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Boris Johnson, 29º Capricorn, 13º Gemini and COVID-19 Will Boris Johnson survive as Prime Minster? Published on: 6th April, 2020 I Author: Smiljana Gavrančić

Boris Johnson, 29º Capricorn, 13º Gemini and COVID-19  
Will Boris Johnson survive as Prime Minster?
Published on: 6th April, 2020 I Author: Smiljana Gavrančić

 The news from 27th March, 2020,  that Boris Johnson has tested positive for coronavirus has led to speculation about what would happen if the UK prime minister becomes too ill to remain in his job. A spokesperson for Johnson said on Thursday that the prime minister would remain in post while he self-isolates for the next seven days. However, if Johnson does become too ill to govern, then Dominic Raab, the foreign secretary, would fill in as his "designated survivor."

On Sunday, 5th April, 2020, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson was hospitalized for tests after suffering persistent symptoms of the new coronavirus 10 days after he tested positive for the illness, his office said.

Let’s recall the moment when I’ve published my article on UK General Election in last November 2020. There I ’ve predicted that Boris Johnson won’t make full majority, because his Solar Return Moon is at the very end of Capricorn, at 29 º Capricorn, so-called ’anaretic’ degree (and the Moon is the ruler of his MC-he, as PM). The very last degree of every sign means that some ending may come, and there will be some huge change, it is always a transition point. Moreover, the Moon is in its fall too, which makes his position as PM (as well as his life, because the Moon is life too) very weak and very in problem! During mid March 2020, transit Saturn did cross over 29 º Capricorn, and on 23 March it did enter Aquarius (the news about Boris has tested positive on coronavirus came on 27th March,2020). Durign his current Solar Return (until his birthday on 19th June,2020), Saturn won’t again cross over his Solar Return 29 º Capricorn Moon.  Also, I said how he decided to have elections on the day of Full Moon at 19 º Gemini, which opens his prenatal solar eclipse, and which is not a good sign for running the country in a time ahead. His Solar Return MC was at 0 º Scorpio, ’hiting’ his natal Moon 0 º Scorpio, and his Solar Return Sun (life) was placed in his Solar Return 6th house, house of health. There were a lot of signs that Boris Johnson: 1. Won’t win, 2. He will win but not geting full majority, 3. He will win, but will have to deal and face with a lot of problems within 2020. So, he won, and a lot of astrlogers (including me, too) had to figure where we did make wrong! Soon after I’ve posted article on UK General Election in UK, I have posted an article on Prince Andrew’s stepping down from royal duties, where I’ve noticed that all royals were stepping down (through history when the grand cross over 11 º of fixed signs was activated. Interesting, I’ve said to myself this „But Boris Johnson has his secondary progressed Moon (ruler of his natal MC-he, as PM) in the moment of election in December 2019, at 11 º Scorpio“. That made me to think this- Is it possible he steps down within 2020? Specially I started to think about this after he got full majority...But, noone of us could not imagine there will be COVID-19 issue which will shake the whole world, as well as Boris’ life.     

  Now, I totally understand puzzle. Boris Johnson may step down indeed, and the reason might be COVID-19. In the moment when Jupiter and Pluto made its first great conjunction within 2020 (and there will be even two more the same conjunctions until the end of 2020), on Sunday 5th April, 2020, at 24 º Capricorn (where is, by the way, asteroid 158 Koronis in the chart of the UK) – Boris Johnson was hospitalized! 


