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Some New Insights On COVID-19 Asteroid 158 Koronis-Hold me now 'cause I'm tired here Published: 30th March, 2020 I Author: Smiljana Gavrančić

Some New Insights On COVID-19
Asteroid 158 Koronis-Hold me now 'cause I'm tired here
Published: 30th March, 2020 I Author: Smiljana Gavrančić

Inside the sign of Cancer, which is primarily related to genetics, there is a special place (18° Cancer), which tells about somebody from our genetics, who had made a huge change and put together 1 and 8. One describes the very personality, whereas 8 is related to dangers, as it is related to the eight house. At some point, somebody has managed to change something or, if the change was not possible (which will be shown by the dispositor planet) – this somebody had made something very negative, as they have put 1 and 8 together, which might be a very dangerous sign… This is why, it is very desirable that our Waters (emotions) are as “pure” as they can be… as this is who we can change our DNA code (18° is analogues to the sign of Virgo, whereas Mercury as the ruler of Virgo, is the essential signifier for genes). Also, 18° of any sign is known as the degree of fatefully emphasized dangers, it is a degree related to “hard destiny”, it is a kind of destiny not to be changed easily… Within the sign of Cancer, where the Moon is at home, in its (or better say, in her) domicile, we can have an image of human lungs. The line between heaven and hell is so tiny, and there is KARMA... Watch ’This Is Very Unique Time’ by Mohanji.

When asteroid Koronis was discovered (4th Janury 1876, Berlin, Germany) it was listed as 158 Koronis and it was placed exactly at 18° Cancer! In that chart for discovering, we can notice the Sun at 13° Capricorn, as well as Mercury (genes) ’out-of-bounds’ (OOB) at 18° Capricorn. Mercury (genes) ’out-of-bounds’ says that there is something extra ordinary regarding all what Mercury represents, in this case, when the whole world has the same problem (COVID-19, i.e.coronavirus), I will take this Mercury OOB as symbol for genes. For now, we know that COVID-19 provides very strange, unknown pneuomonia, and there is some enigma regarding this virus for now... Moreover, I think that Mercury OOB is very important, because at 17°Capricorn 04’ there is asteroid 158 Koronis in the chart of the US, and Jupiter (expanding, spreading) will turn direct at 17° Capricorn on 13th of September 2020. The first transit over asteroid 158 Koronis in the US chart was in late February 2020 when the President Donald Trump did not pay too much attention regarding COVID-19.


 I must add that 18° of cardinal signs was very important  through the history for the US. For example, this degree is emphasized in natal charts of the representative of the most famous political dynasty, the Kennedy family, and, ultimately, in the very chart of the United States, through the midpoint of the Sun (the ruler of 10 – representative, main figure in the country) and retrograde Mercury (the ruler of 8 – dangers) at 18° 44’! On the very date of the assassination in Dallas (on 22 November 1963), when the youngest American President in the history, John F. Kennedy (“Jack”) was murdered, the Sun in the progressions (President) of the United States was at 18° Capricorn and the opposition (the nature of which is Uranus – something sudden, shocking) activated 18° Cancer… Many years later, more precisely on 16 July 1999, on the date when his only sun, John F. Kennedy Junior (who has, by the way in his natal chart retrograde Mars at 18° Cancer), lost his life (together with his wife Carolyn Bessette and her sister), piloting his private plane, which landed in the waters of the ocean (Neptune) – Solar Arc Mars  of the United States was also at 18°, but this time of Libra, making an exact square to 18° Cancer. Here you can read my article The Kennedy Family and 18 Cancer

