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29º Aquarius - the New Age (The Era Of Aquarius 2378) degree, a gluten-free diet and Novak Đoković Published: 12 January, 2022 | Author:Smiljana Gavrančić

29º Aquarius - the New Age (The Era Of Aquarius 2378) degree, a gluten-free diet and Novak Đoković

Published: 12 January, 2022 | Author:Smiljana Gavrančić 


This article was first time published in 2012 in Serbian language, and you can read it here 

When someone suffering from celiac disease, who uses only and exclusively a gluten-free (non-gluten) food, gets into your life, then such a person will quite surely make you start researching, particularly if you are an astrologer, as in my case…Celiac disease is a permanent, life-long gluten tolerance disorder, since gluten is a protein present in cereals: wheat, rye, barley and oats. The only possible medicine to provide health to the persons with celiac disease and enable them to lead a fulfilled, normal life is strict a gluten-free diet. The persons suffering from celiac disease should fully exclude these four cereals and all their products from their diet. However, gluten is present in almost all industrial products, even where we do not expect it: in medicines, toothpastes, cosmetic products, spices, drinks, coffee, chocolate, candies, etc.

 One can also be born with celiac disease; however, it can also be acquired during lifetime. Namely, there is a genetic predisposition and it is often a case that one family can have several members suffering from celiac disease. On the other side, stress is the main “trigger” of celiac disease and this is an illness not easily recognized, because its symptoms are usually hidden. The symptoms differ from one person another and the most frequent ones are: diarrhea, loss of weight, bodily weakening, abdominal pain, being swollen, vomiting and in children – slowing down of growth and development.


 Meeting Vesna - 29º Aquarius



I met Vesna on 14 July 2011. At the moment of our meeting, The Ascendant was at a very special degree. This degree is 29º Aquarius! I remember thinking at the time that this meeting was special (because of the very nature of 29º) and that it had something to do with my past life (since in my chart, it is precisely the South Node (the past) at 29º Aquarius). If we take into account that the very Venus (relations) was on the largest star at 13º Cancer (Sirius) in the sky that evening, this very fact supports the significance of our meeting. However, what drew me into this topic with Vesna was an unusual (Aquarius) diet, which was a very distant and unknown (29º); but even more than that, it was Vesna’s date of birth! Namely, Vesna was born at 21 December 1980! That evening of 14 July 2011, I said to myself: ”This year, on 21 December, the Regulus star will enter the sign of Virgo and Vesna was born on 21 December!!! This must be some sign!” I did not say anything to Vesna that evening, I was just listening to her, but I kept thinking about it…  

My first impression about Vesna was that she was lacking inner peace… During our conversation, I realized that she was disappointed with the society in our country, lacking sufficient consciousness about people like her, because she is “different” in a way… I understood her, because I am an astrologer (Uranus – being different), but I did not say anything to her and just kept listening to her… At the end of the evening, she told me: “You have given me some sort of peace…”

When I came home, I immediately checked Vesna’s chart. I found our meeting rather interesting, particularly because of her date of birth – because being born on the day of the month when the royal star Regulus, after 2160 years of being in the sign of Leo, was about to change the sigh and get into the human sigh of Virgo and redirect the humankind towards bigger care about health and healthier diets – I knew that this was not a small thing and that there was something significant hiding in Vesna’s chart, that I was maybe able to see…



Vesna’s Asc is in Scorpio at 24º, which incorporates the potential of deep transformation (Scorpio), which should be followed by some form of silence, peace, mediation (24º - this degree is related to the sign of Pisces). In her chart, the Sun (life) is precisely in the 2nd house – the house of food/diet and it is at the degree saying that her very life (Sun) can somehow be endangered (29º - the end) because of food. Another thing that I saw was that Vesna was born just before the Full Moon – Sun at 29º Sagittarius, with the Moon at 21º Gemini. The Moon also represents light (in addition to the Sun – daily light) which presents life, and this is a night light which is rather prominent in her chart, because this is about her night birth (the Sun is under the horizon). Since in her chart the Moon (food) is the ruler of an intercepted (problems) sign of Cancer (food) in the 8th house (danger) and it makes an opposition with the Sun (life) in the 2nd (food) – Vesna is somebody whose “life” literally depends on her diet. And this is what happened. In July 2009, she was diagnosed with celiac disease. She was released from hospital in September 2009 and she has been on a strict gluten-free diet ever since – her Sun is the home to 29º Sagittarius, where the North Node “lives”, which paints a picture of an unknown (29º) and a “new trend” in food, which after years and years of waiting (29º - waiting) can become something really special (29º)! It was then that I though again of the date 21 December 2010…

