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Poseidon as Neptune in Greek mythology: Wild Is The Wind… Published: 3rd March, 2020 / Author: Smiljana Gavrančić

 Wild Is The Wind…
Published: 3rd March, 2020 / Author: Smiljana Gavrančić

This article was originally published in #IAM30 March/April 2020 issue #Vesper 
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Poseidon as Neptune in Greek mythology 

Poseidon is the god of seas and all sea creatures, he commands the waves and winds, the son of Cronus and Rhea. He is represented holding a trident, in the carriage pulled by white sea horses. Beautiful sea nymphs, Nereids, help him in ruling the sea. He caused earthquakes when uniting with his wife. His nature is moody, impulsive and bad-tempered. Sometimes he refused to submit to Zeus, other times he recognized and followed him. With Hera and Athena he participated in the conspiracy to put the king of Olympus in bonds. Still, this was stopped by Thetis, who sent hundred-handed giant Briareus who scared them off. Poseidon also fights with other gods and takes their possessions. He defends his protégés, but he is merciless towards those he does not like. He had numerous consorts, and his children were mostly abusers and scoundrels. He is even forced to bury some of his children in order to subject them to punishment they deserved. Sometimes, he takes the form of a horse, and it is believed that he created the horse. His wife is Amphitrite. This Neptune is surrounded by beautiful sea deities, he has a beautiful wife, but himself is of unsteady nature. He is rash, bad-tempered, constantly changing sides and opinions – this is the Neptune who is suspicious, who does not trust completely – so Neptune in a bad aspect with Jupiter, but with good disposition (the problem gets solved in the end), in combination with Venus (seduction, variability).

Archetype astrological symbolism in Poseidon myth: Neptune in opposition, square or conjunction with Jupiter, and in sextile, trigon or conjunction with Venus.

Poseidon 4341

Asteroid Poseidon 4341 was discovered on May 29, 1987 (San Diego, California, USA, by American astronomer Carolyn Shoemaker at Palomar Observator) at 29° Libra, the very specific transition within the Via Combusta (15° Libra – 15° Scorpio). Each 29° is the degree of transition, the degree where one world is being left and one prepares to step into the new world. That is the degree of transition between two worlds, and there is always a huge change happening there, but also one needs to be very silent at this juncture if wishing the materialization of ‘things’ or outcomes. Of course, it is the nature of Neptune to be silent, to keep a secret, so the position of this asteroid at 29° fits completely, for each 29° is the degree of secrecy, silence, analogous to the sign of Pisces as the 12th sign within the Zodiac, and to the Neptune, as the modern ruler of Pisces.  

It is interesting that in that moment, three planets were out-of-bounds: Mars 24N25, Mercury 25N39, and the Moon 28N25. Poseidon at 29° Libra makes a strong trine with the Moon at 28° Gemini 54’ (almost at 29° Gemini), and with Mercury at 29° Gemini 04’.

‘Big Wave’ Surfer, Laird John Hamilton

The myth of Poseidon is especially emphasized in persons to whom the water, the sea, the ocean represent their passion! So, for example, in the chart of Laird John Hamilton, the known Hawaiian big-wave surfer, there is the axis Asc/Des across 29° Cancer/29° Capricorn, in square with asteroid Poseidon at the moment it was discovered! As it is known, the square always “moves” and “pulls” and requires action. His Jupiter is high at MC (how the public recognizes him), together with the Venus, but it is the Jupiter here that is the dispositor of his Poseidon (at the moment of his birth it was at 1° Pisces 38’). Jupiter is in quincunx with the Neptune (and also with the Venus, for Jupiter is ‘colored’ by that strong conjunction with the Venus), and inharmonious aspect of Jupiter and Neptune is needed for the myth of Poseidon. At 29° Capricorn in the chart of Laird, there is the midpoint of Moon and Venus, the Moon ruling his Ascendant (him), while the Venus rules the angular 4th house and is positioned in angular 10th house, next to Jupiter (dispositor of his Poseidon). 

When he was 17, Laird was ‘discovered’ at the beach in Kaua’i island by a photographer from the Italian Men's Vogue magazine, which later brought him a contract and photo shoot with the famous Brooke Shields. In his solar return for 1981 (when he turned 17), Laird’s Moon was at 29° Capricorn. Since the Moon is his natal ruler of Asc at 29° Cancer, and since his Desc is at 29° Capricorn, as well as Moon-Venus midpoint, it is certain that the position of the Moon in his solar return chart was of key importance in his case! So, it was again the activation of 29° Libra (the position of asteroid Poseidon when discovered)! 

