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’Out Of Africa’ – Part 2 The Mother City - Cape Town Published: 20th July, 2020 I Author: Smiljana Gavrančić

’Out Of Africa’ – Part 2
The Mother City - Cape Town
 Published: 20th July, 2020 I Author: Smiljana Gavrančić

This article was first published in #IAM32 July/August 2020 #Ants issue; get your digital/hard copy here

 All images in this article were provided by Smiljana as her astro art. 
The image of local queen was taken from internet

Cape Town (Afrikaans: Kaapstad [ˈkɑːpstat]; Xhosa: iKapa;) is the second most populous city in South Africa after Johannesburg and also the legislative capital of South Africa. Colloquially named the Mother City, it is the largest city of the Western Cape province and forms part of the City of Cape Town metropolitan municipality. The Parliament of South Africa sits in Cape Town. The other two capitals are located in Pretoria (the executive capital where the Presidency is based) and Bloemfontein (the judicial capital where the Supreme Court of Appeal is located). The city is known for its harbour, for its natural setting in the Cape Floristic Region, and for landmarks such as Table Mountain and Cape Point. Cape Town is home to 64% of the Western Cape's population.

Cornavirus in Western Cape province and 29° Aries

The COVID-19 pandemic in South Africa is part of the ongoing pandemic of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) caused by severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2). On 5th March 2020, Minister of Health Zweli Mkhize confirmed that the virus spread to South Africa, with the first known patient being a male citizen who tested positive upon his return from Italy. The secondary progressed Moon (people) of South Afric (10th May,1994, 12:20pm, Pretoria, South Africa) was just crossing  over so called ’anaretic’ degree, 29° Aries. The first death to have occurred from the disease was reported on 27 March 2020.

The first case in Western Cape was confirmed on 11th March 2020-with the secondary progressed Sun of Cape Town at ’anaretic’ 29° of Aries too! As we can see, that spot, 29° Aries, might be very important regarding COVID-19 in Cape Town. 

On 15th March 2020, the President of South Africa, Cyril Ramaphosa, declared a national state of disaster, and announced measures such as immediate travel restrictions and the closure of schools from 18 March. Transit Saturn was just crossing over 29° Capricorn, squaring 29° Aries! On 23 March, a national lockdown was announced, starting on 26th March 2020. 

As of 4 July 2020, of 1,792,078 tests conducted, 187,977 cases were confirmed, 3,026 people died, and 91,227 had recovered (this is info for the whole South Africa). 

Today, 5th July 2020, there are over 10,000 new confirmed cases reported, just within 24 hours. It is the biggest number per day since the national ’lockdown’ has been started.

The hotest spot is Western Cape province which capital is Cape Town! If we take a look on the chart of the Mother City, we can see asteroid  Koronis is placed at 15° Gemini 52’ (where is my natal  Fortuna), which means that the lunar eclipse on 5th June 2020 at 15° Sagittarus ’hited’ it, and brought the culmination of infected people in Western Cape. Like in myth, Artemis was the one who killed Coronis (mortal woman who was cheeting Apollo’s, Artemis’ twin brother, with other mortal man even she was pregnant with Apollo), and we find asteroid Artemis in the chart of Cape Town at 15° Aquarius (exactly where 6th house (health) of Cape Town is), in nice, easy, trine with 15° Gemini.Well, they both should shake hands and make some deal... But, let’s see more... My natal Mercury is at 15° Aquarius, so no wonder why this is my topic.  

Fortuna is the most important spot within everyone’s chart, as it includes Asc, the Moon, the Sun. In secondary progressed chart of Cape Town, right now Fortuna is crossing over 15° of Gemini, giving a lot of attention to mythological Koronis. Just to remind you, at 15° Gemini, there is my natal Fortuna! The midpoint of my Sun-Moon is at 27° Aries, where Cape Town has its Sun! The Mother City is very important for me! Right now, my secondary progressed Moon is at 25° Sagittarius, making conjunction with IC of Cape Town, and at the same time ’moving’ MC of the Mother City! For those who wants to see my chart here it is: 30th January, 1980., 01:40 am, Kikinda, Serbia.


