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Panic again in the European Union – what’s cooking in Italy? Will New Populist Italian Government Unsettle Eurozone and the Whole European Union? ItalExit? Published: 23 May, 2018 I Author: Smiljana Gavrančić

Will New Populist Italian Government Unsettle Eurozone and the Whole European Union?

Panic again in the European Union – what’s cooking in Italy?

 Published: 23 May, 2018 I Author: Smiljana Gavrančić 

 On Monday (May 21, 2018) the Government is to be formed, but there is fear because of its program of rejection of “belt tightening” and investment into economic growth at the price of increasing the already huge public debt and budget deficit. If not otherwise decided by Italian President Sergio Mattarella, the Government – formed by the Five Star Movement and Northern League who ask for, among other things, banishing of half a million illegal immigrants from Italy – should also work hard on “urgent abolishing of sanctions against Russia”.

 As stated in the program of the future Italian Government, Russia is important “economic and trade partner of Italy” and it is necessary to restore the full cooperation with Russian President  Putin, for the Moscow is the “strategic partner” of Rome and Europe in world’s focal points like Syria and Libya.  

EU institutions are already preparing defense against sanctions announced by the American President Donald Trump because of the gas pipeline South Stream 2.

Everything is indicating that Trump is determined to punish EU and its companies also for rejecting American strict policy towards Iran. See my article Persian Empire and Transition from 29º Librato 0º Scorpio – The Oil Empire.

These events in the Union and especially this new strained relationship of EU and USA, as well as huge changes on the world’s political scene are perceived by the European Union commentators and European diplomats as the sign of deeper division within EU that might lead to some rearrangement of strategic relationships between at least key Union members and Russia.  

As a confirmation of that, the gas pipeline South Stream 2 and the validity of the agreement of the West, Russia and China with Iran on preventing nuclear weapons development were supported by the Russian head of state Vladimir Putin and the German Chancellor Angela Merkel at their meeting in Sochi on Friday.

The Head of White House threatens to retaliate to European companies if they not abandon business in Iran, for Washington decided to impose strict sanctions against Iran because of its perception of Iran breaching the Treaty on Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons that was concluded with Germany, France, Great Britain, China and USA.  

Chancellor Merkel and President Putin determinedly supported that treaty in Sochi for they find it satisfying and they believe Tehran respects it.  

Trump literally blackmailed Germany and the whole EU by his request to abandon the South Stream 2, the construction of which was agreed on in Sochi by the German Chancellor Merkel and the Russian President Putin, although extremely anti-Russian block within EU – Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Sweden and Denmark, but most of all the Washington – strongly oppose it.

Trump believes that the South Stream 2, which is worth 11 billion euros, will only increase EU dependence on Russian gas import and he offers, instead, for Europe to turn to buying the more expensive American shale gas.

Washington and its allays within European Union find it as a huge disadvantage that the South Stream 2 completely takes Ukraine out of the game – Ukraine was until now the key transit country for supplying Russian gas to Europe that earned around 350 million euros annually from that.  

Now that is, at least partly, removed as the reason against the gas pipeline for it seems that Angela Merkel managed to talk Putin into having the gas supply partly going through Ukraine even after the South Stream 2 becomes operational in 2019, when the Russian company Gazprom planned to shut down the gas supply through Ukrainian obsolete pipeline and plants that require huge investments Gazprom is not ready to make.  

According to Wall Street Journal, President Trump recently blackmailed Chancellor Merkel in Washington – if they do not abandon the South Stream 2, USA shall not abandon imposing high customs on importing European aluminum and steel, including high additional costs of placement of German cars at the American market.

Within the EU, all eyes are on tomorrow and Rome, when President Mattarella will decide if the Five Star Movement and the Northern League will be approved to constitute new government. So far, they openly expressed their opposition not only towards further EU integration, but planned in their draft program for Italy, the third economy within the Eurozone, to exit that same zone if  citizens decide so in a referendum.

French Minister of the Economy Bruno Le Maire has pretty dramatically warned today that “if the new Italian government takes the risk of not respecting its commitments on debt and the deficit, but also the clean-up of the banks, the financial stability of the Eurozone will be threatened.”

