venus) around hearth chakra as a central one, and that is how we end up with the middle ring around our Heart! Venus' energy center has the main task to lose the feeling of guilt and to learn to enjoy. Venus belongs to lower energy centers (Body), while Jupiter chakra represents upper centers (Mind). Higher octave of Venus is Neptune (paradise) – in order to live paradise on Earth we have to change our beliefs. One of typical representatives of countries in symbolism of 29º Cancer (Jupiter chakra) might be Netherlands, the country that "sees further".

On the other hand, 27º Pisces is Venus' exaltation (it is thrilled, joyful). In Pisces, everything is wonderful and quiet, here we do not contemplate, do not speak aloud, here we pray and believe, and personal faith gets stronger only in constant silence. The power of prayer before bed is enormous. When we pray in silence and from the heart -- it is pure, unconditional love, and it is the way to Creator, God. The sign of Pisces is also the sign where Jupiter (God) feels at home, because Jupiter is primary, traditional ruler of Pisces, while Neptune is new, modern ruler. Venus (love) feels the best in the last pentad (25º - 30º) of Pisces, which has symbolism of Sun and Venus, and when Sun and Venus touch it is Love, and they create pentagram, the symbol of love. In this place in Zodiac Angels live too, and making contact with personal Angels through prayer is wonderful channel to Love, to God.

Neptune (paradise) as the higher octave of Venus is exalted (joyful) at 21º Aquarius, and in fall across the Zodiac, at 21º Leo. This axis in Zodiac requires lot of personal fate from us. Here lives the magic, here Angels do "fall" (especially at 21º Leo), here we need a lot of meditation and purity. Average person easily "get caught" in lower vibrations of Neptune, because we are all only human. Only the "awakened" person may live the pure Neptune, and that is life without vices. How many of us is ready to abandon everything earthly and to let the Holy Spirit to guide us? I am sure very few, because, I must repeat, we are only human, and spirituality also means a certain state of physiology. Spiritual is the one ready to focus his Love only on serving others without expectations, and to see it as joy and love, not as being a victim…

We live now in the last pentad of Pisces (5º - 0º), and we are getting ready for the Age of Aquarius, that will begin when the precession point come to 29º Aquarius 59’59’’. But, we already have the dawn before the New Age, the Age of Aquarius, and we can feel the influence of that age in many spiritual movements that develop rapidly. But, while being in Pisces it is possible not to see everything clearly, i.e. lot of things are "muddy", this is the time in which one should be "awakened" and in silence, in order to recognize the right Teacher among the many spiritualists!
One thing is certain, God is Love and Love is all around us. The act of accepting one's self is the first step on the way to God within. One does not have to go to church, temple, sacred place to be connected to God. One does not need the Teacher to initiate him or impose his beliefs. As long as there is the person whom we should worship because it is required by his spiritual organization or movement -- we will be far away from God. In the moment when we start to love only ourselves, it is the sign that we connected with God! Because, by loving one's self we also love all others who are part of us, for I am You -- You are Me!

Love & Light,

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Grace Kelly – Princess of Monaco Published: September 22, 2016 I Author: Smiljana Gavrančić

Grace Kelly – Princess of Monaco
Published: September 22, 2016 I Author: Smiljana Gavrančić

During 1955, Jupiter was in Cancer, and Saturn was in Scorpio... On April 26, 1955 Cannes Film Festival was opened and it is remembered as the place of meeting and falling in love of an American actress Grace Kelly and Rainier III, Prince of Monaco.

Cannes in 1955

Transit Jupiter was passing through 9th house (abroad) of the beautiful Grace Kelly and was in conjunction with Pluto (ruler of her Ascendant), and through dispositor (her Moon at 21º Pisces) it was actually in her 5th house (festival, love...). Jupiter was in its seat (Pisces) through dispositor, which was about to bring her nice moments in the field of romance, and somewhere across the ocean (Pisces).

On the other hand, the other chronocrator, retrograde Saturn, was passing through her 1st house, bringing a kind of maturity, taking of responsibility, and more importantly - it was at her natal Sun (essential signifier of husband in female horoscope, but also the natural ruler of 5 – love), so this could have meant that the time (Saturn) came  for an important man. As transit Saturn transiting Scorpio remains in this sign through disposition, i.e. it comes at the spot of Mars of Grace Kelly, creating a beautiful trine with her Moon (emotions, series 4) in 5th house (love) – this could also have been the sign that the Saturn's time in Scorpio might bring a stable relationship, marriage even, and with ease (since Grace has Moon square Saturn in natal chart).