'Egg Full Moon' 7th April,2020 

What is in front of us very soon? The lunation (Full Moon) at 18° Libra 44’ (so-called ’Egg Moon’) on 7th April,2020, which will activate the grand cardinal cross over 18° and ’wake-up’ even more COVID-19, bringing a big possiblity it touches its culmination all over the world, because the grand cross always means some energy will express itself. Of course, the US may be very affected, but EU too. If we check the chart of the EU, we find asteroid 158 Koronis at 20° Libra 58’, in close conjunction with EU’s Venus 19° Libra (in 3rd house of the EU-neigbourghs), and Venus is the ruler of MC in the chart of the EU and speaks about reputation of the EU generally.Aslo, Venus carries the Moon at Algol in the EU chart, and the Moon always represents people. Algol fixed star is malefic star and we can suspect there will be some serious challenges within EU.  What I , also, do not like regarding 18° Libra Full Moon is that it is very close with the Sun’s fall degree (19° Libra), and the Sun means life, as daily light.Also, within my mundane work, I’ve mapped Russia at 19° Libra, as well as I’ve linked Russia with the malefic fixed star Algol too! Axis 19°Cancer/19° Capricorn in the EU chart is present too, it covers axis of 12th (hospitals) and 6th (health in the EU) houses. Moreover, don’t forget on Uranus/Neptune conjunction in the chart of the EU, because it is at 18° Capricorn and at the beginning of 6th house (health in EU). Uranus will bring much stress, unexpected events, and Neptune by itself is symbol for virus. Neptune in the chart of the EU is the ruler of 8th (death, dangerous situations, malefic house by itself). Angela Merkel, maybe the most important woman within the EU has in her chart Venus (the ruler of her MC-her reputation, she as PM of the country) at 4° Virgo, in close conjunction with asteroid 158 Koronis which is placed in her chart at 3° Virgo. Her Solar Arc Moon (people in Germany) is placed during 2020 at 18° Aries, which means that within the EU Germany will be involved a lot with all this regarding COVID-19, too. Of course, we must mention Russia too. We find 18° Cancer in Putin’s chart, i.e. there is Uranus in his chart. Uranus is in his 9th house, which is 12th from his 10th (he as the main head in the country), and we may says that Putin’s Uranus represents all people  in his country who ’takee care of his back’, as well as secret police, secret services too. We must check the chart of the United Kingdom too. As you know, there is the Moon (UK people) at 19° Cancer in its 10th house (reputation of the UK). For now, the UK Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, has coronavirus, Prince Charles too, and the Queen Elizabeth II is in isolation. I would say that the upcoming ’Egg Moon’ will affect deep the UK too. If we speak about Africa, for now South Africa (SA) is the most affected regarding COVID-19. The country is lockdown since last Thursday midnight, and it will be lockdown 21 days, until 16th April 2020. We can see how secondary progressed Venus of SA (the ruler of its MC - reputation of the country) during 2020 crossing over the critical 18° of Cancer, where was asteroid 158 Koronis in the moment of its discovering.Also, we must not forget South Africa’s Mars at 19° Aries as ruler of its IC (i.e.4th house-countryside).


5th July, 2020-the lunar eclipse and 'The Guardian of Europe' 

  Let’s now pay attention on the Sun 13° Capricorn in the chart of 158 Koronis! Why? If you remember, Saturn turned direct last year (18th September, 2019) at 13° Capricorn, ’moving’ with opposition the Sun (President) at 13° Cancer  from the US chart, squaring Putin’s natal Sun (ruler of his MC-his reputation) at 13° Libra. Right now, Solar Arc Moon (moving 1° per one year) of Communist China’s chart is at 13° Aries. In the moment when I am writing this article (30th March,2020) secondry progressed Moon of the Queen Elizabeth II (which represents people of the UK) is crossing over 13° of Capricorn too.But, more important sign that the UK is involved is axis IC/MC of the current PM Boris Johnson which goes over 12° Capricorn 52’/12° Cancer 52’ (which is almost 13°).  What I want to say you is that we are having activated the grand cardinal cross over 13°, and every 13° of every cardinal we call – critical degree! It has Aries’ nature by itself, and it is very young, foolish, fast. I must add that in Donald Trump’s chart (the current US President) we can see asteroid 158 Koronis at 13° Capricorn! On 5th July, 2020, there will be the lunar eclipse (the Full Moon) over 13° Capricorn/13° Cancer, and I may find this as very important for the whole world, because the fixed star Sirus (13° Cancer) will be ’called-out’ and it is wellknown as the ’Guardian of Europe’. Within this eclipse we must recall the great cardinal cross over 13° from 2014, i.e. from 20th April 2014 when Uranus and Pluto did make their 5th square, this time over 13° of Aries and 13° of Capricorn. That square did open our 5th energetic center, i.e. Mercury chakra, and it was some kind of pilot episode for all what will happen in a years ahead. Let’s see what  July’s lunar elipse will bring to this world. I expect some united action from the most important countries- US, UK, EU, Russia, China, and I have the faith that the brighest fixed star Sirus (’The Guardian of Europe’) will help a lot. Let's see will there be more solidarity! 


