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The Former YUG Republic Of Macedonia and 29º Taurus-The Name As Our Destiny “Weeping Sisters” Published: 20th June, 2018 I Author: Smiljana Gavrančić

The Former YUG Republic Of Macedonia and 29º Taurus - The Name As Our Destiny

“Weeping Sisters”
Published: 20th June, 2018 I Author: Smiljana Gavrančić

This article I wrote three years ago (May, 2015) in Serbian. I've translated it in English and updated it in June 2018

 The only former republic of SFRY that was the last to leave the federation and did it peacefully, without war, Macedonia, “vibrates” within the Zodiac at 29° Taurus. This degree has been repeated in many events important for this country. Also, it should be emphasized that a malefic star Algol from constellation Perseus that brings accidents is close here (26° Taurus). But, exactly at 29° Taurus there is an open star cluster Pleiades – seven stars representing 7 sisters. This cluster is in astrology traditionally related to deep sorrow and tragedy. But as an astrologist, I believe that when Macedonia solves the issue of its identity, name, i.e. when it “touches” 0° Gemini (the spot occupied by asteroid Hermes at the moment of its discovery), it will face much better future.  

It is a known fact that 29° of any sign tells of difficulties to materialize things, and since after 29° Taurus there is 0° Gemini, the sign of Mercury’s (name) domicile, then this is depiction of difficulty the Republic of Macedonia has in relation to its name. The dispute with Greece because of the name is very well known and majority of international community refers to this country as Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia.

Horoscope of Macedonia – January 25, 1991 (announcement of sovereignty)

First, this degree is present in the horoscope of the Republic of Macedonia ("The Book of World Horoscopes", Nicholas Campion) through the position of the Moon (essential signifier of people) at that degree. The Moon carries everything that is in the sign of Cancer, so Macedonian people carry lot of pain and losses (Chiron and South Node are in Cancer).

 The capital of Macedonia, Skopje, is situated in very earthquake-prone area and has a long history of earthquakes, starting with April 28, 518, then in 1555 and further on until the famous earthquake on July 26, 1963, when Macedonia was still a part of SFRY. That earthquake caused huge losses in this republic, and secondary Moon (moves 1 degree in 1 month) of SFRY was just finishing crossing of 29° Taurus and was at 0° Gemini! The horoscope of SFRY was taken from "Knjiga srpskih horoskopa" [The Book of Serbian Horoscopes] by Branka Stamenković.

 If we take a look at the horoscope of the first president of independent Republic of Macedonia, Kiro Gligorov, we find the Mercury at 29° Taurus! His time of birth is not known and the chart was made for noon, so Mercury is in 10th house (government) and it carries the Moon (people), which is also at the very special degree, at 29° Virgo.

When Greece introduced trade embargo in February 1994, secondary Venus (economy) of Macedonia was at 29° Aquarius, in square with 29° Taurus, the position of the Moon (people) in the chart of Macedonia, and since the Moon carries South Node and Chiron from Cancer, this also caused losses for Macedonian economy. 

 If we now take a look at Mother Teresa, a nun born in Skopje in Tsintsar-Albanian Catholic family, who founded the order Missionaries of Charity and led centers for poor, sick, orphans, and the dying in Kolkata, India, then 29° Taurus is the depiction of this spiritual woman. Now I recall my article "My India and 29° Taurus" that I wrote in 2012, which only confirms that I correctly felt 29° Taurus even then… It is known that Mother Teresa won Nobel Prize on December 10, 1979. Macedonia was still within SFRY then and tertiary Moon (moves 1 degree in 2 days) was crossing 29° Taurus!

 Furthermore, a great tragedy happened in Macedonia on February 26, 2004 when then President Boris Trajkovski got killed in airplane accident in Mostar (BiH). The secondary Moon of Macedonia was at 28° Scorpio 52' (almost 29° Scorpio) on that day, in exact opposition (the nature of opposition is Uranus, and Uranus is also the symbol of airplanes, among other things) with 29° Taurus (the degree I relate to Macedonia).

