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Saturn/Uranus Cycle & Returning Of Socialist Party ( 12th February, 1988 at 29 º Sagittarius -28th June, 2032 at 28 º Gemini) Published: 12 February, 2021 I Author: Smiljana Gavrančić

 Saturn/Uranus Cycle & Returning Of Socialist Party

( 12th February, 1988 at 29 º Sagittarius -28th June, 2032 at 28 º Gemini)

Published: 12 February, 2021 I Author: Smiljana Gavrančić


Saturn/Uranus cycle lasts 45 years and during 2021 we are going to have even three squares between Saturn and Uranus. The first one is happening on 17 February 2021 over 7 º  Aquarius 14’ /7 º  Taurus 14’. Both planets are in direct motion. The second one is happening on 14 June 2021, over 13 º  Aquarius 07’ /13 º  Taurus 07’, with retrograde Saturn. And the last one, 3rd one, is happening on 24 Decembr 2021, over 11 º  Aquarius 06’ /11 º  Taurus 06’, with retrograde Uranus. 

The last Saturn/Uranus conjunction happened on 12 February 1988, and it was at  the very end of ths sign of Sagittarius, at 29 º  Sagittarius 54’, with transit Sun at 23 º  Aquarius 14’, where the New Moon happens on 11 February 2021. We are still living within Saturn/Uranus cycle which has started on 12 February 2021 (exactly 33 years ago), which means that chart casted for 12 February 1988 is our starting point. That chart is some kind of base, and within this cycle we can observe the first square/s between Saturn and Uranus (in 1999), the first opposition/s (in 2008), and the last three squares which happen during  2021.

Saturn represents old, tradition, history, conservative forces, obstacles, rules, restrictions, walls. Uranus is something totally oposite, it speaks on reforms, revolutions, freedom, sudden, unexpected, change. In mythology, Saturn is the one who kills Uranus, for  it scares it will be killed by Uranus. However, from Uranus’ blood Aphrodite (Venus) was born, and Venus by itself represents revolution too. If this, current, cycle of Saturn and Uranus has started at 29 º Sagittarius, we can conclude it marked the big change from 1988 until the next conjunction which is going to happen in 2032. Every 29 º is some kind of transition point, some kind of bridge between old and new. If this Saturn/Uranus cycle started at 29 º Sagittarius, it means we are living under the influence of 0 º Capricorn which is cardinal, conservative, traditional point within the Zodiac. Practically saying, we are living now under restrictions and rules!  

In my mundane work, for example, I mapped Israel as country over 0 º of cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn), better say Israel vibes at 0 º Capricorn, but at the same time it wakes up the grand cardinal cross over 0 º. If we check Solar Arc chart of Israel for the last Saturn/Uranus conjunction on 12 February 1988, we can see Chiron (wounds) at 29 º Sagittarius29’, plus axis 3/9 (medias, newspapers/law issues) in Israel’s chart goes over 29 º Sagittarius/29 º Gemini. I found that  on 18 February 1988 Israeli authorities close Tari al – Sharara a Hebrew/Arabic newspeper!

One more conutry I mapped at 0 º of cardinal sign. It is Turkey, and I mapped it over 29 º Virgo  - 0 º Libra, which also wakes up the grand cardinal cross over 0 º. If you take a look on Turkey’s chart (29 October 1923, 20:30 Ankara), we may see the Moon at 29 º Gemini 55’, just across the Saturn/Uranus conjunction on 12 February 1988. Solar Arc chart of Turkey for 12 Feburary 1988 has Mercury at 29 º Sagittarius. Mercury is rule r of IC (opostion in country) . On 1st February 1988 Socialist Party in Turkey was founded! 

