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My India and 29° Taurus Originally Published: December 24th, 2012 Author: Smiljana Gavrančić

My India and 29° Taurus
Originally Published: December 24th, 2012
Author: Smiljana Gavrančić

When Mercury (deals, travel) started direct on August 8, 2012, everything I have planned changed… The next day, on August 9, I found out that the girl I was supposed to travel with on Friday, August 10, cannot make it… Of course, we made the agreement in time of retrograde Mercury, and as astrologist I knew things might change, but I let it be the way the heaven wants it to be … We were supposed to travel by her car, so it automatically created the problem of transportation for me…

The seat 36 – 29° Capricorn

“What now?”, I wondered. The only thing I knew was that being nervous about it will not help at all, so I put all my energy and effort in trying to obtain the bus ticket. Something inside me was telling me that I should not postpone the trip, that the Universe wanted me to go by myself… I found out by phone that there were only 4 (Saturn) tickets remaining… I said to myself: “One must be mine!” So it was, I managed to get the bus ticket, and the very last one was sold to me! “Hm, another confirmation that I should travel”, and when I saw that the number of the seat was 36, I smiled and connected that to the number 9 (3+6), Neptune (“secret”), that is in symbolism of this number… On the other hand, Zodiac itself contains 36 decans, and this represented to me a very nice sign by the road…

Truthfully, I wanted this trip to bring me inspiration for my next article, for the next story that will contain a “secret”… It happened, but I did not expect that the trip to Croatia will give me the story of India, but since the best things happen when we have no expectations – I accepted it all without resistance…

When I made a horoscope for the moment when I bought the bus ticket, and saw that the axis 1/7 goes across 29° Capricorn/Cancer, exactly on my axis 3/9 (writing, the purpose), I was sure I was going there to get the story, and 29° implied that I will find what I was looking for – the “secret”… The sign of Capricorn can be primarily connected to India, which is in the symbolism of Saturn, but this trip brought the realization that for India, 29° (silence, meditation) of another sign is very important…

Dunja – 29° Taurus

On Friday, August 10, the day of my trip, there was a trine of Venus and Neptune, which is a picture of a girl going to the seaside. I got onto bus and found the seat 36… There was somebody waiting for me already… She greeted me with a smile and I felt like I knew her from some time before…

I liked her name, it is in the symbolism of the Venus (Dunja – quince), so I supposed she would bring something nice… We started to talk immediately, and the conversation went easy. I found out she was born in Rijeka, lives presently in Novi Sad (she studies there), and she was travelling home, to visit her nona (she calls her grandmother that) who lives on the island (29°) of Rab. Everything corresponded to the present situation in the skies – Venus (girl) trine Neptune (island, grandmother).

“My nona is special, she loves silence and peace, and she is very spiritual… She is very old, but her silence is what keeps her alive.” These words deeply touched me and reminded me of 29° Capricorn, the degree of the ascendant when I bought the ticket for Rijeka, the degree of my 3rd house (writing, travel) in my chart… I also foreboded some story about nona, grandmother, somebody who is old (Capricorn) and spiritual (29°), special… But I still did not know that India will appear here as something important… Soon, Dunja told me another information about herself that corresponded to the situation in the skies, the trine of Venus in Cancer and Neptune in Pisces – which is the picture of a girl singing or playing music. Dunja Dorcic is one of the singers in the famous group “Putokazi” from Rijeka, and she is the seventh one. The very name of the band is symbolic (Putokazi – road signs). When you are astrologist, you definitely see road signs in everything

Dunja liked my name, Smiljana, very much, and said that the island of Rab is very rich in the plant immortelle (smilje – immortelle), that she regularly gathers it and so I must come to Rab because of it… She was amazed that nothing happens by chance only, and she confessed that she prayed to have someone sitting beside her that she could easily go along with. I smiled and told her that I am astrologist, and that really nothing happens only by chance. She was delighted to hear about my profession and she told me: “I am double Sagittarius!” I liked that detail very much, beside her name that I also liked, because I concluded that she as a double Sagittarius may bring me something important in the field of my purpose, knowledge (Sagittarius), as well as I may bring her some sort of transformation, change, as ascendant in Scorpio… At the end of the trip she told me: “You got me so interested in astrology that I wish to learn it. I wish to change!”