In this moment, his secondary progressed Moon (ruler of his natal MC-he as PM ) is crossing over 15 º Scorpio, making exact conjunction with his natal Neptune (virus) and making at the same time exact opposition with his natal Jupiter at 15 º Taurus in his natal 8th house (malefic house, house of dangerous). I must add that both, Jupiter as well as Neptune-are rulers of his natal 6th house (his health). Moreover, in this moment is very welcome to check his tertiary progressions too, because tertiary Moon moves 1 degree per 2 days and it must show some sign too. Well, as you can see, his tertiary Moon is at 15 º Aquarius, bringing much more in the air his natal Jupiter/Neptune oppositon over 15 º of Taurus/15 º  Scorpio, together with his secondary progressed Moon at 15 º Scorpio involved too.Better say, we have fixed T-square with 15 º Aquarius as the focal point here, and secondary progressed Sun (PM) of UK is right now at 15 º Leo, togethere with secondary progressed Jupiter of UK at 15 º Leo too. So, better say, we have the grand fixed cross over 15 º  which must express out some energy! Jupiter in the UK chart is the ruler of 6th house (health in the country) and this is a big challenge for someone who is the main male head (the Sun) in the country. Every 15 º of every fixed sign is so called ’Avatar’ degree and it brings big challenges. I can say you that Jupiter is not good to have involved, because it always ’spreads’ and makes things worst. In the UK chart, Jupiter is in Leo, and by its dispositor, the Sun, it goes in Capricon, in tis fall, so Jupiter in the UK chart brings problems for sure! Boris’ midpoint of Jupiter/Neptune (both rulers of his 6th-health) is also placed at 15 º Leo! So, as secondary progressed Moon is crossing 1 degree per 1 month, we can say that during whole April 2020 Boris Johnson might be in very challenging time regarding his health. As his Jupiter/Neptune oppositon goes over his 2nd/8th house, it  is more then clear how all this will reflect on money, economy issues, within the UK.  


As he is Libra rising, Venus is very important planet in his chart, and now we should check what the same Venus does do in his Solar Return chart (which started on 19th June,2019). As you can see, his Venus is at 13 º Gemini, and his Solar Return 6th house starts at 15 º Gemini-we can even say that his Solar Return Venus (his natal ruler of his Libra rising) is in his 6th house (health). Also, as I’ve said above, his Solar Return Sun is also in his 6th house (health). But, what about this Solar Return Venus at 13 º Gemini? As you know, Venus will soon (on 13th May, 2020) turn retrograde, and it will make her ’lower’ conjunction with the Sun on 3rd/4th May 2020, exactly at 13 º Gemini!!! That’s why Solar Return Venus 13 º Gemini is here so important! Before 3rd/4th May, Venus in her direct motion will cross for the first time over 13 º Gemini, and if we do Venus return chart for his Solar Return chart, we can see the Sun will sit at 0 º Taurus, exactly at his Solar Return IC (angular house), moving his natal Moon (ruler of his natal MC) at 0 º Scorpio, and of course, at the same time his Solar Return MC (again angular house). So, just around the Queen’s Elizabeth II  birthday, on 20th April, Boris Johnson is going to have very important moment.In that chart, for Venus’ Return of his Solar Return Venus 13 º Gemini, we can see Asc at the very end of Gemini, at 29 º Gemini, which is ’anaretic’degree and which also is not a good sign (as well as his Solar Return Moon’s placement at 29 º Capricorn). If we check the secondary progressions of the UK, we can see Venus there at 29 º Gemini too, and Venus is the ruler of Libra rising of the UK and it speaks about the main athmosphere in the country, and we can conlude there will be some endings  (29 º) for sure.  

  13º Gemini - 'meeting of two lovers'

  At 12 º Gemini 40’ (almost 13 º) Boris had midpoint of his natal Uranus (unexpected) and Chiron (woundng) which means that suddenly he can have some health issues. But, it is interesting that Uranus is the ruler of his 5th house (his girlfriend, but his baby child too), so it would very important we follow the state of his pregnant girlfriend, fiancee (Carrie Symonds: 17th March, 1988, time of born: unknown,London, UK), around 20th April when Venus in transit crosses for the first time over 13 º Gemini. It is very possible she has COVID-19 too. Carrie’s secondary progressed Sun (always represents man in women’s chart) is just at 28 º Aries 43’, very soon at 29 º Aries (’anaretic’ degree), which is also not very promissing for Boris as PM, and generally for him, within whole 2020. But both, her secondary progressed Venus, as well as her Solar Arc Venus (the main symbol for lover) is at 13 º Gemini 33’ during 2020!!!In astrology, we call 'lower' conjunction of Venus and the Sun - 'meeting of two lovers', which you should not take always literally..., but is very intense, deep and it asks for special time...

Interesting, the Sabian Symbol for 13 º Gemini is: A Conversation by Telepathy. Two People Living Far Apart in Telepathic Communication. It seams that soical distance, even between those two lovers, will continue...


