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Sometimes a beautiful flower grows in the dark… (The First Belgrade Yoga Festival) Author: Professional Astrologer Smiljana Gavrančić (ISAR C.A.P.) Published: June 20th, 2016

Sometimes a beautiful flower grows in the dark…
(The First Belgrade Yoga Festival)
Author: Professional Astrologer Smiljana Gavrančić (ISAR C.A.P.)
Published: June 20th, 2016

 The Moon (Soul) carries all our memories, and Venus (Love, creation) was the last planet the Moon had crossed just before Siniša was born, so his Venus carries all the memories of his Soul… His Soul carries memories of Beauty, of Secret…

On November 28, 2015 the Sun was crossing Siniša's Venus at 5º Sagittarius, and that same spot was also occupied with progressive Sun in the chart of Serbia (that tells of the country's reputation). Belgrade was hosting the First Belgrade Yoga Festival organized by "Active Holiday“, created by Siniša Račić. The touch of Sun and Venus is always a kind of "casting" some light on Love, Secret!

Two spots of a Soul

Inside each of us there are two important spots through which we accept the Light and messages, information… One of them is prenatal eclipse, and the other is postnatal eclipse. Eclipses are the way from one world into another, and it is very important to have a strong favorable link (favorable aspect) between those two eclipses, i.e. planets ruling those eclipses, because then a person becomes a very good channel between the Heavens (postnatal eclipse) and Earth's Core (prenatal eclipse).

Siniša's prenatal eclipse was a lunar one (Full Moon close to lunar nodes) and is at 13º Aries, while postnatal one was solar (New Moon close to lunar nodes) and is at 27º Pisces, the degree where Venus feels the best, exalted! Planets ruling both eclipses are in the 12th house (past life) and are touching each other. We astrologers call this conjunction and we say that this person was given the gift of living the Heaven on Earth! Yes, Siniša has the potential within to "bring down“ Heavens to Earth, to live the last emotion that filled his soul in the moment of death in the past life – here and now! But, every emotion is usually colored with pain, and here the healing is needed, in order to "grow" through this incarnation…. There certainly was a very dramatic emotion at 13º Aries, since it is the sign of Aries and the degree of Aries, so, Siniša's death in the past life was very sudden, fast, and the emotion coloring it – somehow "sharp"…

Prenatal eclipse is a kind of secret in itself, because it is something that happened before the birth, so we find the darkness and unknown there, but the memory (Moon) always exists… So, sometimes a beautiful flower grows in the dark…, and that beautiful flower in this incarnation is the First Belgrade Yoga Festival, through which Siniša heals himself. As Siniša's prenatal eclipse was across the axis 13º Aries/13º Libra, I find that on the said November 28, 2015 exactly at 13º Libra there was a "mirror" of Chiron. Chiron is an asteroid between Saturn and Uranus, and it represents a kind of crossing, a bridge between the old and the new, for Saturn id the last planet visible to the naked eye. By this Festival, it looks like Siniša unconsciously followed the impulse of his Heart and his Soul and healed emotions that had filled him in the moment of death in the previous incarnation. Chiron was the first astrologist and healer, and here there is a story of the wound, of hurting by one's own poison, after which there is the chance to heal and become immortal! Our every creation is the road to immortality, because after us, that something we crated remains alive, so we do as well…

On the other hand, South Node (the past) was exactly at 27º Pisces on November 28, 2015, at the spot of his postnatal eclipse (purpose, mission). South Node opens us up for major changes, cleansing. South Node "drives", "swallows", and one must take it on, as Siniša felt the strong need to initiate a project this big.

27º Pisces – the Light, Love & Angels

One of the most beautiful degrees in Zodiac is the degree of Venus' (Love) exaltation. It is 27º Pisces! There everything is excellent, beautiful, there is a lot of Light, there are also Angels, for this is the last, 72nd pentad in Zodiac, the pentad of Angels, ruled by the Sun (Light). So, in the last five degrees of Zodiac (25º – 30º Pisces) there is a combination of Venus and Sun, meaning – Love… When we take a look at Siniša's horoscope, we see Vertex at this spot – the point of wishes coming true, and that is also the spot of his postnatal eclipse (the purpose, the mission in this life). Since the postnatal eclipse represents the channel for the more subtle level of being that diffuses through us, i.e. for the light level of existence (Angels), we may conclude that 27º Pisces is the best possible spot since there is a lot of Light and Love The Secret lives there…

When I talk about Love I mean the Love as a Secret. I am not sure I am explaining myself correctly, but Love is the Secret and everybody has to find it for himself. There are many nice words used to describe it, but these are just people talking, and love should be lived. Love is not to be spoken, it is felt and that feeling is only put through physiology.

The Second Belgrade Yoga Festival will be held on the last weekend of November 2016. The Moon will be at the beginning of Scorpio, at the powerful 0º Scorpio, which is the descent below the Horizon. But, more about that in some other text soon…

With love,

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