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The End Of Boris Johnson – The End Of 1 9 Published: 25th January 2022 I Author: Smiljana Gavrančić


The End Of Boris Johnson – The End Of 1 9

Liz Truss As New Margaret Thatcher

Published: 25th January 2022 I Author: Smiljana Gavrančić


 Will Boris Johnson resign over the Sue Gray report? What findings of No 10 party inquiry could mean for the PM

The Prime Minister is facing a growing rebellion among backbench Tory MPs, and could be forced to endure a confidence vote if the report is damaging.

Sue Gray’s highly anticipated report into parties held at Downing Street during lockdown is expected to be published this week. And, who is Sue Gray? Susan (Sue) Gray is a British civil servant who is currently Second Permanent Secretary in the Cabinet Office.

If the report is damning it could be the death knell for Boris Johnson’s premiership.

 Boris Johson, has apologised for attending a “bring your own booze” gathering in the garden of 10 Downing Street in May 2020, at the height of the first lockdown, but insists he thought it was a work event.

He is facing a growing rebellion among backbench Tory MPs, and could be forced to endure a confidence vote if Ms Gray’s report is damaging.

What happens if Boris Johnson resigns?

 If Mr Johnson resigns this will trigger a Conservative leadership contest, with the winner taking over both the party and the position of Prime Minister.

The contest takes place in two stages. In the first stage, Conservative MPs put themselves forward as candidates. All Tory MPs then vote in a series of rounds to reduce the number of candidates until only two remain.

The second stage of the contest sees Conservative Party members vote between the final two candidates.

Resigning as Tory leader would not automatically mean Mr Johnson would lose his job as Prime Minister.

To resign as PM he would have to go to Buckingham Palace and offer his resignation to the Queen. Theresa May resigned as Tory leader in 2019 but remained as a “caretaker” PM until her successor was chosen.

If Mr Johnson were to resign as PM before a successor was chosen, the Cabinet Manual says it is “for the party or parties in government to identify who can be chosen as the successor”.

Could Boris Johnson be forced out if he doesn’t resign?

Yes. If Mr Johnson refuses to step down he could be forced out, but only by his fellow Conservative MPs.

Ms Gray and those conducting the investigation into the alleged parties have no powers to sanction the Prime Minister or any other officials.


A leadership contest can be triggered if 15 per cent of Tory MPs write to the chair of the backbench 1922 Committee saying they no longer have confidence in Mr Johnson.

A vote of no confidence is then held, with Conservative MPs voting in support or against the leader. If more than 50 per cent vote against the leader, they are ousted.

As of 24 January 2022, there are 359 Conservative MPs, meaning 54 letters would prompt a confidence vote. It is estimated that about 12 have already been submitted.

A leader who loses a confidence vote is not allowed to take part in the subsequent leadership contest.

When will Sue Gray’s report be published?

 The report does not have a specific publishing date, but it is expected to come this week. The reason no fixed time frame has been given is that as soon as new allegations are made, the scope of the inquiry increases.

According to the Cabinet Office, the “primary purpose” of the inquiry is to “establish swiftly a general understanding of the nature of the gatherings, including attendance, the setting and the purpose, with reference to adherence to the guidance in place at the time”.

The Prime Minister first announced he was launching an inquiry into allegations that parties were held at Downing Street during Covid-19 lockdowns on 8 December 2021.

He told Parliament he had asked Cabinet Secretary Simon Case to head the investigation into whether Christmas parties were held at No 10 in December 2020.

But a week later Mr Case “recused himself” from leading the probe, following reports “gatherings” were held in his own department.

Ms Gray, a senior civil servant and second permanent secretary at the Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities, was tasked with taking over the investigation.

When he first announced the investigation, Mr Johnson said he wanted the report to be conducted “swiftly”. But as new reports of gatherings have emerged since the probe was launched, the scope of the inquiry has expanded significantly.

At first, Ms Gray was only tasked with looking into the claims parties were held in November and December of 2020. But since then more than a dozen gatherings are claimed to have taken place during various different periods of lockdown, including two on the eve of Prince Philip’s funeral in April 2021, and one Mr Johnson admitted to attending in May 2020.

The fresh reports have added to Ms Gray’s workload significantly, as she has had to interview more people and trawl through more evidence such as emails, CCTV footage and police statements.

And, what astrology says?

 If we take a look on the chart of the Conservative Party of UK, we already see signs for the current time. Asc is at 18º 40’ Capricorn, and it was ’hitted’ recently, on 9th January 2022, with the so-called ’lower’ (inferior) conjunction of retrograde Venus and the Sun. Every combination of RxVenus/Sun in  astrology brings into the surface something from the Underworld, which was hidden from public life, and very often it can be even some love affair, as RxVenus/Sun combination has something with secret affairs for sure, specially if it is within the sign of Capricorn (like it is right now) we can concludethat this time it has something with government, PM, President of the country, the head of the country, as Capricorn speaks on those figures.


