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Who is Jacline Mouraud? Another Persephone... Published: 18th February, 2019 I Author: Smiljana Gavrančić

Who is Jacline Mouraud?
Another Persephone...
Published: 18th February, 2019 I Author: Smiljana Gavrančić

This article was published in March/April 2019 issue of the Infinity Astrological Magazine (IAM) #NUCLEUS - You can order your digital/hard copy here

 She was born on April 24, 1967, at 21h 45 min (Guerande, France), with the Sun at 3° Taurus 58’, just couple of hours after the lunar eclipse at 3° Scorpio 37’ (time for Guerande, France 13:03:24, IC/MC was positioned across 2° Scorpio 27'/2° Taurus 27', which is, as you will learn further in the text, the axis of draconic Moon and Uranus of the present President Emmanuel Macron). She is Jacline Mouraud, an activist of the movement “Yellow Vests” in France. To have prenatal eclipse at a spot this powerful, the degree of Moon’s fall (and the degree of Pluto’s exaltation) is certainly going to bring her in relation to danger, with “underground” in the sense of deep subconscious and unconscious contents, for she is brave enough to enter Hade’s world, to get to know “death” there and like mythological Persephone, to return to the Earth after transformation, carrying deep and great knowledge that can be found only in Hade’s world. Just as a reminder, at 3° Scorpio lives Persephone, the girl who goes to the Hade’s world to become a woman, to get stronger and emancipated and independent in real world. 

Jacline has several professions; one of them is hypnotherapist, which fits the picture of Persephone who vibrates within her. Her Asc is at 22° Scorpio, and close is retrograde Neptune (hypnosis), close to the fixed star Unukalhai (from constellation of Serpens, often producing doctors, those who heal). The Moon (people coming into our life) at 9° Scorpio in 12th house (house of the personal myth), at the South Node, is depiction of all her patients who are in a kind of personal “fall”, who are hypnotized by her and lowered to some “low, dark levels of their own Universe”, hoping to touch that point inside every one of us where the key change within is occurring, after what we are able to rise again, like Phoenix, and be born again. The planet at the South Node always depicts the series 11, the sign of Aquarius, and its modern ruler – Uranus. It is depiction not of the past life, but the one before the last! Planet on the South Node means one has to change and liberate oneself in order to continue. Often, it is painful… One of her specialties is to help her patients quit smoking during hypnotherapies. At 3° Scorpio behavior patterns are changed, some memories are being left, as well as some emotions that do not belong, for memories are emotions that do not belong to us, it is the story belonging to the whole of our genetics, all women within who “fell” sometime somewhere because the Moon falls at 3° Scorpio – whether they were ill and the illness brought them to the end, or they simply were not aware enough and brave enough to change those deeply engraved patterns, so they were destined to fall. At 3° Scorpio there is that “dirty river” requiring cleansing… 

  On the other hand, her primary ruler of Asc, the traditional Scorpio ruler, and also the ruler of her Moon in 12th house (the house that depicts the personal myth and in this case starts at exactly 3° Scorpio, the degree of Persephone) is the retrograde Mars at 21° Libra. At 21° Libra there is the fixed star Spica (from constellation of Virgo), giving gifts from heavens, if Mars and Venus (the nature of which this star is) are in a harmonious aspect. So, Jacline has the Venus in Gemini in applying trine with Mars in Libra, giving her the potential assistance of the Universe related to some movement (retrograde Mars is in the 11th house – the house of movements, protests, revolt, revolutions, political and non-governmental organizations). But, retrograde Mars is still retrograde Mars, which is not compliant with the nature of the planet representing action primarily, but since she works as hypnotherapist, this retrograde Mars works very good for her, for besides the support from Spica, Mars is in the area of the Zodiac known as “Via Combusta”, depicting as well healing abilities of a person. 


 Jacline is also the fire safety officer, depicted through her retrograde Mars as well, (as the ruler of Asc) in the zone of “Via Combusta”), in the sign of its exile (Libra) and in square with Jupiter at 26° Cancer (at 28° Cancer the Mars – fire falls). The Mars is just being itself, a signifier of the fire! On the other hand, Mars/Jupiter square often gives the fight for justice, for legislation, especially if the Jupiter is exalted in Cancer and the Mars is in Libra, the sign where the Saturn (the justice) is exalted. So, this retrograde Mars, weakened by its position at “Via Combusta” and in the sign of its exile is best used for the work as hypnotherapist, for I usually say to people with retrograde Mars that they have to work with energies silently, to learn not to act from outside, but from inside, within, to learn to have sufficient “earthing”. One of the ways Jacline connects her patients with earth and everything that lives below our feet is the assistance she provides in quitting smoking, for smoking surely is no “earthing”. Smoking is Neptune’s world, Neptune’s lower vibration, floating and separating our feet from Earth’s Center. 

