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Sex and the City Author: Smiljana Gavrančić I Published: December 31, 2016

Sex and the City
Author: Smiljana Gavrančić I Published: December 31, 2016

I wrote this article on May 07th, 2012, in Serbian

Pilot episode is the testing episode, the premiere of TV series, and the horoscope of that moment presents the birth of the show itself, and carries within the important message of the Universe. Main characters, their lives and events in the whole show can be followed through the horoscope of the pilot episode, since that chart is the “seed” of the whole show…

June 6, 1998

When creators of the show “Sex and the City“ chose June 6, 1998 for the premiere, i.e. to air the pilot episode, did they know that the Skies actually “chose” that moment? Even more interesting detail related to the selection of the date for airing the message of this show to the Universe, besides the fact that this date contains two sixes, and we know the number six to be in the Venus (love) symbolism, is that in this 2012 year the show celebrates its 14th birthday, on the very date when there is the holiday in the Skies, the meeting of two lovers – conjunction of retrograde Venus and Sun, on June 6, 2012! Since this conjunction at 15º Gemini is being met with the North Venus Node at 16º Gemini, (the point taken by the Sun (love) in 7 (relationships) in the chart of the pilot episode of “Sex and the City” show), which is the rare opportunity to see the Venus crossing the Sun’s disc, it is to be expected that creators of this cult show prepare some novelties in the time to come…

At the beginning of this year it was officially confirmed that the show “Sex and the City” will continue, so we are to expect some new love stories from the characters in this popular soap. The show was finished in February 2004, and two movies were made in the meantime: “Sex and the City 1“ (2008) and “Sex and the City 2“ (2010). Since the Sun is the natural representative of the series 5 (love) and it is in 7 (relations, partnerships) in the chart of the pilot episode, it will be “touched” again on June 6, 2012…

Four Women

The storyline is placed in New York, and main characters are four women: Carrie, Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte. The show deals with open discussions on sex and love affairs, especially from the point of view of unmarried women without stable relationship, and it “moved” borders at the end of ‘90s of the previous century. During the whole show (1998 – 2004) these four women advocate free love affairs and financial independence, but actually every one of them only wants – love! In the end, each ended up in the arms of her “Mr. Right”!

Venus, being the essential signifier of love, is placed in the most beautiful spot in the chart of the pilot episode — in the 5th house (love) and in the sign of its seat, Taurus, where all its characteristics come to life — sensuality, passion, hedonism… Taurus is the sign of Moon’s exaltation, so all these girls (Venuses) certainly want closeness and family, but they also enjoy parties, restaurants, cocktails… Venus is at 9º Taurus, which is the degree associated with affairs and overdoing, because it is Sagittarius degree — so all these girls overindulge in pleasures.

Carrie cannot stop smoking, sometimes enjoys marihuana, shops excessively, all in the Venus symbolism, which brings her to bankruptcy in one moment (Venus square Uranus in 2nd house), while she is having a nice and safe relationship with Aidan, furniture designer, a young man who wants her faithfulness and loves her very much, while she cheats on him with Mr. Big, her great love from the past, whom she still loves, but who is also married now… Other female principle — the Moon is in 11th house, at 9º Scorpio, and at 11º Scorpio there is exalted Uranus (freedom), so the main characters are in a kind of internal “conflict”. “Free women” within (Moon in 11 in Scorpio, the sign of Venus’ exile) somehow “pulls downwards” all things representing the Venus in Taurus. If we also add that Uranus (independence) from 2nd house (finances) in Aquarius squares the opposition of Moon and Venus, then we see that the “main” issue here is their strong need to be financially independent. Uranus is the central spot of the fixed T-square and he carries the solution here. Additionally, the very Moon from 11, close to Uranus’ exaltation degree (free woman, independent woman) exalts Uranus in 2 in Aquarius, so this is depiction of a strong unconscious need (square) to realize that independence. On the other hand, Venus in Taurus, the sign where the Moon (closeness, family) is exalted – “does not like” Uranus, for Uranus in Taurus is in fall, so getting into stable (Taurus) love relationship would mean the fall of their freedom. But, since Venus in 5 (love) in Taurus still exalts Moon in 11 in Scorpio (free independent woman), the need for love, closeness, safety and family wins in the end, and it will even be awaken in the “most free” of all of them — Samantha!

