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Kate and Meghan – the Tradition and the New Prince Harry’s marriage to Meghan Markle brings “turmoil” to British Crown? Published: 17th March, 2018 I Author: Smiljana Gavrančić

Kate and Meghan – the Tradition and the New
Prince Harry’s marriage to Meghan Markle brings “turmoil” to British Crown?
Published: 17th March, 2018 I Author: Smiljana Gavrančić

Wedding day with Algol in the air.... 

All eyes are on the royal wedding of Prince Harry and American actress Meghan Markle on May 19, 2018. Problems brought to the British Crown by former Hollywood star entering the royal family may be seen from the chart of the wedding. The wedding ceremony is scheduled at noon, and the Ascendant is at 26º Leo, calling out the malefic star Algol (from Perseus constellation) at 26º Taurus through the square. Whenever Algol is involved, some “furious” woman is at the center of attention. But, that is not all – the Sun (ruler of the Asc) will be at 28º Taurus, very close to Algol, but in the part of Zodiac where Pleiades, known as “weeping sisters” live. The Sun is in the 10th house, house of reputation. It is interesting that Prince William (most probably the future king) has the Venus and Chiron right at Algol, and Venus is the ruler of his 4th house (family, roots). Algol also represents the fight for the position, rule, some dispute, where parties have completely opposite views of the situation – my justice is not the same as your justice… Algol always brings disputes, and it seems that Meghan entering the royal family clearly brings disputes into it. 


 Wedding day with Venus at 29 Gemini....

The ruler of the Sun at 28º Taurus is the Venus (marriage, love) in very bad position, at 29º Gemini, implying the very possible divorce of Harry and Meghan, but also the parallel secret relationships… This Venus at 29º Gemini brings the Sun (ruler of Asc in the wedding chart) to the very bad position within Zodiac, to 29º (anaretic degree). The original position of the Sun at 28º Taurus is also not very promising, for it includes the star cluster Pleiades (”the weeping sisters”). The Moon is in Cancer, which is very good, for it is Moon’s domicile, but it is also in 11th house, the house of Aquarius, and here the woman cannot fit into tradition, here protocols, rules, tradition are broken… Meghan has already broken rules, being the fiancée of Prince Harry…  

 The Moon in Cancer and out-of-bounds in the chart of United Kingdom; Pluton in Capricorn brings transformation?

In her draconic chart (soul’s memory of previous lives), Meghan has Uranus at 24º Cancer (the position of her natal Ascendant, but also very close to the position of the Moon at the wedding day - 22º Cancer) in close conjunction with the Moon in the chart of the United Kingdom. The Moon in UK chart is very important, for it is in the 10th house as the ruler of 10th (state’s reputation, the ruler – the Queen Elisabeth II). On the other hand, the Moon is the only celestial body in UK chart that is out-of-bounds and so it represents the very sensitive spot in UK chart. The Moon in Cancer in 10th is depiction of traditional England where rules must be obeyed. But, recently, on January 20, 2018 transit Pluto opposed the Moon in UK chart for the first time (19º Cancer 26’). Tradition and protocols subject to changes? Pluto will make opposition to the Moon in UK chart several more times – during August 2018 and November 2018. In July 2018 there will be an eclipse at 20º Cancer that shall call out the Moon in the UK chart, prior to one more transit of Pluto (through opposition), this time in retrograde motion. I find it also interesting that at the beginning of December 2018, before the Christmas, progressed Moon from the wedding chart of May 19, 2018 will come to 0º Leo and square Uranus at 0º Taurus from the same chart – shall Meghan Markle shock the public and the Kingdom? Progressed Sun from the wedding chart comes to anaretic degree of 29º Taurus, not a good sign, while progressed Venus enters the sign of Cancer, i.e. touches 0º Cancer, which might be a small positive sign (compared to other bad signs...). At Christmas time, the same progressed Moon at 1° Leo shall oppose Mars from the wedding chart at 1º Aquarius – this might be very challenging moment for the British Crown...   

