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THE MYTHOLOGICAL TRINITY The Mythology of the Moon The Queen Elizabeth II, Kate and Meghan Published: 9th July, 2020 I Author: Smiljana Gavrančić

The Mythology of the Moon
The Queen Elizabeth II, Kate and Meghan
Published: 9th July, 2020 I Author: Smiljana Gavrančić 

It is of the key importance to understand the mythological trinity in order to understand the influence of mythology on one’s life, for all stories unfolding in all our lives have already been told. There are many stories the details of which are noted somewhere and which we only transfer unconsciously. The story of mythology is the story of the unconscious code that resides in all of us and that has the strong need to be realized, to be lived. It is necessary to understand that there are several key levels within oneself from which the myths act, in order to comprehend from where and from which of the levels comes the unconscious need that has the urge to live, which is the story that needs to be told in one’s life, that wants to be fulfilled and that, in the end, some planet tries to show us and to explain it through the manifestation in everyday life. 

There are three key mythological traditions whose archetypes we primarily live and they represent the dynamism of needs that wishes to be realized, i.e. to become concrete in our second house. Each one of us needs to realize his mythological story (one’s unconscious needs from the 12th house) in the field of values - the second house. When one accomplishes that, one feels like living one’s real story. What one wishes to concretize in the second house is the best part of the 12th one, for the natural ruler of the 2nd house – Venus is exalted in the 12th house, so the stories within wish to be realized through the 2nd house, so it is necessary to find the best connection between the 2nd and the 12th houses, and the 2nd has to be similar to what the 12th wishes to realize, for the 2nd house is the material carrier of the 12th one. It is the force that guides oneself, it is the issue of the force within that wants to be realized – it is the fate, and when talking about the mythology we speak of the fate, the inevitable force that runs through each and every one of us. 

After realizing the myth, one acquires the feeling of certain value, the feeling of living one’s real life – the feeling that one is really the oneself, for then we realize 1st and 2nd houses, which is by itself the 12th house, but also the 3rd house, which is every awaken person.... 

Those three traditions of myths are related and connected, making one unity that evolves through time. They belong to traditions of Babylon, Greece and Rome

Those three key levels are interconnected and related, i.e. the myths from different traditions are related, although there are some differences. That relatedness is not so obvious with African, Chinese or Indian traditions, which does not necessarily mean that they do not function, but they are simply not primarily related to our culture where Babylonian, Greek and Roman traditions have the priority and make a whole, having in mind that the language is also important. It is necessary to assess the level from which a certain planet acts whenever it is required to establish the system.

The level of Babylon is related to the level of Sumer – it is actually the same story, with less differences between the Babylon and Sumer than between the Greece and Rome. The civilization as we know it comes from Babylon, the first historical scriptures, as well as the first astrologers who were called Chaldeans, and that is why this level is taken as the primary source. What is best known and lived today is largely the Greek mythology and some models of the Roman one, but the Babylon is our integral part and we all carry within the Babylonian code to some extent, the question being to what extent is that related to us.

The mythological code is expressed at one of three levels of existence:
At the conscious level of existence

This is the level within which one recognizes oneself consciously and it is expressed primarily through tendency to live the archetype at the best level, through the need for ambition, will and conscious actions. This means that we contain within the need expressed through the given planet to make the life story supporting that planet, to achieve something in its symbolism, which is being expressed through an emphasized strong ambition.

This is expressed through the Roman mythology, which gave designations to all the planets of the solar system. All that is related to the Roman mythology, and the thing where it significantly differs from the Greek one, is that it requires a kind of direction, the focus, the need for one planet to have the strong purpose, sense, ambition, the need to achieve and to succeed. That is the general level of the Roman civilization, the place where it significantly differs from the Greek civilization. The Roman civilization has more of a military direction, it is much more Arian, ram-like. In Roman civilization there is the emphasized value of the Sun, which is called the "Unconquered Sun" (Sol Invictus) – the Sun that is given the status of the absolute value, having the symbolism of exaltation in the sign of Aries, and the Rome should be seen as a ram-like, lion civilization with an emphasized need to conquer, unlike the Greece where the Venus story is the primary one for it gave the greatest contribution to the culture and art, and because all things and all stories are primarily related to certain affairs, relationships, relations. 

