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What Edward VIII, Wallis Simpson, Prince Harry, Meghan Markle and Princess Diana have in common? Three most famous royal weddings and Uranus axis - 11º Taurus/11º Scorpio Published: 9th June, 2018 I Author: Smiljana Gavrančić

What Edward VIII, Wallis Simpson, Prince Harry, Meghan Markle and Princess Diana have in common?

Three most famous royal weddings and Uranus axis - 11º Taurus/11º Scorpio

Published: 9th June, 2018 I Author: Smiljana Gavrančić

Read my artilce (from November 2019) where I explain how all from British royal family stepped down because  the Grand Fixed Cross over  11  was activated -Mercury turned direct at 11 Scorpio  and Prince Andrew steps down

 The story of Wallis Simpson and Edward VIII is one of most beautiful stories of XX century – the story of sacrifice and “playing” with social reputation, of family discord and defiance of the whole world. Edward gave up the British throne for loving a lady that was not going to be accepted as a queen by the monarchy.

Love fairytale of Wallis and Edward VIII deeply shook the world in 30’s of the past century, weakening the foundations of the then decent family. Uranus was then, as it is now, in the Taurus!

Their romance changed the form of comprehension of love relations and marriage, especially in high society. Edward VIII was the most famous world’s bachelor – he was popular, young, blond and handsome, of modern beliefs and very emotional. He was not hiding being hungry for love and being troubled by the world of rules, tradition and apparent decency. He was not a slave to prejudice and social expectations, so maybe because of that his choice of woman should not have come as a surprise - Wallis was American of liberal attitudes, older than him, not very beautiful, of lower social status, married and already divorced once…, i.e. she was on a way to her second divorce. He found none of that important – for him she was fatal, level-headed and infinitely interesting.

While the whole world was abhorred, he loved her – very much, endlessly and devotedly. It is rare for common man to give up fortune and “good reputation” for the love of a woman, so imagine how rare it was for a king to give up the crown for he wanted to love… Edward VIII did just that. 

Wallis was married to a rich businessman Ernest Simpson when she met Edward VIII at a party. Love spark did not “light” immediately, they talked for couple of minutes and that was all… But, true love always finds the way. Four months later they met again and this time a mutual sympathy was “ignited”, shyly, but surely. In August 1934 the Prince of Wales invited the Simpsons to cruise travel, but only the lady responded. It turned out that it was the moment that defined future lives of this pair, but he fate of British Monarchy as well. On that cruise, the friendship of Wallis and Edward turned into tempestuous affair, which in the years to come was often on a shaky ground, but managed to “survive” all challenges.

Only three months later, in November that same year, Edward invited Wallis to visit Buckingham Palace and to meet his family. King George V was bitter and angry and the last thing he wanted was for his son to have an American socialite that was still officially married as a partner! But, king’s disapproval did not weaken Edward’s decision to be devoted to her – the romance was flourishing and the love of the young prince bordered on obsession. Wallis enjoyed the fortune, gifts, expensive jewels and glamorous clothes – the prince spent a lot on his lover.

However, the King George V soon died and Edward inherited the throne in 1936. His coronation was attended by Wallis, which was scandalous, for she was still married to another man. Members of the royal family and the court found Edward’s choice unbearable and completely unreasonable – the woman who was already married twice could not be the queen of England. The young king was also the supreme governor of the Church of England, so Wallis as his partner broke all norms and rules. There were two roads before the young couple in love – Edward could leave the woman he loved and continue to rule or he could abdicate and marry her.

 “You all know the reasons which have impelled me to renounce the throne. But I want you to understand that in making up my mind I did not forget the country or the empire, which, as Prince of Wales and lately as King, I have for twenty-five years tried to serve. But you must believe me when I tell you that I have found it impossible to carry the heavy burden of responsibility and to discharge my duties as King as I would wish to do without the help and support of the woman I love”, Edward VIII explained to the British public. King Edward VIII abdicated on December 10, 1936 – if we take a look at the horoscope for that moment (for noon), there is transit Moon at 10º -11º Scorpio, at the degree of Uranus’ exaltation. Remember this degree, for my story revolves around this spot within Zodiac…

After abdication, Edward and Wallis were expelled from the Great Britain, but retained titles of duke and duchess of Windsor. His younger brother George VI came to throne, and he was the father of the present Queen Elisabeth II. If Edward did not abdicate, Elisabeth II would not be queen today… 

On June 3, 1937 the pair sworn to eternal love at the small ceremony with 16 guests. None from Edward’s family attended the wedding. Also, in the years to come, his brother and mother never visited or had any contact with Wallis.

