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Athens and 27° Virgo Originally Published: November 26, 2012 Author: Smiljana Gavrančić

Athens and 27° Virgo
Originally Published: November 26, 2012
Author: Smiljana Gavrančić 

The same way Rome is connected to 3° Taurus (I wrote about that recently in the article Eternal City of Rome and 3° Taurus) , Athens must also have its place in Zodiac, and it must be some important degree, since the significance of Athens and its contribution to the civilization is as great as Rome's… 

As we all know, the Greece itself is primarily connected to the sign of Capricorn, for it has Mount Olympus (mountain -- Capricorn), the site of the first Olympic Games (Mars -- sport, exalted in Capricorn), after which this country is famous. Also, Greece is known to be the country where tradition is important, where there are many monuments of culture and ruins of ancient cities, all connected to the sign of Capricorn. Besides, the saying "indebted like Greece" is certainly connected to the Capricorn -- the sign of "debts". However, the research I performed has shown that the capital Athens is situated in the smart sign of Virgo, at the degree recognizable to us astrologers as somewhat important, rather this time it is not the degree of the planet's exaltation (as was the case of Rome), but the degree of the fall of Venus -- 27° Virgo!


The capital of Greece was named after its guardian, the goddess of wisdom -- Athena. In the mythology we can find that this goddess renounced sexuality and (like Artemis, the goddess of hunt) decided never to marry, not even the deity, and to remain the virgin forever. We also know that she was a wise goddess of warfare (unlike her brother Ares), very clever and Zeus' favorite. All this implies that the Athena archetype in astrological sense is represented through the position of Venus in Sagittarius (Jupiter is in its seat here, and we cannot talk about inclination towards affairs, but instead about morality and love for her father -- Zeus), which goes to Virgo through disposition, the sign of its fall -- she renounced love, marriage, sexuality, this is the depiction of the "girl who is alone", but she is very clever, wise (Mercury in Virgo is in seat and exaltation)! Of course, the bad aspect with Mars is needed (her brother Ares, the god of war), since she often confronted him.

It is interesting that in its chart Greece has the ruler of ascendant (the capital) -- the Moon, in Sagittarius, the sign where Jupiter (Zeus, but morality as well) is in seat, and in the 6th house (the house connected to the sign of Virgo), and in square (confrontation) with Mars (Ares), so this could be the depiction of goddess Athens in the chart of Greece…

First modern Olympic Games

That 27° Virgo is the degree that can be assigned to Athens is confirmed by the secondary Moon of Greece (people, but also the capital since the ascendant of Greece is in the sign of Cancer, so the Moon here represents the capital - Athens besides its essential symbolism of people) being at 26° Virgo 28' (almost at 27° Virgo) during the period the Athens hosted the first modern Olympic Games (April 1986). It is the degree of the Venus' fall, and it could be the depiction of the Athena herself, the "girl who is alone", after whom the Athens was named!

Reconstruction of Acropolis in 1975

One of the Greece's symbols is definitely Acropolis, the rocky hill, ancient shrine dedicated to Athena herself, the guardian of Athens. What is interesting for us is the fact that in the year the works on Acropolis reconstruction had begun, directive Mars (the works) in Athens' chart was exactly at 27° Virgo, which is another confirmation that this degree is important for this story. Since in directions everything moves about 1° in one year, I made directions for the day of solar return, and since Mars is in 8 (transformation, change) in Athens' chart, this is the picture of the works (Mars) related to Athens (27° Virgo)!

European Union and Greece in 2012

The events unfolding today also confirm that 27° Virgo is important degree when mapping Athens in Zodiac. It is common knowledge that Greece, as the member state of EU, is in a very serious debt crisis, that Athens is witnessing numerous massive strikes, protests against additional reform measures that are belt-tightening and aim to reduce public costs.

