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Election 2020 Brings Female Energy? Oprah Winfrey and 2020 Elections Published: 4th February, 2018 I Author: Smiljana Gavrančić

Election 2020 Brings Female Energy? 
Oprah Winfrey and 2020 Elections 
Published: 4th February, 2018 I Author: Smiljana Gavrančić 
 America will vote on November 3, 2020 at its 59th elections! Although it is still early to give any prognosis, there is something clearly indicating that 2020 elections shall bring female energy. Namely, secondary progressed Moon (woman) of USA will be at 28º Capricorn 34’, almost at 29º Capricorn, in conjunction with the progressed Pluto (deep transformation) and at the very end of the sign, indicating big changes that will come soon, for after 29º Capricorn there comes 0º Aquarius. Aquarius is, unlike Capricorn, the very symbol of change, of new and modern times. Cosmopolitans, highly developed sense of human rights, human rights activists, revolutionaries... are all in the sign of Aquarius. This would not have mattered that much without the fact that at that same time, more precisely in December 2020, there will be the Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn at 0º Aquarius, clearly indicating the new epoch in which the use of the Mind would be much accented (Aquarius is the air sign). The last Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn was in the earth sign of Capricorn (January 26, 1842), symbolizing the start of the “modern materialism”, since it happened at 8º Capricorn (earth element). On December 21, 2020, the progressed Moon of USA will already be at 0º Aquarius 21’!  

Transition from 29° Capricorn to 0° Aquarius

I find that transition from 29° Capricorn to 0° Aquarius interesting, for I see a depiction of woman there (Moon) who might have a dark skin (Saturn as the ruler of the Capricorn), a wisdom collected within (29º Capricorn contains the synthesis of all degrees within the sign) and who leads America towards completely new age (0º Aquarius). In other words, I would say that the next President of USA may certainly be of dark color (African American), since it is the sign of Capricorn.  
I already said in my article “Uranus in Taurus 2018– Where Is This World Going?“  that on November 3, 2020, the secondary progressed Moon (woman) of the former President Barak Obama will be at 0º Leo, in exact opposition with his natal Jupiter at 0° Aquarius! In his natal chart, Barak has the trine of the Moon from Gemini and Jupiter from Aquarius, so this opposition of progressed Moon to natal Jupiter might be the initiator of having the natal trine (the “lazy” aspect) – realized this time. Although his wife Michelle Obama stated that she will not run for Office, it remains to be seen. In any case, this will be a clear support from Obama, his family (Moon) and his wife as well – for the winner of 2020 elections! 

In my article about Caroline Kennedy:one to watch?, I also wrote about numerous indicators showing that she, the daughter of the assassinated President John F. Kennedy – might be an elections candidate, if not the winner. But, it is still early, I agree… 

 However, there is another person that is being the subject of speculations about running for the Office. It is Oprah Winfrey, whose recent speech at the Golden Globes in January 2018 started the wave of speculations about her running for the president in the next elections. She quickly killed the rumors stating that she does not have the DNA for it. But, as I have already said, it is still early and the change is possible… 

But, what I see is her draconic Mars at exactly 29° Capricorn! I wish to remind you that progressive Moon and progressed Pluto of USA will be at that exact spot at the moment of elections! The Mars in Oprah’s natal chart carries the Saturn from the 10th house (her reputation, career), and Saturn is the ruler of her intercepted Capricorn (later in life) from her 1st house (herself).

