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The Great Saturn/Pluto conjunction at 4 ° Capricorn in 1518 & The dancing plague (dance epidemic) Published: 23 March, 2020 I Author: Smiljana Gavrančić

The Great Saturn/Pluto conjunction at 4 ° Capricorn in 1518
 The dancing plague (dance epidemic)
Published: 23 March, 2020 I Author: Smiljana Gavrančić

 We all are now already familiar with the fact that the great Saturn/Pluto conjunction was occured on 12th January 2020, at 22 ° of Capricorn, which did open one new cycle of 33-38 years whitin conflicts, wars –will be more then possible. But, I am sure that the whole world couldn’t imagine that war may be COVID-19 (coronavirus). The main spreading occured around Mars/Jupiter conjunction at 22 ° of Capricorn on 20th March 2020. Why? Because Jupiter is in its fall, and it expands problems.   
However, we must go back in past, in 1518, 16th century, when was the last Saturn/Pluto conjunction within the sign of Capricorn! It happened on 13th  Janaury 1518, at 4 ° of Capircorn (with the Sun’s position at 22 ° of Capricorn – where was the Saturn/Pluto meeting in early January 2020). Mars was then ’out-of-bounds’, and very close with Galactic Center (26 ° Sagittaris), and crossing over South Node (the lesson we have to learn). Mars we can take as important for this Saturn/Pluto conjunciton in Capricorn from 1518, because Mars exalts in Capricorn. Uranus was in Taurus, where is right now too, which is very important in order we understand that period and to compare it with current one. But, what impressed me was the position of Jupiter (ruler of Mars OOB as well as SN in Sagittairus) at 21 ° Virgo! Why 21 ° Virgo could be very important place within that chart from 1518? Because, right now, asteroid McDonalda (which primary reminds us on food) is placed at 21 ° Virgo, and I take this asteroid very important regarding COVID-19. More about coronavirus and McDonalda you can read in my article  from January 2020  here . Also, don’t ignore the Moon’s position at 3 ° Libra 23’, which squares the Saturn/Pluto great conjunction at 4 ° Capricorn from 1518.


If you remember, the last eclipse in 2019 was on 26th December 2019, solar one, and it was exactly at 4 ° Capricorn, where was the last Saturn/Pluto conjunction in 1518.! Before that, 19 years ago, we had on 25th December 2000 also an solar eclipse at 4 ° Capricorn! I am writing this article for my blog on 23 March, 2020, just one day before the New  Moon at 4 ° Aries (on 24th March, 2020) at 4 ° Aries, which will together with Chiron (wounds, as well as healing) at 5 ° Aries which will square 4 ° of Capricorn!  I would say this is the last call from the Universe for us to ’stop dance’ , to take social distance...

I found that on 25th December 2000 (9.35pm, Luoyang, China) there was The Luoyang Christmas fire at a shopping center in China which killed 309 people! A total of 309 people were killed in the fire: 174 females and 135 males. Among the dead were construction workers working on the second and third floors and nightclub patrons who were attending a gala celebration for Christmas Day at a dancing hall on the fourth floor 

And 19th years after, in late December 2019, when the solar eclipse is happening at the same degree (4 ° Capricorn) there is coronaviris spreading in China. 

The Sabian Symbol for 4 ° Capricorn (read the symbol for 5 ° of Capricorn) is: „Indians rowing a canoe and dancing a war dance“. Adrenaline...  

We always see outcome (an exit) across, at 4 ° Cancer here (read the meaning for 5 ° Cancer)- „An auto wrecked by a train“.

Well, if we continue to ’dance’, we’re going to be hited by some ’train’...

If we check history, regarding epedimic, I found that there was The dancing plague (or dance epidemic) in 1518. It  was a case of dancing mania that occurred in Strasbourg, Alsace (now modern-day France), in the Holy Roman Empire in July 1518. Around 400 people took to dancing for days without rest and, over the period of about one month, some of those affected collapsed or even died of heart attack, stroke, or exhaustion. 

The Solar Arc Moon (people) of the current 5th French Republic is crossing during 2020 over 22 ° of Virgo, making strong conjunction with 21 ° Virgo-the current possition of asteroid McDonalda and Jupiter’s position in the moment of Saturn/Pluto great conjunction in 1518. Axis 2/8 in the horoscope of Communist China goes over 22 ° Pisces/22 ° Virgo, which fits perfectly and means that death may comes through food (in 2nd house we take food, in 8th house we get rid from food through toilet, but also we die).  


When we do secondary progressions for Roman Empire for July 1518 (it was the time of Emperor Maxilimian I  who was never crowned by the pope) , we can see progressed Moon (people, women) at 21 ° Virgo, where was Jupiter when Saturn/Pluto great conjunction was happened, and where is right now asteroid McDonalda which I linked with COVID-19. In Solar Arc direction of Roman Empire for July 1518, we can see Venus (ruler of its Asc and intercepted Libra in its 6th house-health in Roman Empire) at 2 ° Taurus-asteroid McDonalda was discovered at the same place, at 2 ° Taurus, very close with the Moon’s exaltation degree (3 ° Taurus) and that’s why link all this with Planet Earth and food as food, water. Today, Italy goes throught the greates challenge in EU regarding COVID-19.