  Italian and EU analysts explain that this turning point in Italy was reached because citizens voted for two populist parties that emphasized they would do anything to break the existing system of totally corrupted and bureaucratized parties that are not able to steer the country and people clear from permanent crisis, including preventing the flood of illegal immigrants.

In December 2017, the public opinion survey showed that only 10% of Italians have confidence in political parties, so many voted for Five Star Movement and the Northern League out of protest and “because those could not lie to us so far”, and also because they strongly criticize “Brussel bureaucracy” that imposes “belt tightening” while bank and the rich ones become even richer.  

Especially worrisome for EU institutions, governments and politicians, who believe it is the time now to economically and financially strengthen Eurozone, is the fact that new Italian government will have support from similar forces and parties in other EU countries because of its “anti-European views”.

Also, it may worsen already visible north-south division, i.e. the gap between the rich and the poor members of the European club.


However, European Union is facing changes after Brexit in UK - MC is at 3º Taurus and Uranus will soon transit it and will certainly change its reputation. Then, the Sun, as the ruler of Asc is at 8º Scorpio 32' (which is also Asc of USA, "Horoscopes of USA and Canada" Mark Penfield) and on May 31, 2020 there will be the first opposition of Uranus and the Sun of EU, which is very clear sign of unavoidable changes. It remains to be seen if the existing Union shall transform in order to survive or if the Uranus shall cause the stress. But, Italy is also facing changes, and very soon… Italy’s Pluto at 9º Leo (the ruler of Asc in Scorpio) squares the Sun of European Union (the ruler of EU’s Asc in Leo) at 8º Scorpio, which is clear depiction of Italy being the one to influence the transformation of EU. Later in the text it will be clear why the Grand Fixed Cross across 9º Taurus-Leo-Scorpio-Aquarius is important!

In Italy’s horoscope (the source being "The Book of World Horoscopes", Nicholas Campion) there is the Moon (Italian people) at 4º Scorpio, which is already the sign that next year (May 29, 2019), when Uranus will make opposition – Italy will see huge changes, or more precisely, Italian people will want to be free. During October and November 2019 the Uranus shall be in retrograde motion and will make opposition once more with the Italy’s Moon! And then again, for the last time, in March 2020!

What caught my eye is the draconic Venus (finances, economics, but also relations with others, i.e. diplomacy) of Italy, which is exactly at 0º Taurus 14', as well as the draconic Saturn (the state, bureaucracy) at 2º Taurus 33'. Is Italy on the road to great changes in the field of economy? It seems so… The first transit of Uranus over draconic Venus (economy) of Italy happened yesterday, on May 20, 2018, when leaders of the Five Star Movement (Movimento 5 Stelle) and the Northern League agreed on the government. Change is in the air already. Then, on November 1, 2018, in its retrograde motion, Uranus will again cross 0º Taurus 14' (draconic Venus of Italy). It will happen one more time on March 11/12, 2019. Regarding draconic Saturn of Italy, it is positioned at 2º Taurus 33' and the first transit of Uranus is going to happen on August 3, 2018, couple of days before Uranus starts its retrograde motion at 2º Taurus 34' (August 8,  2018). Now, there is a lunar eclipse to be added – on July 27, 2018, at 4º Aquarius, which "opens" the Moon (Italian people) at 4º Scorpio in 12th house (people who were silent may speak now). I have to add that the Moon is dispositor of natal Venus and Saturn in the chart of Italy in 8th house (credits, loans from others). But, before the eclipse at 4º Aquarius, on July 13, 2018 there is a solar eclipse at 20º Cancer, exactly at the conjunction of Venus and Saturn in Italy’s chart – another sign that a “hot” summer is coming in Italy, at least as the economy is concerned. Let us briefly go back to draconic Saturn of Italy that is positioned at 2º Taurus 33'. The first transit of Uranus will happen at the beginning of August, than the second shortly after, around August 14, 2018 in retrograde motion and the last third on April 23/24, 2019!