Jacline is also an artist, a professional accordionist and a composer. In favor of her artistic talents is certainly her Venus (art) being out-of-bounds. But, that same Venus in Gemini brings her divorce, for it is difficult to stay in one marriage if the ruler of the 7th house (marriage) or essential signifier of relationships (Venus, Sun and Mars in female and Moon in male horoscope) are in mutable and double sign of Gemini, as the case is with Jacline. Her Venus is also in applying square with Uranus/Pluto conjunction in Virgo, all in favor of divorce. 

October 2018 – Meeting of retrograde Venus and Sun at 3° Scorpio!

 In October, Jacline filmed a video and posted it on Facebook, inviting all citizens to follow her example and put a yellow vest behind the windscreen of the car. She wanted to express her protest against high prices of fuel and planned increase to a hydrocarbon tax, the tax on energy causing the effect of global warming. That video had more than six million views. 

Words global warming may have hidden meaning here, related to the Mars chakra, because the more one’s feet are warm (and not cold), the more one is in contact with the Earth’s Core, the more one is “earthed”, the more satisfied with one’s financial condition. When Mars chakra is not right, all our fears relate to existential issues! Below Mars chakra (one’s feet) lays Pluto’s world, the world of enormous energy and wealth. 

If you remember, on October 26, 2018 there was so-called “lower conjunction” of retrograde Venus and the Sun at 3° Scorpio, across from the natal Sun of Jacline, i.e. exactly at the spot of her prenatal  (lunar) eclipse I have mentioned at the beginning of this text! Protests start in November 2018! Also, it is important to mention that Venus started its retrograde motion on October 5, 2018 at 10° Scorpio, very close to Jacline’s Moon at 9° Scorpio.

Bear in mind that Venus always depicts country’s economy, not relations only! Being the other energy center, second chakra, its main feature is the feeling of guilt we all have within for some reason. So, here it is needed to work on eliminating that feeling of guilt for not possessing enough, not to blame oneself. Venus’ turn to retrograde motion in the sign of Scorpio, the sign offering the most possibilities to “wash” oneself from that river called genetics – it is the best thing we could have had in 2018, for only “cleaning” brings new life. 

Soon after the first eclipse in 2019, at 15° Capricorn (January 6, 2019), and before the second eclipse at 0° Leo  (January 21, 2019) that activated her natal axis 3/9 (decisions), Jacline founded her party Les Émergents (The Risen) with the intention of participating in local elections in France in 2020 – eclipse was squaring her natal Mercury (decision) at 16° Aries, the ruler of her MC (the field of career, but also the field one represents oneself in public life). It is interesting that her Mercury crossed over the Saturn in Aries, meaning that the transit of Saturn through the sign of Capricorn and activation of her natal Mercury at 16° Aries through 16° Capricorn during January 2019, then again during July 2019 in retrograde motion and finally during November 2019 – will certainly define things in her new party. Anything can happen there – some “growling” and “cleaning”, for it is the story with Saturn, and the square itself initiates actions, but also brings things stopped halfway. But, during February/March 2019 Jacline will have her secondary progressed Moon at 27° Virgo in exact opposition with natal Chiron at 27° Pisces, so this is the period for her personal healing, for in her natal chart she has wide applying trine of Moon in Scorpio and Chiron at the end of the sign of Pisces.  

Uranus’ transit

Well, important things waiting for Jacline are the following: Uranus will soon cross the natal Sun at 3° Taurus and activate her prenatal lunar eclipse at 3° Scorpio. It will happen in the first half of May 2019 and then again at the end of November and beginning of December 2019 and once again in February/March 2020. It is interesting that the present French President Emmanuel Macron has in his draconic chart (memory of his soul from the previous incarnation) opposition Moon/Uranus (depiction of people protesting, people who are rebellious, frustrated, who are a kind of revolutionaries) across 2° Scorpio/2° Taurus, so through his chart we see even greater activation of protests. For, Uranus is the one to awake and call for changes of the system. The Moon in a man’s chart depiction his spouse, and in Macron’s case his ruler of the 7th house in Cancer (marriage), so the draconic Moon at 2° Scorpio across from draconic Uranus at 2° Taurus depicts his spouse, Brigitte Macron, who may very well be the reason why the French people “awake” through rebellion and revolt shown through the protests. The wife of the President Macron may be the “turning point” in all those events, since there are rumors she has a lot of influence on the President. Interestingly, her natal Venus is at 29° Aries (in opposition with Saturn at 26° Libra, which brings her the partner of significant age difference), and Uranus (as well as the transit Mars during February 2019, but she faced this during the spring of 2018, and again in November 2018, when Uranus returned into Aries and when protests started in streets of Paris) has just finished crossing over it. At the same time, during 2018/2019, secondary progressed Sun of Brigitte crosses over 26° Taurus, i.e. fixed star Algol (constellation of Perseus), which jeopardizes the power position of her husband, since Algol can easily bring the “fall of head”, replacement of influential ones, i.e. replacement of those in power… 