Carrie is Jupiter in Pisces

Carrie is the main character of the show, she writes the weekly column “Sex and the City” for “New York Star” newspaper. Ascendant of the pilot episode is in Sagittarius (adventures, affairs), and Jupiter in 3 (writing) at 25º Pisces, close to Venus’ (love) exaltation degree (27º) – is depiction of Carrie who is in her columns in search of a ideal love, “Mr. Right”! Jupiter also carries Pluto from Sagittarius, the natural representative of the series 8 (sex), and the first applicative aspect of Jupiter is trine with Moon in Scorpio (sex), who is ruling 8th house (sex) which begin in Cancer, so Carrie writes about sex in her columns. She is regularly touring clubs, restaurants, enjoys cigarettes, sometimes even marihuana, cocktails — Pisces, Neptune, and the degree of Jupiter – Carrie, since it is close to the degree of Venus’ exaltation (pleasures), all that implies enjoying everything mentioned, and intercepted Jupiter (Carrie) still accentuates the series 12 – and the Ascendant itself at 12º Sagittarius. She has huge collection of shoes (Jupiter in Pisces and close to Venus’ exaltation degree – the most beautiful shoes), they are her fetish, especially Manolo Blahnik, and she spends a lot of money on them, for they cost as much as her monthly rent — she often finds herself in the situation that she cannot pay the rent for she had spent money on shoes. It is Neptune, the dispositor of Jupiter (Carrie), in 2nd house (money), retrograde (problem) and in square with Venus (shoes). She “lives for the fashion” regularly visits Fashion Week – Jupiter (Carrie) close to Venus’ exaltation degree. During the show she had several relationships, but her greatest love is Mr. Big. They tried relationship several times, but when Carrie gets involved with Russian artist Aleksandr Petrovsky and leaves for Paris, Mr. Big gets there and brings her back to New York. All this is depiction of intercepted Jupiter (Carrie) close to the Venus’ exaltation degree (artist), in Pisces (Pisces are related to Russia, for besides Aquarius, Russia also has a lot from Pisces, Neptune), squaring the Sun (Paris) in 7 (relations) at the star Rigel (16º Gemini), which implies that her relationship with charming, handsome and married Mr. Big is not yet finished (square). Square between intercepted (secret) Jupiter (Carrie) in Pisces (hotels) and Sun at Rigel (Mr. Big) is depiction of Carrie’s secret meetings with Mr. Big at hotels, while he was still married to Natasha, and she was involved with Aidan.

Samantha is the Moon in Scorpio

Samantha is sexually the most liberated character in the show. She tried almost everything. She is independent business woman, has her own PR agency, and sifts through men with ease. She is often in conflict with Charlotte (Venus in Taurus), who is personification of love in this show. At one moment Samantha finds out she has cancer, and she very bravely faces the disease… Moon in 11th in Scorpio, close to Uranus’ exaltation degree, in conjunction with Chiron (wound, pain) – depiction of Samantha Jones who faced the disease, but who is also crazy brave and free! Samantha loves to be financially independent – Moon at the degree of Uranus’ exaltation squares Uranus (independence) in 2 (finances), and she is often in conflict with Charlotte (Moon in Scorpio, where the Venus is in exile, is in opposition with Venus in Taurus).

But, since the disposition of the Moon (Samantha) – Mars at 9º Gemini, in semi-sextile with Venus (Charlotte) in Taurus, these two friends always reconcile in the end and Charlotte loves Samantha very much (Venus in Taurus exalts the Moon), although she does not understand her sexual freedom (Uranus is in fall in Taurus). Moon (Samantha) in 11, in Scorpio, opposing Venus in 5 and squaring Uranus is also depiction of Samantha involved with the painter Maria. The whole show “Sex and the City” gives a lot of time to gay population, which is confirmed in the very chart of the pilot episode through the typical aspect, i.e. code for homosexuality – Venus / Uranus square!