The ideas of Chronos (Greece) and Saturn (Rome) are significantly different, for Saturn has unusually positive connotation in Rome – he is the god of agriculture, he provides the structure, Saturnalias are celebrated, he gives the final justice and creates the whole western civilization. In Greece, it has pretty heavy connotation, it is the sign of family karma, of a tragedy, of a problem... it represents the whole level of relations to something that is not easy, that is the part of the structure forming the life, that represents the difficulty of the family karma, the burden left by the father, and by his father (what is transferred from Uranus to Chronos, and then Zeus). The degree of its being malefic is significantly different, as well as the fate inevitability in Roman and Greek story – in Roman one there is the need to consciously rule things, and everyone has it within, so it is important to assess if the inner Saturn is Roman or Greek one, i.e. if one should expect Saturn or Chronos from Saturn – whether Greek or Roman model is present. 

The archetype from Roman mythology is thus primarily connecting one to here and now, i.e. to the level related to the present incarnation – symbolism of the sign of Aries and the 1st house.
The inner model that connects one to the principle of will is the Roman one. 

At the subconscious level of existence

This part of mythological stories is related to the field of various relations, but also of many plots and great diversity of life events. This is described in the Greek mythology, which is most often used when trying to understand the mythology of the planet or the constellation. The mythological tradition at this level of existence describes very life-like situations in which one often finds oneself in. 

There are no simple stories here – the most complex stories are the Greek stories with very complicated mutual relations. All stories are almost always related to certain affairs, plots, and at the same time this level is the most connected to everyday life, much more than the Roman one (although we keep using the Roman names for planets).  

The archetype from Greek mythology primarily relates to what was, i.e. to the level that connects to the previous incarnation – symbolism of the sign of Pisces and 12th house. This level speaks of the field of relations, emotions, plots, for this field is finally the field of exalted Venus – which is typical for the Greek story, unlike the Rome that is focused on success and interested in the goal, and that is the reason that the Greek level is the mostly expressed one, especially for it is the previous incarnation (12), the subconscious filed that is very important to the person for it strong causative effect.  

Although every planet in the chart may be primarily linked to one of those three mythological traditions – i.e. may manifest as conscious, subconscious or unconscious need – the primary myth one has the need to live is the one coming from the 12th house and materializing in the 2nd house.
Thus, it is very important to assess the planet that is linked to the 12th house and that is the most related to the nature of the 2nd house.

At the unconscious level of existence

Stories originating from Babylon directly arise from Sumer (Mesopotamia), where the civilization as we know it began. The first myths come from that area and that time (around 4000 years B.C.E., coinciding with the time of biblical rise of the first man) – just like astrologers, who were called Chaldeans (Babylonians). That is why it is the basis of everything we live in this civilization, and by comprehending this mythology it is possible to see how the inner bases are defined at the very unconscious level. These stories have the need to be expressed in time, in some way, although the majority of them got modified through Greek and Roman mythology.

Since the conception of the person is defined by the 8th house, the primary symbolism of archetypes in mythology of Babylon (Sumer) is linked to the sign of Scorpio and the 8th house, implying unconscious and strong energy models that “survived” from the life before the last and by which it is possible to heal or which becomes too strong energy that is the burden and the debt the person carries within. Depending on the position of the given planet that is linked to the unconscious level of existence, there is the possibility of exceptional magic abilities, the ability to change things, to heal, for what comes from that level is very deep and strong, or in the bad position it implies the debt. Both are very similar – people with the ability to heal almost always have a kind of debt due to which they can use the ability.

Greek and Roman Moon mythology

Luna is the main model in Roman mythology, but there are other derived archetypes. One of them is Juno, the other is Diana. In contrast to Roman mythology, the main model in the Greek one is Selena, but there are also some other derived archetypes. One is Hera. 

Juno in Roman mythology

Juno (Hera in the Greek mythology) is the main goddess of the Roman mythology. Her name means “vital force”. Juno was often called “cow-eyed” because of her big dark eyes. However, that was not pejorative, but very sophisticated compliment. Juno, however, was not regarded to be a jealous wife, as Hera was perceived by the Greeks. At the beginning, Juno was regarded as the protector of the male spirit – Genius, but in the first written sources she is noted as the protector or goddess of all Roman women. She became one of the three highest deities. Since Romans regarded themselves as the descendants of Trojans, they believed that Juno might be hostile to them, so they tried to calm her by offering great sacrifice and naming her as the protector of the town of Rome, but she also retained her original role of protector of women. 

