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Georgia and 15º Cancer Published on 22nd February,2015. I Author: Smiljana Gavrančić

Georgia and 15º Cancer

Last Georgian king was called George and that was a sign that after his death the country to be entrusted to St. George... Inside the Zodiac, on 15º  Cancer,  Jupiter (God) is exalted and the name is always energy, the name is destiny.. .

The former Soviet republic, Georgia, may soon become important on a global scene, if judging by the fact that I have mapped this country on 15º  Cancer within the Zodiac, and also that we are waiting for the last, the 7th, the historic,  square of Uranus and Pluto (March 17th, 2015. ) that will go over 15º Aries / 15º Capricorn.

Georgia is located on the border between southwest Asia and Eastern Europe, and the Georgians themselves call their country "Balcony of Europe". After the military conflict in South Ossetia in early August 2008, in which intervened  Russia, Georgia has lost sovereignty over the provinces of South Ossetia and Abkhazia, which declared their independence. The Republic of Georgia still considers these provinces its own territory, under temporary occupation. These territories are internationally recognized only by Russia, Venezuela and Nicaragua, and the whole international community (EU, US) - has denied international recognition.

Picture of Georgia in the horoscope of New Russia

If we look at the horoscope of the New Russia, we see Jupiter, the ruler of the 4th house (territory), on 15º Cancer, in conjunction with Chiron (healing, pain), which is also on 15º Cancer! At the time of the Russian-Georgian war, Vladimir Putin (current president of Russia) was the Prime Minister of the country. His Jupiter (extension, expansion) in the natal chart is the ruler of 8th  house (wars) of 10th house (he as President), and at that time was in Solar Arc direction on 15º Cancer! Thus, in the horoscope of the New Russia, we could, on 15º Cancer, have a picture of Georgia.  With  Jupiter and Chiron conjunction we have the image of a country which has a wound, an injury. Otherwise, after the end of the Russian-Georgian war - Georgia left the Commonwealth  of the independent states, which is a "disguised" continuation of the former USSR!

Rose revolution

The current Georgia (April 09, 1991) has MC (reputation of the country) in Aries. In the period of the so-called, famous "Rose Revolution", in November 2003, which resulted with a change and  departure from power of the famous president of Georgia, Eduard Shevardnadze, Solar Arc Mars (ruler of the MC) was on 15º Cancer! Otherwise, at 15º Cancer Shevardnadze, in his chart has Pluto! Members of the opposition have accused him for corruption, which was consistent with a direct arrival of Mars at the degree of exaltation of Jupiter (the law), on 15º Cancer!


During 2015, Russia has progressed Sun (President) just at 15º Cancer, crossing Jupiter and Chiron of the horoscope of New Russia, so over the degree that represents Georgia. This could be a picture of Vladimir Putin, who somehow comes in connection with Georgia. Interesting is that  Solar Arc Chiron (wound, injury) from the horoscope of the Soviet Union -  this year  is positioned on 15º Cancer (Georgia)! Otherwise, the very top of 4th house (territory) in the horoscope of the USSR was just around 15º Cancer!

Harmonic point

If we want to see the relationship between Russia and Georgia, we can do it if we calculate the harmonic point of Mercury and Jupiter in the horoscope of New Russia. Why Mercury and Jupiter? Because Mercury is the ruler of the Ascendant and  represents Moscow, capital of Russia, but also here it also represents an authority, because Mercury is the ruler of the 10th in chart of New Russia too. On the other hand, Georgia is here Jupiter on 15º Cancer, which is intercepted sign in the 10th house. Interception takes time and a planet that is intercepted – is sensitive to transits.

In the chart for the relationship between Russia and Georgia we  found that the Harmonic point of  two countries is on 9º Leo, on  the South Node of New Russia, so this is here certainly a story about loss, because South Node has that connotation. Just this year, 2015, the secondary Ascendant of Georgia is on 9º Leo, while at the same place are Solar Arc Jupiter and  Solar Arc Chiron of New Russia!

The chart for 7th Uranus-Pluto square,  has the Moon in opposition with  Harmonic point of Russia and Georgia, on 9º of Aquarius, which is also a picutre of some events  between Russia and Georgia.

Does new Putin's "adventure" is another former Soviet republic? Remains to be seen... About Russia's involvement in conflicts abroad, I wrote in September 2011 in my article "Russia and 26º fixed signs," when I announced Putin's victory in the elections of March 2012 and the beginning of a turbulent period for the country, since the first Uranus-Pluto square (over 8º of cardinal signs, Aries and Capricorn) has just turned on Mars on 8° Aries, and Uranus on 8º Capricorn  from the horoscope of  New Russia.

The upcoming part of this article was added on 16th March 2022

There are rumors, that Putin won’t stop on Ukraine, that he will continue to move forward and that one of his new ’adventure’ may be his invasion on Georgia, ex USSR Republic. My work on Georgia I did in 2015, as you can see, interesting, but in that year, Mercury in the chart of Georgia, turned direct in progressions, after being retrogarde for the last 24 years (since Georgia got indepency from USSR in 1991). In that year, we had the last square between Uranus and Pluto, which went over 15º Aries/15º Capricorn. I will just remind you that at 15º Cancer I mapped the US dollar in my mundane work. Here you can read my article The US dollar and 15º Cancer.