The pair lived relaxed and luxurious life – they visited Paris, Spain, Lisbon, even Bahamas. They belonged to the top social elite and Wallis was regarded as the fashion icon of her age. Last years they spent in France, in their private residence. Edward’s death separated them after 35 years of happy and stable marriage.

It is believed that Wallis had influenced Edward’s interest in Nazism and that she supported that ideology during and after WWII. In 1937, just before the war, the Duke and Duchess of Windsor visited Germany and Adolf Hitler, despite opposition of the British Government.

After meeting Wallis, the Nazi leader said: “Pity, you would make such a good queen!” One of the strict rules of royal family was that its members must not involve in politics!

After this incident, the pair was sent to Bahamas, where Edward was the governor, devoting his stay there to helping the poor.

As it is obvious, this romance was the real shake for the British Monarchy, something equal to the planet Uranus that is in charge of revolutions, disobeying the rules, not fitting into societal norms and tradition. Uranus above all means freedom, to be one’s own, to be different. It is at the same time a huge risk, also bearing responsibility. But, astrology explains why the then king, Edward VIII, did what he did, abdicated...

Wedding on June 3, 1937 - Transit Uranus opposing natal Uranus

 Edward VIII has Ascendant at 0º Aquarius, at the very beginning of the revolutionary sign, sign that loves the freedom above all. Uranus, the modern ruler of Aquarius, is at 11º Scorpio (the degree of Uranus’ exaltation) in his chart, and only a day after his wedding with Wallis, on June 4, 1937, Edward VIII had the opposition of transit Uranus at 11º Taurus with his natal Uranus at 11º Scorpio. At the time of the first Uranus’ opposition with natal Uranus (and the only one in a lifetime), there are usually huge changes in life – sudden change of profession, interests, freedom from the old, people often get divorced at this time or generally do something really shocking that does not fit into generally accepted societal norms. Uranus was in Taurus then, 84 years ago, as it is now. If we take a look at 12th Harmonic of Edward VIII (the future life), we find Saturn (traditional ruler of his Ascendant in Aquarius) at his natal Uranus (11º Scorpio), which is the sign that his soul chooses freedom in future life as well… But, in Dwadasamsa chart (the horoscope of the past life) Edward VIII had Saturn at the very important spot, at 11º Taurus, the degree of Uranus’ fall, so it is possible that in the past incarnation he “failed” the test of freedom. Anyway, the axis 11º Taurus/11º Scorpio was surely activated, and this axis of Uranus’ exaltation and fall is something I want to discuss in this article, all related to three most important royal weddings and to the British Crown. 


History repeating itself after 84 years?

 We are still under the influence of the recent wedding of the former American actress Meghan Markle and Prince Harry. Meghan is the first woman, American, of a mixed race and with the previous marriage that was accepted into the British royal family. History repeating itself after 84 years is also confirmed by the following – Prince Harry has draconic Asc (soul’s memory of the past incarnation) at exactly 11º Scorpio, the degree of Uranus’ exaltation, and the position of Uranus in the chart of Edward VIII! When I mention Uranus’ exaltation – I refer to the degree of greatest freedom. It seems that Harry’s soul has the memory of the love story of Edward VIII. But, now the time is different, 84 years have passed. Prince Harry is known for his humanitarian work, but also for being a rebel, which is all the symbolism of 11º Scorpio. At 11º Scorpio one “steps over” the rules, shocks the public, one is vey much one’s own self! But, in her draconic chart (the soul’s memory of the past incarnation), Meghan Markle also has Venus (essential signifier of love, and also the dispositor of her Moon in Libra, and the Moon is important in her chart for her Asc is in Cancer, and the Moon rules Cancer) across the Zodiac, at 11º Taurus, the degree of Uranus’ fall. Did she “fail” the test of “free love” in the past life?! Anyway, the axis 11º Scorpio/11º Taurus is called out again, and now the question is what will happen in 2021 (in May and June) when the transit Uranus cross 11º Taurus again?   

