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Beijing and 11º Scorpio Published: 28th January 2013 | Author: Smiljana Gavrančić

Beijing and 11º Scorpio
Published: 28th January 2013 | Author:Smiljana Gavrančić 

Napoleon is believed to have said the famous sentence: “Let her sleep, for when she wakes, she will shake the world”, and I would add to this: “China woke up a long time ago!”
Research that I have made led me to conclusion that the very Beijing, the capital of China, in the Zodiac has been placed at, not more not less, but at the degree of Uranus exaltation (communism) at 11° Scorpio at the degree from which Saturn will, in its retrograde movement in the course of 2013, make a turn and start retrograde. All this led me immediately to start thinking about the significance of Beijing during 2013, more precisely from 18th February to 8th July 2013, as long as the period of retrograde Saturn lasts. As the previous year of 2012 was the year of presidential elections in many (significant) countries – Russia, France, America, the most populated country in the world, China, got at the end of the previous year a new management of the Communist Party of China to manage China in the coming decade. As this is the fifth (Mercury = 5 = changeability) generation of politicians of the Communist Party of China, the whole world (including China itself) expects that there will be significant changes in this country, which has, in the meantime, become the second largest economy of the world, right after the leading economy of the USA! 

China’s New Leader

What was immediately interesting to me, as an astrologer, was that on 15th November 2012, when the Communist Party of China got new leadership, with Xi Jinping at its head (this person has automatically become the new state and military leader of the People’s Republic of China, on 15th March 2013, namely, at the time of retrograde Saturn), whereas Saturn in the solar chart was at 4° Scorpio 48’ and Saturn will, in its retrograde movement, reach precisely 4° Scorpio 49’!! Namely, we see that this is a very strong conjunction of the orb, only at 0° 01’. However, in the solar chart of that day we had another sign – the Moon was at 7° Sagittarius 43’, which was within the permitted orb of 30’, namely, almost at 8° Sagittarius, hence we could conclude that the Moon was at the point that, for 21st December 2012, we called the “Boomerang”, (8° Sagittarius), which carries within a solution to a problem… 

That 21st December is also significant in this story about China is confirmed by the already former Secretary General of the CP of China, who is also a former President of the People’s Republic of China – Hu Jintao, born precisely on 21st December 1942! Hu Jintao belongs to the fourth (Saturn = 4 = conservatism, rejection to reforms) generation of the politicians of the CP of China and he was famous for resisting reforms, insisting on stricter control of the economy, while his foreign policy was less reconcilable… 

Summer Olympic Games – Beijing, 2008

On the other side, the new President of the People’s Republic of China Xi Jinping is a son of the man who was a victim of the famous Cultural Revolution, which felt on his own skin the repressive methods because of which he was forced to live in a village for few years, and who knows the needs of the Chinese people, which is mainly rural and lives on agriculture… He was born after the Second World War and during the eighties he also resided in the United States, as a member of the study delegation for agriculture… Today, his daughter studies at Harvard and for all these reasons the West is looking at the new leader of the People’s Republic of China differently, seeing in him an opportunity to take China down the road of the necessary reforms, thus many American politicians claim that he is a person with whom communication is easy… That reforms of the Chinese economy are under way is confirmed by the fact that Xi Jinping has, in its former political career, managed Shanghai, the city of the fastest growing economy in the world…
It is interesting that this is precisely the person who was a General Manager of the Sumer Olympic Games in Beijing in 2008, when his task was to present China to the whole world in the best of lights.

The very date and time of opening of the Olympic Games in Beijing – 8th August 2008 at 08:08 p.m. we can see a strong reference to series 8, which can associate us to the sign of transformation, the sign of Scorpio, while when we look at the very chart we can see the position of the Moon (nation) at 12° Scorpio 31’, which is a close conjunction with 11° Scorpio, with a degree of Uranus exaltation, for which I suspect that it is Beijing, plus this could also be a hint that China will, with this man, embark on a new journey with this man, via faster reforms… If we look at the directions for China for the day of opening of the Olympics (as in the directions everything is moved by 1° for 1 year), then we can see Saturn in the directions (the ruler of Ascendant of China’s chart, which by it represents its capital – Beijing) precisely at 11° Scorpio, which all additionally confirmed by suspicions about the significance of this degree for this city… 

