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Jane Birkin and Serge Gainsbourg Originally Published: April 7th, 2014 I Author: Smiljana Gavrančić

Jane Birkin and Serge Gainsbourg
Originally Published: April 7th, 2014 I Author: Smiljana Gavrančić

On September 28, 1968, as Uranus entered the sign of Libra, it also came into the sign of its exaltation -- Scorpio (transformation, sexuality…) through its dispositor Venus in the chart of young English actress Jane Birkin. It was very favorable for this young woman for her ascendant was in Aquarius. Uranus' cycle lasts for about 7 years, and since her birth this was the first moment that Uranus is in a favorable sign through disposition in her chart. Since that brought Uranus into conjunction with her Jupiter, the ruler of intercepted Pisces in her 1st house, but also the ruler of her 10th house (reputation), this opened the cycle of 7 years for her personal liberation and enabled her to realize herself as a different, free, to freely express her latent (intercepted) sexuality… Jupiter takes with it the Sun, the ruler of the 7th (relations, partner), the Mercury, the ruler of the 5th (love), South Node (the past), and maybe the most important here -- Black Moon (Lilith). In Jane's natal chart, there is quincunx (internal adjustment) of Jupiter and Uranus (…to the rebel within), so this conjunction gave her the opportunity to liberate herself and shine fully on the road of realization of her purpose and her Future Self (conjunction is at the cusp of her 9th house).

On the other hand, the other ascendant's ruler in Jane Birkin's chart, Saturn (with the cycle of about 2.5 years), was in Aries then, which brought it through dispositor -- Mars to conjunction with her ruler of the 7th -- relations, partner, the Sun (essential signifier for the man in female horoscope), which was also the sign of arrival of the older man into her life. In 1968 Jane Birkin met famous French artist Serge Gainsbourg, who was 18 years older than her, and thanks to him she became famous in France. By provocative, sexually explicit song and the movie "Je t'aime… moi non plus" they shock the public during 1969. Their love relationship lasted for 12 years, until 1980. Many regarded their relationship as immoral, an affair -- Venus-Jupiter conjunction at the cusp of her 9th house. In Jane's chart, Venus is also the ruler of the 8th (sexuality, but also the relationship after the first marriage -- Jane was already divorced at the age of 22, i.e. she had one marriage behind her).

The ruler of her ascendant, Uranus, is in the sign of Gemini, where the ruler of Serge's 7th (relations) , Mercury, is in its seat, while the ruler of his ascendant in Pisces, Jupiter, is in Aries, where the Sun is in exaltation, and the Sun rules 7th (relations) in Jane's chart. Judging by all this, they were good choice for each other. Naturally, we cannot neglect the strong mutual conjunction of Moons in Virgo, which surely implies closeness and tells that their souls are one entity… Also interesting is the axis of Lunar Nodes, which is identical in both charts and goes across 11° Gemini (North Node)/11° Sagittarius (South Node). Furthermore, his Mars (the ruler of his 8th - sexuality) at 25° Aquarius squares her ruler of the 8th - Venus at 17° Scorpio, while her Mars at 27° Sagittarius squares his Venus at 18° Pisces, which generally tells of strong passion in this relationship. Finally, in his chart, in Venus at 18° Pisces in square with Saturn at 19° Sagittarius we can see the depiction of Jane as 18 years younger partner (Venus is the ruler of his intercepted Libra in 7th -- relations).

Black Moon (Lilith)

If we take a look at the position of the Lilith, we see that Jane's mean Black Moon is at 24° Sagittarius, in strong conjunction with Serge's MC, while her true Black Moon is at 8° Sagittarius, very close to both his and hers South Node at 11° Sagittarius. On the other hand, Serge has his mean Black Moon at 13° Scorpio, in conjunction with her Venus and Jupiter at 17° Scorpio, while his true Black Moon is at 1° Scorpio 14', in conjunction with Sun-Moon midpoint of Jane (0° Scorpio 44'). Sun-Moon midpoint tells of man and woman unification and it is often activated through relationships, when a partner somehow touches this point, either with the planet, cusp of the house or like in this case -- with Black Moon (Lilith). There are many indications of a great passion here, which marked this relationship from the beginning.

Lilith primarily symbolizes female passion, rules female sexual urges, perversions, it depicts the lover, woman not accepted, women out of social currents. It also rules female emancipation. Lilith was the first Adam's wife, who was equal to him for they were both made of mud. She wanted to have the same rights as Adam, which was not granted and she was rejected. Then Eve was created from Adam's rib. The rib might be regarded as a half-moon because of its shape, so we may conclude that Eve is a reflection of Adam, as the Moon is the reflection of the Sun -- it reflects Sun's light. So, we may conclude that in signs where the Moon (Eve) is in fall and exile (Scorpio and Capricorn) Lilith is strong, for these are signs of seat and exaltation of Mars. In Jane Birkin's chart, the Moon (Eve) squares her Dark Moon (Lilith), which is depiction of disharmony between Eve and Lilith in this artist. But, since her Black Moon goes to Scorpio through its dispositor Jupiter, and her Moon from Virgo to Sagittarius through Mercury, we may conclude that here Lilith is stronger, because it is connected to the 8th zodiac sign (Scorpio).

Mean or true Black Moon (Lilith)

Black Moon is connected to Lunar Nodes, that represent physical points based on lunar orbit. Black Moon travels the Zodiac in 8 years and 10 months, which is the half of the Lunar Nodes' cycle. Like Lunar Nodes, Black Moon also has mean and true position. Their difference may be significant, up to 30° sometimes. Mean position is used most often, for it is the easiest to measure. True position can also be measured, but Lilith is moving pretty fast, up to 6° daily, and it may be retrograde as well. The true position may be in front of or behind the mean position, sometimes in the adjacent sign. Majority of astrologers work with mean Black Moon, while some prefer true one. That is why in this article we pay attention to both.

Je t'aime… moi non plus

Let us take a look at directions (for everything moves 1° for about 1 year in directions) during 1969, when their movie and song were made. Directive true Black Moon of Serge came to 11° Sagittarius, at his and hers South Node (the past), but directive Venus of Jane was also there (the ruler of her 8th -- sexuality), which all implies that these two people were starting something that has roots in the past of both of them, and that is connected to deep passions… Finally, all this is in exact sextile with Jane Birkin's ascendant, which is at 11th degree (degree analogous to the 11th sign, Aquarius) of Aquarius, so this was the activation of her true nature, indicated by both the sign of ascendant and its degree.

But, since Black Moon (both mean and true) in Serge's chart is in harmonious aspect (sextile) with the Moon at 8° Virgo, this offers the opportunity for Jane to improve her square I mentioned before through relationship with him, and to unify Eve and Lilith within with ease, the mother and the lover, which she managed to do -- in 1971 their daughter Charlotte was born.

Lilith insists to feel, to relax and surrender to something essential in ourselves, which is primordial and represents the passion of the soul. It represents the hallway that is tempting us to discover the deepest personal truths, cravings and wishes of the soul through it. Since we all have some models of behavior that prevent us from being fully present in the life, Lilith is the one who "presses" those buttons and tries to liberate us in order to experience the largest possible fulfillment…

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