 On June 3, 1937, when Uranus crossed 11º Taurus (at the same time the position of the Mars in the chart of the United Kingdom) – Edward VIII and Wallis Smith got married. The Mars is the ruler of 7th house in the chart of the United Kingdom, and it is positioned in 8th house (disputes, wars) – I have already mentioned that this couple was “marked” because of the support of the nazi leader Adolf Hitler. That was the time of the Third Reich, time before World War II, and Mars in Taurus at the degree of Uranus’ fall in the 8th house - may be depiction of the very Adolf Hitler. Mars at 11º Taurus is “weak”, for in Taurus it is in exile, and at the degree of Uranus’ fall it depicts the person who uses his energy for bad causes while stomping over one of most fundamental human rights – the right to freedom (Uranus), which Hitler certainly did…

If we go back in time 84 years from that moment, we see Uranus at the Mars of United Kingdom on July 4, 1853. Several months later, on October 16, 1853 the Crimean War started, and United Kingdom was at Ottoman Empire’s side (together with forces of Alliance) against the Russian Empire. All this looks like the present attitude of the British Prime Minister Theresa May towards Russia, expelling the Russian diplomats from London after the attempted murder of former Russian agent Sergei Skripal with the nerve gas. So, diplomatic relations of the United Kingdom and Russia are very bas right now, and Uranus is coming to 11º Taurus, i.e. to the Mars of the United Kingdom, the Mars that represents diplomacy and diplomatic relations for it rules 7th house (country’s diplomacy). Anyway, I have found an interesting detail – on December 1, 1809, when Uranus was at 11º Scorpio and in opposition with 11º Taurus (UK Mars), the British diplomat Benjamin Bathurst mysteriously went missing in the West Berlin…
Horoscope of Edward VIII continues its story although he is not alive anymore, as well as transits to draconic chart of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, for they have the axis 11° Scorpio/11° Taurus activated through those draconic charts. It is an interesting detail that on May 15, 2021 the Uranus will be opposing the natal Uranus of Edward VIII, because Uranus entered Taurus on May 15 this year! But, on May 14, 2021 Uranus will touch draconic Venus of  Meghan Markle, which is, as I have already mentioned, at 11º Taurus, while on May 19, 2021, at the third wedding anniversary of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle – transit Uranus will be at the UK Mars, at 11º Taurus! If we take a look at Solar Return 2021 of the horoscope of wedding of Harry and Meghan (May 19, 2018, 12:00, London, UK), we see MC at 0º Aquarius, which is the Ascendant of Edward VIII. These are very important signs that 2021 may bring some kind of “shake”, “shock” to the British Crown from Meghan and Harry. Which scenarios are possible?

 In my article “Kate and Meghan – theTradition and the New”, I emphasized that the marriage of Harry and Meghan Markle would strongly shake the British Crown and that there is the possibility of divorce. For example, during 2021 Prince Harry will have his progressed Sun at 29° Libra, at the very end of the sign that depicts marriage, relations, i.e. the progressed Sun will soon touch 0º Scorpio, which is not easy at all, for it is entering into Hades’ world, which brings a lot of transformation. At the same time, his Neptune will oppose the natal Sun at 22º Virgo (it is interesting that draconic axis Asc/Desc of Meghan Markle lies across 22º Pisces/22º Virgo, i.e. it “moves” the Sun of Prince Harry, confirming their connection from past life). Will the opposition of Neptune with natal Sun bring to Prince Harry the possibility to see things more realistically, to see things he may not be able to see now? The transit Uranus at 12º Scorpio 51’ will oppose the natal Saturn of Prince Harry (the ruler of his Asc in Capricorn), and this is also the huge sign of sudden liberation of Prince Harry, but he could also somehow, together with Meghan, “shock” the public with some event that will be outside of socially accepted. At the same time when Uranus makes opposition with natal Uranus of Edward VIII, on May 15, 2021, only 4 days before the third wedding anniversary of Meghan and Harry – the tertiary Moon of Harry (natal ruler of 7th house - marriage) will be at 7º Taurus, in opposition with tertiary Pluto at 7º Scorpio – this is depiction of huge, deep transformation their marriage will go through. Since tertiary Moon moves 1º for around 2 days, then it is clear why I take it into account, for it will soon activate the axis 11º Taurus/11º Scorpio, the axis of Uranus I talk about in this article. Another sign that Harry will find himself in a challenging position in spring/summer 2021 is the position of transit Saturn at around 13º Aquarius, in square with his natal Saturn at 12° Scorpio.  Whenever there is activation of natal Saturn through transit Saturn (conjunction, i.e. the return of Saturn, square and opposition) – these are important moments in time. Besides, Saturn rules Harry’s Ascendant, so it is very important in his chart. For instance, on June 17, 1999 Harry had his first opposition of transit Saturn and natal Saturn, which was the time after Princess Diana’s death, and it is known how hard he took the loss of his mother. It is very certain that the first opposition of transit Saturn with natal Saturn had put him to a great test, when he had to find the strength and grow up fast…