"Macedonian spring" 2015

While I was writing this article, Macedonia was shaken by unrests, street protests and media called those events “Macedonian spring”. The cause of unrest was the murder of 22-year Martin Neškovski on June 5, 2011, who was at VMRO’s [Internal Macedonian Revolutionary Organization] celebration after parliamentary elections. He was murdered by members of police and it was covered up. In the meantime, the truth became known (by listening to communications). Also mentioned was the death of journalist Nikola Mladenov who was allegedly killed in traffic accident – later there were indices that he had been killed too. The Prime Minister Nikola Gruievski is now asked for truth. These unrests may easily bring the “fall” of some important figure in the country, since Solar Arc Sun (important figure in the country) of Macedonia is presently at 29° Aquarius in exact square with 29° Taurus (Moon of Macedonia – Macedonian people), so this is depiction of conflict between people and the government. On the other hand, the position of the Sun in progressions, directions at 29° is always depiction of the end of a ruler and very probably it emphasizes possible new elections. It is interesting that in June 2011 when Martin was killed, Solar Arc MC of Macedonia (government, reputation of state) was also at 29° Aquarius, the position of Solar Arc Sun at present. 

Mars (conflicts) in transit is at 28° Taurus today, so very close to 29° Taurus – the degree I relate to Macedonia. In the evening hours, from 8 p.m. on May 10, 2015 Mars will be in transit at 29° Taurus, which again may be depiction of conflict between people (Moon) and police (Mars). May 20, 2015 will also be interesting, with the Sun (prime minister, president) at 29° Taurus. What is certain is that change is possible, and the truth about the death of a 22-year man and the journalist (fitting into depiction of mythological Hermes, i.e. 0° Gemini) may be the force leading Macedonia into new, different future. For as long as it is in the dark, ignorance, secret (29°) – it is in a problem...

Hermes was the son of Zeus and Maia, one of Pleiades. He was Zeus’ messenger, conductor of souls into Hades (the world of the dead), who went to the world of dead but also came back, and who was very resourceful and witty… All this is just another confirmation that the transition from 29° Taurus to 0° Gemini in Zodiac is the place from which the Republic of Macedonia “vibrates”, while in the sense of archetype Macedonia is the sign of Pisces, where Mercury (name) is weak (exile and fall).

Horoscope of Macedonia – September 8, 1991 (referendum)

 In the end, let us take a look at the horoscope of Macedonia for the day of independence referendum. This horoscope was also taken from "The Book of World Horoscopes" by Nicholas Campion. The first thing that catches the eye is the position of MC (government, reputation of the state) at 29° Aquarius, at the degree presently occupied by Solar Arc Sun (prime minister, president, leading figure in the country) in horoscope of Macedonia for January 25, 1991 (the day of sovereignty announcement). At 29° Aquarius there is the square with already mentioned 29° Taurus (the degree Macedonia is “sensitive” to). The position of secondary Moon in this horoscope is interesting – it is at 29° Cancer, in quincunx with 29° Aquarius (MC - government), so this is also depiction of conflict between people and the ruler. Also, secondary Asc is presently at 15° Cancer, at the South Node (losses), all representing problems Macedonia found itself in and all initiated by recent seventh Uranus/Pluto square across 15° Aries-15° Capricorn.


 The upcoming part of my artilce I wrote on my Facebook page on 13 and 17 June, 2018

Yanis Varoukfakis -Retrograde Venus (economy) at 28° Aries

Uranus started to "shake" Greece alredy, and it will turn direct from 28° Aries, where is retorgrade Venus (economy) of Yanis Varoufakis... He says he will run in 2019! It stays we see, but, there will be change, for sure... As cream on "cake" is this problem regarding ex YUG Republic of Macedonia and it seams it won't be over yet... 

It seams that the deal after 27-year row over a name between Greece and ex YUG Republic Macedonia will not work out!!! Why? The finally YES they will need in their parlaments. It seams that Greek Prime Minster Alex Tsipras is playing with his own "chair" because right now Uranus squares the Sun at 0° Leo of Greece Democracy chart 1974. More over, Tsipras has the Sun at 4° Leo, and soon, on 28th July, 2018, there will be the lunar eclipse at 4 Aquarius, which will move his natal Sun. More over, I am taking as so important the fact that in Draconic chart Greece Democracy chart 1974 has Uranus at 5° Aquarius, and Chiron at 5° Leo, which migth "hurt" Tsipras too. Solar Arc Jupiter is at 29° Aries (in both charts, in Tsipras' and in Greece Democracy 1974), which means that several times, transit Uranus will cross over Solar Arc Jupiter (Jupiter is in 10th house in Tsipras' natal chart and the ruler of 10th in Greece Democracy 1974, which means that Jupiter presents goverment in Greece). Soon, there will be some changes (they have to have election year in 2019, but maybe it happens even before). 11th house (parliament) in Greece Democracy 1974 is at 0° Taurus, and there is right now transit Uranus, plus progressed Moon of Greece Democracy! 