But, before July, we have, as I’ve said above 7th April  and so-called ’Egg Moon’ which brings a lot of challenges to the whole world, and possible some kind of culmination regarding COVID-19. All countries expect that the upcoming two weeks will be hard for their health systems. 

WHO and Tedros Adhanom 

What I’ve found as important is that the moment when transit Mercury will cross over 12° Pisces (which is the place where it started its retro motion on 17th February 2020, when Jupiter (spreding) was crossing over the US asteroid 158 Koronis at 17° Capricorn) on 30th March 2020 (i.e.today) something very important, as some kind of information, may come from the Tedros Adhanom (the current President of the World Health Organisation –WHO). Why? Because his natal Sun (his reputation) is at 12° Pisces, plus, at 13° Pisces Mercury (genes) falls, so let’s see what we could find out from WHO during the upcoming week. Also, I must to share with you that right now asteroid 158 Koronis is transiting over 17° of Pisces (making conjunction with Tedros’ Chiron (wounds, but healing too) , and of course the moment when transit Mercury (genes) cross over the same degree, around 3rd April 2020 –may bring into public more informations regarding COVID-19.What kidn of informations? We still don’t know all about this virus, because we have Pisces’ energy in the air, plus, all what we hear – may be not real true, because Mercury falls in Pisces. I am sure that we need a lot of silence and a lot of selfwork in order we make our inner faith stronger, that is all about Neptune in Pisces right now. After all it is in its domicile, and we have to respect what it asks from us-it asks for silence! On 4th April 2020 Mercury will meet with Neptune at 19° Pisces and there might be some very important informtion for us, which was secret, or somehow hidden from us, somehow we could not see it clearly before.At 19° Pisces Tedros Adhanom has his Mercury too, so this really may be so imporant day for him and for the whole world. 


Of course that this all with COVID-19 will effect the world economy, generally. Already on 5th April 2020 we have the first (from three) Jupiter/Pluto conjnction at 24° Capricorn. It will ’hit’ the US natal Mercury at 24° Cancer (ruler of its 8th house-death, investments,money from other, debts). In its chart, the US has Mercury in oppostion with Pluto, so this great Jupiter/Pluto conjunction will have the great impact within the country. Mercury in the US chart is retrograde too, so be prepared to see something which you didn’t expect, regarding all what Mercury represents-trade, informations, trafics, documents, informations, genes by itself..).

In my article on Asteroid McDonalda and coronavirus from January 2020, I’ve said that this all with coronavirus may start to slow between 22 April – 22 May, or better say, until June 2020. It made me to conlude that because asteroid McDonalda (which is for me also very invovled in all this regarding COVID-19) was discovered at 2° Taurus (close with the Moon’s exaltation degree, 3° Taurus) and there will be the New Moon on 22 April 2020 at 3° Taurus! It is all about food (the Moon exalation degree), it is all about our Planet, Mother, Earth! In the chart for descovering McDonalda 991 we can see that asteroid 158 Koronis is placed at 2° Aquarius, very close with the Moon (people) and Asc  in the chart of Communist China. Aslo, we must see how McDonalda (2° Taurus) and Koronis (2° Aquarius) are making an square, i.e. there are both involved in this ’dance’. Moreover, I must tell you how the dispositor of asteroid 158 Koronis in the chart for the discovering of McDonalda is Saturn at 13° Libra, which ’hit’s Putin’s natal Sun (as well as the US Saturn at 14° Libra, very close with 13°), and which will ’dance’ together with all important countries on 5th July 2020 when we have the lunar eclipse over 13° of cardinal signs.