 Her Asc, like Trump’s, is at 29th degree – at 29º Sagittarius (transiting Sun at the moment of the Grand Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn on December 21, 2020 will be at 0º Capricorn 21’, just having crossed her Ascendant). Many would say that this is so-called “Anaretic degree” that brings problems to the person and makes her/him wait for events. But, just like Trump’s Asc at 29º Leo is in conjunction with the royal star Regulus, Oprah’s Asc is very close to the Galactic Center (26º Sagittarius), which also brings the power. So, they both carry some sort of power and negate the usual perception of every 29º being somehow “bad”. Of course, her intercepted Capricorn in the 1st house where Chiron (wound, pain) and North Lunar Node at 23º Capricorn are certainly speak of her difficult childhood, the rape, losses, wounds… Uranus is positioned across of it, in Cancer, and together with the South Node it opposes the sign of Capricorn, which certainly brings her a lot of stress situations in life, but sudden reversals as well. In case of intercepted sign in a house in the chart, that house becomes “revived” when planets transit that sign. At the moment of elections, the Capricorn will be transited by three planets – Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto. Neptune at 26º Libra (Via Combusta) in her chart is at the top of the cardinal T-square with the axis Capricorn/Cancer, so this is depiction of her famous “Oprah Show”, where her guests shared with millions of people their pains, wounds and truths and uncovered their lives. 
But, I am very interested in her Saturn (mature age) as the ruler of her intercepted Capricorn (later in life) in the second part of the 10th house (profession that comes to her life after television). Her Saturn is exactly at the Ascendant of USA, at 9º Scorpio (I take 8° Scorpio to be Asc of USA, Marc H. Penfield- “Horoscopes of the USA and Canada”). This might be a great sign, for there are stories that Barak Obama won 2008 elections thanks to this woman, for Oprah Winfrey strongly supported him during the campaign. Saturn has a strong square with her Sun at 9º Aquarius and Venus at 8º Aquarius (ruler of her MC). The square always “pushes” to action, for the nature of the square is that of the Mars! The person with the square of Sun and Saturn is much more likely to run for the Office than someone having easy, flowing aspect like sextile or trine. Also, the conjunction of the Sun and Saturn may “pull” the person to become some type of authority, power…  

 I found Trump's Solar Arc Uranus (change) is going to be at 29º Leo 04' in the moment of Election 2020, making inconjunction with 29º Capricorn! As Trump has in his natal chart Uranus in 10th, this may be a sign that he will have some change? In the other hand, Solar Arc Uranus (change) of Republican Party is going to be at 29º Libra-making an square with 29º Capricorn, and Solar Arc Neptune of RP will be at 29º Leo too, inconjunction 29º Capricorn! So, there are not signs in Trump's chart, Republican's too, that they may now win, as I found the signs for the last election 2016, so I would say Trump is going to have big change with Solar Arc Uranus at 29º Leo, on his Asc!

 If she decides not to run at 2020 elections, Oprah Winfrey will clearly support the winner in the symbolism of transition from 29º Capricorn to 0º Aquarius. Why? Let us take a look at her chart now. 

At the moment of elections, Oprah will have the secondary IC/MC axis across 21º Gemini 58’/21º Sagittarius 58’, or across almost 22º. All of you familiar with my work know that I mapped 22º Gemini as the degree through which one enters the White House (that also helped me to predict Donald Trump becoming the President of the United States). You can read my article about it here: White House and 22° Gemini .Finally, this is also the position of my draconic Asc!

Oprah does not have this degree accented in her chart, but in her draconic chart (soul’s memory of previous lives), the IC/MC axis goes across 22º Gemini 50’/22º Sagittarius 50’. So, the memory of her soul contains the White House for sure. It is also interesting for me to see the IC/MC axis of the youngest Trump’s son - Barron, lying across 22º Gemini/22º Sagittarius. 

In Oprah’s chart the Venus is the ruler of her MC, and at the moment of elections, it will be retrograde in tertiary progressions (it is also retrograde now, while I write this text, in February 2018, and it is at 8º Cancer, right across the last Grand Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn from 1842, at 8º Capricorn) at exactly 22º Gemini 48’!