If you remember, Uranus turned retrograde in the summer of 2018 at 2° Taurus, and during 2019 it will again activate Macron’s draconic axis Moon/Uranus, in the second half of April 2019, and finally on January 11, 2020 it will turn direct at exactly 2° Taurus 39’, only a day after long-awaited conjunction of Saturn and Pluto at 22° Capricorn on January 10, 2020. I would say that French people will continue to “awake” and wish to change things, while on the other hand Jacline will have more and more courage to do more and more by Uranus crossing her natal Sun, so this is the “awakening of her internal Sun”, the “awakening” of her identity (who am I, what am I…), “awakening” of her last emotion from the moment of her death in the previous life, for prenatal eclipse depicts our last emotion from the moment of leaving the world, and there is always some “binging karma”, something unknown, some “dark”, something we carry over into the next life, i.e. into this present life… 

The Sun rules the 9th house in the chart of this woman, and 9th house depicts the future life, it is the first heavenly house, for it is the first house after the 8th one (the end, the death in this life), but her Sun is in the 2nd house (system of values, food we take every day) from the 5th (which is Asc in the previous life) and depicts our own sense of worthiness in the previous life, our relation towards values, which is all very important for a person born in the sign of Taurus, for Taurus needs security, through things he collects, through the food he eats every day, etc. I also read that she stated, as one of reasons of her discontent, that she earns 800-1000 euros monthly, and the only valuable thing she possesses is a car she bought 10 years ago for 11,000 euros! Also, she publically asked the President Macron: “What are you doing with the money apart from buying new dishes at the Élysée Palace and building yourself swimming pools?”

Activation of Grand Fixed Cross across 9° during 2018

 If we take a look at Jaclines’ horoscope of the previous life, so-called Dwadasamsa chart, and the horoscope of her future life, and if we try to find the connection with her present life, it is obvious that the axis 9° Taurus/9° Scorpio is very active. In the 12th Harmonic (the horoscope of the future life) there is the Pluto (natal Asc ruler) at 9° Scorpio, at the natal Moon, while in the horoscope of the previous life the Uranus (revolution, protest) is across the Zodiac, at 9° Taurus.


Do you remember June 26, 2018? Why this date specifically? Because on that day the Mars (action) turned retrograde at 9° Aquarius, activating the axis 9° Taurus/9° Scorpio from the horoscope of Jacline. All started to “boil” within her during the summer of 2018. Uranus turned retrograde at 2° Taurus at the beginning of August, while Mars turned direct at the end of August, crossing again over 9° Aquarius, but this time in direct motion, on October 8, 2018! So, here we are back at October 2018, when the “lower conjunction” of retrograde Venus and Sun occurred at 3° Scorpio, and when Jacline posted on Facebook the video that launched her.   

I will add that draconic Mars of the Fifth Republic of France is exactly at 9° Scorpio, at the Moon of Jacline. In the horoscope of the Fifth Republic of France, Mars is the ruler of MC and it represents the president, prime minister, persons in power, so this is depiction of memory within Jacline of some sort of wound (physical one, possible from fire) she carries from previous incarnations. She was wounded by the people in power. In this life, the wound may happen again, because it is the Moon (subconscious planet) and the Mars (deeply unconscious planet). A great deal of awareness is needed here, on both sides… Again, she publically declared that she is against the violence, and she represents the moderate fraction within the movement “Yellow vests”. It is interesting that her secondary progressed Venus (the ruler of her Sun, but also the ruler of her 7th house – open enemies) is at present and during 2019 at 9° Leo, activating the Grand Fixed Cross across 9°.

