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The East and the West = Aldebaran and Antares Originally Published: January 14th, 2013 I Astrolog Smiljana Gavrančić

The East and the West = Aldebaran and Antares
Originally Published: January 14th, 2013 I Astrolog Smiljana Gavrančić

The new 2013 started actually on December 21, 2012 when the Sun came at 0° Capricorn 00'00" (winter solstice), after which the day started to be longer. That day was unique because apart from having "Yod" (Y) configuration in the skies, there was also configuration "Bumerang" (a point across the planet that is the apex of yod, and that enables solution). Since the key opposition in this configuration was at the axis of fixed stars Aldebaran ("The keeper of the East" -- 9° Gemini) and Antares ("The keeper of the West" -- 9° Sagittarius), it opened the possibility that at mundane level some "tense situations" become resolved during 2013, both in the East and West, so the balance can be restored…

The West

Since yod carries some "problem" and requires internal adjustment, and since in the chart for the arrival of the Sun at 0° Capricorn 00'00" (made for Greenwich, because it is the depiction of the whole world) slower planets -- Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto, at 8° (transformation) were involved in this configuration, this looked as the "call for change", at the collective level. Jupiter is indeed the essential signifier for big money, and in the USA chart also the ruler of 2nd house (country financial system) and on December 21, 2012 it came exactly to Uranus (changes) in USA chart in the 8th house (house also describing finances) -- at 8° Gemini, becoming the planet in the apex of yod, and as we know, the key is the planet in the apex of yod. Saturn (debts) came to USA ascendant, at 8° Scorpio, which is the picture of Washington itself, and Pluto (transformation) was at 8° Capricorn, at the very beginning of the Aquila constellation, also connected to US.

All that was the picture of potential "fiscal cliff" in United States that was largely discussed… But, January 1, 2013 came with news of agreement between White House (President Obama) and Congress, so "fiscal cliff" threatening to send USA economy towards new recession and to cause the wave of unemployment was avoided… Any "problem" in US would have been reflected on the rest of the world, for if you remember, the whole story of the world debt crisis originated in this country, so the "financial peace" in USA is the basis for the "financial peace" in the rest of the world… So, the budget agreement was achieved, and it was facilitated by the fact that on December 21, 2012 there was boomerang in the skies: through 8° Sagittarius, that makes half-sextile (30°) with 8° Scorpio (one arm of yod) on one side and 8° Capricorn (other arm of yod) on the other side, a "channel" for agreement was created (exactly across Jupiter -- finances at 8° Gemini, the apex of yod, there was conjunction of Venus at 6° Sagittarius and Mercury at 14° Sagittarius, with the orb of 8° -- transformation, changes that led to the agreement).

The very conjunction of Venus and Mercury is depiction of some harmonious agreement, isn't it? Accent on 8° certainly speaks of finances, change, transformation…

But, as already mentioned at the beginning of this article, the axis Aldebaran/Antares was "called for" here. As we know, these are two (out of four) royal stars, one being the "keeper of the East" (Aldebaran) presently at 9° Gemini 57', where Jupiter in the apex of the yod was on December 21, 2012, and the other being the "keeper of the West" (Antares) presently at 9° Sagittarius 56', and that was "awakened" on the same date by boomerang at 8° Sagittarius! Investigation I performed further on speaks of the importance of this very axis (Aldebaran/Antares) for the Middle East, and for the event called "Arabian spring", that still continues, and it started on December 17, 2010 in Tunisia, right before the famous "millennium lunar eclipse" (December 21, 2010), which certainly presented the announcement for the major changes on mundane level…

The East

Although everything started in Tunisia, Egypt is more important for this story, because in the chart of this country Jupiter is at 9° Gemini 24', exactly at Aldebaran -- the great "keeper of the East".

The Egypt, being the largest country in the Middle East, is certainly regarded as a "Peace keeper" of the region by the rest of the world. If we now go back far in the past, to the time of Alexander (Jupiter) the Great (Jupiter), then in the very Jupiter on Aldebaran (the "Keeper of the East") we would have the depiction of this great ruler, but also of the Alexandrian Library, of which this country is famous, for it was the largest (Jupiter… ) library in the world (… in Gemini). There is no doubt that the very nature of Jupiter (knowledge) on this star presents the Egypt as the ancient "Keeper of the East", in relation to the culture that originated there and has great impact on the whole civilization.