If we stop a bit now and think about what does the picture of exalted Uranus stand for in the Zodiac, than we can say that, in addition to being the picture of an incredible speed of Beijing’s development, this also means all technical equipment (Uranus) that comes from this country, however, this is also the picture of communism that remains (China is today unique in terms of its one-party system of rule, whereas the membership in the Communist Party of China has now reached over 82 millions) and, as a country, they are different (Uranus) from the rest of the world precisely because of it. Further, this would be the picture of bicycle (Uranus), which is unique of Beijing (there is a data that Beijing only has 9 million bicycles). The official Beijing has a developed airplane industry, which is also the picture of the exalted Uranus. However, Uranus is, of course, the picture of freedom, plus at the degree of its exaltation, this should be the biggest degree of freedom and we can ask ourselves now what about the human rights (Uranus) in Beijing, because of which the West, with official Washington above all, often expresses its dissatisfaction? The question of human rights, freedoms, Taiwan, Tibet, North Korea, is what these two countries often disagree about, however, as this is still 11° Scorpio, we should believe that in the future, Beijing will be working on this as well… The period of retrograde Saturn in 2013 is particularly important, as Saturn will precisely start its retrograde movement from 11° Scorpio, from the degree that could be linked to Beijing. 
7º Scorpio – „battlefield“

However, the fact is that the economies of these two countries (the USA and China) have been closely linked. The United States in debts need Chinese money, whereas growing Chinese economy needs the US market. However, peace between these two countries may precisely be reached through trade, to be discussed further…

What is really significant in this whole story is that in its retrograde movement, Saturn from 11° Scorpio will go to 4° Scorpio, which is the way from the degree of exaltation of Uranus (11° Scorpio) to the degree of exaltation of Pluto (Pluto is exalted at 3° Scorpio), thus we can have here a picture of conflict of Heaven and Earth, Mind and Body. There is a tendency here that two different countries, cultures, the East (in the chart for the moment when Saturn starts its retrograde movement, done for Greenwich, precisely for the Moon at Aldebaran – “Guard of the East”) and the West (at the moment when Saturn entered Scorpio, the Ascendant was at the stars of Orion (the United States) and the Moon/Jupiter conjunction was at Rigel (Orion), which also implies to the United States) and somehow to “conflicts”. However, as the midpoint on this journey is precisely at 7° Scorpio, than this point “hides” a solution to the possible problem. At 7° Scorpio is a “battlefield” to put the two different worlds together, a modern and traditional one, which is, of course, the USA and China represent. A potential to make friends of enemies “lives” at this degree… The very 7° may be related to relationships, to Venus that rules the seventh sign, the sign of Libra, which talks about diplomacy above all, whereas the sign of Scorpio is linked to the transformation, thus we may conclude that this is the remedy – transformation of relations! We must not forget the fact that close to 7° Scorpio is the Ascendant (the capital city) of the United States, at 8° Scorpio, i.e. Washington D.C., thus probably the time of retrograde Saturn in 2013 will be the time when these two leading economies in the world – the USA and China, should somehow rise above all their differences and meet at the same point (7° Scorpio) in order to function in a harmonized fashion! 

John Kerry and Jupiter in the Directions at 7º Scorpio

Economic interest may prevail here, as implied by the following. Namely, while researching it, I found interesting that while in the East, in China, the departing President (Hu Jintao) celebrated his 69th birthday (21st December 2012), in the West, in Washington, on this very same date, President Obama appointed a new State Secretary. John Kerry will replace Hillary Clinton at the position of a State Secretary, meaning he will become in charge of the foreign policy of the country. Precisely this man, who is known for after having participated in Vietnam – severely criticized the war (by which he won points with China), has got this year his Jupiter in the directions (economy, finance system of the country) at 7° Scorpio, at the degree offering an opportunity to resolve any dispute. 

Kerry’s Ascendant is in Sagittarius, thus the significance of his Jupiter precisely in this year (2013), but his Jupiter is also the ruler of 7 (international relations) from 10 (him as a State Secretary). Finally, the very chart of the United States, Jupiter is the ruler of 2 – finances of the country. 

The fact is that both these countries are dependant on each other, above all in the economic sense, and that, despite all the differences that are huge, the only that brings them together is – the economy! What Washington  holds most against Beijing is that the exchange rate of Chinese yuan does not follow realistic growth of the economy, which is why the very United States suffers an enormous trade deficit, and it has constantly invited Beijing to get engaged more into solution of global economic problems, as their economy is at the second place in the world…

That the time of retrograde Saturn of 2013 really is the key to the USA and China relations can be seen from the following. Namely, in the year of the Olympic Games of 2008, on the very day of the opening (8th August 2008), the secondary Descendant of China (which is across from this country) was neither more nor less but at 7° Scorpio, whereas the tertiary Moon (transiting around 1° in about 2 days) was also precisely on 7° Scorpio that day! This is precisely the midpoint of the retrograde movement of Saturn during 2013, particularly important for the month, when the retrograde Saturn gets to 7° Scorpio, at the point which can be called – “battlefield”! 

The First Visit to Washington D.C.

