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NATO and 2020 Published: 6th December, 2019 I Author: Smiljana Gavrančić; Professional Astrologer ISAR CAP

NATO and 2020
Published: 6th December, 2019 I Author: Smiljana Gavrančić; Professional Astrologer ISAR CAP

 The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) came into being as the result of a treaty signed on 4th April 1949. The horoscope for this date is highly descriptive and is sometimes used as that for the creation of NATO itself, which it is definitely not! The treaty was signed in Washington DC at around 5.00 pm, although a literal reading of press reports suggests a time of 4.52 pm, for the completion of the signing ceremony.

The organization came into being at 11.42 am, on the 24th August 1949 when, following the ratification of the treaty by France (the final country to do so), President Truman signed the document bringing the treaty into force. The horoscope given here is set for this time and date in Washington DC, the location of Truman’s signing.

At the outset of NATO's 70th anniversary meeting, which was meant to promote the unity of the alliance, no one doubted President Donald Trump's ability to disrupt, and he didn't disappoint, taking his ’unique’ brand of diplomacy and foreign policy tactics to new levels.
Trump laid into two leaders who theoretically should be among the US's closest allies, dissing French President Emmanuel Macron by calling his comments about NATO experiencing "brain death" "very insulting" and confronting Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau by demanding he say how much Canada spends on defense and calling him "two-faced."

Money, money, money....

As we can see, NATO is 2º  Scorpio 57’ Asc, very close with 3º  Scorpio (the Moon’s fall degree, but at the same time Pluto’s exaltation degree – where life (the Moon) is the weakest, death (Pluto) is the strongest. Mars, as  traditional ruler of Scorpio is very weak in NATO’s chart, it is in Cancer, in its fall, and in 9th house (abroad), which means that NATO has its  army abroad, and generally that NATO will always use its power, army, soldiers without thinking, because, Mars  is not aware, and Mars in Cancer must go into wars, even if it will lose these wars (Mars in Cancer is very often an image of soldier who goes in war in order to lose his life). At 3 º Scorpio, there is Asc of the current President of Russia, Vladimir Putin! But, we must use Emmanuel Macron's draconic chart (the memory of his soul from past life incarnation) because there he has the Moon/Uranus oppositon over 2º Scorpio/2º Uranus, and now we can understand his words "brain death", because Uranus will turn direct at 2 Taurus on 12th January 2020, 'moving' his draconic axis!

Mars at 21º  Cancer 22’ has strong, applying, opposition with Jupiter at 23º  Capricorn 20’ (have on mind that Jupiter falls within the sign of Capricorn). Jupiter is the ruler of 2nd house (money) in the chart of NATO, and here we go! Jupiter just entered Capricorn on 2nd December 2019, and it ’carries’ within itself Chiron (wound/s) at 3º  Sagittarius in 2nd house. NATO really may be faced with very serious financial problems during 2020.   

On 31st December 2019, transit Saturn will make the last exact oppositon with Mars 21º  Cancer 22’ in NATO’s chart. Saturn is the ruler of Jupiter (money) in the chart of NATO, but also it rules 3th house (neighbourhood), as well as angular 4th house, i.e. IC (territory), and because it is the ruler of angular house in this chart, Saturn is more than important. Also, Mars in Cancer (the ruler of Asc in NATO’s chart) goes through its dispositor (the Moon at 7º  Virgo ) in 10th house, and makes a strong applying conjunction with Saturn 8º  Virgo. So, Saturn ’colors’ all, and that’s why it is important in this chart. Also, there is the Sun 1º  Virgo, i.e. stellium in 10th house and we must take note that NATO was created just after the New Moon! Saturn will ’clean’ all that must be cleaned, and maybe bring back home some NATO soldiers. Regarding finanacial situation within the NATO, Saturn may also bring restrictions.   