 ’The Guardian’  on Russia-Georgia war in 2008  says:

“I was in Georgia when I went to bed,” said the energetic 81-year-old farmer, speaking from behind the head-height fence. “When I woke I was in South Ossetia.”



However, this last square between Uranus and Pluto, which we still live, was happening on 17th March 2015. As you can see, the Sun’s placement was there at 26 º-27 º Pisces, and in two days from now, on 18th March 2022, we have the Full Moon across, at 27 º Virgo, which all is in square with Vladimir Putin’s natal Mars (out-of-bouns, or OOB) at Galactic Center, at 27 º Sagittarius. But we need something more in order we confirm as astrologers that something is going to happen during this spring regarding Georgia. Well, the current President of Georgia, Salome Zourabichvili (female) was born on 18th March 1952 (Paris, France, time unknown) with her Sun’s placement exactly at 27 º Pisces. This is now enough I conclude that this spring 2022 is bringing very possible some kind of civil war, tensions between Russia and Georgia again. If we take the fact that Russia says that they have proof there were the US biolabs not only in Ukraine, there were in Georgia too, I would not be surprised that Putin’s next spot is Georgia, after he sorts out things in Ukraine. In the moment when on 12th April Jupiter and Neptune are making the great conjunction at 24 º Pisces, transit Moon will cross over 29 º Leo/0 º Virgo, over Salome’s natal South Node (loss, painful lessons). In late April, between 27 and 30 April 2022, we will have the activiation of 27 º Pisces twice, and as this place within the Zodiac I mapped as Trojan War, Trojan Horse, the place of Revolution, Civil War (read more on this in my article here: Spring 2022 and the memory of Troy) I must say Georgia may be involved into something with its ’old friend’ Russia. Also, there is a strong sign there may be some change in Georgia – Solar Arc Mars (natally ruler of its MC-President) just came at Georgia’s Jupiter, at 3 º Leo. When we have Mars/Jupiter combination we always have some image of some war general, soldier, and some possible conflict. 

The Sabian Symbol for 3 º Leo (read the meaning for 4 º Leo in the book of Sabian Symbols) is:



Yes, I would say that the male energy is coming, and that Putin could be that man who is going to bring back his trophy (victory) from his huntng (’cleaning’ Georgia from biolabs) expedition. Have on mind that Mars in Georgia’s horoscopes is very weak, in Cancer, where it falls, plus, in 12th (secret labs). Also 3 º Leo is in square with Putin’s Asc 3 º Scorpio, which means Putin may take action, as there is some unfinshed job, square always pushes us to take action as we did not finish something in past.


In draconic chart of Georgia, we may notice Asc/Desc axis is exatly the same as axis of New Russia, it goes over 26 º57’ Virgo/26 º57’ Pisces, and it will be activated on 18th March 2022 as  well as between 27-30 April 2022.


Also, secondary progressed Moon (nation, People) of Georgia, just came at 27 º08’ Pisces, ant it will cross over 27 º until mid April 2022, which confirms also that Georgia is getting invole into big possibility for conflicts, civil wars, etc. In my article on what Spring 2022 brings, I’ve mentiones that Joe Biden’s progressed Moon (the US nation) is also from mid March until mid April 2022 at 27 º Pisces, where was Asc when the US Civil War has been started. All what I am saying is that Georgia is going to be probably next stop for Vladimir Putin.

If we take a look on Georgia’s horoscope by itself, we find Venus, ruler of its 4th (theritory) at 25 º40’ Taurus, very close with Algol malefic star, which gives us a sign there must be some war regarding theritory, there must be some ’cutting off’. The Moon (peopole of Georgia, nation) is having applying square with Venus, plus, the same Moon rules 1st (the capital of country, the main athmphosfere in the country), and the lunar eclipse on 16th May 2022, at 25 º Scorpio, is going to ’open’ the gate for some problems. Venus (as ruler of 4th) in 11th could be a image of theritory which got some kind of independency (as I’ve said in this article in 2015 - Georgia has lost sovereignty over the provinces of South Ossetia and Abkhazia, which declared their independence). So, maybe the South Ossetia and Abkhazia are going to under some new ’cutting off’ this spring 2022.

Hidden US Biolabs in Georgia?

 Russia claims US is running a secret bio weapons lab in Georgia even in 2018


I am linking DNA always with Mercury, as Mercury is symbol for gen. Why? Because, Mercury, as ruler of the first earth human sign of Virgo, speaking about our physiology, body, health. The same Mercury in the horoscope of Georgia, is ruler of 12th (secret labs within the underworld) and it is retrograde (not visible easy, secret as secret) in 10th  (supported by the governemnt), and at the nebula star Vertex from constellation Andromeda (’Chained Princess’). Is it possible there is also some secret underworld (tunnels) with literally ’chained people’, just like Russia says they found in the Ukraine? Well, it is possible. The Full moon on 18th April, at 26 º-27 º Libra, ’hitting’ Georgia’s RxMercury 27 º Aries – will show us what is the hidden agenda in Georgia.

