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Euro, Greece's future in the EU and 8º Scorpio Originally Published: 26th March. 2015. | Author: Smiljana Gavrančić

Euro,  Greece's future in the EU and 8º Scorpio

Originally Published: 26th March.  2015. | Author: Smiljana Gavrančić

The recent victory  of Alexis Tsipras in Greece (25th January 2015) has seriously "shaken" the survival of the euro-zone. These days, in Berlin, Angela Merkel and Alexis Tsipras are trying to overcome the differences and achieve a balance on the line Athens - Berlin, but the question is whether  the meeting of the new Greek Prime Minster Tsipras and German Chancellor Angela Merkel  will result with a  Greece finally continues to remain in the European Monetary Union.

8º Scorpio in EU horoscope

The European Union (01st November 1993, 00:00, Maastricht, Netheralands, "The Book of World Horscopes" Nicholas Campion) has a midpoint of  Mercury (ruler  of 2 - finance, currency of the country) and Jupiter (essential  significator for big money, but  here  also  the ruler of  8 - credits, loans) - at 8º  Scorpio! At the same place is the Sun (the ruler of the Ascendant - the capital, the situation in the country) of the European Union, and this is the picture of  Brussels in chart of  EU. However, about  the connection between the currencies of EU and the United States speaks to us  this place (8º Scorpio) which is  USA Ascendant ("Horoscopes of the USA and Canada," March H. Penfield), so we could say that the stability of the European currency (euro) is in close relation with the situation in Washington D.C. which is very  logical.

So, 8º  Scorpio could be the degree from which,  inside of the Zodiac,  euro "vibrates". It is known that the date when the global financial crisis started was September 15th, 2008. ("Predict the financial crisis," Raymond Merriman). Just then, a secondary Venus of EU was positioned at 8º Scorpio! Venus is usually the natural ruler of the second house in modern astrology and certainly that is the financial system of a country.

Angela Merkel and the struggle to preserve the euro-zone

The global economic crisis has affected the whole world, and therefore the EU, what we can observe until today, when we talk about the EU. From the very beginning the major role in the maintaining of the euro-zone unchanged and with all of the 19 members within it - has German Chancellor Angela Merkel. She the German Chancellor from 22th November 2005. If we look at her Solar Arc directions chart for 15th September, 2008 (the date of the start of the global economic crisis), then we can find Solar Arc Ascendant at 8º Aquarius, which would be a square to 8º Scorpio (degree that I link to the euro), but here the question arises whether this woman can manage to keep all 19 members of the euro zone together? I would say that she will fight hard because it is the nature of square (Mars - fighting, action), that goes into action, but also the things here will be interrupted halfway and it is quite possible that some of the members can  leave the European Monetary Union.


Let's go back to the date when the euro-zone has been established. The date was 01st January 1999, as the time taken  midnight ("The Book of World Horsocopes" Nicholas Campion). The angles of the horoscope go over 29º variable signs, and the recent solar eclipse from March 20th  2015, at  29º Pisces has „opened“ some issues related to the survival of the euro-zone. If we calculate the secondary progressions for January 01th 1999, we can find the secondary axis IC / MC of  EU over 8º Scorpio /  8º Taurus, what confirms the importance of 8º Scorpio for euro!

The first cabinet of Angela Merkel

In her first term, the cabinet of German Chancellor was confromted with the crisis of the euro-zone. Specifically, the starting date of the mandate of this cabinet is taken November 22th 2005, 16:00, Berlin. When we  do Solar Arc direction of the date of commencement of the global economic crisis (September 15th, 2008) we  find Jupiter (which carries the Mercury, the ruler of the Ascendant and 2 - the financial system), exactly at 8º Scorpio - degree of euro! But I must say again that at that time  the Solar Arc Ascendant of Angela Merkel  was at 8º Aquarius and  squaring  8º Scorpio. This woman "must" be involved in this process of  saving the euro-zone, but it is very likely that she will have a lot of problems (square) on this path, and  will not be able to preserve the integrity of the system.


The European Union has already begun to feel the crisis of the euro-zone a year later, i.e. at the end of 2009. Three members of the euro-zone are the most affected by the crisis: Greece, Ireland and Portugal. Now, if we look back at my article "Athens and 27ºVirgo", which I wrote in late 2012, then certainly in degree of Venus fall (27º Virgo) we have a picture of a country with troubles in the area of finances (Venus - finance). Well, let's see now Solar Arc direction of Greece from 1974 ("The Book of World Horoscopes" Nicholas Campion) to the very end of 2009. We can just find a conjunction of Moon and Pluto no less than at 8º  Scorpio, which is just a sign that Greece will have a central place in the euro-zone crisis. The Moon is the ruler of the Ascendant in a horoscope of Greece from 1974, and represents  Athens (capital) and opportunities in the country, while Pluto is the symbol of profound transformation, but also of enormous energy, large loans and borrowings.

Greece joined the EU in 1981, January 01st,  and in 2001 became a member of the euro-zone, i.e. replaced the national currency with the euro. Solar Arc Ascendant of Greece from 1974 was at 8º Leo, which is in square with 8º Scorpio (euro), and this is already a sign that one day Greece can get out of the euro-zone. Also interesting is the axis IC-MC at this chart, it's about the axis 20 ° Libra - 20º Aries, which is the axis that  represents Berlin, i.e. Germany itself (more about this you can read in my article „Berlin and axis 20º Aries - 20ºLibra"). All this is a picture of connection between Germany and Greece in relation to the euro-zone issues.

