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Brexit and 13° Pisces Leaving EU from the degree of Mercury’s fall Published: 17th February, 2019 I Author: Smiljana Gavrančić

Brexit and 13° Pisces
Leaving EU from the degree of Mercury’s fall
Published: 17th February, 2019 I Author: Smiljana Gavrančić

 This article was published in March/April 2019 issue of the Infinity Astrological Magazine (IAM) #NUCLEUS - You can order your digital/hard copy here

 If you entered some project with the symbolism of 13° Pisces, it can hardly last in time. UK started its journey to EU in 1973 from 13° Pisces, the degree of Mercury’s fall, and it also leaves EU from 13° Pisces. Here, changes of previously agreed things are possible, for any agreement, any signature fails in time…

January 1, 1973 

 United Kingdom entered the EU (then EC – European Community) on January 1, 1973, led by its then Prime Minister Edward Heath, member of the Conservative Party. Before that, UK faced some difficulties in joining EC, for it was blocked by the France, i.e. the general Charles de Gaulle. When de Gaulle left the leading position of the Fifth Republic of France, it opened a door to UK. It is interesting to note that in Dwadasamsa chart ( i.e. chart of the previous life), de Gaulle has his Saturn at 13° Pisces (degree of Mercury’s fall)! His natal Saturn has within the conjunction Mars/Jupiter in Aquarius. Mars rules his 7th house (relationships with others, diplomacy), while Jupiter rules his 3rd house (decisions). Present British Prime Minister Theresa May, supporter of the Brexit, has her Saturn at 29° Scorpio, the same spot as de Gaulle’s Sun. It is obviously a karmic relationship, where in this case Theresa May "takes for herself", for there is a debt, and de Gaulle is a debtor...


Queen Elizabeth II

 Queen Elizabeth II, being a sovereign, has in her natal chart the Venus (the ruler of her Sun – reputation) also at the already mentioned 13° Pisces! At the moment of UK’s joining the European Community, secondary progressed Moon (people) of Elisabeth II was exactly at 0° Taurus, at her natal Sun, depicting grand new beginning for UK through the queen’s chart. The first degree of Taurus really held a promise, for it materializes things! As we know, Uranus will enter Taurus again on March 6, 2019, and this will be accompanied by the New Moon at 15° Pisces, which brings the energy of the degree of Mercury’s fall, since it crossed over 13° Pisces (still in its balsamic phase, where there is no materialization, the phase of deep meditation before the new awakening). 


It is important o say that on May 4, 1979 (when UK got his first female Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher), the Solar Arc Asc of Elizabeth II was at 12° Pisces 30’ (almost at 13° Pisces, since in Solar Arc directions everything moves 1° for 1 year). 

If we analyze progressions of Elizabeth II for March 29, 2019, when Great Britain is to officially leave EU, we see anaretic degree – 29° several times, indicating the end of something, but also the new beginnings. Her secondary progressed Sun is at 29° Cancer, secondary progressed Moon at 29° Sagittarius, squaring secondary progressed Uranus at 29° Pisces – people who came to a certain point, where tensions are high and wishing changes? Tertiary Moon (people) of Elisabeth II on March 29, 2019 is also interesting - 29° Capricorn, opposing her progressed Sun at 29° Cancer. The Sun is always the symbol of a ruler, while the Moon is the symbol of people, and there is opposition here. Shall wishes and will of people be in harmony with wishes of the ruling ones? I would say it is very possible they will not… 

One more thing, Mercury (decisions)  will start its retrograde motion on  March 6, 2019. at 29° Pisces, when Uranus enters Taurus, and it will turn direct on March 29, 2019  when Great Britain should leave EU! It could bring some changes, delays...


Edward Heath – the man who brought UK in European Community

 Solar Arc Saturn of Edward Heath (ruler of his natal MC – him as the Prime Minister, representative of power) was at 13° Virgo on the day UK joined EC, which is the degree of Mercury’s exaltation, activating at the same time 13° Pisces, the degree of Mercury’s fall! In his 12th Harmonic chart (chart of future life), Edward Heath has Mercury (decision) at 14° Pisces 29’, very close to 13° Pisces. When UK joined EC, Solar Arc Moon of Heath was at 29° Sagittarius, the same spot where on March 29, 2019 (when Great Britain is supposed to leave EU) secondary progressed Moon of the Queen Elizabeth II will be.