Italy has Scorpio Asc, so I cannot neglect Pluto (the other, modern ruler of Scorpio) at 9º Leo 58' for in this year the Mars shall start its retrograde motion from the degree across the Zodiac – from 9º Aquarius, on June 27, 2018. Mars will again oppose the Pluto on October 10, 2018, the day of Italy’s lunar return, for at that moment Italy’s Moon shall be at 3º Scorpio, very close to 4º Scorpio (which is natal position of the Moon in the chart of Italy). At that moment the Venus (finances) will be retrograde. Transit Venus will cross Italy’s Moon several times during autumn 2018 – on September 16/17, 2018, in its direct movement, then on October 24/25, 2018 in retrograde movement and once more on December 9/10, 2018 in direct movement again.

Why is Pluto at 9º Leo 58' in Italy’s chart important? On January 1, 1999, when euro replaced national currencies of EU member states (Italy was a signatory of Treaty of Rome, i.e. the founder of today’s EU), the progressed Sun (country’s reputation) of Italy was at 9º Leo 20', but secondary progressed Mercury (ruler of MC – country’s reputation, government) was also there. That Mercury was retrograde, which was the sign of possible problems to come… Interestingly, Italy now has secondary progressed Mercury again at 9º Leo 27', but this time Mercury is in direct motion – obviously it is the time for change… I will just add that the secondary progressed Moon of Italy is now at 18º Gemini 36', just about to cross the natal Sun of Italy at 19º Gemini 09', which will happen in June 2018 – depiction of new beginning for a country, just like it represents the new beginning on a personal level. 

More interesting facts: Mercury and Venus in the chart of Italy are “out-of-bounds”, which gives them special “sensitivity” to transits, as well as to their own movement in progressions, Solar Arc directions, etc. If a country has out-of-bounds Venus, its economy might be exposed to a huge risk. Since Mercury is the ruler of MC, describing the country’s reputation, it is clear why Italian government went through many atypical situations (from Silvio Berlusconi and his affairs… ).

It is important to emphasize that both rulers of Asc, Mars and Pluto, are in Leo – Mars at 24º Leo 35' and Pluto at 9º Leo 58', their midpoint at approximately 17º Leo, i.e. very close to 18º Leo, the point where the solar eclipse will happen on August 11, 2018. Asc of Eu is also at 18º Leo, depicting the Brussels as the central point. Finally, in the next years Uranus shall square Pluto at 9º Leo 58' – in June 2020, October 2020 (in retrograde motion) and April 2021.

Important moment for Italian economy will be the opposition of Saturn with Italy’s Venus and Saturn – on December 28, 2019 there will be an exact opposition of transit Saturn with the Venus (economy, relations with the world) across 21º Capricorn 02'/21º Cancer 02'. Soon after, on January 17, 2020 there will be the first and only opposition of transit Saturn with natal Saturn, and it shall represent the review in time for Italian system and government.

Both lunar eclipse next summer, on July 16, 2019 at 24º Capricorn and lunar eclipse at 20º Cancer on January 10, 2020 shall call out the Venus and Saturn of Italy. Only two days later the long await conjunction of Saturn and Pluto will happen at 22º Capricorn, directly calling out Venus/Saturn midpoint of Italy. Finally, the transit of Jupiter through the sign of Capricorn in 2020 and opposition with Venus and Saturn of Italy in 8th house (loans, money from others) may bring problems, for in the chart of Italy the Jupiter is in Libra in square with the mentioned planets in Cancer, bringing unrealized expectations.

The position of Solar Arc Venus at 29º Virgo 48' clearly indicates that Italy is on the verge of economic change – when it touches 0º Libra it will also make opposition with Chiron in Aries – sign of challenging times ahead.

When 19 years ago lunar eclipse at 4º Aquarius called out the Moon of Italy at 4° Scorpio (on July 28, 1999), it was in the year when Italy was preparing for the use of new currency – euro (January 1, 2000). Square between 4º Aquarius and 4º Scorpio was the sign that things might stop halfway. Besides representing the people of Italy, the Moon is also the dispositor of the Venus (economy, diplomacy) and the Saturn (system, bureaucracy, state) in Italy’s chart, for both planets are in Cancer (and Moon is ruling Cancer). But, the Moon also carries the Mercury at 1º Cancer, and Mercury is the ruler of MC (country’s reputation, government) and 8th house (credits, loans, debts).