But, what is happening in Egypt the day after December 21, 2012 is the second round of referendum on draft constitution by the new President Mohamed Morsi, which again deeply divided the country into two sides, for by this Constitution the country is driven back to the Sharia law, which would also be the picture of Jupiter (Constitution, as the fundamental law of any country) on Aldebaran ("Keeper of the East"). Protesters filled the streets of the capital Cairo again, and minor progression for December 21, 2012 of this country speaks of that.

Again, the axis Aldebaran/Antares is activated one more time, this time through the Sun of minor progression of Egypt that came at 8° Sagittarius (Antares), and natal Jupiter of the Egypt, that came to Aldebaran (8° Gemini). This axis awaken the moment in which the decision is made whether the country would turn to "deeply eastern" Sharia law or to western, secular system. Since the natal Jupiter (Constitution of the country) here is exactly on Aldebaran (the Keeper of the East), the draft constitution gets the needed majority, the President signs it and it was put into force. But, on the other side the Sun accents the strong opposition, and if we are to judge by boomerang that offers solution from 8° Sagittarius, it is to be expected that the solution will be found, and that the "disputable constitution" favoring Sharia law will have the "channel" through which it would bring to balance those who supported it with those who did not…

Syrian civil war

The example of another Arabian country, Syria, depicts how important the axis Aldebaran/Antares is regarding the relations of the East and the West, and how potentially "explosive" it is when activated in horoscopes of countries that are located at junctions of civilizations.

Syria is officially in civil war from March 15, 2011. Aldebaran/Antares axis was activated again in its chart, this time through secondary progression, having the axis ascendant/descendant exactly on these stars. Since the mentioned boomerang configuration was present also in the skies in that time, it is to be expected that some solution for the crisis in this country would turn up this year.

Will Russia be mediator?

For a long time the solution for the problems in Syria is being looked for… Western countries, mainly US and European Union (8° Scorpio is US ascendant, but the Sun -- the ruler of EU is also at this degree, so this is also depiction of Brussels) -- support the Syrian rebels and leaving of the President Bashar al-Assad, as well as they support military intervention against the regime in Syria (Pluto - change, at 8° - change, the Sun - President in Syria's chart), while the Russia feels no side in this war is winner, it opposes Western military intervention and somehow it still keeps itself "aside", although the rest of the world expects Russia to solve this problem…

The importance of Russia in this problem is confirmed by the fact that UN Special Envoy to Syria, the famous diplomat Lakhdar Brahimi, after being in Syria and having talks with both sides, goes to Moscow and talks to Sergey Lavrov -- Russian Foreign Minister! That Russia might be the key here and balance everything between United States, European Union (8° Scorpio) on one side and Syria (8° Capricorn) on the other side may be seen from the fact that Russia's secondary Moon was at 7° Sagittarius 50'on December 12, 2012 -- almost at 8° Sagittarius, which is the very spot in boomerang that brings the solution.

Finally, in Russia's chart the Mars (conflicts) is in 7th -- relations with abroad, diplomacy, and the ruler is in 8th --  conflicts, at 8° Aries, which is the exact trine with 8° Sagittarius, so this country is very "called for" to mediate the solution for the Syrian civil war.

The East -- the West

That the primary axis that represent the East and the West in the skies is represented with those two royal stars -- Aldebaran and Antares, is also confirmed by the fact that Uranus in US chart, being in 8th house (war) at Aldebaran, describes the first "uranium" (nuclear) bomb that was used to attack the town at the Far East -- Hiroshima.

On the very day of that attack, the Mars (war, battle) was at 9° Gemini, at the very star that represents the East -- Aldebaran!


The Universe is really full of the road signs, and the following story also confirms that. I believe everybody is familiar with the appearance of the international peace logo. If we take a closer look, isn't it very similar with boomerang configuration? International peace logo was designed by British Gerald Holtom and it was used for the first time on April 4, 1958 in demonstrations against nuclear weapons. The key role of Egypt in the peace preservation in Middle East is confirmed by the fact that that on that same April 4, 1958 the secondary Moon of the United Kingdom was at 29° Aries, which is the very ascendant (general conditions) of the Egypt!

Yes, the Universe really takes care of everything, and the states (and through them individuals as well) that were called for on December 12, 2012 to be the channel in solving the disputes and problems -- will contribute both collective and individual peace… There is no doubt that Aldebaran/Antares axis is important for the Middle East, and possibly we are close to the solution that might result in peace…

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