The midpoint between the Sun and the Moon is at 4º  Virgo, and that makes exact sextile with Uranus 4º  Cancer (the modern ruler of Aquarius, and the ruler of angular 4th house in this case). The upcoming Chistmas solar eclipse on 25th December 2019 at 4º  Capricorn will ’shake’ NATO’s Uranus at 4º  Cancer, but also it will support with trine the midpoint of the Sun and the Moon at 4º  Virgo. The same eclipse occurred 19 years ago, and just before and after that eclipse NATO received its new members. On 12th March 1999, Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland joined NATO. Later, on 29th March 2004, Bulgaria, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Slovakia and Slovenia joined NATO. The influence of one eclipse in mundane astrology is much longer than on personal levels, and it has influence over several years. So, that eclipse, 19 years ago opened a new period within NATO, and NATO became more powerful.   

 Venus 4º  Libra  of NATO (and Venus is the ruler of 7th house – diplomacy, partnerships) on the day of eclipse will be activated by  Uranus 4º  Cancer in the chart of NATO, with square, and becoming the focal planet in cardinal T-square together with the point of solar eclipse 4º  Capricorn. And, transit Chiron is approaching soon to 4º  Aries, which might activate a very challenging time within NATO, i.e. this organization might have very difficult relationships with its member/s. Interesting that Harry Truman had his Venus at 3º  Cancer 58’ (i.e.4º  Cancer) and Venus in his chart is very important because it is the ruler of his Libra rising, so it represents him. Even though Truman is not still alive, we can follow the destiny of NATO as organization through his natal chart. Also, very interesting to consider might be Truman’s natal Moon (the ruler of his MC-his reputation) at 5º  Scorpio, because, Uranus already hit it with opposition, and will again, during April 2020. Right now, 5º  Scorpio in the chart of Truman is very important because his secondary progressed Mars is crossing over the same degree. So, transit Uranus at 5º  Taurus, in April 2020, will open some energy for sure.  Interesting, Trump's draconic Venus (ruler of his natal MC-his reputation) is just across, at 4º Taurus 56' (i.e. 5º Taurus almost).

As Uranus is involved, maybe some member will want out? However, Uranus will ask for necessary changes within the organization. Otherwise, if there are no changes, the Universe will force NATO to make some radical change! That change must happen says the secondary progressed Asc of NATO, which is at the very end of Sagittarius, at 29º  Sagittarius 54’, which means that very soon, it will touch 0 Capricorn (take responsibility). Solar Arc Mars, the ruler of Asc in NATO ’s chart is also telling us that the change is happening – it just started crossing over 0º Libra (over Trump's draconic Moon), which means change too. Plus, Uranus is turning direct at 2º  Taurus (’hitting’ Desc, as well as Asc of NATO) on 11th January 2020, just around the lunar eclipse 20º  Cancer (conjuncting NATO’s Mars 21º  Cancer) and the great Saturn/Pluto conjunction at 22º  Capricorn,which will all be the turning point and big call for big change!  

Axis 21º  Cancer /21º  Capricorn is very important for NATO because when I   checked the secondary progressions of Harry Truman for 24th August 1949, I found his secondary progressed Sun and Mercury at 21º  Cancer 08’, making conjunction with NATO’s Mars 21 Cancer 22’! And, very soon, in early January (around 10th, 11th, 12th January) there will be an eclipse at 20º  Cancer, and the great Saturn/Pluto conjunction at 22º  Capricorn. NATO is going to be under a very deep transformative period, where it will have to face the truth and to make big changes if it wishes to survive.   

On 17th January 2020 transit Saturn will cross over NATO’s Jupiter 23º  Cancer 20’  which brings financial problems to the organization. Very soon, on 23º  Janury 2019 Pluto makes its first exact oppositon with Mars’ NATO at 21º  Cancer 22’ – transform, transform, transform!!! It would be painful too, and for me this is a calling for NATO to change something regarding sending its soldiers all around the world (Mars in 9th house).   

On 11th March 2020 Jupiter makes its first exact opposition with Mars of NATO, over 21º  Capricorn 22’/21º  Cancer 22’, and it will also open very important financial issues for this organization. It will repeat, in its retro motion during July 2020, and in direct motion during Nov/Dec 2020. Generally, if we take Jupiter as law, and Jupiter falls in Capricorn (where Saturn (justice) is in domicile), and if we take Mars as war, and Mars falls in Cancer, where Saturn (justice) is in its exile - we might suspect that NATO may be faced with serious judgments in media (Jupiter is in its 3rd house-TV, newspapers, etc...), and from abroad (Mars in 9th house). Jupiter always brings affaris, specially if it is weak in natal chart, as it is in the case with NATO’s natal chart.  