On June 11, 2020 Jacline will have the first opposition of transit Uranus to the natal Moon, which will be very important for this woman. That will repeat once more during 2020, but that time in retrograde motion of Uranus during October 2020. 

During 2018, Jacline had the crossing of Solar Arc Uranus (revolution, rebellion) over natal Moon at 9° Scorpio, and during 2020 Solar Arc Pluto will cross over the Moon as well. Uranus liberated her suppressed memories (Moon), while the Pluto will make her stronger, because “attacks” against her are possible, but only with the aim of making her stronger. This woman may certainly become more powerful during 2020, because in her natal chart she has Moon in sextile with Pluto, so crossing of Solar Arc Pluto over natal Moon is in her favor. When “growing”, it happens that one gets “attacked”, and what does not “kill” one will make one stronger! 

If we now take a look at the horoscope of the Fifth Republic of France, we see Neptune (fuel), as the ruler of 9th house (legislative system) exactly at 3° Scorpio! Solar Arc Neptune of the Fifth Republic of France spends 2019 at 4° Capricorn, and at the end of December 2019 (around Catholic Christmas) there will be solar eclipse at 4° Capricorn. Last time this eclipse was at this same degree was on December 25, 2000. What I have found related to France in 2000 is that at referendum held on September 24, 2000, before the December eclipse, France voted to reduce the presidential mandate from 7 to 5 years. At that time the President was Jacques Chirac. So, eclipse reduced the presidential mandate… 

Secondary Asc of Jacline will cross over 4° Capricorn and the mentioned eclipse at the end of the year, giving it even more significance. 


Solar Arc Pluto of the Fifth Republic of France spends this year at 3° Scorpio, emphasizing some deep transformations, possibly related to all that is in the symbolism of Neptune (oil, gas, etc.).  

Secondary Asc of the Fifth Republic of France will come to 9° Virgo in 2020, crossing over MC of Jacline, so this woman may become more significant during the next year. 

Composite chart of the Fifth Republic of France and Jacline Mouraud

 In the end, let us take a look at the composite chart of Jacline and the Fifth Republic of France. I found the following important things: the Sun (the president, Macron at the moment) at 22° Cancer, certainly being transformed by Pluto and several oppositions: February 2019, June/July 2019, December 2019 and finally together with the Saturn on January 10, 2020 it will define things! Also interesting is the Mercury from composite chart, placed at 13° Capricorn! This degree was active thorough Saturn during January 2019, and especially important moment will be on September 18, 2019, when Saturn will turn direct at 13° Capricorn! Saturn might call out the state regarding liability for its relation towards members of “Yellow vests”… 

I have to add that during January/February 2020 transit Jupiter will also activate 13° Capricorn (only one crossing over, though)! Mercury from composite chart is the ruler of Asc, which in this case might be the state itself, being superior compared to Jacline, but also any kind of agreement or document between the state on one side and Jacline leading “yellow vests” on the other side, since Jupiter rules the 7th house in composite chart and represents Jacline (being the less superior in this relationship with the state).


Also interesting is the axis of lunar nodes in composite chart of the Fifth Republic of France and Jacline, for it lies across 29° Cancer (North Node)/29° Capricorn (South Node), because right now, while I am writing this, Uranus crosses over 29° Aries for the last time and activates this axis. Transit Mars at 29° Aries (on the morning of February 13, 2019, when I write this) contributes to more liberation of suppressed actions…

Couple of years ago I wrote the article “Paris and 21° Aquarius”, in which I managed, through all important French rulers, to find the connection through the Grand Fixed Cross across 21°, activating 21° Aquarius (France). As you saw, Jacline has Asc at 22° Scorpio, squaring 21° Aquarius!
You can read my article “Paris and 21° Aquarius” here: Paris and 21° Aquarius

Chart sources:
Chart of Jacline Moraud was taken from https://www.astrotheme.com/astrology/Jacline_Mouraud
Emmanuel Macron’s and Brigitte Macron’s chart were taken from www.astro.com
Chart of France 5th Republic was taken from „The Book of World Horoscopes“ by Nicholas Campion

   Smiljana Gavrančić was born in Serbia and she is the editor, founder and owner of the bimonthly IAM –  INΦINITY Astrological Magazine. She is an ISAR CAP, studied hermetic astrology and practises astrology of karma and archetypes (fixed stars, mythology). She is also a leading exponent of significant degrees in mundane and natal charts – and was one of a few astrologers to predict that Donald Trump would become 45th US president a year before his election. Contact for booking your personal reading with Smiljana: smiljana.gavrancic@gmail.com

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