The power changes in China every 10 years, i.e. management of the CP of China and, as it seems, the new leader of China Xi Jinping, while he worked as a Vice-President of this country (in the last 10 years) has prepared himself well for this capacity. Namely, in addition to a significant role about organization of the first Olympic Games in Beijing in 2008, on 14th February 2012 he visited the White House and met President Obama for the first time. Also, precisely the year of 2012 was marked by the 40th anniversary since establishing diplomatic relations between these two countries, a historic visit of President Nixon to Beijing (July, 1972). This was the moment of a decisive effect on the future creation of the American-Chinese relations and changed the course of the Cold War. Parallelism of the interests brought these two historical, cultural and ideologically opposing countries to a position of seeking support in each other … As we can see, the official Beijing returned the celebration of this jubilee in 2012 by visiting Washington D.C. …

The date of the meeting is interesting, isn’t it? This is the date when the West celebrates St. Valentine’s Day, better known as the “Day of Love”, which could all associate to the meeting that should be colored with harmony. 

However, another thing that is interested here is that the secondary Moon of China (nation) was precisely during this month at 7° Taurus, making an exact opposition to 7° Scorpio, the degree which if of key significance to relations of these two countries during the retrograde movement of Saturn in 2013, more precisely in the month of May of 2013! The axis Taurus/Scorpio certainly speaks about the primary disagreement of these two countries precisely in relation to economy and that this is where they will need to overcome the problems… It will truly be necessary to understand that they are dependant on each other, as well as that the destiny of the entire planet depends on their peace in trading…

Whereas the tsar China (with a strong culture) is linked to the sign of Libra, the sign where Saturn (wall) is exalted, as the first connotation of the most populated country in the world in precisely the famous Great Wall of China, as something that has remained in time (Saturn) – on the other side, the modern contemporary China also encompasses the symbolism of Virgo. Namely, the Chinese are, above all, a “working class” nation (Virgo) and China itself, in its recent history has been known by persecution of teachers, prohibition of all forms of education (Jupiter in exile in Virgo), the famous Chinese Revolution (the fall of Venus in Virgo). However, the very Beijing still lives at the degree of exaltation of Uranus (speed), at the very special place in the Zodiac… 

Yes, China has been awake, it is different and special, and it is highly probable that in the future it will bravely point out this feature, by being its own and getting faster and faster… whereas the relations of the two worldly economies, the two “economic giants”, the USA and China, are definitely the key factors for peace and security in the world… An opportunity for reconciliation, especially in an economic sense, will appear during this 2013, which will, of course, be reflected to the rest of the world as well, in a positive sense… 

The upcoming part I’ve added in February 2020

Trump’s adminstration

 The China–United States trade war is an ongoing economic conflict between the world's two largest national economies, China and the United States. President Donald Trump in 2018 began setting tariffs and other trade barriers on China with the goal of forcing it to make changes to what the U.S. says are "unfair trade practices". Among those trade practices and their effects are the growing trade deficit, the theft of intellectual property, and the forced transfer of American technology to China. 

August 26th, 2019: At the 45th G7 summit in France, Trump stated, "China called last night our top trade people and said ‘let’s get back to the table’ so we will be getting back to the table and I think they want to do something. They have been hurt very badly but they understand this is the right thing to do and I have great respect for it." Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Geng Shuang said he was unaware of such a call and Trump aides later conceded the call didn't occur but the president was trying to project optimism. 

During 2020, Donald Trump’s Solar Arc Mars (ruler of his natal 9 – abroad, as well as his angular 4, which is 7 (diplomacy) from his 10 (he as head of the state) ) is crossing over 7° Scorpio, very important point for the relationship between the US and China. Moreover, in the moment when the 46th G7 summit will be held  (10th-12th June, 2020) in the US, secondary progressed composite Moon of the US and China will cross over 7° Scorpio too!
The Group of Seven (G7) is an international intergovernmental economic organization consisting of the seven largest IMF- advanced economies in the world: Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the United Kingdom and the United States.And, where is China? The second largest economy of the world?! Remember what Napelon said?

 In March 2014, the G7 declared that a meaningful discussion was currently not possible with Russia in the context of the G8. Since then, meetings have continued within the G7 process. On December 3rd, 2019 it was announced that the 46th G7 summit 2020 would be held at Camp David, the country retreat of the President of the United States. This is the first G7 summit to be held at Camp David, a summit was previously held at Camp David in 2012 for the G8. 

It will be interesting to follow what the 46th G7 summit this June will bring  to China! It stays we see, but there is some possibility for making some balance between the US and China. 

Also, let’s see what kind of statement the group G7 will take regarding Russia...

Chart source:  "Horoscopes of the USA and Canada" , Astrologer Marc H. Penfield 
                        "The Book of World Horoscopes", Nicholas Campion

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