The outbreak began in July 1518 when a woman, Frau Troffea, began to dance fervently in a street in Strasbourg. This lasted somewhere between four and six days. Within a week, 34 others had joined, and within a month, there were around 400 dancers, predominantly female. Some of these people died from heart attacks, strokes, or exhaustion. One report indicates that, for a period, the plague killed around fifteen people per day. However, the sources of the city of Strasbourg at the time of the events did not mention the number of deaths, or even if there were fatalities.

Historical documents, including "physician notes, cathedral sermons, local and regional chronicles, and even notes issued by the Strasbourg city council" are clear that the victims danced. It is not known why these people danced, some even to their deaths.

As the dancing plague worsened, concerned nobles sought the advice of local physicians, who ruled out astrological and supernatural causes, instead, announcing that the plague was a "natural disease" caused by "hot blood". However, instead of prescribing bleeding, authorities encouraged more dancing, in part by opening two guildhalls and a grain market, and even constructing a wooden stage. The authorities did this because they believed that the dancers would recover only if they danced continuously night and day. To increase the effectiveness of the cure, authorities even paid for musicians to keep the afflicted moving. The strategy was a disaster; after those policies were applied the illness underwent a dramatic growth. Performing dances in more public spaces facilitated the spread of the psychic "contagion".

Historian John Waller stated that a marathon runner could not have lasted the intense workout that these men and women did hundreds of years ago.

Modern theories include food-poisoning caused by the toxic and psychoactive chemical products of ergot fungi, which grows commonly on grains in the wheat family (such as rye) that was used for baking bread. 

 If we progressed the chart of Ottoman Empire for July 1518, we get secondary progressed MC (the head of the empire, Sultan)  at 21 ° Virgo-the position of asteroid McDonalda right now, and the position of transit Jupiter on 13 January 1518 when Saturn and Pluto made the last conjunction in Capricorn before January 2020. We can even see Solar Arc Pluto of Ottomans in that moment (July 1518) at 21 ° Virgo, and Pluto is in 10th house of Ottoman Empire and for sure it speaks about its ruler, in that period it was Selim I. He was  known as Selim the Grim or Selim the Resolute. He was the Sultan of the Ottoman Empire from 1512 to 1520. His reign is notable for the enormous expansion of the Empire, particularly his conquest between 1516 and 1517 of the entire Mamluk Sultanate of Egypt, which included all of the Levant, Hejaz, Tihamah, and Egypt itself. Selim's conquest of the Middle Eastern heartlands of the Muslim world, and particularly his assumption of the role of guardian of the pilgrimage routes to Mecca and Medina, established the Ottoman Empire as the most prestigious of all Muslim states. His conquests dramatically shifted the empire's geographical and cultural center of gravity away from the Balkans and toward the Middle East.  
In the chart of the United States, we can see Neptune (virus) in its exile, in Virgo, at 22 ° Virgo, very close with the current position of asteroid McDonalda. As I’ve told you above, many times, at 22 ° Virgo there was Jupiter in January 1518 when the great Saturn/Pluto was occured within the sign of Capricorn. Donald Trump’s Sun 22 ° Gemini and the Moon 21 ° Sagittiarus squares 21 ° - 22 ° Virgo, so we can see that he is very involve in this global problem a lot!  


I would take the lunation from 9th March 2020 at 19 ° Virgo as very important regarding coronavirus problem too. Like that Full Moon brought culmination and started to spread COVID-19 very fast...
Now, almost every President of every country in this world sends the same message regarding coronavirus: Take Social Distance! I would conclude that we as world should really stop to ’dance’ for a while, and to go into deep silence...

This is what I’ve wrote on 19th March, 2020, for my Fb page:

Next Days...

Tomorrow (20th March, 2020) Mars and Jupiter will meet at 22° Capricorn 49' (GMT 11:21:52) 'recalling' the time when the great Saturn/Pluto conjunction was happened (at 22° Capricorn too, on 12th of January 2020). We are going through very intense and hard time, as you all know, coronavirus'  issue is today the world's issue. The whole world is one global village and we all have the same problem! Saturn/Pluto cycle brings wars, conflicts, but it seams that we are in the war (not literally, but...), as many leaders said in past few days. In my article on coronavirus (which I posted on my blog in late Janaury 2020) I linked this virus with asteroid McDonalda which was discovered at 2° Taurus (at 3° Taurus the Moon exalts, and there we have an image of food, our planet Earth, our Mother). We all noticed that in past days people are in panic that they won't have enough food for tomorrow, which made us to buy a lot of food, without thinking that there is someone around us who also needs food, right? I am sorry to say that transit Saturn at the very end of old and wise Capricron, at 29° Capricorn right now, shows we did not grow up enough! Hoping from my heart that when Saturn enters Aquarius (22 March, 2020) at least there will be more solidarity around us. Saturn is in domicile in both signs, in Capricorn as well as in Aquarius, but touching 0° Aquarius is bringing totally different vibe where we should show we are humans most of all!  