NATO and Donald Trump 

If we look at the composite chart of Donald Trump and NATO, we find the Moon (the ruler of MC, i.e.10th house-reputation) at very end of Libra, at anaretic 29º  Libra (within the ’Via combusta’ road), and in 2nd house (money issues) which in the start tells us a great deal.  Very interesting and at the same time ’funny’ that axis of IC/MC of Warsaw Pact (14th May 1955) goes over 29º  Libra/29º  Aries! Uranus already did its ’shaking’, since Trump became US president, Uranus was crossing several times over 29º  Aries, ’shaking’ composite Moon in 2nd at 29º  Libra, and that is all stress which Trump brought to NATO regarding money issues. The real picture we may get in the moment when Saturn at 29º  Capricorn makes its first square and that will be during March 2020 when Jupiter makes its first oppositon to Mars too (which I’ve mentioned above) bringing serious money problems to NATO.  Well, it will repeat in July 2020 as well, when Saturn in its retro motion again crosses over 29º  Capricorn (during July and Jupiter makes its second oppositon in its retro-motion with NATO’s Mars), and one more time in December 2020. What could Trump do? He may stop   funding money from US budget to NATO, or he may make some new restrictions, giving even  less than the US currently gives). But this means that the US may seriously put NATO in financial troubles. 


Also, the Sun in composite chart of Trump and NATO might be interesting, because it is at 27º  Cancer 01 in 10th house (reputation), and Saturn, as well as Jupiter will ’shake’ it too, during 2020! 

USSR & Warsaw Pact

As NATO was born during USSR time, it is interesting, even now when USSR does not exist (but still lives in deep unconscious of this world) to check their composite chart. We all know that as answer, USSR made Warsaw Pact several years after NATO was born, on 14th May 1955. 

Well, first of all, USSR has in its natal chart Mercury in 10th house (reputation) as ruler of its 6th (USSR army) at 21º  Capricorn 20’, in almost exact oppositon with NATO’s Mars 21º  Cancer 22’. Isn’t it amazing? When NATO was formed, Solar Arc Asc of USSR was crossing over the royal fixed star Aldebaran at 9º  Gemini (where is Trump's draconic Asc),giving us very strong sign they are protector of East (Aldebaran is well-known as ’Watcher of East’). First of all, we must watch January, because ’old enemies’ might be again somehow involved, because there will be the lunar eclipse at 20º  Cancer, and soon after the grand Saturn/Pluto conjunction at 22º  Capricorn. Saturn/Pluto  cycle always brings conflicts, wars (check my article on Jupiter enters Capricorn which I’ve recently posted on my blog). 


 Composite chart of USSR & NATO - Uranus' Return at 7º Taurus 13' (7th May, 2020)

In composite chart of USSR and NATO  we find the Sun Venus conjucntion in 4th house (territory). The Sun is at 4 º Scorpio, Venus is at 1 º Scorpio, which means the midpoint of Sun/Venus is around 2 º Scorpio, and Uranus will turn direct at 2 º Taurus, across 2 º Scorpio, on 11th January 2020. So, again we get January 2020 as important time. As 4th house is involved, we might suspect there will be some fight over some territory/territories between NATO and today’s Russia. As around 2 º Scorpio is 3 º Scorpio, i.e. the Moon’s fall degree, as well as Pluto’s exaltation degree, probably it would be some country within ’Via combusta’ road, which destiny is not easy, but  which is at the same time wealthy, because, at 3 º Scorpio we have the god of underworld, and there wealth vibes. We can suspect on some country from Mid East, with oil fileds...  