 Retro Venus time starts on 13th May 2020- time for inner Love!

On 4th June, retrograde Venus will make her ’lower’ conjunction with the Sun, at 13° of Gemini (mutable sign) squaring 12°-13° Pisces, the place from where Mercury turned retrograde on 17th February 2020, and all this may bring that retro Venus time, specially her meeting with the Sun, could bring some spiritual intense time for healing, when we should much more be closer with ourselves most of all. Some inner light might be turn on around 4th June, just one month before the lunar eclipse at 13° Capricorn. Of course, we can see the meeting of retro Venus and the Sun at 13° Gemini will make inconjunction with 13° Capricorn, so my advice for you would be that around 4th June 2020 we should change something within us in order to change the outcome. It is all about inner love. Gemini is mutable, so I trust the change should be easy and fast...

Jupiter turns direct 17th Sept, 2020
On 17th September 2020, we have the New Moon at 25° Virgo, where is asteroid 158 Koronis in the chart of Communist China! Just 4 days before, on 13th September 2020, Jupiter will turn direct at 17° Jupiter, where is asteroid 158 Koronis in the chart of the US, which also ’hits’ 18° Cancer, the point where was asteroid 158 Koronis in the moment of its discovering. I would say that September 2020 brings to this world again new test (as well as lessons) regarding COVID-19. I hope until now the both countries will learn their lessons and do all in order to make this world safe again! It is very interesting that in the chart of China’s President, Xi-Jiping, we can see his asteroid 158 Koronis at 22° Gemini, making conjunction with Trump’s natal Sun, as well as ’moving’ his natal Moon 21° Gemini, as well as Trump’s natal axis of lunar nodes. Have on mind that Venus will turn retrograde on 13th May 2020, at 21° Gemini50’ (very close with 22° Gemini) , making conjunction with Xi-Jiping’s Koronis 158, Trump’s natal Sun, as well as the US’ Mars (ruler of its Asc-the main athmosphere in the country, but Mars also means conflicts by itself). One more thing, you could read in my work until now how axis 22° Gemini/22° Sagittarius I ’ve linked with WhiteHouse, as well as with the fixed star Atria (21°Sagittarius) which speaks about secret knowledges, secret societies, but also about secret services, FBI, CIA, KGB, etc.). It saems that retro Venus time may bring some secrets into the surfice.We will see soon...And, don’t forget that Russia has in its chart the Sun (President) at 21° Gemini. We will finish 2020 with the solar eclipse at 23° Sagittarius 08’ which will have within itself some answers from retro motion of Venus.

On 30th June 2020 we will have the second Jupiter/Pluto conjunction , again at 24° of Capricorn, which will reflect mostly on economy.I have to mention Russia’s Saturn at 24° Capricorn too, in  intercepted (deep..) Capricorn in 4th house (... in countryside), as well as ruler of its Moon (people in Russia).It is sure it will affect many contries.

On 22 November 2020, there will be the last Jupiter/Pluto conjunction, this time at 22° Capricorn! It will finish something which Saturn/Pluto great conjunction was started on 12th January 2020, and which Mars/Jupiter meeting on 20th March 2020 (when COVID-19  did spread too much all around the world) ’pushed’ out. We can agree that this is some kind of the WW3, indeed. More about Jupiter in Capricorn, Saturn/Pluto great conjunction, and three Jupiter/Pluto conjunctions you can read here. Jupiter in Capricorn did spread all its negative side, and only strict rules (Capricorn) are solutions! The first transit is always the worst, and every second is there to test us, we should be aware and show to the Universe what we did learn from the first transit. Jupiter will transit two more times over 22° of Capricorn –mid July 2020, just after the lunar eclipse on 5th July which I’ve mentioned in this article several times, and for the last time in mid November 2020, when all should be closed. I expect the real relief will be when Jupiter enters Aquarius and make its great conjunction with Saturn at 0° Aquarius, on 21st December 2020-some new, better world, is coming. This world will change a lot, for sure!

