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Coronavirus and Asteroid McDonalda 991 Published: 25th January, 2020 I Author: Smiljana Gavrančić

Coronavirus and Asteroid McDonalda 991
Published: 25th January, 2020 I Author: Smiljana Gavrančić

 What we know so far?

The virus: Dozens of people are dead in China and more than 900 infected as the Wuhan coronavirus continues to spread throughout Asia and across the world.

 Tens of millions under lockdown: At least 11 cities in China's central Hubei province are facing travel restrictions, including Wuhan itself.

 Cities cancel Lunar New Year celebrations: Authorities in Beijing and other cities have canceled some or all large-scale Lunar New Year celebrations, a rare, drastic step to reign in spread of the virus.

 Tourist attractions, Disneyland and McDonalds to shut: Among other public venues, a section of the Great Wall of China in Beijing, Shanghai Disney Resort and McDonalds outlets in five cities will close .

If we taka look on the horoscope of Communist China (1st Ocotber 1949, 3:15pm, Beijing, China), we can see the Moon (people in the country) as ruler of 6th house (health of nation) at 3 ° Aquarius 11’, as well as Asc at 5 ° Aquarius 57’, which means that the midpoint of the Moon and Asc in the horoscope of China is at 4 ° Aquarius, and we are having the New Moon right now at 4 ° Aquarius. What is not promissing is that the Moon in the horoscope of China has inconjuction with Uranus at 4 ° Cancer 59’ (which was ’hited’ with the last Christmas solar eclipse at 4 ° Capricorn on 26th December 2019), which is the Moon’s dispositor, as well as the ruler of Asc, so it represents the main vibe in the country, generally. We all know that transit Uranus is right now at 2 ° Taurus 44’, and it already makes square with China’s Moon. But even more interesting is that at 2 ° Taurus there was asteroid McDonalda 991 on 24th October 1922 when it was discovered (Wlliams Bay, Wisconsin, US). And the ruler of McDonalda was Venus, and Venus was extremly out-of-bounds (OOB), 27S13, which indicates that this asteorid may show  us some extrems, in sense that there is a big possibility we can’t  control it easy, that we might have to make bigger effort in order to put it under control, because, it expands fast. 


 Why I am speaking about McDonalda 991? Because, in the horoscope of China, we can see the same asteorid at 3 ° Aquarius 02’, making strong conjunction with the Moon. 

Secondary progressed Venus of China (the ruler of its intercepted Libra in 8th house- dangerous, malefic house, as well as the ruler of its 4th house – countryside) is crossing over 3 ° Aquarius, and she activates the Moon (ruler of 6th-health of nation), as well as the asteroid McDonalda 911 at the same time! At the same time I have to add that in its draconic chart, China has Venus at 2 ° Scorpio, just across the point where asteroid McDonalda 991 was placed in the moment of discovering. Axis 2 ° Taurus/2 ° Scorpio may be very important for France, because over 2 ° Scorpio/2 ° Taurus the current President Emmanuel Macron has the Moon and Uranus (the Moon always represents people in the country by itself, and when the Moon has challenging aspect with Uranus –there must be some stress for people generally).   


Also, we must not ignore Jupiter in fall in the horoscope of China at 22 ° Capricorn 35’ in 12th house, because all what we find in 12th house –might be very unknown, hidden from us, so there is some mistery, and after all, 12th house represents hospitals in every country. And, with Jupiter in falls, we may expect that there will be some problems, Jupiter always expands, and in this case, it expands problems. Recently, as you know, there was the grand Saturn/Pluto conjunction at 22 ° Capricorn, ’moving’ China’s Jupiter at 22 ° Capricorn, and at the same time squaring Solar Arc Venus (ruler of intercepted Libra in 8th house-malefic house, dangerous, and the ruler of 4th house-contryside) at 22 ° Aries.

Every virus by itself is Neptune, and if we now take a look on the chart of Nationalist China (1st January 1912, 12pm, Nanking, China) we can see there  retrograde Neptune (virus)  at 22 ° Cancer 46’ in its 4th house (countryside), as ruler of its 12th (hospitals). Well, one more sign that the great Saturn/Pluto ’moved’ this events in China. Secondary progressed Uranus of Nationalist China is crossing over 3 ° Aquarius too for awhile, and Solar Arc axis Asc/Desc is almost over 3 ° Leo/3 ° Aquarius. Interesting I found Solar Arc Neptune at 11 ° Scorpio which I link with China generally –you can read my article  on Beijing and 11 Scoprio here

What I do not like, and what may be a big challenge, very soon for China is that secondary progressed Moon of China (as ruler of its 6th-health of nation) is right now at 16 ° Leo 24’ and in one month (during February 2020, when transit Uranus will cross over 3 ° Taurus, squaring exact China’s Moon 3 ° Aquarius) it will cross over 17 ° Leo, where is Pluto in China’s chart, and where was Neptune (virus) in the moment when asteroid McDonalda 911 was disovered on 24th October 1922. As the Moon in the horoscope of China is making an (wide) but applying opposition with Pluto, the crossing of progressed Moon of China over China’s Pluto I see as not easy moment. 