The progressed Sun (reputation) of Oprah Winfrey will be at 15º Aries 51’, very close to 16º Aries and her IC, so the axis IC/MC shall be initiated through 16 º Aries/16º Libra! Is Oprah Winfrey the Egyptian goddess Isis who brings healing? I say this because her MC (what she is known for in public) lies at the beginning of the famous Via Combusta – 15º Libra to 15º Scorpio). But, we have to mention the transit Mars on the day of elections, on November 3, 2020, for it will be retrograde and positioned at 15º Aries 59’, which is again the sign that IC/MC axis of this woman becomes “called upon”. The Mars will be the ruler of elections Ascendant, for the Ascendant of elections (Novmeber 3, 2020, 06:00 Washington D.C.) is in Scorpio. Also, IC/MC axis in the chart of elections lies across 8º Aquarius 42’/8º Leo 42’, which is the position of Oprah’s natal Sun (reputation) and Venus (ruler of MC), but also the spot of the progressed Sun of Caroline Kennedy and progressed retrograde Venus (the ruler of Caroline’s natal MC). Interestingly, my natal Sun is at 9º Aquarius, in my 3rd house (writing) and I write about these two women...  

What I find interesting is the following: on November 3, 2020, both Caroline Kennedy and Oprah Winfrey will have secondary progressed Moon exactly at Trump’s MC, at 24º Taurus!!! Oprah’s natal Mars (the ruler of Saturn from 10) is at 23º Scorpio 35’, almost at 24º Scorpio (which is IC of both Trump and Democratic Party). In other words, Oprah is finally Mars for Mars is dispositor of her Saturn, the ruler of her intercepted Capricorn in 1st house (herself). Also, I have to mention the tertiary Moon of Barak Obama for that moment, for tertiary Moon crosses 1º in 2 days and very often it “triggers” events! Obama’s tertiary Moon on the elections day is at 25º Taurus, very close to Trump’s MC!!! This may be very important sign! But, at 24º Taurus there is also MC of Democratic Party, which is even more important and may be the signal that democrats will win 2020 elections? I believe that the moment of Uranus entering Taurus on May 15, 2018 might open the possibility of some of these women running for the office, since at that moment the transit Sun will be at 24º Taurus, and the Moon at 26º Taurus (GMT, for it is depiction of the whole world).

On November 3, 2020, at the moment of elections, secondary Asc of Obama will be at 2º Taurus 05’, in conjunction with secondary progressed Venus of Oprah Winfrey at 2º Taurus 06’! Progressed MC of Obama comes at 23º Capricorn and calls upon her Lunar Nodes axis, but the Chiron as well! 

On the inauguration day, January 20, 2021 (12:00 Washington D.C.), the progressed Sun of USA (the President) will be at 16º Pisces 09’, which is the spot occupied by progressed Asc of Oprah Winfrey! But, the transit Moon is very prominent, for it will be at 29º Aries, calling upon 29º Capricorn, which is active on the Election Day, November 3, 2020! Keep in mind that at 29º Capricorn there is draconic Mars of Oprah Winfrey, and Mars is her final dispositor, if we consider it from the point of intercepted Capricorn in the 1st house! After 29º Aries there is 0º Taurus, and at 0º Taurus there is the Venus (the ruler of MC) in the chart of the Democratic Party. Asc for the moment of inauguration will be in Taurus, and the Venus, its ruler, at 15º Capricorn, right where draconic Saturn (the ruler of the intercepted Capricorn in 1st house) of Oprah Winfrey is. 