The chart source: ’Horoscopes of Africa’ by Marc Penfield

RxSaturn reenters 29° Capricorn, Rx Jupiter again crosses over 22° Capricorn

Since 2nd July 2020, Rx Saturn reenters 29° Capricorn again, bringing to Western Cape province again new/old problems, i.e. this is going to be some kind of test or responsability. Saturn tests us, to see what did we learn from past experience. At the same time, from 10th-18th July, RxJupiter again is crossing over 22° of Capricron, that important spot within the Zodiac for 2020 where Saturn met Pluto in early January which was the beginning of ’WW3’ on some way (’cause, we all astrologers did expect war in literally sense, but it seams that coronavirus is some kind of war indeed, ’chemical war’). What we may now expect from RxJupiter over 22° of Capricorn? There might be spreading of  virus again, number could grow, as Jupiter in  Capricorn brings mess, problems, troubles, for Jupiter (Zeus, moral, law) falls in Capricorn. We should recall also days around 20th March 2020 when Jupiter and Mars met at 22° Capricorn – around these days national lockdown in South Africa was preapring to start, as I’ve said at the beginning. Look also Cape Town’s Saturn (ruler of its 6th house-health ) at 22° Cancer, and in the sign of its exile-generally, health issue is Western Cape province is sensitive topic, and we may see older people (Saturn in Cancer) might die during end of March, mid July, and again Nov/Dec 2020 when Jupiter will cross over 22° of Capricorn for the last time. Saturn carries within itself asteroid Artemis from 15° Aquarius, and despite all, she is there, Artemis’ vibe  within the Mother City and helps them to fight against coronavirus.  

Economy is going to face with serious problems in next 6th months

Also, Saturn will cross over 29° of Capricorn for the last time in December, around Christmas, and that, 3rd, last transit, will show to Cape Town finally what was this all about, how did they pass this test,  they still (as the rest of this world) don’t have clear pictre what COVID-19 is, virus, or maybe something else? Whatever, I’m writing this article just 2 hours before the lunar eclpse at 13°  Capricorn on 5th July 2020, thinking about Cape Town’s Jupiter a 12° Capricorn 32’, in the sign of its fall, and wondering what kind of trouble regarding economy is going to ’shake’ Western Cape province, and the Mother City, Cape Town, in next 6th months, and several years ahead.  Jupiter also presents people who are coming from abroad, tourists, and this eclipse may open real problems for several years ahead reagarding all what Jupiter presents –economy, money, traveling, and of course, universities, students. 

Why August may be so important for Western Cape province?

 If we speak more about economy situation in Western Cape province, we may notice its Mars (ruler of 2nd house-money, banks) in 8th (investments, but debts too) at 10° Taurus, and on 16th August Uranus (change, shaking, stress) is going to turn retro from that spot, which may be turning point for economy in Cape Town! Uranus is ruler of 6th (workers in province, but health of nation too), and ruler of Artemis in this case, and it will sit at Cape Town’s Mars in 8th  (death of nation, deep transformaton, dangerous situations). 

Also, secondary progressed Mercury of Cape Town (ruler of its Asc – the main atmosphere in the city, and the ruler of its MC-reputation of the city, the major of province, the PM of province) is crossing during 2020 over 10° Taurus, over Cape Town’s Mars in 8th –that’s why the moment when Uranus (change) turns retro on 16th August this year-may be so so important, turning point for all what happens in Western Cape province.  

Have on mind that Mercury in the chart of Cape Town is the dispositor of Koronis asteroid, so this means that mythological Coronis and Artemis are going to do something on 18th August (when Uranus turns retro at 10° Taurus), through secondary progressed Mercury (Hermes, who is usually someone with message, he or she will bring some message), transit Uranus (ruler of Artemis) and through Mars of Cape Town. Mars in the chart of Cape Town carries within itself the Sun (vitality, but also this could be someone who is the head of province, PM for example, or major of the city) which is from July finally at much more better degree, at 0° Taurus, leaving behind ’anaretic’ 29° of Aries (which was activated when the 1st case of virus came up in Cape Town).   

In late August, early September, transit Mars will cross over Cape Town’s Sun (vitality) 27° Aries, starting its retro motion at 28° Aries on 10th September, which also put a lot of attention on August as very important month for Western Cape province.

And what about ban on tobacco sales and  alcohol? 29th July,2020?

Cape Town has RxNeptune (addcition, as well as virus) at 21° Sagittarius, and that spot was moved on 13 May 2020 when Venus started her retro motion at 21° Gemini. We should wait to see what will happen when Venus again makes her cross over 21° of Gemini - 29th July , leaving her ’shadow’ and showing us much more clear situation regarding tobacco. Under level 3 of lockdown (which is still active) sale of alcohol was approved , but there is still ban on tobacco sales.

Beaches? Surfing?