Already at the age of 7, Laird was photographed jumping into the water from the height of 20 m. He was very aggressive teenager, very difficult to rein in and already displaying and adventurous and dare-devil ‘pushing-the-limits’ side of his nature. In secondary progressions for his 7th birthday (March 2, 1971), when the famous photo was taken, the Moon (natal ruler of Asc - himself) was at 28°-29° Capricorn, again activating 29° Libra (position of Poseidon). At the same time, in his solar return chart at the age of 7 Laird had Venus at 29° Capricorn! I have already emphasized that his Moon and Venus are very important for their midpoint is at 29° Capricorn, the Moon representing him for the Moon rules his Asc, while the Venus is positioned high in the 10th angular house, near Jupiter (dispositor of his Poseidon at 1° Pisces 38’). These are all indicators that the myth of Poseidon is very present in life of Laird Hamilton. Of course, because 29° Capricorn is in square with 29° Libra, the sea ‘calls’ to him, for the square is always the story of unfinished action from previous incarnations, it is the deep, strong unconscious need to ‘get into’ something at any cost.  


Cape Town, South Africa – Kite Surfing Mecca – Big Wind and Big Waves 

It is said that Cape Town in South Africa has the best wind, and strong winds coupled with big waves from the Atlantic Ocean is what kite surfers need the most. If we take a look at the chart of Cape Town, we can see the asteroid Poseidon exactly at 28° Capricorn 29’ (almost at 29° Capricorn), squaring the 29° Libra (the position of Poseidon when it was discovered). So, the Saturn is here the dispositor of Poseidon, and the Saturn is positioned in Cancer. The Moon in the chart of town or state represents the people living there, and Moon-Saturn midpoint in the chart of Cape Town is exactly at 29° Cancer (at the Asc of Laird Hamilton), across from the asteroid Poseidon in the chart of Cape Town, and in square with 29° Libra (position of asteroid Poseidon when it was discovered). Isn’t all this more than a proof of the invisible force pulling at the inhabitants of the Cape Town to love the water, the ocean, to surf?! 

  Nick Jacobsen from Denmark, a team rider for North Kiteboarding KOTA 2020
Photographer: Anthony Mitchell

Red Bull King of the Air (Kite Surfing Competition)

Since February 1, 2013, Cape Town has been host to the Red Bull King of The Air (KOTA), where the best in the world are invited to come and compete for the title of ‘King of the Air’. On that February 1, 2013, transit Venus was at 29° Capricorn 07’, in conjunction with the Poseidon from the chart of Cape Town, in square with 29° Libra (position of asteroid Poseidon when it was discovered). Of course, all this also activated the chart of Laird Hamilton, as already mentioned. 


South Africa

The chart of the South Africa is informative too. For example, the Venus-Saturn midpoint at 29° Capricorn, Mars-Jupiter midpoint at 29° Aries are eye-catching. The Venus is the ruler of the 10th house (MC) in the chart of this nation state, and it speaks of reputation of the state, and it is also ’out-of-bounds’, while the Saturn is the ruler of the angular 7th house (public), and also of the 6th house (everyday life of people in the state). This really fits into the lifestyle of those people, for they enjoy being at the beach and surfing, kitesurfing, freediving and many other ocean-related activities – it is something they normally do. It might look as something too much for those of us not living near the ocean, but the out-of-bounds Venus is to be blamed for that, for it rules the MC. On the other hand, the Mars is the ruler of the angular 4th house, but also the natural representative of the sports, and in this case also the dispositor of Poseidon that is located at 16° Aries in the chart of South Africa. Jupiter is here the ruler of the 5th house (sports), so the Mars-Jupiter midpoint at 29° Aries activates the Grand Cardinal Cross across 29°!


President Nelson Mandela

Another indicator in favor of the fact that Cape Town and the whole South Africa ‘vibrate’ within symbolism of the Grand Cardinal Cross across 29° is the following:. Namely, in the year when South Africa got its first democratic president, Nelson Mandela, on May 10, 1994 – his Solar Arc Mercury (the ruler of the natal MC – his status, reputation, he as the ruler of the country) was at 29° Libra, at the exact spot where the asteroid Poseidon was discovered in 1987!

Table Mountain (‘mountain rising from the sea’, ‘sleeping dragon’)

Finally, every cape, every spot always vibrates from 29°, so it is more than probable that the Cape of Good Hope also vibrates from 29° of cardinal signs. 

We could also link Table Mountain with 29° (sleeping, meditation) as it is well known as the ‘sleeping dragon’ of Cape Town.