Also, draconic Venus of Meghan Markle is at 11º Taurus, exactly at Mars of UK in 8th house of UK chart. Mars is the ruler of 2nd house of UK (finances) and is in 8th house (money that comes from others). In case you did not know, the royal family lives off UK citizens, i.e. tax payers. They do not work, i.e. they are not employed. Although Meghan Markle shall bring her income from film industry into the marriage, Prince  Charles will pay Meghan Markle an annual allowance (several hundred thousand American dollars, as reported by some media), but Meghan shall pay taxes to United States for at last next five years – does her draconic Venus (ruler of natal 4th – homeland) at the same position as Mars of UK in 8th house (as the ruler of 2nd house of UK chart) indicates that the British Crown shall practically be losing money by Meghan paying taxes to America? The very degree of that conjunction is very interesting for me – it is 11º Taurus and the degree of Uranus’ fall, meaning the great risk. But, Meghan might turn out to be risky for the royal family’s property as well, aside from the allowance she will receive from Prince Carles. She might simply be a kind of financial risk for royal family (since the divorce is possible, this might be clear).

Finally, draconic Neptune of Meghan is at the Saturn in 11th house (Parliament) of UK chart, so this former actress shall for sure disturb (Neptune) the tradition (Saturn) of the UK. 

 Meghan is Leo with Cancer Ascendant, her Moon is in Libra in applicative square with very weak Mars in Cancer (Mars’ fall) in 12th house (to have Mars in 12th  is not a good sign for the person usually has vices that he/she successfully keeps secret, and the very sign of Cancer additionally complicates the situation). Media now report that Meghan closed all her accounts on social networks and her blog where she used to write about sex. She certainly cannot control some of her actions having the Moon/Mars square across cardinal axis (Libra/Cancer), and monarchy surely requires the discipline. But, there is also the conjunction of the Moon and exalted Saturn in Libra, so there is the code for respecting tradition.

 Karmic Love - Meghan's owes to Harry?

The ruler of her Moon (the ruler of her Ascendant – herself) is the Venus at 13º Virgo, practically having her Moon in Libra going to Virgo through disposition. But, at exactly 13º Virgo there is draconic Saturn of Prince Harry (the ruler of his natal Asc in Capricorn) – this conjunction clearly shows strong karmic love story where Meghan has some debt towards the royal family and where most probably (as time goes by, Saturn always shows things more clearly and more truly) she will not be able to stand all the pressures (Saturn) coming from Prince Harry’s family. Announcement of the engagement at the moment when transit Neptune at 13º Pisces opposes that spot (13º Virgo) is certainly the sign that all may fail, for Meghan has in her chart the Venus in Virgo squaring the Neptune in Sagittarius, so Neptune transiting Pisces is not good for living this apparently magical relationship in time. There is a fog, and it shall remain until Saturn appears (rules, protocols, tradition, i.e. the British Crown).   

Kate Respects Tradition

On the other hand, there is Kate (the Duchess of Cambridge) with the Moon in Cancer and the Sun in Capricorn, just like the chart of the UK. While Meghan threatens to disturb the Crown, Kate contributes to obeying the rules and respecting the tradition. Namely, draconic Jupiter of Kate is at 14º Cancer 50’ (almost at 15, the degree of Jupiter’s exaltation) and in very close conjunction with the Moon (the Queen Elisabeth II, state’s reputation) in UK chart. Just to remind you, Meghan has here draconic Uranus (she is the one who breaks all apart, introducing restlessness and chaos). Furthermore, draconic MC (reputation) of Kate is at 12º Capricorn 30’, putting the Sun of UK into the focus of the public, so with Kate the British Crown improves its reputation even more… Finally, the South Node (ancestors) in the chart of UK is at 13º Libra, the spot occupied by the draconic conjunction of Mercury (13º Libra) and retrograde Venus (14º Libra) of Kate. The Venus is the ruler of her natal 10th house, i.e. her MC, representing her reputation in public, while the Mercury itself represents Kate in communications.  

Although now everybody agrees there are mutual sympathies between Meghan and Kate, I believe it is still early for such conclusion, for they both put each other’s Mars on the Moon – Meghan’s Mars is in conjunction with Kate’s Moon and the Moon of the UK, while Kate’s Mars in Libra is in conjunction with Meghan’s Moon. They can hurt each other very much, for there is some sort of memory here. More sensitive one is Kate with the Moon in Cancer, for naturally this Moon does not like the Mars (Mars in Cancer is in fall).   

Camilla has stronger Cancer in her chart than Diana

Although supportive now, Camilla Parker may be very much surprised later by Meghan Markel’s actions. Why? Camila has the Moon in Cancer (with the Venus, Mercury and the Sun – at 23º Cancer – the spot occupied by draconic Sun of Prince Harry, but before all the draconic Uranus of Meghan). One of the reasons why Camila got her place in the royal family is the strong sign of Cancer, while the late Princess Diana with the Moon in Aquarius certainly stuck out (although she had the Sun and Mercury in Cancer, but also the Venus on the challenging Algol). 