Neptune represents ocean too, beaches, surfing, and there is ban on beaches too. There are more then one option. The first of all, end of July,  better say 29th July, may give some much more clear information not only regarding tobacco ban, but also regarding beaches. Saturn  at 22° Capricorn rules 5th house (sport, joy, restaurants, caffees, place for fun) and Jupiter is ’moving’ that point from 10th-18th July, so it fits that at the end of July the news regarding beaches ban may be in public. If the President keeps beaches ban even from August on, they should be finally open in November/December.If he would approve beaches now, end of July, beginning of August, there is big possibility virus would start to expand, because Jupiter in its fall would spread. But, let’s see, in the mean time, what kind of big change is going to happen in Western Cape province when Uranus turns retro on 16th August at 10° Taurus, and moves a lot (Mars of Cape Town, progressed Mercury, Artemis, as well as Coronis).  
And what about Hygiea, the goddess of hygiena in the chart of Cape Town?

They use to say, that hygiena is 50% of health! In the chart of Cape Town we can find Hygiea asteroid at 24° Taurus 25’, very close with the malefic fixed star Algol.Venus is its ruler and  secondary progressed Venus I find at 8° Aries 44’. During all May 2020 transit Chiron (healing, wounding) was crossing over 8° Aries, showing to Cape Town’s people an opportunity to see how taking care for your health is very important. During August (so again we get August) tranist Chiron as retro, and it is going again to remind Cape Town how washing hands may be some kind of healing (transit Chiron will cross again over 8° Aries).At the same time, there is the New Moon at 26° Leo (18th August), squaring Cape Town’s Hygiea at 26° Taurus, opening this issue much more. Algol fixed star reminds us that we should somehow ’cut’ (’kill’, ’taking someone’s head off’-not literally of course) some pattern within us which makes we feel stuck, blocked. In myth, Perseus killed Gorgon Medusa, and that is all about the fixed star Algol. The nature of fixed star Algol is Saturn-Pluto, and Saturn met Pluton at 22° Capricorn in early January, opening the door for this virus. So, again, one more confirmation how 22° of cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn) is important regarding Covid-19. 

’Hunter’s Moon’in October, and the spirit of Artemis?

 I would also watch on 1st October 2020 when we have the Full Moon at 9 Aries, which ’moves’ secondary progressed Venus (Hygiea) of Cape Town. Interesting, it is going to be so called ’Hunter’s Moon’, and Artemis was the goddess of hunting. In mythology, Artmeis was the one who killed mortal woman Coronis! Read here my article on COVID 19

On 5th October, Pluto (rebirth) starts its direct motion from 22° Capricorn, finally leaving that spot which was activated in early January, thhhen again on 20th March, and from 10th-18th July.  And, soon, after October, there is Nov/Dec when the whole world should easy leave this chaos and enigma. I say enigma, because we do not know clearly, what Covid-19 is, virus, or something else. 

As soon as Jupiter and Saturn make their great conjunction at 0° Aquarius (21st December, 2020), we are going to step into totally different time. We just need this ’bad Zeus’ finishes his job within the sign of Capricorn.

My composite chart with the Mother City

More then clear why this topic is my topic. Look axis Asc/Desc – it goes over 22° of cardinal signs (Libra/Aries). The ruler of Asc (Cape Town) is Venus, at 23° Aries, and she makes strong conjunction with Desc (me) – this means that Cape Town ’needs’ me, the  Mother City goes to me, by itself.

Composite Neptune is the same, as we both, Cape Town, as well as me-we have both RxNeptune at 21° Sagittarius. The topic on tobacco and alchokol ban is very interesting for me, because I see in that President’s act - the Universe’s wish to make them much more grounded, because they were too much ’flying’, too much in addictions. 

I am Mars, as ruler of 7th in this relationship, and Mars is in 9th (I am from abroad at 12° Cancer 25’ in its fall – this morning was the lunar eclipse over 13° Capricorn/13° Cancer. Mars has as its exalted dispositor -  Jupiter in Scorpio, so I am going from Cancer (fall for Mars)  into Scorpio (in domicile). Mars  is part of grand water trine with planets in Pisces and Jupiter at 10° Scorpio. And, now, again, I say – when Uranus starts its retro motion on 16th August, at 10° Taurus, it will move composite Jupiter too. If we do secondary progressed composite chart for me and Cape Town, we again get axis 10°  Scorpio/10°  Taurus, over secondary progressed Asc/Desc. So, again, Uranus will ’move’ this in the moment when it starts its retro motion, on 16th August. 

