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18th March,2022 (8pm GMT)


 RANKA BOSNIĆ (Lic I.S.H. Homeopath) 

 SMILJANA GAVRANČIĆ (Professional Astrologer ISAR CAP)


April 2022 is going to be very special! As the world reopens and awakens, our workshop will help you open the gate to a life, lived with Hope, Faith & Love this April. The central theme of our workshop is that Love Is God, and Love is Freedom!

Jupiter and Neptune will make the Great Conjunction at 23 º 59’ Pisces on the 12th of April. Both planets are feeling very well within the sign of Pisces. The last meeting between Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces was in 1856, it was at 18º  Pisces. When Jupiter and Neptune met in 1856, the 2nd Opium War was started!

What about now? What kind of energy is going to be around us now? What kind of challenges are we going to be faced with? Are we going again to start some War?

On 27th April Venus and Neptune will meet at 24º  28’ Pisces, which literally could bring Miracles.

On 30th April Venus and Jupiter will meet at 27º  58’ Pisces, which is Venus’ exaltation degree, and at the same time the symbol of Troy, the Trojan War, and the most beautiful woman in the world – Helene, as well as symbol of Sophia (in gnosticism well known as female version of God).

What is going to be the Trojan Horse of our modern times?

Why Female Energy is Going to Mark April 2022?

How the goddess Athena will be involved?

We are closing April with the solar eclipse at 10º  Taurus

Life is changeable and homeopathy can help us to be in flow with those Planetary changes and to keep balance and harmony with the universe. 

Learn which remedy is going to be related to Troy and how that relates to us. Which remedies will help us to break free, allow us to reach our potential and shine? Everyone has a potential but when our potential is trapped then we are not in healthy place. Here we going to talk about remedies which symbolise the goddess Athena and Aphrodite. Both goddesses were involved in mythical Troy. We are going to talk homeopathic remedies such as Latrodectus Mactans or black Widow spider & Lac Maternum. In addition, we will discuss grief and breaking free from grief. Helen of Troy and sadness?  Destruction of Troy lead to sadness loss of children and fathers: Homeopathic remedies Ignatia & Aesculus Hippocastanum Album. Why we are going to need remedies like Amethyst & Emerald which are related to creativity and goddess Aphrodite.

Homeopathy can help us to come back into alignment with planets and our deeper spiritual self, that wants to break free.

During our workshop we are going to present on how astrology and homeopathy could work together, and how we can take THE BEST FOR OURSELVES DURING THIS APRIL!

Workshop lasts two hours, first hour will be astrological part, and the second hour will be homeopathy part


Price is €100 , via PayPal (PayPal account : rankaanima@gmail.com)   

 Read more about Ranka here

-        Read more about Smiljana here


Workshop will be on Friday 18th March 2022, 8pm GMT, just after the Full Moon at 27º  Virgo (Athens), which ’hits’ 27º  Pisces (Troy and Helene). At the same time, Jupiter will cross over 18º  Pisces, where it met with Neptune last time in 1856. We are going to recall  the past in order to understand present and to make our future much more better.




Smiljana & Ranka 


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