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Out Of Africa Published: 11 June, 2020 I Author: Smiljana Gavrančić

Out Of Africa
Published: 11 June, 2020 I Author: Smiljana Gavrančić

This article was first published by IAM#31 May/June2020 issue #Detection
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 ‘’I give you the heart and the strength of Africa. May it bless, protect and give you the strength of the African Lion...’’

It was 11 March 2020 (21h, Kikinda, Serbia) when I took in my palm my gift, the heart of African lion. Asc was at 0º Scorpio, sitting very close with my 12th house (which is 8th-death from 5th house-our Asc in previous life). Within the 8th house, we always find death, and our death in previous life, today  is our memory, as well as our fear, something which we carry behind our back (today’s 12th house). The Moon was at 21º Libra 34’, sitting at my natal retrograde Pluto (ruler of my rising sign). Mercury (letter) was at 28º Aquarius 21’, just turned recently direct (bringing me this gift which was sent to me exactly two months ago, on 11th December, 2019), and crossing over my South Node (past) at 29º Aquarius. 
My secondary progressed Moon was at 21º Sagittarius, crossing over my natal Neptune 21º Sagittarius-in astrocartography, you can find my Neptune line through South Africa. Neptune is the ruler of my 4th  house (my roots, my family, my home) and the focal planet in mutable T-square with my retrograde Mars 14º Virgo (ruler of my Asc, my 5th (Asc in past life) and 12th (death in my past life) ) an Venus 16º Pisces in my 4th house. Venus turned retrograde on 13 May 2020, at 21º Gemini, ’moving’ my Neptune 21º Sagittarius, and this is the right time for this article.  

Draconic horoscope is a very intimate horoscope for everyone. It is actually a lunar horoscope, a horoscope of our ethereal being… A person carries within all memories of all earthly events, so he/she is primarily represented by geocentric natal horoscope. Still, there is an aura around each person. Like the Moon revolving around the Earth, the ethereal being envelops each person. That is why we all have the horoscope of ethereal being – the draconic horoscope. Draconic Zodiac represents our memory of all that happened before this life… The Moon is the field of the death, the end of life, and all souls are there, for all souls leave to be in ethereal universe. When talking about a relationship, we should know that we are one being, the Earth and the Moon – the physical-ethereal being. That is the secret of life – the Earth seeks the Moon, the Moon seeks the Earth to live their unity!

If there is the combination of natal (the Earth) and draconic (the Moon) horoscope of two persons, two charts – those persons know each other from previous lives… It is possible that the energy is not dense enough, so there is no materialization, but the recognition always exist – either positive or negative one… Every harmonic aspect between draconic and geocentric (natal) horoscope represents the channel through which the person receives the messages with ease… Conjunctions of natal planet of one person with draconic planet of the other person are especially important, for they depict direct unification of two parts of Being! In every relationship it is important to assess which is the main thread (the main aspect), i.e. the main channel through which the relationship is manifested. It is usually represented by 1-2 aspects, and it shows what gives or takes the energy from the relationship.

If we do draconic chart for the moment when the heart of African lion was in my palm, we can see draconic Moon at 16º Cancer 37’ (very close to my natal Moon 15 Cancer 43’), draconic Uranus at 29º Capricorn 12’ (axis 3/9 in my natal chart goes over 29º Capricorn/29º Cancer). Draconic MC was at 3º Taurus 02’, making conjunction with my secondary progressed Venus at 3º Taurus 46’.


There is also Antiscia chart, which is our ’mirror’, hidden nature, and within that chart we can always find answers. Asc in Antiscia chart for the moment when the heart of African Lion was in my palm-was at 29º Aquarius, ’moving’ exactly my natal lunar nodes 29º Leo (North Node)/29º Aquarius (South Node), speaking a lot again, and giving me a lot of answers. Antiscia Moon was at 8º Pisces, making conjunction with my natal IC 7º Pisces, and an opposition with my natal retrograde Jupiter at 8º Virgo across. Jupiter is also the ruler of my 4th house (roots, home, family), beside Neptune I’ve mentioned above already. What was interesting for me was that Antiscia Mars (ruler of Asc 0º Scorpio in the chart when I got the gift) was at 13º Sagittarius 11’. Why? Because on 3rd June, 2020 there will be the so-called ’lower’ conjunction of retrograde Venus and Sun at 13º Gemini, and axis 13º Gemini/13º Sagittarius might be very important for finding within myself ’My African Lion’, i.e. its Strength. 