The ruler of Tsipras MC is weak Saturn at 11° Cancer, and Saturn in transit will make an opposition to his natal Saturn on 5th Jan 2019!

As Greece Democracy 1974 has the Sun as ruler of its 2nd (financy) and its 3rd house (close neighbours), Uranus might "shake" very deep Greece again regarding money issues, as well as regarding "Macedonia" issue... This "problem" will have 3 stages, becaue even three times Uranus will move the Sun 0° Leo-May/June 2018, October 2018 and last time March 2019! After all, Greece Democracy 1974 has axis 2/8 e.i. axis of financial system over 3° Leo/3° Aquarius, so more than sure that the upcoming lunar eclipse at 4° Aquarius (28th July, 2018) will open some money issues...

Uranus turns direct from 28° Aries, so interesting that at the same place, Yanis Varoufakis has his retrograde VEnus (economy), in square with Saturn at 28° Capricorn! This man was part of Tsipras' goverment, but he left it because Tsipras changed his mind and decided to keep Greece within euro-zone. Yanis said he will run in 2019! If there will be election in Greece on 13 October 2019 (I've found this date on net, as info that next election in Greece will be on 13 Oct 2019), it will be very interesting, because there will be Venus/Uranus oppostion over 5° Scorpio/5° Taurus, squaring and "calling" draco Uranus and draco Chiron of Greece Democracy 1975 over 5° Leo/5° Aquarius. It seams that next elections in Greece are going to bring big big change regarding economy, e.i. people will want to free themselves from rules, to change their economy system totally-draco Moon /Pluto of Greece Democracy 1974 is at 15° Capricorn, and there will be transit Saturn...It seams that Yanis migth back and try with his economy ideas again (Retro Venus must get new opportunity)...

 In other hand, ex YUG Republic Macedonia (25 Jan, 1991, 12pm, Skopje) has the Sun at 4° Aquarius (soon there eclipse too, and there is draco Uranus of Greece- I would say that they won't solve this problem maybe never..., Greece makes big stress with draco Uranus on its natal Sun, plus with Chiron across, Greece "hurts" ex YUG Republic of Macedonia), so the president of ex YUG Republic of Macedonia, Đorđe Ivanov, today said that he won't accept the deal between Tsipras and Zoran Zaev regarding name -Severna Republika Makedonija (The North Republic Macedonia). It stays to see will both parlaments accept this too. Also, Macedonia has retro Jupiter at 9° Leo, as ruler of 11th (parliament) in 4th (theritory, but also oppositon in country), and Mars will turn retrograde from 9° Aquarius, on 28th June 2018! The ruler of Macedonia's 3rd house is the Moon at 29° Taurus ("Weeping sisters")-that's why they wait for so long to get their name... In draco chart, the Moon is at 1° Leo, so Uranus will "hit" it three times-I would say they will have to change 3 more times possible name... (probably to remove word Macedonia, as people in Greece insist...)

At the end, if there will be new elections in 2019 in Greece (I set 7:00 am as time for start, 13 Oct), we always see the rulers in 10th house, oppositon in 4th-so, 10th house is in Cancer, the Moon in Areis is ruler-not strong Moon, not strong possition for Tsipras, plus, the Moon is going in an square with Saturn (the ruler of 4th-opposition). It seams that oppositon will be stronger and take bigger %. Saturn is in domicil, and strong, even it has "hard" aspects...

Also, I must add this: there will be the solar eclipse on 6th January 2019 at 15° Capricorn, moving draco Moon and Pluto in Greece Democracy 1974 which means that people in Greece will want big transformation, big change, they will want to "clean" old "dirty" things... On 21 Jan, 2019-there will be one more eclipse, important for Greece, because it is at 0° Leo, the lunar one, and Tsipras' might be in big problems than, as the Prime Minister (at the same time he is having transit Saturn in opposition with his natal Saturn, ruler of of his MC, so this will be such a big test for him). With transit retrograde Uranus at Yanis' Venus, Yanis might be again "in the air" with his economy program which might bring freedom for people in Greece...