As we know, a large lunar eclipse happened on 21 December 2010, when the Earth, Moon, Sun and the Galactic Center aligned. This alignment opened up a cosmic portal, announcing the beginning of a New Age, which starts one year later by Regulus getting into the sign Virgo on 21 December 2011. “This eclipse must have affected Vesna” – I said to myself… I was more and more certain that Vesna’s chart can give me a lot of information, because she was born on 21 December and that a gluten-free diet was somehow closely related to the New Age, starting with the entry of Regulus into the sign of Virgo! At that moment I stopped thinking of our meeting at 29º Aquarius as “strange”…

During April 2012 (that is, after the great lunar eclipse and after the entry of Regulus into the sign of Virgo), Vesna started her engagement within the Association of Celiac Disease Patients. She has been working on raising awareness about this disease and she has been advocating for the rights of the persons with this condition. What I found particularly interesting was that Vesna started doing yoga, so as to find the inner peace which in her case, since she was born just before the Full Moon (the Moon and the Sun in opposition) and has an inner discord between her emotions (the Moon) and her consciousness (the Sun) – which is what greatly affects her health. This aspect has contributed quite a lot to jeopardizing her vitality and since her Sun (vitality) is in 2 (food), the emotions (…  in opposition with the Moon) were good grounds for her illness, so she had to change her diet regime, i.e. move to a gluten-free diet. It was stress that caused the illness in Vesna’s case…

Doctor Wiliam Karel Dicke – the pioneer of a gluten-free diet   


The celiac disease, as an illness, was first noted by a Greek doctor Aretaeus from Cappadocia almost 2000 years ago and it was described in detail by an English doctor Samuel Gee in 1888. However, it was only in 1950 that a Dutch doctor William Karel Dicke proved that basically it was intolerance, indigestibility of various cereals flour and it is him who is considered to be the pioneer of a gluten-free diet. William Karel Dick prescribed the first gluten-free diet and actually, when it comes to a gluten-free diet, it has all started with him. He is the one who has provided something tangible for the first time…


The time of birth of this Dutch doctor is unknown, which is why we shall use the Sun chart/horoscope (putting the Sun exactly at Asc). In this chart, William has Mars (the ruler of 2 – food) in 8 (research) and additionally in Scorpio, which emphasizes the need for research. If we do directions for 1950, when a gluten-free diet appeared first (I prepared Solar Arc directions for the day of his solar return – 15 February 1950, because in the Solar Arc directions everything moves about 1º for 1 year) and we can find precisely the directive Mars (food, research) at 29º Sagittarius – which is where the Sun was going to be on the date of entry of Regulus into the sign of Virgo on 21 December 2011 and also the Sun (vitality, life) in the 2nd house (food), as the ruler of 9th house (purpose) in the chart of Vesna – the girl who was my motive to do this research!



However, what is interesting is this – on 21 December 2011, the date of entry of Regulus in Virgo, the directive Mars (food, research) of William came precisely at 29º Aquarius, at Asc of the first meeting between Vesna and myself!

The secret of success of Novak Đoković - 29º Aquarius

Our famous tennis player, Novak Đoković, started with a gluten-free diet for health reasons back in 2011. A gluten-free diet has largely affected his results, because, above all, a gluten-free diet affects mental energy. He says that the secret of his success is not just in a different diet, but also in his starting to practice mediation, even having his own meditation teacher and mediating prior to every match. “I used to be quite nervous and my emotions did not allow me to think clearly, whereas now I am more emotionally stable, thanks both to a gluten-free diet and meditation” – stated Novak Đoković