There is one more chart which speaks on past life, and it is Dwadasamsa chart. If we check Dwadasamsa chart for the moment when I got my gift, we can see the lunar axis nodes is exactly the same as my natal axis of lunar nodes! That was an amazing sign how my soul is very familiar with this moment, from before. There was some past life memory, for sure. Dwadasamsa axis Asc/Desc was over 3º Scorpio54’/3º Taurus 54’, and if you remember, I’ve said above-my secondary progressed Venus is at 3º Taurus.


If we want to understand better past, present and future and live 3 lives in one, we should check 12th Harmonic chart too, for it speaks about our future life. Well, I checked 12th Harmonic for the moment when I got this gift and I found there the Sun at 20º Sagittarius 30’, very close with my secondary progressed Moon at 21º Sagittarius 29’ (on 11th March, 2020), and with my natal Neptune (and its line goes through South Africa). 

Now, I must mention President Nelson Mandela, and his natal axis of lunar nodes over 21º Sagittarius/21 º Gemini-over that axis, because, there is my draconic axis of Asc/Desc (22 º Gemini/22 º Sagittarius), and Venus turned retrogade at 21 º Gemini 50’ recently (on 13 May, 2020). My personal connection with the lunar nodes of President Mandela speaks a lot, there are deep memories between me and his country, and some deeper insights may come for me during retro Venus period (13 May-25 June, 2020). I take very personally the fixed star Atria (constellation The Southern Triangle) all my life, because it is around 21 Sagittarius, where is my Neptune (the focal planet of my mutable T-square). Atria speaks about secret, great, knowledges, temples, even secret services...


 My synastry with South Africa


Of course, there must be some strong synastry between my natal chart and the horoscope of South Africa. As you can see, South Africa has Asc at 9º Leo. My natal Sun is across, at 9º Aquarius. Better say, angular houses were moved with my Sun (the ruler of my intercepted Leo in 9th house). But there is much more – axis of lunar node of South Africa goes over my Asc/Desc axis, which means there is a big, mutal, lesson for both of us. I can rise, grow through my relationship with South Africa, but South Africa should rise too. South Africa has in its chart balsamic Moon, and both, the Moon and the Sun of South Africa, are making conjunction with my Desc (angular house). South Africa has its Venus (the ruler of its 10th-reputation of the country) at 17º Gemini, which makes conjunction with my Fortuna at 15º Gemini in my 7th, and Fortuna is the most important point for it includes Asc-Sun-Moon. In composite chart I have with South Africa the Moon at 16º Gemini, as well as axis IC/MC over 15º Capricorn/15º Cancer!


 Funny, strange or whatever... my beloved late mother (Radmila Gavrančić) has her axis Asc/Desc over 9 º  Leo/9 º  Aquarius, which is SA (South Africa) axis of Asc/Desc. The ruler of her rising sign, the Sun, is at 17 º Gemini 23’, making strong conjunction with Venus of South Africa (the ruler of its MC-reputation of country), at 17 º Gemini 12’. My mother and my ’mother land’... Looking forward for the upcoming summer lunar eclipse at 15 º Sagittarius on 5th June 2020, which will activate my composite Moon with South Africa, as well as my late mother’s natal Sun and Venus of South Africa. New insights are coming, and that will be just two days after the ’lower’ conjuncition of retrograde Venus and the Sun – special time for spiritual grow...


 When my mother passed away, on 6th September 2013, transit Jupiter (the God, journey) was crossing over my natal Moon (mother) at 15 º  Cancer, as well as transit Saturn at 9 º  Scorpio squared my natal Sun (traditional ruler of 4th house – family, roots)  at 9 º  Aquarius (as well as her natal axis Asc/Desc, which is, as I’ve said above, axis of Asc/Desc of South Africa too).  

Finally, South Africa in its 12th Harmonic chart has axis of lunar nodes over 15º Cancer (South Node)/15º Capricorn (North Node), and my natal Moon is at 15º Cancer 43’. If I do composite chart with the chart for the moment when I got the heart of African lion, there we can see the Moon at 3º Virgo, making conjunction with Chiron (wounding, healing) of South Africa at 2º Virgo 55’.

However, my strong Moon in domicile, at 15º Cancer (Jupiter’s exaltation degree) speaks about mother by itself, my mother, mother within me, my country, my roots, my land...  Last October (around 15th Oct, 2019), I found in my house my late mother’s jewellery, it was Nefertiti Since 11th March, 2020, Nefetriti got her company, the heart of African lion, and both are having special place in my bedroom. You can see my painting at the inside back cover.
In late July and early August 2020, secondary progressed Moon of South Africa will cross over 4º Taurus, over my secondary progressed Venus, and that could be the turning moment for my relationship with South Africa. 

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