 Third Reich Pluto's at 21º Cancer      

A most auspicious moment for NATO’s relationship with Russia might be the moment when Uranus begins to cross over their composite Uranus 7 º Taurus 13’, which will be Uranus’ return day for their composite chart, and it happens on 7th May 2020. Well, the last time Uranus crossing over 7 º Taurus 13’ 84 years ago,  it was in 1936,during the time of Third Reich, just before WW2 (which started  on 1st September 1939), when NATO was not formed yet, Warsaw Pact too, but it speaks enough, it was just before the big war...  Very interesting is that Third Reich has Pluto at 21º Cancer, conjuncting NATO’ s Mars 21 º Cancer. If we check secondary progressions of Third Reich for the moment when NATO was formed (24th August 1949), we find progressed Moon at 5 º Scorpio, where President Truman has his natal Moon (the ruler of his MC-his reputation). Solar Arc Moon of Third Reich was crossing over 21 º Aries, squaring NATO’s Mars 21 º Cancer on 24th August 1949. This is very strong connection!   


Secondary Moon of Warsaw Pact during December 2019 is crossing over 4 º Cancer (where is NATO ’s Urans, as ruler of its 4th –territory), and it will be called out with the Christmas  solar eclipse 4 º Capricorn on 26th December 2019. Just 19 years ago, as I’ve said, the ex members of Warsaw Pact’s: Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland (in 1999)-joined NATO, later, Bulgaria and Romania too (in 2004). It will be interesting to follow the time ahead and to see will some ex-Warsaw Pact’s member stay within NATO  or not.   


 Mars out-of-bounds in the horoscope of Warsaw Pact & Vladimir Putin

Comparing two Mars’, in chart of NATO and Warsaw Pact, we can see Mars of Warsaw Pact is at 22 º Gemini 20’ (in conjunction with US Mars 21 º Gemini, and I take as US Asc 8 º Scorpio, so Mars represents by itself Washington D.C. as the capital city), which is not something perfect (neutral land for Mars), but much better then having Mars in Cancer, in fall. Plus, Mars of Warsaw Pact is out-of-bounds, much more stronger Mars  for sure! Mars rules MC at 29 º Aries, and it will be open with the last eclipse within 2020, on 14th December 2020, when we have the solar eclipse at 23 º Sagittarius, which will happen within 6th house (army) of the chart of the Warsaw Pact. It stays we see, but some ’sleeping’ energy might open again, and East Block as East by itself, may start to be active in a time ahead. As new Russia has the Sun at 21 º Gemini, as well as MC 24 º Gemini, the eclipse will ’hit’ midpoint of the Sun/Mc (President Putin) and it really may open something big. Have in mind that new Russia starts its new era from spring 2020, because secondary progressed Mercury (ruler of Russian’s Asc, as well as its MC-reputation of country, president) will touch 0 º Leo, and after 30 years change the sign, which infers that something very important will come from the East. Leo is a royal sign and we will see if Russia brings back something from the period when it was a big Empire.  At 22 º Gemini in his 8th (wars) Putin has his natal Fortuna (the most important point in everyone’s chart) and the solar eclipse will open it too. Moreover, Putin’s progressed Sun will be at 22 º Sagittarius (where is his draconic Venus - diplomacy, relationships with others) at the end of 2020, and eclipse will sit just on his progressed Sun – very powerful time for him, very...! If Trump takes his 2nd term, this is going to 'hit' him too very powerful and it will have big impact on his way of doing politic, because he has in his natal chart the Sun at 22º Gemini, in opposition with the Moon 21º Sagittarius.

At the same time, on 14th December 2020, Putin’s solar Arc axis IC/MC will go over 29 º Aries/29 º Libra which was axis of MC/IC of Warsaw Pact! Isn’t it again a strong indicator that the East as East will somehow go through some kind of rebirth as regards the former Eastern Block? 

I must add that Putin’s midpoint of Mercury/Pluto is at 22 º Libra (where is secondary progressed MC of NATO right now and during 2020 – reputation of this organization), and the great Saturn/Pluto conjunction at 22 º Capricorn will ’call it out’ with square. He has Mercury/Neptune conjunction within his 12th house (secret informations, spying, secret police,  secret agent/s) and it could be some sign that some secret informations will be unblocked with the upcoming astral events during January 2020.

The times are changing and we will see what the universe has in store for us all in 2020, but I can assure you that we will witness big geo-political changes!  


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