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„Part of us is burning“ - The Grand Cardinal Cross over 29º during Holy Week (14th - 21st April 2019) Notre Dame’s Bell Emmanuel, Asteroid Emanuela (feminine principe) and 0 º Aquarius Published: 16th April, 2019 I Author: Smiljana Gavrančić

„Part of us is burning“ - The Grand Cardinal Cross over 29º during Holy Week (14th - 21st April 2019)
Notre Dame’s Bell Emmanuel, Asteroid Emanuela (feminine principe) and 0 º Aquarius

Published: 16th April, 2019 I Author: Smiljana Gavrančić

 „Part of us is burning“: Macron tweets as iconic Notre Dame Cathedral is on fire

French President Emmanuel Macron has extended his sympathies to all Catholics and all citizens of France as "part of us burns," referring to the iconic Notre Dame Cathedral (Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Paris) in central Paris.

Our Lady of Paris is in flames,” the president tweeted on Monday evening, as the church's spire and roof collapsed. “My thoughts are with all the Catholics and all the French. Like all our compatriots, I am sad tonight to see this part of us burn.”

What we know so far about the devastating Notre-Dame fire and how it started?

A colossal fire swept through the famed Notre-Dame Cathedral in central Paris on Monday (15th April, 2019), causing the iconic spire of the nearly millennium-old building to collapse. Here's what we know so far about how it started and the damage done to the world's most visited Cathedral.

The immediate efforts of the 400 fire fighters who descended on the cathedral were spent trying to tackle the blaze in the historic heart of Paris.

There efforts were hampered by everything from heavy traffic around the historic site in the heart of Paris to the difficulty in accessing the raging fire high up in the roof of the building. Firefighters perched high on numerous ladders could be seen spraying gallons of water onto blaze, seemingly in vain.

French Prime Minister Edouard Philippe said "heroic" firefighters were battling to save what they could.

French president Emmanuel Macron said the worst had been avoided thanks to firefighters "although the battle is not yet totally won". Macron vowed that "we will rebuild Notre-Dame together".

But questions soon began to be asked about the cause.

These questions will take precedence in the coming days once the fire is brought under control and investigations begin...

What do we know about how the fire broke out?

 The fire started in the attic of the Cathedral at around 18:50 local time in Paris and within minutes images and videos of the blaze were being shared around the world.


And all this is happening just before the upcoming Full Moon over 29 º Libra/29 º Aries on the Good Friday (19th April 2019). If the chart for the moment when fire was started we change into 12th Harmonic chart (to get the information for our „future lives“) and into Dwadasamsa chart (past life message) we can see this: Asc/Desc axis over  29 º Aries /29 º Libra  in 12th Harmonic (together with IC/MC axis over 29 º Cancer/29 º Capricorn), as well as axis Asc/Desc over 29 º Libra/29 º Aries in Dwadasamsa chart (together with axis IC/MC over 29 º Capricorn/29 º Cancer). So, we can conclude that the Grand Cardinal Cross over 29 º was activated! 

Also, in 12th Harmonic chart, we can see Neptune (cathedrale, church) at 0 º Scorpio 59’ which is also part of the Grand Cardinal Cross over 29 º!

 The current President, Emmanuel Macron, has in his natal chart axis Asc/Desc over 28 º Capricron 49’/28 Cancer 49’, so, in other word, very close with 29 º Capricorn/29 º Cancer, as well as his draconic (the memory of his soul from the past life incarnation) Mars (fire) at 28 º Capricorn 54’ (so, again very close with 29 º Capricorn). Also, we must take the fact that his draconic axis Moon/Uranus  goes over 2 º Scorpio 19’/2 º Taurus 40’, and that transit Uranus is „moving“ it just right now... Read more about this in my article on Yellow Jacket's movement in Paris. 