At 13° Pisces Mercury falls, and any kind of decision fails, for whatever we said out loud, whatever we signed – fails in time... Why? Because whenever we say something out loud, whenever we sign something, some document – it turns out not to be truth!


Two referendums on leaving EU – in 1975 and in 2016

At the referendum held on June 23, 2016, known as “Brexit” (where it was decided if UK shall remain within EU or not), the result was the following: 51.89% in favor of leaving European Union, and 48.11% in favor of remaining within EU. The Venus was then “out-of-bounds”, automatically announcing possibility of British economy being “dislodged” from its usual flows. If you remember, the British pound started the fall after 2016 referendum... Leaving EU includes the changes to the market of Great Britain (composed of England, Scotland and Wales). United Kingdom is composed of Great Britain, Northern Ireland and Gibraltar. England and Wales voted in favor of leaving EU, while Scotland, Northern Ireland and Gibraltar voted in favor remaining within EU. If we analyze horoscope for June 23, 2016 from the point of view of Dwadasamsa chart (the horoscope of previous life), we see Jupiter at 13° Pisces! In the chart of Brexit, the Jupiter is the ruler of angular 4th house (better known as IC), as well as of angular 7th house (better known as Desc), so it is important planet in this chart, and its position in Dwadasamsa chart at 13° Pisces is a kind of alarm in this story! Anyway, Jupiter should be taken into account when analyzing economy of a country (besides Venus, which represents finances and economy primarily).  


Legal basis for carrying out referendum was created after the Conservative Party won general elections in 2015 and adopted the European Union Referendum Act in the UK Parliament in the same year. Referendum on June 26, 2016 was the second referendum on British membership in EU, after the first one from June 5, 1975, on membership in then European Community.  That first time 67.23% voted in favor of remaining in EC, and the turnout was 64.62%. If we progress the chart of Edward Heath (the man during whose mandate UK became a part of EC), we see that at the moment of referendum, on June 5, 1975 his secondary progressed Sun was crossing over 13° Virgo, calling out 13° Pisces across the Zodiac. The position of his tertiary Moon is also interesting (since it moves 1° for about 2 and a half days). As we see, tertiary Moon (people of UK, electorate) was at 11° Virgo 49’ at the time of referendum, crossing over 13° Virgo in the following days, and calling out 13° Pisces! But, since Mercury is at its exaltation at 13° Virgo, the majority voted YES and decided to remain within European Community.


The first woman prime minister - Margaret Thatcher: "I don't think there will be a woman prime minister in my lifetime!"

 The horoscope of the first woman prime minister in the history of UK, Margaret Thatcher, is also important, since she was the member of the Conservative Party, known for her hard attitude on migrants, even then. The Great Britain has a woman prime minister again, Theresa May, whose task is to lead Great Britain out of the European Union and who is also in favor of closing borders for migrants.  Thatcher is Scorpio Asc, so Pluto (being the modern ruler of this sign) is very prominent in draconic chart (chart of soul’s memory of previous incarnation) at exactly 13° Pisces! On the other hand, in Dwadasama chart, Thatcher has Fortune (the most personal point of any horoscope, describing the relation of Asc, Sun and Moon) also at 13° Pisces, while this very same spot is occupied by her Moon in 12th Harmonic chart (chart of future life). In her chart, the Moon is the ruler of Pluto at 14° Cancer, and Pluto is the modern other ruler of her Asc in Scorpio. 

In 1974, only a year after UK joined European Community, Margaret Thatcher became the first woman president of the Conservative Party and on May 4, 1979 she became the first woman prime minister in the history of her country (she remained at that position until November 28, 1990). It is interesting that all that happened just prior to lunar eclipse at 13° Pisces on September 6, 1979! The first thing she did as a Prime Minister was to limit the immigration into UK! That especially referred to Vietnamese who used to come to UK on boats. Also, she took a series of economic measures: VAT increase, increase of utility price and price of fuel, increase of interest rates to reduce the inflation, reduction of income tax and state budget for education. 

Another eclipse during Margaret Thatcher’s rule might be interesting –  the lunar eclipse on March 3, 1988 at 13° Virgo, across from 13° Pisces. Namely, Margaret Thatcher and her party were in favor of UK remaining within EC at referendum held in 1975. But, in her famous speech in 1988 (the year of the mentioned eclipse on March 3, 1988), she opposed proposals of European Economic Community (now EU) for more centralized deciding process.

