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Asteroid Irma and Florida-Grand Mutable Cross over 21º Published: 11th September, 2017 I Author: Smiljana Gavrančić

Asteroid Irma and Florida-Grand Mutable Cross over 21º
Published: 11th September, 2017 I Author: Smiljana Gavrančić

I've just found out there is an asteroid Irma, right now it is at 21º Virgo, in square with  transit Saturn 21º  Sagittarius. USA has in its chart Mars 21º  Gemini. So, this is mutable T-square.

177 Irma Discovered 1877-Nov-05 by Henry and Paul at Paris-Saturn was at 13º  Pisces 43' and it was retrograde! The last Full Moon was at 13 Pisces (6th Sept, 2017)!

Donald Trump has over 21º  Sagittarius/22º  Gemini his natal Moon (USA people) and natal Sun in 10th (he as president). His solarArc Ceres (goddess of nature) is at 21º  Aries this year, which makes trine with his natal Moon and sextile with his natal Sun, but also inconjunciton (problem) with transit asteroid Irma (21º  Virgo). His secondary progressed Uranus (it moves very slowly, but in this case we have to mention)-is already at 21º  Gemini!

In natal chart of Florida (Marc Penfield's book is source) axis 5th /11h goes over 21º  Virgo/21º  Pisces (so this may be younger population of Florida, as well as schools too, places for joy and pleasure). I have to add that Florida has Sun at 13º  Pisces-and where was the last Full Moon? At 13º  Pisces-so now we may understand this all better(  USA is generaly senstive over 13º  Pisces/13º  Virgo axis).Solar Arc Uranus of Florida is right now at 21º  Virgo (where asteroid Irma is right now too). In chart of Florida asteroid Irma we can see at 18º  Pisces, very close to 13º  Pisces and 21º  Pisces-around 17º -18º  Pisces is midpoint between 13º  Pisces and 21º  Pisces.

Transit Moon comes at 21º  Gemini and makes Grand Mutable Cross over 21º  of Virgo/21º  Sagittarius /21º  Pisces /21º  Gemini- on 13 Sept, 2017,03:29:24 am (Philadelphia , PA, time)...

Even Draconic chart of Florida sends a sign-draco axis IC/MC goes over 21º  Sagittarius/21º  Gemini!

Irma was discovered at 11º  Taurus!!! I link axis 11º  Taurus/11º  Scorpio as Uranus axis of fall and exaltation. I would say that God of Heaven (Uranus) as solar Arc Uranus in Trump's char at 21º  Gemini and as solar Arc Uranus in Florida's chart at 21º  Virgo - we should take as something so important!

Marc Penfield book "Horoscope of USA and Canada" (chart of USA and Florida)
My article USA and axis 13º Virgo/13º Pisces
www.astro.com (Donald Trump's chart)

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