His natal Moon 0 º Scorpio as dispositor has Pluto (modern ruler of Scorpio) and Pluto is in his chart placed at 11 º Virgo-interesting, both asteroids, 158 Koronis, as well as 991 McDonalda (which I both found very important for COVID-19), are placed in his natal chart at 11 º Virgo (McDonala at 11 º Virgo 44’ Koronis at 11 º Virgo 06’), making strong conjunction with his natal Pluto!Well, Mercury 19 º Gemini is the ruler of his McDonalda and Koronis, and in the moment of the UK General Election (last December 2019), there was the full Moon at 19 º Gemini, if you remember. His natal Mercury 19 º Gemini has strong square with his natal Chiron 18 º Pisces (in his 6th house), and if you remember, I said it might hurt him somehow. Boris Johnson did not pay enough attention regarding COVID-19 and now all what is happening within the UK is because the government did late with restrictions. Do I have to remind you that the UK has the Moon (people in country) at 19 º Cancer, ’out-of-bounds’, in 10th house    (reputation of the country)? Asteroid 158 Koronis was discovered at 18 º Cancer, and on 8th April 2020 we are having the Full Moon (so called Egg Moon) at 18 º Libra, squaring UK Moon, which will bring the culmination regarding infected people within the country, and of course, it may harm even to rulers in the country, because the Moon in the UK chart is in its 10th (heads of the country). For now, Prince Charlse got coronavirus, Matt Hancock (Minister of Health), and Boris Johnson (Prime Minister-the main head).  The Moon (people) ’out-of-bounds’ may express itself in very big number of infected.


After 20th April, 2020 (when transit Venus is crossing over Solar Return Venus of Boris Johnson, at 13 º Gemini), we should compare also his Solar Return chart with the moment when retro Venus and the Sun will meet at 13 º Gemini too (3rd/4th June,2020). Look how there is amazing sign! In that moment, transit Moon will be at 15 º Scorpio, at Boris’ natal Neptune (virus) and it will move his natal Jupiter at 15 º Taurus in his 8th house (malefic house). As I’ve told you above, both planets (Jupiter and Neptune) are rulers of his 6th in natal chart, which is house of health. Yes, it is just six days before his new Solar Return, but it is very important because it is at 13 º Gemini. At the same time, it squares the Queen’s Elizabeth II Venus 13 º Pisces, and her Venus carries within herself her natal Sun (some main head in the country) at 0 º Taurus (which could be an image of Prime Minister in her chart). During April 2020, secondary progressed Moon of the UK, is crossing over 0 º Leo, squaring Boris’ natal Moon 0 º Scorpio, as well as Queen’s natal Sun 0 º Taurus, and trasit Sun 0 º Taurus in the chart for 20th April, 2020.    

Well known astrolgoer, Michele Adler, in her book PREDICTIVE ASTROLOGY (CYCLES OF CHANGE, SEASONS OF MEANING), says that we should check the Moon/Sun midpoint and Asc/MC midpoint in Solar Return chart, and compare it with natal chart. I found Boris’ midpoint the Moon/Sun in his current Solar Return is at 13 º Aries 58’, squaring his natal MC 12 º Cancer 52’, which could bring him suddenly some problems regarding doing his role as Prime Minister. It is well-known that square always stops us in something and not allowing us to do our jobs until the end. 

If we go again back, and check the chart for the moment when Mercury did turn direct, last November 2019, at 11 º Scorpio (when Prince Adnrew did step down), we can see the Moon was at 10 º Virgo 12’, very close with Boris’ natal Pluto 11 º Virgo (and his McDonalda and Koronis asteroids, both at 11 º Virgo too). Asc was for that moment, at 17 º Cancer 09’, very close with 18 º Cancer (where was asteroid 158 Koronis in the moment when it was discovered), and finally, very clowe with 19 Cancer – the place within the Zodiac where is the Moon (people in one country) in the UK chart in its 10th house (reputation of the country). But, don’t forget to notice transit Mars was at 0 º Scorpio, ’siting’ at Boris’ natal Moon (ruler of his natal MC-he as PM), as well as ’siting’ at his Solar Return MC (he as PM). A lot of signs that Boris may be somehow stopped in his PM’s role within 2020.   