I also find the chart of JFK’s inauguration very interesting (January 20, 1961, 12:00 Washington D.C.) since both Jupiter and Saturn were in Capricorn (just like the moment of elections, on November 3, 2020). I have progressed that chart for 3rd November 2020 and found the progressed Sun at 0º Aries, which is also the sign of the new beginning, the new cycle, because at 0º Aries we get born, the Zodiac starts there in tropic, modern astrology. The progressed Moon will be at 0º Gemini, again the sign of great beginning! Progressed Venus will be retrograde and at 29º Aries 05', making conjunction with transit Moon for inauguration day in 2021 (20th January), and secondary progressed axis Asc/Desc is going over 15º Cancer/15º Capricorn - Oprah has draconic Saturn at 15º Capricorn (ruler of her intercepted Capricorn in her 1st house), and there will be Venus in transit for 20th January 2021!  However, Solar Arc Moon of that chart will be at 23º Taurus 30’ (which is close conjunction with 24° Taurus), at the same spot as progressed Moon of Oprah Winfrey, progressed Moon of Caroline Kennedy, tertiary Moon of Barak Obama, MC of Donald Trump and MC of Democratic Party. When speaking about JFK, I must share with you that his Fortuna is at 29º Capricorn. Fortuna is very personal point in any chart, because it represents relationship of Asc, Sun and Moon and its movement in progressions, as well as transit of any planet over this spot (if there are any additional indicators) might present the great sign! Since we have 29º Capricorn here, I would say it is important change!  

On November 3, 2020, at the moment of elections, the transit Uranus will be at 8º Taurus in strong square with the Sun and Venus of Oprah Winfrey at 8º/9º Aquarius! In her natal chart, the Uranus is in Cancer, and through the Moon (its dispositor) at 4º Sagittarius, it makes applicative sextile with the mentioned Sun/Venus conjunction. In other words, she needs the square of transit Uranus to be pushed to action. This action may bring the huge life change to her! 

More signs…
The moment of inauguration carries some memory, for the Moon is at very specific spot, 29º Aries, going towards the better future, for at 0º Taurus the Moon enters the field of its exaltation and comes closer to its very degree of exaltation. For that reason I took a look at the draconic chart of that moment (January 20, 2021, 12:00 Washington D.C.). Draconic Asc is exactly at 25º Aquarius 06, calling upon the natal Moon (woman) from the chart of USA from 25º Aquarius 28’ that carries with it the Sun from 13º Cancer, as the ruler of 10 (the President). Is this also the sign of female energy in the air? Draconic Moon is also very interesting, for it is placed exactly at 9º Aquarius, right where the natal conjunction of Sun and Venus in the chart of Oprah Winfrey is, but also where the progressed conjunction of retrograde Venus and Sun of Caroline Kennedy (as well as my natal Sun in 3rd) is. Draconic Moon of Oprah Winfrey is very close, at 10º Aquarius, so her soul knows all this from before…   

Since the chart of Washington D.C. may be found in the book of Mark H. Penfield, Washington D.C., I have progressed that chart for the January 20, 2021 (inauguration day). Secondary MC will be at 29º Capricorn 00’ (conjunction of draconic Mars of Oprah Winfrey), meaning that during elections secondary MC crosses 28º Capricorn 48’, just like the secondary Moon of USA! On the other side, on November 3, 2020, at the moment of elections, the secondary progresed Moon (people, the electorate) of USA capital will be at 25º Aquarius 25’, in conjunction with the Moon (woman) from the chart of USA! Isn’t this the sign that the winner of the elections will be – female?! If we take a look at Solar Arc Washington D.C. for inauguration moment in 2021, there is also the Solar Arc MC at 29º Capricorn 34’, while Solar Arc Moon (woman) at 0º Taurus 24’ , in conjunction with the Venus of the Democratic Party from 0º Taurus 44’! The Venus in the chart of the Democratic Party is the ruler of MC. Another sign that somebody from Democratic Party may be taking the oath on January 20, 2021?     