Also, the chart of  The Treaty of Rome (1st January 1958) has all angular houses over 29 º of mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces), which means that 0 º of cardinal signs vibe within it too, and that Saturn/Uranus cycle which has started on 12 February 1988 ’hitted’ this chart and few years after, in November 1993 the current, new, Europen Union was founded.Why? Because at 29 º  we can’t find anything stable, anythign which may last time, plus, it is about mutable signs, they change very fast. Solar Arc Fortuna in the chart of The Treaty of Rome in February 1988 was at 29 º Gemini, making conjunction with its MC (reputation) , just across of 29 º Sagittarius. Fortuna is the most important point within each chart, as it represents relation between Asc, the Sun and the Moon.

Saturn/Uranus cycle generally speaks  on conservative, right, authoritative  political process which empazises the politic of order and restictions and which are going to be ended probably with the help of Uranus (revolution). This journey very often leads or into the reforms, or into anarchy. For this cycle we can say  this – Socialist Party will get its attention! Some ’left wing’ may win...

We, astrlogers, have to conclude will this change bring something new, better (much more freedom), bringing  some kind of security  in social sense, or some leader, king, some head figure, must ’fall’ in order social security comes in time.  As it has started at 29 º Sagittarius, and stepping into the land of 0 º Capricorn, we can say we are still living under conservative forces, under restrictions, under control within this current Saturn/Uranus cycle which will end in 2032.

What I see in the chart from 1988 is strong Mars/Chiron oppostion over 23 º Sagittarius / 23 º Gemini, and all in square with lunar nodes axis over 23 º Pisces (North Node) / 23 º Virgo (South Node). The Moon (people) is also approaching into strong conjunction with Mars, Saturn and Uranus, which means that people will be involved into wars, suffering, and they will want at the end of this cycle to get some freedom too. This grand cross brought conflicts, wars, all in order this world picks up some lessons for the future (North Node), after it digests its mistakes (South Node).

 Saturn is now in Aquarius, and in its domicile, and here we have some kind of control, restictions (Saturn) within the field of Aquarius (social medias, internet, organisations, human rights, airports, traveling via planes). It represents some kind of tehnocracy. Uranus is in Taurus, in its exile, and it will ’shake’ the financial system for sure.If there will be some revolution, and there will be, it will be for people do not have enough money to buy food, (Taurus) to eat (Taurus), for their bank accounts (Taurus) are in some kind of trouble, and for the main political estamblishment wants to control people over social medias, internet and airplanes transportation (via travel bans).

The Sabian symbol for Saturn’s placement on 17 February 2021 (1st Saturn/Uranus square) is: ’Beautifully gowned wax figures on display’. The political establishment we can see through wax figures on display. They play some their game

The Sabian symbol for Uranus’ placement on 17 February 2021 is: ’A Sleigh Without Snow’.

Are you feeling the pinch? Are you concerned about your resources? People are having a vehicle, but not the fuel, the gas or energy to get the vehicle going or make use of waht’s available. Are you spending energy trying to make things work in difficult conditions? Having no money or resources to move forward. It is like the right thing but in the wrong place. Like I’ve said above, people worry for their money, what they will eat tomorrow, and that may be the main force which will push them into some revolutions, as well as internet and travels ban.

In the moment of first Saturn/Uranus conjunction, on 17 February 2021, the Sun (leader, king, President, Prime Minister) is placed at the very end of Aquarius, at  29 º of Aquarius, which means that some leader is going to fall! The Moon (people) will be also at 7 º Tarus, together with Uranus, showing us how people are going really to start to make big change against ’wax figures’. 

 In the chart of current French President, Emmanual Macron, we see the Sun/RxMercury conjunction is at 29 º Sagittarius (where the current Saturn/Uranus cycle started on 12 February 1988), and his Mc (he as President, his status, reputation) at 29 º Scorpio, squaring the Sun’s position on 17 February 2021 from 29 º Aquarius.  In his chart the Moon at 14 º Taurus (people of France) is part of fixed T-square with Uranus at 14 º Scorpio and Mars at 11 º Leo  and already this year, transit Uranus will ’open’ his T-square and very probably bring revolutions in France (on 23 July 2021 transit Uranus crosses over his natal Moon for the first time, and on 20th August Uranus turns retro at 14 º Taurus which is also very important timing). People are going to protest!  