The chart of the moment I met Dunja tells that meeting her was really special, and that I would continue my trip in the rhythm of 29° (as I had begun it, by buying the ticket when the ascendant was at 29°). In that chart, the Moon is at 29° Taurus. In Taurus, the Venus is in its seat, and the Moon is exalted, so both female principles are strong here, which implied special, female energy that vibrates silently (29°)… This was another sign that my axis 3/9 was “called out”, and that I am about to easily get some knowledge, realization, purpose … since my 3/9 axis goes across 29° Capricorn/Cancer, as I have mentioned. I was happy

The very fact that both of us have the Moon (soul) in Cancer told that our meeting was full of closeness, warmth – Dunja’s Moon is at 20°, and mine at 15° Cancer, the orb of this conjunction being 5°, that implies the Light – Sun, the ruler of the 5th sign, Leo -- in our relationship, the love. At the very same spot resides the Moon (women) in the chart of India, the land on the East that I will gain knowledge about in the West. Very interesting, isn’t it?

But, one important fact that got my attention is the cusp of Dunja’s 7th house (grandmother in female horoscope). It is at 15° Gemini! On June 6 this year on this spot the Venus crossed the disk of the Sun, and I concluded that Dunja’s nona (grandmother) is somehow important in this year, and when I saw that the cusp of 3rd house (conversation) in the chart of my and Dunja’s meeting is also at 15° Gemini, on my Fortune (the most personal point in everybody’s horoscope), I was very sure that we met to talk about her nona! Since my Mercury is at 15° Aquarius, in 3 (writing, conversation, travel), and the dispositor of my Fortune – it all clicked… “Yes, I actually came to this trip to hear something about Dunja’s nona”, I said to myself, and waited patiently for what Dunja has to say about her, waited for my story

We arrived in Rijeka, and our meeting comes to an end, I stay in Rijeka and she goes to the island of Rab to see her nona… We hugged each other, and then she told me the most important thing: “I haven’t told you, my nona lived in India… I will tell you some other time…” I stood there amazed, positively of course

My Love –India & Osho

At that same time, on my trip, I read books of Osho, among others the book titled “My Love – India”. Osho talks about India in a special way, saying that India is not only geographical or historical fact. According to him it is something more, a metaphor, poetry, something invisible (29°), but substantial… It is the vibration of certain energetic fields that do not exist in any other country. Osho emphasizes that India is the country that continuously meditates for thousand and thousand years, that it is the story of non-violence. No other country in the world is so feminine as India. India was attacked, conquered, but it never defended itself, never have the wish to expand and become huge. It meditates, it is silent, passive, godly… and above all, feminine

I remembered the degree of the Moon when I met Dunja, 29° Taurus, having in mind that her grandmother (Moon - woman) who is spiritual (29°) and lived in India made the main impact on me. “This might be the important degree for India”, I said to myself. The sign of Taurus is female sign, it is passive enough, and 29° implies meditation, silence, while Mars (war) and Pluto (massive destruction) are in exile and fall in Taurus – India does not like confrontation, aggression… “In India, the holy (29°) animal is cow (Taurus)” – this also made sense. Furthermore, the greatest monument to love, one of the 7 world’s miracles, Taj Mahal, is situated in India. Since the fixed star Algol from Perseus constellation is situated close to 29° Taurus, this might be the picture of a woman dying at childbirth, as the case was with Mumtaz Mahal, the beloved wife of Shah Jahan, Mughal emperor of India, who built that mausoleum after her death as a symbol of love. Large number of people pray and meditate in front of Taj Mahal – is this represented by the Moon (people) at 29° (meditation, prayer) Taurus?!

But, it was too early for final conclusions, I looked for more road signs. I knew some new information about nona will reach me soon through Dunja, because the story is started and I have to continue it somehow

Nona – Sun at 29° Pisces

I returned from my trip, Dunja is still in Rab. Two (Moon) days ago I heard from her for the first time since our trip. I asked her right away about nona and her connection to India. I got useful information that helped me to continue my story…