I am sure there is going to be the change of leader in the Conservative Party, because as you can see MC of this chart is at 23º 23’ Scorpio, Saturn (as ruler of Asc) is at 25º 52’ Scorpio, and on 16th of May 2022 we are having the lunar eclipse there, which will call out the Moon 25º 47’Taurus (at Algol)/Saturn oposition which goes over axis IC/MC. This Moon at Algol could be exactly an image of Sue Gray (as civil servant) who is going (as she is Gorgone Medusa) to ’cut off’ the head of Boris. For Algol it is typical we have some justice issues, and what is justice for one side-it won’t be justice for other side. Here we usually have some woman lawyer and she is ’cutting off’ someone’s head. Even the lunar eclipse on 19th November 2021 at 27º Taurus did open for Boris possible end. Algol always speaks on some revenge which comes from furious woman who is in charge regarding law. Algol very often speaks on wars, and that some blood is coming literally. 

Winston Churchill


I love always to observe chart of Winston Churchill regarding the Conservative Party of the UK, for his chart speaks even today about the destiny of this party, as well as of today’s PM Boris Johnson. First what I was noticed is that in his 12th Harmonic chart (which is the chart of his future life), he has all angular houses over 18º of cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn), and there is the most important he has MC at 18º Capricorn (which is the Asc of the Conservative party). As we know, at 18º Capricorn there was the ’lower’, ’inferior’ conjunction of RxVenus/Sun on 9th January 2022. Also, we must notice Churchill has Mars in 12th Harmonic chart at 18º Libra, which squares Asc of the Conservative party. This is a sign there is going to be some harming. Finally, speaking about wounds and harming, we must add in his natal chart he has Chiron (wound) at 18º Aries. And I must again say finally because the UK has its Moon at 19º Cancer (which is close with 18º Cancer) in its 10th house (rulers). The Moon in Cancer in the chart of the UK in 10th house speaks ofcourse on the Queen Elizabeth II as its ruler, but the last RxVenus/Sun conjunction across that Moon, on 9th January 2022, showed us that the new PM could easy become some woman too! Why? Because it hitted the Moon in Cancer-two signs for woman, as the Moon by itself is a woman, and Cancer as Cancer speaks on female energy too.      


The second what I checked about Winston was his current Solar Arc direction (everything moves there 1 degree per 1 year), becaues there is a sign that there are some endings within the party, and new moments. His secondary progressed MC is at 29º Scorpio, in square with his natal Moon 29º Leo, and Moon is ruler of his natal MC in Cancer. I would conclude that right now the Conservative Party of the UK is in transition moment, and that some woman (the Moon 29º Leo) is going to be the new leader of the party  i.e. the new PM of the UK 


Also, we can see his Solar Arc Moon (ruler of his MC-he as PM) at 29º Aquarius, oposite his natal Moon 29º Leo, which also puts in focus some female energy as new PM. On 16th of February 2022 we will have the Full Moon at 28º Leo (which is very close with 29º Leo) and then there may be some culmination within the Conservative party regarding some woman as possible new leader. Well, just to remind you that late PM Margaret Thatcher has her natal Moon at 28º-29º Leo which is so big sign that the spirit of this woman is waking up!  


Boris Johnson

 The very end of Aquarius, 29º Aquarius, is something which we can find in the draconic chart of Boris Johnson too. His draco Mars is  at 29º Aquarius, and it is the dispositor of his natal Scorpio Moon, and Moon is ruler of his MC (he as PM). Around Christmas time 2021, transit Jupiter activated 29º Aquarius and started to spread more and more problems with law over Boris’ PM role. Although, we must notice the same Jupiter crossed twice before Christmas over 29º of Aquarius: around 13 May, and the end of July 2021. Interesting or not, but in his Antiscia (shadow) chart, Boris has his Moon (ruler of natal MC-he as PM) at 29º Aquarius too!   




One more info from Boris’ Antiscia chart is his axis 5/11 (which is axis of joy, fun, parties, friends, clubs) over 18º Cancer/18º Capricorn. As I’ve said, on 9th January 2022 the ’lower’ conjunctin of RxVenus/Sun at 18º Capricorn is ’guilty’ why all this with Boris goes into public and it is not any more some secret. We may expect even more information from the Underworld (hidden part of Boris’ life) is going to go into the surface. I would watch on the moment when transit Venus again crosses over 18º Capricorn, but this time as direct, around 18/19/20 February 2022, just after the Full Moon around 29º Leo which I’ve mentioned it happens on 16th February 2022. So, there is going to be a lot and much more. We may find out new information regarding this scandal.


The strong sign that Boris is going to resing and to step down is that his Solar Arc Saturn just came at 0º 03’ Taurus, and makes exact opposition with his natal Moon 0º 36’ Scorpio. The Moon is ruler of his MC (he as PM), and it’s dispositor is Mars in Gemini which is in Boris’ chart in applying square with Saturn in Pisces, and all this means that Solar Arc Saturn in opposition with his natal Moon is harming him and makes his role of PM under the question.