Yanis has the Moon in Cancer, which is so important, because Greece Democracy 1974 is Cancer rising, plus he has Mars at 10° Cancer-so he "might" fight for Greeks... It is very important that there will be the solar eclipse at 10° Cancer (conj. Yanis Mars) on 2nd July, 2019 too! This can open some things too...

However, Uranus started to "shake" Greece, regarding this issue with name for the ex YUG Republic of Macedonia, but as well as regarding economy...

 The tie as the symbol of Algol!

 The name is our destiny and it is so important what is our name... Take a look on my post which I put as a comment-The both sides now have to get YES in their parlialments, plus, ex YUG Republica of Macedonia is going to have the referendum.

Mercury is out-of-bounds and yes, they made some progress, on Sunday, 17th June, 2018, when they sign the deal, but, there are huge astrological signs that the deal between Zaev and Tsipras-won't work out!

 Tsipras got from Zaev his tie, which is fitting so much with Algol story -someone is going to lose his "head" (possition, chair). Interesting, Tsipras has the Moon (people in Greece) at 26° Scorpio, just across Algol (26° Taurus), and ex Republic of Macedonia has the Moon at 29° Taurus (#WeepingSisters, Pleiades). It s more than clear that the people from both country might take their "heads" off , for what they are doing... After all, in the horoscope of EU you can see the Moon in 10th (very important woman in EU) at Algol too-Federica Maria Mogherini supported the deal between Zaev and Tsipras. She is an Italian politician who has served as High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy. 

Macedonia Is Greece

 Few years ago I've mapped ex YUG Republic of Macedonia at 29° Taurus, which is very "not-easy-destiny" place within the Zodiac, because there are the Pleiades( "Weeping Sisters"). As you can see, they wait for so long to solve problem regarding name, and they might wait more in the future... Even ex YUG Republic of Macedonia has i its chart the Moon at 29° Taurus, in 12th house (problems), in intercepted sign (problems) of Taurus in 12th-which also makes problem and makes them to wait... The ruler of the Moon is Venus in Aquarius, at 25° Aquarius, which is "calling out" Algol (26° Taurus), in square with Pluto in Scorpio - I would say that like in myth, they will have to "cut the head" (to "kill"), to remove word Macedonia, to totally change identity, which will hurt them (square with Pluto in Scorpio), but at the same time it will bring them rebirth. ... May be they will be more open for the change, when Uranus sits on 29° Taurus, which will mean totally new name, cause after 29° Taurus, there is 0° Gemini..., where Mercury (name) is in domicil.  

The upcoming part of this article I wrote for my Facebook page on 28th September 2018 

Ex Yug Republic Macedonia will vote on Sunday 30th Sept 2018, e.i. there will be referendum about the future name of the country. It starts at 7 am, Skopje. Asc will be at 12 Libra, the ruler of Asc is Venus at 10 Scorpio, which is going to start its retrograde motion very soon after referendum, on 6th October, and from the same degree, e.i. 10 Scoprio, which might mean that people will stop to think, and change their minds... However, MC in Cancer, very close with the biggest fixed star Sirius (which we link with the USA' Sun) migth be the sing that United States are involved in this referenudm. Sirisu is well-known as "Watcher of Europe". The Moon, as ruler of MC (Prime Minister of Macedonia) and aslo natural symbol for people, voters, is at 8 Gemini very close with the one of royal fixed star - Aldebaran "Watcher of the East", from constellation Taurus. If we now take a look on mythology, we can see here the story when Zeus falls in love in Europe, and in order to get her, he is changing himself into white taurus. So, Europe is "blind" here somehow and she does not see the truth. I would say that people in ex YUG Republic of Macedonia do not know the truth... And we can see that the Moon is going to make an square with Neptune (illusion) soon, so they will see the truth later... The Moon around Aldebaran might mean that the people in ex YUG Republic of Macedonia migth be more for East and values which come from East, generally.. However, the ruler of the Moon is Mercury 14 Libra, so almost at the beginning of "Via Combusta", which is not good sign for Prime Minister in Macedonia, as well as for people there, cause they are going to cross over "Burnning Way" during this referendum. Mercury is going to make inconjunciton with Neptune (illusion) and square with Pluto, which is not easy.. In the other hand, opposition in Macedonia is 4th house, and we can see there Capricorn-they want to keep old, they want to protect tradition-Saturn as ruler of 4th is in Capricorn, in domicile, so much more stronger possition than for Prime Minister of Macedonia who wants to bring there changes - Nato, EU, etc..

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