The end of October 2022 with the Full Moon over 2 º49’ Libra, over Georgia’s axis IC/MC, together with Rx Jupiter at Georgia’s MC may bring new governemnt there, new rulers. But I  would already watch some sign around end of May 2022 when Jupiter will cross over Georgia’s MC. I would say there will be several options for new one.

Euronews on 15th March 2022

Georgia cannot behave like a NATO member state as part of its territory is occupied by Russia, the country's head of state told Euronews.

"Georgia, having part of the territory occupied, being on the frontline, does not exactly behave as a country that is a member of NATO and is protected in many different ways," said President Salome Zourabichvili.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy withdrew his ambassador from Georgia in early March over what he said was an "immoral attitude" towards sanctions. The country's prime minister, Irakli Garibachvili, had announced in February that the former Soviet state would not join international sanctions against Russia.

Putin's invasion of Ukraine however sparked protests in Georgia, which suffered its own Russian invasion in 2008. There are rising fears that the country could be a future target for Putin as well.

Zourabichvili, whose role as president is mostly as a figurehead, said there is "solidarity" and "full support" for Ukraine and expressed "her admiration" for Ukrainian resistance in the face of Russia's "terrible aggression". She pointed out that the country does not have diplomatic ties with Russia.

The Georgian government also recently sped up an application for EU membership following Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

"I'm very hopeful that there will be a new window of opportunity that will be less bureaucratic, more political," for joining the EU, Zourabichvili told Euronews on Tuesday.

She said that Georgia needed to maintain ties with the European Union and unity within the country.

Josef Stalin was born in Georgia

 Josef Stalin, one of the most important leader of ex USSR was born in Georgia, his Saturn is at 26 º-27 º Pisces, the most important spot during this spring 2022. He has Mars at the spot where the lunar eclipse will happen on 16th May 2022, at 25 º Scorpio, together with Pluto across, at 24 º Taurus, over Georgia’s Venus (ruler of its 4th-theritory). Definetely there is some pretension over Georgia’s theritory. You can see Stalin’s Sun at Galactic Center, over Putin’s Mars OOB, at 26 º-27 º Sagittarius, which is going to activate his grand mutable cross over 27 º and opens doors for more civil wars and conflicts. But, if  you go deeply within the myth of Venus’ exaltation degree, she is mostly longing for her Freedom and Independence. Maybe you see in this war, but me, as an astrologer, I see People want to get back their Freedom, their land, their roots. Stalin’s Saturn sits exactly over Salome’s (President of Georgia) natal Sun and I am sure his spirit is going somehow to charge some karmic debts, which she ows to him. Stalin’s progressed Sun and progressed Sun of Georgia are at the same place, at 19 º Taurus. But also, his progressed MC is at 19 º Taurus which may mean ’ I am coming back home’. Stalin could be easy that man with a trophy from Sabian symbol, for example... We will see...


When Georgia cut its relationship with USSR, Solar Arc Moon of ex USSR was at 2 º53’ (almost 3 º) of Leo, where this year Solar Arc Mars of Georgia (ruler of its natal MC) is, together with Georgia’s Jupiter. Secondary progresed Venus of USSR (ruler of its Asc-the main vibe in Sovet Union, and ruler of its intercepted Libra in 6th –army) was at 2 º 47’ Aquarius (almost 3 º) which definetely brings in the air the importance of 3 º Leo, the importance of 2022 for Georgia and today’s Russia.


 At the end, I have to observe again the chart of 7th  Uranus/Pluto square, for it is more then important. Look Venus' placement at the very end of Aries, at 29 º Aries. When the Sun enters this Spring 2022 Aries, the Moon's placement will be at 29 º Libra, just across. I wrote on this in my article on Spring 2022 and its link I've posted here already. Also, we can see that the secondary progressed Asc of that chart just came at 26 º-27 º Sagittarius, at Galactic Center, where Putin has his Mars OOB, and where all USSR leaders have something. That is the place of the biggest power within the Zodiac. This means that Vladimir Putin is using his Mars OOB power in full sense of that word, that he has probably some Jocker in his Pocket which he is going to use in the moment of 'just in case' ... No, I am not speaking on nuclear weapon, I am speaking of his advantage in the Space, Heaven, as Milky Way (Galactic Center) speaks about 'flying to the Moon'...

In about 2 years and a half, maximum 3 years-Vladimir Putin will make his biggest success, as his progressed Sun comes at his natal Mars OOB. As natally, he has Sun/Mars sextile, this conjunction in progressions is bringing him all well. Probably, until the end of 2024/ the first half of 2025- he will restore the great Russian Empire

Here you can read my article on Uranus in Taurus which I've published in 2016, there was a lot on SSSR, Putin, etc. Click here

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