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Volodymyr Zelensky: "I Will Never Let You Down"! "I has never talked with Russian President Putin, and I has not been to Russia since the beginning of the war"! But, what about Zelensky's karma with Vladimir Putin? Published: 22 April, 2019 I Author: Smiljana Gavrančić

Volodymyr Zelensky: "I Will Never Let You Down"!  "I has never talked with Russian President Putin, and I has not been  to Russia since the beginning of the war"! But, what about Zelensky's karma with Vladimir Putin?

Published: 22 April, 2019 I Author: Smiljana Gavrančić

Here you can read my article about Zelensky's winning in the second round which I wrote two weeks ago:  Gas Princess (Yulia Tymoshenko), Chocolate Baron (Petro Proshenko) or "Servant of the People" (Volodymyr Zelenskiy)?PRESIDENTIAL ELECTIONS IN UKRAINE TODAY (31st March, 2019)

In the mean time, I got the correct birth time for Volodymyr Zelensky, thanks to astrologers from Ukraine. So, he was born on 25th January 1978, 13:58, Krivoj Rog,Dnep, Ukraine (Asc 21º Gemini)

 Ukrainian comedian Volodymyr Zelensky has won a landslide victory in the country's presidential election, exit polls suggest.

The polls give the political newcomer, who dominated the first round of voting three weeks ago, more than 70% support.

Mr Zelensky, 41, challenged incumbent president Petro Poroshenko who has admitted defeat. The apparent result is being seen as a huge blow to Mr Poroshenko and a rejection of Ukraine's establishment.

 "I will never let you down," Mr Zelensky said-he has Mars 0° Leo, „out –of – bounds“  (as I ’ve said on 31 March after first round) and Mars is just right now „out – of – bounds“ (from 21 April until 12 June 2019)!  But, have on your minds that Vladimir Putin has also Mars „out – of – bounds“! Read here my article which I've wrote several years ago (2015) about Minsk and 15° Scorpio, it is about Crimea's issue. The summit in Minsk (Belarus) happend just after New Moon 0° Aquarius, which is "moving" Zelensky's Mars 0° Leo!

"I'm not yet officially the president," he added. "But as a citizen of Ukraine I can say to all countries in the post-Soviet Union: Look at us. Anything is possible!"

If polls are correct, he will be elected for a five-year term. Official results are expected to come in throughout Sunday night.

Mr Zelensky is best known for starring in a satirical television series in which his character accidentally becomes Ukrainian president.

The president holds significant powers over the security, defence and foreign policy of the country.
Russian forces annexed Ukraine's Crimea peninsula in March 2014 - a move condemned internationally. Since then, Ukrainian forces have been fighting Russian-backed separatists and volunteers in the east.

In a tweet, Mr Poroshenko said "a new inexperienced Ukrainian president... could be quickly returned to Russia's orbit of influence".

But Russia's foreign ministry said Ukrainian voters had expressed their desire for political change.
"The new leadership now must understand and realise the hopes of its electors," deputy foreign minister Grigory Karasin told the Ria Novosti news agency. "This of course applies to domestic as well as foreign affairs."

Meanwhile, Mr Zelensky told a news conference he would "reboot" peace talks with the Russian separatists.

Zelensky’s karma with Vladimir Putin?

On Friday 19th 2019, Ukrainian presidential candidate Volodymyr Zelensky emphasizes he has never talked with Russian President Vladimir Putin and has not been to Russia since the beginning of the war. Ukraine’s security service said on Wednesday that it was investigating an unsubstantiated report that pro-Moscow separatists in the east of the country had funnelled money to Mr Zelensky’s campaign. Mr Zelensky strongly denies any such link and when asked in an interview whether he viewed Mr Putin as an enemy, he replied: “Of course.” 

But, it seems he is going to talk with Putin... There is some big karma...

Zelensky’s Moon 17° Leo is making conjunction with Putin’s South Node , and this is so strong sign that there are big debts between two presidents. In this case, the owner of SN i.e.. Putin is the one who will take something from Zelensky, because SN always changes, transforms the other planet. The Moon in the horoscope of one president represents always people in the same country, as well as theritory. I use to say that SN „eats“ other planet in synastry, and it knows to be painful, but after pain – there will be some change and the person can move on. They know each other from one life before previous one, and there is such  a deep memory of their souls. Zelensky said he is ready to sit with Putin on the same table and to talk about Crimea. He prefers more pragmatic vision of Russian-Ukrainian relations. 