There is another eclipse worth mentioning. It was lunar eclipse on September 6, 1998, at 13° Pisces. Then, the Prime Minister was Tony Blair. During his mandate, he led British troops into wars more than any other prime minister in the history, he did it five times: Iraq twice, in 1998 and 2003, Kosovo 1999, Sierra Leone 2000 and Afghanistan 2001. At the mundane level, the effects of one eclipse last much longer than on the personal level, i.e. it lasts for as many years as the eclipse lasted in seconds, so the mentioned eclipse opened the door for couple of years to come…

Let us get back to Margaret Thatcher who stated “I don't think there will be a woman prime minister in my lifetime!" That turned out to be the truth. After her, the prime minister was John Major, then Tony Blair, Gordon Brown, David Cameron and finally Theresa May since the mid-2016, the second woman prime minister! Margaret died on April 8, 2013 (11:00, London, England) – MC was at 15° Pisces, the same spot where on March 6, 2019, the New Moon will happen when Uranus will touch 0° Taurus, the lunation I have already mentioned in relation to the chart of the Queen Elizabeth II. 


Theresa May – the second woman prime minister in history

The present Prime Minister Theresa May has the Saturn at 29° Scorpio, and Saturn is ruled by Mars at 13° Pisces! Mars is also the ruler of her MC, and before she became the prime minister she was the Minister of Interior (after the Conservative Party won elections in 2010), which is said to be the most difficult job in the government, and which is certainly something Scorpio MC and Mars (the ruler of MC) in Pisces may give! May lasted for six years on that “tough job”, longer than any other minister of interior since 1892. But, this Mars is at the degree of Mercury’s fall, it is retrograde (good for deep research, but also things cannot be done at once, repetitions are needed), so I would say that this woman is very good at collecting secret information, at tasks related to secret service, but implementation of Brexit will have to be attempted more than once…

 Ascendant of Theresa May at 0° Capricorn?

Every astrologer is a channel for some chart that happens to be in his hands, so I also followed my inner feeling, and I put the Moon of Theresa May exactly at 3° Virgo, which is at the same time the position of MC of the late first Prime Minister Thatcher! Since May is the second woman prime minister in the history of UK, horoscopes of those two women have to be connected somehow. May is known as a very hard working person, coming to work three hours before anybody else, she loves cooking for her husband, she loves her home, and in free time she travels with her husband. May is said not to gossip about other people during luncheons, not to drink in bars of the parliament. I would say her Moon is in Virgo and not in Leo, and for its exact position I choose Thatcher’s MC! In that case, Asc of Theresa May would be at 0° Capricorn, very cardinal spot within Zodiac, the spot that shall be touched soon by secondary progressed Moon of the Queen Elisabeth II. If you remember, in the first paragraph of this text I said that secondary progressed Moon of Elisabeth II will be at 29° Sagittarius (after which comes 0° Capricorn!) at the moment of GB leaving EU on March 29, 2019. If we say that Asc of Theresa May is at 0° Capricorn (after my rectification of her chart, since the time of birth is unknown), then her Saturn at 29° Scorpio depicts the woman that should lead the country through transition from one point, the point of darkness at 29° Scorpio, towards some new point, 0° Sagittarius. It is the transition that has to be made now. Naturally, every 29° is slow, it materializes with difficulty, so it is not accidentally that she has difficulties to have the agreement made with EU on leaving the EU, adopted by the Parliament. But, she claims that GB shall leave EU on March 29, 2019, as announced. So, if we take her Asc to be at 0° Capricorn, then in draconic chart she would have Asc at 0° Taurus – the spot occupied by the Sun of the Queen Elisabeth II, and the spot where Uranus will come on March 6, 2019. Her draconic Sun would then be at 8° Aquarius, where the transit Moon (people) was at the moment of referendum on June 23, 2016, when the majority voted in favor of leaving EU. Now, she has difficulties in relation to implementation of Brexit (she does not even have the support of her own Conservative Party), for transit Jupiter from Sagittarius disturbs that by square, for her natal Mars at 13° Pisces is affected by the “bad” Jupiter in Virgo – the “bad” Jupiter means Jupiter in Virgo is in exile, so the form is repeating. The Jupiter represents the legislation, so from there come the problems. There is also her natal Neptune at 29° Libra, very close to MC, as dispositor of the Mars at 13° Pisces, and then Uranus “working” its last opposition at 29° Aries, causing her a great deal of stress during February 2019.