In the UK chart, we can see asteroid 991 McDonalda at 21 º Gemini, and from that place within the Zodiac, Venus will turn retrograde on 13 May, 2020. At that moment, secondary progressed Asc of the UK will be still at 19 º Gemini (where is Mercury in the chart of Boris Johson, and Mercury is the dispositor of his McDonalda and Koronis, and where was his prenatal eclipse, solar one).His postnatal eclipse was at 3 º Capricorn, very close with his natal South Node, and I’ve said in my article on the UK General Election –there might be some loss for Boris Johnson!This point was ’moved’ on 26th December 2019 when we had the solar eclipse at 4 º Capricorn, and recently it was ’moved’ with the New Moon at 4 º Aries on 24th March, 2020, just three days before we found in news that Boris had tested positive on COVID-19.  
Now, let’s take a look on the chart of Domic Raab (25th February, 1974, Buckinghamshire, UK, time of birth: uknown).

I found his secondray progressed Sun at 22 º Aries during 2020, which is very interesting, because last Saturn/Pluto great conjunction at 22 º Capricorn from 12 January 2020 ’hited’ it with an square, and later, on 20th March 2020, it was ’hited’ by Mars/Jupiter conjunction at the same degree. One is sure, he was ’called-out’ within mundane aspects and we will see how he will deal with all this. He will have to deal with heavy job, because square will make it –not so easy.
On Monday 6th April, 2020 (9.15 am, London time) Dominic will have his first meeting with the rest of the UK government since Boris’ was hospitalized. If we cast the chart fot that moment, we can see Asc 21º Gemini, where is asteroid 991 McDonalda in the chart of the UK, and where Venus (the ruler of Libra rising in the UK chart) will turn retro on 13 May, 2020.Transit Moon is siting at 21 º Virgo, squaring 21 º Gemini.

If we check now again the chart for the last UK General Election, there were so big signs that Boris is somehow –not in well position. Look transit Mars-it is at 15 º Scorpio, where is right now Boris’ secndary progressed Moon, which ’moves’ his natal Jupiter/Neptune axis over 15 º Taurus/15 º Scorpio.Also, transit Moon is very prominent, you can see it at 20 º Gemini 52’ (which is almost 21 º Gemini-the same point from where Venus will turn soon retro, on 13 May, and where is asteroid 991 McDonalda in the chart of the UK). In that chart we also could see how PM Boris Johnson might go through very intense, dangerous, time-MC of this chart was in Libra, and he was Venus conjunction Pluto (change, transformation) in Capricorn. 
If we check Boris’ draconic chart, there we can see his draco Moon (natal ruler of his MC-he and his reputation, he as PM) at 28 º Cancer 31’ (almost at 29 º Cancer), which was also hited during mid March 2020 with transit Saturn at 29 º Capricorn. Interesting, just across, at 28 º Capricorn 33’, there is Venus in the chart of Dominic Raab, and Venus is ruler of his asteroid 158 Koronis which is in Raab’s chart placed at 8 º Libra (close with the UK Asc 7 º Libra).
On 7th May, 2020, there will be the Full Moon (Flower Moon) at 17 º Scorpio, at that moment,  Boris’ progressed Moon (ruler of his natal MC-he as PM) will be at 16 º Scorpo 14’, and this lunation will ’hit’ him, for sure. It will be just six days before Venus turns retrograde at 21 º Gemini, where was the Moon in the moment of the UK General Election (12th Decmber, 2019).
I would say that period of retro Venus, from 13 May 2020 until 26th June 2020 will be very important for seeing will Boris Johnson will survive with his government as PM or not. Moreover, Venus’ ’shadow’ period will last until 18th July 2020, when she will for the last time, cross over 13 º Gemini. On 20th July, there will be the New Moon at 28 Cancer, making conjunction with his draconic Moon, ruler of his natal MC (his reputation). Have on mind that at 28 º Cancer – Mars falls!
When Boris Johnson became the UK Prime  Minister (24th July, 2019, 11am, London, UK), Mercury was retrograde, and a lot of astrologers were sure in one-he may not last, some problems will be there. Interesting, transit Moon was at 24 ºAries, and he was hospitalized on Sunday, 5th April 2020, when the great Jupiter/Pluto conjunction at 24º Capricorn (’calling out’ the UK asteroid 158 Koronis) was occured, squaring 24º of Aries.
Here you can read my article Coronavirus and asteroid 991 McDonalda
Here you can read my article COVID-19 and asteroid 158 Koronis

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