The last Saturn/Uranus square, just around Christmas this year, on 24 Dec 2021, is happening over 11 º Aquarius 06’/11 º Taurus 06’, which ’opens’ Macron’s T-square with Mars at 11 º Leo as focal planet in this T-square.  In that moment, the Moon will be at 29 º Leo, and Jupiter will be, for the last time, at 29 º Aquarius, all squaring Macron’s IC/MC axis, which also is a sign that his Presidency is under some kind of ’storm’ and ending.       

He became President in May 2017 and the next election will happen between 8 – 23 April 2022 when secondary progressed Moon (voters, people) of France 5th Republic will cross over 29 º Libra - 0 º Scorpio, which also marks the end of one ruler and that France will take its new journey under the new ruler. Macron’s end may start already this year. On 5th May 2021 Macron has his first opposition between transit Uranus and natal Uranus. It always marks big life changes, and that big life changes may get much more space from 20th August when Uranus turns retro at 14 º Taurus! Just two days after, there will be the Full Moon over 29 º Aquarius 37’/29 º Leo 37’ – squaring Macron’s natal axis IC/MC, and bringing him problems too.  In the chart of his wife, Brigite Macron, we can see progressed Sun this year at 28 º Taurus, very close with Algol (the head (read king)  must be ’cut off’), as well as with ’Weeping Sisters’ (Pleiades) which also is a sign he will end his Presidency in 2022 when her progressed Sun (husband) reaches 29 º Taurus (the end, so called anaretic degree). 

 Emmanuel Macron represents liberal-democratic center in politic (En Marche-’neither on the right nor on the left’, and leads France’s pro-globalization (and pro-European) movement. Macron was the member of Socialist Party from 2006-2009. From 2009-2016 he was independent politician, and since 2016 he is the leader of En Marche!

 In the chart of EU, the Sun’s placement (ruler of its Asc – the capital of EU, and EU by itself, the main vibe within EU) is at 8 º Scorpio 32’ , and Uranus (change) already ’hitted’ this Sun during 2020, but the upcoming Saturn/Uranus square on 17 February over 7 º Aquarius / 7 º Taurus will ’move’ the EU Sun again. The Sun in the chart of EU I always took as President of France, as France we can link with the sign of Leo (in traditional sense), and the ruler of Leo is Sun (King). Moreover, in the chart of 5th French Republic, we have Fortuna’s placement at 7 º Scorpio, which will be ’hitted’ with the upcoming Saturn/Uranus square over 7 º Aquarius/7 º Taurus.  One is sure, EU is under big change and transformation and that change will get its outcome when the person who represents the Sun in the chart of EU (and it is Emmanuel Macron) leaves. Something must change, the whole concept of EU is going to change. Secondary progressed MC (as well as Solar Arc MC) of EU is coming at 0 º Gemini, which is also a sign of new time for the EU. And what kind of time? The ruler of progressed MC of EU in Gemini is retrograde Mercury at 19 º Scorpio which means that EU is stepping into deep (Scorpio) problems (retrograde).

On 11/12 May 2021 transit Jupiter crosses over 29 º Aquarius, squaring his MC at 29 º Scorpio. At the same time, we have the New Moon at 21 º Taurus, where is Mars’ placement in the chart of 1st Saturn/Uranus square on 17 February 2021. On 23 May 2021 Saturn turns retro at 13 º Aquarius, and at the same place Macron has his progressed Sun (he as President, his status) this year.  