“The Ocean is my Temple” – Amphitrite 29

 Here we take a look at an example of a chart in which the Poseidon myth lives. This person was born near the ocean, lives for the ocean, and often says that the ocean (Neptune) is his church, temple, sanctuary (Neptune). There is the Taurus rising, the Mars (sports) is very close to the Ascendant, and that certainly ‘colors’ the person. The Mars is retrograde, so he loves to dive, examine sea depths, while the square of Mars and Jupiter ‘pulls’ him to overachieving in considerably dangerous sports. But, the proof he is ‘overachieving’, i.e. that he is going outside of his boundaries, is his Venus that is ’out-of-bounds’, and the Venus is very important here, for it rules the Asc, representing himself. The Venus carries the Sun/Uranus conjunction from the 6th house (everyday life), so this man really has the need to fly. The planet Venus is at the cusp of the 8th house, meaning he is naturally attracted by danger, and there is the conjunction with Neptune, so he is really the Poseidon, tall and very handsome. In one of his many ocean sports he uses a paddle for stand-up paddle-surfing big waves, just like Poseidon holds his trident. He also loves ocean photography and living alongside the coast where he can always hear the ocean as it calls to him.

 The Moon in Gemini gives him the mutable, unsteady nature, and the Moon just had the opposition with the Venus and the Neptune. Just like Poseidon with his wife Amphitrite causes earthquakes, his Sun/Uranus conjunction in the 6th house (everyday life) at 22°-23° Libra speaks of similar phenomenon. Interesting, asteroid Amphitrite 29 was discovered (1st March, 1854, London, UK) at 21° Libra, which means that this man is so linked with Amphitrite by itself.  His MC (status, reputation) is at 15° Aquarius, at the spot occupied by the fixed star Rotanev, from the constellation of Dolphin, telling the story of Amphitrite, the wife of Poseidon. It is interesting that the constellation of Dolphin starts at 9° Aquarius (and ends at 28° Aquarius), where the secondary progressed Moon of this man was at the moment he met his Amphitrite (but, there is the position of the Sun in the chart of the woman representing his Amphitrite). In their composite chart, Asc is at 15° Aquarius linking them with Rotanev again. Even in the chart of South Africa we can see axis Asc/Desc over 9° Leo/9° Aquarius, which ‘opens’ the constellation of Dolphin which starts at 9° Aquarius. It is important that Jupiter and Neptune are in favourable sextile in his chart, so he is the real Poseidon!

Mars and Chiron midpoint in his chart is at 29° Aries, while the Mars/Uranus midpoint is at 29° Cancer! Mars representing sports and Chiron, the wounds, while the Uranus is the ruler of MC (his status, reputation, how others see him), but Uranus is here also the ruler of all that is represented by his Amphitrite in life – Poseidon makes earthquakes with his wife. But, Uranus is also every plane, flying, and this man loves kite-surfing and surf-hydrofoiling (Laird Hamilton was one of the first surf hydrofoil pioneers in big wave surfing), which represents flying.  

In the chart of this man, the asteroid Poseidon is positioned at 23° Capricorn 36’, and he says that he became addicted to the sport of kite-surfing at the time when his secondary progressed Venus (his natal ruler of Asc) crossed over 23° Capricorn as well as his secondary progressed Moon was crossing exactly over 29° Capricorn (Sept/Oct 2018). Now his Solar Arc Venus is at 23° Capricorn, while Neptune will cross that same degree during 2021. But, it remains to be seen when planets in progressions and directions in 5-6 years (2025-26) will cross 29° Capricorn, activating even more of Poseidon in him. 

Here we have a true archetype of Poseidon, addicted to all things Ocean. He loves its calm tranquility as much as he loves its raw power when he surfs during the massive Atlantic storms that lash the coast off the Cape of Good Hope during its winter season. The Ocean is truly his sanctuary and his first love, without which his life would have no safe harbour.

Feature Films - ’Chasing Mavericks’ & ’The Big Blue’

One of his favorite movie’s is ’Chasing Mavericks’, about the life of American surfer Jay Moriarity. Jay Moriarity (16th June, 1978 – 15th June, 2001) was a surfer from Santa Cruz, California. He was an accomplished surfer, waterman, and adventurer. As a surfer, he made his reputation surfing Mavericks in Half Moon Bay, California. At age 16, he was made internationally famous when his wipeout at Mavericks was caught on film and made the cover of Surfer magazine. Although a successful competitor, Jay is remembered as a soul surfer, winning many sportsmanship awards throughout his career. Moriarity died a day before his 23rd birthday on Friday, June 15, 2001, in the Indian Ocean off the coast of the island Lohifushi in the Maldives, drowning in a freediving accident. 