Since she is the protector of the town of Rome, women and men, the Moon in Leo is the most related. This gives the basic force, big eyes – this also corresponds to the Leo Moon. This model is related to the model of Hera in Greek mythology, but cleansed from Scorpio characteristics. 

In astrological sense, Juno is the Moon in Leo, but also the strong beneficial aspect with the Neptune and series 12, as well as with the Saturn.

Series 12 speaks of Juno’s need to protect women. On the other hand, Romans offer her sacrifices because they are afraid (every fear is 12) and want to calm her, for she may represent the secret enemy to them, which is again the symbolism of the 12th house. 

Hera in Greek mythology

The great goddess Hera, the wife and sister of the god Zeus, is the goddess of the sky, protector of marriage and new mothers. She guards the sanctity and inviolability of marriage; she has always been faithful to her husband. She punishes infidelity and takes a cruel revenge against her husband’s lovers. Hera is often shown in gowns with the crown on her head, i.e. the polos (high cylindrical crown worn by most significant goddesses). Sometimes she is depicted with the pomegranate in her hand, the emblem of fertile blood and death. Pomegranate is also the ingredient of the opium potions that are made of poppy. 

Hera is generally very beautiful, but she carries the scorpion in her hand, indicating the possibility of her revengefulness and strong jealousy. This is typical for Greek mythology, while Juno in Roman mythology (who corresponds to Hera) does not have that excessive passion, that level of jealousy.

In astrological sense, Hera is the Moon in Leo, i.e. Moon linked to a series 8 and Venus.

Hera is the woman in a strong position, with the supreme god and at the Olympus. She has the status of a married woman, but she is also linked to the 8th house for certain passions strongly affect her, while Venus emphasizes her beauty. She is the protector of new mothers, which also indicates the link to the 8th house. 

The Queen Elizabeth II as the goddess Juno

 In the chart of the British Queen Elizabeth II there is the Moon in Leo in applying strong conjunction with Neptune, but also the square with the Saturn (the ruler of 12 – myth). In other words, the conjunction Moon/Neptune is the art of the fixed T-square that ‘colours’ the Queen Elizabeth II, for there is the opposition with the Mars/Jupiter conjunction in Aquarius. Jupiter is the ruler of her 2nd house (materialization of the myth) and it also carries within the Uranus at 27º Pisces (the degree of Venus’ exaltation), where the asteroid Hera is positioned in the Queen’s chart. Mars and Saturn are in mutual reception (Mars is in Aquarius that is traditionally ruled by Saturn, and Saturn is in Scorpio where the Mars rules). But, although the first association to the Leo Moon may be the goddess Hera from the Greek mythology, it is more realistic to use the Roman goddess Juno, for in this chart the Moon is not linked to the series 8 (the sign of Scorpio, the Pluto), that jealousy part so characteristic of Hera is missing, and there is the strong conjunction with Neptune and the link with Saturn, all that requires the presence of the Roman goddess Juno! 

Namely, the asteroid Juno in the chart of the Queen is positioned at 26º Aquarius 40’, and practically it is the part of her fixed T-square with Saturn (at the same time the dispositor of her Juno) at 24º Scorpio, being the apex of the T-square, the key planet everything revolves around in the chart of Elizabeth II. Saturn is the ruler of her 1st and 12th house and it is positioned at the cusp of the 10th house (collective unconscious, the way the society sees her). T-square emphasizes her constant unconscious ’struggle’ to realize her myth and it is very persuasive – ‘forces’ her to action. The dispositor of the Leo Moon is the Sun at 0º Taurus, practically leading the Moon to the terrain of its exaltation (at 3º Taurus the Moon is in exaltation), and into the wider applying sextile with the Pluto at 13º Cancer (the brightest star in the skies, Sirius, represents the ’the first one next to head one’ and it is also called the ‘Guardian of Europe’), and the  Pluto is the modern ruler of the Queen’s Saturn at 24º Scorpio, the key planet in the fixed T-square. So, the Queen have certainly been realizing Juno in her life, and there is her role of the ‘Guardian of Europe’ that is more than obvious in geopolitical sense (although she does not share her political views). Saturn is at the same time the dispositor of the asteroid Juno in the chart of the Queen Elizabeth II, and the Jupiter too (the ruler of her 2nd house – materialization of the myth), so the initial challenge of the T-square is resolved in time through good disposition (through harmonious aspect and transfer of the Moon into the sign of its exaltation, where it give its best). It should be noted that the Saturn in Scorpio gets transferred to the sign of its exile (Cancer) through Pluto, so she allows divorces of her children (Princess Anne, Prince Andrew and Prince Charles), for Saturn (permanence, but also the exalted ruler of the sign of Libra – marriage) is in detriment in Cancer (family). If the Queen lived the myth of Hera, she would have insisted as the protector of the marriage that members of the royal family remain married at any cost! However, Juno is still ‘softer’ than Hera...