March 29, 2019.

 Let us take a look at chart for March 29, 2019, at midnight, London. That is the moment GB is supposed to officially leave EU. What is the future of GB after leaving EU now? The 12th Harmonic chart (the horoscope of the future life for this moment) may have an answer. There, we see the most personal point in the horoscope, the Fortuna (represented by the relation of Asc, Sun and the Moon) at 13° Pisces (the same spot where the Fortuna in Dwadasamsa chart of Thatcher is, as well as her Moon in 12th Harmonic chart, the chart of her future life), and the Mars is very close to 13° Pisces! Theresa May has her Mars at 13° Pisces, and Mercury (words, decisions) falls there.  

Does this means that she will lead GB out of EU even without the support of the majority in the Parliament (related to the agreement with EU)? It is possible... Also possible are some changes related to agreements, deals, for everything we sign, verbalize, decide at 13° Pisces – it fails in time, just like the joining of EU by UK went through 13° Pisces...


Several times during the previous years Neptune has crossed over 13° Pisces, causing very blurry picture, unclear sights, so still today it is not clear if the GB will really leave EU. There are those hoping that other scenarios are possible. But, all that is the symbolism of 13° Pisces...

Last view of the chart of Edward Heath...

At the end, let us take another look at the chart of Edward Heath, the man who brought UK into the European Community on January 1, 1973. He has opposition Moon/Jupiter across 5° Scorpio / 2° Taurus, and Uranus is about to activate things here. The moon here is always depiction of GB people, and even when he is no longer alive, the chart of Edward Heath shows the fate of British people. What may happen soon, during 2019/2020, is great economic discontent of Britons, for the axis goes across Taurus/Scorpio, the Moon is in fall, while Jupiter in Taurus depicts economics and finances. Opposition Moon/Jupiter is depiction of the people with high expectations related to finances, and now, Uranus will probably cause some additional stress by his crossing over… If you remember, at the beginning of August 2018 Uranus turned retrograde at 2° Taurus, and it will cross this degree again in April 2019 and December 2019, to turn direct on January 11, 2020, a day after conjunction Saturn/Pluto at 22° Capricorn. Uranus will turn direct at 2° Taurus, the spot of natal Jupiter of Edward Heath! Also, the moments of activation of Moon of Edward Heath by Uranus are worth mentioning, at 5° Scorpio. That will happen in June/July 2019, September/October 2019, and April 2020.


On August 12, 2018 Jupiter turned direct from 14° Sagittarius 30’, so no more calling out of retrograde Mars of Theresa May at 13° Pisces, which makes it more difficult for her to get the consent and green light for Brexit in the Parliament. Transit Neptune, on the other hand, will not return to 13° Pisces.

And Boris Johnson...

 On July 9, 2018, Boris Johnson (June 19, 1964, 14.00 New York, New York), the Minister of Foreign Affairs in the government of Theresa May, resigned due to the growing tensions and crisis related to the strategy of London in its relations to Brussels after GB leaves EU. Johnson is the second British minister to resign within 24 hours, after the minister for Brexit David Davis, who was discontent with prime minister’s plan for future relations of London and Brussels. In Dwadasamsa chart, Boris has axis 2/8 (axis of finances) across 13° Pisces/13° Virgo, while this axis appears also in his chart of the future life (12th Harmonic), but this time upside-down, going across 13° Virgo/13° Pisces. Anyway, Boris was the main supporter of Great Britain leaving EU during referendum campaign in 2016. 

It seems that the need of Great Britain to leave EU is actually the need of late Margaret Thatcher’s Soul, and they are implemented by the present prime minister Theresa May, very unconsciously, through her retrograde Mars at 13° Pisces...

Chart sources:
All charst were taken from  www.astro.com
Theresa May’s chart – I did rectification

 Smiljana Gavrančić was born in Serbia and she is the editor, founder and owner of the bimonthly IAM –  INΦINITY Astrological Magazine. She is an ISAR CAP, studied hermetic astrology and practises astrology of karma and archetypes (fixed stars, mythology). She is also a leading exponent of significant degrees in mundane and natal charts – and was one of a few astrologers to predict that Donald Trump would become 45th US president a year before his election. Contact for booking your reading with Smiljana: smiljana.gavrancic@gmail.com

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