These days in Brussels at the Summit of EU leaders (November 22-23), at the time of retrograde Mercury (decision), the decision is being made also about Greece (apart from adopting the European budget for 2013 and long-term European budgets for 2014-2020), about approving another loan in order to prevent the bankruptcy of Greece.  That Athens is really connected to 27° Virgo -- the degree of Venus' fall (Venus is also signifier of money, finances and banking system of the country), and that this is depiction of Athens as the capital of Greece in some sort of "financial fall", that this is the picture of Greek banks in fall ("at the bottom"), but that they still have the support of European Union this year -- all this is confirmed by the position of secondary Sun from EU chart at 27° Scorpio, in exact sextile with 27° Virgo, the degree we connected to Athens! This would be depiction of aid, the agreement made "with ease" (sextile) between Brussels (the Sun rules ascendant in EU chart and it represents the Brussels) and Athens, wouldn't it?

In the moment of writing this article, everything is still uncertain. The Summit is finished, i.e. interrupted, and the decision about Greece is delayed for Monday, November 26, and it is still uncertain if the deciding will take place on Monday. Interestingly, on Monday the Mercury (decision) starts its direct moving in the evening, doesn't it? Also, neither the decision on European budget for 2013, not the one for the 7-year budget (2014-2020) were brought, because of the opposite views of member states. Even the beginning of the next 2013 is being mentioned as the date for the next meeting of EU heads of states, meaning that EU will enter 2013 without the budget! Countries like Great Britain, Sweden, Netherlands and Germany are for the more saving budget. The "loudest opponent" is the British Prime Minister David Cameron, who "strongly rejects" the change of his views… On the other side are countries opposing saving measures, among which is Greece, with serious financial problems. However, bringing of any decision in the time of retrograde Mercury is somehow more difficult, so we astrologers should not be surprised that no agreement was reached at this Summit, and that deciding is delayed… When Mercury turns direct, it would be easier to reach an agreement, and maybe the views of some heads of member states will change…

The position of secondary Mercury (the ruler of 2nd - currency, in EU chart, but also the ruler of 11th - budget) confirms that in Brussels it is being decided about Euro and European budget -- it is at 8° Scorpio, in exact conjunction with the Sun in EU chart -- Brussels! Since the accent is on the series 8, this is depiction of financially colored atmosphere in Brussels, everything about adopting the budget for 2013 and the 7-year budget that many member states' destiny will depend upon. It is interesting that USA has its ascendant on this very degree -- the general atmosphere in Washington, so the European debt crisis is certainly closely related to the world's  economic crisis that originated in America. I shall add here that in the chart for Saturn's (debts) entering of Scorpio (October 5, 2012, 21h34'07" Greenwich, England) the cusp of 6th house (working class, lower class) is at 8° Scorpio, so it all implies that all decisions about the 2013 EU budget, long-term EU 7-year budget and granting Greece the new loan to avoid its collapse -- will have important effect on the position of the working class during Saturn's stay in Scorpio…

If we include the Sabian symbols in all this, and they might shed some more light on the situation with the fate of Eurozone, then in the book of Igor Ognjenovic " Pandora's Boxes" we find the symbol for 8° Scorpio (look it up in the book under the 9° Scorpio) - Dentist while working hard. He would put porcelain instead of the ruined tooth crown. The dentist mends the tooth that decayed due to excessive consummation of sweets. Isn't all this association to the some way of healing, helping, mending? But, if it would end up that way we shall find out if we take a look at the degree across of the 8° Scorpio, because it is the rule with Sabian symbols - the degree across tells of the final outcome. So, we take a look at the symbol for 8° Taurus, for it is across the 8° Scorpio (look it up in the book under the 9° Taurus). Description is as follows: At the end of the darkened room there is illuminated Christmas tree with its branches swaying downwards under the weight of the gifts. The Christmas tree is decorated with the gifts and light candles. This could be the picture of some celebration, some light at the end of the tunnel, and soon, because the Christmas is coming soon, isn't it? But what is important here is that Greece, the country the fate of Eurozone depends on, might be celebrating here, because it has the cusp of the 11th house - the budget, right at the 8° Taurus‼! Isn't this the confirmation that Greece will receive the help, and be saved from bankruptcy, at least for now?