In 1945 she learned to drive when she joined the Army and participated as the driver and mechanics in Auxiliary Territorial Service. She was trained as "No 230873 Second Subaltern Elizabeth Windsor" and until today she remained the only female member of the royal family to have served in the military. Today, Elizabeth II is the only living chief of state to have served in the World War II. Winston Churchill called her “the great authority” when she was just a girl. The Queen also enjoys the horse racing and photography. 

Duchess Kate and Meghan Markle – Diana and Selene

 Selena was the beautiful goddess with white face, the daughter of the titan Hyperion and Theia, the sister of the sun-god Helios and the goddess of the down Eos. Selene had the daughter Pandia with Zeus, and according to some myths her offspring is also the Nemean Lion. Selene was in a relationship with Pan. The most famous myth is of her love with Endymion. The beautiful goddess Selene swam in the Ocean every evening, then she dressed in a shiny dress and travelled to the shepherd Endymion in her silver heaven chariot. She asked Zeus to put Endymion into eternal sleep so he would stay eternally young and would never leave her. Every night Selene slid from heaven to kiss him. Selene had 50 daughters with Endymion. 
It is necessary to assess the symbolism on the basis of this famous story of Selene. The beautiful goddess with white face, the relationship with Pan, long relation with the shepherd Endymion, numerous children, all indicating the following: 

In astrological sense, Selene is the Moon in Libra, i.e. the Moon linked to the series 7 and Venus.

The Libra is the sign of giving the beauty, permanent relation, and the shepherd (Pan) as the Saturn is exalted in Libra. Selene is the sister of the sun-god, and if the Sun is 5, then she is the third house from the 5th house – the 7th house or the Libra. 

On the other hand, Selene is depicted as swimming in the Ocean, in the shiny dress, and she pleaded with Zeus to put Endymion to eternal sleep, so there is certain connotation of the Moon in Pisces, for it is the sign of Venus’ exaltation, in aspect with Venus or the 7th house. 
In the chart of Meghan Markle there is the Moon (the ruler of the 1st house) at 4º Libra, in a strong conjunction with Saturn (the god Pan, here the ruler of her 7th house) at 5º Libra, and in the sextile with the Mercury at 5º Leo (the Mercury ‘carries’ Venus at 13º Virgo). In Meghan’s chart, the asteroid Selene is positioned at 4º Leo, in a conjunction with her Mercury (the ruler of the 12th house – the myth) in her 1st house. It is obvious that there is the link of the 1st and 12th houses, but also needed is the 2nd house (materialization of the myth). The Sun is at 12º Leo (the position of the Moon of the Queen Elizabeth II) and it rules the 2nd house in Meghan’s chart, having the applying aspect with Mercury (the ruler of 12th house – the myth), and Moon (the ruler of 1st house). So, it is easy for Meghan from the start to live through the myth of Selene. We should not forget that the Sun is at the same time the dispositor of her Selene at 4º Leo! 

It is interesting that Prince Harry is Capricorn Ascendant,  and that asteroid Selene is positioned at 10° Capricorn in his chart, in a strong conjunction with Asc at 11º Capricorn, so that is the explanation for his strong relation to this Greek Moon goddess! Pan was the god of woods, hunters and shepherds, having the goat legs, horns and a beard.

The hunting will be very problematic since Meghan passionately defends animal rights and does not like any type of hunting. On the other hand, Harry adores it. But if he has to break the long-lasting royal tradition in order for her to be happy, he would do it, as reported by the source close to the royal family. This is a great turning point, especially if taken into account that before the engagement with Meghan Harry travelled to Germany to hunt wild boars while Meghan was filming a movie in Canada. Meghan has the Mars (hunting, animals) in Cancer (detriment for the planet Mars) at 11º, exactly at the Desc of the Prince Harry, and right across his Asc and asteroid Selene at 10º Capricorn, and this theme is clearly depicted by that opposition. Also, his Saturn (dispositor of his Selene at 10º Capricorn) at 12º Scorpio 52’ is in applying square with the Sun of Meghan at 12º Leo 00’. As I have already mentioned in the previous text, Meghan’s Sun is the dispositor of her Selene at 4º Leo, so this square in their synastry also depicts the theme of hunting.