The current President Xi Jinping, has his lunar nodes axis over 3 ° Aquarius (NN)/3 ° Leo (SN), which, of course, brings him in connection with his country and all this what is happening right now regarding coronavirus. When he was born, asteroid McDonalda 911 was at 16 ° Virgo, and right now Neptune (virus) is crossing for the last time over 16 ° Pisces, ’calling-out’ Xi Jinping McDonalda’s. As his bday time is uknown, and if we cast his chart for 12pm, we can even see his Moon is 2 ° Leo 52’, very close with 3 ° Leo, and in opposition with China’s Moon 3 ° Aquarius, as well as with asteroid McDonalda 991 in China’s chart too.   


In the chart of the US, we can see that asteroid McDonalda is at 29 ° Capricorn, where is right now Solar Arc Venus of China. I said above several times, Venus in China’s horoscope is the ruler of its intercepted Libra in 8th-dangerous, malefic house, as well as the ruler of its 4th –countryside. When McDonalda 991 was discovered, Jupiter was at 29 ° Libra, which makes square (problem) with 29 ° Capricorn, and that’s why we are now having coronavirus’ cases even in the US.

In the horoscope of China, there is Chiron (wounds, healing) in its 10th house (reputation of country) at 5 ° Sagittiraus, which means that Jupiter is the dispositor of Chiron. The same Jupiter in tertiary progressions right now is crossing over 29 ° Aries, which makes T-square (cardinal one) together with Jupiter 29 ° Libra (for the moment when McDonalda 991 was discovered) and with Solar Arc Venus of China at 29 ° Capricorn (where is McDonalda 991 in the US chart too). When McDonald’s restaurant  was founded by two siblings, Richard James and Maurice James McDonald, on 15th May 1950 (San Bernardino, California, US), transit Jupiter was exactly at 29° Aries 

Also, I must mention tertiary Mars of China, as Mars is the ruler of its MC, i.e. 10th house (reputation). It is crossing over 11 ° Scorpio (where is Solar Arc Neptune of Nationalist China too-I’ve mentioned above that 11 ° Scorpio I   link with Beijing and all main events through China’s history as very relevant, something which somehow is repeating through main events). After all, at 11 ° Scorpio Uranus exalts, and there is everything very fast, faster then we can even imagine...  
First European cases of coronavirus were confirmed in France, too. The chart of 5th Fr.Republic is very activated. The last lunar eclipse at 20 ° Cancer 00’ (10th January 2020) was making conjunction with the Moon of the country at 21 ° Cancer 00’. Axis of Asc/Desc goes over 20 ° Aries/20 ° Libra, and axis of lunar nodes goes over 22 ° Aries (SN)/22 ° Libra (NN). Of course, the grand Saturn/Pluto conjunction at 22 ° Capricorn (12th January 2020) just did more... In Solar Arc direction, we can find Mars, the ruler of Asc (the main atmosphere in the country) and 8th house (malefi house, dangerous), at 3 ° Leo 53’, in opposition with the Moon of China at 3 ° Aquarius.   

 The upcoming text Smiljana was added on Sunday 23 Feb, 2020

Italian authorities have implemented draconian measures to try to halt the coronavirus outbreak in the north of the country, including imposing fines on anyone caught entering or leaving outbreak areas, as a third person was confirmed to have died on Sunday 23 Feb, 2020. The number of cases of the virus in the country has risen to 152. We can say now that Italy's coronavirus outbreak is the biggest outside Asia.

As I 've said in my article on coronavirus above, I found the connection between asteroid McDonalda and coronavirus. Also, I found that coronavirus 'vibes' over the grand fixed cross over 2°-6° of Taurus, Leo,Scorpio, Aquarius. Midpoint would be around 4° of fixed signs... 

On 27th October 2019, we had the New Moon at 4° Scorpio-coronavirus started on 1st December 2019.The influence of any lunation is until the next one, same type, so the first New Moon after 27th October 2019 New Moon was the New Moon on 26th November. As I said, the first coronavirus case started on 1st December 2019. On 22 April 2020 we are going to have the New Moon at 3° Taurus 24' (in conjunction with McDonalda 991 at 2 Taurus), which will close one cycle with opposition, so let's hope after that New Moon all this regarding coronavirus may start to touch its ending slowly, as we won't have (until the end of 2020) any lunation over 4° of fixed signs.