The role of the Moon’s Nodes can be very significant in synastry, particularly when it comes to “strong karmic relations”… When the Nodes of one person are found in conjunction with the personal planets, horoscope’s angles (or their rulers) of another person, than we can rightly suspect that this is a karmic relation, especially if the conjunction of one person’s South Node is with a personal planet of another person… The South Node often brings the energy down of that planet to a lower octave, thus it may feel somehow enchained and without possibility for growth. The nature of the South Node in synastry is to slow the other person down and to somehow “return it to the past”…
In composite chart of Putin and Zelensky, we can see Mars (war) as ruler of 4th house (theritory) at 13° Libra 44’ (within the sign of Libra – Mars is in exil, so this is the clear image of army who will prefer guns, rither then diplomacy). The challenging moment might be the moment when Saturn turns direct at 13° Capricorn, on 18th September 2019, squaring Mars from composite chart.. This means that army of Russia, as well as army of Ukraine will be on some kind of test – to use guns in diplomacy or not! We will see...  


 Putin’s draco Chiron at 18° Aquarius (wound, pain) is in opposition with Zelensky’s Moon (theritory, land) at 17° Leo, so Putin could continue to hurt people of Ukraine regarding Crimea issues during Zelensky’s presidency.  Putin’s draco Mars (ruler of his Scorpio rising) is at 6° Aquarius 32’, in conjunction with Venus (diplomacy) at 5° Aquarius 53’. As conjunction is within the modern sign of Aquarius, I would say they will have a chance to change relationship between Russia and Ukraine. Within the sign of Aquarius we are open enough to accept new trends and to look more in the future, leaving past behind... Do not forget that Russia has its Moon (Russian’s people) at 5° Aquarius too!  Putin’s draco Venus (diplomacy) is at 21° Sagittarius, and she „sits“ on Zelensky’s Desc 21° Sagittarius. Interesting, around 21° Sagittarius there is one fixed star Atria (constellation Southern Triangle) which speaks about secret societies,massons, as well as secret services). We should follow Jupiter’s transit over 21° Sagittarius regarding relations between two countries: end of May 2019 retrograde Jupiter will cross over 21° Sagittarius and one more time, the last time, in the second half of October 2019. Jupiter knows to expand and makes problems, and in this case, crossing over Atria, may be there will be some affair where secret serveces of both country might be involved... Putin’s draco Uranus (as ruler of his IC-theritory, and it is speaking about separation generally) is at 28° Leo, making conjunction with Zelensky’s natal Saturn (ruler of his MC-he as president) at 28° Leo. Zelensky might deal with new, unexpected events with Putin e.i. draco Uranus of Putin might bring to his presidency a lot of stress regarding Crimea’s issue. Do not forget, when they both were born, the royal fixed star Regulus („Watcher of the North“) was around 28°-29° Leo!   

In the other hand, if we compare draconic chart of Zelensky with natal of Putin, we can see Zelensky’s Saturn (ruler of his MC-he as president) at Putin’s IC (theritory) at 21° Aquarius. Zelensky will probably want/try to take back some theritory from the past?!


  The War in Donbass (6th April 2014 until today), started with the lunar nodes axis over 28° Libra27’ (NN) / 28° Aries27’ (SN). Uranus just turned direct in early January at 28° Aries, giving to the mentioned axis some power. Around 28° Aries there is the star nebula Vertex, from constellation Andromeda (The Chained Princess). The famous Roman astrologer Manilius mentiones this star in his book ‘Astronomica’: “The man whose birth coincides with the rising of Andromeda from the sea will prove merciless, a dispenser of punishment, a warder of dungeon dire; he will stand arrogantly by while the mothers of wretched prisoners lie prostrate on his threshold, and the fathers wait all night to catch the last kisses of their sons and receive into their inmost being the dying breath. From the same constellation comes the figure of the executioner, ready to take money for a speedy death and the rites of a funeral pyre, for him execution means profit, and oft will he bare his axe; in short, he is a man who could have looked unmoved on Andromeda herself fettered to the rock. Governor of the imprisoned he occasionally becomes a fellow convict, chained to criminals so as to save them for execution.” [Manilius, Astronomica, Book 5, 1st century A.D., p.351.]

Ruler of South Node 28° Aries (from 6th April, 2014) is retrograde Mars 19° Libra. Who follows my work, it should be familiar with the fact I’ve mapped Russia at 19° Libra (the Sun’s fall degree)! Take a look on my article Russia and 19° Libra to find out more.It was just before Grand Cardinal Cross over 13° degrees on 21  April 2014, wellknown as Easter Cross, including Pluto 13° Capricorn, Uranus 13° Aries, Jupiter 13° Cancer and Mars at 14° Libra (do not forget Putin's Sun 13° Libra, too). Indeed, the moment when Saturn turns direct at 13° Capricorn on 18th September 2019 – might open the old energy... Saturn always brings the truth, so they are going to see their truth, and they should accept it! If they try to „fight“ against the truth (Saturn), they are going to lose even more in the future. Accepting and moving forward should be the goal...