Beppe Grillo, actor, blogger, comedian, political activist, co-founder of the Five Star Movement has the Asc/Desc axis in his draconic horoscope at 29º Aries 14'/29º Libra 14' and big life changes have started for him. The Uranus activated this axis during April and May 2018, it will do it again in retrograde motion in November 2018 and for the last time in direct motion in February 2019. It is interesting that this man was born just before the full moon (his Moon is at 27º Capricorn 13', while his Sun is at 28º Cancer 09') which was activated by Uranus not long ago, and his natal Sun shall be activated again by retrograde Uranus at the end of 2018 and the beginning of 2019, for Uranus will turn direct at 28º Aries. People born at Full Moon have strong need to release suppressed contents, for they are always in some sort of culmination phase, awaiting their own “explosion”. Also, his Moon is out-of- bounds, giving him over-emphasized expression of emotions, even with the Moon in the sign of its exile, in Capricorn. That would represent his dramatization of emotions. 

His chart is very interesting, with secondary Asc/Desc axis presently at 9º Leo51'/9º Aquarius 51', activating the mentioned Pluto of Italy and present progressed Mercury, but also the progressed Mercury from 1999 when euro became the official currency of EU. Things will turn interesting when Mars make a turn and start its retrograde motion from 9° Aquarius this year, the summer 2018 bringing lots of events and then October 2018 when Mars in direct motion crosses 9º Aquarius and calls out 9º Leo. Finally, Italy has Asc/Desc axis across 19º Scorpio/19º Taurus, which is presently the nodal axis of planet Mars (North Node at 19º Taurus, South Node at 19º Scorpio). Whatever may be, but energy of Mars is very important for Italy. Couple of years ago I mapped Italy at axis of Moon’s exaltation and fall (3º Taurus/3º Scorpio) and emphasized that Mars is strong in Scorpio but weak in Taurus, remembering the historical event " kidnapping of Sabine women ". Take a look at my article "Eternal City of Rome and 3º Taurus".

Matteo Salvini (9th March 1973 Milan, Italy, time of birth: unknown), the leader of North League presently has progressed Sun at 3º Taurus, which means that during 2019 transit Uranus shall call out at the same time the Moon of Italy at  4º Scorpio and Solar Arc Sun of this young leader, which will be at 4º Taurus! All this shall bring immense changes to Italy.

I also need to mention that the lunar nodes axis has recently crossed 9º Aquarius/9º Leo (North Node/South Node) and that year 1999 was important for Italy just like this 2018. Then, Italy was preparing for euro, and now new government announces the possible exiting of Eurozone. Secondary Moon of Beppe Grillo is presently at 10º Leo, just having crossed 9º Leo (end of April/beginning of May 2018). But, at the end of 2018 and during 2019 his Solar Arc Asc will be at 18º Leo, i.e. at Asc of the very European Union, so his contact with it is very certain.

Five Star Movement was founded on October 4, 2009. Since the time is unknown, and since it is an organization, ideal solution is to take the noon as the time of founding. When I transferred that chart into draconic system, I just smiled - draconic Asc/Desc axis is at 9º Aquarius/9º Leo, confirming all previously said about importance of Mars transit through Aquarius during summer 2018 and its turn to direct motion at 9º Aquarius.

Recent Full Moon at 9º Scorpio (April 30, 2018) was certainly significant, since negotiations between leaders of Five Star Movement and North League just ended with agreement on May 20, 2018, but I have to repeat that very important moment shall be on June 27, 2018 when Mars starts its retrograde motion and another crossing over 9º Aquarius (in direct motion), at the beginning of October 2018. 

If I tell you now that the lunar eclipse of July 28, 1999 at 4º Aquarius (repeating this year after 19 years, on July 27) had transit Mars at 9º Scorpio, than it is completely clear that astrology confirms repeating of cycles. The last Full Moon (April 30, 2018) happened exactly at 9º Scorpio, squaring Italy's Pluto at 9º Leo! Also, lunar eclipse at 4º Aquarius this year shall have transit retrograde Mars at 3º Aquarius 58' (almost at 4º), calling the Moon of Italy at 4° Scorpio through the square! 

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