Here you can read my article on Saturn/Pluto great conjunction t 4° Capricorn from Janaury 1518 when transit Sun was at 22° Capricorn- Dance Epidemic Why we should stop to be active generally? Find out in my article... ’Stop dance’, because you are tired... 

 WHAT WE SHOULD DO MOST OF ALL? CHANGE YOUR HABITS, it seams that the real revolution is if you wash your hands, but it is true, for a lot of people did not wash hands, I know a lot of them, I am sure you do know too.Wear mask over your face? Why? It has its hidden message, spiritual one, we should stop talk, and be much more queit. I still see and feel people around me vibe, even they are in home isolation. I think doing sport from house is a wrong way, this unique time wants from us we meditate most of all, so don’t be active, please... It will slow, it will vanish-when we totally stop  to ’dance’ but we did not yet, but there is still time, please, every second is important, don’t wait too long and be aware! We are all now in the Belly of Whale (Cetus constellation, the fixed star BATEN CAITOS at 22 Aries) in order we figure our mistakes and admit to ourselves the same. After that, the gate will be open, and the freedom will come, but have on mind, that the world won’t be the same, because we are taking right now  a spiritual journey. The Universe tests us, and it will always, over and over... We are here to learn, to change, and to make this world better, but we must again travel ’home’, to our soul, to our roots, that is the main point... 

Retrograde Mars (10th Sept,2020-14th Nov,2020) - stay quiet!

Retrograde Mars (action) will call us also to be quiet. Every time when Mars within the sing of Aries crosses over 17°, 18° and 22°-24° Aries, it will be very important time regarding COVID-19. But over 8° Aries too. Why? Because at 8° Aries there is the Moon in the chart of asteroid 158 Koronis (as well as Mars in the chart of Russia in its 8th house-conflicts), and the Moon is the dispositor of this asteroid which is placed at 18° Cancer. Ok, first pay attention around 12th July, when Mars in direct motion crosses over 8° Aries! It is just after July's eclipse I've mentioned above. At the same time Mercury turns direct too, at 5° Cancer, so it may be very important time!End of July and the beginning of August-Mars will cross in its direct motion over 17° and 18° Aries. Mid August it will cross over 22° of Aries as well as 24° of Aries. On 1st October, 2020 we have the Full Moon at 9 Aries  which will 'hit' the Moon from the chart of asteroid 158 Koronis, so pay attention, specially because during October 2020 retro Mars will again cross over 24°-23°-18°-17° of Aries.  New Moon on 16th October 2020 at 23° Libra is also very important, because it squares 22°-24° Capricorn. The last crossing of Mars over 17°-18°-22°-24° of Aries will be during December 2020, just around Jupiter/Saturn conjunction at 0° Aquarius, which will finally leave all this behind us. The first transit over the same point is the worst, all next we can 'digest' somehow easier... But we must be very quiet during retro Mars period, even it is in its domicile, at home, within the sign of Aries. Work on your inner energetic body then.

 Hold me now 'cause I'm tired here
Coming down slowly from the life that I've lived
Into your arms, side by side again
So many lifetimes, so many changes in the wind
We go on and on, for my forefathers
Sharing their stories, sharing their traits tread
And it's you I see when I close my eyes
Coming down slowly, wings open wide
My angel love, the one I've waited for
Whispering softly to the depths of my soul
This is love
Space and time, the old man's voice inside
Showing me slowly from the vision of your smile
And to you I sing when I close my eyes
Coming down slowly, wings open wide
My angel love, the one I've waited for
Whispering softly to the depths of my soul
This is love
This is true love
This is true love
There are chances we take
There are hearts that we…
By Xavier Rudd (Storm Boy, True Love)

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