Nona was born on March 20, 1928 in Rab. The Sun (and ascendant as well) were at 29° Pisces! I started slowly to put puzzle pieces together. I have 29° Taurus that I “suspect” to be important for India, and now I got 29° Pisces! I asked Dunja if nona’s life was somehow jeopardized somewhere far away, maybe in India, for it was my first idea for nona’s Sun (life, vitality) at 29° (the end) Pisces (faraway places, hospitals). Besides the Sun at such degree, I was certainly affected by her Pluto (danger, death, something deep), exactly at my Moon in 8 (research), at 15° Cancer. The woman I never saw in my life attracted me like magnet (Pluto), and I strongly and deeply (Pluto) felt her (Moon)… Her Moon, Mercury and Venus in Pisces (silence) speak about her spirituality that Dunja told me about, besides her Sun (life) at 29° Pisces…

“Yes, she faced the death in India. She went there because my grandfather got the job there, and they brought their two children with them. One of them is my father. She learnt English, they had servants, had a great time… but nona had to have a surgery there, and she was very afraid, and she told to the doctor: ‘Do not let me die, I have two small children!’ The doctor replied: ‘What is your death in comparison to the whole world!’ Instead of breaking her, his words only made her stronger, she raised above the mind, she realized that she should throw away her ego, and she is alive today and she is very silent… “, Dunja told me.

“To throw away the ego…”—I repeated to myself… Those words were very familiar to me, I read them somewhere recently, apparently… I remembered that Osho talked about it in the book I read, that one must learn he is not the most important in the world, that he should throw away his ego and forget about selfishness… Yes, 29° knows nothing about ego, selfishness… I was truly amazed. But I needed one more link to confirm that 29° Taurus is important for India

Massimo Savic – the song India –29° Cancer

What I am about to tell you is the proof that the Universe always takes care of everything… While I was reading the mail from Dunja about her grandmother and connection to India, I was listening to Massimo Savic and his song “India”, from the album “The Sun rises again” from December 2008. It urged me to take a look at Massimo’s chart.

Since the time of birth is unknown, I used his Sun chart. The first thing that caught my eye was the position of the Moon (woman) at 29° Cancer (28° Cancer 58’), where his secondary and directive Sun was in 2008, when this song was released. The fact that Massimo is really important here, in this story about nona and India, is confirmed by his date of birth – he was born on June 6, 1962! Sun is his chart is at 15° Gemini, the same position as the cusp of Dunja’s 7 (her grandmother, nona), where also was the cusp of 3 (talking, conversation, writing) in the chart for the moment I met Dunja, where also was directive Venus (wedding) of Mumtaz Mahal on March 27, 1612, when she married Shah Jahan four centuries ago. Since the first thing one thinks about when talking about India is Taj Mahal, one of the 7 world’s wonders, then 15° Gemini is certainly important here, because it represents the apex of lotus configuration, with 15° Leo on one side – the position of Venus in India’s chart, and 15° Aries on the other side – the position of India’s secondary Moon at the day of wedding, 4 centuries ago. Interestingly, Mumtaz Mahal waited 5 years to marry Shah Jahan. They met in 1607, he fell in love and proposed to her, but they had to wait (29°) for the wedding. The date of the wedding was determined by astrologers. In this waiting (29°), there is the symbolism of female, passive energy, India

Lotus constellation across 29°

Massimo helped me here to confirm my suspicion that 29° Taurus might be important for India, because it creates strong lotus (lotus is the very symbol of the East, India) constellation with 29° Pisces on one side, and 29° Cancer on the other side. Since we are dealing here with female signs – Taurus, Cancer, Pisces, all that imply passiveness, but also emotions and love (Venus is in its seat in Taurus, the Moon is exalted there, and the Moon is in its seat in Cancer, Jupiter exalted there, Pisces are the seat of Jupiter and Neptune, and exaltation of Venus), then it is certain that India is the country that is silent (29°), female (Taurus, Cancer, Pisces), passive, waiting… and certainly special (lotus constellation) and full of love…

India and New Age

Since 0° (the beginning) Gemini comes after 29° Taurus, and India’s ascendant is exactly there (0° Gemini 54’), and since Regulus entered Virgo from ascendant at 1° Gemini, it is to be expected that the new age that begun with Regulus in Virgo will, in the next 2160 years, bring new age to India as well, especially to women in India, and help them become more awaken and somehow more focused mentally (Gemini) …

In the moment when the Mind is erased – and the method to achieve it is meditation (29°) – we are left with only a body that is absolutely beautiful, and the silent brain without noise. In the moment when the brain is liberated from the Mind, the innocence of the brain becomes aware of the new space that we call soul. Yes, India is female, silent and full of love… But in the time to come – it will change, certainly

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