One more thing, regarding Yellow Jacket's movement-you can see when the fire was started, Asc was at 2º Libra, right? So, guess who has at 2º Libra draconic Moon (memory of soul from past life incarnation)? Jacline Mouraud, one of the leader of this movement. Also, her natal Sun is at 3º Taurus, so important degree, degree of the Moon's exaltation....

 What Virgin Mary wants to say?

Draconic Uranus of Macron very close with the Moon’s exaltation degree (3 º Taurus) could remind us on Virgin Mary and the upcoming Easter on Sunday, 21st April 2019. Is she telling to the whole world – we need some change, we need some freedom, revolution, „hey, do you remember me?“ „did you forget me“? I would say -  yes... This is clear image of feminine principe who wants to free itself and say something unexpected. The opposite point is 3 º Scorpio, where the god of underworld, Hades, is the strongest, it is his exaltation degree (as well as the Moon’s fall degree at the same time). So, god of Heaven (Uranus) and god of underworld (Pluto) are in the air with this fire in Paris... The horoscope of the current President of France is just the inner need of all nation, in this case – I would say, this is the call of feminine principe within himself, for change, for freedom... What they want at 2 º -3 º Taurus (the Moon exaltation degree)? This could be the speak of women in a time ahead, regarding motherhood too, ’cause, at 3 º Taurus we have the image of pregnant woman, of woman who is most of all the woman, and how  is going to have a delivery which should be very sacred! At 3 º Taurus we have happy, big family, big houses with big gardens, houses  full of flowers, food, joy, pleasure. Here we have some wealth! And all this before the Good Friday, and Easter, when we celebrate the power of rebirth. How we can get the rebirth if we did not go through some dangerous situation before? May be Virgin Mary wants to  make  the world to start to pay much more attention to some feminine values which the same world forgot and/or denied ? May be this is the call that we should take the trip in order to touch again our roots... Why the family as institution lost itself? And what about our garden, our food? Do you know what you are eating? And finally, where si the Love? It is all about 3 º Taurus degree-the Moon’s exaltation degree... 

 By the way, at 3 º Taurus our Planet Earth „vibes“ too... The Good Friday is the most proper time to find some answers... Of course, at the same time, today’s woman at 3 º Taurus has to be very independent (even within her family) in France and the rest of the world (most of all western world), ’cause at 2 º Scorpio there is Uranus (independency)  of Macron...  So, maybe the spirit of Jacline Mouraud is in this fire too, may be she is that woman who is telling us - "hey, something is wrong in our country..."


For example, it is so important to mention charts of some other leaders too. Why? Because there we can see the same degrees. In the horosope of Emperor Napoleon I, we can see the Moon (people of France, even today, when he is not alive, his chart speaks about the destiny of French people) at 28 º Capricorn 41’ (very close with 29 º Capricorn) and at the same time in conjunction with Macron’s Asc, and his draconic Mars (fire). His natal Asc is at 0 º Scorpio, where is Neptune (cathedrale, church)  in 12th Harmonic chart for the moment when the fire was started. Napoleon I has in Dwadasamsa chart the Sun at 2 º Taurus 56’, and now Uranus is crossing over it, making a lot of stress and unexpected events in France, generally.  

Very interesting is the chart of  Louis Napoleon III, the president of 2nd French Republic, nephew of Napoleon I. He was born with the Sun/Mars conjunction at 29º Aries!Also, transit Uranus approaching into exact opposition with his natal Uranus 3º Scorpio which means that France is going to deal with very important time during spring 2019...


The famous Victor Hugo, a French poet, novelist, one of the gratest and best known writters, dramatist of the Romantic movement, has axis Asc/Desc over 2 º Scorpio 09’/2 º Turus 09’, and Mars (fire), the ruler of his Asc at 1 º Aquarius 03’ very close to the asteroid Emanuela (I will tell you more about it later). Hugo is well known by his novel „The Hunchback of Notre-Dame“ published on 16th March 1831. If we set the chart for 16th March 1831 (12pm, Paris, France) we can see the Moon at 25 º Aries, which means that already around 8 pm the Moon was at 0 º Taurus, crossed over 29 º Aries!  