Princess Diana

 Let us take a look at the late Princess Diana, Prince Harry’s mother, who very much “shook” the British Crown because she was different, she did not fit into their norms, and who finally divorced Prince Charles. All this is the symbolism of Uranus. But, the moment of her engagement with Prince Charles on February 6, 1981 contained the sign that this marriage will not last because somebody in it will have the great need for freedom. Namely, the Solar Arc MC (Diane’s reputation) was then at 11º Scorpio, the degree of Uranus’ exaltation and draconic Asc of her son, Prince Harry, but also the position of Uranus of Edward VIII! Consequently, Solar Arc IC was across the Zodiac, at 11º Taurus – the position of draconic Venus of Meghan Markle. There is no doubt that the marriage of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will be the marriage where Princess Diana “interfered” and it will be colored in her vibrations. I have to mention 12th Harmonic (the future life) of Princess Diana, for the Moon (her soul) is positioned at exactly at 0º Aquarius – at the Asc of Edward VIII, and also the position of MC in Solar Return 2021 for the third wedding anniversary of Meghan and Harry! Even Diana’s Asc in the horoscope of the future life is at the very important spot - at 11º Scorpio! But, her draconic Sun (soul’s memory to the previous incarnation) is at 11º Aquarius, squaring the axis of Uranus’ exaltation and fall, so obviously there was some problem there for her soul to win the full freedom in this life… But, in the horoscope of the future life, there is an easier channel, for her Acs is at 11º Scorpio and the Moon at 0º Aquarius! Finally, she lives now, through her son, Prince Harry! 

Prince Charles does not have prominent axis of exaltation/fall of Uranus in his chart, so he found it difficult to bear with the late Princess Diana and he was not able to understand the needs of her soul. Prince William and Duchess Kate also do not have this axis prominent in their charts. The same is with Camila Parker, the present wife of Prince Charles.

Anyway, it may be said in the end that three most important royal weddings, three most important women who may bring the “storm” to the British Crown are Willis Smith, Princess Diana and finally – Meghan Markle. The year 2021 will be very interesting when during May and June Uranus will activate axis 11º Taurus/11º Scorpio in charts of the mentioned, as well as the Mars from the chart of the United Kingdom.

But, from May next year Meghan Markle will have Solar Arc Moon at 11º Scorpio, and this transit of Solar Arc Moon across 11º Scorpio will last until May 2020. It seems that from the second half of 2019 it will be possible to sense with what will Meghan Markle finally “shake” the British Crown in 2021. Meghan has Cancer Ascendant, and as I said before – the Moon is very important in this Duchess’ horoscope. 

If in the end we take a look at the mundane astrology, then I must mention Davison relationship chart of United States and the present Russia, for the axis Asc (USA)/Desc (Russia) lies across 11º Taurus/11º Scorpio, which “moves” the Mars of the United Kingdom at 11º Taurus!  But, in my long work on mundane astrology, I have “mapped” Japan at 11º Taurus and China at the opposite side of the Zodiac, at 11º Scorpio.  

Sabian symbol for 11º Scorpio (read the meaning for 12º Scorpio) is the following: “a brilliant assembly of officials at an official embassy ball”. I must repeat, it is very important that members of the royal family stay away from politics!

Sabian symbol for 11º Taurus (read the meaning for 12º Taurus) is the following: “A young couple walks down main-street, window shopping”.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry announced their engagement on November 28, 2017 – you will not believe this but transit Jupiter was crossing 10 º-11º Scorpio, which is the sign that affairs are very possible here, for the Jupiter only "widens", extends...

Sabian symbols send clear message and this may easily be Prince Harry and Meghan Markle at some activity during 2021 that may be “Uranian” and that may shake the British Crown. It remains to be seen… 

It is an interesting detail that Edward VIII and Wallis Simpson got married with transit Venus at 29º Aries, while Harry and Meghan had Venus at 29º Gemini. The last degree of any sign is the so-called “anaretic degree” and there the fate is not an easy one – it implies the end of a marriage or difficulties in a marriage, may be depiction of Edward and Wallis leaving to isolation, far away (29º)...

Uranus’ entering of Taurus was marked by a New Moon close to Algol on May 15, 2018. In my article "Uranusin Taurus 2018 – Where Is This World Going", you could read that I connected the star Algol (26º Taurus) with the emergence of the Third Reich, World War II, but on the other side this star is active in British Royal family - Prince William has Venus on Algol, Edward VIII as well, even the late Diana had Venus close to Algol, Harry and Meghan’s wedding was with the Sun on Algol, etc. Anyhow, Algol is always the “fall of the head” – here the position is easily lost, the reputation, the crown, so I find the eclipse on November 18, 1937 very interesting – it happened only couple of months after Edward VIII married Wallis and it was a lunar eclipse on Algol. The similar will happen on November 19, 2021, in the year I found to be important.

The head is often “lost” because of love, not only in the war…

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