Hermes (Zelensky) goes to Hades' world (Putin)...

On Friday, 19th April, just 2 days before 2nd round of presidential election in Ukraine, we had the Full Moon at 29° Libra, which "moved„ the lunar nodes from 6th April 2014 too! If we follow the lunar nodes axis from 6th April 2014 using Solar Arc directions, we can see right now it goes over 3° Scorpio 25’ (NN) / 3° Taurus 25’ (SN), and very soon (during May 2019) Uranus will cross over 3° Taurus and some old past might be in the air. It will repeat one more time during 2019, ’cause Uranus will turn retrograde on 12 th August 2019 at 6° Taurus 37’ and again cross over 3°  Taurus during November and December 2019. Do I have to remind you Putin’s axis Asc/Desc goes over 3° Scorpio/3°  Taurus, and he is  "god of the underworld", he is Hades, ’cause at 3° Scorpio we have Pluto’s exaltation degree, as well as the Moon’s fall degree. In 12th Harmonic chart (future life) of Zelensky, we can see the Moon (Ukraine’s people, theritory) at 2° Scorpio 25’, very close to 3° Scorpio. „Making the love“ with  enemy could solve all problems between two countries. Better say, Zelensky’s soul might has strong need to meet Putin, which might change him a lot, as well as Ukraine’s people. Hermes (Mercury) was the one who goes to Hades’ world and come back, he has that talent to visit „dangerous“ places, in order to „pick up“ there some secret knowledges and to come back with soome wisdom. Interesting, Zelensky has Gemini rising, and Mercury is his ruler. We can see his Mercury at 14° Capricorn 56’,and in 8th house (house of dangerous, house of hermetic knowledge, house of Hades' world) so, we can say it is part of Grand Cardinal Cross from April 2014 when Russia annexed Crimea. When Saturn turns direct on 18th September 2019, at 13° Capricorn, and when it touches 14° Capricorn – Zelensky should take responsibility and deal with the past. Some „smell“ in the air might be even around the end of August 2019, when Saturn in retro motion is crossing over 14° Capricorn... 


Remember what I’ve said above, South Node „eats“ other planet, and Zelensky might be „eaten“ by Putin somehow regarding Crimea’s issue...Yes, Ukraine might continue to lose in this fight with Russia regarding Crimea, but from the spiritual point of view, there is one big lesson for Ukraine, and Zelensky is the one who has to digest that lesson within him and to expand it to his people in his country...After that, they might reach the long longing freedom in their souls...

 Putin's "bridge" to Crimea...

  “Return to the past” during this life is an opportunity to fix circumstances from before, meaning, to improve the circumstances ahead of us, as the past creates the present, and the present creates the future… Finally, nether the past nor the present nor the future exist; time as a category – does not exist… Everything has already happened… If someone enters your life to put their South Node onto your personal planet such as the Moon, try to “dive deep” into yourself and to make the “difficult” circumstances as light as possible…In vedic astrology South Node (Ketu) is the place where we should learn to understand our experience, digest the good and realize the bad, it's a place to go deep and learn about yourself...

Who is Volodymyr Zelensky?

 Mr Zelensky starred in the long-running satirical drama Servant of the People in which his character accidentally becomes Ukraine's president.

He plays a teacher who is elected after his expletive-laden rant about corruption goes viral on social media.

He ran under a political party with the same name as his show.

Ukraine just got its first Jewish President!

The Sabian Symbol for the position of Zelensky's Moon (conjunction Putin's South Node) is: 

A teacher of chemistry (in tv show, he is a teacher of history)

Theme: Active ingredient.

Inspiration: … and after mixing all the basic ingredients together in a bowl, sprinkle a wee amount of 'whats its name' to activate the alchemical process.

Today:Chemistry, understood as a metaphor for personal relating or social atmosphere considerations, points to the inner workings of things. Not visible on the surface, yet observable in its effects, the active ingredient such as yeast, that stimulates dough to rise, makes a difference.

In terms of awareness, allow your mind to sink below the perceptible surface of affairs. There is a chemistry there at work. Whether is is good or not so good, that question is yours to discern.

Bringing change to a situation is like sprinkling a small amount of something… consider kindness, patient detachment, a dash of enthusiasm, a few shakes of hot sauce comment… and sprinkling is an action whcih is to the core dynamic potential for the day.

Cooking is chemistry is creatively engaging your lived reality. When the doorbell rings, open the door onto a whole world of ambient sorcery.

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