Mars exalts in Capricorn, and that is great, but Mars is colored by weak Jupiter in its fall, which will spread more problems, and people with 22° of cardinal signs are indeed 'called-out'. How we can stop spreading? It is not the point I tell you there is a 'poison' if I do not have to offer you (as an astrologer) some 'pill'.ALL WE SHOULD DO IS REALLY TO CALM DOWN, TO MEDIDATE, NOT TO SPEAK,TO USE ISOLATION TIME AS SOMETHING THE BEST FOR RETHING OVER OUR LIVES, TO ADMIT OURSELVES OUR MISTAKES. EVERYONE OF US IS PART OF THIS WORLD, AND IT IS ENOUGH YOU JUST BE FOCUS ON YOURSELF, to be in silence. YOU CALM DOWN-THE VIRUS WILL SLOW TOO. HOW? Mars/Jupiter conjunction at 22° of Capricorn is squaring 22° of Aries, where we can find the fixed star from constellation of Cetus (BATEN CAITOS -Belly of The Whale) which always speaks about isolations,having problems with home, refugees. It gives compulsory transportation, change or emigration, misfortune by force or  accident, shipwreck but also rescue, falls and blows. Baten Kaitos in The Whale has the character of Saturn, which perefectly fit right now with this story! The Saturnine properties, such as inhibition, reserve, caution, solitude, and simplicity often are forced onto such people either by a mundane power or a higher power. Sometimes ideas are propagated which make life for the native trying or troublesome for the native. To such persons, their fate is usually one of change. People influenced thus tend to depression or dwell on the thought of death. Life often is full of humiliation, renunciation and obstacles. Literally, imagine isolation because of COVID-19 is our own prison, and spending time in selfisolation is the perfect time to rethink about our mistakes, about our lives. The main point regarding BATEN CAITOS is to admit yourself who you are and what is your true beign. Did you run away from your purpose all your life? After selfconfession, you should ask the God (the Universe) for honest forgivness after the freedom should happen. The gate will be open, and isolation will end. As asteroid McDonalda was discovered at 2° Taurus (very close with 3° Taurs-the Moon’s exaltation degree) I would say the main human mistake might be – how we did treat the Mother Nature, and all what our Earth gives to us - food we eat! After all, Taurus represents our planet Earth, and within Taurus at 3° vibes food and nature... WE have to learn something from all of this-we have to start to be grateful for food, water, for all what comes from Taurus (food), because what we eat-we beecome. Of course, Taurus is money too, but as you can see the only two things we can't buy with money are: health and true love! So, we should review our material views too.
Saturn (borders) just crosses over the very end of Capricorn, 29° Capricorn, ’calling-out’ asteroid McDonalda from the US chart. Donald Trump declared the Proclamation of National Emergency regarding COVID-19, cancelled all flights between EU and US. I think it may reflect on Presidential election race and possible outcome, for the progressed Moon (together with progressed Pluto) of the US will cross over the same degree (29° Capricorn) around election (3rd Nov, 2020), as well as transit Moon and Jupiter will meet at 29° Capricorn too, between 17th-18th December, 2020 (when Saturn enters again Aquarius), just few days before the great Jupiter/Saturn conjunction at 0° Aquarius. For example, in my country, in Serbia, since 15th March, 2020-the Proclamation of National Emergency was declared, and it means that we are going to use army for civil needs too which fits with tomorrow's Mars (army, police) JUpiter (law) conjunction. A lot of them will break the law (Jupiter falls in Capricorn), not respecting isolation-specially those who come back to Serbia from abroad (most of them immigrated in countries of EU several years ago seeking for better lives, better sallaries). All that fits with Mars/Jupiter conj.at 22° Capricorn squaring the fixed star BATEN CAITOS.

This is the great time for silence, because we are waiting for the New Moon too at 24 March 2020, at 4° Aries, at the same time the Sun enteres Aries and spring is coming.

The Sabian symbol for Mars/Jupiter meeting is: Two awards for bravery in war. The degree opposite says: Meeting of a literary society. Let's hope that there are some wise, smart people who will in nearest future surprise us with some good news regarding possible pill which will help the corona virus' issue -stop. BATEN CAITOS is very spiritual fixed star, it is always a caling for a big inner transforamtion after which we will all start our new lives. I think the Universe (the God) is very angry on us, and this all happens in order we change. SAturn/Pluto cycle opens wars, and this might be some kind of pilot episode of WW3 and it might happen we fight for food most of all in a time ahead (have on mind that Saturn/Pluto cycle lasts around 33- 38 years)!Even in one Germany today Angela Merkel did beg people to stop to buy big ammounts of food and she said that this is the biggest challenge for the country after WW2!


As I've said in my article, I do really expect all this with coronavirus touches some end between 22 April-22 May 2020

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