In the horoscope of 1st French Republic, we can see Jupiter (religion) in its 9th house (the house of religion) at 2 º Scorpio 47’, which is one more sign that the current transit of Uranus is „moving“ some things here... (there are some stories how before  there was Jupiter’s Temple on this place too...). Also, Saturn, as ruler of its Asc ( describing the main athmosphere in the capital, e.i. Paris), is at 0 º Taurus, „calling-out“ the Grand Cardinal Cross over 29 º!  One more thing: 9th house (religion)  starts at 0º Scorpio and there is Neptune (cahtedrale, church) at 28º Libra 28'-the Good Friday Full Moon 2019 is "calling out" this!


 Notre Dame’s Bell, Emmanuel...

 One more interesting thing, during the French Revolution, the only bell within the Notre Dame Cathedral which was not destroyed, was the bell which name is – Emmanuel! And, the current President is Emmanuel.They used to say that the sound of Notre Dame’s Bell, Emmanuel, is one of the most beautiful sound in the world, even today... Notre Dame's great south tower bell, the 13-tonne Emmanuel installed in 1685 and widely considered the most remarkable in Europe – which rang for the coronation of kings and to mark the end of the two world wars – was cut down by revolutionaries, but escaped destruction and was rehung on the orders of the Emperor Napoleon in 1802.

 576 Emanuela

However, I found asteroid  576 Emanuela (femine) was at 0 º Aquarius 45’ in the moment when fire was started, which, again, „calls out“ the Grand Cardinal Cross over 29 º. It will be interesting to watch the Grand Jupiter/Saturn conjunction at 0 º Aquarius at the end of 2020 (December) regarding some events in France...  

576 Emanuela was discovered on 22 September 1905 by Paul Götz. If we do Solar Arc of that chart for 15th April 2019- we can find the Moon at 29 º Libra, where the upcoming Full Moon is going to be on Good Friday 19th April 2019! One more sign that the Grand Cross over 29 º of cardinal is very important in this fire. Interesting, in the chart of current 5th French Republic (Asc 24 º Cancer 50’) asteroid Emanuela just „sits“ on its Asc, at 25 º Cancer, which means that the  name Emmanuel, Emmanuel bell,  as well as asteroid 576 Emanuela – might be very important for France...


 So interesting that Brigitte Macron, wife of the President Emmanuel, has in her chart asteroid Emanuela at Algol (26º Taurus) where is right now her progressed Sun (husband). This event with fire is so huge message to Emmanuel, that he has to change something in his presidency, some "cutting" (Algol) is necessary.  The bells ring, and he has to hear the sound and to find the "hidden" message for him. By the way, her natal Venus (marriage) is at 29 º Aries, and of course, the upcoming Full Moon "moves" that point too

 There is an Easter tradition in France that on Good Friday all of the church bells, “Les cloche volants,” fly to Rome carrying with them all the grief and pain for Christ’s suffering and death. The bells remain eerily silent for three days. On Easter morning the ‘flying bells’ return, ringing for the resurrection of life and laden full with gifts of chocolate bells and decorative eggs for all. Christians open up their windows and crowd into the streets to celebrate the pealing sounds of hope. The bells ring to remind every heart that God is and will always be a God of resurrections, life not death, and unfathomable love.

 Like that faithful Emmanuel bell in Notre Dame Cathedral, may our souls ring in faith, so that all know without a shadow of a doubt the Easter message—that love wins!

Sabian symbol for the position of asteroid 576 Emanuela is:  An old adobe mission

 Build a mission in the new land of your own calling. From these roots destiny and destination are in your hands.

Good day to announce a new mission. Good day to set down new roots. Good day to commit to coming into your own with deeply felt conviction. 
If your thoughts are burdened by limiting concerns and perceived responsibilities, set them across the room, sit them safely in a chair far removed, in order to feel what you are like when those thoughts no longer rule. 

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