Finally, in order to win the elections one has to win Florida!  I find the IC/MC axis in the draconic chart of this state very interesting. Namely, this axis lies across 21º Gemini/21º Sagittarius, so this is the clear sign why Trump got the votes needed for the winning there, for the road to White House leads through 22º Gemini! This chart is also present in the draconic chart of Oprah Winfrey, but also in her secondary progressions for the moment of elections, as I mentioned in text earlier. In November 2020, progressed Asc of Florida will be at 9º Scorpio 19’, exactly in conjunction with the Saturn of Oprah Winfrey at 9º Scorpio 03’! I want to emphasize that the Saturn is the ruler of her intercepted Capricorn in the 1st house (herself), and it is in the second half of her 10th house (her profession later in life). Since intercepted Capricorn in her 1st house is very much called upon during 2020 by 3 transiting planets - Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto, this is a very important sign! Further on, the Mars in the chart of Florida is at 26º Sagittarius, at the Galactic Center, very close to Oprah’s Asc (29º Sagittarius)! The Mars is positioned in the 7th house (angular house of the horoscope). In Solar Arc directions for the day of elections, the Mars in Florida’s chart is at 16º Gemini, in conjunction with the Jupiter (the ruler of Asc of Oprah Winfrey at 29º Sagittarius). Also, this is the position of the Sun of the late JFK, so this certainly may emphasize that Florida will gift its votes to democrats?    

But after Florida, there is Ohio, another federal state on which it depends who the new president will be! MC of Ohio is at 28º Capricorn 49’, very close to the previously mentioned 29º Capricorn! I have to say again, this is the position of the draconic Mars of Oprah Winfrey, and her final dispositor (if considered from the point of view of the intercepted Capricorn in the 1st house) is Mars as the ruler of the Saturn at 9º Scorpio! Further on, Solar Arc Mars of Ohio will be at 29º Capricorn, and the Mars is the ruler of the 7th house in Ohio’s chart, which is an angular house and has primate! Finally, I also find the draconic Moon (woman, but also the electorate) of Ohio interesting, for it is at 20º Cancer, right on the intercepted Uranus in the chart of Oprah Winfrey, which will be called upon in the following period by eclipses…  


Which coming eclipses might be important for Oprah Winfrey?

-       1.  July 13, 2018 solar eclipse at 20º Cancer “awakens” her intercepted (asleep) Uranus (change) from Cancer, and by that the whole axis Capricorn/Cancer, containing Lunar Nodes and Chiron.
-       2. August 11, 2018 solar eclipse at 18º Leo “calling upon” her natal Mercury at 19° Aquarius. Her natal Mercury carries Jupiter from 16º Gemini (fixed star Rigel, from Orion constellation, giving honors – here is the Sun in the chart of JFK).
-       3. July 16, 2019 lunar eclipse at 24º Capricorn moving again her lunar nodes axis through intercepted signs Capricorn/Cancer and Chiron.
-          4.  January 10, 2020, in the election year, again the eclipse at 20º Cancer (just like on July 13, 2018), but this time lunar, and again “awakening” of her Uranus and intercepted axis Capricorn/Cancer through 1/7 axis.

I would say that three out of the following four eclipses before 2020 elections are the clear sign that the “internal potential” of Oprah Winfrey will be “awakened”.  


Chart sources:

-          The World of Book Horoscopes; Nicholas Campion
-          Horoscopes of America and Canada; Mark Penfield
-          www.astro.com

 Smiljana Gavrančić  studied astrology at the Institute for Astrological Research and Education in Belgrade (Serbia), graduating in October 2010, after studying International Law at Belgrade University. In March 2011 she became ISAR CAP. Her speciality is mundane astrology, and she is practices karmic/hermetic astrology, astrology of degrees/archetypes (mythology, fixed stars) and synastry.  Her writings have appeared in  The Astrological Journal, and on The Mountain Astrologer blog, ISAR’s International Astrologer. Astrodienst (astro.com)  republished her work, too. Smiljana is the editor, founder and owner of IAM –  Infinity Astrological Magazine which is the part of Alexandria iBase Project and Astrodienst. She was a speaker at conferences and workshops in Serbia, Brazil, United Kingdom ( 48th AA Conference Cambridge 2016 and The Astrological Lodge of London), Greece. In January 2018 she founded her Astro Center  IAM INΦINITY - Αθήνα Center.  Smiljana blogs in Serbian and English at: www.astrologsmiljanagavrancic.blogspot.com . You can find out more about IAM at www.infinityastrologicalmagazine.com

More about Smiljana you can read here: Smiljana Gavrančić   

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