The current chart of 5th French Republic has the Moon’s placement at 28 º Gemini 27’, which was ’moved’ on 12 Feburary 1988 when the current Saturn/Uranus cycle started at 29 º Sagittarius. If we check 1988 and France, we find out that was a year of Presidential election, and Francois Mitterrand won election. He was the  first left-wing politician to assume the Presidency under the 5th Republic. He was the first secreteray of Socialist Party and the only French Presedent to ever have named a female Prime Minister Edith Cresson in 1991. He made cohabitation with Communist Party. Under Mitterrand’s Presidency France still rejected to become NATO member. But he was very active in Africa. 

Francois Mitterrand would have his secondary progressed Moon (people of France) at 21 º Leo in the moment of the first square between Saturn and Uranus this year, on 17 February 2021. Just to remind you, over axis 21 º Leo/21 º Aquarius I mapped, in my mundane work, The Great Britain (21 º Leo) and Paris, France (21 º Aquarius).This all is a clear sign that the spirit of Mitterrand is ’flying’ over France in the moment of Saturn/Uranus first square in 2021.

The next Saturn/Uranus cycle will be at 28 º Gemini  on 28 June 2032, just opposite the last cycle’s placement from 12 February 1988, which is quiet interesting. Around 28 º Gemini, we have an image of New York, as it is under the influence of the fixed star Betelgeuse (Orion constellation).

1999 and first Saturn/Uranus square

 On 13 June 1999 the fifth direct elections to the Eurpean Parliament were held in France. This was the first French European election to be won by the Socialist Party (PS) which leader was Francois Hollande, who was later President of France from 2012 until 2017. Soon after this election there was total solar eclipse at 18 º Leo, on 11 August 1999, making conjunction with Hollande’s Sun at 18 º Leo (he was born on 12 August 1954).

2008 and first Saturn/Uranus opposition

 The President of France was Nicolas Sarkozy, member of The Republicans. He won election in April-May 20007, against Socialist Segolene Royal. During his term he faced the financial crisis, the Russo-Georgian War (for which he negotiated a ceasefire) and the Arab Spring. He initiated the reform of French universites and pension reform. In the year of Saturn/Uranus opposition, in February 2008, he married Italian-French singer-songwriter Carla Bruni  at the Elysee Palace in Paris. In the 2012 election, Francois Hollande, candidate of Socialist Party, defeted Sarkozy by a 3.2% margin.




 Anne Hidalgo - the major of Paris and next President?

 If you remember, above in article, I've mentioned how secondary progressed Moon (people, voters) of France in April 2022 (in the moment of election) will cross over 29º Libra-0º Scorpio, marking very big change, and that change may be lead by women, female energy. Socialist Party of France has withing its member Anne Hidalgo, which peternal grandfather was a Spanish Socialist who became refugee in France after the end of Spanish Civil War (which all fits in the image of 29º Libra-0º Scorpio - Via Combusta Way, where life is in dangerous, here the goddess Isis is discovering her talent to heal, here we have the picture of people who are not having home, who are refugees and who have some conneciton with wars). This woman was reelected as major of Paris on 28th June 2020 and she may run for next presidential election. Her natal Sun is in conjunction with the Moon of France, which links her very strong with the chart of country. That is very important. Also, you can notice her natal Sun in 10th house is opposite Macron's Sun and the point of aAturn/Uranus conjunction from 12 February 1988 when this cycle has been started. Also, her Sun is at the point where next Saturn/Uranus will start on 28 June 2032 (that 28 June I take as important sign, as she was reelected for the major of Paris on 28th June 2020). Her secondary progressed Moon in April 2022 will be at 0º Aries, exactly at MC of 5th French Republic, giving her a lot of chance to shine and to become next President of France, and the first female president. Moreover, here is the most important she comes from Socialist Party! 

And, guess where is her Solar Arc Moon (people, voters) in the moment of election in April 2022? It will be at 7º Aquarius, exactly where is Saturn in the moment of its square with Uranus at 7º Taurus on 17th February 2021, when already we are getting some picture for a time ahead...



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