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Cazimi at 24º Pisces on 15th March 2019 and Pope Francis I Published: 15th March, 2019 I Author: Smiljana Gavrančić

 Cazimi at 24º Pisces on 15th March 2019 and Pope Francis I
 Published: 15th March, 2019 I Author: Smiljana Gavrančić

 Cazimi conjunction of retrograde Mercury and the Sun at 24º Pisces right now is happening and it has very strong message through the Sabian symbols: "The purging of the priesthood"

Dynamic transition periods...

Anyone interested in church reform is probably very excited by the symbol for Pisces 24º (read the meaning for 25º in the book). It is not unexpected that 'purging of the priesthood' actually happen from time to time during our lives. 

'Priesthood' can refer to the standard bearers of any accepted convention, belief, practice and so on. Even in the case where the 'priests' are stewards of a way of life, a time of transition must come in order to allow the new, the young, the insights more in accord with the time to take over.

Pope Francis I has in his draconic chart Chiron (wounds, healing) at 25º Virgo, just across cazimi at 24º Pisces, also his draco axis 6/12 (axis of serving) goes over 23º Pisces/23º Virgo. So midpoint would be exactly at 24º Pisces, where we have cazimi right now. But look his draconic Neptune (faith)-it is at 24º Sagittarius!!!

Of course, his natal chart also "smells" on some big change, his MC is 0º Taurus-Uranus is there right now, and he is going to have soon his first Uranus' return (5 Taurus), e.i. during June/July Uranus will cross over his natal Uranus. But, more over, look his natal axis of lunar nodes-NN is at 24º Sagittarius, as well as SN is at 24º Gemini, with Sun at 25º Sagittarius (Galactic Center-I found this degree in charts of very important people for the world,Angela Merkel, Vladimir Putin, but also I link Galactic Center with Vatican as place of power in western religion). Interesting, before I posted this article on my blog, I have been reading very inspiring article from IAM by Anne Beversdorf about lunar nodes in Vedic astrology, where I found that NN (Rahu) is snake, it is malefic place, and where SN(Ketu) is the place where we should learn to understand our experience, digest the good and realize the bad, it's a place to go deep and learn about yourself. (if you want to read IAM, you can get your copy here: https://infinityastrologicalmagazine.com/nucleus-iam24-mar…/ )

Cazimi is something special and this might be such a big opportunity for Western Religion and Pope Francis I to get some deep insights, to "digest" something, and to make some big change in Vatican. His Saturn, as ruler of his Aquarius Moon (he is Cancer rising, so his Moon (together with Chiron (healing) is very important, cause the Moon presents him, most of all) is at 16º Pisces, where Mercury will turn direct on 29th March 2019, and Neptune is just at his Saturn (having on mind that in his natal chart he has Saturn/Neptune oppositon)-so, there is some big confussion, some illusion, and probably when Mercury turns direct, he will present to the world some new secrets which Vatican kept...

If we take a look on his Uranus' return chart (1st July 2019), we must notice axis IC/MC over 24º Sagittarius/24º Gemini (which moves his natal axis of lunar nodes), which today's cazimi already "hits", as well as the Moon in the chart of Uranus' return at 24º Gemini-isn't it amazing, how we already now have so important message that Vatican must pass some very big lesson....We all, already, are familiar with sexual abuse's scandals within the catholic church...

His Solar Arc Venus, as well as his secondary progressed Venus (ruler of his MC) is already at 0º Taurus, together with transit Uranus (and in natal chart he has Venus in Aquarius, in square with Uranus Taurus), so this is the time he makes some change as the head person of Vatican. In Solar Arc he has during 2019 the Moon at 5º Uranus, exactly at his natal Uranus. The Moon presents him as ruler of his Asc at 9º Cancer, so, I would say that Pope Francis I might make some big "revolution" within Vatican.

And again, I must say, e.i. repeat, Mercury in Pisces and retrograde is the best for praying, meditation, not for speaking. So, in case cazimi with the Sun-only if you go so deep in your meditation you can touch the light, and the Sun is always some bright message from the God. Of course, we can see that cazimi approach into square with Jupiter in domicile, in Sagittarius, and Jupiter is almost at 24º Sagittarius, e.i. on Pope Francis' I natal NN and his natal Sun-in Vedic astrology NN (Rahu) is well known as a snake, and this is more malefic place than good... 

So, Jupiter in Sagittarius could be religon and yes, much more western religion than eastern, and it will be so intersting to see what will happen soon, but one is sure-there will be some transition period... With square with Jupiter in domicile, there might be some huge ideal, vision, too, but Pope Francis I should be very careful how he will express his vision, cause Mercury is, after all, retrograde, and silence should be the best way. Jupiter in Sagittarius I take as Zeus too, the main god in Greek mythology, it speaks about law, but moral too....

And, here you can read my article where I predicted (4th March, 2013) that new Pope will be from Argentina - Papal resignation and star Formalhaut

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