Uranus entering Taurus shall be interesting for the British Crown, since Prince Charles has the Moon (mother) at 0º Taurus, while the Queen Elisabeth II has the Sun (husband) at 0º Taurus. Shall the Queen Elisabeth II abdicate after some sudden events that might happen to her husband? It remains to be seen… Uranus will cross 0º Taurus three times and it is certain that some changes in the royal family will happen – in May 2018, October 2018 and early March 2019.

 Will Meghan heal Harry or hurt him?

The Moon is the ruler of Desc (marriage) of Prince Harry and it is at 21º Taurus (with Meghan’s Chiron) – will she heal him or hurt him? They marry with Jupiter across the way, in Scorpio, the sign of high expectations and possible disappointments. Also, he fell in love with Meghan when his Pluto squared the Venus at 17º Libra (Venus being the dispositor of that Moon) in the 8th house (passion), so there is physical attraction here – in the end her Mars in Cancer squares his Venus, and his Mars in Sagittarius squares her Venus in Virgo. In other words, initial passion easily turns into quarrels and disputes. In the years to come Uranus shall come to his Moon at 21º Taurus (ruler of 7th), so changes are almost certain… On the other hand, draconic Uranus of Meghan is at 24º Cancer 24' and on March 6, 2020 there will be the first opposition of transit Pluto (the need for transformation) to her draconic Uranus (the need for freedom, change). At the same time, her natal Asc/Desc axis (24º Cancer 17'/24º Capricorn 17') shall be “called out” by the Pluto, so her marriage shall certainly go through deep transformation.   

Kate Brings Harmony to British Crown

But, is the British Monarchy ready for changes, ready to give up tradition? It is a strong Moon in Cancer (loves to live in the past) and in 10th house (so it is like being in Capricorn, for Capricorn is the natural 10th sign in Zodiac)... Let us return to the Moon in the chart of UK. Why? Because on the wedding day, there will be a lunar return for UK, several hours prior to the wedding (07hrs 32’ 59”) which is not very promising, for it carries the Sun on Algol, the Venus at the end of Gemini… But, that same Moon at 19º Cancer is the top of the Yod (every Yod has the nature of Chiron) with Neptune in Scorpio and Venus in Aquarius (the ruler of Uranus in Libra). Every change (Uranus) is potential "severe injury" for British Monarchy – to repeat here it is draconic Uranus (change) of Meghan on the Moon of the UK. The solution is in person who has some personal planet across from 19º Cancer. It is Kate and her Sun (the ruler of Asc, which is very important here) at 19º Capricorn, so Kate is really the one guarding the stability of the crown and contributing to the balance which may be seriously put into question by Megan entering the family. 

 Kate's and William's Wedding Day - 29. April, 2011

If we take a look at the wedding chart of Kate and William, April 29, 2011 (12:00), we see much better picture. Asc was also Leo, but the Sun at 8º Taurus, while the Venus (the ruler of the Sun) was in Aries, which brings the Sun to exaltation – depiction of the future king, for disposition describes the outcome in time. The Venus (being the dispositor of the Sun) is in strong opposition with exalted Saturn in Libra, so the tradition, form and protocol (Saturn in Libra where the Venus is in domicile) will be supported by this couple. The Moon is at the degree of Venus’ exaltation, at 26º Pisces 46’ (Venus is exalted at 27º Pisces). Draconic Moon of Kate is at 26º Pisces 15’, so her soul certainly remembers the wedding day… 

 We must not neglect the fact that this year Solar Arc and axis IC/MC of UK go across 12º Leo/12º Aquarius, and Meghan has the Sun at 12º Leo, and there is also the Moon of the Queen Elisabeth II, so the Queen Elisabeth opened the door for her. Nevertheless, this year also Solar Arc Saturn (tradition) of UK came to 26º Pisces, to Kate’s draconic Moon and the spot where transit Moon was on the day of Kate’s and William’s wedding – this year Kate and William shall have their third child and by that respect the tradition of the crown.

Here you can read my article:  Threemost famous royal weddings and Uranus axis - 11º Taurus/11º Scorpio

All charts were taken from www.astro.com
The horoscope of UK was taken from "The Book of World Horoscopes"; Nicholas Campion

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