Still, in the end even Samantha, the greatest advocate of sexual freedom and independent life finds her “Mr. Right”. In the end of the show, we find Samantha in a committed relationship for the first time in her life, with a young model and actor. Dispositor of the Moon in 11 (Samantha) is Mars at 9º Gemini, in conjunction with Mercury (young man) in Gemini (youth), so she finds her place with a man much younger than her. Since Venus in Taurus, the sign of Moon’s (Samantha) exaltation, in 5th (love) creates semi-sextile with Mars (Samantha), then Samantha really finds love in the end, i.e. love (Venus) exalts and finds her…

Charlotte is Venus

Charlotte comes from a wealthy family (Venus in Taurus), works as an art dealer (Venus) in a gallery (Venus). As I have mentioned already, Charlotte is the very personification of love in the show “Sex and the City”! She strongly wished love, marriage, child (Venus in Taurus, where the Moon is exalted in 5 — love, children). She is the most conservative and the most traditional character in the show, and she even leaves the job in the gallery in order to devote herself to the family. Although she adores the family, even she married twice in the show (Venus square Uranus is depiction of divorce), and divorce is something she has hard time accepting (Venus is in Taurus where Uranus is in fall). Her second husband is the lawyer who represented her during the divorce, and she turned to Judaism because of him (Venus is in Taurus where the Moon — Jews is exalted). At the end of the show, two of them adopted small Chinese girl – Venus (Charlotte, the girl) in 5 (child) is in conjunction with Fortune, which is often depiction of accepting someone else’s child, i.e. adopting the child.

Miranda is Mercury

Miranda is pretty “cold”, dedicated to work, career, and she is successful lawyer. She is also very “mental”, a real depiction of Mercury in Gemini from the chart of the pilot episode of “Sex and the City” show. She was the first among her friends to buy an apartment and to become independent — Mercury in Gemini in trine with Uranus in 2 in Aquarius. She later marries her on-again, off-again boyfriend Steve, barmen, and gets his child — Mercury (Miranda) in conjunction with Mars (boyfriend) in which “lives” Saturn at 29º Aries – Steve is of the lower social status than Miranda, and the very 29º is depiction of Steve waiting for Miranda to accept him. She is also, as she often emphasized it in the show, Carrie’s voice of reason — Mercury in Gemini, since Carrie is represented by the intercepted Jupiter in Pisces, where Mercury is in fall, so Carrie’s reason is sometimes “slowed”!

Show’s main message

The horoscope of the pilot episode is in sign of the fixed T-square. Uranus in 2 in Aquarius, being the central planet here, squares the opposition of Venus and Moon through the axis 5/11. Wish for financial independence will at one moment exalt all those women (Moon close to the Uranus’ exaltation degree) and strongly attract them, so they have to go through that all in order to realize that the true love is something they need the most. Venus (love) is the strongest in this configuration, it is in its domicile (Taurus) and in 5th house (love), so it lasts with all its characteristics and aids the “free woman” (Moon in 11) in living her dream (exalts it), but still has a problem to accept all that is unconventional and free (Uranus is in fall in Taurus). Uranus (independence) is in the sign of its domicile (in Aquarius), but it is in 2nd house, the house of its fall (Uranus naturally “falls” in the second sign, the sign of Taurus), so, love conquers here!  

June 6, 2012 and continuation of the show “Sex and the City”

As I mentioned before, at the beginning of this year there was announcement of continuation of this cult show, and 14th birthday of the pilot episode certainly “awakens” something new, since the Sun (love) at 16º Gemini in 7th house from the pilot episode chart will be “touched”. As was announced, new show would be aimed at younger audience (Gemini) and with deal with the story of how it all started, i.e. it will describe the teenage years of Carrie Bradshaw and her friends. But, since the Sun in the chart of the pilot episode also represents Mr. Big, is the Universe announcing some new love activities between him and Carrie? Maybe the third part of the movie “Sex and the City”? Since the Sun (Mr. Big) is at Rigel, and in square with Jupiter (Carrie), this love story is somewhat unfinished, so the continuation is possible…

It seems that the decision on the “Sex and the City” show continuation was brought a lot before we officially found out about it. Heaven decided on that June 6, 1998… 

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