 ’Chasing Mavericks’ was released on 26th October 2012. Gerard Butler (Scottish actor) is Frosty Hesson in  ’Chasing Mavericks’. When Jay was only 8 years old, Frosty saved him from drowing. That ignited Jay’s passion for the sport. Frosty accepted to teach Jay how to surf Mavericks, but insisted that Jay learn about the ’foundation pillars of surfing’. These involve him learning to paddle board 36 miles across Monterey Bay (from Santa Cruz to Monterey), treading water for 40 minutes and being able to hold his breath for four minutes.

In the chart of Gerard Butler, (13th November, 1969, Glasgow, Scotland, 05:21 am) we can find asteroid Poseidon at 2°  Scorpio 40’ (almost at 3°  Scorpio )conjunction his Venus 3°  Scorpio 07’ (ruler of his Asc – him). So, we can conclude that actor Gerard is strongly linked with myth of Poseidon by itself! When ’Chasing Mavericks’ was realised, his secondary progressed Moon (the ruler of his MC-his career, reputation) was just crossing over 0°  Leo, which means it was finished crossing over 29°  Cancer (where is Asc of Lirand Hamilton). His secondary progressed Sun (publicity) was at 4°  Capricorn 11’, just crossed over his natal Moon (ruler of his natal MC-reputation, career) at    Capricorn 22’. When the Sun and the Moon are making some kind of connection through progressions, it means there will be a big year for the owner of the chart, it’s something like having the New Moon (new fresh start). I must add that in my natal chart, asteroid Poseidon is placed at 4°  Capricorn 23’, connecting me with Gerard Butler on some way, through writing about him.   

On 26th October 2012, transit Sun was crossing over 3°  Scorpio 26’, together with transit Saturn at 2°  Scorpio 28’, making conjunction with Gerard’s natal Venus 3°  Scorpio, the ruler of his Asc (him), as well as with asteroid Poseidon in his chart at 2°  Scorpio 40’ ,which indeed brougth in the air the myth of Poseidon from Gerard’s chart.

As his Poseidon is at 2°  Scorpio 40’, we take Mars (traditional ruler of Scorpio) as Poseidon’s dispositor, and midpoint of his Mars and MC is at 29°  Aries. His Sun/Uranus midpoint is at 29°  Libra (where was asteroid Poseidon in the moment when it was discovered in 1987). Sun/Uranus midpoint may speak about our need to be different, to expres our identity in a different way, which surfing is. Also, we can see his Jupiter/Saturn midpoint at 29°  Cancer. Saturn is the ruler of his 5th house (sport), as well as the dispositor of his natal Mars (sport) in Aquarius, and Jupiter we can also take as significator for sport sometimes, especially if we speak about expensive sports. In his case, Jupiter rules by his North Node at 19°  Pisces, which means that his ’Future Me’, his purpose, was realized through this movie. 

At the end, I must say that my secondary progressed Sun is during 2020 crossing over 19° Pisces, together with Solar Return Venus at 19° Pisces, and all may be open on 9th March 2020 when we are having the Full Moon at 19°  Virgo, over Gerard’s axis of lunar nodes. Well, this issue #IAM30, you are going to have in your hands in that moment, and you will be able to read about  this story...

It is enough I say you this issue of IAM is my way of paying tribute to ’Chasing Mavericks’ and to the men and women who live the Poseidon myth.

 His second favorite movie is ’The Big Blue’ by Luc Besson (18th March, 1959, Paris, France, 13:45) from 11th May, 1988. Very interesting is that secondary progressed Moon of Besson came also at 0° Leo, leaving behind 29° Cancer (just like in the case of Gerard with ’Chasing Mavericks’), which opens the Grand Cardinal Cross over 29°. Also, I found as interesting that Besson had in his Solar Return chart for 1988 the Moon at 19° Pisces-at the same place where Gerard has his North Node, and where is my Solar Return Venus during 2020, as well as my progressed Sun! Isn’t it amazing how both movies found me?! Also, I must add that Besson’s Solar Return axis Asc/Desc for 1988 went over 9° Leo/9° Aquarius, which is axis of Asc/Desc of South Africa I’ve mentioned above, and it ’moves’ the beginning of the constellation Dolphin which includes the love story of Poseidon and Amphitrite...

Chart sources:
Horoscopes of Africa by Marc Penfield

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