In the chart of Italy, we can notice the Moon (people) at 4° Scorpio, squaring the midpoint of the Moon 3° Aquarius and Asc 5° Aquarius in the chart of China . McDonalda in Italy's chart is placed at 14° Cancer 48', and the Moon is its ruler, and the Moon is at 4° Scorpio, as I've said! But, the most interesting is that right now secondary progressed Moon of Italy is crossing over 13° Cancer 44', preparing to cross over 14° Cancer during whole March 2020, where is asteroid McDonalda in Italy's chart. At 14° Cancer, Italy has its midpoint of the Sun and Pluto. The Sun is life by itself , and Pluto is death, as well as rebirth too. After all, several years ago I've mapped Italy at 3 Taurus - here you can read my article Eternal City of Rome and  3 Taurus

Croatia may be also sensitive, for I mapped this country at  3 Scorpio - Croatia and 3 Scorpio

Also, I took a look on South Korea chart. South Korea is the second country in Asia (after China) which struggles with coronavirus. Secondary progressed Sun of South Korea is right now at 2° Scorpio, making exact opposition with 2° Taurus-the placement of asteroid McDonalda in the moment of its discovering!. Secondary progressed Moon of South Korea is at 3° Leo 12', making opposition with China's Moon 3° Aquarius, as well as asteroid McDonalda in China's chart. 
South Korea's Asc is at 6° Scorpio.


Updated text from Smiljana added on Tuesday 17th March, 2020 for the upcoming April Isar's Jouranl Issue 2020

Saturn (borders) just crosses over the very end of Capricorn, 29° Capricorn, ’calling-out’ asteroid McDonalda from the US chart. Donald Trump declared the Proclamation of National Emergency regarding COVID-19, cancelled all flights between EU and US. I think it may reflect on Presidential election race and possible outcome, for the progressed Moon (together with progressed Pluto) of the US will cross over the same degree (29° Capricorn) around election (3rd Nov, 2020), as well as transit Moon and Jupiter will meet at 29° Capricorn too, between 17th-18th December, 2020 (when Saturn enters again Aquarius), just few days before the great Jupiter/Saturn conjunction at 0° Aquarius.  In the moment when I do this update, in front of us is Mars/Jupiter conjunction at 22° Capricorn (20th March, 2020), which will again ’wake up’ the great Saturn/Pluto conjunction from early January 2020. Mars is exalted in Capricorn, but together with Jupiter in its fall I suppose it will bring spreading of coronavirus and we may expect that many countries will involve their armies and police in order to fight against this globa problem. For example, in my country, in Serbia, since 15th March, 2020-the Proclamation of National Emergency was declared, and it means that we are going to use army for civil needs too. Also, we must have on mind the fact that 22° of Capricorn is squaring 22° of Aries, where we can find the fixed star from constellation of Cetus (BATEN CAITOS -Belly of The Whale) which always speaks about isolations,having problems with home, refugees. It gives compulsory transportation, change or emigration, misfortune by force or accident, shipwreck but also rescue, falls and blows. Baten Kaitos in The Whale has the character of Saturn, which perefectly fit right now with this story! The Saturnine properties, such as inhibition, reserve, caution, solitude, and simplicity often are forced onto such people either by a mundane power or a higher power. Sometimes ideas are propagated which make life for the native trying or troublesome for the native. To such persons, their fate is usually one of change. People influenced thus tend to depression or dwell on the thought of death. Life often is full of humiliation, renunciation and obstacles. Literally, imagine isolation because of COVID-19 is our own prison, and spending time in selfisolation is the perfect time to rethink about our mistakes, about our lives. The main point regarding BATEN CAITOS  is to admit yourself who you are and what is your true beign. Did you run away from your purpose all your life?  After selfconfession, you should ask the God (the Universe) for honest forgivness after the freedom should happen. The gate will be open, and isolation will end. As asteroid McDonalda was discovered at 2° Taurus (very close with 3° Taurs-the Moon’s exaltation degree) I would say the main human mistake might be – how we did treat the Mother Nature, and all what our Earth gives to us -  food we eat! After all, Taurus represents our planet Earth, and within Taurus at 3° vibes food and nature...

The dispositor of the US McDonalda at 29° Capricorn is Saturn 14° Capricorn, squarins the US Sun 13° Cancer (the US President), and let’s see how the upcoming lunar eclipse on 5th July, 2020 at 13° Capricorn will reflect on Donald Trump’s Presidency-have on mind that 13° of Capricorn was so important on 18th Sept, 2020 when Saturn turns direct from the same degree and when all regarding Impeachment started to ’move forward’ somehow... 

When Jupiter and Saturn meet at 0° Aquarius on 21st Dec, 2020, secondary progressed Moon of the US will be also finishing its crossing over 29° (carring secondary progressed Pluto 29° Capricorn too and bringing deep transformation), stepping into the field of Aquarius-I am still wondering can the new President of the US be person like Trump? I am still feeling in the air the woman (Moon/Pluto 29° Capricorn – with Afro American background, or Hispanic) who will make big transition and get the US into totally new, modern, different time (0° Aquarius), at least, as Vice President, if not as President.

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