 Since directive Venus (finances) of the EU, that contains the Moon from Taurus at Algol in 10 - Angela Merkel, is exactly at 9° Scorpio 00', and still in conjunction with the Sun of EU (Brussels), but also with secondary Mercury (euro, EU budget) of EU, and since it moves 1° for one year, than this would be depiction of Angela Merkel herself, who is in "tight" connection with this problem. Sabian symbols still confirm that she might be avle to somehow help Greece. This time let us take the look at the symbol for 9° Scorpio (in Igor's book "360 Pandora's Boxes" take a look at 10° Scorpio). The picture this symbol brings is the following: The dinner of the people who gathered to relive the forgotten moments. All this could mean another gathering of the heads of states members of the EU at some coming summit, soon, as planned, where the important role would be of the German Chancellor Angela Merkel. But, the outcome is revealed through the degree across 9° Scorpio -- 9° Taurus (which is still in conjunction with the cusp of the 11th - budget, in the chart of Greece). Of course, you should look up 10° Taurus in the book - handsome nurse of the Red Cross hurries to help others. And now we can certainly conclude that Greece has the chance to obtain the new loan tranche from EU, and "help" its budget with it. Although Angela Merkel declared there would be no "cutting" of the Greece debt, it seems that she will somehow help this country… As one of the options there is the talk about prolonging the repayment period for 2 years, which would also be of "help"…

Will David Cameron change his mind?

As I have already mentioned, British Prime Minister David Cameron is the "loudest" in proclaiming the policy of saving, and he strongly opposes the increase of the European budget, because as he says it is absurd to "fasten the belt at home" in Britain by cutting down the public spending, and vote for the exact opposite in Brussels. The fact that this man is really the big "opponent" of the European budget for 2013, and the long-term EU budget 2014-2020 is depicted in the position of the secondary Sun of United Kingdom (the Prime Minister) at 8° Leo, in exact square ( problem, dispute) with 8° Scorpio (euro, EU budget). The square means that there was no agreement at the summit, that things were left half-way through, that the summit was postponed regarding this question, and the position of the Sun (the prime minister) at 8° Leo is the depiction of the stubborn and unrelenting (fixed sign, fixed degree) British Prime Minister who will be led exclusively by financial interests of his country (Sun in Leo has extraordinary sense of itself).

But, shall things change here at last? Shall British Prime Minister "loosen up" a bit in time? Let us look at the pictures brought by Sabian symbols for 8° Leo (look at the 9° Leo in the book) -- Glass blowers create wondrous shapes of beautiful colors. By controlling their breathing glass blowers give shape to beautiful vases. All this speaks of the extreme skill of controlling the situation by the British Prime Minister… The outcome is given by the degree across 8° Leo, and it is 8° Aquarius (look at 9° Aquarius in the book) -- The flag turned into the eagle. The symbolism of the eagle contain the Scorpio elements of detaching from the physical level of existence and rising to the highest heaven heights. All this implies the thorough transformation, some sudden turn, rapid action… The problem will exist, because there is the square, but Sabian symbols imply that the British Prime Minister might make a turn in the future… As these are fixed sighs, and fixed degrees (8° - Scorpio degree), things will change slowly, for sure… On the other hand, having the outcome in the sign of Aquarius, where the Sun is in exile, may imply that the British Prime Minister might "leave out" his ego a bit and "take a look at" all those standing across of him, and Great Britain…

Anyhow, while you will be reading this, Mercury (decision, positions) will be in direct movement, so some change is to be expected… We can only wait and see how the British Prime Minister will "rule", if his thorough transformation shall be positive or negative for other EU member states… One thing is certain - the presence of the square (problem) indicates there will remain two sides in this question, one proclaiming the policy of saving and turned to its own interests (Sun at 8° Leo -- the British Prime Minister), and the other ready to "unfasten" the belt and somehow help the other member states (8° Scorpio -- degree associated with loans, financial aid), Greece before all… But Sabian symbols lead us to believe that Britain may become different and come out with some other views…

At the end, since I wrote the article The Salvation of the Eurozone a year ago, this article might be a kind of continuation of the Eurozone fate story…

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