During the Cannes Festival, secondary Moon of Grace Kelly at 28º Aquarius was in exact sextile with her natal Saturn at 28º Sagittarius, and in exact trine with her Venus (love) at 28º Libra, so this is indication that something important in the field of romance was happening to her then. Finally, her Venus -- essential signifier of relations and love, and in her chart the ruler of 7th house (marriage, relations) is placed in 12th house (somewhere faraway, across the ocean), the house in which it gives its full potential (for it is the place of Venus' exaltation, analogue to the twelfth sign of Pisces, where Venus is in exaltation), in the sign of its seat (Libra), only adding to its strength, and in exact sextile with Saturn (form) which is close to the spot in Zodiac called Galaxy Center. Now, it is not difficult to realize why the fairytale happened to beautiful Grace... Fairytale did happen, one year later, on April 19, 1956, when she married Prince Rainier III and became the Princess of Monaco. Directive Venus (the ruler of 7 – marriage) of Grace Kelly came to natal Mars – the ruler of 1 (herself)...

Venus at North Node

As I have recently mentioned in my article “Carmic relations and lunar nodes” the role of lunar nodes is sometimes very important in comparative charts, especially when nodes of one person are in conjunction with personal planets, chart angles (or their rulers) of another person -- then it is most probably some very important relationship. While I considered the conjunction of one person's Venus with other person's South Node in the mentioned article, here we have conjunction of one person's Venus with other person's North Node. If one person's North Node is in conjunction with personal planets of another person, it protects them.

Conjunction of North Node and Venus tells that Venus' owner feels that the partner is the right person for her and that she can have relationship she wants with him. The owner of the North Node here "swallows" the bait of love, because the North Node represents mouth. This aspect strongly pulls towards relationship or marriage.

Rainier III

Rainier III, the Prince of Monaco, has Venus at North Node of Grace Kelly. At that time, Monaco was in adverse economic situation, and the Prince was advised to marry some famous Hollywood star in order to attract rich tourists. Rainier III had to get married because of his inheritance, and failing to have male descendants would bring Monaco to France. Strongly determined to marry Grace (after they met in Cannes in April 1955), he visited her at the set of „The Swan“, and several days later he visited her family in Philadelphia. Rainier III requested two million American dollars dowry from Jack Kelly (Grace Kelly's father). Although he refused to pay at first, the very idea that his daughter might become princess was tempting enough to finally pay the dowry. Marring Rainier III brought Grace 138 titles, and Monaco was practically saved. Beside the North Node, Grace also has Chiron (healing) at Venus of Rainier III, further accenting the importance of this woman for Monaco's fate.

In the chart of Rainier III we see Grace Kelly in his Venus at the cusp of 12 (romance with the actress coming from far away, across the ocean), and Venus is the part of fixed T-square with Jupiter and Neptune.

It is interesting that Venus is also the ruler of 5 (love), but also the essential signifier for money, financials of the country,  and it is at the degree of Uranus' fall (11º Taurus), and across from it is Jupiter (the ruler of his 7 – marriage, but also the essential signifier of serious money) at the degree of Uranus' exaltation (11º Scorpio), and  Monaco is famous for its casinos, gambling -- the axis of Uranus' fall/exaltation certainly implies that. But, since the most important here is Neptune, because it is the tip of the fixed T-square, we should take a look at the Neptune's dispositor. That is the Sun (country's reputation) at 8º Gemini. Directive North Node (and directive Chiron) of Grace Kelly were at this very spot in the year she  married Rainier III and became the Princess of Monaco, and that clearly implies that she saved the reputation of Monaco!

The end of acting career

Princess Grace abandoned her acting career because of this marriage – South Node of Rainier III is in conjunction with the Moon Grace Kelly in her 5th house (creation).

Not long after the wedding, Rainier III gave her the list of strict rules that she needed to abide as the princess. Soon after that the Prince banned his wife's movies in Monaco. Since she was the eternal inspiration of the famous director Alfred Hitchcock, he offered her the role in his movie in 1962. Although she desperately wanted to go back to acting, and even Rainier III allowed that, the people of Monaco protested because they did not want their Princess to have the role of kleptomaniac and to film love scenes with Sean Connery.

Grace Kelly's death

On September 13, 1982, after the mild stroke she lost control over the car she was driving and got off the road. The next day Grace Kelly died. At funeral, Rainier III was not trying to hide his sorrow. He never married again, and since 2005 his body lies next to hers, in the family crypt.

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