 Victory of  Tsipras

In the late January 2015, Greece got a new Prime Minister. Young Alexis Tsipras is a Leo in the horoscope while he has Gemini on the Ascendant. Mercury, the ruler of the Ascendant, is located at 15º Cancer, and recently, the 7th Uranus-Pluto  square has „touched“ the Mercury. Mercury is in his chart a ruler of 8 (credits, loans) from 10 (he as Prime Minister), and as a planet is extremely important, judging by the fact that Greece is in deep financial debts.

At the time of  7th Uranus-Pluto square (March 17th, 2015), the secondary Moon (Greek people) of Tsipras was found at 8º Taurus, i.e. across 8º Scorpio (euro), while his tertiary Ascendant was found at 8º Scorpio. All this is a picture of the problem in which the Greek people are in relation to the euro-zone. The opposition is of the nature of Uranus and here things could be suddenly interrupt, this is a picture of the Greek people who suddenly (Uranus) can leave the euro-zone. I have to  add that we will have another eclipse soon, on April 04th, 2015, at 14º Libra (Lunar Eclipse), which will also "touch"  the Mercury  from horoscope  of Tsipras. Well, this is also interesting  that Venus (natural ruler of finance) is in the hororscope of Tsipras, on 8º Cancer, which makes  trine to 8º Scorpio (euro), since Venus is the ruler of Libra in 8 (loans, loans) from 10 (he as Prime Minister). But the trine aspect is lazy in its nature and Tsipras will hardly use it, and he will probably „go“ into opposition, square, strong conjunction because these are the aspects which „push“.

"Hot" autumn for Greece

Tsipras’s secondary progressions for September 13rd, 2015 (the day of solar eclipse at 20° Virgo) show  axis 5/11 over 8º Scorpio / 8º Taurus. The 5th house is the 8th house (loans, credits) from 10 (he  as Prime Minister), and here we can see the importance of this  eclipse for Greece. Otherwise, his natal axis 5/11 goes over 19º Virgo / 19º Pisces, and will be "awakened"  by mentioned eclipse at 20º Virgo.

The last eclipse in 2015 will occur on September 27th, and it will be the Lunar eclipse, which will happen at 4º Aries. This eclipse is going to be important for Greece because Greece (in it’s  horoscope from  1974) has Moon / Pluto conjunction at 4º Libra, but there is also Venus (finance) at  3º Cancer 29 '. However, as the new Greek Prime Minister, Tsipras, has the Sun at 4º Leo, here he could have a significant role and somehow could bring things into balance. Just then the secondary axis IC-MC Greece from 1974 will be over the axis 8º Scorpio /  8º Taurus, which is the axis that I link to the euro-zone, as  I mapped the euro at 8º Scorpio. Of course it is also important here the secondary axis 2/8, because it „speaks“ about finances, and it can help because it is  going over 8º Virgo / 8º Pisces, i.e. in sextile / trine with 8º Scorpio (euro).

Al the time, however, we have to keep in mind that the Solar Arc Ascendant of Greece from 1974 was at 8º Leo and squaring 8º Scorpio (euro) at the time when Greece became a member of the euro-zone (2001), what has initially highlighted the potential problems and a high probability of Greece's exit from the European monetary family. Also, once again I will remind of the position of Solar Arc Ascendant of German’s  Chancellor Merkel at the time of begining of the world economic crisis. It was just about 8º  Aquarius, which is a square with 8º Scorpion (euro) and this is what certainly "pushes" this woman unconsciously into the fight to preserve the euro-zone, but it also brings her problems on this path.

Finally, I will add that before the start of the global economic crisis, namely on August 01st 2008, there was on the sky the Solar Eclipse on 9º Leo, which squared 8º Scorpio (euro). Shortly after this eclipse, on September 15th, 2008, the global economic crisis has begun. As I have said above, several times, Solar Arc Ascendant of Angela Merkel appeared on 8º Aquarius, making opposition to 8º Leo - a place where was Solar Arc Ascendant  of Greece from 1974 on the day when Greece  became a member of the euro-zone ( 01st January, 2001). Practically, here we have a fixed T-square and everything here was transferred to 8º Scorpio (Ascendant US, the midpoint of Mercury and Jupiter in a chart of the EU, the Sun of EU). It is obvious that the solution to the global economic crisis is in the hands of Washington D.C. and Brussels...

 On 8º we have a midpoint between exaltation of Uranus and exaltation of Pluto, or more precisely, it is the 7º Scorpio, and here it is necessary to connect the God of Heaven, Uranus (Mind, consciousness) and God of the  Underground, Pluto (Body, unconsciousness).

The meeting with Putin - April, 2015

After Berlin and meeting with Merkel, Greek Prime Minister Tsipras will meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Moscow on 08th April, and in May will attend the Victory Day parade in the Russian capital. Radically leftist government of Greece favors closer relations with Russia in the middle of Athens effort to avoid bankruptcy and Greek officials openly support perspectives of Athens to be turned to Russia or to China for help, in case when negotiations for a loan from the EU fail.

If we look at the horoscope of New Russia ("The Book of World Horoscopes" Nicholas Campion), then we can see that  Ascenedant (Moscow) is  at 26º  Virgo 12 ', therefore, very close to 27º Virgo (fall of Venus), i.e. the degree that I just inside the Zodiac assigned to Athens (see my article "Athens and 27º Virgo"), and is apparently possible that  Athens get  official support from Moscow.



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