Eastern Cape Province- Local Queen, Noloyiso Sandile ,dies on 8th July 2020

And, again 29° of cardinal signs

Local queen dies due to COVID-19 on 8th July, 2020 (around 13:30), at Cecilia Makhiwane Hospital in Mdanstsane (close to East London). The Asc of her death is at 21°  Scorpio, where is my natal Asc. South Africa  has a number of kingdoms representing various ethnic groups. The AmaRharhabe royal family had confirmed the sudden passing of the regent queen, Noloyiso Sandile. She was 56.
The broadcaster said Sandile had been admitted at a hospital for COVID-19 related complications.
The deceased is a sister to the current Zulu monarch, King Goodwill Zwelithini. She was married to the AmaRarhabe King Maxhoba Sandile for over two decades until his death in 2011.She was then made the regent queen until her son, Prince Jonguxolo Sandile, took over when he came of age.


The chart source: ’Horoscopes of Africa’ by Marc Penfield 

Of course, the last lunar eclipse ’shaked’ the opposition between Mercury (which is ’out-of-bounds’ and shows its extrems) and Jupiter over 14°  of Capricorn/14°  Cancer, as the eclipse was at 13°  Capricorn. There is cardinal T-square where Uranus at 14° Aries calls out Mercury/Jupiter oppostion, and Uranus is ruler of MC (rulers, kings, queens). But, Jupiter is the ruler of intercepted Pisces in 10th house (rulers, king,queen) too. Elipse was in East London’s 8th house (house of death). But, moreover, look at the Moon/Mars conjunction in this chart. Uranus crossed during May over the Moon 7°  Taurus, the Moon is always an image of female figure in the country, and Mars at 10°  Taurus where Urans is now (this degree I’ve mention in the part of Cape Town as very important for August when Uranus turns retro from that point).At 10° Taurus there is even Solar Arc Asc of East London, and that is  secondary progressed composite Asc of me and Cape Town, if you remember! Generally, it brings a lot of stress, unexpected deaths, as the Moon is dispositor of Jupiter (rulers) an Jupiter is also the ruler of 8th (death). Mars carries within itself Chiron (wouns) at 9°  Scorpio from 6th house (health in Eastern Cape), and we have the whole picture why this happens now. Next 6th monts will be very  hard for Eastern Cape too, and several years ahead, for economy too, as axis 2/8 is involved. But, we must notice Solar Arc Chiron (wound) of East London at 29°  Aries, and Solar Arc Mars of East London at 29 ° Libra (’anaretic degree’), just across 29°  Aries, the spot which was activated when the whole South Africa, as well as Cape Town, started to face with Covid19. RxSaturn right now at 29°  Capricorn is doing what it is doing, taking lives...

 Mars is ruler of Chiron in this chart, the dispositor of Uranus from Aries, and Uranus is ruler of 10th (rulers in Eastern Cape). In November/December Jupiter will for the last time cross over the Sun (rulers, as well as vitalit, life) of East London at 23° Capricorn, and that will be the last transit. As you can see, the same what I’ve said for Western Cape, we can conclude for Eastern Cape too. End of June and early July 2020 is also challenging for Eastern Cape, as RxJupiter is crossing over its Sun 23°  Capricorn again. Of course, on 30th June, we had RxJupiter/RxPluto second conjunction at 24° Capricorn, squaring East London’s Pluto 24° Aries, and at the same time crossing over the Sun 23° Capricorn-all this did open heavy time for economy too.

In my synastry with East London, there is Chiron at 9° Aquarius, exactly where is my natal Sun, squaring my natal Chiron in 6th (my health) at 9° Taurus. I know that this is some kind of healing for me, my strong need to write on Africa, to live Africa through astrology. The South Node in composite chart is at 16° Pisces, where is my natal Venus, my last Moon’s conjunction, the last memory from my past life.Composite Asc 21° Aquarius, squaring my natal Asc 21° Scorpio, and Asc 21° Scorpio in the moment when she died-a lot of signs, indeed...Our composite Mercury (the ruler of 4th-the ouctome) is at 29° Capricorn, where is now RxSaturn, and this all is not without a reason...

As we closed this issue information came out in the news: In his address on Sunday 12th July 2020, President Cyril Ramaphosa said that while the country would remain on Level 3 of the lockdown regulations, the sale and distribution of alcohol was immediately banned and the national state of disaster will be extended to 15 August.This is one more sign that the moment when Uranus' turns retro on 16th August, is going to be the turning point for South Africa, moreover, for Western Cape Province, as well as Eastern Cape Province.

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