When the asteroid Selene was discovered, it was positioned at 22º Gemini, the exact position of the cusp of the 12th house (myth) in the chart of Meghan Markle!


Selene was called Luna in Rome, and in Roman mythology she was replaced by Diana, and by Artemis in the Greek mythology. It is interesting that the myth of Diana is emphasized in the chart of Duchess Kate, and also that the asteroid Diana was discovered at 3º Libra, very close to the Moon of Meghan Markle at 4º Libra, which makes sense since in Roman mythology Diana is a kind of successor of Luna (i.e. Selene from the Greek mythology)...

Diana (Artemis in Greek mythology) was the virgin goddess of the hunt, associated with wild animals and woodland. Later she became the goddess of the Moon, replacing the goddess Luna, and she was also the symbol of chastity. Diana was much adored by the lower layers of citizens and by slaves; slaves could receive asylum in her temples. Diana remained the important character in some modern mythologies. Masons regard her as the symbol of imagination, sensitivity and creative madness of poets and artists. She is still worshipped by women belonging to the cult of “Diana’s sorceress”. 

She is the protector of slaves, provides the asylum, and relates to wild animals, she is important with Masons… – all this indicating the nature of Piscean Moon. 

Artemis is ore related to Sagittarius arising from Scorpio (the prey becoming the hunter), while Diana has more subtle characteristics of the Moon, so she is more linked to Pisces, and the ruler of Pisces are both Jupiter and Neptune, speaking of relatedness of those two archetypes, although Artemis is a bit more harsh, more difficult to accept, more rural, rough, while Diana has the sense of nature, the need to protect. 

In astrological sense, Diana is the Piscean Moon or Moon in 12th house, with the aspect with Mars and Jupiter.

 Duchess Kate has the Moon at 18º Cancer, in 12th house (myth), opposing the Sun (the ruler of 1st house) at 19º Capricorn, and all that in a T-square with Saturn/Pluton conjunction the midpoint of which is at 24º Libra 30’, while the midpoint of her Mars and Jupiter (that participate in the myth of Diana) is at 23º Libra 52’, in conjunction with the asteroid Diana in her chart. It is interesting that the late Princess Diana, the mother of Prince William, has the MC (reputation) exactly at 23º Libra, and she may be the ’carrier’ for Kate when speaking of the myth of Diana. The Saturn is important planet in Kate’s chart for it is dispositor of her Sun (the ruler of 1st house), but also her Mercury (the ruler of 2nd house – materialization of the myth). T-square, as I have already explained in the case of Queen Elizabeth II, always encourages the action. Kate feels no lightness on the road of materialization of the myth of Diana, but there is the strong unconscious need to get into all that, and the January Saturn/Pluton conjunction at 22º Capricorn (as well as the January lunar eclipse at 20º Cancer) will ’open’ the road to transform and release some energy. 


Although any planet in the chart may be primarily linked to one of those three mythological traditions – may be expressed as the conscious, subconscious and unconscious need – the primary myth one has the need to live comes from 12th house and materializes in 2nd house. 

That is why it is of the utmost importance to assess the planet linked to 12th house and the most related to the nature of 2nd house, for if the material carrier (2) is significantly different there may appear serious problem in realization and living of the right story. 

The whole story of mythology is actually the story on the law of cause and consequence, and the mythology is studied with the aim of knowing the flows of rivers one follows, where they lead to, and that is the destiny, the flow of destiny leading the person.

Out of those three inner levels, the Roman level is the one that the least accepts the fate, and it is mostly expressed in consciousness as the need to do something, even the tiniest bit (influence of the conscious will on the flow of fate). So, knowing the model, the archetype, and the planets acting from this level, it is possible to know where one goes and what may be changed in some way. The story at this level is less tragic, less demanding in the sense of emotional needs that determine the person.
The mythological trinity represents the trinity within at the level of three lives, the present one, the previous and the one before the previous - not the present, past and future ones, which is typical when speaking of personal integration, for personal integration is not achieved by fulfilling the myth – the myth is only the direction things go. If the story from 12th house is realized through 2nd house and one starts living his need, there is no enlightenment, one only becomes strong enough and happy, fulfilled by the living and being happy about it, with the sense of strong personality and self-value.

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